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oni flygon
November 11th, 2003, 7:00 PM
Note: The first few chapters aren't edited. I have a few mistakes in them so please wait for me to post the edited versions.

Chapter 1 edited
Chapter 2 edited
Prologue added

Hello! It's Oni, your favorite Yellow obsessed PC member. Here's my second fanfiction. Don't worry. It's going to be a long one...so, enjoy!

Note: This takes place 15 years after the G/S/C chpaters of Pokemon:Special. Yes this is another Pokemon Special fanfic.
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon nor Pokemon: Special. Pokemon Special is written by Hidenari Kusaka and illustrated of MATO (and later Satoshi Yamamoto).

Ties of Love and Friendship


When I was a kid, I used to ask my mom about my dad before I go to sleep. Every night, she would tell me about a trainer with my eyes. The same eyes that saw many battles and endured many hardships. Id ask my mom what happened to him. But then, she just sang me to sleep. In my dreams, Id see my father, smiling. I only saw his face oncein a photograph, with my mother, which was taken when they were young. That same face loomed in my dreams every night. The same sharp green eyes and messy dark brown hairjust like mine.

My name is Gary and Im eleven years old. The day I woke up and became a trainer, my whole life has changed. Everything I knew ever since I was young turned out to be very different that I thought.

This long journey, which I started, was something that I didnt expect. Along the way, I met friends, enemies, and answers to the very question about my father. Now begins my journey tied by love and friendship.

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Wake up, honey, My mothers voice rang inside my head You know what day it is today, huh, Gary?

I sat up my bed, pushing away the covers slowly and rubbed my eyes. I tried to remember what day it is. Yesterday was my eleventh birthday. Every trainer in town either stays home or leaves home to start their training. My mother was sitting next to me wearing her usual house wear and an apron.

I was in my blue-checkered pajamas when I replied, Mom, I think I want to start my training,

Gary, My mother said as she hugged me. Im so proud of you.

I rubbed my eyes again as she released me from her embrace.

Now, if youre ready, Ill be downstairs. She said as she turned. Her long yellow hair flowed behind her.

I quickly stood up and dressed quickly. I went to my bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. Today, Im going to start my Pokmon training. Soon, I was dressed with my favorite pair of jeans and boots. I wore my long sleeved purple sweater and I combed my hair in my own style; like my dads messy, matted hair. I quickly came down the stairs to meet my mom in the kitchen.

I could smell the sweet aroma of breakfast as I descended down the stairs quickly. As I entered the kitchen, my mother stood there to meet me. She let out one small sigh and embraced me.

Mom, I muttered in an annoyed voice. Dont worry, Ill just be fine. I then noticed tears coming out of her eyes. Mom?

She suddenly released me and wiped her tears off with her apron. Sorry, she said with small sobs. You just remind me of your father. Her voice was cracked and chocked.

Mom, I began but she quickly interrupted me.

No, Its ok. She replied in her own voice. Breakfasts ready.

I looked at her face again, to see her dried tears from her sparkling eyes. I felt very stupid inside denying her love.


Now, be nice to the professor, My mom said as she straightened my shirt.

I know mom, I replied in a very frustrated voice. Thats the third time you said me.

I glanced behind her to see Chuchu, Moms Pikachu sleeping lazily in front of the porch. She yawned once then continued sleeping.

Now, if the Pokmon looks cool or cute doesnt mean its the right choice, ok? She said in her lecture voice. She then led me to the door. Now, are you sure you have everything?

Yes, mom, everythings here. I was already outside of the doorstep when she stopped me.

Gary, She came running to me. I want you to have this. She then handed me some sort of medallion. It was faded and cracked around the edges. I couldnt make up the colors of the medallion. Your father used to wear this when I met him. Im sure it will help you someday,

I took the pendant from her hands. Thanks, mom. I said as I hugged her one last time. This was the only part of my father that was close to me.

Its okay, she whispered. I know this is hard for me, but I know your father will be proud. Tears began to flow from her eyes once again.

Mom, I promise Ill make you proud. I said within her tight embrace. She kissed me one last time and waved me goodbye. Deep inside me, I was going to cry. Im going to miss my mom. I know how she feels every night; I slip away from her grasp.


We live in Pallet town, the town where my dad and great-grandfather used to live. Everyone told me that my father used to be the gym leader of Viridian city and my great-grandfather was a well-known scientist. I never remembered seeing my great-grandfather. I guess I was too young.

I walked tirelessly to my great-grandfathers lab in the outskirts of Pallet town. My aunt and my grandfathers aid replaced him and continued on his research. I used to go there many times when I was small. My mom and me held hands together as we looked at different Pokmon in the fields and their habitats. Now, Im going here one last time to begin my journey.

I knocked at the wooden door twice and waited patiently. Finally, the door opened and there stood my aunt. She was quite tall and beautiful with her long dark brown hair. Her long, white lab coat reached up to her knees. She was wearing a green shirt and jeans inside. My aunt greeted me with a smile that looked similar to my dads.

Come on in, Gary, she said as she led me into the laboratory.

The walls were filled with many books and graphs. Almost all of the heavy books and graphs were written and made by my great-grandfather. I noticed portraits of my great-grandfather, aunt and my father in one desk.

My, Gary, is that you? The professor was behind a stack of papers when he noticed me. He stood up and approached us. Look how tall you have grown.

Thanks, I said, a bit blushing.

Now, he began. So you went here to choose your first Pokmon eh? he said.

Yes, professor. I replied in a firm voice.

Okay, follow me.

My aunt left us as the professor led me to a room where machines were quiet and the wall was painted white. Three Pokballs are sitting at a table.

Now, The Professor began. These Pokballs contain three different Pokmon. If you choose very wisely, your Pokmon may win you many battles. He then let out the three Pokmon all at once.

The professor threw the three Pokballs at the same time. The red and white spheres exploded in mid air and out from the smoke, three forms emerged. One green Pokmon stood on all fours and had a bulb on its back. It wagged its small tail as it looked curiously around the room. The other one was blue turtle Pokmon with a shell behind its back. It bobbed its head up and down as it looked back at the Professor with an uneasy gaze. The third Pokmon, was a red lizard Pokmon with a long tail ending in a flame. It looked at me with utmost curiosity with its docile eyes. It then yawned and approached me. I kneeled down as I patted the Pokmons head, which was full of short, soft, warm fur.

You seem to like Charmander eh? said the professor.

Yeah, I said as I laughed while picking up the Charmander.

Gary, The Professor began. Has your mother told you what was your fathers first Pokmon?

No professor, I responded Why?

The professor laughed as he kneeled down, examining the Charmander. Its quite a coincidence since Charmander was your fathers first pick.


Gary, this is a Pokdex, The professor then handed me a red, rectangular, plastic book. I pressed a button and it opened. Buttons filled up most of the space alongside with a small monitor screen in the center.

Your father and his friends had one of these. He said smiling. They used one of the old versions of the Pokdex to record all the Pokmon in the world. I know you know a lot of Pokmon butI think its best that you always have this incase, okay?

I was about to argue that Im not a kid who doesnt know a thing about Pokmon but I stopped myself and just smiled. Thanks, professor,

To Be Continued...

November 11th, 2003, 8:03 PM
very nice piece of work!

I hope to read more soon^^

November 12th, 2003, 5:51 PM
Ooo... Nice, continue please!

oni flygon
November 14th, 2003, 9:54 PM
Updated 4 times...

Chapter 2: Vivid Memories

I waved goodbye to my aunt and the professor. I may return here someday laughing and watching the Pokmon roam freely. But now, Im already walking to the next city. Long grass covered my path. As well as trees that gave me shade for every step I take. After a few minutes walk, I saw a glimpse of houses in the horizon. Then, there came tall skyscrapers next. I came running down the meadows to go to my first destination, Viridian City. I didnt care if my feet hurt, all I just want to know if my father was there, waiting for me. I was too stupid to notice a trainer walking by.

Hey! I crashed into a girl with short dark hair and dark brown eyes. She looked quite older than me. Watch where youre going, kid! She yelled.

Sorry, but I have to go, I said as I stood up.

Youre not going anywhere, She shouted, suddenly dragging me by my shirt.

Hey, I resisted. Stop it!

What you need to know is to learn some manners. She said as she kept dragging me.

After a few minutes of resistance, I know its very foolish to fight back since its obvious shes a lot stronger. She stopped by a large building with big bold letters that said: GYM.

Why are you taking me here? I yelled as she pushed me inside.

Keep walking, She said, now in a much cooler voice. Hallway to the left.

I followed her instructions, as I turned left. And there I was in a beautifully decorated hallway full of pictures from side to side. There were pictures of people I havent seen before. The pictures were huge, occupying an enormous amount of space. Under the pictures, there were bronze plaques with names and numbers written as years.

Where are we? I asked her as she released me from her grasp.

Hall of Gym Leaders, She replied. You look very familiar so I have to drag you here to see for yourself.

Huh? Bewilderment pervaded me.

Look! She pointed to a picture that I immediately recognized as my father. You look a lot like Green.

I stared at the picture. There was something different to this picture than the picture I kept inside me. For instance, my father in that picture looked a bit stern looking than what I knew in the picture that I have kept. I always thought that he was supposed to be a kind person. The sharp eyes of my fathers portrait glared back at me as I continued to stare.

Hhes my father, I stammered.

Really? Yelled the girl in an almost hysterical way. I cant believe it! No wonder! she then shook my hand.

The names Lynn, current gym leader of Viridian City. She said with a toothy smile.

UmGary, I replied, lost in words. Nice to meet you.


Seven years after your father became Gym leader, he resigned. Lyn said as we walked across the empty corridor. Making him the youngest Gym Leader and Gym Leader with the shortest term in Viridian citys history

Lyn, I insisted on impatiently. What can you tell me of my dad?

She looked at me bewildered. Well, first of all, he doesnt like going to this gym and he likes to go around a lot.

For me, that was a dead end. I know my father was much more than that.

So, She began. You said that youre starting your training?

Yeah, I replied with eagerness while nodding me head.

How about a practice battle?


I was lead into the stadium. Lights glared brightly at me as I nervously took out my Pokball containing my Charmander. I stood in one end of the battlefield while Lyn stood on one end.

So youre a beginner, eh? Lyn began. Ill use this Pokmon then. Go, Houndour!

I trembled, as she sent out a dog Pokmon with what seems to be a miniature skull imbedded in its forehead. Bones seem to surround its black body. Its piercing glare sent shivers through my spine.

I gathered all of my courage and threw my Pokball. Go, Charmander! I yelled.

Charmander emerged from his Pokball and first stared at me then at Lyn and her Houndour.

Nice choice, Lyn said with an irritating voice. Ill let you go for the first move.

I nodded once. I tried to remember Charmanders attacks. Charmander, use scratch! I commanded.

My Charmander growled and ran towards the Houndour. It swung its claws attempting to graze the Houndour. The hit connected and Houndour jumped backward once.

Houndour, Mean Look!

Houndour glared at my Charmander. Unexpectedly, everything turned dark. I saw nothing except the Houndours eyes. Pairs of eyes appeared around me. Different sets of eyes that stared at me. I couldnt breathe; I fell to my knees grasping my throat. I felt a cold chill surround me. Cold sweat trickled down my face.

Is this dying? I asked myself.

Gary! A voice echoed around me. I tried to respond but my breath held me back. Gary! This time, the voice was louder. The darkness disappeared and I was back in the gym. I was breathing hard. As I raised my head, I saw Lyn with a concerned look. Charmander and Houndour were staring at me.

Im so sorry! she said. I didnt know Mean Look could affect humans.

I tried to catch my breath. Every vain in my head throbbed rapidly. My heart pounded uncontrollably. Before I can speak, doors of the gym slammed open.

Okay, shouted a female voice. Whos the Gym Leader here? her arrogant voice resounded through the whole gym. I looked over to the entrance and saw a sandy blond haired girl. Her face, filled with freckles, showed a smiling face with glaring eyes. She wore a dark red jacket and an untidy white shirt under it. She had faded jeans that seem to be too big for her.

Michelle, Said a voice behind her. I dont think this is the first gym. The other voice came from a boy. He looked a lot like the girl and even dressed like her, except that he wore a dark shirt instead of a white shirt; they must be twins.

Who cares, She said with her arrogant voice. I want a challenge instead of walking around with you!

We still have a lot to go, argued the boy.

Ill be back, Lyn said as she moved swiftly towards the girl.

Im here for a challenge! yelled Michelle.

Lyn smirked as she folded her arms. Let me see your badges.

Badges? Michelle muttered with a bewildered look.

Yeah, you need seven to challenge me officially. Lyn replied. Rules, you see.

I told you! said the boy from behind Michelle. He was pointing finger at her.

Shut up, Nick! Michelle retorted.

But you can have a practice battle if you want. Lyn continued before Michelle could turn violent on Nick.

Awesome! Michelle yelled as she released Nicks red jacket.


I sat down with Nick on a bench near Lyn during the battle.

Are you sure you can sit up, Gary? She asked reassuringly.

Im just fine. I replied with a smile.

Hey! Michelle yelled, pointing at Lyn. Are we going to battle or what?

Im sorry, but shes a bit impatient. Nick said to Lyn as he scratched his sandy blonde hair. Shes always like that

Its all fine by me, Lyn replied with a smile. You go for the first move!

Awesome! Michelle said as she gripped her fist. Go, Squirtle!

She released a blue Pokmon, which I recognized was the same one from the laboratory. It bobbed its round head up and down.

Good choice, Lyn sighed. Go, Houndour!

Michelles smile widened. Fires weak against water you know. Some gym leader you are.

Just attack. Lyn mumbled irritably.

Squirtle, water gun! Michelle yelled all of the sudden.

Squirtle shot out a small blast of water from its mouth and towards Houndour. Houndour evaded the attack by a blink of an eye. Its agility was pretty impressive in comparison to its level.

Squirtle, keep firing! Squirtle sent out many blasts of water to Houndour but each attack missed. Then I noticed a pattern. Houndour circled Squirtle with every attack. As it circled, it closed it one step at a time.

Cmon Squirtle! Yelled Michelle. My heart throbbed with excitement as Houndour closed in. Doesnt Michelle notice? I felt a very strong urge to attack. But patience overwhelmed me. Michelles Squirtle was now very exhausted. I noticed its power of the water gun weakening.

Houndour, finish it of with take down! Lyn commanded.

A rush of satisfaction went through me as Houndour lunged at Squirtle knocking it out. Michelle was appalled.

How did that happen? She yelled. Squirtle, return! Squirtle was immediately retuned and the Pokball bounced back into Michelles hand. She stormed towards Lyn with a very irritated face.

You said your Houndours weaker. Michelle yelled as she tried to match Lyns height.

Look, you had your practice battle, so scram! Lyn said.

Okay, you heard her Michelle, Nick said as she dragged his sister out of the gym.

Listen you, She said pointing to Lyn. Ill be stronger, just you wait! She screamed as she was dragged away from the Gym.


Hey Gary, I want you to be strong so that you dont have bore me like that girl, okay? Lyn said as she waved.

Dont worry, I will! I yelled and waved back.

I walked down the road to the outskirts of the city. Much of the outskirts are mountains and trees. A vast forest seems to loom ahead in the horizon. As I walked, something caught my eye. I looked to my right and atop of a tall hill, two dark hooded figures looked down at me. I sensed something mysterious within the dark figures. Something evil. With a blink of an eye, they disappeared. I tried to ignore the eerie sight as I walked. Do these people know my father?

To Be Continued

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November 16th, 2003, 12:28 AM
Why isn't there any mention fo Red???

I need to know something about him, argh, you going to do Mangaspecial shipping and also Chosen shipping might fit in Kanto...

so it will be Ash eh? and for Blue?? maybe erm... ga, I'm stuck... *runs off*

November 16th, 2003, 1:13 AM
great chapter you made!

keep up the good work!

November 16th, 2003, 8:01 PM
Oooo... Mysterious people...

Good work, continue pleaes!

oni flygon
November 21st, 2003, 10:16 PM
Thanks for the reviews guys. ^_^;; Don't wory Omega, Red is in here. XD

Chapter 3: Shadows of Fate

Walking alone has a more different feeling than I imagined. I felt alone and scared on my own. But Ive gone a long way already. Im not going to give up easily. Viridian Forest loomed ahead of me. The dark trees that loomed menacingly stared down at me. I gathered up my courage and entered the trees. I may encounter wild Pokemon here, so I better be ready.

Come on out, Charmander.

I felt confidence inside me as my Pokemon came out.

Char! It responded.

Were going to catch some Pokemon, I said to it.

Charmander! It replied with eagerness. I felt much braver as I walked deeper and deeper into the forest with my Pokemon.

I heard a rustle in the bushes nearby. My Charmander was thinking the same as it readied for in attack position. But the rustling stopped. I felt an icy wind blow across my neck. It sent me chills through my spine. I looked back expecting to see something but found nothing.

Lets looks closer, I said to my Charmander.

He nodded once and followed me as I walked near the shrubs. Every step I take, I hear the crushing of dead leaves under my feet. The wind blew once more and rustled the leaves of the trees. As I went near the bush, I heard a droning noise. The sound of multitude of wings flapping came closer and closer. I looked back and saw a Pidgey flying away. After the Pidgey came two Beedrills closely in pursuit. I ducked at once to avoid the assault. The three of them passed me swiftly as I looked around again.

Lets help Charmander, I commanded Ember!

Charmander let out a yell and fired multiple red specks of fire. The attack hit both Beedrills. But it didnt faze both of them one bit. They ignored their prey and focused their attention on my Charmander and me. At once, they charged towards us with their barbs pointing at us. I didnt hesitate to grab my Charmander as the two chased us down. I ran as fast as I could but they gained at us inch by inch. I can hear my pulse beating in my ears as I ran as fast as I can. I closed my eyes almost accepting my fate and tripped over a tree root. I hugged my Charmander close to me and closed my eyes.

Ice Beam! Commanded a loud voice behind me.

At once, the droning noise ceased. I looked up and saw both Beedrills frozen. I looked back and saw a man with a dark hood. His long red hair was tied and let was left hanging outside of his hood. Behind the shadows of his face, I noticed two piercing silver eyes that looked down at me. Behind him, a blue-green Pokemon with sharp teeth stood with dark eyes. He let out his hand at me as if trying to help me stand up.

Thanks, I said as I took his hand and stood up.

But immediately, he turned around, returning his Pokemon. He then began walking away.

Wait, I called out. Who are you?

None of your business, It was different voice this time. It was a cold young voice that seems to stop me in my tracks.

He jumped once and disappeared from my sight.

Hold on! I yelled. But everything that was left was my voice that echoed into the void.


I walked back where I started with my Charmander with a concerned look. I kept thinking of the hooded man. Was he one of the men looking down at me outside of Viridian City? I finally remembered my motive before the incident. I looked back at the bushes that were torn down by the assault and noticed something. The ground was spattered with blood all around me and led to a body. I remembered the Pidgey that was chased by the Beedrills. I lifted the limp body and noticed that it was still breathing.

Got to find something, I told myself as I took down my backpack. I tried to search for medicine but instead found bandages.

I wrapped bandages around the Pidgeys bleeding wings. I was desperate as I felt the warm blood trickle across my palms. I started to panic when my hands started to glow. I then noticed the Pidgeys wings being mended slowly. All the blood began to disappear and what were left were ruffled feathers. The Pidgey opened its eyes and looked at me astonished. It hoped across my hands and flew up and landed in my shoulder.

I guess youre pretty grateful huh? I laughed. The Pidgey let out a shrill cry as it ruffled its feathers.

Char-man-der! My Charmander growled trying to get some attention. I patted his head and noticed bloodstains on my hands.

I couldnt understand. Did I actually heal this Pidgey?


After meandering through the forest for two days, I realized something.

Face it, Im lost, I cried out loud as I sat down.

Face it, were lost, echoed a familiar voice. Hey, did someone just

I followed the voice and I was right. Nick and Michelle, the two trainers I met before in Viridian Gym were standing in a clearing arguing.

Well, we couldnt be lost if it wouldnt be your crappy instincts! Nick yelled as he pointed at Michelle.

No way! Michelle yelled back. You were the one with the map upside down!

You said to go right when I said left!

Its supposed to be right except when you said to go straight when were supposed to left!

But its supposed to be right you idiot!

Excuse me, I butted in. But Im lost too. I said with a smile.

Great, more people to yell at. Michelle mumbled.

No, no, no, I hesitated. I want to help you guys or something.

Hey I remember you, Nick said in his calm voice. Youre the guy from the gym.

What? Michelle growled, Hes from that stupid gym huh?

No its ok, Im just there for a visit. I tried to calm down the agitated Michelle.

You can join us, Smiled Nick

You get to scram. Michelle mumbled.

So, Nick began stretching out an arm. My name is

Nick and Michelle. I know. I quickly replied.

And youre,

Gary I replied.

Nice to meet you, He shook my hand.

I looked at Michelle but she had her arms crossed losing interest.

Can we go now? She drawled.

Ok, ok Nick sighed. Onwards.


Can we stop? Michelle said in her frustrated voice.

Its going to be the fourth time if we do, replied Nick not even bothering to look back.

My feet hurt, Michelle, added.

Nick let out a frustrated sigh. The scraping of Michelles shoes across the rocky ground irritated me. Every step she takes is like long fingernails scrapping across a chalkboard.

I think we should rest, Nick. I said trying to ignore the scraping feet.

Oh, ok Nick sighed. But just for a few minutes.

Michelle fell down and started to complain why we should be out of the forest by now. Sitting down, I tried to keep my focus while Michelle kept talking out loud. A headache started to grow in me. My head throbbed as blood passed veins in my head. I looked around feeling dizzy; everything was out of focus. A cold wind blew through the trees. Leaves rustled and fell as the wind blew

Cometo me, hissed a voice.

I looked back at Nick and Michelle. Both of them are arguing and yelling at each other.

Come, Repeated the voice. It sounded cold and dry.

I felt myself standing and walking towards the shadows of the forest.

Yes, yes, chanted the voice. Yes, come to me.

I could not control myself as I tried to yell.

Gary? Yelled Nick. Where are you going?

I kept walking without looking back. My fists are clenched as I kept walking into the void. I could see a faceno a mask. A white mask was floating in the darkness staring at me with its evil grin fixed at me.

Yes, It whispered. Youare mine! it suddenly yelled.

Now! Yelled a voice.

A dark figure came out of nowhere kicked the mask. An ear splitting shriek was heard once the kick connected. The trees started to shake and leaves began to fall.

Now, Toshin! The figure yelled.

Another dark figure came and grabbed me by my arm. His dark heavy cloak weighed down on me as he started to run.

Run! said the man grabbing my arm. At that moment, I ran as fast as I can.

Gary! I heard nick and Michelle running after me.

Friends, eh? mumbled the man. I looked at the man and his hood was down. I noticed something odd about him. His long dark hair flowing with the wind along with a pierced ear with what seems to be a tooth hanging. A red tattoo with an intricate pattern Ive never seen was in his left cheek. He then abruptly stopped when we reached the edge of the forest.

Gary, Nick gasped as he caught up. Michelle was trailing behind him gasping for air and trying to stand up.

Who are you? I asked the man.

He looked at me once with his dark eyes and smiled.

Its been like yesterday when I last saw you, He replied.

A shriek was heard deep in the forest.

Silver, The man whispered with a concerned tone.

He began to run back but I halted him.

Who are you? I asked once more.

Toshin, He said Toshin Heihshiro. He didnt hesitate to look back at me as he ran back into the forest.

To Be Continued

November 25th, 2003, 12:48 PM
Very cool chapter!

Its cool that he used healing on the Pidgey. The trait moves on^^

so did he get that Pidgey?

so Silver is Toshin?

oni flygon
November 26th, 2003, 12:39 PM
*tweeks orignial draft a bit*

That confuses the readers bit... Yeah he got the Pidgey. Toshin is different from Silver. Silver was the one who kicked whatever-it-was. ^^

oni flygon
November 29th, 2003, 3:30 PM
Chapter 4: Requiem

So, Began Nick. Have you met that guy before?

No, I replied. Havent seen him before.

Are you sure? He said hes seen you before.

Im positive Ive never met him before.

What are you two blabbering about? Michelle arrogantly said disrupting our conversation. You two go along so well, you leave me all alone here.

Sorry, sis. Nick said. Im just curious about that guy we met at the woods.

Who cares about him? She yelled.

He said his name was Toshin, I said quietly trying to remember. Toshin Heihshiro.


The sun was setting already and we havent reached Pewter City yet. The clouds began to form shadows in the sky and the trees cast long shadows over us. The trail seems to go endlessly. The red rays of the sun glared ominously at us as if it proclaimed an ill omen.

I think we better stop for the day, Nick said as I pried my eyes off the setting sun.

Finally! Michelle sighed.

We set our backpacks down as Nick started the fire from gathered firewood. Everything was so peaceful as darkness enveloped around us. A few hoots and chirps were heard in the darkness. I looked at both Michelle and Nick. Nick was cooking while Michelle seems to be sleeping.

You know how to cook? I asked him.

Well, my dad actually taught me how to cook. He replied with an embarrassed smile.

I sighed once and looked down.

Is there something wrong? He said with a doubtful voice.

Nothing, I said wiping of tears behind my eyes. I just never met my father.

Oh, sorry. He apologized.

I pulled out the amulet my mother gave me and looked at it. The faded metal surface reflected the fires embers as they floated across the night. I sighed once more as I placed it around my neck.

Soup? Nick said as he handed me a bowl full of vegetables and bits of meat.

I accepted the soup and began eating it wholeheartedly. Maybe I can see my father somedaysomeday.


I gazed at the sky inside my sleeping bag. Nick and Michelle are already asleep and everything was quiet except for the soft crackling sounds of the smoldering fire. I closed my eyes thinking about my mother and thought how sad she would be this time without me. The wind blew and carried the embers with it across the sky. I sighed again as I opened my eyes. I wonder what was my father like?


Rise and shine everyone! I heard Nick call out.

I heard a soft mumble beside me. It mustve been Michelle.

Cmon everybody, its a new day! Said Nick as he packed up his belongings. The clanging of spoons and bowls forced me to sit up. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Michelle was drooling next to me with her sandy hair messy and pointing everywhere.

Wake up, Michelle, Nick said shaking her.

Shut up, Michelle mumbled. Trying to sleep.

Nick sighed.

It might be afternoon once she wakes up. Nick said to me.

Thats fine, Ill be waiting for you guys, I said trying to tidy my hair.

Thanks, Smiled nick. I think theres a river on the far side. Maybe you can freshen up a bit there.

Thanks, I replied as I wore my boots. Ill be back in a few minutes.


I followed Nicks direction and found myself in front of a clear river near the edge of the forest. I remembered the incident yesterday. I pictured in my mind the mysterious floating mask and its eerie smile. Then I remembered the two men that saved us.

I washed my face with cool water and took out my Pokemon.

Charmander! He cried out taking a drink of water cautious not to accidentally dip its tail in the water.

My Pidgey flew up high and sat on my shoulder ruffling my feathers and cooing. I looked at its wound trying to make sure that its fine but I never saw a trace or scars. It hoped down and took a drink of water.

It was impressive of you to heal that Pidgey, said a voice behind me.

I looked back and saw Toshin standing tall near the scattered trees.

You, I began but he was the first to question me.

Was that the first time you did that? He asked.

Y-yeah, I stammered. I think.

Have you ever heard of the Legend of the Spirit of the Viridian Forest? he said walking towards me and sitting besides me.

No, I replied. What is it?

You see, he began. Once in every few years, the Viridian Forest Spirit blesses a baby born in a special circumstance and gives that baby its powers.

Are you telling me that, Im that baby? I replied bewildered.

Maybe, he said gazing at the flowing river. You know, there are only two other people with your powers.

I looked at him with disbelief.

Do you know who they are? He asked me.

No, I replied.

My Charmander sat beside me staring at me and at the mysterious person; My Pidgey was back on my shoulder cooing and resting.

He sighed and closed his eyes.

You see, He began. Your mother also has your powers, she was one of the children chosen by the forest spirit.

M-my mom? I stammered. How did you know about my mom?

I met her, He continued. Long time ago. I met your father too.

You met him? I said standing up. Can you tell me about him?

Im sorry, Toshin replied But you have to find out about him on your own.

Toshin stood up without hesitating and began to leave.

Wait! I yelled.

What is it, Gary? He asked.

Theres so many I wanted to ask youlike, how did you know my name?

He smiled at me.

Gary, if you ever reach Cerulean city, try visiting the cape north of there. He then leaped and disappeared.


So, what took you so long? Nick asked as he swallowed his nearly burnt toast.

I tried to tell him that I met Toshin again but something keeps holding me back.

I had trouble finding the river thats all. I lied.

You musht haf a pur shenshe ov direction, Michelle said with a mouth full of toast.

Michelle, dont talk with your mouth full! Nick said eying his sister.

I hate it when you act like mom, She said after gulping down a glass of water.

Well you have bad manners in the first place! Nick began.

Well I

Guys, guys! I said halting them both. Do you always have to fight every ten minutes?

Youre right, Nick said. Sorry.

Hah! Loser! Michelle yelled sticking out her tongue.

To Be Continued

November 29th, 2003, 10:34 PM
Very good writing!

it gets better everytime!

Kepp it up! :classic:

oni flygon
December 7th, 2003, 4:24 PM
Chapter 5: Unlikely Friendship

Thats it! Yelled Michelle. She turned around and grabbed me by my shirt.

Hey! I yelled as she slammed me across a nearby tree.

Look, buster, weve been walking around for hours and I cant see the stupid city. Make a quick decision! She yelled pointing at the road a head of us. The road was split in two and the signs were torn and broken.

Well, I I began.

Shut up or battle! She said taking out a Pokeball.

Michelle, you shouldnt be Nick began behind her.

You shut up too! She interrupted. So whats it going to be, huh? She said as she tightened her fists.


Michelle, youre going to regret this. I said taking out my Pokeball.

I agree with him, Michelle. Nick said with his arms crossed.

He sat near his sister looking down sighing.
Just shut up. Michelle retorted.

The battlefield was set near the road. The long grass swayed as the wind blew and large smooth white rocks were scattered across the plains.

Two on two? I asked.

Thats fine. She said as she took out two Pokeballs.

Wait, I hesitated. You want to battle two at a time?

Yeah, you scared? She taunted.

No! I yelled trying to act calm.

I actually dont know how to battle two against two. This will be my first try.

Ok, I said taking out my second Pokeball. Go, Pidgey and Charmander!

Pidgey came out ruffling its feathers and soaring high up above then landing on one of the rocks while cooing. Charmander wagged its tail avoiding the grass and trying not to burn it. He ended up standing in one of the rocks in the field.

Nice choice, Michelle said with a mocking smile. Come out, Linus, Ursula!

Her Squirtle came out with a nasty glare ready to battle. It leapt up to a rock facing my Charmander. Then came out her next Pokemon. It wagged its tail and stretched to let out it spiked fur.

Meet Ursula the Squirtle and Linus the

Whats that? I interrupted while taking out my Pokedex.

Zigzagoon. Raccoon Pokemon. These Pokemon have fur specially designed for survival. They can raise the needles inside their furs and fire them in rapid succession.

I read the pixilated text next to a moving picture of what seems to be an adult Zigzagoon.

Oh please, sighed Michelle in an impatient voice. Those are pretty common in the Hoenn Region. Havent you been there?

Well, not actually. I replied.

Squirtle! Growled Ursula as it glared at my Charmander.

My Charmander looked back with a menacing glare then growled too. Pidgey doesnt seem to bother looking at Linus as it picked up bugs from the rock.

Lets get the battle going! Michelle yelled. Ursula, water gun Charmander. Linus, pin missile Pidgey!

Ursula sent out a blast of water from its mouth towards Charmander while Linus turned around and fired glowing spikes from its fur.

Charmander, Dodge it! I yelled.

Charmander leapt down the rock and dodged the water but I failed to command Pidgey. I heard a short cry of pain towards my left. Pidgey was receiving hard blows from the oncoming barrage of needles.

Charmander, ember on Linus! I commanded.

Charmander leapt on top of the rock and fired dozens of orange flames. The attacked hit Linus in multiple directions.

Pidgey, are you ok? I yelled.

Pidgey let out an annoyed pitch while shaking off tangled needles from its feathers.

Ursula, Water gun Charmander! Michelle commanded.

No way! I yelled as Ursulas attack connected and slammed Charmander into a rock.

Linus, finish off Charmander with fury swipes!

Pidgey, quick attack!

Linus started to charge at Charmander until he was rammed down and dragged by Pidgey.

What? Not fair! Shouted Michelle. Ursula, Water Gun Charmander!

Charmander, dodge it! Pidgey, Quick attack Ursula!

Charmander was able to get up and run away from Ursulas water gun.

Squirt! Yelled Ursula as Pidgey crashed into her from behind.

Cmon Gary! You can beat her! Nick cheered from behind. He abruptly stopped when Michelle glared at him menacingly.

Linus, Pin Missile Pidgey. Ursula, withdraw!

Pidgey, use your gust to stop the needles! Charmander, attack Linus with ember!

Pidgey flapped its wings and created a small tornado full of dust that sent the needles everywhere even back at Linus. While the needles were bombarding Linus, Charmander sent out a blast of embers towards it.

Linus! Cried Michelle as her Zigzagoon fell to the ground. Return! With a flash of red light, Linus was back at its Pokeball.

Give up yet? I said intimidating her.

No way! She yelled. Ursula, Water gun Charmander!

Pidgey, sand attack! Charmander, dodge and use scratch!

Before Ursula could attack, Pidgey sent out a blast of sand towards it. This caused Ursula to fire in another direction. Charmander then charged toward Ursula and scratched it with its claws. With that, Ursula fell to the ground, fainted.

No! Michelle squealed. Return!

I sighed and wiped off the sweat from my fore head.

That was close. I whispered as my Pokemon came running and flying towards me.

You both were great! I said patting my Charmanders head.

Congrats! yelled Nick as he ran towards me. That battle was awesome!

Thanks, I replied feeling embarrassed.

I looked behind him to see Michelle expression. She wasnt annoyed nor in a berserker attitude. She was sitting in the ground miserably while trying to hold back her tears.

Michelle, I said as I went next to her. Sorry about that but I need to beat you.

Dont apologize to me! She sobbed. Just go!

I looked at her, confused.

Go! Go on to that stupid city you want to go to!

But- I began.

Go! She yelled with her eyes closed.

I looked back at Nick and walked towards him.

Its alright, he said solemnly. You can go. We need to finish up something first anyway.

Are you sure? I asked.

Positive, He replied with a smile. Nice being with you anyway.

Yeah, thanks. I said as I returned my Pokemon.

We might cross paths again someday. He said as he held out his hand.

Yeah, I replied grabbing his hand and shaking it.

To be Continued

December 8th, 2003, 2:15 AM
0_0 Michelle's been to Hoenn!

and Oni, get one of those stuff for the avvys, I mean, me, shiny-purin, and PKMN_girl have them!

December 10th, 2003, 2:08 AM
Awesome part to the story! 2 on 2 makes it very interesting!

that was a surprise to have a Zigzagoon in there already^^

keep up the great work!

December 12th, 2003, 7:48 PM
0_0 Michelle's been to Hoenn!

and Oni, get one of those stuff for the avvys, I mean, me, shiny-purin, and PKMN_girl have them!
He's got them. Great fanfic oni! Keep it up!
Chapter 2's my fav so far.

December 13th, 2003, 5:51 AM
Wow! Nice story. Keep them coming!

oni flygon
December 13th, 2003, 11:12 AM
Is it me or most of the people's avatars who replied to this thread are all Pokemon Special XD

oni flygon
December 13th, 2003, 2:32 PM
Chapter 6: Grranted Power

Pewter City loomed ahead of me on top of the horizon. The lack of towering buildings made it look more like a town rather than a city. I kept walking even though my feet were already exhausted. I tried to find the Pokemon Center to rest but trying to find it a city full of houses was not an easy task.

Calm down, I said to myself. Lets ask anyone around here.

Oddly enough, the streets were deserted.

Hello? I cried out trying to search for any signs of life.

Anybody? Anyone?

I continued to walk stumbling through potholes and rocks that were scattered throughout the streets. There was nothing except for the faint blowing of the wind and the rustling of leaves from nearby trees. Everything was closed stores, houses and even the gym.

Pewter City Gym Is what I read from a makeshift sign that seemed to be standing there for many years.
Gym Leader: Brock


After a few minutes of walking, I found myself in front of a building that seemed to be once a museum. I noticed a sign hanging at the door.

Pewter City Space Museum. Closed until Further Announcements.

The sign was full of scratches and the outside walls of the building were full of graffiti. Inside me, a sudden urge to go inside enveloped me. Maybe there are clues to the peoples mysterious behavior? I was about to touch the knob when I heard a voice from behind me.

Stop where you are, Said the feminine voice.

A girl with long dark hair was standing behind me. Her clothes seemed to be heavy and very dark. I noticed exactly six Pokeballs tied to her belt. Her dark hood was down and her cape behind her. A familiar tattoo with intricate patterns was in her left cheek. Most noticeably are her bright dark eyes that seem to look inside me.

Are you a trainer looking for the Gym Leader? She asked in her steady voice. Her eyes fixed into mine.

Y-yeah. I answered. Where are the people?

That is not to my concern. She replied and began to walk around me. Her eyes still fixed into mine.

Youre Pokemon are still weak against the Gym Leader. She began. You should train some more.

What? How would you know? I replied gripping my fist.

She then returned to the spot where she started with her eyes fixed as if she was looking through my soul.

I see everything. Your life, your soul, your powerseverything. She said Mysteriously.

I dont believe you, I replied trembling. And who are you?

A friend, She said finally taking her eyes from mine. What you see is not what you think.

What do you mean?

Here, take this. She said giving me a Pokeball.

No, I cant accept a-

Its ok, her names Aby. She said placing the Pokeball into my hand. Take good care of her.

With those words, she began to walk away.
Wait! Why are you giving this to me? I yelled trying to catch up.

All will be clear soon. She replied not looking back.

Suddenly, a flash of light came from her. The light was too bright so I shielded my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, I was back on the outskirts of Pewter City. Now, the city was full of people and the shops were open. It was livelier than Ive seen before.

Could it be a dream? I thought. I clenched my hand then realized I was still holding the Pokeball that she gave me.

What you see is not what you think Her words echoed through my mind.


Your Pokemon are fighting fit! Please come again. Said the nurse across the counter.

Thanks, I replied with a smile.

I then remembered the girls suggestion.

Um, maam, I asked the nurse.

Yes? She replied still with a smile.

Where could I find a good place to train around here? I asked.

Theres a good one right outside of the city. She replied. Be careful though, there are too many wild Pokemon there.

Ok, Thanks. I replied as I took my step outside of the Pokemon Center.


I followed the nurses direction and found myself in an isolated area of tall grass and tall trees that swayed with the wind.

Come out, Blaze, Sage and Aby! I said releasing all three of my Pokemon out from their Pokeballs. I decided to nickname my Charmander Blaze and my Pidgey Sage. Aby looked up at me with her closed eyes. I took out my Pokedex pointing it at her.

Abra. Psy Pokemon. These Pokemon are able to teleport in long distances and posses great Psychic abilities. However, they need to sleep 16 hours a day.

Aby growled letting out a low sigh as it tucked its head back into its arms.

Lets begin our training guys. I said as my Pokemon gathered around Aby.

Charmander! Growled Blaze as he tried to wake up Aby.

Blaze, just let her sleep for the while. I said while patting my Charmander. She might wake up maybe soon.

Young Master, you do not need to wake me up. Said a whispering voice.

Huh? Whos there? I looked around me trying to find the source of the voice until I heard it again.

It is I, Aby. The voice sounded as if someone was whispering at me.

Aby? I said as I sat near her.

Yes. You do not need to talk aloud. I can see what you are thinking young master. She replied with her whispering voice. Her voice sounded more like of a young girls whispering.

Oh, I see. I replied through my thoughts.

Master Sakaki has given me instructions to train your powers, Young Master. She said with her closed eyes glowing.

Sakaki? Is that the girl I met before? I asked.

Yes, it is she. Aby replied. Your training must start now for bigger challenges loom ahead of us.

What challenges?

Challenges that will test your heart, your valor and your will Young Master. She said in a monotonous tone. Your role in this world will be revealed soon.

What do you mean Role in this world? I asked.

Forgive me Young Master for I cannot tell the rest.

A long pause then followed. I looked back at my Blaze and Sages concerned faces.

So, lets begin our training. I said vigorously.


Blaze, you should be able to cut those rocks with your scratch attack. I said as Blaze failed to do a scratch attack at the rocks Ive thrown to it.

Char! He nodded.

Heres one more time! I yelled as I threw rocks in the air.

Blaze let the rocks fall first then began slashing them one by one. Instead, Blaze only knocked them away into nearby trees.

Charmander! he sighed with frustration.

Its ok, I said reassuringly. We just need time. Now, dont give up and lets try that again!

I threw another batch of rocks towards Blaze. Blaze lunged forward and began slashing at the rocks. This time, the rocks dropped down without getting thrown into nearby trees. I felt the large scratch marks the Blaze made engraved into the rocks.

Thats it Blaze, just keep on trying!


Its your turn Aby, I said releasing her from her Pokeball. Now try to attack these rocks, ok?

She didnt respond. I accepted that as an affirmative response and started the training.

Ready? With that, I sent rocks towards the air.

The rocks stopped in mid air and floated above the ground. Then, with a blink of an eye, Aby sent the stones through the trees, which caused holes into anything that the rock passed through.

Whoa, I gasped in amazement.

