View Full Version : Question: Tier 4 PokeCommunity Supporter?

El Héroe Oscuro
January 6th, 2010, 4:33 PM
I just have one quick question on Tier 4 of the PokeCommunity Supporters. I was looking at the billing prices and it said underneath Tier 4 "Recurring Supporter ($2.00/Month)". To be a part of the Tier 4, do you need to continuously pay $2.00 a month, or can you just pay the +$20 and be done with?

January 6th, 2010, 4:47 PM
You can either donate $2 a month, or just donate $20. I did the latter, and here I am with a Tier 4 status :3

January 6th, 2010, 4:47 PM
You don't need to be a recurring supporter in order to be a Tier 4.
That's there to say, if you make the commitment to pay $2 (or equivalent) a month, you're automatically a Tier 4 without having to prove yourself by paying $20. Recurring supporters who donate up to $25 will be moved, needless to say, into Tier 5. You do not need to be a recurring supporter to become Tier 4 or beyond. $20 will suffice for Tier 4.