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December 15th, 2009, 1:30 PM
Yeaaahhh. lemme start this off by apologizing for the colossal wait. I can't express how much I feel I've let you all down with this, however life's little problems got in the way. Real sorry guys. Anyway, as per usual with me, I've only written up the top 3 entries, this doesn't mean I've ignored the other ones, and if you didn't make the top 3, but would like to receive a constructive write up for your piece, just drop me a line.

1st place
Really nice entry, at first I didn't pic up on the unique quality of the design but after careful observation it really hit me. The pallet is appropriate, the pokemon itself is a sturdy and believable design and the fact you went to the effort to make icon and overworld sprites for it really impressed me. I think the most outstanding thing to me was the feet, they're like ice skates/snow shoes, it's a really nice little design quirk. You've definitely earned yourself this victory, well done!

2nd place
Chibi Robo;
Max, it's a nice sprite, don't get me wrong, but when I look at it i can't help but think of Snover, I dunno if it's because they're the same palette or because of the green tummy. Which brings me to my question, if it's made of just ice and stone, then why is there such a green area? It's a nice sprite but I can't say I;m digging the design much, sorry bud. Still, you got second place

3rd place
I know you didn't try as hard this time to give others a chance, which was nice of you, but your entry still makes the top 3. The warm yet subdued palette is a real treat and instantly reminds me of the fading green hue to the leaves that is associated with autumn. The little pumpkin was an awesome touch (since, they're like, the autumn plant lol) and the little critter instantly reminds me of an animal preparing for hibernation. Well done.

Well done to all those who entered.

And a quick note guys. Keep your eyes open for a topic in the main Pixel Art forum about some exciting changes with contests that will be taking place in the new year.

Chibi Robo
December 15th, 2009, 5:29 PM
Logiedan had a great entry, Im not surprised you got first though. The overall sprite was great it fit the theme really nicley too.
The extra effort put into all the little OW sprites was also a nice touch.

Chesu also had a good entry. I didn't like the anatomy though. It was also nice of him to give others a chance while still competing. Like Matt said the colors were very nice. The expression on the lil guys face was very cute too :3

I personally don't feel I should be getting 2'nd place. My entry was a bit of a snover copycat now that I do think about it. (Probably because I put green on the belly) The anatomy also looks very funky. Like he's leaning over :l
Imo I probably shouldn't have made it to the top 3.

But nevertheless it was a great competition with some really nice entry's. Hope even more pixel artists participate in the next competition.

December 17th, 2009, 10:44 AM
It's not so much that I didn't try, I just posted it before it was done because I wanted to bump the contest.

Oh, and Chibi's entry was my favorite... but I might be biased againse Logiedan, because I've seen approval-seeking behavior in him in the past.

December 17th, 2009, 4:01 PM
Thank you Fox. I really believed I wasn't going to win,my sprite had some minor problems and possibly would've made me lose.Also thank you to you Chibi.Chesu,do you mind elaborating on 'approval-seeking'?