Young Master, that is only a sample of my power. She suddenly said. Master Sakaki has not told me the rest of my powers.

Does that mean that you still have more powers? I said eager for a response.

That is not yet to my knowledge. She replied.


A few days passed by and our training was complete I decided that tomorrow, Ill be challenging the gym leader.

To Be Continued

December 13th, 2003, 6:49 PM
Very nice!

Very interesting with the Abra part.

I cant wait to read the gym battle. It will be great!

oni flygon
December 23rd, 2003, 1:29 PM
That was a long week... O.o;; I didn't manage to post Chapter 7 last Saturday... so, here it is!

Chapter 7: Reawakening

I looked up at the tall gray building with a makeshift sign. The painted letters that spelled Gym were already faded by time. It looked so tall unlike the last time I saw it. I twisted the rusted knob and entered. Dim lights showed the arena. Bleachers, dirty and dusty left unattended on both sides of the arena. The battlefield, full of rocks and holes show the remainder of the most dramatic of battles.

Im here for a gym challenge! I yelled out.

My words reverberated across the walls of the dank gym.

Speak your name and your hometown. Said a sunken voice across the arena.

Gary of Pallet Town. I answered. My answer echoed into the distant corners of the gym.

A figure stepped out of the shadows to reveal a man with spiky hair and a broad face. His body was well built and his arms crossed across his chest. He wore a plain messy shirt and loose pants.

I am Brock the gym leader of Pewter city. I have taken service of this gym many years ago. He said in a firm voice.

I remained silent as he took out his Pokeball.

The gym rules, he began. Two against two. Single battle.

Fine by me, I replied ready and willing.

Come out, Geodude! He yelled as he threw out his Pokeball.

Out came a large rocky Pokemon with its arms swinging in and out of position.

It floated above the rocks and crashed into the ground with a horrible thud.

Ok, come out, Sage!

Sage came out of its Pokeball and flew out and landed on one of the rocks.

Brock smirked.

You do realize that Pidgey is a flying type. He said gloatingly.

Im aware of that, I replied gripping my fist.

Pidgey has the worst disadvantages against a rock type like Geodude. Im hoping my training would pay off.

Geodude, tackle! Commanded Brock.

Geodude advanced and leapt towards Sage.

Sage, fly up and use quick attack! I commanded.

Geodude launched itself forward and missed Sage. Sage flew up high to the gyms roof and attacked Geodude from above. The attack connected but Geodude seems to be unfazed.

Like I said, that thing doesnt stand a chance against rock types. Brock said as he sighed.

Im still not giving up! I yelled. Sage, use gust!

Sage flew behind Geodude and sent out a powerful tornado.

Pity, spat Brock. Geodude, use tackle.

Out of the strong tornado, Geodude leapt out and tackled Sage with a direct hit.

Sage! I yelled out as Sage struggled to fly away.

You see? Inferior trainers like you never learn! Brock yelled as the dust cleared.

I always learn from my mistakes! I yelled back checking if Sage was still fine.

Sage, hang in there! I yelled out.

Sage tried to fly off but its wing was injured by Geodudes tackle.

Geodude, finish that Pidgey off with rock throw!

The moment Brock yelled out his command, an idea came into my mind.

Sage, dodge it! I commanded hoping that my plan would work.

Geodude leapt up and came crashing to the ground. Sage managed to dodge the attack and hide behind a rock nearby. A loud thud echoed throughout the gym as Geodude executed its attack.

Sage, use gust one more time! I commanded.

Sage flew up and created another dusty tornado and sent it towards Geodude.

Fool, sneered Brock. You never learn from your lessons! Geodude, tackle now!

Sage, fly around and use quick attack!

The moment Geodude came out from Sages tornado, Sage flew up and around Geodude. With a powerful quick attack, Geodude was pushed out of the field and crashed into the concrete wall.
Geodude! Brock yelled.

Geodude was trying to lift itself up from the cracked wall.

Sage, this is our chance, use sand attack! I yelled.

Sage flapped its wings and sent out a cloud of dust towards Geodude. Everythings going in place theres only a few more moves to execute.

Geodude, rock throw! Commanded Brock.

Geodude leapt into the air and tried to crash itself on Sage. Its attack missed again and landed with a hard thud. Signs of exhaustion were starting to appear on Geodude.

Sage, you know what to do! I yelled out.

Sage let out a shrill cry a sign of an affirmative response. Sage flew up high to the roof of the gym and dived down the struggling Geodude. Sage used a powerful quick attack then another, then another and another! Sage attacked in several directions striking Geodude one by one in rapid succession. At last, once the attacks stopped, Geodude fell lifelessly to the ground.

Geodude return! Brock said as he held up his Pokeball. A beam of red light returned the Pokemon back to its Pokeball in an instant.

He took out a second Pokeball from his pocket and threw it. A long rocky Pokemon came out of its Pokeball. Its body was full of pieces of rock and a single horn was protruding from its head. It rose up with its menacing eyes looking down at Sage. It roared so loud that it shook the windows of the gym.

Onix, sandstorm! Brock yelled.

Onix roared once more and caused a massive sandstorm. Dust, sand and rocks flew everywhere around the gym. I shielded my eyes to avoid being blinded by the sandstorm.

Sage! I yelled out. Stay in one spot!

It was all too late. Debris and sand hit Sage in all sides. I could hear its muffled cries as the storm raged on.

Onix, slam! Commanded Brock.

I was too weak to yell out my command. Neither Sage nor I saw it happened. A rocky tail flew past me and hit sage with a direct hit. The storm cleared and all I saw was Sages bloody wing and Onixs rocky glare. Sage lay on the floor with blood splattered across the rocks near it.

No! I cried out. Sage, return!

A flash of red light returned Sage to its Pokeball.

Hang in there, I murmured. Just a few more minutes, please.

Be on your way boy, Brock began. You dont want to humiliate yourself.

I never give up! I yelled back.

My courage returned as I took out my second Pokeball.

Come out, Aby!

Aby came out of its Pokeball snoring silently and her arms crossed. Onix roared out loud. It might be trying to wake her up. Brock smirked and laughed out loud.

Is that all you have? He said trying to catch his breath.

Im still not giving up, I smiled back.

Who said you werent? He said still laughing.

Arent we going to continue? I murmured.

Oh, oh yeah. Brock said regaining his senses.

Onix, sandstorm again!

Once again, Onix created another sandstorm. I could feel Aby sitting there sleeping while Onix repeatedly attacked her.

Aby! I yelled. Wake up!

Im already awake, young master. She replied.

Then do something! I yelled feeling like an idiot.

You be my guide young master and I will be your eyes.

And with that, everything became clear. The sandstorm seemed to have faded away and all I can see was Onix, it was behind Aby ready to strike.

Be ready young master, Aby said.

Everything was in slow motion. Onix was moving closer and closer towards Aby.

Slam! I heard Brock yell out in midst of time.

Aby, teleport! I commanded at the last moment.

The storm returned and all I can see again was dust. Then, everything went back as it was, slow and steady. Everything was clear. My command was successful. Aby sat on the other side of the battlefield while Onix looked dumbfounded.

I heard Brock swear. Use slam again!

Teleport once more, Aby!

I shielded my eyes as sand returned to my view.

Young Master, please close your eyes and concentrate. I heard Aby in the midst.

Ok, I replied as I closed my eyes.

It was a different feeling I could feel different hearts beating slowly. I could feel Abys presence in the midst of the storm. It was the same thing for Onix too. It was the muffled beating of two Pokemons hearts. It was a feeling that Ive experienced inside Lyns Gym.

Now young master! I heard Aby yelled.

Aby, teleport! I simply whispered.

I could see the battle. Onixs tail swung and hit nothing but the rock that Aby was sitting next too.

I heard more swears from Brock.

Master, were not going anywhere doing this over and over. Aby said in the midst of the battle.

Youre right, I thought back.

Aby, use confusion!

What the I heard Brocks trailing voice.

A powerful shock hit Onix in a direct hit. This caused the sandstorm to stop.

Onix, slam! Yelled the frustrated Gym Leader.

Aby, teleport again!

Once again, Onixs attack missed and Aby reappeared behind it.

Lets finish this with confusion! I yelled as I opened my eyes.

A powerful flash knocked Onix out and drove it across the battlefield.

Onix! Brock said as he ran to his defeated Pokemon.

I wiped the drop of sweat from my forehead and returned Aby.

Thanks, I said to Aby.

No need for your gratitude, young master. She replied. I can see Aby smiling back at me.

You have a very powerful potential. Brock said as he stood in front of me. Im sorry I underestimated you.

Yeah, no problem. I replied smiling.

Youre worthy of this badge take it. He said as he handed out a gray octagonal piece of metal. Its the boulder badge. With this, you took your first step to the Pokemon League.

Thanks, I said taking the badge from his hand.


Youre quite shrewd, Brock said as he shook my hand outside of the gym. Im sorry I underestimated you.

No problem, I said. I need to be on my way, sorry. I said as I ran off to the Pokemon center.

Sages still hurt I need to be there quickly!

To be Continued

December 23rd, 2003, 6:15 PM
Great gym battle! Heh, Brock was angry^^

Sage really showed its stuff! Beating a Geodude like that

Onix got beat too. Aby was great!

Can't wait to read more

oni flygon
December 31st, 2003, 3:59 PM
Argh! My Fanfic is ruined because of that stupid censors... they will pay! >.<

anyways here's the latest chapter!

Chapter 8: Regrets

Sage will be fine, the nurse said as she handed back my Pokeballs. It just needs a few minutes rest to get that bruise healed.

Thanks, I replied feeling very grateful.

I began to walk outside when someone sopped me.

So you goin to Mt. Moon eh? Said the voice behind me.

I looked back and an old man with a white mustache and baldhead stood there. His clothes were of rags all tied together with a belt.

Well, yeah, I replied.

I warn ya kid, He said menacingly. Reckless trainers who wander too long there suddenly disappear!

Well I I began.

Dont have any respect do you? He yelled.

But sir, I

Dont tell them monsters that I didnt warn you, kid! he said then stormed out of the Pokemon Center.

Just ignore him, The nurse said as I turned around. Thats old man Clements. Hes very superstitious.

Well, he sorta weird.

He just scares trainers who come by here. No one actually disappeared in Mt. Moon ever. She reassured.

Are you sure?

Of course! The caves collapsed from the inside. It more of a tunnel now.


I sighed with relief as I went outside of the center. I looked around and saw a narrow path east of the city. I continued to walk, Old man Clements warning still in my mind. I tried to shake it of, but it still lingered in my mind.

So yer a hard head eh? A familiar voice from behind said.

I turned around and old man Clements stood with a Pokeball in one hand.

What do you want from me? I said with a shudder in my voice.

Kids these days dun have any respects fer their elders. He sighed gripping his Pokeball in one hand.

Listen, I need to go now

Yer goin nowhere unless ya beat me, He interrupted as he threw his Pokeball. Noctowl, show em how real trainers do it!

You leave me no choice, mister! Go, Blaze!

A brown owl Pokemon came from my opponents Pokeball. It let out a shrill cry and landed on a nearby rock. It twisted its head sideways and hooted.

Blaze came out of its Pokeball and looked around and saw its new opponent. He wagged his flaming tail as he stared down his opponent.

I scanned the battlefield for any advantage I could earn. The tall grass ruffled as the wind blew. There was only a single rock. It was the one that Old Man Clements Noctowl was standing on. There was nothing more.

So thats yer puny baby Pokemon eh? Old Man Clements said with a grin across his face. Noctowl, use peck!

Blaze, dodge it and counter with scratch! I yelled out.

Noctowl swooped down and tried to attack Blaze but missed. While Noctowl was defenseless, Blaze leapt up and scratched Noctowl on the face.

Noctowl let out an injured hoot and fluttered to regain balance.

Good job Blaze! I cheered.

I heard a growl of appreciation from Blaze.

Beginners Luck! I heard a cry of outrage from Old Man Clements.

Better give up already mister! I said feeling confident.

Noctowl, wing attack! he yelled out the command.

Blaze, use ember to stop the attack!

Noctowl swooped down with its wings spread out. Blaze sent out bolts of flame from its mouth towards Noctowl. The attack was a direct hit but it wasnt enough to stop Noctowl. The attack made a direct hit at Blaze causing him to recoil back.

Blaze! I yelled out as Blaze struggled to get up.

Finish it off, Noctowl! I heard his command.

Blaze get up! I yelled.

Blaze managed to get up but Noctowls attack was heading its way.

Duck, Blaze!

Noctowls wings brushed Blazes fur as Blaze narrowly dodged its attack.

Missed! Old Man Clements spat out.

Blaze, try hiding in the grass! I yelled.

No use blurtin out yer strategy, Old Man Clements murmured. Noctowl, foresight!

Noctowls eyes glowed light red as it searched the grass below.

Blaze, now! I yelled.

Blaze leapt up the rock and jumped up one more and landed behind Noctowl.

What the-! Old Man Clements spat out.

Ember it down! I commanded.

Blaze sent out a fury of embers at Noctowl. Noctowl flailed around trying to struggle to stay in flight. The embers continued until Noctowl crashed. The embers continued.

Make em stop kid! I heard Old Man Clements yell out.

Blaze stop! I yelled. Stop it.

Blaze ignored my command and continued firing.

Blaze! I yelled out once more as I raised up my Pokeball. Blaze return!

With a flash of red light, Blaze returned to my Pokeball.

Return, Noctowl! I heard old man Clements. Yer the monster kid!

What? I replied.

Never saw anyone attack at me like that! Better be on yer way. You might scare them monsters away. He said quickly as he turned and went away.


I was once again alone. I looked around trying to find what drove Blaze into nearly killing Noctowl. I continued to walk; now the sun began to set. The mountains cast shadows across my path to the towering mount ahead of me. The sky, now vivid in orange color was cloudless and everything was silent

To Be Continued

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Chapter 9: Reminiscence

Mt. Moon towered in front of me. The setting sun cast shadows in front of me. I could imagine hands reaching out towards me. Nevertheless, I just ignored it. I was slightly scared scared of what might happen to me. I know somethings wrong happening around me. I remembered when I was in Viridian City then I remembered what happened in the forest.


Darkness shrouded me and theres nothing I can see. I sat alone near the caves entrance with a fire in front of me. The cold wind blew across my face as I watched embers fly across the sky. My eyes were heavy. I began to feel sleep drifting in me. Just then, I heard a crashing noise. It came from the cave. I screech came next. This made me more awake then ever. I stood up not knowing what to do. Another ear-splitting screech made the hair in the back of my neck stand.

Calm down, I whispered to myself. Im sure thats just no-

Another screech made me jump. Then came a crashing sound. I remembered Old Man Clements warning the monster in the cave. I began to walk backwards away from the cave until something stopped me. I looked behind to see a tall dark hooded man. Silver eyes gleamed behind the shadow of his hood.


He covered my mouth the moment I screamed. My eyes were wide open in terror.

Dont scream, He said as he looked around. Im not going to hurt you if you cooperate.

He then took his hand away from his mouth.

Who are you? I asked.

You could have at least known by now. He whispered.

I looked back at him with a confused look.

Im the one you met in the forest earlier before. He sighed.

You? Youre the guy who saved me from those Beedrills?

He didnt reply. Instead, he walked towards the entrance of the cave.

I wouldnt go there if I were you. I warned.

You could at least keep your voice down.

I remained silent as he kneeled down and patted the ground as if trying to find an answer there.

What exactly is your name? I whispered as I kneeled near him.

Silver, He replied without looking up.

I noticed his long red hair, which was tied. It was tied in complicated braids. He stood up without mentioning a word then walked towards the entrance.

Wait! I yelled as I tried to catch up with him.

Quiet! He whispered loudly back at me. If you want to follow, follow quietly!

What are you trying to find here? I asked as I caught up with him.

Just follow quietly, He whispered back.

His long cloak trailed behind him as I followed. His dark boots pattered against the rocky cave floor. Our steps echoed throughout the cave as we kept walking. I can hear water dripping somewhere in the cave.

Suddenly, he stopped. Faded light was coming from an exit at one side of the cave.

Are you sure you want to follow along? He whispered.

Im sure. I replied back.

He then continued towards the exit. The exit led us to a meadow that was bordered by the mountain walls. The wind blew hard, very hard. The tall grass was flattened by the wind as we walked into the meadow. Silvers hood was blown down by the wind. His red hair fluttered with the wind as we struggled to walk across the meadow.

I looked forward and noticed stone monuments in front of us.

What are those? I said as I pointed on the stone monuments.

This place used to be a very important place for moon worshipers. He replied shielding his eyes.

Moon worshipers?

Cults and stuff. He replied. Their rituals are said to be true.

I remained silent as we entered the circle of smooth white stones.

Huh? I looked around. The wind wasnt blowing inside the circle and yet the wind was hammering down the tall grass.

Well wait here. Silver said as he sat down.

What are we waiting for?

Youll see.


We waited for hours and hours. I looked up and noticed the full moon was directly on top of us. Suddenly, the wind died down.

Hes here. Silver said as he stood.

Whos here?

Stay near me. Whatever appears, dont look at it directly in the eye.

Ok, I agreed even though I dont understand what he said.

A shriek drowned the moaning of the winds as I his behind Silver. I looked up and noticed that the moon was colored red blood red!

Whats happening? I whispered.

He covered my mouth and waited. I looked at the opening and noticed several wisps of air. They cant be Pokemon the wisps of air were all wandering the meadow. I noticed that the wisps of air were wearing masks. The same mask Ive seen before in Viridian Forest.

Keep quiet and dont breathe to hard. Silver whispered.

I nodded my head to approve his command then he let go. The wisps circled us and wandered the meadow. The white wisps circled faster and faster and rose up and disappeared. I let out a sigh of relief but then, a horrible shriek filled the air once more.

Its still here he noticed you. Silver muttered.

I looked back and noticed more silver wisps behind us.

Silver, weve got trouble I stammered as I stumbled backwards.

One of the wisps swooped down at me but Silver grabbed me and managed to pull me away from the wisps attack.

Whats it doing? I said trembling with fear.

These things can posses human beings. The one that tried to touch you wants to take possession of your body.

But why arent they attacking us?

Because were inside this circle. He replied quickly.

I looked around. Several wisps were gathering around us. More like thousands.

Another shrieked filled the air. This time, I was prepared. The wisps cleared up and created a path. All I can see on the other side was a shadow. A figure walked closer and closer. The moon shined its silver light on the figure. I can see it clearly a masked man. The same one Ive seen earlier in the forest.

Silver remained silent as he confronted the masked being.

What do you want? He said as he gripped his fist.

The masked man pointed at me. I could see its bony finger directly pointing at me. For a moment, I felt I blacked out. I could feel myself collapsing but I tried to hold on.

Leave him alone! Silver yelled as he edged closer near the masked man.

I-Im just ok I stammered as I struggled to get up.

Hehehe I heard a low laugh behind the mask. It was a cold dry laugh.

He has a strong will, The mans voice was merely a whisper that I can hear. He cannot be possessed easily.

Both Silver and I remained silent. The masked man walked cautiously up to us. Every step he took, my heart pounded loudly. I began to breathe harder and harder. Everything seems to slip away from my mind.

Thats enough! I heard Silver yell. Leave the boy!

My chest began to ache. I fell to my knees clutching my heart. The pain became worse every second.

Thats enough! I heard Silver yell one last time. Feraligatr, hydro pump!

I heard a strong surge of water then the pain went away. I looked up and saw that the man was blown away into the other side.

You might be powerful before, but youve lost much of your power. Silver smirked as he returned his Feraligatr.

You growled the masked man. Ive raised youIve cared for you

But then you killed me. Silver interrupted. You tortured my friends: my family.

Another low laugh came from behind the mask.

Youve grown stronger I will seek to that day and that day when I take the boy again.

The wisps began to circle around us. They circled faster and faster. Then, they disappeared.


What did you mean when you said that he killed you? I asked to Silver.

We were walking outside of Mt. Moon under the moonlight.

I cant tell you everything now. He replied quickly. You need to discover for yourself. Learn your own mind.

Learn mymind?

Exactly. Now, Ill leave the road to you. He said as he change his path.

Wait, youre leaving me? Butbut I wanted to ask you questions!

He didnt reply as he continued to walk ahead of me.

Wait! Do you anything about my father?

He stopped and looked back. He put on his hood covering much of his long red hair.

All I can say he was a brave man. You have your mothers heart but you have your fathers will. He simply replied. The rest, you have to discover yourself to know.

To Be continued

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Chapter 10: Revenge Battle

I remember last night vividly. I could still feel myself shiver at the thought I was being hunted down by someone or something. The next day, I found myself walking alone outside of Mt. Moon. The suns already above me a sign that its noon. I clutched my stomach as I heard it grumbled. I didnt manage to eat breakfast today maybe since Ive already finished the last of my canned food. The last batch Nick gave to me. I know it was against Michelles will so he gave them to me secretly. I made my way limply under the burning sun until I heard a familiar voice.

So, ye made it out eh?

I turned around to see a familiar face Old Man Clements.

What do you want? I mumbled as I continued ignoring him.

So, were the rumers true, kid? He asked as he confronted me.

What rumors? I replied sitting down on my knees.

Rumers of the monster!

Oh that, I sighed once more and clutched my stomach. Bunch of rumors.

It all not true? he yelled.

I sent out another frustrated sigh.

So kid, want another battle like last time.

I struggled not to throw him a glare. He approached me and ruffled my already messy hair.

Aww cmon kid,

Fine, fine I mumbled as I stood up and taking out my Pokeball.

Goody! He replied as he took out his Pokeball. Noctowl, ready are ya?

Blaze, be ready! I said as I threw out my Pokeball.

My Charmander came out and was feeling the same way I was hungry.

Yer baby Pokemon is hungry aint it? He said as he readied his Noctowl for an attack.

I grumbled nonsense and tried to maintain my balance.

Blaze, ember!

Blaze sent out rapid shots of fire heading straight to Noctowl.

Dodge em Noctowl! I heard him yell.

I looked up and saw that Noctowl managed to dodge Blazes attack.

Dont give up Blaze, smokescreen!

Blaze sent out a thick smoke cloud all over us with Noctowl above in the air.

Heh! Childs play eh? I heard Clements laugh. Fine, blow it away, Noctowl!

Noctowl flew up and flapped its wings. Winds blew away most of the smoke but I was ready.

Blaze, you know what to do!

The moment the smoke was cleared, Blaze leapt up and slashed Noctowl. Noctowl sent out a shrill cry of agony since Blazes attack was a direct hit.

This it Blaze, ember!

Blaze sent out another fury of flames towards Noctowl. Every attack connected as Noctowl crashed down.

Noctowl! Cried Old Man Clements as Noctowl struggled to get up.

It was all over when Noctowl was down.

Well that was quick, I muttered.

I looked at Blaze happily and to my amazement, he was glowing. Ive seen this once before and once only in my lifetime. Blaze was taller and bigger. Its eyes were not docile anymore except they were sharp and ready. He made slashing movements with its claws and made a low cry.

Awesome! I cried as Blaze looked up at me.

Well aint that grand? I heard Old man Clements say as he approached Blaze and me. Havent seen a Pokemon evo in ages!

So this wasthis is why you were following me?

Yep, saw yer battle at Pewter Gym. Then I followed you. When I challenged Blaze ovr here, I knew hes gonna evolve any moment. He explained as I looked at Blazes new form.

Well kid, you brightened up my day, See ya!

Youre going back to Pewter City, right?

Yep, good luck in Cerulean. I heard the leader ovr theres really tough. But Im thinking yer gonna win with your Blaze ovr here.

To Be Continued

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Chapter 11: Strengthened Bond

Yesterdays battle was still in my mind. It was all too fast but I recounted everything step by step. Every move I used and every decision I took. I was really proud of my first evolved Pokemon. If only I could show it off to someone


Wake up looser! A familiar voice was reverberating inside me. Wake UP!

Wha-?! I woke up that morning feeling drowsy. My eyes focused and widened to see a familiar face shaking me.

Michelle, why cant you just leave him sleep?

Wake up loser! Wake! Up! Wake-

Im awake, Im awake! I muttered as I rubbed my eyes and shoved of Michelles hands of my shoulder.

Good, stay awake!

I matted my messy light brown hair and stretched and yawned.

Hey, watch where youre yawning! Michelle cried as she avoided my arms.

Hows it going, Gary? Nick asked as he went closer to me.

Imfine, I yawned.

Suddenly, my stomach grumbled. I embarrassingly move to my other side and clutched my stomach.

Hungry? Nick asked. I think I got some cereal over here He said as he searched his backpack.

So the losers angry, why dont we just leave him?

Michelle, just because you lost to him doesnt mean you have to be sore all the time. Nick commented.

Michelle quickly walked away, her sandy blonde hair at her back.

Sorry about her, Nick said as he gave me a bowl of cold cereal.

Thanks, I replied as I began to eat the cereal. Its been a while since I ate.

So, hows your training going?

Huh? Oh! I got Blaze to evolve. I replied quickly.

Your Charmander? Awesome! Let me see. He quickly reacted.

Ok, ok. I replied as I took out three Pokeballs. Blaze, Sage, Aby!

All of my Pokemon came out quite hungry, except for Aby.

Awesome! You got an Abra! Nick said as he looked at my Pokemon. They look hungry.

Yeah well, they havent eaten for a long time.

Maybe this will help, Nick said taking out what looked like a small blue plastic thermometer.

Whats that?

This? He said looking at it and taking out a few colorful block pieces. Its a Pokeblock case. It stores Pokeblocks.


Well, in the Hoenn region some berries can be blended and can turn into Pokeblocks. Theyre sorta like candy only for Pokemon. They have different taste.

He then handed Sage a pink Pokeblock.

Pink ones are sweet, so I guess theyll love these.

Sage and Blaze growled happily as they ate the Pokeblocks.

Hey Nick,


Where actually were you and your sister from? I asked as I leaned on my knees.

Well, we came from the Hoenn region and thats pretty far from here. Thats where we got some of our Pokemon. He replied while smiling.

No wonder, why are you guys here?

Well, our parents forced us to go here. Mom and Dad said that itd be fun here. They said they had friends around here. Hey youve beaten Brock? He suddenly said as he looked over my Pocket. A boulder badge was hanging from it.

Uh, well, yeah. I stammered.

Cool, me too. Only Michelle took a while before beating him.

It didnt take that long! I heard Michelles voice behind us. It took me a few times

Yeah right, Nick replied eyeing Michelle.

Both began to argue in front of me like always.

Guys, guys! I said as I halted both of them. Why dont we just settle down and-

Shut up, Nick! Michelle yelled as both of them struggled to get away from my grasp.

You shut up! Ill battle you and Ill prove that youll loose!

Youre on!


The battle was ready. Michelle and Nick were both poised for battle.

Two on two? Nick asked.

Two on two, Michelle repeated as she took out two Pokeballs.

Nick did the same as he ruffled his sandy blonde hair. Its he first time Ive seen the twins battle. I sat on the edge of the battlefield excited and ready.

Ready when you are, sis! Nick smiled as he threw his Pokeballs. Leaf, Alm, Come out!

Two Pokemon came out. One, I realized to be a Bulbasaur. The other was a Pokemon Ive never seen before. It was reddish and sluggish with barbs pointing out of its body. It was small with big bulgy eyes and reminded me of a Caterpie. I looked at my Pokedex to see more about it.

Wurmple, These Pokemon are only found around the Hoenn region. They are mostly defenseless but can attack Pokemon with the barbs at their backs.

Another Hoenn Pokemon, I muttered.

Let see about that! Michelle cried. Linus, Ursula!

Her Zigzagoon came out along with her Squirtle. All were poised for battle.

Ursula, Use water gun on Alm!

Ursula did so and fired a blast of water towards Wurmple.

Leaf, block it and use vine whip on Ursula! Nick yelled out.

Leaf came across the blast of fire and prevented Alm from being harmed. Then, Leaf sent out vines from its back towards Ursula. The vines scored a direct hit as they smacked Ursula away.

Ursula! Michelle cried as Ursula struggled to get up.

Alm, use poison sting on Ursula! Nick commanded.

Alm lowered its back and fried multiple poison barbs towards the fallen Ursula.

Linus, use you pin missile!

Linus sent out a wave of stingers towards Alms poison stings. The stings were stopped just before they reached Ursula.

Quick thinking, Nick said. Leaf, use your leech seed on Linus!

Linus was out of guard when the seeds from Leaf reached him. The seeds formed around Linus and constricted him.

Linus! Michelle cried.

Alm, use poison sting on Linus!

Alm sent out a wave of poison barbs towards Linus. Michelle tried to stop them using Ursula, but she was off guard and trying to stand up. All the barbs connected which caused Linus to cry out in pain. Then, Linus fell down breathing hard. It was poisoned.

No! Michelle cried. Linus, stand up. Please!

Michelle rushed towards Linus and tore off the vines constricting it.

I stood up and called Nick to stop. I rushed towards her and helped her tear up the vines.

Get away from me! She said as she pushed me aside.

I noticed tears streaming from her face.


Get away! I hate you! I hate you both! She cried as she hugged Linus.

Michelle? Hey Michelle, Im sorry! Nick said as he rushed towards her.

Ursula was next to her as she began to sob.

Im sorry, Michelle. I

Shut up! She screamed. Just leave me alone!

I looked up at Nick. He had a concern look upon his face as he recalled both of his Pokemon.

Dont worry about her, Nick muttered. Shell be fine in a few minutes.

I wont be fine! Michelle sobbed as she gave an antidote to Linus and recalled both Ursula and Linus.

Aw, cmon Michelle. Nick said as he kneeled next to Michelle. With both of them close together, I could see some resemblances between the two.

Michelle, you just lost once. Thats it. I said as I joined Nick comforting her.

I just didnt loose once, I lost many times! She said sobbing between words.

Michelle, I began moving closer to her. Its just fine to loose. Everyone looses all the time.

Not like you or my brother. She replied while rubbing tears of her eyes. Its not fair. I dont deserve to be here or be a trainer.

Michelle, I began. As long as you try, you can never loose. Just believe in yourself.

I didnt realize those words that just came out of my mouth. I didnt even understand what I said.

Michelle looked up at me. I could see her blue eyes sparkling with tears. She then quickly hugged me.

Whoa It all happened to quick I guess. Those were the only words that I managed to choke out from my mouth as she hugged tightly.


Im sorry, She sobbed. Im just sorry I treated you like nobody.

I looked up at Nick to see him smiling.

Thanks, she managed to say while she buried her face on my clothes.

I gathered my courage to put my hand around her while comforting her.


Parting ways again? Nick asked as we reached another fork.

Im going to Cerulean, you guys? I asked as I pointed to one side.

We might need tome training for a while. Nick said as he pointed into the other direction.

I looked at Michelle. Her face was no longer filled with tears but a smile was across her face.

Yeah, I guess. She agreed.

Ok, see you guys again next time. I said as I began on my way.

Gary! I heard Michelles voice as I turned around.


IIm sorry She said as she looked down.

Youve apologized enough. I said smiling. Lets just see each other next time.

Ok She said as she hurried of towards Nick. Hey Nick, wait up!

To Be Continued

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Chapter 12: Memories

I found myself in front of Cerulean city. Its more like a sleepy town. Houses were aligned around the streets while people walked on the sidewalk chatting happily about the current events. I found myself wandering around looking up at the shops and restaurants scattered on one side of the street. Suddenly, I remembered something.

Um, hey, I said as I halted a dark red haired girl who was walking by.


She was quite small. Her dark brown eyes twinkled as she glanced up at me. She was holding up a Pikachu. She was wearing a loose shirt and shorts that seem to be a bit larger than her. Her red shirt seemed to be a bit dirty and wet. Two dark red pigtails protruded from behind her head. Her small hands handled the Pikachu friskily as it yawned and growled.

Um, can you tell me where the Cerulean Cape is?

She looked strangely at me. Her Pikachu growled as it struggled to get away from the girls grasp.

The Cerulean Cape? She repeated with her eyes fixed at me.

Yeah, do you know where it is? I asked.

You mean the sea cottage, right?

Yeah, I guess I replied having no clue what she said.

Oh, its just up there. She let go of her Pikachu and pointed up in front of me. You just go up straight and then left.

Ok, thanks I said as I began on my way.

She picked up her Pikachu again.

Hey, she called.


Youre a trainer, right? she said.

Yeahwhy did you ask? I replied.

Nothing. She giggled as she went of on the opposite direction.

I glanced back at her thinking something might happen but I just ignored her and continued walking.


I continued on my way north heading my way to the cape. As I walked, I noticed people getting fewer and the trees are getting denser. A river flowed silently on my left. I continued my way up when I hear someone.

Glad you got your way here, said a familiar voice.


I looked around trying to find him. He stepped back from a tree with his hood down. There was something different from him than what Ive met earlier before.

You did make your way here, He repeated.

Toshin, I began.

He looked up at me. A sign hes listening.

You know Silver, right?

He simply nodded and continued to listen.

Do you both know about my father?

Toshin didnt reply. He leaned against a tree near him and crossed his arms.

Do you? I repeated.

Do you really want to know more about your father? he asked.

Yes, I replied firmly.

He looked up at me with one eye.

Did you notice anything when you battled Brock?

Huh? Well yeah. I did.

Good, you are what Im looking for.

What? I asked. What do you mean?

Your powers they lie dormant inside you and they will only come out if it wants to. He replied.

My powers?

You remember what I told you last time?

Yeah the forest legend. I think. I said trying to remember.

Those powers cannot be inherited nor passed physically to another person. Only the forest spirit chooses the wielders.

His voice was sullen as the winds began to blow behind me. I fell silent not knowing what to say.

If you want to, I can help you wake your powers. He said breaking the silence.

I was unsure. How could I believe him? But there was a force that made agreed

Do you want to? He repeated.

Yes I want to I replied.

He looked up at me with both eyes now. His dark hair was moving with the wind freely.


To begin your training, He said. You need to train both your mind and your body. You also need to strengthen your mind with your Pokemon.

Right, I replied as I released my three Pokemon.

Toshin examined them and stopped at Abby. He placed his hand on Abbys forehead and closed his eyes. At once, I heard whispers coming around me. I couldnt understand anything, the whispers were talking faster and faster. I tried to concentrate and trying not to yell out or anything.

The moment Toshin opened his eyes, the whispers stopped.

Did you hear anything? he asked.

I fell silent. Not knowing what to reply.

Y-Yeah, I stammered trying to catch my breath.

Good, Toshin said. That was Abby and me talking.

How did you -?

Sakaki is my sister, He interrupted. One of my surviving family members. She gave you Abby I presume.

I remained silent not saying another word.

So begins our training. He said as he sat down. Are you ready?

Ready, I replied.

Good, now close your eyes and concentrate on Abby and on your other Pokemon.

I did so what he said and concentrated.

Try not to sleep. I heard Toshin say.

I pictured my Pokemon in my mind. Blaze, Sage and AbbyI could feel something. It was beating slowly and carefully. I could picture it in my mind as if I had my minds open. Something I could seesomething

Sakaki, Sakaki!

A blue haired boy about fifteen years old was calling a younger girl; a dark haired girl about ten or eleven.

Makoto? Have you found my brother? Sakaki asked.

No, but I think I know where hes going. Makoto replied gasping for air.

The surroundings were clear now. In front of them was house burned down and smoldering. White smoke was coming from wreck.


I dont know yet, but a gate was opened. Makoto replied quickly.

Lets hurry, if that gate closes, its going to be hard to find him, Sakaki said alarmingly. Show me where is it.

Over here, Makoto said as the two set out.

I opened my eyes and found that it was already night. The moon was directly above us and the stars twinkled. I could see the city with its lights on the other side of the river. Blaze and Sage seem to be asleep but Abby looked like what she was when I began hours before.

So, Said a voice that made me jump. What did you see?

I looked back to see Toshin sitting and a fire was burning in front of him. A large pot was steaming and I noticed a large spoon and two bowls on the side.

I saw Sakaki I began trying as hard as I can to remember. And this guy Makoto

Toshin looked up at me. He seemed to be satisfied by the look at his face.

What are they talking about? he asked.

I dont know. Sakaki was asking aboutabout you. I think.

Toshin remained silent.

And something about a gate. I didnt see much. I continued as I scratched my head.

I heard my stomach grumble. I felt embarrassed as I clutched my stomach.

Crap, I forgot to ask Nick about food. I muttered.

Rice? Toshin said as he examined the pot on top of the fire.

Uhsure, I replied.

He handed me a bowl and one of the large spoons. I placed as much rice I could eat on my bowl.

We continue our training tomorrow, Toshin said as I finished eating.

Ok, I replied. Toshin?


What did I saw? I asked.

You saw a memory. Its something that has been passed down by powerful emotions. Something that is so strong, it leaves an imprint so powerful, only a few psychics can see them. However, to see those memories, you must and have to be in a certain place or manifest a certain object or person.

I nodded. I seem to understand what he said.

But, how was I able to see those memories? I asked. I didnt even know I had those powers.

Thats what I can not answer. Toshin said gazing at the fire. I could see the fires reflection in his eyes. Burning slowly and wildly.

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 13: Bloodied past

Concentrate and attack. Toshin said as my head pounded.

I could feel the blood rushing through my face.

Sage, use your gust once more! I commanded.

Toshin forced me into using Sage to blow away a huge rock thats as wide as the trees around us. What I thought was impossible, he demonstrated with his Pidgeot without any problems.

Sage flew up higher and created a torrential gust that blew away pebbles. I could feel something wrong with Sage. It was pain. Hes hurting yet he tries. He keeps on trying. Rocks that are size of my fist are starting to be blown away.

Then, I saw Sage fall. He fell with a loud thud to the ground.

Sage! I cried.

I held Sage in my hands. It was breathing hard and was really exhausted.

Take your time. Toshin said from behind me.

Youre just forcing me things that I cant even do! I yelled at him. I dont even know if youre training me or not!

Just trust me, Toshin continued ignoring what I said. If you want to rest, just rest. Take your time.

The next moment, I was tending to Sages sore wings. I wrapped his wings with bandages and patted them briefly.

There you go, I said as I lifted Sage up. Good as new.

Sage let out a shrill cry of appreciation, ruffled its feathers and sat down beside me.

Youre welcome, I replied smiling.

Toshin was leaning against a tree a few feet from us. Hes still deep in thought like what I always thought. He must be always thinking of something deep in his mind. I looked up at his face seeing if hes sleeping or maybe, his minds wandering.

Im awake, I heard him mutter.

His voice made me jump a bit with my heart pounding.

You still have a long way to. Train your Charmeleon if you want to. He said still in the same position.

Ok, I replied taking out Blazes Pokeball. What do you want me to do?

Battle me, He replied as he stood up.

W-what? I stammered. B-butyoure way more than an ordinary trainer.

Dont worry, He said taking out a blue Pokeball. Ill take it easy on you.


One against one. Toshin said as he handled his Great Ball.

Ok, I replied as I took out a Pokeball containing Sage.

I know its a bit of a risk, but Im sure Toshin will take it easy on me.

There was a river near us in the battlefield. Trees covered around us and the sky was clear and cloudless.

Sage, come out!

I sent out my Pidgey at once. Sage flew up at the air all with bandages.

You ok, Sage? I asked.

Sage replied with a shrill cry.

Good, Toshin muttered under his breath. Flux, take it easy on him.

He threw his Great Ball and out came a dog Pokemon. Its whole body was dark and bones seemed to decorate its body. I dont know what scared me the skull and horns or the pointed tale. I took out my Pokedex nervously and viewed it.

Houndoom. These Pokemon breathe noxious air into their bodies. They only appear at night and their howls are said to be cursed if heard at night.

Dont worry, Toshin repeated. Ill take it easy on you.

Ok, I said trembling.

I looked up at Sage. He was scared too, evidently.

Lets do this, Sage!

He replied with a low growl.

Aw, Cmon. Lets start out with a gust!

Sage flew up and hurled a powerful gust towards Flux. Flux didnt move as the gust crashed towards him. It didnt seem to affect Flux when it closed its eyes during the attack then opened them with a glare.

Flux, use smog. Toshin commanded. He wasnt shouting or anything. He was just calm.

Flux sent out thick smoke from its mouth towards Sage.

Sage, blow it away! I yelled out.

Sage flew up higher and sent out another gust of air towards the smoke.

Flux, leap out and use Iron Tail. I heard Toshin say.

I looked around and saw Flux rapidly leaping up a rock and, with its tail tried to attack Sage.

Sage, dodge it and tackle!

Sage managed to dodge the attack but I didnt notice Fluxs double-edged tail. The second strike of the iron tail managed to attack Sage.

Sage! I yelled out as Sage tried to fly up.

Flux was on the ground waiting for any of Toshins commands. I looked at Toshin. He was looking up at Sage. He knows that its the perfect time to attack, but he wasnt attacking.

Sage, use sand-attack!

Sage flew down and sent out a cloud of dust towards Flux. It was a direct hit. Sages attack managed to blind Flux for a while.

Flux, use smog again!

I knew Toshin wasnt concentrating. Flux sent out a smog attack into another direction away from Sage.

Use your quick attack, Sage!

Sage sent out a powerful quick attack towards Fluxs side. It was powerful enough to make Flux loose its balance.

Flux, stand up and use Iron Tail again. Toshin commanded.

Flux leapt up and tried to attack Sage but missed by an inch.

Use sand-attack once more, Sage! I commanded.

Sage sent out another cloud of sand towards Flux. Now, Flux was loosing both its balance and sight.

Use Flamethrower, Toshin said.

Flux began to shoot out flames everywhere. The fire wasnt ordinary fire it was dark fire that doesnt seem to burn any of the trees around us.

Sage, use quick-attack to push Flux into the river! I yelled out.

