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October 20th, 2004, 1:29 PM
ok, if this thread was already made, you can delete this one, and if it's not in the right place, move it, whatever... anyway, pokemon names are apparently made up of clever puns, like relicanth, for ceolocanth, the ancient fish that was thought to be extrinct, umbreon for umbr, the dark part of an eclipse, and espeon, for esp, that extrasensory something something, or whatever it means... it's mind reading, i think. anyway, my point is, what other puns have you noticed, and what pokemon names stump you?
another one i found was ursaring, for ursa major, the bear constolation thingy... and a weedle is an insect that burrows into animals.... a pika is a small mouse type animal, spearow is probably for sparrow, even tho there is also tailow, which is a sparrow referance... majikarp, a carp is a fish that, by legend, turns into a dragon when it swims to the top of a waterfall, hence gyarados... ominite is for aminite, which was a helix fossil like ominite...