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October 16th, 2004, 5:15 PM
Jynx is having a *special* teaparty, and only girl pokemon are invited! but every pokemon has a dark side, especially the cold, and nasty ice types! jynx is secretly working for team rocket and plans to put them to sleep with her psychic powers and deliver them personally to Team rocket's head quarters. now you are the male pokemon and have to save your girlfriends! watch out for jynx's lovely kisses, attract, and fake tears! she can turn her beauty against you!
you can pretty much be any pokemon excpet nidoqueen, miltank, clefable, wigglytuff, jynx, illuminise, or any other specific *girl considered* pokemon or their pre-evolutions. also try not to be legendary or gendlerless pokemon, this will help keep it simple
have fun and remember im the jynx and go along with the role-play by thinking what you would do if your gf was missing and all you found was her invitation left in her room. You must sound outraged, yet scared, as you have no idea what happened and try and save her by crashing jynx's "teaparty"
also watch out for team rocket pokemon hidden everywhere, pretending to be asleep. the people looking for their girlfriends are unknown to you and even they could be team rocket pokemon. you cant trust any1 but yourself from here on out. and b/c you cant i will allow you to be either team rocket side or the boyfriends' side. you tell me! ill give further directions once 3 ppl join here is your outline
The pokemon you are *you cant be a trainer*:
which side you are on (T.R. or B.F.):

paige pelletier
October 16th, 2004, 6:51 PM
Waaaaaah! girls can't join!!!!!!!! *Pouts*

October 16th, 2004, 9:49 PM
o no it isnt like that. its just sounds that way but it really isnt! sorry! hey if it makes u feel better its a girl story anyway, i mean the whole knight in shining armor thing seems to come out in this. i didnt want to change it have girls saving grils b/c then there mgiht be an issues about offending lesbians or jsut a big argument on whether gender preference would be acceptable in rps. trust me i thought about it. sorry if it wasnt so inviting, i mean there are even specific boy and girl openings like where in the intro it says that you could be a rocket pokemon pretending to be asleep. therefore even girls can join too. but yeah the majority is boy related,but you can be a rocket pretending to be put to sleep, or jsut be a boy char pokemon. another possibility i am adding is if it is just a friend that is a girl, maybe your mother or sister, opening it up more to girls. i will edit the intro post if you still feel that i havent changed it enough... remember every1 all true rpers should be open to suggestions especially when it is you who is the rp creator.

paige pelletier
October 17th, 2004, 7:40 AM
It is alright! I like the RP! very clever I like the sister Idea!

October 17th, 2004, 12:21 PM
ok now all you have to do is state which pokemon you are and which side you are on... trust me there are several surprises along the way, once 3 or 4 ppl join we can start. remember tho if tring to be on the t.r. side while pretending to be a fake gf asleep try and pick a girl pokemon, but you could also be a boy pokemon rocket pretending to try and find a girlfriend but really is up to soemthing else. Or the last possibility is if you are a boyfriend/borther/sister/daughter/son trying to find their loved ones. basically just pick a pokemon that is related to your gender. *sorry again if it sounds sexist* anyways lets get started!

paige pelletier
October 17th, 2004, 12:39 PM
Cleffa Name Paige sister to the clafarie! good?

October 17th, 2004, 1:01 PM
yay! its fine. im guessing you arent a rocket pretending to be a pokemon asleep, you are trying to find your clefairy sister right? neways to begin...
Jynx welcomed the guests in with bloody, yet open arms... all the girls at the teaparty seemed scared at why her arms were bloody... jynx said "you should sit here NOW! I mean jsut at the table to the left... there are biscuits and teacups for every1... I will be back i just need to wash the umm... strawberry jam off my hands... I shall return back... dont move!" Jynx then bowed and teleported to her kitchen... She washed the blood off her hands and teleported back. She then told the girls to get in a group so she can show them how to kiss their boyfriends. She blew hundreads of lovely kisses at them... putting them to sleep. 1 nidoqueen ran before the kiss hit her, but Jynx teleported infront of her and said "Sit down!" and ice punched her to the floor. Nidoqueen countered with Iron tail, but Jynx uses psychic and threw her to the floor laughing. she used seismic toss and body slam... Nidoqueen fell paralysed. Jynx said "Wait here, and I'll finish you off". She collected the rest of the pokemon and shoved them in barred cages, covered with thorns and spikes. she teleported them to the T Rocket Headquarters. She was then told to clean-up her tea-party and use reflect and hypnosis to make it look like a deserted Mansion, and a barrier there jsut incase some1 tried to enter... Jynx returned and saw a Clefairy trying to aid the nidoqueen with a metronomed softboiled... Jynx fly over her with her hair tangeled. clefairy looked up and screamed charging up her cosmic power, but it was too late jynx unleashed her most powerful blizzard, nearly killing the Nidoqueen and Clefairy... Now it was up to their loved 1s to save all the female pokemon and clefairy and Nidoqueen. Jynx returned them to the boss, dieing from pnemonia... they kept all the captured pokemon alive by barely feeding them, and training them to be evil... Jynx returned and Stayed to guard her Foretrees until their savoirs came... or would they??? :'(

paige pelletier
October 17th, 2004, 2:13 PM
Paige "my sister should be backk by now!" Pouts outside of the teaparty!

October 18th, 2004, 4:13 PM
jynx just realized that she told the guests to leave their invitations at their homes... Now she fears their loved 1s would try and find them. Jynx also realizes that the invitations have the adress of where she is guarding on them... Now jynx must prepare for an army of angry pokemon ready for revenge once they realize their loved 1s have been missing for a day too long... Jynx tells this to team rocket and they return the pokemon back to her. Only now they are different. Jynx tells them to return home temporarily and then come back after telling their families they must leave forever... They all head back home. Clefairy arrives first and sees her little sister cleffa... Clefairy tells cleffa it must go back in 2 days...