Sage did so and managed to push Flux into the water. Flux yelped and cried as it struggled to stay afloat. Toshin held out his Great Ball and returned his Houndoom. He showed no emotions but muttered words as he held up Fluxs Great Ball near his face.

My heart leapt when I noticed Sage glowing

Sage! He was transforming into something bigger. When he stopped glowing, he finally evolved into a Pidgeotto.

Awesome! I yelled as I rushed near Sages side.

I took off the loosening bandages for they were now too tight for Sage. He spread out his wings and let out a loud cry.

Awesome! I repeated smiling.

Sage flew around for a while with its new form. I looked up at Toshin and noticed him smiling. It was a subtle smile almost unnoticeable, but Im sure hes happy.


It was night already. After a few hours of Toshins recommended meditation, I found nothing nor saw nothing. If only theres something I could use to see stuff. The fire was already out. White smoke was coming out of the sticks and braches and was leading up into the starry night. I glanced up at Toshin. He was sitting against a tree with his arms crossed. His head was low and must be sleeping.

I moved in front of him looking closely at him. His long bangs covered much of his face and he was breathing slowly.

Toshin? I whispered.

No doubt about it, hes out cold. I remembered that he did know my father.

Might be risky, I thought to myself. But I was really desperate.

I had no choice but to listen to myself. I stretched my hand placed it near Toshins head. I closed my eyes and began to see somethingsomething unclear

Reiji, Ive had enough! A voice yelled.

Everything was in focus now. There was a boy holding a girl by knifepoint. The girl was bleeding. Her light red hair was swaying with the wind. Blood was pouring from her lips, her eyes, everywhere. Her dress was town and wounds were all over her body. Her eyes were closedas if she was asleep. Then, there was another figure. It was another boy about seventeen with messy dark hair. He was wearing a white shirt stained and a trench coat smeared with mud and dirt. His dark blue pants were messy too. His fists were clenched and he gritted his teeth.

Make me, Heihshiro, Reiji replied. He gripped his knife closer to the girl throat.

Reiji, you coward! Toshin spat. What did you do to her?

Reiji sent out a cold laugh. He was wearing dirty red robes. His green hair was with the blowing wind. His bright red eyes were glaring menacingly and his smirk revealed his yellowed teeth.

Nothing really, He laughed. Bloodied her and many other things.


The girl was waking up. She opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes twinkled and were filled with tears as she looked up at Toshin.

T-Toshin, She said weakly.

Miharu! Dont move! Toshin said nervously. Ill find a way to get you out of this!

The girl smiled. She was quite beautiful as she gazed slowly at Toshin. Toshin looked back at her and smiled.

Nice isnt it? Reiji said breaking the silence. Theres so much thrill when holding someones life in your palm. Its the thrill Heihshiro! You know how many lives Ive taken with these hands!

Toshin remained silent. He never said a word. He only glared at Reiji with loathing and hatred.

Everyone you knew! Reiji yelled. Your grandfather, your father, you mother, your whole family!

Toshin clenched his fist harder. His nails were digging into his hand.

And now, your own love one, Reiji sneered as he gripped his knife. The only one you love in this world. What could possibly happen if she

Shut up! Toshin yelled as he stepped closer.

Watch your step Heihshiro, Reiji warned. Do that again and shell get her throat ripped.

T-Toshin, Miharu whispered as she tried to stand up by holding Reijis arm. Pleasejust let me die

No! I cant let you, Toshin yelled as blood started to drip from hands. You mean so much to mejust hang on!

Reiji laughed. He laughed cruelly and coldly.

Heihshiro! He yelled. If you think your story ends happily, it doesnt! Its either you die or she does.

With a swift motion, he quickly stabbed Miharu on her chest. It all happened in slow motion. Toshin ran up to them and released a swift punch towards Reijis face. His fist connected to Reiji and sent him back a few feet. Miharu fell to the ground blood streaming from her chest. Toshin quickly attended to Miharu clutching her arm and trying to stop the blood flowing by wrapping Miharu with his trench coat.

He then noticed Reiji standing up with his knife in one hand poised to stab.

That is enough! Toshin yelled angrily.

At once, the afternoon sky turned dark. A swirling vortex seems to appear directly above Toshin a thousand feet away. Reiji stumbled back a small step behind.

NoIts cant beimpossible! Reiji yelled, as the vortex grew larger and larger. Winds started to blow hard around them. Reiji could see a change in Toshins face. A blazing red tattoo was visible in his left cheek. The tattoo was mostly intricate patterns that seemed to be woven together.

No how could you master opening a gate so quickly? Reiji said with a horrified expression. Toshin did not move nor replied as the winds were enough to knock of Reiji to his feet.

Reiji stood up frantically as he fled.

The winds stopped and died down. The sky was clear again and everything was normal. Within the silence, a voice broke out in a soft whisper: T-Toshin,

Miharu looked up tearfully at Toshin. She smiled weakly as tears streamed from her face.

Toshin pleaselet me die She said weakly as she let Toshin hold her arm.

Miharudont say that! Toshin replied as tears began streaming from his eyes.

There are so many things I wanted to share with you Toshin sobbed as he held his lovers limp hand.

No, no Miharu whispered weakly. Toshin please leave me aloneI knowI know how much you love meI love you the same

Toshin couldnt hold his pain anymore as he closed his eyes and let his tears fall.

Butbut what about our-?

Nokeep itkeep it secret. Please dont tell anyonefor now She replied slowly. Hiroki,

Toshin opened his eyes.

Kiss mekiss me one last timeHiroki

Miharu closed her eyes and slightly gripped Toshins hand. Toshin closed his eyes and slowly kissed her on the lips. Their kiss that felt like hours lingered as Miharu slowly loosened her grip

I opened my eyes and looked around. It was already morning and noticed that Toshin wasnt sleeping anymore.

What did you see? said a voice behind me. His voice made me jump up in shock.

I looked back and saw Toshin sitting with his arms crossed.

What did you see? He repeated with a stern voice.

I-I saw you I replied looking at him.

He didnt say a word but simply nodded his head. I guess that means to continue.

I saw someone too, I continued. Miharu. Do you know her?

I loved her, He replied quickly.

She died, I breathed once more. Why did she call you Hiroki?

Hirokis my real name. Toshin is something my foster parents gave me.

Theres one more thing, I said trying to ask him a million questions at once.

He looked up at me with his dark eyes.

Miharush-she was pregnant wasnt she?

Toshins expression was mixed with horror and shock.

H-How did you know? He stuttered.

When I saw hersomething was already dying. I dont know, but there was something else. A life. Something that was different.

Toshin lowered his head once more. I could see his tears streaming slowly from his eyes.

I-I couldnt do anythingit was my duty to protect her and our baby. He said steadily. Butbut I failedI wish I was deadbut something was stopping me.

Tears dropped from his face as they continued to fall. There was so much to ask but I stopped asking him questions.


Huh? I asked.

Youre training, its beyond my hands now.

But, about my dad

Do you remember what Silver told you? He said as he wiped his tears.

I remained silent not saying a word.

Youll see it inside you, He said as he looked up at me with a stern face. Sometimes, youll see visions. You may not like them but they will come and they may haunt you. What you see might have happened or will happen.

I stood up and looked at him.

Will Isee you again?


To Be Continued

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Your fan fictions are excellent.

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Chapter 14: Oppurtunity's Grasp

Cerulean City Gym

I read the painted letters on one wall of the gym. The gym looked bigger than the one in Pewter city. The walls outside were decorated with blue paint and drawings of water Pokemon. Some I know, some I dont. I was in front of the gym doors. I pushed open the bright blue doors as I went inside. Inside, I was directly in front of a large pool with two plastic buoys floating on both ends. The smell inside smelled like the ocean rather than chlorine. The bleachers were wet and the spotlights were dim.

A challenger! A familiar voice called.

I looked on the opposite end to see the girl I met earlier downtown. She was still wearing the same clothes and was holding up her Pikachu. She was wearing a huge grin and her stare was fixed on me.

You? I gasped. Youre the gym leader?

Yeah I am! She said as her voice echoed around the gym. I was hoping for a good challenger anyways.

H-How old are you? I asked in amazement.

Seven, She replied gleefully.

She let go of her Pikachu and let it rest for a while.

Seven? Isnt that too-

Battle or buzz off! She interrupted.

Ok, ok. Tell me the rules.

One on one. Single battle. No items. and umm She replied counting her fingers as she said the rules.

Andumum She said looking up and trying to remember.


Not yet! Just give me a minute She yelled back. Now what was the other one mom said? She muttered.

Melissa? Melissa! Called a mans voice. There you are young lady!

Out in a corridor, a tall man with dark messy hair that pointed everywhere appeared. He was wearing a red shirt and khaki shorts. His sandals made sounds as he took steps running towards Melissa.

Da-d! Melissa called painfully as her father tugged her arm.

Your mommy told you not to battle trainers. Youre too young, see. He scolded.

Aw dad, I can take care of Pika and Gyara. I can battle trainers. Just this once! She pleaded as she pointed to the Pikachu, now sleeping.

Cmere! Her dad said as he carried Melissa on his shoulders.

Melissa laughed as her father walked towards me.

Sorry bout that He said eyeing me. My daughters kinda likes to battle trainers when the leaders away.

Um, no problem. Im just here for the challenge. Are you the leader? I asked.

Nope, He replied. But my wife is. Say, you look familiar.


He placed Melissa down, who ran quickly up to Pika. The man looked up at me closer and eyed me suspiciously.

Do you know Green? He asked.

Green? Hes my da-

Its you! He yelled. Youve grown up all these days!

I was confused for a minute but my senses returned quickly.

Names Red. He said as he took my hand quickly and shook it.

You know my dad?

Well, hes kind of a rival. He replied as I noticed Melissa running up to Red holding Pika.

Daddy, do you know him? She asked tugging Reds shirt.

Well, hes Daddys friends son. He replied smiling.

Melissa peered at me suspiciously as she hid behind her father.

Red? A womans voice called from the corridor.

Im here, Mist! He called back. Come here, hurry!

Out came a red haired woman who was slightly shorter than Red. She had long bright red hair that she let untied. She was wearing a white jacket and blue denim shorts. She too, was wearing sandals.

What is it, Red? She asked.

Misty, doesnt he look familiar? Red said as he pointed at me.

Misty looked closer at me and gasped.

He looks like Green! She exclaimed. Youre Gary, right?

Yeah I replied with my voice trailing off.

Wow! Youve grown since I last saw you! She said as she walked closer.

I had a confused look on my face. I didnt exactly understand what she said.

Last time we saw you, you were just a baby. Red said as he smiled.

Oh, I just didnt remember. Sorry. I replied quickly.

Aw, you dont need to be sorry, Misty, said as she glanced at Melissa, she was now behind her mother tugging her jacket.

Melissa, what is it? Misty asked.

Mommy, who is the guy? She asked shyly as she looked quickly at me.

Well, I told you didnt I? Red said as he leaned towards Melissa. Hes Gary, my friends son.

So does that make him my friend too? She asked.

Yeah he does, you shouldnt be hiding like this. Misty replied.

Oh yeah, you were looking for a challenge, werent you? Red asked when he noticed my eyes looking around the gym.


Alright, I wont take it easy even if youre a friend. Misty smiled.


Three on three, single battle. Misty announced as I readied my Pokeballs.

Ok, Im ready. I replied.

Red and Melissa were sitting at the bleachers watching anxiously. Melissas Pikachu was sitting next to her watching lazily.

Good, Misty smirked as she took out a blue Pokeball.

Seaking! She said as she threw into the water.

Out came a red fish Pokemon. Ive seen a lot of Seakings at the Pallet town lab, so I bet I know what Im doing.

Go, Abby! I yelled throwing out my Pokeball.

My Pokeball landed on one of the floating buoys and out came Abby with her head tucked on one hand.

Nice, you do know those things cant attack, right? Misty asked.

I know Abby, I replied. I used her to beat Brock.

Misty had a satisfied look on her face.

Ok, Seaking, use horn attack! she commanded.

Seaking dived down deeper into the water. I could see its shadowy outline from above heading straight towards Abby.

Abby, teleport!

Abby teleported the moment Seaking jumped with its head aiming at Abby. It missed and its horn was planted into the buoy, trapped. Abby teleported into the other buoy poised for an attack.

No, Seaking! Misty yelled.

Abby, confusion!


Abby immediately sent out a huge confusion wave that knocked out Seaking from being trapped and into the water.

How can your Abra attack? Misty asked.

I dont know. She already has that attack when I got her. I replied quickly.

Mommy, dont give up! Melissa yelled as she jumped up and down. Red was looking at Abby deep in thought.

I wont, sweetie! Misty replied waving at her. Seaking, use whirlpool!

The water began to swirl as a vortex in center began to appear. The buoys circled around the pool wildly as Abby held tightly to the buoy.

Got to think quick I muttered concentrating hard.

The whirlpool circled faster and faster.

Abby, teleport on top and use confusion! I yelled.

It might be crazy to do something I thought, but I was sure Abby felt the same. Abby teleported above, floating, and launched another massive confusion attack. The attack was so powerful, it parted the water for a while, sending water all over. Abby returned back to the buoy that was now calmly floating in front of me.

Seaking! Misty cried as Seaking, now fainted, floated above water.

No, I heard a horrified gasp from Melissa. Red remained silent.

Misty returned Seaking back to its Pokeball.

Youre pretty tough, Misty breathed as she took out another Pokeball. Go, Lapras!

Whoa! I gasped as a Lapras came out and dived under water and then came out to the surface with a deafening cry. This was the first Ive seen an actual one.

Awesome! I cried, breathless.

Cool isnt it? I heard Melissa say on one side of the gym.

I nodded and gripped my hands. I know that Lapras are strong, but how strong?

Ready? Misty called.

I nodded and readied myself.

Lapras, ice beam! Misty commanded.

Abby, teleport and try a confusion!

Abby teleported with enough time to dodged Lapras attack. The ice beam froze the water around but not from al the pool. Abby reappeared on the second buoy and sent out a confusion attack. The attack was a direct hit but Lapras doesnt seem to be affected and shook of the attack.

No I gasped.

Lapras has good special defense. So, dont think using psychic attacks on it. Misty said with her arms folded. Lapras, Dive!

Lapras dived underwater and circled around Abby. Its blue outline was swift as it circled effortlessly.

Abby I whispered not knowing what to do.

Its alright, I trust in you. Came her whisper.

Abby, I cantI cant think. I thought as I wiped a drop of sweat off my forehead.

Abby, Confusion on the water!

She sent out another wave of confusion that hit Lapras directly.

That wont do any, Misty muttered. Attack now, Lapras!

Something happened I never expected. Lapras didnt attack but sank deeper into the pool.

Lapras? Misty called.

Lapras resurfaced on one side swaying its head side to side crying out loud.

Oh no, Misty Gasped. Its confused.

Yeah! Nows our chance, Abby! I yelled. Use another confusion!

Abby sent out another wave that seemed to slap Lapras of its balance.

Lapras, Body Slam!

Lapras lunged forward and leapt but was off target a few feet away. It crashed and created waves that shook the buoy.

Hang on, Abby! Confusion!

Another confusion collided into Lapras. This time, it made Lapras fell of its balance and stayed for a while under water. A few seconds went by that felt like hours to me. Then, all of the sudden, Lapras resurfaced once more badly bruised.

Lapras! I heard Melissa call.

Use body slam! It was the last thing I heard when Lapras lunged forward and crashed into Abby.

Abby! I yelled as Lapras resurfaced along with the buoy. Abby!

Im sorrymaster I heard her faintly whisper.

Abby, return! With a bright red flash, Abby returned to her Pokeball.

Its all right, you did a good job. I whispered as I took out another Pokeball.

Youre quite a challenge, I heard Misty say. You are gifted with Pokemon Battling. Never seen anyone battle like you.

Thanks, I said slightly blushing.

Shall we continue?

Ok, Sage! Do it! I said as I threw my Pokeball. Sage flew up in prime form ready for battle. It landed on top of the buoy that was iced before by Lapras.

I noticed red on the sidelines looking very seriously examining Sage. Melissa was gripping the handles staring at Sage. Maybe that was the first time she saw a Pidgeotto.

Nice, Misty muttered. Lapras, Ice Beam!

Sage, dodge it and use gust!

Lapras sent out another blue beam that hit the already frozen buoy. Luckily, Sage managed to dodge it. Sage flew up high and sent out a strong gust of wind. Powerful winds created huge waves that crashed on the weakening Lapras.

Lapras, dive underwater!

Lapras dived once more underwater with its blue outline faintly showing.

Get ready for a razor wind! I yelled to Sage.

Sage flapped its wings that created more strong gusts. The water was wild as if it was in the middle of the storm. I could see Lapras outline underwater struggling to swim.

Lapras, attack!

Without hesitation, Lapras jumped up high almost hitting Sage.

Ice Beam!

Razor Wind!

Both attacks were too fast and I barely saw anything amidst the battle. Water was everywhere and it was misty all over.


The mist cleared away to see Sage fine. Lapras, now fainted, took Sages Razor wind in full blast.

No! You cant loose mommy! Melissa called as she shook her fist in the air. One hand gripping the handlebars.

I wont honey, She smiled as she returned Lapras.

I sighed once more as I gripped my sweaty palm. This is it. Her last Pokemon.

This wont be easy, She said. Starmie!

To Be Continued

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Anyway once again good chapter!!

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Nice story overall. I'm just too lazy to make you in my MOTM votes (of course, I haven't posted there at all this month).

March 7th, 2004, 11:30 PM
This gets even better and better! Nice to see Red :cool:
Nice name for their daughter. She's just as fiesty as her mother :laugh:

cant wait to read more :cool:

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Chapter 15: Oppurtunity's grasp (Part 2)

I remember seeing a Staryu once at my aunts lab, but never a Starmie before. I remembered my aunt telling me once that these were to a very powerful type of Pokemon. I couldnt just remember.

Starmie, thunder wave! Misty commanded.

Starmie sent out a yellow wave of electricity towards Sage. I was too slow to react when the electricity wrapped around Sage.

Sage, shake it off! I yelled.

Sage tried to struggle but to no avail. The wave wrapped around Sage tighter and tighter. Starmie stopped after Sage was already limp and tried hopping around the buoy.

Sage, fly up!

Sage tried to flap its wings but found out that they were paralyzed.

Good, Misty muttered. Rapid Spin!

Starmie leapt from the water and spun around. It lunged forward towards Sage.

Sage, dodge it!

I was too late. The attack connected and Sage was pushed of into the water.

Sage, fly up! Sage surfaced and flapped its numb wings. He flew up wildly and uncontrollably while Starmie returned underwater.

Sage, use gust your gust!

Sage did so but the effect of the thunder wave only made him fall to the buoy.

Starmie, Surf!

A huge tide appeared. The tide increased in size as it traveled half way through the pool. I was too slow to call out an attack when the waves crashed on Sage. I clenched my fist and waited for a sign.

Go mommy! I hear Melissa cheer.

My mind raced as I waited. Suddenly, I could see a small movement. Sage resurfaced and looked injured but it tried to fly. I could see blood trickling from its wing. I could his heart beating slowly and his desire to defeat.

Sage, you cant do this. Come back! I said as I returned Sage. This left me to one choice left.

Blaze, win this for me! I said as I threw my Pokeball.

Misty did not say anything but I know that she was thinking fast. I had an idea as well.

Blaze, use ember on the water!

What? I looked up at Red and he was standing up with clenched hands on the bars like Melissa.

Dont waste your time doing that, Misty said looking at Blaze. Starmie, rapid spin!

Starmie resurfaced and spun around Blaze. Blaze looked around with its sharp eyes trying to keep an eye on Starmie. Just then, Starmie attacked.

Blaze dodg I was too late. The attack hit Blaze and almost him off his balance.

Scratch it, Blaze! Before it goes back on the water!

Blaze managed to scratch Starmie and left a huge gash on it.

Starmie, go to the buoy! Misty called.


Misty really wanted to be attacked by Blaze?

I glanced at Red. He was once again, sitting with his hand over his mouth, thinking.

Finish him off, Mommy!

Starmie, use swift! She commanded.

Stars appeared from Starmie and flew up to Blaze. The stars hit Blaze but he just shook them off.

Blaze, use ember! I yelled.

Blaze sent out a powerful ember attack towards Starmie. Starmie took the attack in a full blow but it just slightly burned it.

Starmie, rapid spin!

Blaze, catch it!

Starmie spun around and charged Blaze. It was too late for Misty to call an attack when Blaze caught Starmie.

Crush Claw! I yelled.


Blaze threw up Starmie and slashed it twice with its heavy claws. Starmie flew from the impact and hit the wall. The gem on its middle was cracked from Blazes Crush Claw. However, it stood up again and tried to recover.

Thats enough! I heard Misty call. She returned Starmie back to its Pokeball.

Mommy! Melissa called as she ran up to her. Why did you loose mommy?

Melissa, Its ok to loose. She said as she kneeled down at her.

Red came down and approached Misty. Nice battle Mist,

I returned Blaze still confused why Misty recalled Starmie that fast.

Im honored to battle you, Misty said as she approached me and shook my hand.

Thanks, I replied. But why did you recall Starmie at once?

Oh I just felt you were going to win. You did recall Sage before I can finish it off. She smiled.

Youre a natural! Red said approaching me with Melissa at his back. Never seen anyone battle like you.

Thanks, I said blushing and scratching my head.

By the way, do you know your fathers Pokemon?

Um, nonot exactly. I havent met him yet.

Red was silent at first but then smiled.

Its funny though, He said. You own exactly three of you Fathers Pokemon. A Charmeleon, A Pidgeotto and an Abra.

Really? I exclaimed. Oh yeah, Red?


Can youcan you tell me about my dad?

Reds face was sullen and looked at Misty.

Melissa, can you go over there and play with Pika and mommy for a while? He said.

Red? I heard Misty whisper.

Red nodded and Misty guided Melissa out.

Im sorrybutyoure too young to know. He solemnly said.

Red, is my dad dea-?

No, and yet I dont know if he is He whispered. Listen, Im sure youll find him someday but for nowfor now He paused. Hes a great guy. If theres one loyal husband and a good father, Green is.

Is he-is he really?

Red nodded slowly.

But whywhy did he leave me and mom? I asked.

Red stayed silent without saying a word. He looked down and didnt say anything more when I asked him more questions.


Youre heading to Vermilion, right? Misty said. You sure you dont want to stay for a while?

Yeah, Im sure. I need to get there anyway.

Gary, Red said.


Im sorry I cant tell you much about your father.

No, thats ok. I said.

Here you go. Melissa said as she handed me a Cascade Badge.

Thanks, I said as I took it.

Just watch, Gary. Ill go out soon and be a good trainer like Daddy, Mommy and you!

To Be Continued

March 12th, 2004, 10:49 PM
another great chapter. learned a little more about Green :cool:
Cant wait to read more.

BTW, I gave ya the 5 stars :bandit:

Abolishing Flames
March 19th, 2004, 6:14 PM
Nice chapter! I'm gonna give yu the five stars too! ^^

oni flygon
March 20th, 2004, 1:02 PM
Warning: Due to some graphic content in this chapter, I am ratin gthis chapter a PG-13. If you're a kid that gets scared easily by violence, blood, gore etc... don't read this. You have been warned!

Chapter 16: Darkened Ambitions

Hey kid!

Wha-? I muttered as I rubbed my eyes.

Get off my tree! Youve been sleeping on it for an hour now!

I stood up feeling dizzy and confused. I looked around trying to find the person calling me.

Huh? W-where are you?

Over here, kid! Now walk off!

I looked up to see a blue haired man with dark clothes sitting comfortably on a branch and looking down at me with his pale blue eyes.

You heard me!

Alright, alright. I said as I walked limply away from the tree.

I was just resting when I suddenly heard that voice. I slowly walked away rubbing my aching head and looking around.

What are you waiting for? Scram! He yelled as he leapt down from the branch.

I am! I yelled back. Stop yelling at me!

He had his arms folded and I noticed that a dark cape covered his clothes.

Hey, I called.


You know where Vermillion is? I asked staying a clear distance away from him.

Vermillion He muttered as he placed his hand under his chin into a thinking position. Take that underground pass over there or walk through Saffron

Ok, thanks I muttered as I turned and continued to walk.


Strange, I muttered to myself as I walked around a field that was basically empty. The trees and the tell grass swayed with the wind as I walked through the field. I couldnt find any underground passage, so I decided to take the route through Saffron.

As I walked, I heard a whisper. I looked around and saw nothing. I ignored it and continued walking. More whispers came. They were talking fast. As seconds passed by, it was getting faster and louder. I tried to ignore it but it was too much to ignore. Then, I felt a sharp pain in my head.

Ahhh! I yelled as I kneeled to the ground clutching my head.

The pain was growing in intensity and it was getting more painful. The whispers were loud now, and I can understand what they were saying.

Humans are weak, humans are easily corrupted, humans are weak, humans are easily corrupted

It continued on and on and did not stop. The pain grew and my whole body was aching. I could not breathe as I tried to catch my breath.

Help, I whispered as I clutched my throat. Please

Humans are weak The whispers were closer now. Humans are easily corrupted, I could not stand it anymore; I closed my eyes tight and yelled as loud as I can. Humans are fragile and weak

No, no, NO! I yelled as hard as I could but no sound came out.

GOLD! a girl yelled as a body was thrown to the ground. Gold! NO!

Monster! Yelled a boy from somewhere

It was clear now and everything was gloomy. A boys mangled body was lying on the ground. Near him, a blue haired girl was crying and her arms were around the boys body. Five other trainers were behind them, each with an expression of horror and grief. Beyond them, was a man. Its icy tentacles wriggled as slithered around him and his face eyes were glaring and an evil grin was across his face. Behind him, two small, winged green Pokemon with slits for eyes and a purple aura was wrapped around them. In front of him, three Pokemon were growling and roaring. They too, are wafted in a purple aura.

Gold, you cant die! The blue haired girl sobbed as she held Gold tightly.

The man laughed. His icy impression matched his cold laugh. His laugh echoed through the woods.

What did you do to him? Asked the red haired boy.

What else? I killed him! The man laughed as his icy tentacles roamed round the forest. His whole body seems to be covered in ice. He was a fool, too. Charging at me with that weak Pokemon.

Silver gripped his fists and gritted his teeth. He was ready to run up to Pryce but was stopped.

Silver, dont do it! Blue cried as she held Silvers arm.

Blue, Gold failed. All I can do is to take over. You hear me? He said as he took off his arm from Blues grasp.

Thenthen Im coming with you! Blue stammered as tears formed in her eyes.

Pryce sent out another icy laugh.

You? You two think that both of you can stop me?

Silver and Blue were silent. Red and Green were watching from behind horrified. Yellow covered her mouth as tears started to stream from her eyes.

Pryce laughed again.

You know, it was by pure luck this happened. If I could not have caught this second Celebi, this would not be happening.

Silver glared at Pryce as he gripped his Pokeball.

Silver, Blue, Pryce called. Join me once more! I shall spare your lives if you do.

Silver tightened his grip. What about our friends?

Oh them? Pryce chuckled. Dont worry about them. They are useless in our realm now. If you wish, I can exterminate them in the most excruciating of ways.

Silver, no! Red called as he ran up to him. Dont do this!

So what is it, Silver? Blue? I can give you all the riches of this world. Everything you both desire. If you just join me once more!

Silver lowered his head.

You creep! Blue yelled. You want me and Silver to join you and you think that we would just leave our friends behind!

Raikou, Sicune and Entei growled and inched forward as Blue screamed. Their sharp teeth protruded as they growled.

Controlling these beast is just my mere task. Now that you have declined my offer, you have sealed your fate! Pryce said as his icy tentacles unwrapped around him. Die!

His icy tentacle shot forward and headed toward Blue. The moment went faster than expected, but the deed was done. Crystal was standing in front of Blue. The icy tentacle pierced her chest and came out from her back.

Crys! The unison of cries deafened the forest.

Imsorry Crys whispered as she fell to the ground with tears streaming from her eyes. I justjust wanted to be stronglikeGold She closed her eyes and smiled.

Foolish girl, Pryce muttered as he withdrew his tentacle from Crys lifeless body.

Im never going to forgive you! Silver shouted as he took out his Pokeball.

My, my, Pryce said lazily as Pokeballs floated in mid-air.

Our Pokeballs! Green yelled as he glanced at everyone elses Pokeballs.

You wont be needing these. With a swift motion, Pryce sent out a wave of ice shards heading towards Silver and Blue. This time, there was no one to block the merciless attack. Yellow looked away as both her friends fell to the ground.

Blue! Silver!

Silver tried to stand up holding his bloody abdomen. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he struggled.

Imnotgiving up! Silver gasped as he clasped his bloodied arm.

Hehe you are quite strong, Pryce chuckled. Just what Im expecting.

Pryce sent out another wave of ice shards towards Silver. Silver could barely stand up as the sharp crystals dug into his body. The three beasts circled around him growling and roaring ready to pounce.

Leave him! Pryce said. Let him reach me.

All three step backwards watching Silver walk cautiously towards Pryce.

Silver! Red and Green ran up to him but were stopped by the three beasts.

Youyouwill pay

Please, STOP! Yellow shouted as she ran next to Red and Green. Tears poured from her eyes. Silver, dont do it!

Shut up! Silver replied sharply. Thisthis is mine

And what do you think you can do? Pryce laughed as Silver stood in front of him.

SiSilver. A weak voice called.

Silver looked back to see Blue bloody and weak.

Blue Silver gasped.


Strong are you both? Pryce muttered. Fineboth of you will perish!

Watch out! Green yelled as he took Yellow hand and dragged Red by his jacket.

What the-

A loud explosion was heard as the three ran for their lives.

Silver and Blue, we cant just leave-

Its no use, Green interrupted Yellow. Well die if we dont run!

Hey, let go of the jacket! Red shouted as he struggled from Greens grasp.

Why are you two stopping? Green yelled as Yellow let go of Greens hand.

We saw our friends die, doesnt that mean anything to you? Yellow whispered as she tried to hold back her tears.

I know how it feels, Yellow. I couldnt stop things from happening. The only thing we could do is run!

And let that maniac destroy the world? Red yelled. Id rather die!

Three howls were heard deep within the forest.

Theyre after us! Green muttered.

Nobut how can we outrun them? Yellow gasped.

Its all over Red muttered. We cant do anything without our Pokemon

Look, if we all just hide, maybe we can think of a plan.

Like what?

Listen, if you two wont stop complaining, wed be better off dead with those things.

There were loud scuffling noises and the panting of breaths. The beasts closed in every second. Green glanced over at Yellow and Red. Both had an expression of horror.

Lets go! Green yelled.

Both remained unable to move. Frustrated, Green grabbed both and began to run again.

Its no use! We cant outrun them!

Never say- Green was interrupted when he faced a solid wall. Dead end.

No! Green muttered as he punched his fist on the wall.

Yellow sat on the ground covering her mouth; tears still continued to stream down her face. She felt weak as she sobbed silently. Red leaned against the vine-covered wall and looked down with his fists clenched.

We got to find away! Dont give up!

Heh, what a hopeful boy, Pryce said as he approached them. The two Celebis were behind him and Raikou, Entei and Suicune up at front of him.

You really think you can escape me?

Yellow stood up and backed against the wall with Green and Red. Pryce approached slowly with each deafening stomp. His icy tentacles whirred around him as he took a step. Pryce laughed.

Which to go first? He sang as his tentacles reeled closer on the three.

Green started to move but the beasts surrounded them immediately.

No escaping now, Pryce laughed. I should finish this quickly.

Two tentacles launched forward towards Yellow.

Youre not touching her! Green yelled as he pushed Yellow away. The tentacles missed both Yellow and Green as they hit the wall and created to whole marks.

Too predictable? Laughed Pryce. Not so!

The tentacles reeled from the wall and grabbed Yellow and Greens feet.

No! Red yelled as he hesitated but was stopped by the beasts.

Green held Yellow as the two were dragged towards Pryce.

Youre not dying today! Not now! Green growled as he struggled to break the tentacles.

Its no use. Today is the day you all will die!

The tentacles grew bigger and wider that entangled around Green and Yellow. The two were separated and raised upside down. The tentacles started to constrict around them as they screamed.

Green, Yellow! Red yelled as he broke through. He ran up to them and started punching Pryces icy armor.

Let them go! He yelled as he punched harder and harder. Let them go! Reds hands started to bleed as he kept punching. With a swift motion, Pryce sent a kick towards Reds stomach. Red was sent flying back to the wall.

Blood began to leek from Green and Yellows mouths as the icy hands continued to constrict them.

Youcant dienot now Green whispered as he tried to catch his breath.

Pryce laughed again, it was a loud mocking laughter that was heard from the edges of the forest.

Do you honestly believe you two will survive?

IdoI believe sosheYellow Green breathed as he tried to breathe.

Yellows eyes were closed with tears flowing from them. Blood was coming from her mouth, too.

GreenIm sorrybut She sobbed.

Red struggled to get up but his legs were weak. All he could do is watch his friends die.

Im sorry Yellow cried.

Green smiled and closed his eyes. He stopped breathing and stopped struggling.

Hes so weak, he even died before you! Pryce laughed as he threw Greens lifeless body away.

Yellow! Red gasped as he tried to stand up once more.

Silence! Pryce yelled sending an icy tentacle towards Red. Unable to move, the icy tentacle struck Red.

Re-red! Yellow gasped as she coughed. Red! No!

Red was still alive barely as the icy tentacle withdrew from his body.

Red Yellow whispered as more tears came from her eyes.

Still alive? Pryce asked as he gripped his icy hands around Yellow.

Yellow did not scream or say another word. She silently closed her eyes and said no more.

Y-yellow Red gasped as h tried to stand up.

Alive arent you? Well, let me tell you this now. Its the end for you and its better to surrender and die peacefully. Stay standing and I assure you that your death will be painful.

Red remained standing clutching his bloody abdomen.

Pryce laughed and sent icy chills around the forest.

Fine, be it your way! He said as he let go of Yellows lifeless body. These beasts have a taste for blood now.

Red backed up as the three beasts walked closer and closer

GET OFF HIM!!! I heard someone yell.

I found myself lying on the ground with tears coming gout of my eyes. I tried to speak but a stammer only came out of my throat.

I said, get off! repeated the voice. Fenrir, hydro pump!

A loud powerful blast of water came near me as I heard footsteps coming towards me.

Kid, you all right? asked the man. It was the same blue haired man that I met earlier.

I didnt reply but just nodded.

Good, he said as he placed me on his shoulders and ran off. Behind him, I could see Drowzees and Hypnos wrapped with a dark aura around thema dark aura

To Be Continued

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April 2nd, 2004, 6:00 PM
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O.o did I bash you? ... no... just contructively criticized you. I find your story ok but I didn't say it was crap. Furthermore, my story might look alot like your in first person view. Your is a first person view that isn't in past tense which makes it have that RP look. Ok, here's a new chapter. I'll be updating more soon!

Chapter 17: The Truth

I see myself walking along the beach with my mother. Shes so beautiful with her long hair flowing behind her. She was holding my hand and all I could remember was her smiling face. The waves roared as we walked together laughing happily.

Cmon mom! I yelled laughing as we raced towards home.

She was laughing and smiling as she ran up to me.

Wait up Gary, She said.

I tugged her arm as we both walked home together. At night, she would tuck me and she would tell me about my father. I would imagine a tall figure with messy brown hair and a smile by his beloved wife.

Then I saw something else. It was the vicious grip of monsters on my family. I kept hearing the screams of pain and agony. My parents bodies lay strewn with their friends and the chill of the icy laughter filled the gloomy air.

NO! I yelled as I woke up.

I was sweating and I was breathing hard. I clutched my heart and it was pounding hard. I found myself in the middle of darkness with fire on one side. I was lying on the soft grass as I wiped away sweat from my forehead.

Oy, Kid! Yelled someone. Having a bad dream?

It was the same man who rescued me. All I could remember was getting carried away from a pack of psychic Pokemon projecting thoughts into my head. The rest, I guess I fell asleep.

I nodded to his question and gulped.

Finally your awake, He said kneeling beside me. So, whats your name?

Gary I said trying to breathe.

Hmm well Gary, nice to meet you. Name is Makoto. Makoto Hikari.

Th-thanks, I stammered.

Huh? Oh yeah! He exclaimed. No prob. Just seeing that some guy like you were being attacked by those Pokemon. In fact, I was kinda worried since I hate psychics myself.

What did you say? said a girl behind him.

My heart leapt as I looked around him.


Oh hi, She waved. Its you, huh? Hows Abby?

You know her? I asked Makoto.

Well, shes my cousin. Makoto said as he rolled his eyes.

I paused for a while. The name Makoto sounded familiar to me.

So, youve managed to get here? Sakaki asked. She looked exactly the same from the first time I met her. She has long black hair with dark hazel eyes. Being Toshins sister, she seemed to resemble him a bit.

I saw that! Sakaki said as she turned around.

Oops well so Gary, met Sakaki before?

I met her at Pewter. But I thought that it was a dream.

Oh that, Sakaki said. Sorry, but I dont like people staring at me around here.

How did you do that? You made everyone disappear. I asked.

Well, I have to tell you Im a psychic.

A low grumble came from Makoto as he scratched his messy blue hair.

Makoto! Sakaki yelled. Just because youre not a psychic doesnt mean you have to bug me often!

Another grumble was heard from Makoto as he looked at the blue sky.

Just ignore him, Sakaki sighed. You know my brother right? Hes asked us to watch you.

Me? But why? I asked.

Dunno, Makoto quickly replied. Hes always like that.

Since ten years ago Sakaki whispered.

What happened?

Both of them were silent.

Well, its kinda hard to tell, Makoto begun. Itswell

My mind was suddenly clear.

I remember! I exclaimed. I remember seeing you guys before it was when Toshin was training me.

Both of them looked at me with a look of discontent.

You guys were talking about somethinga gate! Thats it!

You knew? Sakaki asked.


It was a gate. A rouge by the name of Reiji was tracked down in thisthis continent by Toshin ten years ago. It was something personal to himthats why he left without telling us. Sakaki explained.

Silence was around us for a while but then Makoto broke it.

So, you were supposed to go to Vermillion, right?

Makoto, you always wanted guests to leave! Sakaki said interrupting him.

Well, at least Im not a girl with a guys name

What did you say?!

I think Ill be staying I said solemnly still remembering my dream.

Oh, good. Thatll teach Makoto to treat guests nicely. Sakaki smiled.


It was night already. Makoto and Sakaki were soundly asleep; both were separate after an argument involving who should wash the dishes. Sakaki obviously won when Makoto tried to claim that I should wash them.

I didnt want to sleep. Especially when I woke up from a nightmare. I couldnt get my mothers face away from my mind. I havent told them what I exactly saw earlier and I havent told them of Toshins secret, too. I was troubled with the man who killed my mother in my vision. What if he truly exists and what if hes truly out there for blood.

It couldnt be! I said out loud. My head rattled with my echoing words.

Then why is my mother alive? Why is Red alive? But my fatherI dont know. I gazed up on the sky counting as many stars in the dark blue sky. The wind blew and ruffled the trees and blew the leaves on the ground. I tried to find a comfortable spot and rested my head on my sore arms. My eyelids were heavy as I breathed slowly. Last night, I had the same dream again. I remember my mother holding me tightly around the darkness. She was protecting me from the cold gale. An icy shriek filled the air followed by a cold laugh. I was crying and so was my mother. Her tears streamed down her face as she tightened her embrace.

Mommy! I yelled as she collapsed. The wind was stronger and the cold sent shivers through my spine. I walked around the darkness trying to find my way, but at that moment, I woke up.

Mom I whispered as I wiped my tears.

You dont need to worry about her. I turned around and saw that Sakaki was sitting behind me. I know what you saw earlier,

Youyou do?

Im a psychic, She said reassuringly. What you saw really happened. Only... she said before I can hesitate. Then she was silent.

I dont understand, I said breaking a minute of silence. How can it happen?

Well, I dont knowI still cant explain it.

I looked down still thinking about my mother.

Ah, Yellows fine. Cheer up!


Thats your moms name, isnt it?

Yellow? I said changing the tone of my voice.

WellI guess that is

I think her names something like Am-am I said trying to remember her name.

Amy, huh? Makoto said springing up.

What? No!

Makoto! For the last time, her names not Amy!

I met her earlier than you and she said her names Amy so shut!

I was confused as the two battled out another vicious battle. Makoto occasionally threw cusses and some insults.

Its Yellow! Her friends call her that and you heard it!

I met her when she was four and dont tell me thats her name; all their names sound weird anyway. Amy suits her better!

Both of them stopped when Sakaki realized I was lying down again. Arguing in the darkness made them sound like idiots to me. More like kids. They reminded me of Nick and Michelle.


Im fine. I replied quickly.

Look, Im going back to sleep. Makoto, if you want to argue me, do it tomorrow. Sakaki said as she began to leave.

It was silent again. Makoto stroked his robe occasionally leaving scraping sounds.

Sorry, He said out of silence.

Huh? For what?

Well, you think that Im a jerk, huh?

No, why do you think so? I asked.

Well, I know that your moms name

I dont knowyou people know so much about my parents you dont even tell me. Not Silver. Not Red. Not Toshin. No one! My voice rose to a yell as I felt tears streaming down.

Look, He began.

No one really knows. Your mother, I met her before. Shes kinda cute. Back then, I know shes going to be a good mother. Back thenwhen I first saved her life. She held tightly to my robes as I killed those thugs that want her. If I wasnt theremaybe I wont be here right now. I remember her smile. Maybe that was all I remembered. When I left her, she cried so much. She wanted me so much like a big brother.

