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Kevin Keene
November 10th, 2003, 8:50 PM
This is a topic for people to discuss things they like and dislike about the Pokemon anime, so if you'd like to express what you like and dislike about the show, feel free to do so here.

Things I like about the show:

I really like the cast. The show can focus on only specific characters at times and the show is still as entertaining as it is when it focuses on all the characters.

The show has had a lot of episodes based on game events and it's cool that Pokemon Advanced episodes will have episodes like that on a more frequent basis.

The voice acting wasn't that good when the show first primered, but I really like how much it's improved. Especially with the voices of Ash and Meowth.

The characters on the show were well-created. And you get to know them so well, it's almost as if they're a part of your life and you really get to like them.

Things I don't like about the show (and there aren't many):

I don't like how repetitive the plots became after The Johto Journies started and it really got annoying when they had Brock swoon over girls in almost every episode and in many of those episodes, it easily could've been avoided.
Not to mention too many episodes having the same concept and the charaters seeming to have less personality in those episodes.

Having 4Kids be the company to dub the show. The show should've been given to a company who had more common sense. Any other company would've dubbed most of the episodes that 4Kids refuses to dub. Same with the series being marketed as a kids show when it should've aired as a primetime show. Not to mention it never should've been on Kids WB in the first place. They completely drove the show into the ground.

Hearing people say that they only watch the show for T.R. Not that I dislike T.R. or anything. I just disagree because when I hear people say that, they're saying that TR are the only reason why the show is worth watching and I don't like hearing that because TR are one of many reasons why the show is worth watching. Not the only reason.

Don't forget. If anyone else would like to discuss the things they like and dislike about the show, feel free to do so here.

oni flygon
November 10th, 2003, 9:21 PM
Likes: What I like in Pokemon is the manga and the game. The manga shows a complex line of characters with each a different trait which makes it much better than any manga. The game is one of the reasons why i like it. When Pokemon came out for the first time, it's actually very unique in gameplay. That's why I became a fan.

What I dislike is when 4kids butchered it and magnifies how stereotyped the anime is. If people think the anime is stupid, they think the game and the manga is also stupid. Thus why Viz stopped publishing the manga -_-;;

Sayuri no Hoshi
November 11th, 2003, 5:37 AM
I totally agree with everything you mentioned, Kevin. I thought Ash's voice was too deep and...weird in the beginning. I'm glad Veronica Taylor made his voice more raspy, but also clear. I couldn't stand James' original voice actor in the first 10 or 11 episodes. He sounded too serious. It was so much better that Eric Stuart took his place. Yeah, the repetitious episodes got on my nerves and that's what made Pokmon seem so wearing on the brain after a while. After that I felt I could just predict the episodes without even watching them (Team Rocket ALWAYS blasting off again; Brock almost always ogling a pretty girl...yada yada) -- with the exception of the plot or storyline that was to correspond with it. Other than that, I still am a fan of the show and no matter what I'll bet I always will be a Pokmon fan, because for some reason, it's *so* addictive! O_o