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January 7th, 2010, 9:56 PM
Update: Emerald Offset: 03007420 RS Offset: 03007380
I'm not sure what this can be used for exactly, but I think someone will find a use for it.

For this tutorial you are going to need Advance Map, XSE, and Sappy. To begin, open up your rom in Sappy and look at a song. Note the header offset as we're going to be using it.

We are going to use the pointer to the header offset and an address in the ram to check for a song being played and if that song is playing, a new song will play instead.

I found that 03007300 in the ram is the location of the pointer to the song being played. The command comparefarbytetobyte compares a byte at a specified address to a specified byte value.

If you take the header offset, for example, 6D1DDC, and swap the bytes, you get the pointer (DC1D6D08).

I'm not sure if any songs share the same byte value for their first pointer byte, so we'll be using the three bytes that compose the offset. (DC1D6D)

So, we shall be using comparefarbytetobyte three times to check for three different bytes, as well as use 03007300, 03007301, and 03007302.

Create your script in XSE and enter it with Advance Map. Make a person script, signpost, or etc. If for some reason you want to incorporate into a level script, note that I have not gotten it to work as a level script.

This is the script that I created. I checked for the route 1 song being played. If it is playing, the script will display a message and the battle 3 theme will be played.

#dynamic 0x800000

#org @begin
comparefarbytetobyte 0x03007300 0xDC
if 0x1 goto @continuecheck

#org @continuecheck
comparefarbytetobyte 0x03007301 0x1D
if 0x1 goto @more

#org @more
comparefarbytetobyte 0x03007302 0x6D
if 0x1 goto @finish

#org @finish
playsong 0x128 0x0
message @1 0x2

#org @1
= You win.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial or something like that. :P
I'll be posting the Ruby/Sapphire and the Emerald ram offsets soon.

Thanks to ZodiacDaGreat for some help.

January 15th, 2010, 3:15 PM
Wow that is pretty interesting.
This can be used with radio playing I think.
Like a radio could be in the corner and a character can be like "Hey I like listening to this song."
But if its a different song the character can say "OMG! I hate this song!"