After that, he sighed.

Good night, He said as he stood up.



Makoto, why did you say her names Amy? I asked. I could see his pale blue eyes shining from the moonlight.

Amythats what she said to me. I guess

One more thing, I said before he began to turn.

What is it?

Im leaving for Vermillion tomorrow. If Sakaki doesnt wake up, tell her that Abbys doing fine and shes awesome. Im leaving early.

To Be Continued

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Case in point, Oni, but I have an ace up my sleeve. Many of the best stories use a past tense in their writing. Some even use first person as well...

oni flygon
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So is mine... and mine is in past tense too... golly, you don't seem to get what I was saying don't you?

Your story is in first point of view and that's good. I'm not bashing you or something but it looks like your trying to find a flame war or something. This story is in first point of view and I'm using a past tense - like everyone does. When I said that your is in RP style, it means that you don't pay attention to your context clues and you don't want me to flame up do you?

April 3rd, 2004, 1:55 PM
Never mind, oni. I'm sorry... :( I just don't quite get what you mean by context clues...

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Very good chapter! Amy is her name eh? heh. I still call her Yellow :P
Cant wait to read more! Good job! :rambo:

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Thats very good, i can't wait to see the whole thing..

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Here's a new chappy!

Chapter 18: The Dreamer

I was on my way again. I left without saying a word or anything. I just want to be alone. I remembered Makotos words about Mom. I dont know whether to believe him or not but he spoke so clearly. My mom used to tell me that whenever someone would look you in the eye and would speak without hesitating, theyre telling the truth.

I continued my way down to Vermillion. The buildings began to appear now. I could see them above the horizon. Beyond the city, a vast ocean streaked across the endless blue. The sea sparkled and the waves roared. I could smell the ocean and I thought back of home. Pallet town.

I made my way through the city and into the seaport. A huge ocean liner boomed its horn as it stopped at the dock. There were people talking and yelling. The sailors lowered the stairs as people started to flock to the dock. I walked backwards trying to see the whole ocean liner but I instead bumped someone behind me.

Hey! Watch where youre walking, whelp! A sailor said as he pushed me aside.

What? Oh, Sorry! I said turning around and began to walk away.

Aye! Youre not walkin away!

Huh, what do you mean? I asked as I stopped on my tracks.

Im in a bad mood here, so how about a battle?

A b-battle? No, no! I just need to go

Fight me, whelp!

He started to charge at me but I began to run away.

Run away like a coward, eh? He yelled at me as he started chasing me. Come back here!

Ah! Im sorry! I dont want to hurt you or something! I bawled as he continued chasing me.

Hey, pick someone your own size! A girl yelled.

I stopped and turned around to see a young blue-haired girl in front of the sailor. She was wearing a light blue jacket and light yellow shorts. Her hair was down and she was wearing a yellow cap. I could see her backpack and goggles are in one of his hand.

Aye! You mean you wanna piece of me, shorty? The sailor snorted.

Yep, beat me first!

Kid, if you wanna live, step aside.

Some ugly sailor you are, ignoring a challenge! The girl said mockingly.

What you say?!

Thats right! Go, Kaorin! She summoned her Meganium at once and commanded a vine whip. Within a moment, the sailor way running away running for his life.

Phew, I sighed as I wiped sweat off my brow.

You Ok, kid? She asked as she approached me.

Kid? How old are you? I asked.

Me? Names Marina. Im eight and from New Bark Town! She exclaimed with a smile.

Eight? Isnt that too young?

Thats what all people say! She said frowning a bit.

Are you really a trainer? You even have a fully evolved Pokemon.

Ive been a trainer for a year now, She sighed frustrated. My mom and dad let me, you know.


Ok, have you heard of the Elite Four? She asked.

Well, yeah

Ive beaten them. She said and smiled quickly.

What? All four?

Four in a row, Im the current Jhoto Champion! She still has a smile across her face.

Yeah right, I muttered as I began to walk away.

Hey! Im telling the truth!

Yeah, like everyone does these days. I replied sarcastically.

She the told me that she was a genius who first started to train at seven. She beat all the Jhoto gym leaders in less than three months and defeated all of members of the Elite Four. I continued to not believe her and challenge me to a battle.

Come on! She begged.

Ok! I yelled. One on one!

Cool! She cried then hugged me.

Hey, hey! Battle already!

Ok, Kaorin, lets win this!

She sent out her Meganium once more. Its antenna twitched once then ruffled its petals.

Blaze, thisll be easy! I said releasing my Charmeleon.

Cool! A Charmeleon! She squealed happily.

Blaze looked at her curiously as she continued to laugh.

Ok, lets start! I yelled.

Ok, Kaorin, Body Slam! At once, her Meganium pounced forward towards Blaze.

Blaze, dodge it and use crush claw!

Blaze barely dodged it and slashed Kaorin twice with his heavily claws.

Kaorin just shook of the attack as if nothing happened to her and bounced back near Marina.

Crush claw, an attack that raises attack power, I heard her mutter. Kaorin, reflect!

A shining barrier appeared in front of Kaorin and then disappeared.

Blaze, use crush claw again! If she is right, crush claw can raise my Blazes attack.

However, something wrong happened. Blazes claws slashed Kaorin but it didnt seem to affect it much.

What the heck?

Reflect increases my Pokemons defense. Since crush claw is a physical attack, it has not much effect on my Meganium. She said with her hands on her hips.

Clever, I muttered. Learned that from school or something?

My mom, She replied. Shes a teacher, you know. Now, Kaorin, body slam!

Before I hesitated, Kaorin launched a body slam towards Blaze. Blaze was hit and was launched a few feet away.

Blaze! I yelled.

And its a one-hit-KO! She said gleefully.

What? How did you? I stammered trying to find the right words.

My Meganium is in a high level. I think I forgot to tell you that. She smiled as she returned Kaorin.

I returned Blaze and began pounding her some questions.

If you really did beat the Elite Four, who are they?

Uh She began as she held out her fingers. Lets see theres Meagan, Jeremy, Weena and Gold my dad.

Golds your dad? I said in a state of shock.

Yep, She said smiling. Crystals my mom and shes a teacher in Violet city.

Whoa. So youre reallyth-the champion?

You people of Kanto are annoying. She said as she began to walk away.

Wait! Hold on! I yelled taking out something from my pocket.

Huh? What do you want?

Do you know these people? I asked showing her a picture of my mother and father.

Hmm, She closely examined the photographed. I thinkI saw them beforeshes pretty and he looks a lot like you.

Thats my mom and dad. I said putting back the picture in my pocket.

Really? Um thats interesting.

And if Im not wrong, our parents are friends. I exclaimed.

Maybe your right? I know shes starting loose interest as the tone of her voice started to change.

Our parentsthey were friends arent they?

Whats your moms name? She asked me.

I thought for a while and started to remember.


Yellow? She repeated. Daddys talked about her!


Yep! My daddy says a lot about her. She knows this guy, too. Um, whats his nameGreen!

My dad!

Theres moretheres Red, Silver and Blue.

I smiled as she told more about what her mother and father told her about their friends. They were all trainers of different leagues. I knew how Red used to like my mombut I have no clue why they didnt go together. I learned a lot from Marina just from our conversation. She talked about her days traveling Jhoto meeting friends and learning more about Pokemon. She told me about her family and how they lived happily in New Bark Town.

So, you gonna challenge the leader, huh? She asked.

YeahI need to train though, I replied.

Say, I didnt get your name.

Huh? Oh, its Gary. I replied stretching my hand out.

Nice to meet you, Gary! She replied shaking my hand.

To Be Continued

April 4th, 2004, 3:27 PM
That chapter was so awesome! Gold and Crystal's daughter Marina :)
Very nice touch! She was a bit hyper :laugh: must take after her dad.
Looks like Gary learned a lot.
Marina being the champ is cool too. At age 8 :classic:

oni flygon
April 6th, 2004, 7:42 PM
Chapter 19: The Wanderer

You want to follow me? I asked as I turned around.

Marinas been following around me since the last ten minutes.

Well, Im not familiar with the parts around here, She said as she looked around Vermillion curiously. Her bright eyes were looking around the streets and the corners of the city. And I like to know more about Kanto, too.

Well, I dont know where Im going either. I told her.

We continued walking east until we reached the edge of the city.

This looks like the wrong way, I muttered.

Duh! She looked around and ducked under the tall grass.

What are you doing? I asked.

She told me that she was trying to find wild Pokemon. When I asked her why, she said that she heard that the leader uses electric Pokemon and she needs a ground type to win the battle.

Oh really?

Ive heard of the leader. His name is Surge. Retired military lieutenant, former SS Anne captain and former Rocket executive. She said still trying to find Pokemon.

Rocket? You mean Team Rocket? I exclaimed.

Yep, remember they were disbanded by a group of kids 15 years ago? She talks more than an adult rather than an eight year old.

I think we should go back to the city.

Shh! She snapped. She continued to crawl around the grass. Some of the best Pokemon come out at night, you know that?

Well, no I confessed.

She paused for a while then stood up. She dusted her shorts and walked up to me.

Cmon, lets go back. She sighed.

Finally, I muttered.

As we were walking back, something caught my eye. It was at my side, behind the bushes I saw a red headed girl with pale blue eyes peering at us.

Huh? Hey you! I yelled.

Marina turned around when I yelled. The girl, realizing that she was detected, started to run away farther east.

Hey! Stop! I yelled chasing her.

Why are you chasing her? Marina yelled as she caught up to me.

I dont know. I think shes been stalking us or something. I replied while gasping at the same time.

Stalking? Marina repeated as we continued to chase her.

The girl was wearing a dark jacket that seemed to be a bit bigger than her body since the sleeves were longer than her arms. Her denim pants looked dirty with grass stains and dirt. Her long red hair flowed as she continued to run without stopping.

Isnt she going to stop? Marina gasped as she tried to catch up with me.

I dont think shes going to.

We continued to run across fields and more trees. Finally, we stopped. The girl was trapped in front of a sea route.

Stay right there! I yelled.

She looked at me with her thin lips and her bright glare. She held out a Pokeball and threw it releasing a Pokemon.

Surf, She muttered.

What? A Dragonair? Marina yelled as she managed to appear in the scene.

The girl jumped on the Dragonairs back and streamed away.

Still want to go after her? Marina gasped as she took of a Pokeball.

Inahnever mind, I replied walking back.

Oh wow, now we have to walk back, huh?

Yep. I replied half enthusiastically.

Well, suit yourself, Im gonna fly there!

Fly? I asked.

Well, dont you have a flying Pokemon? She asked taking out a Great Ball.

I took out Sages Pokeball at once.

She released her Pokemon immediately and out came a silvery bird Pokemon. It flapped its heavy wings and floated.

Meet Alvis, Marina smiled.

Whoa, I gasped. Never seen a Skarmory this close before!

I then released Sage at once. Marina observed it for a while.

Its a bit small but I think it can carry you. She said.

Are you sure? I asked doubting her a bit.

Sure Im sure! Marina smiled. Now, lets get back. Its getting dark.

She hoped on Alvis back and started to fly.

What do I do? I asked.

Just grab its feet or something! She yelled. She was now twenty feet above the ground.

I grabbed Sages feet and he started to fly. Amazingly, without effort, Sage lifted me up off the ground.

Wow! I gasped as I looked at the ground. Everything was very small and the wind was blowing through my hair. This is cool! I yelled.

Yep! Beats walking! Marina yelled back.
I looked below and saw many things. There were forests, rivers, people and several fields of green. I looked across the horizon and I could see the citys tall buildings. I loved the feeling of the wind blowing across my hair. Soon, we were back in Vermillion. The lights around the city started shine as we walked along the sidewalk.

Wow, this city looks awesome in the dark, I gasped.

Yeah, Marina replied. Where are we gonna stay? She asked.

I only sleep in the wild hey, how about a hotel? I said pointing to one.

Cool! She exclaimed as she happily trotted to the next street.


Next day, we wandered around Vermillion. We ended up in front of Diglett Caves entrance.

Where does this go? She asked curiously.

Well, one way to find out. I said as we both entered.

It was dark and calm inside. It was also cold and it reminded me much of Mount Moon.

I bet theres bunch of Digletts around here Marina whispered as we wandered around the darkness.

Or more, I continued.

A soft rumble was heard underground.

What the heck was that? I asked.

Must be Digletts, Marina replied.

A roar was heard afterwards.

Digletts dont roar, do they? I said with my voice shaking.

No they dont, Her voice was shaky, too.

The roar was louder and louder. Suddenly, the ground was shaking, too. We both landed on the cave walls as the ground shook more violently.

What is it? I yelled.

I have no idea. She said clinging to my clothes.

The ground shook more violently as we staggered out of the cave. Outside, we could see the opening starting to grow wider and wider. A loud roar was heard and I could see a large rocky snake come out. Its horn protruded out of the entrance as hordes of Digletts swarmed out of the cave.

Wow! An Onix! Marina gasped.

It looks kinda angry, I stammered as I walked back one step behind.

No it doesnt! Marina smiled as she approached it and patted its head. The Onix roared very loud and caused Marinas hair to wave. Ok, maybe it is! She yelled out of the noise.

Maybe we should go no I began but I was interrupted.

Its stuck, it cant go anywhere, She smiled at me.

At that moment, the entrance began to crack and the Onixs head was no longer trapped. It raised its head and looked down at us. It stared for a while then roared.

Run! Marina yelled as we ran due east. The Onix came chasing after us.

Its after us! I yelled.

I know! Obvious isnt it? Marina yelled back.

We ran as hard as we could as the Onix kept gaining on us. We could hear its rocky body scrape across the hard ground. It kept roaring as it kept chasing us. It was getting nearer and nearer as we kept running. My chest was burning and my legs were trembling when I realized something.

Wait a minute, I yelled. We have Pokemon.

Marina stopped and slapped her forehead. Duh!

She took out her Pokeball and released Alvis. Steel Wing, Alvis!

Alvis obeyed and flew up. It was shining as it struck the Onixs body. The Onix roared once but kept going. It slapped Alvis away with its tail and continued chasing us.

How did that happened? Marina yelled as she returned Alvis. My Skarmorys at a higher level!

I dont know but Ill try! I yelled back and stopped. Abby, come on out!

I released Abby and she was ready.

What the heck do you think youre doing with an Abra? She yelled from behind me.

I know what Im doing, I replied with a smug expression. Abby, confusion!

Abby sent out a powerful psychic wave that made the Onix stagger backwards but shook off the attack as if it was slapped. I cowered as it moved forward twice as fast.

Its a good idea to teleport us out! Marina yelled as she approached me.

Confusion one more time! I yelled again.

Another attack caused the Onix to move back a bit. However, it still continued to move forward.

Why dont you use your Pokemon? I yelled to Marina.

Mine? After what it did to Alvis?

Never mind then, I said. One more confusion!

This is futile, master. I heard Abby say. Its too strong for me. Ask the human girl for assistance.

Ive already asked her and she wont help! I replied out loud.

Gary? Are you talking to yourself? Marina asked.

You havent, master. Ask her! Abby replied.

I noticed that the Onix was already in front of us. It was in pain from all of the attacks that it took from Abby and it was about to collapse.

Marina, I said. We need you

The Onixs roar drowned my cries for help.

Look, we need your Pokemon! I yelled over the Onixs roars.

Not her master! Abby said loudly.

What do you? I noticed something in the corner of my eye.

It was a girl. The same red headed girl we saw yesterday. She took out something from her pocket and I realized that it was a Great Ball.

Catch it. She said calmly. Her light blue eyes shined as she threw the Great Ball calmly. Her red untied red hair flowed slowly with the wind. I caught a glimpse of her face and it was nothing familiar to Toshins or Makotos.

I caught the Great Ball at once and threw it towards Onix. With a flash of light, Onix was inside. It wobbled oncetwicethrice

Gotcha! I yelled as I picked up the Great Ball.

Who was that? Marina asked.

I dont know. But my Abra told me to talk to her. I replied.

You can talk to your Abra? She exclaimed with a shocked expression. Thats incredible!

Well its a long story I began as we continued to walk back.

I glanced back once and saw that the girl disappeared. As we both walked back to Vermillion City, I cant get the girls face out of my mind. Theres a deep feeling inside me that she isnt related to Toshin. Her dark solemn expression lingered but that all disappeared the next day.

To be continued...

April 6th, 2004, 9:56 PM
Very good chapter. Tough Onix to fight. Course Marina could have used Meganium's Solar Beam ;)
Im thinking that girl could be related to another certain red haired boy..........XD

oni flygon
April 8th, 2004, 4:48 PM
if you know... don't spoil... XD

Chapter 20: Close Encounters

The next morning, I was confident that Im going to win my gym battle. Marina, for some mysterious reason, decided to explore outside of Vermillion than follow me.

I gotta know whats around here! She said as she walked the opposite direction.

I found myself in front of the gym. It looked a lot cleaner than Pewter Gym and less decorative than the one in Cerulean. I found it kinda boring. The glass panel window were lined up outside from each side and the doors looked new and shiny.

Here I go, I whispered to myself.

I pushed the doors and beheld the stadium in front. Bleachers lined at the sides of the stadium and spotlights glared their powerful lights at the stadium. The stadium had steel floor and was spotless. It looked very shiny as if there were no battles held on it.

I walked towards the stadium floor waiting for the leader. Remembering Marinas words about a former criminal, I was ready for all of the action.

Challenger, eh? A man said. I could see his outline from the darkness that werent shined by the spotlights. The man stepped forward. He was wearing glasses and he has dark red hair. The leader wore camouflage pants and a white shirt. His gloves were as dark as the shadows behind him.

Lieutenant Surge? I asked.

What? Oh sorry about that. He laughed. Im the leaders nephew, Austin.

I thought the leader was Surge

Oh hes out somewhere. Ive been asked to take over the gym. Though he didnt leave his Pokemon with me. Youre lucky. I remained silent as he polished his glasses.

So, He began. Are we going to battle or no?

Im on it! I replied. My heart pounded as we both took out three Pokeballs.

How about this? Three on three, single battle. He said.

Im ready.

Good, He threw out his Pokeball, releasing his Pokemon. Voltorb, go!

At first glance, I thought a Pokeball came out of a Pokeball. Instead, I saw eyes and I was quite shocked.

Whoa! I came to my senses and took out my Pokeball. Blaze, come out!

I decided to not use Sage for this battle thanks to Marinas advice of electric types.

You know flying typed dont like electricity, dont you? She asked.


Dont use Sage if you dont want it fried.

I snapped back to my senses when Austin called the attack.

Sonic boom! He yelled. Voltorb sent out a powerful sound wave. My ears hurt for a while as Blaze was hit by the wave.

Blaze shook of the attack and stretched its claws.

Blaze, use crush claw! I yelled.

Blaze leapt up with its claws outstretched and slashed Voltorb twice. Voltorb was sent back screeching all the way. I looked at Blaze as it swung its claws more. He whipped its tail from side to side as he growled.

Voltorb, give it another sonic boom!

There was another sound wave from Voltorb. Again, Blaze shook of the attack.

Blaze, hang in there! Use another crush claw!

Blazes claws shined as he slashed Voltorb twice. Voltorb rolled as it fainted.

Ahh! Oops! Austin muttered as he returned Voltorb. Take it from here, Electrode!

Another Pokeball look alike. Only this time, the white part was on top. It shined its gleaming smile as it boasted it to Blaze.

Another one, huh? I muttered. Blaze, crush claw.

Not so fast! Electrode, thunder wave!

Electrode sent out a jolt of electricity that encircled Blaze. The wave of electricity tightened around Blaze.

Blaze! I yelled. Blazes attack failed since he was paralyzed.

Gotcha, now use rollout! Austin commanded.

Electrode rolled around and hit Blaze. Blaze was thrown back and tried to stand up.

Blaze, stand up! I yelled. He tried but the paralysis made him stay on the ground.

Keep attacking! Austin commanded.

Electrode continued to roll around and hit Blaze. Blaze was knocked back and hit the gym wall.

Blaze, stand up! I called. Blaze stood up and staggered back to the battlefield.

Still want more? Austin jeered. Attack, Electrode!

Electrode spun around faster and rolled towards Blaze. The moment looked as if it was in slow motion.

Catch it, Blaze! Blaze caught the rolling Electrode at once and stopped it on its tracks. However, Electrode kept rolling no matter what.

Throw it off the wall! I yelled. Blaze forced its momentum to throw Electrode off to the wall. The wall crashed as Electrode slammed into it.

Crap! Austin yelled as he ran towards Electrode. He returned it quickly and minded the wall. Uncles going to kill me! He yelled frantically.

Huh? What do you mean? I asked.

Well, I take care of the gym you see. Im alsowell in charge of cleaning it up He replied embarrassingly.

As he said the words, I heard a roar of fury outside.

AUSTIN! A man yelled outside.

Crap! Austin replied. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? He wiped his forehead and went outside.

You destroyed the gym while I was away? The man yelled. He was more like ranting than questioning.

Uncle! Im sorry, you see

What do you mean? The leader ranted. I asked you to watch over the gym and you completely demolished one side!

I ran outside ready to apologize. As I was going to exit, a tall man with a strong build blocked me. He was wearing a camouflage jacket and pants and his hair was white.

Where do you think youre going? He roared as he pushed me back with his strong hand.

I stepped back a few steps and confronted him.

Well, sorry if I destroyed your gym, but I was only battling your nephew, sir. I said as I tried to keep my balance since my feet were trembling.

You destroyed my gym? He roared. Behind him, I noticed a woman with long dark hair. Her calm cold eyes wandered around as she walked slowly. She was wearing dark red clothes. She stared dully at me.

I-Im sorry, sir! I stammered.

Surge looked behind him and glanced at the woman. She nodded and Surge whispered something.

Is he? was the only thing I understood.

The woman nodded and they both looked at me.

Stand straight! He roared.

I did what he said quickly even though he slightly terrified me.

You were here for a challenge, eh? He said while pacing back and forth.

Yes, sir. I replied quickly.

Youll get one if you answer my question. He breathed once. Where are you from, kid?

Um, Pallet town, sir. I replied quickly.

Surge looked up to the woman. She nodded and then looked t me.

Its really him, huh? He then turned to me. Your name is Gary, am I correct?

Yeah, how did you know my name? I asked completely shocked. I was quite annoyed since people these days seemed to know my name.

Surge laughed loudly. More like roaring again.

You might look like Green but you sure act a lot like that girl Yellow. He laughed.

I saw a smile from the womans face. Though I was still confused.

II still dont get it I replied.

Say you want the battle, huh? He asked.

Butyou know my parents?

Well, yeah. Theyve been meddling with our affairs for a whole year. Took three of them to beat us off. Your mother actually beat the champion once.

Wow! The Champion? I exclaimed.

Well, a whole army of grunts couldnt even take them down. But Im expecting the same from you! he said.


A battle, kid! Battle! He replied.

Oh! Yeah! I got you! I replied.


With the help of items, Blaze was back to full health. The battle was beginning now. With Austin in the sidelines, it was far more different feeling. The mysterious woman was behind Surge observing the battle.

Go, Electrode! Surge yelled.

This time, I was ready to handle an Electrode.

Blaze, lets win this! I called.

We both sent out our Pokemon and I was ready. Surge commanded a light screen. A powerful wall of light shrouded Electrode. I was wondering what was it for but I didnt mind it much.

Crush claw! I commanded. Blaze charged forward to strike Electrode but I was too late.

Electrode, double team! Electrode separated and turned into two.

Blaze paused and was confused. He waited for an order from me.

Attack the one in the right! I said quite confused myself.

Blaze slashed the one in right, but it disappeared.

I was shocked and heard Surge say, Gotcha, thunder wave!

Electrode sent out a weak shock wave that encompassed Blaze. The waves caused Blaze to be paralyzed again.

Crap, not again! I muttered. This time, I was annoyed.

Stand up Blaze and use ember!

Blaze stood up and tried to focus. He sent out embers that hit Electrode but they didnt seem to affect it much.

How did that happen? I muttered.

You seem to not pay attention to my light screen, eh? Surge drawled.

Huh? What do you mean?

Light screen halves all powers of special attacks. I knew you were going to use special attacks once paralyzed. He continued.

I gritted my teeth and tried to concentrate.

Now, rollout!

Electrode rolled around gathering momentum and charged towards Blaze.

Blaze, do what you did last time! I yelled.

Blaze raised his hands the moment Electrode crashed into him. Blaze managed to stop it but it kept on rolling.

Throw it away! I cried.


What? I was in disbelief when Electrode exploded. It threw back Blaze several feet away from the battlefield. I returned my Pokemon and so did Surge.

Nice, He grunted. Getting warmed up?

Yeah, I replied half smiling.

Go, Abby! I said while releasing my Abra.

Surge laughed. You want me to battle against that thing? He said trying not to laugh more.

I stayed silent as he sent out a Magneton. Three Magnemites that floated around and stared at Abby with their gaping eyes.

Abby, confusion! I commanded. Abby sent out a powerful wave and hit Magneton. However, it didnt seem to affect it much.

Thunder wave! I heard Surge yell.

Abby, teleport! Abby teleported just in time and reappeared behind Magneton.

Psywave! I commanded.

Abby sent out a Psywave towards Magneton. Thanks to Marina, I learned that Psywave is a fixed attack. Even though a Pokemon is resistant to that attack.

What the Surge cursed and commanded another thunder wave.

Teleport again! I repeated. Abby teleported once more and appeared behind Magneton. Psywave!

Oh no you dont! Surge yelled.

Thunder wave! Magneton did so and sent another wave of electricity.

Abby was paralyzed immediately even though it didnt seem she was.

Thunderbolt! Surge commanded.

Magneton sent out a powerful shock wave towards Abby. She was thrown back a few feet but she tried to sit up again.

Abby, dont give up! I yelled.

Finish it off with tri attack! Surge finally commanded.

I looked at Magneton and I saw three multi colored beams. It sent out a blue, yellow and red beam towards Abby. It was a direct hit and Abby fainted at the impact.

Crap, I muttered to myself.

Left with only one Pokemon left, I brought up my courage as I returned Abby.

I only have one Pokemon left. I thought to myself as I took out a great ball. Better make this smart.

To be Continued

April 8th, 2004, 9:20 PM
Very awesome gym battle! Ha! His nephew was in trouble :laugh:
Surge was battling smart. He beat Abby :cheeky:
The finish is gonna be great!

April 10th, 2004, 12:22 AM
w00t!? the battle is up to Sage? Sage evolves into Pidgeot or learns a new move I fink... Marina is kewl... BTW, why doesn't Red + Misty get a baby boy called Ash? they would make good travelling buds or rivals. What happens to Mr Guy with Red hair and Mrs Girl that married Mr Guy with red hair?

April 10th, 2004, 1:39 PM
Oh this is really good! Keep it up!

April 12th, 2004, 2:45 AM
Can't wait for the next chapter... no critiques to give you... its rilli gud I'm just talking about why it wasn't Ash and it was Melissa...

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I realized that this chapter was short... O_o I wanted to merge this with the other chapter but that would require me a lot more work...so... viola!

Chapter 21: Close encounters (Part 2)

Doga, this is our chance! I said as I sent out my Onix.

Doga roared as it tried to squeeze into the arena with its huge body. It shook its rocky head as it glared at Magneton.

Very clever, Surge sneered. Magneton, tri attack!

Doga, dig on the ground! I commanded.

Before Magneton could attack, Doga plunged into the ground ignoring the metal surface and burrowed deep underground.

Surge cursed multiple times.

Magneton, reflect! He shouted.

With those words, Doga attacked Magneton from underground with its rocky spike.

Magneton was sent upward, crashed into the ceiling and came crashing down back to the floor. Doga roared triumphantly before the fainted Magneton.

Lucky, but you leave me with no choice, He sent out his last remaining Pokemon and I realized it the moment it came out. It was a Raichu. It wagged its long slender tail and tensed it arms, which caused sparks from its cheeks. It growled and glared back at Doga. Doga glared back and roared.

Doga, lets win this, headbut!

Raichu, dodge it and use mega punch!

Doga aimed for a headbutt but missed and was punched directly into the face by Raichu. Doga shook off the attack and roared once more. Behind Surge, the woman looked intently at our battle. Austin was horrified at the damaged floor.

Doga, use dig this time, I commanded.

Raichu, halt it with a mega kick!

Before Doga could dive, Raichu lunged forward and kicked Dogas rocky face. Doga, filled with self-determination, burrowed another hole.

Surge cursed another time. I seem to be sick of him cursing.

Raichu, follow it! Surge said.

Raichu jumped into the hole at once and tried to follow Doga.

Crap, I muttered. Doga, go backwards! I could roars from under then a small quake. Doga burst into the surface with Raichu on his back.

Wrap it! I called.

Doga wrapped around Raichu and squeezed tightly. By instinct, Raichu sent out electrical bolts as it squealed in pain.

Slam it around! I said.

Immediately, Doga slammed Raichu repeatedly on the floor causing huge bumps.

What do you think youre doing? Surge yelled.

Throw it, I commanded.

Doga spun Raichu around a few times and threw it against the wall. The wall crashed as Raichu collided. Surge yelled as he returned his Raichu. And that was it. I won. He then stormed out of the gym and into the corridor. I saw Austin inch closer near me examining the damage.

H-here He stammered as he handed me an orange colored badge. I-its the thunder badgewelluhbye! He said as he went off.

I accepted the badge and saw that the woman was still sitting with her fixed cold gaze.

Without hesitation, I walked away from the gym. As I closed the gym doors behind me, I looked back once more. I was shocked when I saw the girl with her cold gaze on me.

Youdo you remember? She asked. Her voice was cold and sounded like a whisper.

Huh? Im sorry but

You do, She placed her hand on my head and suddenly, I could see pictures.

Pictures flashed on my mind then faded into other pictures. I saw many other things. My mother, my father, Surge, Misty and many other people. From my other visions, I could realize Gold, Crystal, Blue. Then I saw Silver. A younger version of him. He looks as cold when he was younger. All of them disappeared in an instant.

What I was speechless.

This is what lies within you. Treasure every picture you see in your mind. The lone guardian granted you his power for only a short while. Keep it close and never forget your dream. She whispered close to my ear.

II dont get itlone guardian? I asked.

If we meet once again, your destiny will be clear and you will either know the truth and be silent or you will never know and you will see what you desire.

Mymy father

She silently turned around back into the gym. I stayed there for a long time thinking and re-thinking. I dont understand


I turned around and saw Marina. Hows it going? She called.

I won! I yelled back.

When she was in front of me, she showed me a familiar blue object.

Is that a Cascade Badge? I asked in shock.

Yep, that gym leader was weak. She sighed with a bored tone.

She wasnt for me! I replied.

Anyway, you got the badge right? She asked. Was he hard?

I started tell her about the battle and told her step by step on what happened. She was quite happy about my strategy of ground over electric. Other than that, I didnt tell her about the woman. I had a feeling that I might see her againI think
To be continued

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Awesome chapter! Hehe. Surge was pissed for losing in front of Sabrina.
Marina kicked butt yet again XD

Can't wait to

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Awsome work, as ive told you be4, your an icredible writer!

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*opens champagne* Wohoo!

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YAY! GO oni! I'm happier than you are! :) and yea I forgot about the onix... Dunga? oh its Doga... Green didn't get a Onix! 0_0 and Sabrina is scary. X.X

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sorry I didn't update... don't worry! I'll update maybe this weekend with a good chapter!

Jikan yokoku: Blood Rivals!

Abolishing Flames
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no kid... that next chapter's title sounds interesting. I bet it has something to do with... rivals? :D

oni flygon
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Doga... is the name of the first armor knight in the first Fire Emblem... I just named his Onix Doga because they'll have basically the same personality...

here's the next chapter!

Chapter 22: Blood Rivals

I was alone again. Marina decided to challenge Surge today. Feeling that I was unwanted, I decided to just stay back and train a bit. I was training Abby hoping that she could evolve.

Come on! I said hesitantly. You should evolve any moment,

She remained silent most of the time. Maybe there was something wrong or something. I tried to encourage her but she kept silent. After a few hours of training and a long trail of fainted Pokemon, I returned Abby. Feeling disappointed, I looked around. Something caught my eye. It was the girl with the red hair peering at me. When I looked at the spot again, she quickly ducked and was out of sight.

Hey! I yelled as I went after her.

She wasnt quite a fast runner like last time. I managed to grab her wrist this time.

Let go of me! She yelled as she struggled to break free.

Hold still! I want to ask you something! I said keeping a hold on her.

She stopped struggling and stared me with her pale blue eyes. Her red hair was tied now and her thin lips trembled as she began to speak. She looked pretty young. Shes about eight or nine when I saw her the first time.

What is you name? I asked.

She remained silent. I could see the fear in her eyes.

Whats the matter? I continued. I then released my grasp from her wrist. She was rubbing it as I sat down.

Emily, She whispered. Her voice was calm now.

Emily? Why were you looking at me like that?

She remained silent. Shes just like a lost girl looking for her parents and I was the only who can comfort her.

II She stammered.

I waited for her to say something but she ended up sitting next to me.

I justI just wanted to find someone She replied half tears.

Hey look, I said leaning a bit closer to her. Are you lost or something?

NoI justI want to find my dad She replied.

My heart softened a bit. I remembered my father all of the sudden.

I ran away from my home, She began. I just wanted to find daddy because mommy was so sad when she was alone. I wanted her to be happy so I left

And youre trying to find your dad now? I asked.

She nodded and wiped her tears off. I searched my pockets and took out two things. First was the pendant that mom gave me. I noticed a few scratches and crush marks. I looked at the picture closely.

He looks like you, Emily said peering.

Hes my dad, I replied. I looked closer at the picture. My mom didnt seem to change much over the years. Im trying to find him, too.

She looked at the picture again. Is that your mom? She asked pointing at my mother.

I nodded. I tried to remember when mom was sad too at nights. I remember once when I was little and I approached her

Mommy? I asked.

She was crying and it was night. She wiped her tears and looked at me in the dim lightness of the room.

Gary? What is it? She asked sweetly.

Mommy, Im scared, I cried. I want to be here with you,

She hugged me as I climbed up her bed. Mommy, why are you crying?

She would hug me tightly and tell me about my dad. Its daddy, She whispered in my ear. Im worried about him.

Then why wont he just come back here? I replied feeling a bit angry at my own father.

GaryI I dont know, She sobbed.

I would end up getting mad at my father and then fall to sleep.

You know, were kind of the same. I said to her.

Huh? Emily seems to be puzzled. What do you mean?

We both are looking for our dads just to make our moms happy I said.

She nodded and didnt say anything more.

I never saw my dad She muttered. Mommy said that she left her when Im not even born.

I felt sorry for her. How old are you anyway? I asked.

Imnine she whispered. I ran away when I was eight.

Wow, arent you even afraid? I asked.

No Im not! She stood up glaring at me.

Then, I heard someone behind me.

Whats she doing here? I looked back to see Marina.

Marina! I called. Good timing!

Whats she doing here? She repeated.

I looked at Emily and at Marina. They seem to glare at each other the moment they saw each others faces.

This is Emily, I said to Marina. And Emily, this is Marina.

I dont care what shes doing. Shes just creepy. Marina said out loudly.

Emily looked silent not saying another word. Then, she turned around to run.

Emily, wait! I said. There was enough time to grab her hand.

Please, let me go! She said.

Wait, I just want to thank you, I said.

She looked at me straight in the eye. Your welcome! She said then yanked my hand off and ran.


Why did you do that? I yelled at Marina.

Shes creepy! Thats all I wanted to say! Marina said.

But she was a friend. I hesitated. I mean, we were both like each other!

How? Marina asked.

We bothwewe both are trying to find out dads I stuttered.

She fell silent again. We were walking back. She won the battle as always but decided to make Emily run away.

Im sorry She said. I just dont want to see her

What do you mean?

Shetheres this strange feeling inside me, She whispered. It makes me want to punch her

Marina, thats not

Im not kidding! I cant stop myself! Marina said. It makes me want to cry! I dont want to but she makes me want to!

I couldnt believe I made two girls cry this day. She cried until I tried to comfort her.

To Be Continued

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Chapter 23: Pride and Honesty

Now where do we go? I asked when we reached a fork.

The vast blue sea stretched into the horizon as we looked on both sides. Marina scratched her head.

I dunno maybe we go there? She said pointing to my left.

Why dont we fly there?

Nah, it takes away all of the challenge, She muttered.

Ok, left then. I replied as we quickly stomped our way left.

The sand made me completely tired as we dragged on. A few hours of walking lead us to a sign that says: Lavender Town.

Lavender Town? I said in shock. We were going the wrong way!

Aw, man! Marina cried in disappointment.

I looked up at the gloomy gray sky and felt a trickle on my nose. I looked to my side and observed dozens of ripples from the pond next to us.

Uh oh. I muttered.

What? Marina asked as she looked at me with a confused look.

I think its going to rain, I said nervously. Lets find shade! We quickly stood up and ran as fast as we could.

The rain poured harder and faster at us. Soon, we found ourselves drenched with water. My lungs were burning and my legs ached as we reached town. A huge tower appeared out of small buildings. The town itself looked very gloomy since I heard that Pokemon were buried here.

We gotta hurry! I yelled. I looked back to see Marina struggling to run. Then, she slipped on the cold hard ground.

Here, I said as I held out my hand.

It hurts, she muttered as she clenched her arm and knee. I looked at them to see her bleeding knee and elbow. I dont think I can run,

The rain deafened me from the loud pattering. I could barely hear her but I ended up helping her to shade. I felt pathetic when the only shade we could find was just up front a trainer shop. The lights were bright inside and steam clouded the windows.

I breathed hard and I was shivering. I could see the steam coming out of my mouth, likewise Marina. She was shivering, too. She was also holding her bleeding elbow and knee.

Knock on the door, She said loudly enough for me to hear.

What? Even though she was yelling, I still could not hear her.

Knock on the I looked to see that the door was already open. We were greeted with the warm room and warm towels wrapped around us. The storekeeper let us in without hesitation.

Weather heres unpredictable, She sighed. Im sorry I didnt notice you on time,

We remained silent as she treated Marinas wounds. She has long brown hair that reached her back. Even though it was untied, it looked as if it was never been ruined. I could notice earrings and accessories on her. She looked like she really knows how to dress herself.

Thanks, Marina said after she treated wrapped her wounds.

No problem, The woman replied. She stood up and in point of view she looked quite tall. Do you guys want any hot chocolate?

Yes please, we both replied enthusiastically. She quickly exited the room and after a while, she returned with three mugs.

Thanks, I said as I accepted the steaming mug. She sat beside us as we drank.

So, She began. You guys are trainers right?

We both nodded excitedly. She smiled back at us.

I havent seen much trainers these days. Everyone seems to skip this town often. She sighed.

Oh, we took the wrong way, Marina said.

The woman looked at me and then down at my dripping pockets. Hey, whats that? She pointed to my dads pendant.

Oh this, I said taking it out. Its just something that my mom gave me.

She looked at it carefully and examined every cracked edge. She then looked again at me. Her twinkling eyes were full of excitement as her eyes looked back and forth.

Oh wow! She cried in excitement. Youreyoure Gary, huh?

I was plunged back into the same confusion when someone uttered my name when I dont know their names yet.

Um, yeah I looked at Marina and she was confused too.

How do you know his name? Marina asked.

Oh, dont be silly. I knew Gary since he was a baby! She laughed. But I dont think he remembers me much.

Do I know you? I asked feeling stupid.

Well, yeah, She smiled. Its me Blue. Yourumgodmother

I looked at her with mixed shock and confusion.

Self proclaimed godmother, She laughed.

I still gave her my confused stare.

Aw, youre so cute when you do that! She said holding my hand. You havent changed one bit. And you really look like your daddy!

I then remembered my dad again. But I tried to restrain it because I thought that I would make things worse for me if I said something about him.

Dont you remember Gary? She asked.

WellnoI dont I stammered.

Oh, She sighed. Figures. You were too young.

Oh I heard about you, Marina abruptly said.


My mom and dad talk about you a lot of times She said. Blue, youre the girl who ran away with this Silver guy,

What?! Blue suddenly erupted. Who are your parents?

UmGold and She began but was interrupted.

AH! Gold, you won this time She muttered. Wait, Gold and who?

Crystal, Marina quickly replied.

Aw, I knew it! I knew those two would get along! She sang triumphantly.

We both looked at her as she rejoiced. Oh, She said as she realized. Sorry,

I was going to ask how she knows our parents so much but then I was reminded of the vision I had Blueit was true. She was the same girl that tried to stop Pryce from attacking. She would rather die than betray her friends. And Marina was right; she does love Silver. But I know Silver is wandering right now.

Wheres Silver? I asked.

Blue fell silent. Her eyes just wondered around the stores shelves as if trying to think. Hessomewhere She replied silently.

I tried not to ask her more questions and I wished I never asked her the question. The warmth of the room brightened up Blues mood again. Thunder rolled outside. A knock on the door disturbed the silence. I heard a familiar voice outside and made the hair at the back of my neck stand up.

Ack! Im freezing! Said a familiar voice. Darn it, keep knocking!

A boys voice replied to her, Im trying to! Someone, please open the door!

Oh, more people, Blue said as she rushed towards the door.

Oh crap, I muttered.

Whats wrong? Marina asked as she peaked through the hallway. Oh no, its her

Michelle walked in drenching wet along with her brother, Nick. She looked at Marina and me once wide-eyed. You! Nick followed with a gasp.

I looked down after Michelles outburst.

Youre the kid who beat me in Cerulean! Michelle yelled pointing at Marina. You had a fluke!

Im telling you, Im an experienced trainer, Marina countered. Just accept you lost!

