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October 16th, 2004, 10:23 PM
Lorla ran from society, ran from every1. whoopie goldberg kept sending her medusa hair at all the trainer try to save Lorla. she knocked them all out but lorla kept running, hoping she wouldnt be next. Whoopie goldberg had her seviper, onix, and arbok all attack Lorla. the only pokemon Lorla had left was her vulpix. her poor shedinja killed itself to save her... vulpix couldnt fight them all off at once. Soon the snakes surrounded her in a triangle all using glare and scare her and vulpix in a paralysis. whoopie goldberg made it a square and whipped Lorla down with her hair... vulpix roared at her, but whoopie goldberg just laughed, they al did. every1 was laughing at Lorla and now vulpix to. every1 came out of their houses, their work, canceled their arons jsut to laugh at Lorla and vulpix. First it was Lorla who was an outcast, and now it was vulpix too. Lorla felt even worse and cried aloud. Everyone starting throwing tissues at her and poking and pointing at her while she was crying paralysed. It was so funny to them. then arbok came up and used sludge all over her new outfit, and stuck her to the floor. now she was covered in tar, tissues, and laughter. Vulpix tried to help but was still paralysed. Soon officer Jenny came and arrested lorla and vulpix. Lorla, and now vulpix were the biggest rejects ever. Now its up to u to help her, save her, and let her be happy once again... im lorla heres your profile
Name: Ie: Lorla
Age: Ie: 14
Gender: Ie: female
2 non-legendary or ancient and no fully evolved pokemon: Ie: vulpix
(if you r from the previous Lorla rps, you may use your previous character)

here is the 1st offical in-char post! so special and official! hope you like!
"Lorla was thrown against the wall many times. She was then slammed against the bars. with the handcuffs still on, they lifted her arms backwards until they were 1 second away from her arms breaking. they did so several times..."
This was my first of hundreds of diaries that I wrote in jail. I was worthy i kept telling myself, i was worthy... I don't say I in my diary b/c i am ashamed of who I am. Im a reject, and during my Diary entres, i even reject myself. Whar have I even done to even know how/why this is all happening to me? I remember finding my first ever friend, shedinja... he was a reject like me. we were both buried in a ditch, while people hoped we would rot, and die. I almost did, until i realized I had something to live for. my new best friend. Once he sacrificed himself for me, i was reminded that it was my fault, im the reject... he should have stayed away from me. Luckily vulpix is still my friend, but i dont know where she is. Sometimes in the night i hear her crying and other sounds of barking and biting, even chewing. I think it is the Police Stations Growlithe trying to kill her. she is strong, I only wish I will be... PLEASE HELP ME