Youre a stupid wah She was stopped as Blue entered the room with towels. Nick held her back from punching Marina. Marina, who glared back at her, was standing upright as if ready to receive the punches.

Let go of me, Michelle yelled.

Michelle, keep your cool, were in front of an adult! Nick gasped.

Michelle stopped as she kept glaring at Marina.

Oh, well, do you kids want some hot chocolate? Blue asked ignoring the fact that both Marina and Michelle were not facing each other anymore.

Um, yes please! Nick replied politely.

Blue went off the room, which was dead silent. The silence was broken when Nick began.

Gary, long time no see! Nick said.

Oh yeah, hows the training going? I asked.

Not much, I think were improving a bit. He looked at his sister who was apparently ignoring me.

Blue reentered the room with two hot mugs. Heres for you both! She said.

Both of them accepted the mugs but only Nick said Thanks,

So you guys know each other? Blue said.

I explained to her about me meeting them and Nick told his side about Marina beating Michelle.

Oh, well thats how friends are, Blue smiled.

Who said were friends? Michelle snapped.

Michelle, just accept that you lost to her and stop whining, I told her.

Who said I lost? She cheated! She snapped back.

Who said I cheated? I was playing fair and square! Marina muttered.

I looked out of the window and saw that the rain has already stopped. The sun shined through the room with its bright rays.

Why dont we battle again? Michelle said. Two on one!

Michelle, dont drag me into this again! Nick said.

Im not talking about you! Michelle said. Gary and me against you! She continued pointing at Marina.

Fine, She replied.

I wasnt quite sure what happened next but Im sure Ill regret it.

To be Continued

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Another masterpiece! I could tell it was Blue when I heard the shopkeeper in Lavender was a woman :cool:
She was so happy to hear about Gold and Crystal. Course, Blue is always a happy person, and silly too :laugh:

Michelle seems real pissed. 2 on 1? XD She needs all the help she can get to beat Marina :cheeky:

Its getting real good. Keep up the great work!

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Chapter 24: Value of Friendship

Im not kidding, Michelle said reassuringly to Nick and me. Were gonna have to take her down quickly!

Are you crazy? I said out loud. Shes league champ and I dont want to mess up with her!

Oh sure, Michelle retorted. She waved her hands as if taunting me. And how do you know shes not lying?

I stammered since I couldnt explain myself but believe in her.

Gary, just dont do anything stupid! Nick whispered to me. You dont like it when Michelle loses.

The battlefield was set. It was just outside Lavender town. The grassy plains looked new after the rain. The cold breeze swept through my hair as I looked forward to another beautiful day. But someone has to win and someone has to lose now.

Are you guys ready? Marina called from the other side.

Blue was around her; she decided to follow after learning that were going to battle. She said that she wants to see how well I battle.

Were ready, Michelle replied. Ready to lose? She said taunting Marina.

Why dont you guys throw in your Pokemon first? Marina said as she took out her first two Pokeballs.

Michelle fumbled for her Pokeball. Fine, She said taking out one.

Heres mine! I said taking out Dogas great ball.

Both of us summoned out our Pokemon together at the same time.



I noticed something different from Linus. It looked longer and looked more slender.

Did your Pokemon evolve? I asked Michelle.

She nodded then returned her view back to Marina.

Marina looked at both out Pokemon and threw her two Pokeballs.

At once, I knew one of them was her Skarmory, Alvis. The second one doesnt seem to look familiar. Before I can hold my Pokedex, she introduced the energetic blue rabbit Pokemon.

This is Sophia the Azumarril. I bet Michelle knows her already. She gleamed.

I could see Michelle tighten her fists at once.

Ready? Marina called.

Doga, dig underground! I yelled.

Linus, use dig, too! I heard Michelle.

Marina sighed. Oh well, Alvis, use spikes. Sophia, get ready!

Doga emerged first underground. Before he could hit Sophia, she dodged the attack and fired a blast of water toward Doga.

Crap, I muttered. That was Dogas weakness. Before I could hesitate, Doga used the last of its momentum to attack Sophia.

Hey! Marina yelled. Sophia was attacked headfirst with Dogas rock head.

Linus then emerged and attacked the already defenseless Sophia.

Gotcha! Michelle called.

Alvis, hit Doga with steel wing! Sophia, use Ice Beam on Linus!

Both obeyed immediately without hesitation. Alvis wings stiffened and charged towards Doga. The wings hit Doga with a loud crashing sound. I looked at everyone and they all seem to cover their ears from the sound. Doga shook of the attack and slapped Alvis off.

Then, Sophia sent out a blue icy beam towards Linus. Linus dodged the beam but his foot got caught and was frozen solid.

Aw crap, Michelle muttered. Use Pin Missile! I heard her say.

Doga, use rock throw on Alvis!

Doga used its tail to slap Alvis once more only this time downwards. He barely missed but managed to hit Alvis wing and caused it to not fly much.

Linus, handicapped, sent out multiple fires of needles towards Sophia. The attacked connected but it didnt faze Sophia much.

Alvis, finish off Linus with drill peck. Sophia, if Linus still survives, surf!

Before Michelle or me could hesitate, Alvis rushed while spinning its body towards Linus. The attack was successful but Linus was still awake. Sophia followed after summoning a huge tidal wave.

AH! Clear! Nick yelled from behind us.

All of us ran away from the range of the huge wave. Both our Pokemon were struck by the wave.



Both of us yelled as we both went to our Pokemon. It was a devastating site. Doga lay fainted on the ground growling lowly. Linus wasnt moving a muscle. We both returned our Pokemon.

Oh, I guess I win Marina sighed.

Darn it Michelle muttered. I could see her fist clenched. Blue herself was shocked with the results. Michelle stomped as she walked towards Marina. Michelle glared at her and Marina glared back. Nick knew what was going to happen as he rushed towards Michelle but it was too late. A loud slap was heard then the loud pattering of feet. I could see Marina, still looking up. Her cheek was red from a slap that Michelle just gave her.

Michelle! Nick called but wasnt able to catch up.

I was attending to Marina, who was holding back tears.

Are you okay? I asked her.

She didnt reply. Still holding back tears, she just walked away. I noticed that she was heading the way where Nick and Michelle were going.

Wait, Marina! I yelled. Where are you going?

Before I could run, I noticed Blue who seems to be confused yet calm.

Kids, She muttered. I wasnt like this when I was one.

I looked back to where Marina was going but she was already gone. All I knew is that the battle went too fast for Michelle. I guess losing every time would be a real pain. Thats what I thought as I kept running searching for the three.

They have to be around somewhere. I managed to return to town immediately and asked anyone if they saw any of them. No one saw them walk by and now my heart started to pound. I seem to be panicking and thinking what those three would do if they met each other again. I gulped as I continued to search for them. Cold sweat dripped from my forehead and my heart was pounding hard. My legs started to burn as I passed the huge tower and continued north.

Marina! Michelle! Nick! I called. Then I stopped. I noticed something on the ground and picked it up. It was Marinas goggles. I was going in the right trail. I continued my way north not hesitating.

To be continued...

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Chapter 25: Valued Things

I could hardly breathe as I continued north. Marinas goggles clenched in my hand as I stopped and tried to breathe. North of Lavender town is mostly a rocky trail. To me, it looked like a wasteland. The littered rocks and the craters didnt make it look inviting. The bumpy road didnt make it look a good travel.

I sat down as I started to feel a bit light headed. I turned my head to look around for any signs of any of them. Something caught my eye. I saw a shadow pass by from behind a nearby rock. Thinking it was them, I rushed there calling their names.

Michelle! Nick! Marina! I yelled. But then the figure ran. I chased after the person as fast as I could through the rough roads even though I was tired. Something was familiar.

Emily! I called. Then, she turned around. It was she all along.

Im glad its you! I said as I ran towards her.

She stared back at me with her pale eyes. Her red hair was tied as she continued to stare.

Did you see Marina pass by? I asked.

She looked down. She then muttered something like: No

Great, I muttered. I sat down in the middle of the road panting from exhaustion.

She still stared at me.

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself back then, I said smiling. My names Gary!

Emily looked at me quizzically then repeated my name.

Yeah, thats right. I said smiling a bit. Are you sure you havent seen Marina around here? Or did you see another girl and a boy?

A girl, She replied. She was crying,

You saw her? Where did she go? I asked.

She thought for a while. Over there. She pointed towards the cave.

Great, I muttered again. I stood up, feeling miserable, and started to walk towards the cave. I looked behind me to see Emily following behind. Do you want to follow me? I asked.

She nodded.

Ok, stay close then. She approached me and held the sleeve of my shirt.

I noticed that she was quite scared of the cave herself. I walked cautiously and entered the pitch-black cave. I could feel Emilys hand grip tightly as she tugged my sleeve.

What? I asked.

She didnt reply but let out a low whimper. We continued on until I couldnt see anymore.

Abby, come out! I said as I released my Abra. Use Flash!

The dark cave was illuminated thanks to Abbys flash. The only things that were left dark were our shadows and the shadows of the walls. After that, we continued on.

After a while of walking, I heard footsteps. I looked around trying to find any sign of them but I realized the footsteps faded.

After a few minutes, Emily tugged my sleeve again.

What is it? I asked. Without hesitating, she quickly ran off. Emily!

I followed her footsteps quickly hoping that she had found them. But then I realized that it was just leading towards the exit.

Whoa, I gasped as I saw a river just pass the meadow. I was on the other side! I turned around and saw the tower of Lavender just behind me.

Hello? I called. None replied. Emily?

I continued my way searching for my would-be friends. Just then, I noticed something in the river. A red liquid was flowing with the water. Blood.

I quickly ran upstream still gasping and panting. I was really tired this time. The stones of the river shore made me stumble a few times but I kept on continuing. Then I stopped. It was Nick. His clutched his bloody arm as he tried to stand.

Nick! I called.

He looked at me and smiled. Gary, they went over there.

What happened to you? I asked.

I was just careless. I slipped when I was chasing Michelle. Marina followed then some girl. Nick replied then groaned in pain.

We gotta get help, I said.

Quick, grab my backpack, Nick said.

I took his backpack and waited for instructions.

Take out the first aid kit and theres cloth in there and tie it around my arm.

I did what he said and helped him up. Do you know where this river leads to?

Not a clue Nick replied.

We continued slowly upstream slipping occasionally.

There they are! Nick pointed out as we reached a peculiar building. It looked like it was abandoned years ago. Theyre inside. You can leave me here.


Go catch them. Im sure they wont be far!

I continued on even I was tired. I was light headed as I opened the doors of the abandoned building. The sun was starting to set and I was alone in the dark building. After a few observations, the building seems to be an abandoned power plant. Probably abandoned years and years ago.

My head started to ache. I couldnt keep my focus on since I was starting to stumble. I could feel myself fall on the ground panting and exhausted. But my head continued to ache. Suddenly, I could feel dozens of eyes looking at me. It was a strange feeling. It was very familiar. I felt this before in the Viridian Gym. I could feel eyes staring at me and I could feel my gut wrench as I lay there on the cold floor.

But then I felt a hand touch my face. Then, I couldnt feel the staring eyes anymore.

Gary, please wake up, Emily whispered.

I sat up and looked at her. She was scared since it was already dark.

Gary, Im scared. She said.

I could only see her shadowy outline but I could feel the fear in her eyes. I could feel her arms wrap around me as she shivered.

I just want to see daddy She sobbed.

I stayed silent for the rest of the night. I found myself drifting soon into sleep.


Morning broke out. I could hear the rushing river outside. I opened my eyes expecting Emily near me but she wasnt there. I wasnt sure if it was a dream or not but I stood up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. Without hesitating, I ran outside. Nick was still outside sleeping. Next to himwas Michelle!

Michelle! I yelled.

Both of them suddenly woke up. Michelle yelled something about cheaters and Nick simply shouted: Wha-?

Im glad youre ok! I said. Wheres Marina?

Who? Oh her Michelle muttered rubbing her eyes.

Where is she? I asked.

Beats me. I just saw her coming inside there. She pointed to the abandoned power plant.

Michelle was actually waiting on one side of the river, Nick said dizzily.

ButI thoughtis she really there? I asked.

Maybe. But I dont care. She can die for all I care. Michelle said in a quick tone.

Im going in again! I said without hesitating.

Hey, hold up! Im following you! Nick said while limping. I dont want to get left with her again.

I heard that!

To be continued...

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Both chapters were real good. Keep up the wonderful work.
Heh, Michelle all angry :P

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(An abra that can talk to its trainer...nice...)

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Chapter 26: Silver Bullets

I ran as fast as I could and rushed back to the power plant. Michelle and Nick were behind me. Even though Im very tired from yesterday, I was very worried.

Hey, wait up! I heard Nick from behind. His arm was still bandaged and even though handicapped, he was faster than Michelle.

Marina! I called. My voice reverberated through the empty corridors of the power plant as I still continued to run, pausing a few times and calling Marinas name.

I stopped, panting, as I leaned down to breathe air. Nick caught up and Michelle followed.

Whats the big deal with that girl? Michelle panted with an annoyed tone.

Michelle, you shouldnt talk like that. Gary, what if she went outside from here and we didnt notice? Nick suggested.

I shook my head in disapproval. I looked up and noticed something floating.

Hey! I yelled trying to catch the floating thing. I quickly recovered and chased whatever it is.

It was dark in there. I could only see shadows even though it was already morning. I felt the cold air as I chased after the silhouette. Thin rays of light filtered down from the holes of the ceiling. I could see the body of the thing Im chasing. It was metallic and shiny. It was a Pokmon!

It turned around and stared me with its three eyes. Its three metal parts levitated around observing me. I looked at it and looked back. No sign of Michelle or Nick. I looked back at the Pokmon and I noticed it formed together to look like one Pokmon. I took out my Pokdex quickly and learned that it was a Magneton. Apparently, it has been spying on me since I entered the building. I looked at it again and saw it position for an attack.

I dodged a bolt of electricity coming from it and took out my Pokeball.

Blaze, use your ember! I yelled as I released my Charmeleon.

Blaze replied affirmatively and sent out a wave of fire. The attack connected and made the Magneton go back a few feet. But then, it came back with another attack. This time, it fired a tri-colored beam. The beam barely hit Blaze, which raised my heart a bit.

Blaze, take it down with flamethrower! I yelled.

Blaze sent out a stream of fire towards the Magneton. It was a critical hit and caused the Magneton to hit the wall. However, the Magneton doesnt seem to have intent of giving in. It dodged a second flamethrower from Blaze and tackled him.


Blaze was thrown back from the attack a few feet away. He tried to stand up since the attack shook him up a bit.

Blaze, dont give up! Use another flamethrower!

Blaze sent out another stream of fire. This time, it was another direct hit. However the Magneton was still floating.

Why wont you give up? I muttered.

I tried to think up a plan to get away but I realized that I was trapped.

Fine then, I said as I took out a Pokball. I threw it towards the Magneton and watched it fell. It wobbled once, twice, and thrice.

I sighed with relief as I picked up the Pokball. I returned Blaze then noticed a figure moving from another room. It was a girl.

Marina! I yelled.

It was her. But I could only see her back. I followed her as she moved from room to room.

Marina! She didnt reply. Marina! We have to get out of here! She continued to move to the final room as if not noticing me.

I followed her to the dark room even though I couldnt see anything but shadows. Once I was inside, I heard the doors slam from behind me.

I looked back and continued once more, my goal in my mind. Marina! I called once more. My voice echoed the dark room. I walked further as the room became darker and darker. I stopped the moment I couldnt see anything at all.

I then heard a chilling laugh from the shadows. It was very familiar. Im sure I heard it twice in my life. Every time I hear it, something weird happens. I could clearly remember the cold laughter. I pictured in my minda masked man killing my parents and their friends. I tried to think that it was just my imagination but the laughter was so vivid.

Anyone here? I called.

The laughter turned into a shriek. I jumped as I felt the hair in the back of my neck rise. Whatever that is, it was really in pain.

I stopped as I felt a wall in front of me. I couldnt see around. It was pitch black dark and I felt something cold. The wall? No. It was soft like human skin.

Marina! I said as I felt her shoulder. Then, the lights were turned on. We were inside of some sort of laboratory. I looked around and squinted. Then looked in front of me. I was shocked the first time I saw something like this. It was Marina all rightbut she was wearing some sort of mask. The mask looked familiar. It came to my mind at once that it was the same one worn by the man that I saw in Mount Moon.

Marina, what are you doing with that thing? I asked shaking her shoulders.

She didnt reply. I couldnt see her eyes from the shadows of the gaping mask. Then came the same laughter from behind her. I looked around her and saw a familiar sight. A weary man covered in dark robes. Long white dirty hair sat softly in his shoulders. A mask similar to that of what was Marina wearing covered his face.

Welcome A sound came from behind the masked man. It sounded a lot like a whisper.

I stepped back, scared, and unable to do anything. It was the same man I saw in Mount Moon a few weeks earlier. I tried to scream but only a squeak came out from my throat.

Welcome, Gary The man repeated. Marina stood silently in front of him. From the dark dreary robes, out came a bony, pale hand that reached out and was placed in Marinas shoulder. I could see long, uncut fingernails. The hand squeezed Marinas should tightly as the nails dug into her clothes.

Whowho are you? I stammered.

A soft laugh came from the man. Dont you remember?

I shook my head. Even though I couldnt see myself, I knew my eyes yielded terror. Another soft laugh came from the man then a soft moan of pain. He coughed and choked but then regained his voice once more.

Dont you remember that night? He asked.

I didnt move and didnt say a word.

How foolish of me, He said. I never introduced myself. He turned around and went in front of Marina. I couldnt see his whole body; it was all covered in a dark shroud. My name is Pryce. I believe we have met.

My heart raced and my palms were sweaty. Could it be the same Pryce I saw in my vision? No, it couldnt be!

Youyou cant be him! I yelled. Even though I couldnt hear my own voice, Im sure he heard it. My throat was dry and I could feel the blood running in my ears and into my temples.

My, quite rude, arent you? Pryce said.

He levitated towards me and now, we were face to face. His icy breath sent chills down my spine and the hollow eyes stared at me. I cowered and tried to stand all by myself. I remembered how he was easily defeated in Mount Moon. Then again, I was thinking that my Pokmon arent strong enough.

Yes, it is true to what I heard, I heard a whisper from behind the mask. You do resemble your father quite remarkably

I stepped back as I saw an icy hand reach out and touch my face. It was freezing cold. It was as if the hand was dipped in icy water for a long period of time. The hand ran down my cheek then wrapped around my neck. I could feel the grip getting tighter and tighter. A small laugh came from the man.

Its so amazing how fear can stop the most bravest of all willsyour fearit is so great, I can feel it melting my veins.

I tried to struggle but the grip was getting tighter. I was loosing air quickly. I fell down to my knees struggling for air. Pryce laughed.

Youre as weak as you fathercowering down as I gripped his body. Then he laughed a piercing laughter. All of you are so easy to kill!

You I gasped. Youyou never killed my father

I killed everyone! Pryce shrieked. I showed you everything I remembered in my memory. Everything that you have seen from before happened!

II dont understand I gasped.

Fool! He yelled and threw me back against a wall. I could feel a sharp pain on my side as different kinds of glass crashed down on the floor.

Dont you remember how I killed them? Or perhaps the memory of your dying mother is too harsh for your nave mind?

I moaned in pain as I tried to sit up. But then, I could already feel another hand reaching on me. It was a smaller hand and much softer. Marina grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and raised my up.

Mom didnt die! I yelled. Sheshes alive! I cried hysterically. The vivid memory of my parents, killed haunted my mind as Marinas gripped tightened. Marina! Snap out of it! Please listen! She didnt respond.

Pity fool Pryce muttered. Its as if that boy, Silver never taught you anything.

What do you mean? I could feel warm blood trickle down my lips.

Ah, dont you remember those wisps that you in Mount Moon before? He asked.

It dawned in my mind. Those thingsI could remember Silvers wordsthose things can control minds.

Its no use telling my slave what to do, Pryce said. Shes in my full control and she would do anything that I wanted too.

I looked at Marina and was followed with a quick fist that hit my directly in the face. Then came another punch. Then another. I could feel her punchesthey werent from someone like Marina. They were more like brick fists or something. Blood dripped from my nose as I gasped for breath. Marina doesnt seem to show any signs of getting tired.

Marina I muttered.

Enough! I heard Pryce yell. Have you accepted your fate, boy?

I looked up at him. I tried to fight him or somehow reach for one of my Pokball but I was held back by Marinas inhuman strength.

Stubborn fool Pryce muttered. A final punch from Marina came next.

But then, I heard something crash. I looked towards the doors and saw that they were open. Three figures were standing in front of them. I realized quickly that it was Nick and Michelle. The third one took me time to realize that it was Silver.

Leave him, I heard Silver say.

I saw Pryce and Marina look toward him.

GARY! Michelle and Nick both yelled. They tried to run toward me but both were stopped by Silver. Hey! Michelle yelled.

Its too dangerous! Silver said. Both of you stay back!

Silver approached us calmly. His large black boots didnt make a sound. Only the scraping of his long cloak was the sound.

So Pryce, Silver began. What do you want from the boy?

I could feel a smirk from behind Pryces mask.

Silver, my boy, He said. What a day for us to be together in the same room.

Dont give that kind of talk. Silver retorted. Everything that you did to me and my friendsI wont be able to forgive you for that!

Pryce chuckled. What did I do to you? All of your petty friends are alive, arent they?

Silver grunted.

What are you talking about? I yelled. I dont understand all of this!

Silver looked at me. His silver eyes stared at me. They looked so familiar yet this is one of the few times Ive seen them.

Why dont you tell the boy everything? Pryce muttered. In that way, it wont be so hard to

Shut up! Silver yelled.

At that moment, I knew he was hiding something from me.

Do you want me to tell him everything? Pryce asked with a cruel tone in his voice.

Silver swore Pryce as he lunged forward. His fists were in the air but were stopped as Marina stood in front of him.

Pryce laughed. Are you scared? Are you fearful to strike your own rivals daughter? Yes, this is the same girl that carries your rivals blood.

Silver paused then sneered. I saw Nick and Michelle rush towards me in order to help me. Silver looked at us, unable to help.

So, Gary, would you allow me to begin? Pryce asked.


Silver didnt move but I was sure that there is something he was hiding from me. My mind raced as I thought. I couldnt help thinking that is it about my dad.

Tell me I said.

I looked at Silver but he was already gone. He went around Marina, stunned her, and aimed a punch at Pryce. But Pryce caught the punch.

Hah, very well!

Silver swore again. Gary, dont listen! You wont be able to handle it!

It began in one cold night, Pryce said in a cruel voice. It was just Silver, your father, Red and three curs.

Silver continued to punch Pryce but all punches were dodged.

They were finishing me offbut they couldnt!

Silver took out his Pokeball and summoned out his main Pokmon that Ive seen a lot of times.

Feraligatr, hydro pump! It was a direct hit. Pryce was hit against the wall but continued to talk.

Michelle and Nick were both stunned at the scene.

Two of the three are weakened. They could just die any moment. That one cur, Toshin alone standing and using the last of his energy. Pryce continued.

I stood up even though my whole body was hurting.

Gary, you shouldnt stand up! I heard Michelle said. But I just ignored her.

Tell me! I yelled at Pryce.

Silver stopped from attacking Pryce and looked at me.

Pitiful Pryce muttered. You have to just know it all by yourself. I must leave

With that, I could see his dark shroud disappear and his mask evaporate. He was gone.

NO! I yelled. I tried to run toward where he was but I was too late. Whywhy? I said.

I could feel Silver approach me.

Why didnt you let me know? I yelled at him. I faced him even though my whole face was hurting.

He paused. Behind him, I could see Nick pick up Marinas limp body. He looked at her passionately as he carried her out.

Youre still young. Silver then said. My eyes returned to him. You wont be able to understand.

I will understand! I shouted. The only thing I dont understand is why you people are hiding something from me!

Silvers emotionless face turned around. Dont ignore me! I yelled.

Gary, just go back to Lavender. Blues worried about you. He began to turn around but then he handed me a white towel. Here, He said. You should wipe out that blood off your face.

I glared at him and refused. I just allowed him to place it in my hand. As he went outside, I felt miserable as I wiped the blood off my face. The scene of a savage battlefield lay around me. I thought about what would have Pryce said as I went out of the power plant.


I met Nick and Michelle outside. Nick was carrying Marina.

Is she? I asked but was interrupted quickly by Nick.

Oh shes fine. Nick said. Shes just a little bit shaken. Shes alright.

Are you sure you can carry her? I asked. What about your arm?

Nah, Im gonna be fine. Since Michelle here dont even wanna carry her. He then looked at Michelle and saw her just ignore him.

Sowe should go back to Lavender town. I suggested.

I saw Nick nod then Michelle.

Cmon then!

All of us went on our way back toward Lavender. After crossing the vast meadow, exploring the dark cave, we managed to go back to the north of Lavender. Then, I heard a faint noise. It was Marinashe was waking up.

Whawhat happened? She asked as she rubbed her eyes. She was still in Nicks arms as she managed to realize whats happening.

Thanks, She said to Nick as she stood up.

Nick told her everything that happened. Her eyes widened as the story progressed. In the end, she was speechless.

Oh Gary! Im so sorry I did that! Marina said as she approached me with the bloody towel still in my hand.

Oh Im just okay. I said, realizing a few cuts and bruises in my face. My left eye was sore, but that was just it.

You know Nick, Gary couldve carried her. Michelle muttered.

What? What do you mean? I asked.

LookNicks arm is badly hurt and you let him carry her!

Oh, thats just fine Marina said. I swear I saw her blush at the moment. I looked at Nick and he was smiling.

Oh well, I muttered.

There you are! I heard Blue yell. And where have you all been? She yelled, as she looked at us, all bloody and shaken.


To Be Continued

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another grate chapter! good work oni!

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Evil Pryce! Beat that old man up! XD!
I see Nick is having a crush on Marina. Cute :cool:

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Chapter 27: Continuing the Journey

Blue noticed the white towel in my hand.

Where did you get that? She asked as she examined my bruised face.

We were back in Blues home. She just treated Nicks wounds and she was treating mine.

Uh, Silver gave it to me. I replied as she wiped cotton on my face.

Silver? Said Blue with astonishment.

Yeah, he gave it to me before he left. I told her.

Why dont you kids tell me what happened? She said as she continued to rub medicine on my wounds. It stung a bit but soon, I was fine.

Nick and me started the story on both out sides along with the occasional interruptions from Michelle. Marina told us that after we both lost to her, she didnt remember anything. Not even the slap, which Michelle didnt mention.

Blue paused. I could see in her eyes that she was thinking rapidly. She was in deep thought as if something disastrous is going to happen.

Pryce, huh? She repeated.

Yeah, do you know him? I asked her but she paused again.

Im sorry, but I cant tell you everything. All that I can say is that we defeated him fifteen years ago. Blue replied.

What do you mean by defeated? Nick asked all of the sudden. I could see that he was interested.

Well, its kind of hard to explain. You see, when we were kids, there was this man who used to abduct other kids and use them to take over the world. That man is Pryce. He used to abduct kids as young as three or four. He treated them harshly so that when they grow up, they become cold hearted and merciless. Silver is one of those kids.

Blue sighed and continued.

But one day, Silver ran away. He knew how evil Pryce is and his plans for world domination. Along his way, I met him. Then Gold. Then Crys. I looked at Marina and she was listening closely.

He persuaded all of usRed, Green, Yellow, and meto defeat Pryce and to stop his plans. My heart leapt as I heard my parents names.

And thats thatwe beat him. Blue sighed once more and relaxed.

But why is he back? Marina asked.

I dont know. Blue replied quickly.

I dont understandhow did you guys beat him? I asked.

Well, he used the legendary Pokemon Celebi to warp back in time. However, Gold chased him down and he beat him there. He was trapped in time from then on.

No one asked her questions anymore.

Some story, Michelle muttered.

Nick looked at her sharply and whispered something about being rude.

Do you kids care to stay for a few more days? Blue asked.

Oh I dont know I began.

Sorry but we have to go to the next city. Do you know where it is? Marina asked suddenly.

Oh, if thats what you want, Blue said quite amazed. Saffron is the next city and its over there. West from here.

Oh, okay. Thanks! Marina said as she stood up.

Are we going now? I asked her.

Yeah, we better go before it starts to rain again. Marina smiled at me.

But we need to rest!

Oh why dont you kids sleep here and leave tomorrow?

But Marina hesitated.

No need for buts. The boys are tired and you girls just sleep over for a while. Blue said. Besides, it looks like your friends already sleeping.

I looked to my side to see Michelle sleeping on the couch.

Oh well, Marina sighed.

I handed the bloody towel to Blue. She examined it and told me that she should wash it. As she left the room, I took out the Pokball containing the Magneton. I examined it in its Pokball but Nick quickly noticed it.

Hey, whats that? He asked.

Uhits a Magneton. I caught it at the power plant. I replied to him.

There were Pokmon in there, too? He said in amazement. No way!

I handed him the Pokball and let him examine it.

Oh Gary! He exclaimed. Do you want to trade or something?

Huh, you mean trade Pokmon?

Yeah, Ill trade you my Milotic for this! He said happily.

Are you sure?

Yeah, hurry! Before Michelle wakes up! He said hurriedly as he took out his Pokball.

Where do we trade here?

Here, He took out a small machine from his backpack. It looked like a small red box with two suction cups that are attached from two pipes that came out from the middle of the box. Its a mini trading machine.

Marina looked at it curiously. Wow, Ive never seen anything like that before. She said in awe.

Me, too. I said. Now, where do I put this?

I placed the Pokball right where Nick told me too and he placed his Pokball next to mine.

Ok, were ready. He said as he turned it on and selected trade.

The two Pokballs disappeared and reappeared again. Trade complete! Nick said gleefully.

Wow, my first trade. I thought. Just to be sure, I examined the Pokmon that Nick traded me. It had a long pink body and shiny scales. It looked pretty cool.

You wont regret the trade! Nick said reassuringly. That Pokmon can surf, you know.

Really? Thats cool.

And its a rare water type, too!

But how come you traded it for my Magneton? I asked.

Aw nothing, just because I wanted to.


Bye, Blue! I said as I waved my hand.

Bye! She called back. Now you kids be good! Marina, if you see your dad again, tell him that Ill get him next time! You kids be well and no fighting! Good luck! She said as we all walked side by side.

Wait, why are you two following us? Marina asked as she glared at Michelle.

Umnothing Nick replied. We just want to follow you guys for a while.

Really? I said as I looked at both Nick and Marina.

Hurry up slow people! Michelle suddenly interrupted as she suddenly walked faster than the rest of us.

Hey! Wait up!

To Be Continued

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Pretty good chapter. A Milotic! Very good trade.
Blue talking about the story brings back memories :cool:

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Chapter 28: Trusting her

Im tired! Michelle muttered. We were just twenty minutes from Lavender Town and she was starting to complain.

Michelle, were not even near Saffron, Nick replied. Both of them tugged at each other as they debated whether we should stop or no.

Are they like this all the time? Marina asked.

They were when I was traveling with them. I muttered with a bit of an annoyed tone.

Maybe we should stop I looked at Marina and wondered why she said so.

Michelle and Nick stopped fighting and I realized why. It must have been my imagination or is the sun setting already?

Night already? Nick gasped. But we just left right after morning a few minutes ago!

Now I say we stop! Michelle cried triumphantly.

Michelle, doesnt it bother you that its turning night already? Marina suddenly blurted out. I looked around. Our long shadows stretched across the fields. The grass was burning gold and the air was cold.

Michelle shook her head.

Ok, well camp here! Nick said as he threw his backpack on the ground.

I dont understand itI swear we just left Lavender town a few minutes ago I sat down plunged in deep contemplation.

Me neither. Marina said as she sat down with Nick who was tending to make a fire. They both chatted happily as the sun fully set.

Soon, the warm fire was built. Nick was cooking and I really missed his cooking. He had a great talent for his age. I learned that Michelle and Nick are only one year younger than me and yet he could cook the best stew I tasted.

As we finished dinner, we were all soon sleepy. As Nick put out the fire, I heard Marina say Good night. A low mumble came from Michelle. Looks like shes already asleep. I soon found my eyes really heavy. I never found out that we I was soon in a deep sleep.


Gary, wake up! I heard Marina scream.

I rubbed my eyes and looked around. My head ached as I sat up. What? What did they do now? I muttered expecting Nick and Michelle to be arguing.

Its not them; were surrounded! Marina said.


Gary, it looks like weve been surrounded by these Haunters I heard Nick said. His voice seems to be distant.

Ack! Get them off me! Get them off! Michelle yelped as I looked around in the darkness.

Where are you guys? I asked.

We cant move! Nick yelled somewhere from my right.

What do you mean? I asked in all the confusion.

Dont stand up, Gary! Theyll grab you somehow! Marinas voice was heard in the far left.

It was too late. As I heard her say those words, I was already standing up. Suddenly, I felt two hands hold my arms. I couldnt move. It was as if some sort of super human strength was holding my arms.

Whats happening? I heard laughter somewhere behind me.

Theyre ghost Pokmon, Nick said as Michelles yelling and complaining filled the whole plain with noises.

I dont know where they came from but I think theyre leading us somewhere! Marina yelled over Michelles screams. I felt myself being dragged. Then, my mind went automatically into assumption that Pryce is behind this. If he can control humans, then he can probably control Pokmon.

I tried grabbing for one of my Pokballs but the grip of the Haunter was too powerful.

Help! I called into the darkness.

Its no use! People could have heard Michelles screams by now! Marina said over all of the commotion.

As she said the words, I felt a sharp pain on one side of my head. Then, I felt cold air enveloping my whole body. It was if I was plunged into cold water.

Help! I cried out once more. The sensation of drowning came into me. Soon, my feet were numb and I couldnt hear Michelle scream anymore. Four people stopped struggling as they were dragged across the field and into the never-ending darkness. I could still hear the soft sound of feet dragging through the dirt of the field.

Then, I heard a girls voice. It was as if her voice was light that pierced through this darkness.

Yomi, sunny day! I heard a familiar voice yell.

Darkness disappeared immediately. Everything was now bright and the sun was back in the skies. I looked to my side and saw a girlEmily! Her Dragonair was out and ready to execute another attack.

Yomi, use twister! I saw her Dragonair send out a gust that grew bigger and bigger. The tornado was sent towards us and blew away the Haunters. I could now see the forms of the Haunters. They were big black floating heads with floating hands.

Eek! Get them off get them off! Michelle cried as she struggled. We were all back to our normal states.

When all the Haunters were gone, I look towards Emily. She returned her Dragonair and walked towards me. The sun remained in the sky.

Thanks, I told her.

She smiled with her bright blue eyes. Your welcome! She replied in her tiny voice.

Whats she doing her? Marina suddenly blurted out.

You guys know her? Nick asked. He observed Emily with intent in his eyes.

Well, thats the second time shes saved Marina and me. Ive met her while Im still in Vermillion. I told him.

Marina cant seem to restrain herself. Gary, I dont trust her, She said as she eyed her suspiciously.

Emily looked back at Marina with her bright blue eyes. She doesnt seem to pose any threat at all.

Marina, after she saved our lives twice, you dont even trust her yet? I asked her.

I told you before, its justsomething else Her voice trailed off as Emily began to speak.

Im hungry She said as she clutched her stomach.

Hungry? Nick smiled. Well, since the suns up, lets have breakfast!


Emily seems to be very hungry all these days. She ate really fast and stormed through four bowls of rice.

Well, shes very hungry Michelle noted. Nick, how come you dont make me five bowls of rice when Im really hungry?

Nick grunted. Still hungry? He asked Emily. She shook her head then wiped excess rice from her face.

Where are you from and how old are you? Nick asked her. She remained silent.

She doesnt know, I told Nick. She told me that she ran away from home when she was seven. Shes nine now.

Why? Nick asked.

She said she wants to find her that. Thats all. I told Nick.

Nick then looked at Emily. Why did you run away? He asked her.

Emily paused for a while. I want to find daddy She simply said.

See, I told you. I said immediately after the response.

Nick scratched his head. Isnt your mom worried?

Nope, mommy told me that I can find daddy, Emily responded without even faltering.

Whoa. Weird kid. Michelle muttered.

Thats strange. Why would her mom let her go? Nick asked me.

I dont know. Why are you asking me? I just met her a few days ago. I shrugged.

Marina cleared her throat.

Nick and me both looked at her. Her arms were crossed and she seems to have less attention after a few minutes.

Marina, whats the matter? Nick asked.

She didnt respond. She just crossed her arms and didnt say anything. Nick seems to be displaying a bit of concern.

Whats wrong with her?

I dont know either. She told me that she somehow doesnt like Emily. I told him.

Her name is Emily? Nick suddenly asked.

I nodded. Nick sat back and noticed that Emily was already fast asleep.

She has a pretty rare Pokmon for an early age, Nick told me.

I nodded. I just wonderhow did she got that?

I looked around me and noticed that Michelle was already sleeping, too. Marina was just silent.

Hmm, maybe we should wait until Michelle wakes up. Nick said. Then well continue going to Saffron city.


Nick, Marina and me sat silently and without a word. I noticed that Marina was looking around a bit. Then, she stood up.

Im going to the bathroom She muttered then she disappeared from view.

Better catch up to her if you dont want her to get possessed again. Nick said.

Me? Why dont you look after her? I told him with a bit of laughter.

B-but shes Nick stared back at me. Hmm, Im really worried about her, Gary. I dont think we should just leave her in the wild like that.

Sure you do. A league champion like her can beat up anything. I replied.

Maybe, Nicks voice trailed off. Oh well, Im going off then! He stood up and went towards the direction where Marina went.

I soon found myself alone. Michelle and Emily where sleeping and I couldnt do anything. I yawned and felt sleepy myself. I looked at the skyit was very cloudy today. I completely lost sense whether what time it is.

As I pondered, I heard Emily wake up. She sat up and yawned. Her red hair was still tied.

Got a good sleep? I asked her.

She nodded and smiled at me. Garys your name, right? She asked.

I was really amazed when she spoke directly at me without her voice trembling.

Y-yeahyour voice I stammered.

OhIm just afraid of Marinathats all she said.

Huh? Why?

I dunnoIm just afraid of her. Her replies were short but sounded meaningful to me.

Emily, I began. Where did you get your Pokmon?

She looked back at me. UmIIdont know

How come you dont know? I asked her. I mean you have to remember where you got your Pokmon.

She shook her head. I was thinking that she must be hiding something from me.

Oh well I muttered.

Gary, Emily called. Whats your mommy like?

Huh? Why are you asking me that?

I just want to know

Okay, shes really nice and shes pretty andumshes smart and she cares for me a lot. I said trying to think more.

Emily sighed.

Whats the matter? I asked her.

I just wish that I could find daddy soon so that mommy would be happy. She replied.

Why? Wheres your dad anyway?

Daddy ran away. I havent even seen daddy yet so I dont know how he looks like. Emily said quietly. But mommy said that daddys eyes look like mine.

I nodded. Suddenly, the memory of my father came back to me. My whole journey was to find my own father, tooand yet all this timeI forgot to ask Blue about my dad!

Ive seen my dad but I just wish I know whats he like. My mom said that hes really kindand hes really nicebut I dont know what else to say.

I always tried to think why my mom loved my dadshe never really told me about itshe just said that I reminded her so much about him.

I was still looking at the sky when Emily joined me. You know, were really the same, She said. Just what like what you said before.

I nodded. I wish you could find your dad so that your mom would get happy I said to her.

Thanks Emily replied. Gary, is your mommy sad because your daddy is away?

Yeah, I replied as I watched a cloud float by. Shes really sad. Thats why I wanted to find my dad so badlyI just dont want to see her cry anymore.

Emily stood up.

Are you going away already? I asked her.

She simply nodded. Yeah

Butwe were having such a good time. I could make Marina not stare at you, just stay here for a while.

She didnt reply. I stood up with her and tried to make her stay. Emily! I just wanted to talk to someone whos like me!

GaryI need to go. Youre really nice butif I want to find daddy, I need to go. She replied.

And where are you going? I turned around to see Marina. She looked quite serious.

Huh? Wheres Nick? I asked.

Over here! Nick said as he approached me. Oh, is Michelle awake already?

No I said while shaking my head.

Gary, I have tobye. Emily said as she turned to run.

Emily, wait! I tried to grab to her hand and I was successful.

Gary Emily said. II really need to go

Emily, just stay for a while. I really wish you wouldnt go. I could see a single tear slowly drop from her eye.

Whats this all about? Marina asked. Look, you. I really dont want to hurt anyone anymore. So, I just wanted to say sorry about last time

Emily stopped and paused.

Im sorry. Im sorry I called you a freak. Marina finally said.

Emily looked down. She nodded and sat down. I finally let go of her hand.

Thank youMarina Emily said.

I looked at Marina and I could see a forced smile in her face. Nick was smiling, too. As I soon realized that everythings okay, we all heard a yawn.

Okay, what do we do now? Michelle muttered as she rubbed her eyes.

Im not going to let you have the last word this time I heard Nick say.

To be continued...

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Awesome chapter! I see Marina now respects Emily.
Those Haunters sure stirred up trouble :cool:
Cant wait to read more!

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hee, sonds like emily stole her dragonair, and it looks like she might follow them around for a while. very good chapter!

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Chapter 29: One more step

So now were just one big happy group. Even as I urged Emily to stay, I had no idea how Marina reason to apologize. Soon, as we neared Saffron city, I asked Nick.

Hey Nick! I asked him.

Yeah? Whats up?

You were following Marina, right? I continued.

He paused for a while. We were resting near a river and just above the horizon, we could see Saffron city with its tall buildings.

Yeah, why are you asking?

I just want to know how she made up thinking of apologizing to Emily.

Oh that? Nick laughed. Well, Ill tell you but dont tell her that I told you or dont tell anyone else, okay?

I nodded.

Okay, when I followed her, she didnt really go to the bathroom. She was really spacing out over the other side. When I asked her why she doesnt like Emily, she told me she doesnt know. Then I asked her about what happened before and she said that she called her a freak or something. Then I told her to apologize.

I didnt believe Nick. She couldnt obey Nicks orders immediately. Sure you did, I muttered.

You dont believe me? Nick said jokingly. Aww, cmon Gary!

I suspected that there was something more to it. Maybe it was something else since that incident at the power plant. Nick seems to pay close attention to Marina.

Im hungry! I heard Michelle moan.

What? Nick yelled. You just almost ate up all of our food!

Is she always like that? Marina asked Nick.

Oh yeah! Nick replied. She eats everything and Im wondering why she doesnt get fatshe mustve took after mom


Everyone was too lazy walk that afternoon. I wasnt. I wanted to train some more since I heard that the gym leader in Saffron uses powerful psychic Pokmon and I just realized that I still have low-leveled Pokmon. I asked Nick to be a training partner but he declined. Marina seems to be too experienced herself but she might be too powerful. I dont trust Michelle that much and Emily has only one Pokmon and she has no idea of training.

And so I sighed as I released my current Pokmon. Blaze, Sage, Abby, Doga, and Gabby, my Milotic. I noticed that Abby was my only unevolved Pokmon yet she has the highest level of them all. Next was Blaze, then Gabby, then Doga and finally, Sage.

I just noticed from a few days ago that you could check a Pokmons level through the Pokdex. Of course there were many other functions that Im sure I missed.

Charmeleon, level 34. Evolves at level 36 to Charizard. I mumbled to myself. I scanned through the screen and saw a Pokmon that resembles Charmeleon but only has wings. Wow, if I can get Blaze to evolve like that, I wont have to walk anymore. I exclaimed happily.

I looked at Abbys level. Abra, level 40. Evolves to Kadabra at level 16. Whoa! She should have evolved a long time ago! I then saw a picture of an evolved Abra holding a spoon in one hand.

Pidgeotto, level 31; Onix, Level 32; Milotic, level 33. I got to train these guys, too! I looked at their attacks. I remembered that I already took out some of Blazes weak attacks. However, Abby doesnt seem to learn any new attacks.

I then returned all of my Pokmon except for Abby. Abby, we better evolve you soon before we face the gym leader!


As I continued to train with Abby, she doesnt seem to respond at all. As she fainted around twenty different Pokmon, she still wont evolve.

Whats wrong? I asked her.

Master, this is a dangerous place, She simply said. Its been a long time since I heard her child voice.

What do you mean? I asked her.

This placeit yields so much energy Her voice trailed off to silence as I placed my hand on her head.

You know, you shouldnt saying things like that. It wont really matter if something attacks me now. I got you! I tried to cheer myself up. Abby herself couldnt come up to talk more. Okay then, lets keep up the training!


Somehow, as I was training Abby, I felt sleepy. Everything seems to be comfortable as I felt my eyelids become heavier. I yawned and stretched my hands.

Master, you mustnt fall asleep. I heard Abbys voice from somewhere far as I fell on my knees. Master, you mustnt fall asleep or risk seeing that vision again!

I was aware that the same vision of my parents being killed might return. Abby tried to shake me out of sleeping but I was already struggling to stand up. I looked around and noticed a whole group of gaseous stuff floating around me.

What the heck is this? I muttered as I gasped.

Master, these are the enemies. You must defeat them now! I heard her say.

Pryce automatically came into my mind. Okay I said trying to stand up. My feet were starting to tremble from my weight. I felt light headed and nauseated. C-confusion! I yelled.

At once, Abby sent out a bright light and attacked the gaseous substances. I looked around and noticed that these were actually Ghastlies!

Abby, keep attacking! I said I felt a bit well.

More attacks came from Abby and cleared off all of the Ghastlies. Then, hordes of Haunters were next. Whats happening? What are they doing during the light? I asked myself and commanded Abby to do more confusions.

Master, more are coming! Abby said.

Oh crap, just what we need. I said as I took out my Pokball containing Blaze. But suddenly, my hand was paralyzed. I could feel a Haunters cold hand hold me. Then, a laugh came from it.

Let me go! I yelled as I tried to tug from the gaseous Pokmon. But it was no use. Abby was too busy to notice and Im already being captured. Abby! I yelled.

Burning sensation came into my hand. It was painful yet so hot at the same time. I tried to scream but soon, I fainted.


I dont want to see it again, I whispered. MomDadplease dont die I felt tears coming down my eyes and running through my face. Dadplease come backI dont want to see Mom crying again

I fainted while I was trying to escape from the Haunter. I didnt remember what happened next but I wish that I wouldnt see that horrible vision again. Why? I asked myself. Why can I see things in my dreams? There were things that I rememberedthings I saw in my dreams

Gold? Whats wrong? Asked a girl.

It was somewhere far away. A boy and a girl were sitting at the beach looking at the sunset. The boy seems to be troubled by something.

Nothing, He said.

The girl had long blue hair that stopped at her waist. The boy had short black hair.

No its not nothing Said the girl. I can see it in your eyes! Somethings bothering you!

Crys, just give me time to thinkIm justI just need time The boy said.

Why? Golddont youdont you love me anymore? Crys asked with a horrified tone.

No, its not that, Gold sighed. I was just thinking aboutabout having a family.

Both fell silent. Then Crys laughed. For one moment, I thought it was something else.

That was really weird asking me if I dont like you anymore, Gold muttered.

Making a family, huh? Crys whispered. Well, it was your idea to get married so early.

He pondered for a while.

Somethings still bothering you Crys whispered. If its something, you can tell me.

Crys, Im really worried about the others. I mean, what are they doing now all these time? And arent they supposed to answer when we call them? Gold replied.

Oh Gold, Crys held his hand. Why are you even bothered by them? I mean we all have a life now. I really want to know how are they doing but shouldnt we worry about our future first?

Gold nodded.

Your dreamall people will realize your name at the momentGold the strongest of the Elite Fourthey would all be talking about you. Thats your dream, right? Crys asked.

Gold nodded again. This time, he was facing Crystal.

Everyone would go to New Bark Town just to meet you or ask you advice. Then they would talk about how lucky you are and that you have the most caring wife Crys laughed and changed her voice to softer and a quieter one. And theyd say that Gold must be happy because he has a wife and a baby that will grow up to follow his fathers footsteps

Gold looked at Crys and saw it in her eyes. Crys, you mean? As Gold said the words, Crys wrapped her arms around him.

She whispered to him, Gold, Im

Master! Abby called. I opened my eyes slowly. I sat up and clutched my bleeding arm.

Abby? I called. I looked around and rubbed the try tears from my eyes. Abby? Where are you?

Over here, master!

I looked around and I was quite shocked.

Whoa! I gasped. Abby!

She evolved while I was knocked out. She stood up and was holding a spoon in one hand. She looked quite bruised and beaten since she was bleeding, too.

Abby, are you okay? I said as I stumbled near her.

It is just nothing She said. Just wounds that will heal soon She collapsed.

Abby! I yelled as I tried to wake her up. The wounds looked severe and theres no Pokmon Center nearby. The camp might be near and I have to get there, soon. I picked her up and ran as fast I could. My mind raced as I tried to think of a plan. Just then, I felt something warm in my hands. I thought it was just blood but when something was glowing under Abbys body; I recognized that it was something else.

I set her down and remembered the incident in Viridian forest. The first time I met Sage, I healed him. Now, as my hands glowed, the blood disappeared. The wound was gone and there was no scar in sight. Abby was fully healed.

Howhow did I do that? I asked myself. It was the second time I did it but I dont know how to exactly do it. I looked at Abby and checked her health. It was full but she was still fainted.

Probably sleeping, I thought as I returned her to her Pokball.

As I headed on my way back to camp, I remembered a new vision. How come I didnt get the same vision I got when Pryces Pokmon were attacking me? Instead, I had another vision. As the sun sets on the horizon, I remember the namesGold and Crystal. They seem to be familiar. And as I reached camp, everything was dark except the fire and the loud voices of Michelle and Nick. Then it dawned in me. Gold and Crystalwerent they Marinas parents?

To be continued

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Gold and Crystal! Married and having Marina! That was a great flashback he had!
Its great to see Abby evolve too!
Can't wait to read more of this great story!

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Chapter 30: Running away

I never told to anyone about my vision. Even though they noticed my arm, which was bleeding profusely, I just told them that I finally managed to evolve my Abrathats all. Nick and Marina were pretty much interested and thats itI guess. Michelle wasnt interested one bit and Emily seems to dislike people surrounding her; thats why she didnt go near a lot of people.

However, when Nick and Marina were finally away, she came to me and asked me how I evolved it. I lied and told her that I just kept on training her. I cant tell her the truth, of course. I sighed since I was alone again.

Nothing much happened after that day. I just kept thinking about two things. One was about my vision and what was Crystal about to say to Gold. Second was that I never really knew how to activate my powers. I was only able to heal my Pokmon a few timesand thats all. Did I say that nothing happened much after that day? No, Im absolutely wrong


We finally reached Saffron city without anything bizarre happening. Michelle finally had her rest in one of the hotels in there but Emily seems to be scared and was hiding behind me most of the time.

Whats the matter? I asked her.

She merely shook her head and didnt say anything more. Nick seems to be having a good time. The same goes for Marina. I decided to explore the city a bit and learn more about the gym leader. Marina told me that the gym leader uses high-level psychic Pokmon. I thought for a while as I crossed a street.

But then, something caught my eye. It was a familiar redheaded girl that looked at me then quickly went into an alley.

Huh? Wasnt that just Melissa? I asked myself. I turned around and went to the alley where I saw her go.

I looked around and found out that the alley led to another street. After crossing the alley, I finally saw a glimpse of her in the crowd. She was hard to find since she was small in midst of a dense crowd. People were busy around here. Everyone was talking so loudly that when I tried to call Melissas name, I couldnt hear myself.

Melissa! I called. I knew it was her. Her pigtails made her stand out in the crowd. Melissa! I called again.

She turned around but when she saw me, she quickly ran off.

Hey! Melissa! Where are you going? I quickly tried to catch up to her but I bumped into angry people, which slowed my down.

I could see her going to another alley. Hey! Stop! I called. Finally, I was freed from the crowd as I followed her to the alley. Luckily, this one was a dead end.

She looked at me with a horrified expression.

Please dont tell daddy that Im here! She said. She seems to be very frantic and was nervous.

Huh? What are you doing here in Saffron city? I asked her. And where are your parents?

Gary, please dont tell daddy Im here! She repeated.

What do you mean?

Mommy and Daddy dont know that Im in this city, She calmed down a bit.

You mean you ran away? I asked.

She nodded slowly.

Arent your parents worried? And do you even have Pokmon to protect yourself?

She took out her four Pokballs. I have Pika and Gyara with me! I dont have to worry, you know.

I looked at her Pokballs. I could see her Pikachu, Gyarados, Starmie and a Seel.

I sighed. You should still be home, you know. Red is going to be really worried.

ButbutI just want to be a trainer so badly! Mommy or Daddy said Im too young but I already have four Pokmon with me! She said quickly.

Even though I didnt understand much of what she said, I know that Red or Misty is trying to find her.

Come on, well fly to Cerulean city. I said.

No! Let me stay with you for a while! She pleaded. Please, Gary!

I felt a bit sorry for her since she did come a long way. She must be pretty smart to avoid Red.

Alright, alright. But you have to behave okay? I said.

Oh thanks so much, Gary! She said as she held my hand.

We walked home and she seems to be very happy as we walked to the hotel room. I knocked on the door and waited for them. Marina opened the door and was quite shocked.

Hey, I know you! Marina exclaimed. Youre that Cerulean Gym leaders kid!

Melissa nodded with pride.

Hey I know you! Michelle then said next, Youre that annoying kid from Cerulean Gym!

Melissa, hearing this, glared at Michelle.

Guys, guys! I said trying to calm down the two forces. Lets just give her a good time while she stays here for a while.

What? Melissa said. I want to travel with you, Gary!

But you have to go back to your parents, I told to her. I know theyre really worried.

We both entered the room and were greeted happily by Nick and Emily. Emily seems to shy away from the new visitor since she was silent but smiling.

Youre that one kid who acted as gym leader, arent you? Nick asked with suspicion.

Um, yeah. Melissa replied embarrassed. I wanted to have a battle so bad but mom and dad always stop me from having them.

She then took out her Pokballs. But I can battle real good!

Michelle looked at her. Sure you do. I bet I can beat you easily.

No you cant, Melissa then replied quickly. I remember that you had to battle mom three times before you actually beat her by a hair.

Michelle roared as she tried to unleash her wrath on Melissa. Luckily, Nick and me held her back on time.

No fair! How come she gets to say something and I dont? She muttered.

Marina and Melissa talked for a while and exchanged strategies as Nick and I chatted on one side of the room.

Arent her parents worried? Nick asked.

Thats what I asked her. She said she ran off. I replied.

And how old is she? Seven?

Yeah, thats what she told me once. Its weird since thats the same age that Emily ran away from her home.

Both of us fell silent.

Hey, Gary. Have you heard more from the gym leader? Nick asked breaking the silence.

Nope. Before I could ask anyone, I saw her in the streets. I replied.

Aw, darn. We really need to know more about the leader.

We chatted for a while and decided to go there ourselves. As we went outside of the hotel, I noticed that Melissa and Marina were following us.

What are you guys following us for? Nick asked.

Umnowhere. We just want to follow you guys and watch you beat the leader. Marina replied.

Sure, sure. I said. I bet Marinas just going to challenge the leader herself.

How would you know? She asked.

Well, its kind of obvious isnt it?


As we reached the gym doors, we opened the massive door together. It was very heavy and it really made us tired. As we walked to hallways, there were no other people. I could hear a low metal humming as we walked along the hallways.

Hey, do you guys hear that? I asked them.

Hear what? Melissa asked.

I paused for a while. Nothing.

As we continued, the metal humming could still be heard. Finally, we reached the stadium doors. I sighed one more time as we pushed the doors open.

Man, these things are heavy. How can people around here open these? Nick muttered.

As we all entered the battlefield, we gasped. The whole gym was massive. The spotlights were huge and the light glared on us.

Wow! This is massive! Marina gasped.

I nodded. I havent seen a battlefield so huge in my entire life. Then, I heard a voice.

Welcome, said a womans voice. It sounded very familiar. I congratulate all of you who have reached this gym.

We looked to our side and saw a woman walking towards us. Her face was hidden beneath the shadows. Especially you, Gary. You have made a tremendous effort to arrive.

Whahow did you know my name? I gasped.

Oh? Dont you remember? We have met before in Vermillion if you remember, She stepped into the light. At once, I could remember her cool and calm expression.

You were with Surge! I said. You were that woman who

Yes it is true. She said calmly. My name is Sabrina. Ah, you have brought friends with you? Let us seeah yes!

She walked towards us and placed her hand on Melissas head. You are Reds daughter. Quite brave of you to run away from home,

Before Melissa could hesitate, she was already towards Marina. And you are Gold and Crystals daughter. My, my, you are quite skilled arent you?

How did you know all of this? Nick suddenly yelled as she began to approach him.

You children havent found out yet, eh? Very wellI am a psychic gym leader. I myself am also a psychic if you may say.

So thats how you let me see those things in Vermillion! I blurted out. You sent them telepathically into my mind!

Youre very smart, Gary. You might have noticed that you are a psychic yourself. She said coolly as she paced around us.

What? I dont know Im a psychic. I dont remember being one. I replied.

Ah, is that so? She stopped in front of me. Do you not remember those tragic memories that you have seen?

What do you I gasped. You meanthose visions I see?

Hasnt Toshin Heishiro taught you anything?

Youyou know him? I exclaimed. My voice rose. It was heard through echoes in the large stadium.

Why yes, I can see what has happened in this world for years. Havent you met him again since he left you in Cerulean city?

No, I replied. What do you mean when you said he taught me something?

You havent noticed anything strange since you became a trainer? She asked me.

I remembered the many thingshow I can heal Pokmon with my own hands, the strange feelings whenever Pryce was near, the visions

Yeah, what about them?

Sabrina laughed silently. Toshin told you once that the powers of the Viridian forest cannot be inherited. Do you know anything else?

He said that only a few people have those kinds of powers. You meanmy powers?

No. You only received part of it. If you could see, the only powers that you received was the gift of healing another being. That seems to be all. But Toshin, seeing that your body can absorb those powers, gave you part of his. She then waited for my reply.

I remember know. Toshin told me once that I can see things in places or in someones deepest memories. I said.

Everyone was silent. Of course this seems to be unbelievable but my mind raced and my heart throbbed as everything started to fall into place.

You seem to be getting the hang of it, Sabrina said. I sensed that you want to have a gym battle?

I nodded.

Your power is still unstable. I am sorry but I must decline. Come back here when you have fulfilled enough badges to challenge me. She said.


But perhaps I may help, can I? She smirked.

II just want to know more about my father. You said that you could see everything, right? Maybe you can use your memories to send them into mind again. Maybe I can see another vision of my father. I said. I gripped my sweaty palms. This is my chance. I could see why dad left mom. Then I could find him and bring him back home.

You are brave. You know that joining two minds together could be very risky. However, lets give it a try shall we?

With both her hands, she touched my face.

Gary! Dont do it! I dont trust this woman! Nick said.

I ignored him. This is my only chance of seeing dad

Just concentrate and close your eyes Sabrina whispered as she touched my forehead.

To be Continued

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Sabrina was real helpful. Knowing everyone and their parents.
Will he battle for the badge or have to wait?
I know Marina could battle her with her skill :D

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Chapter 31: Sacrifice

It was darkthe night was cold. The tress rustled as the wind passed through them. The sun just set, as the first stars lay scattered across the vast dark blue sky. Under the night sky, there was a house. A small stream of smoke came from the chimney from its side. A single light was lit on the second floor.

A womans voice was heard crying in midst of the peaceful night. Everyone slept peacefully across the land. Only the sobbing of the young mother was heard.

Yellow called a mans voice.

Inside the bedroom, the young mother cried in front of the empty crib. A mans hand grasped her shoulder. Its been three nights since the crib was empty.

Im going to bring him back, I promise, Said the man.

Yellow silently sobbed. GreenI cant risk you, tooifif She sobbed.

But theres no choice, Yellow. If I die trying, Ill at least save him, Green said as he knelt down with Yellow.

Nobutits not fairwhy our baby?

Green hugged her. Please dont cry anymore, He whispered to her. Ill bring Gary back, I promise.

Yellow stopped crying. She breathes slowly as she wrapped her arms around Green. Its too risky. Please, Green. I dont want to be alone

YellowI must go

Please stay, Greenif I lose you and Gary, I dont know what else I could do

Green stroked her hair. I really wish I could stay, Yellow. He then kissed her slowly and softly in the lips. Im sorry Yellowplease forgive me for doing this to you He whispered to her ear.


Sadnessshes sad Makoto sighed. I wish I could cheer her up

You know, you shouldnt be doing that right now. Of course shes sad. Green is risking his life just to save their baby. Sakaki muttered to Makoto.

Shh! Makoto silenced her. Shesshes cryingI guessshe feels so sad inside

What else do you expect when someone gets their baby kidnapped? Sakaki snapped at him.

They were in the outskirts of Pallet town. Just beyond the sea route south of the town. Makoto was sitting in the sand with his eyes closed. The moonlight shined on the beach. Its rays were reflected on the calm water. Makotos dark, heavy cloak made prints on the sand; the same goes for Sakaki.

Noits a different kind of sadness. It feels as if someone just died.

Stop that, okay? Its stalking her emotions and you shouldnt do that in the first place!

Alright, alright! Makoto yelled as he stood up. Youre really grumpy this night,

Well, were waiting for Toshin and hes not here yet. Brothers never late! Sakaki exclaimed.

Sure he isnt, Makoto said mockingly. Since when is he on time?

Sakaki was silent. Both she and Makoto knows that Toshin was never the same

After she died, I know! Makoto yelled at Sakaki.

But Makoto! You shouldnt be yelling at brother like that! Hes

I dont care! Cant he move on? It really annoys me when hes trying to be some sort of dark avenging hero when he can just move away from the past and stop trying to remember what was Makoto was suddenly interrupted.

Move on, eh? It was Toshin. Ive thought of that many timesbut then the satisfaction of revenge is always at its bitter point when you try to forget the past.

Hiroki-nii! Sakaki exclaimed.

About time, Toshin. Makoto muttered.

Toshins face was sullen in the bright moonlight. His long dark hair made his already thin face look thinner and his dark cloak made his head look as if it was floating.

You two go on without me. I need to talk to Green. Toshin said.

But, what else could we do when were waiting? Makoto argued.

Red and Silver should be waiting for you two in Mount Moon. Dont advance immediately and wait for me and Green first.

Right, Sakaki and Makoto both replied as they ran off towards Mount Moon.

Toshin was now alone and by himself. He looked at the shining moon and its reflected rays on the water.

Move on, eh? He muttered to himself. I just wish I have that kind of strength in me


The light on the house was already out. The cold wind blew once more and shook leaves from trees and fell slowly to the ground. Green walked away from the house, armed with only one Pokmonhis Charizard that he trusted since he was young. He walked calmly and silently but then stopped.

You know, she wouldnt really forgive you if you died and left her that child to raise. Toshin said out of the darkness.

Green looked at him and smirked. Who said Im going to die? He replied. And where you just spying on us?

NoI was just waiting for you. I dont want to disturb someones private time with others. If you may, we just wasted a lot of time. We need to be there by now. Toshin said as he turned around and summoned his Pidgeot.

Green nodded as he summoned his Charizard and leapt on its back.

Dont worry about her. If you do die, Im sure my cousins going to watch over her. Toshin said as they both began to fly.


Feraligatr, return! Silver said as he recalled his Pokmon back.

Red, Green and Silvers Pokmon were already knocked out. All of them. So are Toshin, Sakaki and Makotos.

They were all confronting Pryce. Though he is in is weakened state, he still remained strong.

Was that all? Is that what you all have? He mocked them. Well, if you all are finished, then I should continue this ceremony.

They were all in Mount Moon square. Earlier before, Sakaki used her powers to drain Pryces energy and take him down to his weakened state. In order to survive, Pryce must now sacrifice the life of a newborn and must thrive on that babys bloodGarys blood.

Gary cried as he was placed on a stone. His cries were heard in the deepest corners of the cave. The moon shined up above with an eerie glow.

Gary! Green yelled as he tried to rush to his own son.

Stop, well handle this! Sakaki said, as she held back Green.

Its a last resort but it might work, Makoto said.

Green, were going to distract Pryce. While youre at it, try your best to grab Gary. Well take it from there. Silver whispered.

Feeling invincible, Pryce just ignored them. He started the ritual as he waited for the moon to fully shine up above as he chanted words.

Oy, Pryce! Red yelled. Arent you going to kill us first?

Fool, Pryce yelled. Who dares disturbs this ceremony? I do not tolerate anyone who delays this event!

Fine then, Red said as he rushed towards him.

What are you thinking charging at me, fool? Pryce said as two ice spears came from his hands.

Red dodged the spears quickly and then continued to charge at him. Pryce moved down and sent out an icy tentacle at Red. Red dodged it but didnt recognize that it was aiming at his back.

Ah! Red yelled as the tentacle lunged at his shoulder, leaving a bloody wound.

Quite fast, eh? Pryce muttered. How about

Oh no youre not! Silver yelled as he ran towards Pryce and landed a punch directly to his mask. Green, nows the chance!

Green was already running as he grabbed Gary and then ran back to where he was previously standing.

INSOLENT WORM! Pryce screamed as one tentacle impaled Silvers arm.

Silver screamed as he retreated. His wound bore an icy and bloody mark. Shouldnt have been reckless, He muttered as he clutched his arm.

Youre next! Pryce yelled as another tentacle rushed towards Red.

Toshin, nows the time! Makoto and Sakaki said.

Toshin was silent all battle long. But now, he knows what to do. All three of them, side by side, raised their hands. At once, a huge swirling vortex appeared behind Pryce.

No! It cant be! The warning! Pryce yelled as he looked up at the three. Blood red tattoos glowed in their right cheeks. I am not going to lose! Pryce yelled as he sent out his tentacles and reached for the huge rocks from the ground in order to stay in this world.

Hes more harder to take down than I thought! Makoto yelled over all of the noise. The wind was strong as everything was getting sucked into the purple void.

If this Unown gate wont stop him, nothing will! Sakaki said.

Suddenly, Unowns began to appear. They started to swarm around Pryce in order to let him fall into the void.

I will not be defeated! Pryce yelled for another time.

Shut up! Makoto yelled. This time, youre really going toah

Makotos mouth began to leak blood. No

Green watched from behind and noticed the gate becoming smaller. Whats happening? Green yelled.

Were not able to hold this gate for long. If we over do this, were going to die soon. Sakaki said weakly. Blood was also coming out of her mouth.

Greentheres no other planwe cant loose Silver muttered as he clutched his wound painfully.

Green, Red, you two are the only hope. Just think of a plan. Toshin cant hold him up if hes alone. Makoto said weakly as he landed on his knees but still kept his hand up with his other hand. The Unowns were all starting to disappear one by one.

Theres no hope for all of you! Pryce said as he started to walk towards them. This gate is already weakened!

Toshindont give up! Makoto said as he finally collapsed on the grass.


This is hopelesscant think of anything! Red said as he ran towards Green. Green! Green? What are you doing?

Hold Gary for me, He said as he handed Gary to Red.

Green? What are you doing? This isnt what we were thinking!

Red, its Gary who counts. Tell Yellow what happened here. Please return Gary safely. Green said as he rushed towards Pryce. Pryce, youre going against me to go for my son!

Whats he doing? Makoto muttered as he tried to stand up.

No! Green! Sakaki yelled.

FOOL! Toshin shouted.

Dad! I yelled. I was suddenly back where I was beforein Saffron City Gym. I looked around to see Sabrina, Nick, Marina and Melissa. They all seem to be shocked. What happened next? Why did you stop? I yelled.

Silence! I sense something Sabrina said quietly.

What? Then I heard the metal humming again. Can you head that sound, too?

Sabrina nodded.

I looked around the massive gym. Whats that?

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from above. The roof began to collapse.

Marina, Melissa! Watch out! Nick said as he both pushed them aside. Sabrina walked back a few spaces and I jumped back.

The suns rays came flowing down the battlefield. A shadow stood blocking the part of the sunlight from the roof. We all looked up to see a figure jumping from the roof. It was a man with bright red hair and a mask that only covered part of his face but I could see his eyes, mouth and nose. His clothes were tattered and torn and somewhat looked faded. His eyes yielded evil and his sneer paralyzed me.

Well, well, well, He said. If it isnt Sabrina. Long time no see. He said.

You! I thought we defeated you people years ago! Sabrina yelled.

The man laughed. Well, as long as the master lives, well all stay alive!

I now realized what his clothes were. They resemble a clowns outfit.

Oh, I see that you have the masters prize with you, eh? He said in a devious laugh.

Wwho are you? I stammered.

Oh my, how rude of me. Let me introduce myself then. My name is Will. And you might be Gary, I presume? He said bowing at me.

What do you want? I asked him.

My, dont be rudeall I want from you isyour life

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 32: The Lone Guardian

Who is this freak? Nick yelled as he stood up from the rubble. Marina and Melissa followed him.

Willone of the strongest of the Masked Children. You were last seen eleven years ago, is it not? Sabrina said.

My, you still remember my dear? Will sneered. I just dropped by to claim what master wants.

I stepped back in fear. Who is this guy? What does he mean by his master? Questions flooded my mind. Wwhos you master? I yelled.

Will laughed. Youve seen him before havent you? Doesnt the words Masked Children remind you of anything?

Pryce! He immediately came into my mind.

Ah, there you go! Will smirked. Master always needed subordinates. We served under him since we were just childrenthus our name.

However, Sabrina then said suddenly. You were all abolished fifteen years ago.

True, true, Will sighed. Masters body wasnt found. But for now, hes alive. Now to carry my duty!

He took out a purple Pokball and sent out his Pokmon. Xatu, psychic. A huge green bird with unemotional eyes came out. It spread its wings and then, the humming sounds became louder as I felt an invisible wall hit me.

I could taste blood in my mouth as I stood up.

Gary, you okay? Nick yelled. Go, Leaf! Nick sent out his Ivysaur at once. Use your vine whip!

Before Ivysaur can send out its vines, Xatu already attacked it. The psychic attack knocked out Ivysaur and continued until it hit Nick, Melissa and Marina. All three fainted immediately.

Nick, Marina, Melissa! I yelled.

Give up already! Will grunted.

My turn, Sabrina said as she took out her Ultra Ball. Alakazam, thunderpunch!

I saw a Pokmon that looked a lot like Kadabra but it was holding two spoons. It charged its fists and quickly punched Xatu. However, Will already commanded his Pokmon to teleport.

I looked around and saw above. Will was floating with his Xatu. Pitiful, I heard him mutter.

Will matches the skill of an Elite Four memberI dont know if I can defeat him alone, Sabrina said.

Fine then, Blaze, go! I said as I released my Charmeleon.

Will laughed. Do you think that your low leveled Charmeleon could harm me? He gasped.

Gary, this choice of yours might cost us more than we could

I know what Im doing. Lets just work together to beat this guy! I yelled. Blaze flamethrower!

I could see a sneer from Will then he teleported off. Over here! He said from behind me. A psychic attack knocked me off my feet and on to the floor. Sabrina managed to regain her balanced and floated a bit.

Blaze, slash! Blaze charged forward but was knocked back by another psychic attack.

You should not blindly rush towards him, Sabrina said. Strategize!

Before I could hesitate, Will sent out another Pokmon. Slowbro, use your ice beam on Gary!

Before I could hesitate, a bright blue beam hit me on the chest. I was thrown back from my feet to the wall.

Gary! Sabrina called as she rushed towards me.

Huh? I gasped. It didnt feel as if I was hit. The only thing that I felt was just a powerful push and the wall from behind me.

What? You should have frozen by now! Will said. Slowbro, another ice beam! I looked at Slowbro and Xatu. Both of them were frozen solid. What? Impossible! Will cried.

I looked at my chest and it doesnt look injured at all.

This is our chance! Sabrina yelled. Alakazam, thunder punch!

Blaze, flamethrower! The attacks were successful and knocked out both Pokmon.

Return, Will growled. Ive had enough! That was just a small sample of my power!

Suddenly, the humming noise was louder. The light from the hole on the roof disappeared. I looked up and saw dozens on Xatus! They all crowded the gym. The swarm emitted the same hum since I entered the gym.

What now? I muttered. Suddenly, I noticed something from Blaze. I could see wings and a larger body. He evolved. Finally! I yelled.

Will clapped his hands. Well done, He said. But can you withstand this army?

Gary, attack from the right. Ill attack from the left! She said to me. I nodded.

Blaze, flamethrower! I commanded as I ran towards the right. Blaze flew across and burned the Xatu swarm. Across from me, I could see Sabrina with her Alakazam attacking the Xatus. Gabby, come on out! I called as I sent out my Milotic. Use ice beam!

Gabby sent out a bright blue beam that froze the attacking Xatus.

Impressive, Will said. How about more?

From the hole on the roof, I saw more Xatus coming. No! I cried. How many more are there?

Just keep attacking! Sabrina yelled. More Xatus came as we knocked out more. I finally used all of my Pokmon and all are already tired. Sabrinas Pokmon doesnt seem to show any sign of fatigue but Im sure they are.

Have you come to make a decision? Will laughed. Fine, time to finish you all off!

Sabrina and me were already tired as Will approached both of us.

Now Gary, time to come with me

Leave him alone! Yelled another voice. It sounded familiar as I turned around. From the entrance, there was a heavily cloaked man. His face was familiar.

No! You, how did you track me down?

Toshin sighed. Sabrina here contacted me. Hope Im not late.

It was plenty of time, Heishiro. I heard Sabrina as she gasped for air.

Will cursed. Ive had enough of interruptions! Attack!

The Xatus now aimed for Toshin. I could see a small smirk from Toshin. How cute.

He took out a Pokball in a quick motion. It was as if his movements were lightning.

Luna, tri attack! He commanded as he released his Pokmon. It was an Umbreon. Ive never seen one before in real life.

Will cursed. I was warned that you used dark Pokmon, Will said. I guess that was true. A wave of Xatus fainted from the three multicolored beams.

From the looks of it, youre quite rushing into things, Toshin said. I have no tolerance towards anyone who works for Reiji. Ive no choice but to finish you off!

He took out another Pokball. Flux, use fire blast. Luna, faint attack!

He sent out his Houndoom, which sent out a powerful blast of fire that annihilated almost all of the Xatu army. Then, his Umbreon attacked the remaining ones. He continued attacking until Will was the only one left, trembling in fear.

Nno its imimpossible He stuttered.

Toshin glared at him. His long hair flowed with what remained of the battlefield. Luna and Flux growled at him as they stood in front of him.

At the same time, I saw that Nick was waking up.

NoI must flee! Will said as he sent out his Xatu.

Catch him! Toshin yelled.

Blaze, flamethrower! Before blaze could attack, Will already teleported.

Huh? Whawhat happened here? Nick asked as he stumbled through piles of Xatus.

Sabrina remained silent. I looked to where Toshin was standing but he was already gone. Toshin! I called. He didnt respond.

Whoaso messy in here. Nick said as he jumped around the Xatus.

It took me a while to remember what was I supposed to do.

Sabrina! I said.

She looked at me. With her sullen eyes.

Youre supposed to show more about what happened I told her.

I am sorry but I cannot project anything else. The rest, you must find for yourself. Then, she walked away.

I was so close into getting the answer. Sabrina! I called once more.

She looked back. Thanks for protecting me when that Slowbro attacked me.

She smiled. It wasnt me. You should pay attention to what used to belong to your fathers.

I was confused as she walked away into the shadows.

What does she mean by that? Nick asked. At the same time, I noticed that Marina and Melissa were both waking up.

Suddenly, something came into my mind. I took out my fathers pendant, which I was wearing during the battle. I wore it inside my shirt. I looked at its dented and faded surface. Could this thing actually saved my life? I thought to myself.

I dunno I said to Nick cheerfully. We should go to the next city if she doesnt want to battle. I continued.

What? Already? Tell me what happened here! He hesitated.

Come on, Nick! Bring the others. Lets go!

But wait! What about my battle? Marina asked.

Okay then, were going on and youll just stay here and come back when youre finished, okay? Nick said.

Marina nodded.

Okay, were going now. See you later!

To be continued...

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Another great chapter! Beat that evil Will down! Bad Xatus! XD!
I wonder which city they will go to next? Hmmmm

Keep up the good work Oni :classic:

June 12th, 2004, 11:41 AM
Probubly going to Celedon City now. That was a grate chapter! Blaze evolved cool! wonder what "Hopes and Wishes" will be about...

oni flygon
June 14th, 2004, 6:41 PM
Next chapter, people! XD

Chapter 33: Hopes and wishes

Nick, Melissa and Marina didnt seem to understand what actually happened. I never told them what really occurred. Marina won the badge, as usual. It only took her a few minutes. She must have given Sabrina a beating.

After a few days, we began to move quickly to the next city. We were quite a crowd as we exited the city. Michelle continued to argue and complain as usual, Melissa seems to be more behaved than Michelle, Marina was still in dispute with Michelle and Emily was still silent and shy. Everything seems to be normal.

A few nights before, I had nightmares about my father. It always the same thing. He handed me to Red as he charged towards Pryce then it would stop since I always wake up. I wish I knew what happened next. I was so close in Sabrinas gym.

This night, however, was different. I dreamt about my mother, she was crying. My father tried everything to comfort her but she couldnt let go of him. She was crying in front of my crib. I was missing. I remember that it was just the night where I was kidnapped. I never saw this part in the vision and yet, it feels as if it really happened.

My father tried everything to comfort her but she would still cry. Then, I woke up. I was breathing hard. Cold sweat slipped through my forehead.

A bad dream? Someone asked.

I turned around and saw that it was Emily. Huh? Sorta, I replied.

I get them once. When I get them, I dont want to sleep again. She said.

Did you just have one? I asked her.

She nodded. She looked silently at the full moon.

What happened?

She sighed. I dont know. I couldnt seethats all. Its so cold. Its like I wasnt wearing anything and I was alone in the rain. Then I still couldnt see Her voice trailed off then she was silent.

I just see my mom crying. Shes worried about me. And my dad was there, trying to cheer her up. I told her my part.

She looked up at me. Do you remember at the power plant? She asked.

I nodded. Why?

I was having a bad dream back then. Butyou didnt make me feel cold. She said. You were just like mommyshe used to hug me if I have bad dreams

Oh right, I remember that! I exclaimed. That was weird. I thought it was just a dream anyway.

In the light of the moon, I could see a blush. She sighed and said, Good night.

Sweet dreams! I said.


Michelle, are you tired yet? Nick asked as we all dragged on.

Nope! Not tired! She said as she continued to walk ahead of us.

We were walking for about eight hours straight without taking a lunch break. She seems quite strange since she gets tired for every thirty minutes. Now, shes storming the whole path.

Man, I think Michelle got switched or something. I told Nick.

Did we leave the old on behind? Marina muttered as we continued to drag on.

Guys, Im tired! Melissa called from the back.

Emily stayed silent but I could see it in her eyes that she was very tired.

Fine, fine! Were resting! Michelle finally said.

We all cheered as we stopped and all sat down.

Finally, rest! Nick said as he lay down on the soft grass.

We all sighed as the afternoon dragged on. Marina quickly feel asleep but Michelle was still sitting.

You guys gotta hurry up. Were moving again soon!

No! Nick and I yelled.

Were staying here for the night! Nick said.

I looked up at Emily and Melissa. They seem to be really tired since Melissa was panting.

Okay, okay! But we leave first thing tomorrow! Michelle exclaimed.

Whats gotten into her? Nick groaned.

Dunnowhy is she so excited all of the sudden? I muttered.

Soon, it was already sunset. The sky was colored with vivid orange and the clouds were golden. Marina was still asleep and Melissa and Nick were chatting. I was still tired as I massaged my sore feet. I didnt notice Emily approach me from behind.

Gary? She asked.

Whoa! I said as I leapt up, quite shocked. Dont scare me like that! I said.

Im sorryI just want to see that picture of your mommy and daddy again. She said.

I searched it in my pockets. You mean this one? I said as I handed her my picture. She took it and looked at it with comfort.

You told me before that I look like my dad, remember? I asked her.

She nodded. I heard from people that the only thing that made me and my father different persons is that they said that I act more like my mom and my face is more like my moms. But then, my hair, eyes and everything belong to my dad.

Thanks, She said as she handed it back.

I didnt hesitate to ask her why she asked for it but she didnt reply. I sighed as I yawned. I wanted to sleep since it was almost night. I didnt feel hungry at all since I was really sleepy. Of course I didnt notice the large shadow that just passed us from above.

Did you see that? Emily said quickly and looked around.

See what?

There was a shadow that just passed us. She said as she continued to look around. It was something huge from the sky.

I looked around at the sky. I didnt saw anything. You must be seeing things, I reasoned out. I didnt see anything from here. I looked at the others. Marina was fast asleep and Melissa and Nick were chatting. Nothing wrong

There you are, young woman! Said a voice from behind us. I leapt up, quite shocked to see Red, quite angry.

Uh-oh, I heard Melissa say.

You come back here now, Melissa. Do you know how worried your mother and I were? Red yelled.

Melissa approached her father slowly. Dad, Im sorry. I just wanted to travel and

You just cant wait, can you? Red continued, ignoring what Melissa said. Wait until we get back to Cerulean! You couldve been hurt!

He then approached me. Thanks for taking care of her, Gary. Red said, as his expression seems to change now.

Um, no problem I said still confused.

I hope she didnt annoy you guys, Red continued.

Oh no, I said. She wasnt doing anything wrong!

Unlike one of us here! Nick yelled.

Hey! What do you mean by that? Michelle said out from the distance.

Oh, I see that youre traveling with other trainers here. I think Ive seen you guys before, He said as he noticed Nick, Michelle and Marina, who was still sleeping. Youre the twins who won a badge a few weeks ago and shes that girl who really beat Misty! Red laughed as he pointed at Marina.

I looked at Emily and she was still shying away.

And whos this? I havent seen her before. Red said as he noticed Emily.

Oh thats Emily. She decided to follow us along. I said.

She looks quite young. How old are you? He asked.

Emily looked at Red and said something that sounded like, Nine,

Hmm, thats a bit young but some trainers are really skilled so they travel earlyif their parents wanted them to He said before Melissa could hesitate.

Now come on, Melissa! Red called her.

Wait, dad! Melissa said as she tried to catch up.

I tried to think of a plan to make Red stay for a while. Just to make him tell me what couldve happened that night

Red, wait! I yelled.

Red turned around.

How about you stay here and camp for a while? Its getting dark, isnt it? I suggested.

He looked around. Youre right. And flying around the dark is pretty dangerous. Okay, we stay here for a night and we go back to Cerulean first thing in the morning!

Melissa nodded obediently.

Red sat down in front of me and sighed. Quite a long time since I last camped out. I missed it back then, He said. You kids should treasure your moments as trainers while you still can.

I nodded. Hey Red, I already won three badges! I said bragging him my badges.

Thats cool, He replied. You passed Saffron city, right? Why didnt you get a Marsh Badge there?

Oh, Sabrina told me that I still needed to train,

Is that so? He said and I nodded.

Red, you know my dad, right? I asked him.

Yeah, why do you ask?

I have a question about him. He wears this pendant, right? I said as I took out my dads pendant.

Red nodded. Where did you get that?

My mom gave it to me. I replied.

Hmm, that thing can reflect any energy aimed at it. Red continued as he examined it. I remember it saving your dads life once. Its quite useful.

I didnt tell him about the incident where it also saved my life.

You should go easy on Melissa, Red. All she wants is to just travel with us for a while. I told him.

Well, I wish I could allow her. But she just made Misty and me worry a lot. When she just disappeared from her room, we really panicked and we thought we lost her His voice trailed off.

Well, at least shes safe! I exclaimed.

Red nodded then looked at Melissa who was happily chatting with Nick and Michelle. She was quite amused at how Michelle and Nick fight.

Red, I called him back his attention.


While I was in Saffron, Sabrina showed me the past. I saw how dad tried to save my lifebut I didnt see all of it. Can you tell me the rest? I asked him.

He seems to be shocked. He paused for a while and sighed. Gary, I cant tell you everything. He said.


Becausebecause I faintedand I couldnt remember much He said as he looked down. Im sorry

I simply fell silent. I didnt say much afterwards except, Okay

To be Continued...

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good chapter! too bad Red fainted... :P

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June 14th, 2004, 7:46 PM
ahh...but there might be something other than that... XD

June 14th, 2004, 8:58 PM
Very cool chapter! Red camping with them is pretty neat.
Cant wait to read more Oni! :D

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Chapter 34: Things left behind

Come on, Melissa! Its time to go home! Red called.

Dad, wait up! Melissa called as Red released his Aerodactyl.

Thanks for taking care of Melissa, Gary! Red said to me as his Aerodactyl flew by.

No problem! Its really nice of her to stay for a while. I said.

Now you kids are good trainers. I should see you all in the league some day! Red told us as Reds Aerodactyl carried him and Melissa.

Bye, Red! I waved my hand as they soon disappeared into the deep, blue sky.


Im bored, Michelle muttered.

We were all on the road again. Nothing seems to interest Michelle today. One day, she was really energetic. Then, the other day, shes lazy again.

Hey look, guys! Its Celadon city! I pointed out at the huge towering buildings up on the horizon.

Oh joy, Michelle muttered sarcastically.

Hey Michelle! How about we challenge the leader here? Nick asked.

I dont know about that. The leader in Celadon uses grass type Pokmon and Michelle still has her Wartortle, right? Marina asked.

Michelle nodded.

Hey, how about if I help you train? Marina asked Michelle.

Hey! No way is a kid going to teach me anything!

Michelle, you are a kid! Nick said as Michelle finished her sentence.

Whatever, Michelle retorted. If youre going to teach me something, I need to beat you first.

I dont think thats a good idea I whispered to Michelle.

Shut up, Gary. I know what Im doing! Michelle whispered back loudly.

You really want to battle again? Marina said adding a little bit of devious innocence in her voice.

Not yet! Wait until we get to the city! Michelle yelled back.

Okay, okay. Just dont yell at me. Marina replied back rubbing her ear.

I smiled since everything seems to be normal. Even though Pryce was hunting me, I sometime forgot about him since I have friends. I looked at Emily and she seems to be having trouble walking.

Something wrong? I asked her.

She shook her head. Nonothing She said dazedly. She seems to be sweating since the weather was hot. Her clothes looked quite thick.

Its your clothes, huh? I asked her. Theyre not for this weather. Where are you from anyway? I asked.

She shook her head again. Then, she seems to collapse but then, she stood up again.

Emily! I called her.

Nick, Michelle and Marina looked at me.

Something wrong? Nick asked.

I think Emily needs to rest. Her clothes are too thick for the weather. I told them.

Nick nodded. Okay. Shades around us, anyway.

What? Michelle said in a horrified tone. Were just a have a few more to go before we reach the city!

Michelle, Emily needs rest! Im sure youd think about her if youre going to die of heat!

We rested under a tree for a while. Emily doesnt seem to be improving. She still gasped for air as she continued to sweat profusely.

Here, lets take this off I told her as I took off her jacket. It was quite big for her. Inside, she was wearing a long sleeved gray shirt.

No wonder shes about to collapse, Nick muttered as he rolled up her sleeves.

Feeling better? I asked her after a few minutes. She nodded and smiled.

Well thats a relief. Michelle muttered. Now, can we go to the city?

You gotta wait, Michelle! Nick said. Were gonna stay here for a while!

Aww, Michelle muttered with disgust.

Marina watched Nick as he unloaded his things and started to cook. Marina gave Emily water from a creek nearby. Emily was still feeling tired when I asked her about her condition. Then, she said she was feeling a bit drowsy.

Are you sure? I asked her.

She nodded. Im fine, Gary. Im okay.

She stood up to prove me but ended up losing her balance. Luckily, I was quick enough to catch her.

Nope, that doesnt look fine. I told her as I smiled.

She blushed as she sat back under the tree.

Here you go! Nick said handing both of us a bowl of soup.

Thanks! I replied as I took mine. Emily smiled as she took hers.

You should sleep soon since Michelles itching for a battle at the city. I told her.

She nodded intently. Gary, Im sorry for slowing you guys down She whispered.

What? No its okay! Its no biggie, really! I told her half laughing.

Her smile returned. Oh, okay. If you say so

Yeah, dont worry about stuff. Im sure youre gonna be okay. We both finished our bowls and gave them to Nick.

I greeted her a goodnight and soon, everyone was asleep.

Excuse me sir, but are you here for a visit? A nurse asked.

Silver looked towards the nurse. He was clearly in a hospital since babies in the ward surrounded him. Some were sleeping, and some were crying. Some were just silent.

Yeah, He replied.

Are you in any relation to the baby, sir? The nurse asked.

Silver nodded. Im her father.

Oh, thats very nice! It was a coincidence since the mother gave birth with no family to meet the baby.

Silver remained silent. He looked quite strange since he has his dark cloak on and he looked quite haggard with his red hair tangled all over.

The mother is sleeping just pass this room, sir. Would you care to visit her?

Nono thank you. Silver replied solemnly. He looked at his daughter so small and yet so beautiful. She was clearly a redhead and she silently stared at Silver. Like him, she had silver eyes. Her stare was similar to that of Silvers.

Sir, since you are the father and the mother is sleeping, would you like to name the baby for her? The nurse said.

Silver didnt say a word. As his lips opened, everything faded

I woke up again and looked around. Everything went so fast my mind was racing. Silver actually had a daughter. I was unbelievable. But who was the mother? It couldnt be Blueshe was alone when we arrived there. I looked at Emily. She had red hair. Could she be? NoI remember her eyesthey were pale blue in color.

I sighed once more. It was dark all around. I could hear the rustling of the leaves and nothing else. Everyone was asleep and Im the only one awake. Im not sure why I had that visionbut soon, Im going to learn all of the facts

To be continued

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Another great chapter! Poor Emily was wearing those hot clothes. Gotta cool down :classic:
Michelle was a bit bossy again. Wanting to battle Marina. :badsmile:

I think theres one little error:
"The Leader in Celadon has grass pokemon and (Melissa) still has (his) Wartortle, right?" Marina asked

Dont you mean Michelle has her Wartortle?

oni flygon
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I hate it when I do that... >.<

Melissa, Michelle, Emily, Marina...

They all start with M's .... (except Emily) but it still sounds like an M! ...

June 15th, 2004, 1:11 PM
Very good chapter! all the M names are confusing lol

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Chapter 35: Grudges

The next morning, I was first to wake up. It was still a bit dark and the sun was just rising. It was a beautiful sight. The suns rays reached for the sky as dark shades of clouds were lit. The golden rays changed the dark sky into a bright yellow.

I didnt feel sleepy as I watched the sunrise. The grass was gray and the plains were filled with dew. It was a few hours before Nick was the second to wake up.

Morning, Nick muttered as he rubbed his eyes.

Morning! I replied to him.

Youre up so early, Nick said as he yawned. Couldnt sleep?

Nah, Im fine. I just woke up early and I couldnt sleep. I replied.

Okay, if they want me, Im washing over there, He said as he pointed over a creek that was nearby.

I sighed as I readied myself for the journey today. Celadon is just a few minutes away and Im excited for the next gym leader. However, I havent trained my Pokmon that much since our visit in Saffron City.

Marina was next to wake up, then Emily.

You both slept well? Nick greeted. They both nodded happily.

Are you feeling better? I asked Emily.

She nodded. Uh-huh.

Well, that leaves us Michelle, Nick muttered. We should let her sleep for a while. She was really excited to go to the city yesterday.

I turned to see Michelle, still sleeping. She always slept for a long time. Then, I took time to reexamine Emilys eyes. I was right before. They were pale blue. Not silver.

Something wrong? Emily asked.

Oh its nothing. I was just making sure. I told her.

She looked at me with a confused stare.

Its nothing, really! I told her.

Okay. You look worried, Gary. She said still wearing her confused stare.

After a while, we heard Michelle wake up. What for breakfast? She yawned and stretched.

Good question Nick muttered as he searched his supplies. Looks like we only have bread left


We continued traveling after eating just bread for breakfast. Of course Michelle was there to complain. The good thing is that we reached the city just before we were starting to get irritated from Michelles complaints.

Wow! All of us gasped.

Its huge! Just like Saffron city! Marina said.

There were shops everywhere and homes. There were tall buildings and many more. What stood out was a huge mall that towered in the city.

Aw man! Im going to the mall! Marina exclaimed but was stopped by Michelle.

Hey, kid! We got some business to do. You guys wait here while I get something at the Pokmon Center! She said then ran off.

Whats with her? I asked Nick.

Well, if its not what Im thinking, then it should be good. Nick told all of us.

What do you mean?

Well, before we started out training, we were given two Pokmon from our grandfather. We each had one. When we were kids, we raised those two Pokmon until they became really, really strong. But when we traveled here, our dad said that we better leave them there and start from scratch.

So shes taking out her most powerful Pokmon? Marina asked Nick.

Yeah. But I dont know if shes smart enough to beat you. Nick replied.

After a while, she returned with two Pokballs in hand.

Hey Nick, I brought yours, too! Michelle exclaimed.

You what? Nick cried in astonishment.

Here! I brought Riptide. Ill borrow him for the battle, okay? Then Ill give him back to you. Michelle showed us Nicks Pokmon. Inside, I saw a blue Pokmon that seems to have yellow gills and weird shaped eyes.

Okay, but now dont loose! Nick said. Sorry Marina, but shes got my Pokmon there.

Its okay, Marina said as she approached Michelle.

You ready? Michelle asked.

Youre on!


The rules! Marina yelled. Four on four. Switching is allowed. Single battle.

Michelle pondered. Okay, whatever you said.

The battlefield was just in the middle of one street called Battle Street where trainers come to battle each other in the city. I was sitting with Nick and Emily as the battle started.

Okay, ready? Ill choose first! Marina said as she took out one Ultra Ball. Go, Alvis! She sent out her Skarmory.

Im not falling for the same thing again! Michelle yelled. Ryan, lets do this! She threw out her Pokball and out came a blue and yellow dog-like Pokmon.

Thats a good choice. Nick muttered. Shes getting better at this.

Whoa, whats that? I took out my Pokdex to see what kind of Pokmon is that. Manectric A Pokmon that thrives in the Hoenn region. These Pokmon can create thunder storms above their heads by discharging an enormous amount of electricity from their bodies. I read. An electric type has an advantage over a flying type so this was a good choice.

You start out the attack! Marina called.

Okay, Ryan, use double team! At once Ryan quickly disappeared and reappeared with three different counterparts.

Nice, Marina sneered. Alvis, use steel wing on the left!

Alvis wings glowed then struck the counterpart in the left. It was a fake. It quickly disappeared as Michelle called her next attack.

Ryan, use crunch on the right wing!

Her Manectric quickly lunged forward and ferociously bit Alvis right wing. However, it didnt seem to be damaged. In fact, it didnt seem to leave a dent or a scratch.

What? How did that happen? Michelle yelled in disgust.

Alvis is a steel type, Michelle. It would take more than a dark type move to knock Alvis out!

Fine then, Michelle muttered.

Okay, Alvis, use another steel wing. This time, to the right!

Alvis charged up another steel wing and collided with the real Ryan.

Ryan! Stand up quick and use thunderbolt! Michelle commanded.

As Ryan fell, it quickly recovered from the fall and launched a bright, yellow bolt towards Alvis. The attack connected as Alvis was hit by the massive electric attack.

Alvis dont give up! Drill peck!

Alvis obeyed immediately and spun around until it looked like a huge gray dart. The wind was very powerful as it blew dust all around. Then, it attacked towards Ryan.

Ryan, use double team, now! Michelle commanded. There was enough time for Ryan to duplicate itself once more. Alvis attack was unsuccessful since it hit a duplicate.

Gotcha! Ryan, use thunderbolt once more!

Oh no youre not! Marina sneered. Alvis, fly up!

Bad choice! Michelle quickly said. Thunder!

What the?

A huge thunderbolt came crashing down from the sky. It directly hit Alvis then hit the ground with a loud boom!

Whoadidnt see that Marina said as she blinked from all the smoke.

Alvis lay on the ground letting out a shrill noise.

Gotcha! Michelle cried triumphantly.

That was a smart move, Nick said as he scratched his head. She tried to force Marina to use fly all along so that she could use thunder up to a hundred percent accuracy.

I nodded. It seems to be a good strategy.

Well that was good, Marina yelled. But not good enough! Go, Sophia She then sent out her Azumarril.

Are you crazy? Michelle asked. You want to get that thing fried?

I dont care. Your move first! Marina said.

Okay then, Ryan, thunderbolt!

Sophia, use mirror coat!

As Ryans attack landed, the yellow bolt quickly rebounded and hit Ryan with a powerful force.

What the? Michelle cried in disbelief. Thats not supposed to happen!

With mirror coat, my Sophia can return back any kind of special attack with double to power. She sneered.

Ryan quickly fainted from the attack. It was already powerful enough to create a huge crater on the ground. People were starting to gather all around us. Many cheered for Michelle and many cheered for Marina.

Hey, isnt that the League Champ from Johto? Asked one spectator.

Yeah it has to be her! Its that mirror coat strategy she used to beat her dad to a pulp! Added another.

Wow shes really young!

I feel sorry for her challenger

There was a lot of commotion in the battlefield. Michelle ignored the people but Marina seems to be flattered as she waved to the audience.

Hey! Lets keep it going! Michelle yelled.

Oh, okay, Marina said as she stopped waving.

I looked at Sophia and she was trying to stand up.

Whats wrong with your Pokmon? Having a hard time to stand up? Michelle taunted.

Mirror coat lets you get the attack first then it counters it. My Azumarril got full force of your thunderbolt but it was enough. Marina said.

Okay then. Michelle looked at her Pokballs. I choose, Linus! She said as she threw her Pokball.

The audience gasped as they saw a Pokmon that looks new to them.

Oh its that thing again, Marina muttered. Fine. Sophia, use rollout!

Linus, stop it in its tracks! Michelle said calmly.

Everyone gasped as Michelles Linoone stopped the incoming rollout.

Now, Linus, reversal! Michelle commanded.

Linus obeyed and used Sophias momentum to throw it off into the crowd. There were screams and claps as Linus managed to faint out Sophia.

Youre getting better, Michelle! Marina said. Youre a worthy opponent after all!

Shut up and choose your next one! Michelle snapped.

Marina didnt hesitate as she chose her next Pokmon.

Try this on for size! She yelled as she threw her third Pokball. Reki, beat Linus for me!

The crowd gasped. I stared in disbelief. This was the first time I saw one in real lifea Typlosion!

She even has a Pokmon that her father has! One spectator said.

I bet she wins! Said a boy from nearby.

The crowd was loud as I looked at Nick. He seems to be shocked, too. Then my attention was to Emily. She doesnt seem to be shocked. She just looked confused.

That things not gonna scare me! Michelle said even though her voice trembled.


To be Continued

June 16th, 2004, 5:30 PM
Very good chapter! The battle is getting intense. Cant wait to see Bakufuun kick butt :D
Michelle is pretty sure of herself. Had some good strategies.
Keep up great work Oni!

June 16th, 2004, 8:05 PM
Good Battle seen! Very Nice Chapter!

oni flygon
June 17th, 2004, 3:09 PM
Chapter 36: Grudges (Part Two)

Reki, use your flamethrower! Marina yelled.

Reki obeyed by unleashing a powerful stream of fire. Flames from Rekis back erupted as the wave of fire hit it target. When the smoke cleared, Linus was nowhere to be seen.

You missed him! Michelle smirked. Linus, dig!

Under Reki, Linus quickly appeared from underground and hit Reki across the face. Linus jumped back near Michelle. I was surprised since Reki just shook off the attack.

You got to hit harder than that! Marina laughed. Reki laughed with her.

Okay, Linus, use surf! Michelle said quickly.

Ack! A huge wave of water came out of nowhere and headed towards Reki.

Reki, jump! Marina said as she jumped on Rekis back then leaped up really high. The wave almost touched Reki.

Hey, that was unfair! Michelle yelled as she soaked everyone including Nick, Emily and me.

Tsk, tsk. That was close but too bad. Marina taunted. Reki landed on the ground softly then Marina got off from Rekis back. Reki, use another flamethrower!

Linus dug another hole once more as Rekis flamethrower missed it.

Gotcha! Marina said. Earthquake! Marina exclaimed as she snapped her fingers. Reki stamped on the ground that caused the ground to vibrate violently. Everybody held on to something as Rekis earthquake made Linus faint.

You were too predictable! Marina said as Michelle returned Linus. Earthquake doubles its power when someone uses dig, you know that?

Michelle gritted her teeth as she took out another Pokball. Riptide, go! She sent out Nicks Pokmon.

The crowd gasped since she sent out another Hoenn Pokmon.

Swampert This Pokmon are quite adapted to living in both land and water. Their bodies are covered with thick slime. I read from my Pokdex.

Michelle! Not now! Nick yelled.

I can if I want too! She snapped back at Nick. Nick settled down and just continued to watch the battle.

Good one! Marina said as she returned her Typlosion. Kaorin, this should be easy! She said as she released her Meganium.

Great, she switched I heard Michelle mutter. Okay, Riptide, ice beam!

Kaorin, light screen!

Riptide sent out a blue beam that headed towards Kaorin. It was suddenly halted by Kaorins light screen. However, there was enough power to penetrate it since Kaorin was hurt from the attack.

I hate those things! Michelle said as she gritted her teeth. Riptide, another ice beam!

Riptide sent out another ice beam but again, it ended up as a week attack.

Kaorin, use body slam! Marina yelled.

Counter! Michelle called.

Marinas Meganium charged Riptide with full force. It ran pretty quickly and the ground shook with every step. As it slammed its body at it, Riptide caught Kaorin and slammed it on the ground.

Now, ice beam! Michelle said.

Since the light screen was in the other direction, this attack was in its full force. The ice beam connected and froze Kaorin.

No! Marina cried. Since it was useless to battle, Marina returned Kaorin.

Youll pay for that! Reki, lets finish this! She said as she sent out her Typlosion again.

I could see a smirk come out of Michelle. Ive been waiting for this! Then she returned Riptide. Get ready for this! She then took out her Pokball and threw it.

Out came a Pokmon Ive never seen before. Its red body flamed as it tightened its fist and snapped its beak. The yellow eyes glared at Reki. Again, the audience gasped.

Thats a cool looking Pokmon! Yelled a boy from the crowd.

Whoa, Im going to go to Hoenn to get that Pokmon! Said a girl.

Marina seems to be stunned since shes never seen any Pokmon like that, too.

Scared? Michelle taunted.

Not at all!

Blaziken this Pokmon excels in both fighting and special attacks. Its powerful attack and incredible speed covers up its weakness to water.

Here we go! Michelle said. Rene, hi jump kick!

Reki, catch it!

Michelles Blaziken attacked by jumping then aiming at Reki with a kick. Reki blocked the swift attack by holding Renes foot in midair.

Rene, change it to Blaze kick!

Rene used Rekis hand to balance itself as it pulled out its other foot and slammed its burning leg on Rekis face. Reki was sent back a few feet but then shook off the attack.

Reki, earthquake! Marina commanded.

Rene, jump up then use hi jump kick! Michelle countered.

Reki stomped the ground for another earthquake but failed due to Renes amazing speed. It jumped up so high that I needed to squint to see a dot in the middle of the sky. Then, it came down downward quickly and in just a blink of an eye, it kicked Rekis face with a powerful hi jump kick to the face. Reki was knocked back a few feet away and stood up. Obviously, the attack was enough to break some bones Reki continued to stand.

I looked once more in my Pokdex. Blazikens have powerful leg muscles. They can jump up to more than 70 feet off the ground.

Ready to give up? Michelle taunted.

Nope, not yet! Marina was obviously trying to think up a good plan but she seems to have run out of ideas. Reki, another earthquake!

That again? Oh well, Michelle said. Jump up again, Rene!

Rene jumped up again once more, this time, even higher.

Check mate! Marina said.

Reki completely faked out the attack. As Rene came down, Marina yelled: Reversal!

As Rene came to a reachable point, Reki jumped up, grabbed Rene and forced it to come down by pushing its weight to Renes side and making it crash to the ground.

Rene! Michelle yelled.

As the smoke cleared, Rene gasped for air as it glared at Reki. Reki simply smirked at her.

Phew, that was close Marina sighed with relief.

Were not going down easily! Michelle said. Rene, flamethrower!

Reki, use your flamethrower! Marina yelled.

Both flamethrowers clashed in the battle. The air immediately turned hot as the crowd fled to find cover.

The combustion of both gasses wont able to sustain each other! I heard a womans voice say. Everyone, take cover!

I felt a hand grasp the back of my shirt then I saw Emily and Nick being pulled away.

Then, a loud explosion followed.

Michelle! Marina! Nick yelled as he was freed from a womans grasp. He returned to the battlefield and looked around.

Rene and Reki both fainted in the battlefield. Marina was on one knee, bruised and dirty. Michelle was trying to stand and gasped for air.

Hhah Michelle gasped. II won!

What do you mean? Marina muttered. It was a draw!

Nope, Michelle said as she took out Nicks Pokball. Inside, it was Riptide. Nicks Swampert. You forgot Riptide over here.

Marina smiled. Nick, you got me this time! She then collapsed to the ground.

Marina! Nick yelled as he quickly ran up in the battlefield. He looked confused at first where to go but ended up going to Marinas side to help.

Michelle approached Nick and Marina.

Heh, good job, Marina smiled. You got me there.

Michelle smiled. Here, She said as she handed out her hand. Let me help you guys there. She helped Marina up and Nick carried her with his shoulder.

Bravo! Said the womans voice. I looked to my side to see the woman. She looked tall with her kimono. She had jet-black hair and a smile was worn in her face. She clapped her hands in an honorable fashion. Bravo, bravo! I have never seen such an intense battle in years!

Huh? Who are you? I asked her.

Oh my, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Erika and I am the gym leader of this city.

All of us froze. The ggym leader? Michelle stammered.

Ah yes, I am most honored if all of you follow me to my gym. She smiled at us. Your friends might need to treat a few wounds.

To be continued

June 17th, 2004, 3:56 PM
Realy cool chapter! Cant Belive Michelle won O_o! cant wait for the next one

June 17th, 2004, 5:16 PM
Oh well, switching pokes with Nick is the only reason she survived.
Typhlosion showed its stuff! Took out 2 pokes before it fainted :cool:

oni flygon
June 18th, 2004, 11:28 AM
Chapter 37: Like mother, like daughter

Ow, ow! That hurts! Marina cried as her wounds were being treated.

Michelle followed screaming in pain. Ow, ow, ow, ow! She cried.

Well, its both of you girls fault. That was a big blast. It left a bunch of craters in the street. Nick said.

Hold still, One of the nurses said to Michelle who was squirming in pain.

But at least I won! Michelle cried triumphantly.

Marina didnt say a word but just remained silent.

There, Said the nurse as she placed the last bandage on Marinas face. Now you kids dont be reckless.

Okay, thanks! Marina said as Erika entered the room.

Ah, Im glad youre all well. Its truly a blessing that both of you survived! Erika said. You are quite skilled trainers and you might be the League Champion from Johto, are you not? She asked Marina.

Marina nodded.

Ah, quite a pleasure to meet Golds daughter. Hes the most talked of all around here.

Marina seems to be quite flattered since her father was always mentioned.

Oh, yeah. She said. Dads really popular in Johto, too.

And may I ask who your friends are? She said.

Oh, that one over there is Michelle, She said as she stopped Michelle from starting a fight with Nick. And thats Nick. Thats Gary and over theres Emily.

Pleased to meet you all! She said as she bowed at us.

Then, as her eyes rose up to meet mine, a look of familiarity came in her eyes. Her eyes glimmered as she closed them.

Gary, you look quite familiar. Might I ask who your parents are? She said as she looked at me.

Me? Ummy parentsYellow and Green. I told her. I could feel my voice tremble. For some reason, I felt nervous but I dont know why I am nervous.

Ah, I seeold friends. She walked around the room as she examined me. Ive heard of you, Gary. Your skills are quite remarkable but they do not match your fathers. However, your compassion is equal to that of your mothers.

I was confused. What do you mean? I asked.

Ah, I have friends in other cities of course. Perhaps Brock of Pewter city and Misty of Cerulean might be familiar to you. She said modestly.

I nodded. I didnt know that all gym leaders have access and can contact with each other as I sat there, dazed.

I understand that you were trying to earn gym badges, am I correct?

I nodded. I wanted to challenge but I think we need a bit or training, I told her as I glanced at my friends.

Very well, come as often as you like, Erika said kindly. Butmay I speak with Michelle for a while? She said.

I looked at Michelleall of us did. She had a confused look on her face. Umsure She nodded.


You what? Nick and I chorused.

I let her win. So what? Marina repeated.

We were training outside Celadon when we were just discussing about the battle. I just told my Pokmon to fake out fainting.

Shes going to kill you. Nick said.

But when she used her Blaziken and your Swampert, I wasnt faking anymore. She said. She can actually beat me with those twoalmost.

I looked up at Emily. She seems to be silent as usual. Since Nick and Marina were now training in one side, I decided to train with Emily.

Emily, how many Pokmon do you have? I asked her.

Just one She said. Im not good at catching stuff

Oh, I can teach you! I said as soon as she finished her sentence.

I dont knowI can throw the Pokball and stuff but I dont really know anything else.

Oh, youll be fine. I said as I grabbed her hand and moved over to the grassy area.

You know that wild Pokmon appear in grassy areas, right? I asked her.

She nodded.

Thats good. Okay, when a Pokmon appears, you attack it with your own Pokmon. I told her. She listened intently.

As I spoke, I heard rustling over to the other side.

Here comes a wild Pokmon, I said as I took out one Pokball.

The grass was swiftly cut as a huge green Pokmon came out. It had clear, green wings and scythes for arms.

A Scyther! I muttered. Emily hid at my back; she seems to be scared a bit. Hey, theres nothing to be afraid off! I told her.

The Scyther growled ferociously at us. It seems to be irritated. It brandished its arms at us.

Okay then, go Sage! I immediately summoned my Pidgeotto. Im using a flying type against a bug type since they have an advantage, you get it?

Emily nodded.

All right, Sage, wing attack! I commanded.

Sage flew up and crashed its wings on the Scyther. The Scyther dodged the wings and countered with a slash.

Sage! I yelled. Use gust!

Sage flapped its wings and created a whirlwind that buffeted the Scyther. The foe simply shook off the attack and charged at Sage. Its Scythes almost hit Sage.

Wing attack! I yelled.

Sage quickly shifted its wings and used them to knock back the Scyther. The enemy seems to be almost out of energy.

Great, now you can catch it from here! I told her.

Emily took out a Great Ball. She hesitated from the glares of the Scyther then her knees trembled. She threw it but the Scyther blocked it and threw it back.

Oh no. Its not giving up. I muttered

Sage, use another wing attack! Sage followed and delivered another attack but was blocked and was countered again.

This time, I returned Sage. Okay, you could weaken it if you want, I told her.

She nodded and released her Dragonair. Yomi She smiled.

At once, the Scyther charged at her Dragonair.

Yomi, ice bbeam. She struggled to say the words.

Her Dragonair sent out a powerful blue beam that hit the Scyther at once. It was a direct hit but the Scyther still continued its attack. The enemy slashed Yomi twice then started to flee.

Its getting away! Emily yelled.

What is? Marina suddenly said as she popped out from behind us.

Emily pointed at the Scyther.

You guys want to catch that? She threw a Great Ball immediately but the Scyther easily dodged it.

Man, I hate it when they do that! Marina yelled. She then ran ahead with Emily. I followed behind. It wasnt quite far when the Scyther already landed.

Goctha! Marina yelled as she took out another Great Ball. I have you this time.

What she did was just weird. She popped up the Great Ball in the air and then kicked it towards the Scyther. It flew past Emily, missing her head by a few inches then hit the Scyther in the head and was captured immediately.

Oh no, Marina muttered. Mom said I wasnt suppose to overdo that

What was that? I asked her in amazement.

It was nothing Marina said as she gave the Great Ball containing the Scyther to Emily.

I dont believe you. Whatever that was it was really weird I said.

Okay, okay. My mom taught me that. She said quickly then went off on her way.

I looked past Marina and then returned my sights on Emily.

Here, you can have it. She said as she gave me the Great Ball.

What? Dont you want it? I asked her.

She shook her head. I just want to have just one Pokmon, She said. I want to thank you for teaching me, She tried to motion forward but then stopped on her tracks then flushed red as she kissed me quickly in my cheek. She hesitated as she followed where Marina left.

Emily, I whispered as I followed her.

She looked back at me and smiled. What is it?



It took all afternoon to train. I managed to evolve Sage once more into a Pidgeot. Well, my friends were impressed, of course. Nick did well when he evolved his Ivysaur.

About time, Nick said. Ive waiting for it to evolve!

As the sky darkened, we were back at Erikas house. It looked quite wonderful since it looked like a traditional home with sliding doors. Michelle was there to greet us.

So, what did she talk to you about? Nick asked.

She was asking if I could train in this city. Michelle said solemnly.

But that would mean that were going on without you! Nick said as his voice was raised.

Nick, you can go on without me, can you? Its just thatI want to be stronger and

But you dont have to, right? Nick argued.

Yeah but

This was the first time that Nick seems to be winning in their arguments. Marina, Emily and me were watching as the two continued to argue.

NickIm going to think about it. Im just not ready yet. Michelle said slowly.

This was the first time I ever saw Michelle become serious. She was always active but this time, she had a solemn look on her face. Just then, Erika arrived.

Ah, Ive heard that you want a challenge, is it not? She asked me.

YesI do I replied.

Very well, let us meet tomorrow.

To be continued

June 18th, 2004, 12:01 PM
Aww Emily seems to have a crush on Gary (lol) I like how Marina kicked the pokeball! Good Chapter! Keep Up the Good Work!

June 18th, 2004, 5:28 PM
Great chapter! Hehe. I had a feeling Marina was holding back that battle :P
Emily got Gary there :D
Kicking pokeballs rocks! She sure learned that from her mom :bandit:

oni flygon
June 19th, 2004, 9:41 AM
Chapter 38: Brother and Sister

The next day, Erika led me to her gym. The environment of her gym gave out her expertiseit was full of plants. Now I know her weakness. I could easily defeat her with Sage or Blaze.

As we entered the battlefield, I studied it. It was a straw mat above a platform. Nothing special. The huge glass windows from above were the only light that filled the battlefield.

Welcome, Gary. I have been looking forward for this chance. To test your skill that is rumored through Kanto. Erika said as she took her position. She bowed in front of me. I looked at the sidelines to see Emily looking up at us. She was waiting for the battle to begin.

Are you ready? Erika said.

I nodded as I readied my Pokball.

This battle consists of three Pokmon. Choose wisely. She said. Now, brace yourself! She threw her Pokball at once. Out came to what seems to be a ball of vines.

Tangela. I muttered. Okay, Sage!

I summoned my Pidgeot. I need to think for a while which one to send out once Sage faints.

Wise choice. Erika laughed. Wise choice indeed. Tangela, vine whip.

A purple vine shot out from the Tangela. Blaze barely missed the vine but was grabbed on one foot.

Sage, wing attack! I yelled.

Tsk. Unwise plan Erika muttered softly as her Tangela dodged the wing attack. Slam it down, Tangela!

Her Tangela quickly stopped Sage from flying and then slammed him into the ground.

Leech seed, She said.

Tangela sent out seeds that landed on Sages body and grew vines quickly. The vines started to constrict around Sage.

Fly! I commanded. Sage tried to spread its wings but the leech seeds were keeping him from flying.

Its no use. Tangela, wrap! Erika commanded. Immediately, her Tangela sent out more vines that constricted Sage again.

Sage, peck the vines! Sage obeyed immediately and started to tear the vines that wrapped around him.

Is that all what you have? Tangela, stun spore! A brown dust cloud came from Tangela. The cloud traveled slowly towards Sage and paralyzed it.

Sage, keep ripping off those vines! It was no use. Sage was already paralyzed since he didnt move further.

Finish it off with vine whip, Tangela! Tangela sent out its final vines to finish off Sage.

Sage fainted immediately. This is badI needed to make a comeback immediately. Erika is much stronger than I thought. I returned Sage then pondered on my next Pokmon. It would be too early if I send out Blaze now. My Scyther is at a low level and Doga and Gabby have a weakness to water. That only means one thing: Abby! I said as I threw her Pokball.

Ah, I seethis is your strongest Pokmon in your team, am I correct? Erika asked.

I nodded. How did you know?

Erika laughed. Well, I have heard a lot about an amazing Abra that you have. Now that you send out you Kadabra, it is obvious that you have evolved it.

I gritted my teeth. This could mean that she knows my strategies already.

Okay, Abby, start out with a psybeam! I yelled. Abby immediately sent out a multi-colored beam that hit Tangela. It flew back a few feet away and landed on one of its vines to gain support.

Ah, its true. Quite remarkable Kadabra. Erika said. Tangela, vine whip!

Tangela sent out a vine whip that wrapped around Abbys hand.

Im not falling for that again! Abby, use another psybeam! I yelled.

Arrogance Erika muttered then smiled.

The psybeam connected and sent Tangela flying. However, the vine that wrapped around Abbys arm stayed. With a blink of an eye, Abby flew off with Tangela.

Tangela, slam!

Oh no youre not! I yelled. Abby, use psychic on the wall! I yelled.

Abby obeyed almost immediately and launched a psychic attack towards the wall. She recoiled at once and reversed the slam on Tangela.

No! Erika yelled as her Tangela fainted.

I sighed with relief.

Quick thinking and the ability of the Pokmon to sense its trainers feelingsquite remarkable indeed Erika sighed as she returned her Pokmon. Belossom!

She summoned out a small Pokmon with two flowers on its head and leaves for skirts.

I smirked. Okay, this should be easy. Abby, use psybeam!

Never underestimate! Erika yelled. Her Belossom quickly dodged the psybeam without ease. Sunny day!

From above, the sun shined. It was really bright. I needed to cover my eyes since it was so bright.

Abby! I yelled. Psychic!

I squinted as I tried to see Abby. She executed a psychic attack almost perfectly and hit Belossom.

Solarbeam! Erika yelled.

As I squinted, I never would have imagined a huge beam of light come from Belossom. Abby was hit but recovered quickly.

What was that? I yelled.

If you could have paid more attention to strategy rather than reckless battling, you should have defeated me a bit earlier. Erika said calmly.

My mind raced for an attack. There might be some wayI staggered about trying to shield my eyes but then, my Pokdex fell.

Huh? Whats this? I asked. I looked at the screen. In there, Abbys attacks were displayed. I never noticed one attack beforefire punch. Okay then, Abby, fire punch!

My eyes were finally adapted to the bright surroundings. As I squinted at Abby, I saw her charge up a punch then threw it quickly towards Belossom. It was a critical hit! Thanks to the sunny day, fire punch gained a power boost.

Clever, Erika said coolly. Belossom, one more sunny day! She yelled.

Abby, teleport! Abby teleported right before the beam hit her. Then, she reappeared from behind Belossom.

Fire punch! Abby launched another powerful fire punch. This time, Belossom fainted. Yeah!

Erika returned her Belossom without saying a word. Almost immediately, it wasnt so bright anymore.

Go, my Vileplume!

I returned Abby. Youve had enough. I said. Go, Blaze!

Erika didnt seem to look stunned. Ah, so you do have a Charizard like your father, She said. However, your skill does not match his. Vileplume, petal dance!

Vileplume leapt up as leaves floated from all around. With that, it charged at Blaze.

Blaze, fly up! I yelled. Blaze obeyed my command as it flew up.

Fire a solar beam! Erika commanded.

I waited for a huge beam to come out, but instead, Vileplume started to charge.

Oh yeah, not much sunlight! I muttered. Blaze, attack!

As Blaze flew downwards, I didnt realize that Vileplume already fired the solar beam.

Blaze, watch out! Blaze dodged part of it but the rest hit its right wing. Blaze crashed down to the floor with a loud thud. Blaze!

Blaze stood up; he was still fine. However, his wing seems to be bleeding.

That marks a disadvantage, She said. Since you wont be able to fly, there will be no escaping! Vileplume, petal dance!

Blaze flamethrower! I yelled.

There were hundreds of leaves that circled Vileplume. Blazes flamethrower didnt seem to phase it since it only burned a few leaves. Vileplume continued to charge at Blaze. Blaze received direct impact from the attack; however, he simply shook off the attack.

Good, now use flamethrower! Blaze fired another stream of fire, this time, the attack connected.

Enough! That is enough! Erika said as she returned her Vileplume even though it hasnt fainted yet.

Arent we going to continue? I asked her.

She laughed. Ah, youth. You really do always want a challenge. However, you have already won the right to own this badge. She said as she placed a Rainbow Badge in my hand, and then closed it. Please treasure it.


Nick, Emily, Marina and Michelle waited outside for me. As soon as I arrived outside, they seem to be silent. Erika was with me.

Whats wrong here? I asked.

UmII decided to stay here in Celadon to train up a bit. Michelle said dryly.

You wouldnt have I heard Nick mutter.

Im staying here, too. Marina said.

Ah, you, too? Erika exclaimed. Well, I am honored to teach the champion!

Marina blushed a bit, feeling flattered.

I didnt say a word. What is their decision, I wanted to respect.

I guess we have to leave now Nick said as he stamped his foot on the ground.

I seeit is painful to leave some close to you behind. Erika said. But, you must also not interfere with ones decision.

Nick simply nodded.

So, this is good bye for the while, Michelle said.

Nick nodded again.

NickIll miss you Michelle said as she threw her arms around her brother. I could see tears coming down her eyes and down her cheeks.

Me, too Nick said.

Michelle then released him.

Bye, Gary, Emily She said to me. Im really sorry if I was a pain

No, its okay! I said as I smiled.

I noticed that Nick already turned to Marina.

Bye Nick said softly.

Well see each other againIm sure! Marina replied.

They both stared at each other for a while. Then, Nick moved forward and quickly kissed Marina on her cheek. Marinas face flushed red. I looked at them then to Michelle, then to Nick and Marina again, then to Michelle again. Michelles reaction was indescribable.

To be continued...

June 19th, 2004, 10:02 AM
Great chapter! Gary sure had fun battling Erika. Even she knew when to give up.
Its sad to see Michelle and Marina stay behind.
Nick's gonna miss her. Hehe. He kissed her :)
Michelle was surprised!
Can't wait to read more.

June 19th, 2004, 12:27 PM
Realy good Chapter! Nice battle! Too bad about Michelle and Marina though... Hope they wont be gone for too long ;)

oni flygon
June 20th, 2004, 11:56 AM
Chapter 39: Serene Guardian

As we left Celadon, Nick was quite silent. I asked him why didnt he just stayed with Michelle but he said that he wants to travel. Emily was still silent despite the fact that Marina wasnt here anymore. The usual drawling voice that followed us from behind or encouraged us to keep walking was now gone. To be short, we were quite silent.

We were moving west of Celadon City. I noticed that we were nearing the sea once more, but a building stopped us on our tracks.

Cycling Road. The sign read. It was painted on paper and nailed to the wooden sign. The paper looked quite faded and a bit torn on the edges.

Whats that supposed to mean? Nick muttered.

Ive heard of this, I said to Nick. We need bikes here.

Bikes? But I dont think we have any. Do we? He asked.

I peered inside the building. A few trainers were inside and were talking loudly.

Lets go inside, I told them.

We opened the doors. The sound grew louder as we went inside. Trainers were yelling and shaking their fists in the air. All of them had bicycles.

What do you mean we cant pass? Yelled one trainer.

We want to go to Fuchsia now! Said one more.

Im sorry but the path is closed for maintenance. Said a man in a blue uniform.

Whats wrong with the road? Asked a trainer clutching his bicycle.

Im telling you, we are having a small problem! Said the man, a bit frustrated. Now, if you all dont leave, I might be calling in the cops.

Sighs and groans filled the air. Everyone was talking about taking the long path from Vermillion to Fuchsia and how frustratingly long it is.

Well, guess like were taking the long way, too. Nick muttered.

Wait, we can fly there! I told him.

What did you just say?

Fly! You know, fly with our Pokmon! I exclaimed.

HmmIm not sureI dont think I have any flying Pokmon with me.

You can borrow Sage. I can fly on Blaze with Emily. I said handing him Sages Pokball.

I dont knowwell okay. Ill give it a try.


I summoned out Blaze and Nick sent out Sage. We both told them that we needed to fly up above the building and follow the path.

As Nick climbed on Sages back, I climbed on Blaze. I helped Emily out as she clutched my shirt.

Whats wrong? I told her. I could see the fear thats in her eyes.

ImIm afraid of heights. She stammered.

Oh, well, well fly low then! I reassured her.

She nodded but she was still scared.

Ready, Nick? I asked him.

He nodded as he clutched Sages feathers. Okay, fly! We both yelled.

Blaze and Sage soared up high. The feeling of the wind running through my hair was just amazing. I looked down and saw the building as a small blue square. I looked back at Emily and she was holding my shirt tight with her eyes closed.

Nick, having fun? I called.

This is cool! He yelled over to me as he soared from side to side.

Maybe we can find the problem from up here! I told Nick.

I could see him nod. Yeah and maybe we can help!

Thats a good idea!

Well then, lets go higher a bit!

I nodded.

Emily, I said. She looked up at me. I could see the sheer terror in her eyes. Were going up a bit so hang on tight, okay? I said. She nodded weakly then closed her eyes again.

Sage and Blaze flew up higher this time. I could see the ocean from up here. The suns rays reflected on in waves that sparkled in the noon. I looked below to see a path in the ocean.

This must be cycling road, I thought to myself. Now, lets see whats the problem.

My eyes scanned the whole area trying to find the cause of the problem. Then, I saw a figure walking down the road.

I caught Nicks attention and motioned him to go down. He nodded and Blaze and Sage landed in a few seconds. I returned both of my Pokmon and pointed out the figure that was walking all alone the path.

Whos that? Nick asked as the figure continued to walk whistling a cheerful tone.

Dunno, lets just follow him. I said.

Emily was still quite shaken since she trembled as she walked. We were getting closer to the figure. I could see a shape nowa cloak and blue hair. The matted hair drifted as the sea breeze blew. The figure walked quite slowly.

I motioned my friends to walk closely. As we did, I realized who it was.

Hey! I yelled.

What the Makoto yelled as he jumped up into a fighting position at us. Whoa, its just you. How did you get pass that guard?

What are you doing here? I asked.

Well, you got to answer my question firsthey lookie! You even have friends with you! Makoto exclaimed when he noticed Nick and Emily.

Names Makoto! You guys might be His voice trailed off and waited for an introduction.

No one responded.

Uh, okaylooks like you guys dont want to talk for a while, He muttered with a smile.

What are you doing here anyway? The guard said that there was some problem so we flew over here. I said.

Gary, do you know this freak? Nick whispered.

Freak?! Makoto exclaimed. Im no freak! If you want a freak, then you better go off to the circus. Theres tons of freaks there but Im no freak! Makoto continued to rabble about freaks. He was completely random and doesnt seem to take my question seriously.

As I opened my mouth to repeat my question, he immediately stopped his freak discussion.

So, you want to know why Im here and that guard over there doesnt want people to go here? He asked.

I nodded.

Well, when I was passing through the gate over there, I heard from the guard in his radio that wild dark Pokmon are attacking in this area. So I wanted to go here but the guard just pushed me back. Couldve showed him something but I dont want to hurt anyone yet. So I jumped the building and went here without anyone noticing me.

Jumped? Nick repeated.

Jump, you knowa leap, hop

No, I meanwhat the heck do you mean by jumped the building?

Jump the building. Dont you get it kid?

You mean you jumped that whole building without any help?

Makoto nodded with a smirk. What else could I do?


So far, no wild dark Pokmon, Makoto muttered as we all continued down.

After I introduced my friends, I told them that I met Makoto before and saved me once from a group of wild psychic Pokmon. I asked Makoto where Sakaki was but he just shook his head and said that shes doing something else.

Hey Gary, have you heard what happened in Kanto fifteen years ago? Makoto asked.

Sorry, but no. I replied.

Weirdest thing, kid. Pokmon just started to attack people. And when I say Pokmon, I mean swarms of them. Huge swarms! I was thinking that he was over exaggerating but I wasnt quite sure because the tone of his voice was serious.

So whats your point? I asked him.

Well, it all stopped about eleven years ago. But the weirdest thing is that theyre all coming back now. Swarms of Pokmon began to attack people again. Just like fifteen years ago His voice trailed off as we heard sounds.

What was that? Nick said as he backed away from a nearby bush.

If Im not mistaken its As Makoto began his sentence, a Houndour came out. Yep, its the swarms alright.

The Houndour leered at us then howled. Its howl pierced the air like knife through bread. I covered my ears since the howl was so terrifying, I could see Emily shudder from behind me.

Uh-oh. Pack call! Makoto said. Stay back!

Before we all moved, more Houndours came out.

Never mind, Makoto said. Ready your Pokballs, people.

The Houndours growled at us. They all leered as they formed a circle around us and surveyed us.

I hate psychic Pokmon but these things will be cheap. Makoto smirked then took out an Ultra Ball. He threw it and out came a tall Pokmon with boxing gloves for its hands. See that dark Pokmon hate fighting types, He continued. And I like fighting types.

I took out a Pokball containing Doga. Nick took out his and so did Emily.

Just wait for them to attack and then wellcrap! Makoto said as he dodged a lunging Houndour. Eugene, mach punch!

His Pokmon lunged forward then punched the Houndour swiftly and knocked it back with the whole pack.

Doga, come out and use rock throw! I yelled. I released Doga and the moment it came out, it landed its huge body on all Houndours.

Leaf, hold them all with your vine whip! Nick said as he commanded his Venusaur. Leaf took the Houndours with its vines then threw them back.

Twister! Emily said. Her Dragonair obeyed quickly. It sent out a twister that carried off a lot of Houndours to the other side.

Theres more of em! Makoto shouted.

I looked around but saw nothing but shadows. Shadows? I looked above and saw swarms of black birds cawing and crying.

Murkrows! Makoto shouted. He returned his Pokmon immediately and took out another Ultra Ball. Fenrir, ice beam! Makoto sent out another Pokmon, this time, a blue one with scales and a long snout. I realized at once that it was a Kingdra. It fired a blue icy beam towards the Murkrows. Attack was successful for it managed to clear the sky a bit.

Yomi, you use your ice beam, too! Emily said. Yomi fired another blue beam that wiped out the whole Murkrow army.

Was that it? I asked.

Makoto paused for a while. Yep, not a whole lot today. He said as he returned his Kingdra. He then continued to walk downhill. If I were you guys, I would just get out of cycling road now. I dont want to sleep here anytime in the dark.

I noticed that the sky was already orange from the setting sun.

Hey Makoto!


Where are you going? I asked.

Well, Im going out of this place. I dont want to get attacked in the night.

To be continued

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Lots of Dark Pokemon! Flying is sure useful. All those other trainers have to go around :laugh:

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Jikan Yokoku: Treasured Memories

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I'm happy that someone else read it... ^_^

Chapter 40: Treasured Memories

We managed to avoid the guard on the southern gate of Cycling Road. Nick, Emily and me decided to just follow Makoto. Actually, it was me who wants to follow Makoto. Nick and Emily would have just went away but they seem to need someone to follow, too.

We were just walking a few minutes away from Cycling Road when Makoto stopped.

Looks like were camping here, He muttered.

Nick prepared the fire as I sat down on the grass.

So you kids heading out to Fuchsia, right? Makoto asked intently.

I nodded. I explained to him that Nick and I want a battle to earn a badge. Then I showed him all of the badges I earned.

Makoto laughed. Heh, youre just like your daddy. Last time I saw you, you were cringing in fear andah whoopsnever should have mentioned that He lowered his voice. He knew I was going to ask for my father.

What can you tell me about my dad? I asked him immediately.

Welllook Gary, Im really tired and I need sleep so He paused when he noticed that I was staring him intently. Good night!

Hey, arent you going to eat? Nick asked Makoto.

Nah, kid. I dont like to eat when Im going to sleep. He was lying down on the soft grass.


I woke up in the middle of the night. Everything was dark except for the smoldering embers of Nicks fire. I looked around. Everyone is asleep. This is my chance to look into Makotos memory. Toshin told me that when a person is subconscious, I could see a memory that they treasure, fear or something thats been in their minds for a long time if I could concentrate. The visions from before must have been from all of my friends around me.

I walked slowly near Makoto. He was breathing quietly. I stretched out my hand and closed my eyes. What if the memory isnt there? What if I found another memory? What if it wasnt what I was looking for? Questions popped into my mind as I concentrated.


A loud crash was heard. Makoto landed on the ground face first.

Hate it when I do that He muttered as he dusted his cloak. He looked up and saw a purple vortex swirling just above him. He muttered words and mysteriously, the vortex faded away slowly.

Now where am I? He said as he looked around. He was in a familiar placethe plains. Beyond the horizon, a sea of trees covered the hill from there on. It must be a forest.

Kanto, near Viridian city, He said as he studied the area. The grass swayed as the wind blew. Nice place He then began to walk south.

There were a few trees towards the city. Makotos eyes shifted from side to side as he examined the area. The plains have disappeared and a road led him nearer and nearer to the city. But then, he stopped.

He looked behind him quickly. He must have noticed someone following him. He mastered the way he walks from all the years he walked with his cloak. He needed to hear a step, a step then the sound of his cloak drag across the ground. But this time it was a step, a step, a step, his cloak and a step.

Whos there? He said. His blue hair swayed with the fragile wind. Then, he heard a giggle from behind him. He stepped back and felt a weight down his back. Someone was tugging his cloak.

Hey! Quit that! He yelled frustratingly. He looked to his side to see a young girla yellow haired girl. Hey, stop doing that! Take your hands off my cloak!

The girl simply smiled and giggled as she continued to tug Makotos cloak.

Hey! Ackstopack! Makoto felt his cloak tighten around his neck. Hey, youre choking me!

The girl finally released him and continued to laugh. Her short hair also waved with the wind.

You think its funny, huh? Makoto threatened her. Whats a kid like you doing here? He asked her.

The girl didnt reply but laugh.

I hate being laughed at, Makoto muttered. Whats your name anyway? He said kneeling down so that his height matches that of the girl.

The girl was silent. Amamam She stuttered as she tried to voice her name.

AmAmAmy? Makoto said in a questioned tone.

The girl smiled. Amy! She repeated. Amy, Amy, Amy!

So youre name is Amy, right, kid?

She laughed as she kept repeating the name over and over again.

Amyhow old are you?

She paused and then counted her fingers. Three! She said as she held up three fingers.

Three? Wow, youre really smart. Makoto smiled.

She giggled as she kept repeating Amy. Then she hugged Makoto.

Whoa, whats that for? Makoto said as she laughed. Youre cute, arent you?

Whats your name? She said sweetly at Makoto.

Me? Oh, Makoto! He exclaimed.

MakMak She said as she tried to voice Makotos name.


Ma-ki She finally said. Maki!

Maki? Hey, thats a girls name!

Maki, Maki, Maki, Maki! She laughed as she repeated the same words over and over again.

Hey, thats enough. Where are your parents anyway? Makoto said feeling quite irritated.

Hey! Said a person from behind them.

Makoto turned around to see three people wearing dark blue uniforms and with masks to cover their faces. There was a tall one, a short, skinny one and a chubby one that was in front of the two.

Huh, what do you people want?

We want the kid, mister! Said the chubby masked person.

Are you people related to her or some sort? Makoto asked. He looked down at her. She was clinging to Makotos cape and she had a frightened look on her face.

Uhyeahif thats what you want to put it. We want her now. Said the short one.

Hey shorty, Im not giving her away to some weirdo creeps just because you people said so.

Why you Said the tall one as he started to lunge forward.

Patience, my friend. Said the chubby one.

Heh, patience eh? Looks like patience doesnt want any attention to your faces! Makoto sneered at them.

You little Said the short one. We demand you to give us the girl. If you dont youll bear the consequences.

Consequences? Makoto let out a low laugh. Ive had enough consequences in my life. In fact, my whole life is a consequence. Now, if you all please leave. Im going to find her real parents and Before Makoto could walk, he was kicked directly into the stomach.

The tall masked person cursed at him as he punched him across the face.

Maki! The girl cried as the short person took her away.

Heyyoure not taking her Makoto tried to move but was kicked again to the gut.

What now, you fool? Think you can fight back? The tall one laughed.

Suresure I can Makoto quickly stood up and punched the tall person directly to the face. As Makotos punch landed, the mask cracked immediately. The person groaned in pain as he clutched his face.

Thats what you idiots get for wearing those things!

Why youscum! Shouted the chubby one as he lunged for a punch.

Makoto dodged the attack and in return, kicked the person to the face.

It hurts, doesnt it? He sneered.

Makoto didnt notice another punch coming from behind him. Then a kick, then another punch. The tall person was beating him down, now that he has revived from Makotos attack.

Thats what you give em! The skinny person said as he handled the girl.

Maki, Maki! The girl screamed as she witnessed Makoto being brutally beaten.

Thisll finish him! The skinny person said as he threw a dagger at the chubby masked person.

Youyou people will regret ityoullah Makoto was speechless as he was stabbed in the gut.

Idiot! The masked chubby person said as he withdrew the knife.

Makoto could feel the blood coming out of his stomach. Then he was punched into the face once more then finally stabbed at the back. He groaned in pain as he clutched his bleeding stomach.

That should do it.

Cant believe took us that long.

Come on you two, the master is waiting for us.

Maki! Maki!

Everything was starting to slow down for Makoto. The cries of the girl echoed in his head, as he lay there bleeding and not dead.

My lifeismy ownconsequence He whispered. ImIm not going to die yet

He summoned his remaining strength to stand upfor the girl. He looked up and started to walk towards the three.

Heyyou three He said.

All of them looked behind.

What theare you kidding me? Hes still alive?

A trail of blood followed Makoto as he walked with a limp leg.

Maki! The girl called.

Makoto smiled. Even though blood was pouring out of his mouth, he was still able to shout: You will all pay you fools! He raised his hand. A purple ball that looked like a faint cloud of dust appeared. The three were immobilized. Take this! Makoto yelled as he threw the ball of dust on the ground.

Immediately, the ball turned to plasma like substance that spread through the whole quickly. Makoto ran towards the three and grabbed the girl. He quickly leapt up to a nearby tree where he watched the fate of the three.

He looked at the girl, she was crying as she gripped Makotos clothes and closed her eyes. The plasma spread throughout the whole ground as it grabbed the feet of the masked people. They screamed as they sunk slowly to the ground. Slowly and painfully, they all disappeared.

Makoto whispered words. Slowly, the vortex was now gone. He leapt from the tree and set the girl down. Finally, he collapsed.

Wellthis looks likeit He whispered.

The girl looked at him. She was still crying.

Makiyoure going to be okay? She said.

Makoto smiled. I dont know, AmyI havent even completed what my life was supposed to doImIm just a failuredying in a foreign worldToshin was right

Maki is going to be okay! The girl said.

ImnoI wont be fine Makoto said. He didnt notice the glowing Yellow light near his side. What?

He felt his wounds close and his blood replenished. As the seconds passed by, he could feel his strength return. He sat up and looked at the smiling girl.

Maki is okay now. Lets play again! She laughed.

Whoadid you do that? Makoto said as he looked at his own hands. The bloodstains were still there but the wounds were gone.

Lets play, Maki! The girl repeated.

Makoto stood up. Play? Do you really want to do that all over again? He said jokingly.

Then he heard voices. Where is she? Shes supposed to be here

Mama? Papa! She called out into the distance.

People? I cant show myself now Makoto thought to himself as the girl tugged his hand. Amy I need to go He said.

ButMaki She stammered.

No butsI need to go now. He said as he kneeled down
Makoto could sense the sadness as tears started to form in her eyes. Makiis going now?

Yeah Makoto whispered. Nowbe a good girl. Stay out of trouble, okay?

Will Maki come back? She asked him.

Makoto hugged her. You know, youre cute and allI just wish I really know a lot about you

She was already crying. Makoto smiled as he wiped her tears. Amy-ChanIll come back. I promise!

He then stood up and started to walk on. He never dared to look back as he heard her cries. As few minutes passed. Makoto stopped and leaned on a nearby tree. He looked down as he watched his own tears fall on the dry ground

Oy, you looking at my memories? I heard a yell.

I jumped back as I saw Makotos angry eyes. Makotos voice was in a whisper but I could still hear him.

What in heck did you see? He said.

What? II I stammered.

I know you saw something, Gary!

I paused. Amy

Makoto fell silent. He didnt say anything more but just looked back at me.

Amy. Ive treasured that name until I came back here. I was shocked when I saw her, grown up. She was different. At first, she didnt recognize me. Not until I saved her againthats when she realize who I really was Makoto said as he wiped a tear from his eye. Of course, if youre smart enough, you already know who she is.

Mom I replied quickly.

Well, okay. Youre smart. Makoto said as he leaned back to sleep again.

Wait! I exclaimed.

What is it this time?

What are you people hiding from me, anyway? I asked him.

Oh thatyou want to know what happened that night? Makoto said, still on his back.


He started the story but I told him I just needed to know what happened after Green gave me to Red.

Ill tell you and Ill tell it only once. When your dad gave you to Red, I really thought he was a fool when he rushed towards Pryce. He pushed him into the gate. Then, he didnt notice Pryce pulled his foot. Sakaki falls down. Now, Toshin is the only one who holds up the gate. He then stood up.

Can you believe the treacheryRed was the only one who couldve helped. He handed you to Silver then rushes to Greens aid. But then, he hesitated. The fool hesitated because that idiot remembered that his own rival was the one that made his old girlfriend pregnantersorry for the language there He then paused.

My heart was beating faster. I didnt understand the last thing he said yet I couldnt believe my own ears. Red didnt faint after all! He was hiding something What happened next? What did Red do?

Red was slow enough. He was so close to saving your dad. And what did he do? He just stood there doing nothing! Then, Toshin let the gate down. He would die if he would let it up

Nothat meansmy dad

Im sorry Gary Makoto whispered. This is why everyone doesnt want to tell you everything. We dont want you to loose all hope immediately.

But thenmy dad is dead?

No hes notjustlost His voice trailed off.

What do you mean by lost? Then it dawned in my mind. In my vision, I saw the three masked people disappearing slowly into the purple void. You cant mean

Makoto nodded slowly. My dream of dad coming home was shattered. I thought I was so closeI found myself as a failureI felt I failed momHer voice continued to echo in my head even though I was already asleep.

To be continued

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June 22nd, 2004, 7:07 AM
Really good chapter! Cant belive Red! (j/k) hope to read the next one soon!

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What a chapter! Yellow as a little girl was so cute and sweet^^
Hearing about how Green got sucked in was sad. Red doing nothing cause of a grudge eh? That bites.
Can't wait to read more

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Chapter 41: Returned Hope

I didnt care to greet anyone the next day. It was as if my life was already over. I didnt even bother to notice Nick or Emily.

Whats up, Gary? Nick cheered. I didnt say a word but just stared at the ground. Gary?

Hm? OhsorryI just need time to think. I muttered.

Makoto noticed my sudden change of behavior.

Look Gary, whatever I said about last night, just forget about it, okay? Just aim for your dream and

You dont understand! I yelled.

Nick and Emily, who were on one side, heard me.

I became a trainer just to find dad! Now, I dont even know why I was a trainer!

Makoto stared at me. You dont remember your mothers words dont you? Aim for your dream and you wont regret anything.

He was right. Those were moms words. She always said them each night I told her that I wanted to be a trainer. I didnt say a word, ashamed at my own thoughts.

Gary? Emily asked as she peered at me. Whats wrong?

Makoto was still standing in front of me. I didnt exactly know how Makoto learned moms words but I didnt need to know.

Nothing, I told Emily.


Emily noticed something wrong with me since she was always eyeing at me as if there was something in my face. The next stop, she asked me what was wrong once more.

Nothing, Emily. I said once more. Theres nothing wrong.

Are you worried about something? She asked me again.

Nonothingits just that

You can tell me! She exclaimed happily. I might help.

I sighed. I dont knowits just that I might never see my dad.

Dont say anything like that! She said suddenly. If you say something like that, youre not really going to find your dad!


I always think that Im going to find my daddy, and I will!

I just closed my mouth and didnt say anything else. Emily tried to help and gave a small amount of confidence. Maybe there is hopemaybe


Are we stopping again? Nick cried frustratingly since Makoto did stop once more. Hes a lot like Michelle He whispered to me.

Makoto looked around. Were in danger He muttered.

What did you say? Nick said.

Swarms are gathering around us. Theres a lot

How do you know? Nick retorted.

Kid, I know what I feel. Somethings behind you.

What? Ah! He turned around to see Houndours growling.

I turned around and so did Emily. There were a lot! There were more than last time. Then, shadows filled the ground. I looked up to see Murkrows flying in the air. There were numerous. Houndours below growled and leered at us. The Murkrows from above perched themselves on trees that were nearby.

II dont think we can handle all of these Nick stammered.

Sure we can, kid! Just send out your best Pok闔

Im afraid that wont help. Said a womans voice. I turned around to see a tall woman in a back dress. She had long faded yellow hair that curled down to her back and on her shoulders.

What? You! Makoto yelled.

Mister Hikari, I presume. She said coolly then sneered. I heard that there were five children. What happened to the other two?

I dont know what youre saying. Makoto replied immediately. I could see his hand reach out for his Ultra Ball.

Ah, true to your word, She said. I believe my name is still not known? My name is Karen. Pleased to make all of your acquaintances.

Makoto cursed her as she said her name. Karen simply laughed.

Rude as ever, She smiled. I could see the insanity in her eyes, as they remained transfixed to mine. Some people do never change, do they?

Nope, Makoto replied sarcastically. I know you want the kid. So you better think twice if you want to attack me!

Of course I have to. She sneered. You are a master of fighting types, are you not? Well, I hope you do like my treat.

What do youah! Makoto yelled as he tripped. What in

I looked down and saw nothing but my shadow. Then I saw my shadow reach out for my foot and trip me. I yelled as I tripped, too. Then Nick followed; then Emily.

My shadow glided forward towards Karen and came out of the ground.

A Gengar, eh? Makoto sighed as he stood up. Very clever. Fighting type moves are worthless against ghosts.

You see the pattern now, eh? Karen mocked Makoto. Well now, let me take what Will has failed to take.

I looked around and the Houndours moved closed.

Youre not taking me! I yelled as I stood up and sent out Gabby.

Im with you! Nick tagged with me. He took out his Pokball and sent out his Venusaur.

Emily stood up and released her Dragonair.

An army to fight for, eh, children? Karen laughed again. Fine then, face the wrath of my army! Ill take you to the master dead or alive! She said as she pointed her finger at me.

Her Houndours leapt immediately towards us. Her Murkrows followed as they flew up and dived towards us.

You three! Take the land! Ill take air! Makoto shouted.

Okay, Gabby, hydro pump! Gabby sent out a blast of water from its mouth towards one side. It knocked out a lot of Houndours but more replaced the side.

Leaf, use your vine whip and throw them back like last time! I heard Nick yell from behind me.

Yomi, twister! Emily commanded from next to me.

Fenrir, ice beam these pests! A blue beam went pass me from above and froze dozens of Murkrows that were attacking me.

The battle continued on. I glanced at Karen each time. She just stood there and watched us battle with her Gengar poised for action.

The army didnt seem to end like in the Saffron Gym. We were all completely surrounded.

Gabby, use surf! I yelled. Hang on, guys!

A huge tide appeared out of nowhere as it rushed towards us. The wave washed out the Houndours. I looked at Karen, who was dry thanks to a light screen from her Gengar.

Guess its my turn, I heard Karen say. Gengar, attack!

Oh no youre not! I heard Makoto yell. Sety, shadow ball!

I turned around and saw that Makoto has a Gengar of his own, too.

Impressive, Hikari! Karen shrieked. But how can you withstand this, Night Shade!

I saw dark bolts come out from Karens Gengar that hit Makotos Gengar and Makoto himself. Makoto gasped as he clutched his chest.

Your Gengar is in a pretty high levelbut not as high as mines. I could see a smirk from Makotos face.

Im helping, I said as I returned Abby and sent out Blaze.

Gary, dont do it! Makoto yelled.

Too late, Mean Look! Karen said. I looked at Gengar and at once, I couldnt move my feet. I noticed that Blaze couldnt do so either.

Gary! Emily and Nick both cried.

Stay back! Makoto said then swore at Karen. Using Pokmon attacks to kill trainers, eh? I though that was an old thing.

My, my. You are a potty mouth, arent you? Karen continued to mock Makoto.

Sety, use another shadow ball! Makoto commanded. His Gengar formed another ball of dark matter and threw it at Karens Gengar the attack was successful and threw back Karens Gengar a few feet back.

Blaze flamethrower! Blaze sent out a stream of fire towards Gengar. It was a direct hit.

Good, Sety, finish it off with another shadow ball! Before Karens Gengar could react, another shadow ball landed on its face. It finally fainted as it faded into the ground.

Karen returned her Gengar. Very, very good. She said while clapping her hands. I could feel my feet move immediately as she returned her Gengar. Now, Houndoom!

Nice, Makoto said as he returned his Gengar. Go, Eugene! He sent out his Pokmon before, which I learned earlier was a Hitmonchan.

Too predictable, Makoto Hikari. Karen said. Houndoom, double team!

Her Houndoom multiplied immediately into four different ones. Each Houndoom can battle all of you. She then laughed. As she said the words, her Houndooms immediately lunged at us.

Eugene, mach punch! Makoto said. I turned and saw hit Hitmonchan attack the attacking Houndoom. However, the Houndoom recovered from the attack immediately.

Slash! I yelled. The Houndoom was stopped in its tracks as Blazes slash attack connected.

My Houndoom remains solid even after multiplying from double team. Karen laughed. And they can attack separately on their own, too!

Sigurd, take down! I turned around to see Nick with another wolf-like Pokmon. I quickly took out my Pokdex and learned that it was a Mightyena.

Twister, Emily cried weakly as her Dragonair sent out another tornado. Her Dragonair seems to be exhausted since it was the only Pokmon in Emilys team.

She needs help, I thought as I took out another Pokball. Doga, take out that Houndoom!

Doga slammed its tail on the Houndoom but missed it. Then, I saw the Houndooms tail glow then attack Doga with it. Iron tail!

Doga fainted immediately. I returned it and started focusing on the Houndoom in front of me again. Finish it off with Wing Attack! I yelled.

Blaze flew up and used its wings to attack the Houndoom. It was thrown back immediately then disappeared.

I looked over at Makoto. He was already finished with his and was helping Nick.

Emily, hold on, Im coming! I yelled. Before I could call an attack, the Houndoom used Crunch on Yomis neck.

Yomi! Emily screamed.

Blaze, slash! I yelled. Blaze flew quickly over to the Houndoom and slashed it.

It flew off from the force of the slash bringing blood with it and then disappeared.

Yomi! Emily cried as she ran over to her fainted Dragonair. I ran next to her seeing a puddle of blood leaking out from Emilys Dragonair.

I looked around. Karen was the only one left. Nick and Makoto finally finished off the last Houndoomthe real one.

Impressiveyou have won this battlebut not the war! Then, she disappeared as if she teleported.

What thewhat happened here? Makoto yelled.

Do you have any medicine? I asked Nick.

Nick shook his head. Nodont have any. He seems to be shocked himself.

YomiYomi! Emily sobbed. The Dragonair looked at her weakly.

This thing is going to die if we dont do anything! Makoto said.

Something popped into my mind. I remembered about my powers. I remained silent as I stretched out my hand over the wheezing Dragonair and touched its wound. I tried to concentrate to think what I think when I healed my own Pokmon. I couldnt hear Emilys sobsthere was just silence. Then, I felt warmth in my hands.

I opened my eyes to see a yellow light surrounding the wound. Then, I saw it close slowly. In a few seconds, the wound was gone.

Yomi! Emily cried as she hugged her Dragonair, now feeling better.

Whoawhat just happened? Nick said after a few seconds of becoming speechless.

I looked at Makoto and he was smiling but didnt say anything else.

Oh Gary! Emily cried as she threw her arms around me. Thank you so much!

Your welcome I said now that my own strength was returning.

Of course Nick was the first to ask me what just happened but Makoto explained everything about forest blessings. Something that Ive heard so many times already. Emily just smiled gratefully. She seems to feel that I was in her debt once more. At that moment, I felt the hope of dad coming back... returning.

To Be continued

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Chapter 42: Dreams and Nightmares

Even though I know that there might be no hope of seeing my father, I still continued my journey. Maybe I could at least make mom proud. My sights set out to Fuchsia City up ahead.

Ah, Fuchsia! Makoto sighed. So many memories Ive left in this city.

He stretched his arms and then yawned.

Havent you rested enough? Nick asked him. We stopped like three times for the last few hours. Youre just as annoying as my sister.

Kid, you got to get used to it. When you get old, everything just makes you tired. Makoto replied warily.

You dont look old! How old are you anyway?

Makoto looked alarmed. Huh? MewellII think Im twentyI think He looked from side to side.

No way youre twenty! I exclaimed. Then youd be older than my mom. But in that vision you look just the same as you look now? What are you anyway?

Huh? Oh thatahfacial creamsyeah Makoto smiled wryly.

We ignored him most of the way. We though of just leaving him but he seems to follow us.

Why cant he just go? Nick muttered.

I dunnolets just make him lost in the city. I replied.

We both looked at Makoto and he smiled at us.



Boy, Fuchsia hasnt changed! Makoto exclaimed as we reached Fuchsia city.

All three of us were walking ahead and he was lagging behind looking from building to building.

I think we should just tell him to go away, Nick told me.

Good ideabutI dont know. He might be a bit disappointed. I replied.

Gary, this guys really annoying me. And weird things just start popping when hes around.

I wanted to explain to Nick that I was the reason some things just pop out of nowhere and start attacking us but something was keeping me from telling him.

Okay, but you have to tell him yourself. I said.

As we both turned towards Makoto, he was already gone.

Wherewhere is he? Nick muttered.

He mustve heard us or something


As we looked around the city, we didnt find any trace of Makoto. Thinking that he already went away, we tried to find a place to stay in. The problem was that more and more trainers have come to Fuchsia these days since its near a beach. We had a hard time finding a hotel with vacancy.

It took us all day. As the night drew near, we were still in the streets, shivering.

Maybe we can sleep outside Nick stuttered as he tried to stop his teeth from chattering.

I was shivering, too from the cold. Since Fuchsia is near the ocean, the temperatures here could easily drop.

Emily doesnt seem to be cold since what she wore looked perfect for conditions in Fuchsia city. We sat on the streets since we already gave up searching for a good place. So we just followed Nicks advice of camping out near the citys outskirts.

We walked for a while until we finally reached the outskirts. As Nick built the fire, he talked to me.

Gary, did you notice something weird in the city? He asked.

I looked around the already dark outskirts.

No, what? I asked him.

The peoplewhen it turned dark outside, they all locked up their houses and no one is in the streets.

I looked towards the city. He was right. There was no light in each building. There was just complete darkness.

Youre right. It looks weird. I replied. I wonder what are they doing that for?


Nick finished making the fire and we were all warming ourselves near it. The freezing gale blew across the plains as we heard trees rustle and dead leaves scrape across the ground.

Then we heard an odd noise.

What was that?

It sounded a lot like water falling on the ground. But it was more like water. Its something squishy

Dunnowhoa, whats that smell?

A foul smell pervaded the area. I cupped my hands around my nose and my friends did the same. The smell was overpowering. Then came the noise again. It was something that slopped all over the ground.

Lets see what is it. I said as I stood up.

I dont knowit might be something Nick muttered.

Emily looked around from side to side. She seems to be frightened by the dark and the sounds.

We should really see whatevers around us. I said to Nick and Emily.

Nick simply nodded, finally agreeing, and stood up. Emily had no choice but to follow us. I sent out Blaze to light the path for us. We could only see a few feet away but as we walked on, the foul smell was getting stronger.

Eww, what the heck? I heard Nick, as he seems to have stepped on something slushy. Aw I hate this when it happens. Its just gross.

Then, we heard more noises from near us. I looked on the ground and the grass that used to be green was now brown and decayed.

Waitsomething that stinks and leaves stuff on the ground I muttered. Grimers!

What? Nick questioned. He seems to be puzzled.

They pollute the place around Fuchsia. I said. Theyre just living toxic waste.

As I said the words, I could see something moving near us. Emily gave out a small squeal then jumped back.

Theres something over there! She cried as she pointed to where she stood before.

I looked to where she was pointing and I was right. I could see a Grimer moving slowly away from the light. I sent out Abby and returned Blaze.


Abby sent out a powerful flash that filled the whole area with light.

ACK! Nick yelled. What are those?

Grimers covered the whole area. They desperately tried to avoid the light.

Theyre so gross Nick muttered. And I thought Gulpins looks horrible

We should go back to camp. We dont want more of them attacking us. I said as we all moved back with Abby leading the way.

When we reached camp, we realized that the fire was put out. Grimers filled our campsite. They slowly oozed around the site until the grass was dead. Luckily, all out belongings were untouched.

Ugh, our camp! Nick muttered. These things are annoying!

We quickly picked up our belongings and decided to move away. We already started moving when I heard Emily scream.

What? Whats wrong? I said.

I noticed that a Grimer was holding her foot and planted itself to the ground so that she couldnt move.

It hurts! She said as she struggled to free herself.

Here, I said as I held her wrist. I tried to help her pull her out but then I noticed that another Grimer attach itself to her other foot. Great

I could see pain in Emilys eyes as I helped her.

Abby, use psychic on the Grimers! I said.

Abby obeyed and sent out a psychic wave towards the Grimers. However, it didnt affect them one bit.

Huh? Theyre supposed to react to psychic attack. I said.

Something wrong, Gary? Nick asked as he approached us.

Yeah, these things are keeping Emily here. I said.

Man, these things are weird. Did you try attacking them?

I just did. They dont even budge.

Gary, it hurts Emily cried as I could see tears run down her eyes.

Ill help you guys. Nick said as he grabbed Emilys hand. Pullwhat? AH! I realized that four other Grimers pinned out feet to the ground.

This is stupid. What the heck do these things want? Nick cried in pain.

It was really painful. It was as if sharp needles started thrusting into your skin. Then, more and more needles keep thrusting into the skin.

Emily began to collapse but I held her up. Abby, psychic! I said once more.

Abby used another attack but it didnt seem to affect the Grimers.

Ack! Get these things off my back! Nick yelled. I noticed that the Grimers started attacking out backs, too as I felt a sharp pain down my spine.

Emily couldnt hold up the pain as she fainted.


No wondershe faintedthese thingshurt! Nick said as he struggled to get them off his back.

The pain was now unbearable. It felt as if a knife was lodged into my back and was stabbing it multiple times. I was beginning to breathe slowly as my heart pumped rapidly. My vision started to blur. I could see Nick trying to stand as more Grimers weighed him down. I felt a sensation of collapsing but tried to support myself since I was holding up Emily.

Master, you might need assistance. I heard Abby say.

Abbycall help I thought. Hurry

Help is already here She replied.

I felt a hand yank out the Grimer behind me. I immediately felt better. Then, I could see two figures yank out Grimers from Nick and Emily. As they got the Grimers out, they just threw them away and continued to take out as many Grimers as they can. I could see the figuresMakoto and Silver.

SilverMakoto! I cried.

Thought I was leaving you guys, eh? Makoto smirked.

Silver and Makoto worked continuously as they finally freed all of us. Nick was still conscious as Makoto dragged him out. Thank me later, Makoto said.

I sat down as I tried to regain my breath. I noticed that Silver and Makoto were both wearing gloves.

Grimers are really hard to take off since they sting when you touch them. Makoto said.

I then noticed that Silver was tending to the fainted Emily.

Emily, Emily. He said as he gently shook her. Emily!

How did you know her name? I suddenly asked. Silver didnt reply.

I got my answer from Emily herself as I noticed her waking up. Even though the light that came from Abby wasnt really bright, Silvers eyes were recognizable. So when Emily woke up, she sat up and stared into Silvers eyes.

Ddaddy! She exclaimed.

A faint smile appeared in Silvers face.

Daddy! Emily cried as she threw her arms around him.

What? I dont understand I muttered. I remembered Emily saying that she has the same eyes as her fatherbut Silver has silver eyes and Emily has light blue eyes. Could the baby I saw in my vision really Emily?

Emily was crying as Silver hugged her back.

DaddyIm so happy I found youplease come back home with Mommy! She sobbed as Silvers cloak muffled her cries.

Silver didnt reply but continued to hug his daughter. Nick just watched and kept himself silent. Makoto was watching and smiled.

Happy family reunions, eh, Silver? Makoto smiled happily.

Silver ignored him as he comforted Emily. Its okay now, its okay. He said. Are you still hurt?

Emily shook her head. Tears were still running down her cheeks. Daddy, She cried once more as she hugged him tightly.


I was still confused since Emilys eyes were completely different to Silvers. In my vision, it was clear that Silvers baby had silver eyes just like him. Emily has light blue eyespale blue eyes.

It was already dawn and Makoto and Nick were asleep. Silver was still awake. Emily was sleeping on his lap as Silver stroked her red hair. It was just now that I noticed that Emily and Silver had the same hair colorI never knew that before nor noticed it.

Silver, I called his name. He looked up at me with his deep eyes.

Whowho really is Emilys mother? I asked him.

Blue, He muttered after a long pause. She never mentioned Emily to you, I know that.

But why? And before, I saw that Emily had silver eyesin a vision, you know. How come she has blue eyes? I asked him. I tried to fire as many questions before Silver will decide to go again.

Blue just doesnt want anyone to know. Red and the others dont even know that Emilys my daughter. And about her eyes, you should ask her about them.

I ran out of questions immediately. It was as if all of my questions were already answered in that one answer.

Why did you leave Blue and Emily?

To protect my own family, Silver replied. Pryce hunted me and me only. Pryces thoughts on Blue diverted its course a long time ago. Now, Pryce wants me only. Hell take down anything in his way. Blue was having Emily back thenand Im sure that Blue will get hurt if I stay too long.

Butyou came back, didnt you?

I didtwiceI never talked to Blue about naming our daughter. I had no time so I just went into the hospital and named Emily myself. I was hoping that Blue would be awake but she wasnt. The second time, I was in Lavender town to see Emily. But I learned that she ran away so I had no I choice but to find heryou found her for me.

I didnt say anything more.

Anything else? Silver asked. He looked deeply at Emily.

My dadI learned everything from Makotodoes my mom knows anything about what happened?

No. She didnt get the whole news. She didnt know that Red couldve saved his life. She doesnt even know if hes dead or not. Yellow thinks that Green just died since he couldnt possibly break his promise. Silver replied quickly. In fact, Makoto was the one that gave you back to Yellow so you better ask him when he wakes up.

Even though he said everything quickly, his words were imprinted in my memory.

Promise? What promise?

Silver smiled. Youre too young to know the whole part of it, Gary. But maybe I should tell you what counts: When your mother had you, Green promised that he wouldnt leave her and that he would protect Yellow and you no matter whatas a loving father and as a loyal husbandeven if it would cost his own life.

I understand that. I said. What do you mean I couldnt understand that promise?

Silver let out a low, dry laugh. You just didnt get the whole part, Gary. You might as well keep on searching for Green.

Buthes gone foreverisnt he?

Silver shook his head. As he did so, my heart leapt. Hes still alive? He didnt reply but just stared into the horizon as the sun started to rise. I noticed that Emily was waking up as she yawned. She opened her eyes slowly then sat up.

Emily, Silver said. Im sorrybut I cant come back to Lavender town yet.

But why? Mommy is so sad when youre not there. Please come back and stay with us daddy. Mommy really wants to see you so badly!

Im sorryI cant come back yet He said as he hugged Emily.

Emily started to cry but Silver wiped her tears. Emily, be strong. Dont cry anymore. I promise Ill be back. Everything is going to be fine.

Emily stopped crying and smiled. Do you really mean it?

I do, Silver said. Well be one happy family. He then kissed his daughter and said goodbye.

Do you have to go, daddy? Emily said as he held Silvers hand.

Silver nodded slowly. He turned to walk away as Emily let go of his hand. She must know how Silver feels to leave his family in order to protect it. We both looked at Silver as he walked on and disappeared. Then, there was just silence.

Emily, I said, breaking the silence.

She looked at me with her pale, blue eyes.

You said before that your eyes are like you dads, right? How come your eyes are blue? I asked her.

Oh that She said shyly. She took out a white piece of cloth from her pocket then a small case. She opened the case, which was full of a clear liquid then reached for her eye.

Youre wearing contact lenses? I said in amazement.

She nodded as she closed her contacts case. She looked very different now. Her eyes were like Silvers. They glittered as the sun was now away from the horizon.

But why?

She paused. Its becausebecause kids at my town used to keep picking on methey say so much awful thingsthats why I dont want anyone to see them.

But now I know that Silver is your dad

She nodded again. Kids tell me that Im ugly with my eyessometimes I just dont want to see myself in the mirrorthats why I have these now.

You dont look ugly to me. Your eyes look pretty. I said.

She blushed. You really think so?

I nodded. It would be great if you dont wear your contact lenses anymore.

ButI dont know. I dont want people to laugh at me. She said in a worried tone.

Dont worry, they wont laugh at you! I said to her. Everything is going to be fine.

Emily pondered. Okay, She said. I wont wear them, then.

Thanks, I said.

Of course the moment Nick noticed Emilys eyes, he freaked out. Makoto didnt react much. He said hes already seen too much of Silvers eyes already.

To be continued

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Chapter 43: Unlikely Help

Are we heading to the gym, yet? Nick asked during the day.

Nope, you guys arent moving forward yet. We have to find out something. Makoto said.

Says who? Youre not the boss of us! Nick retorted.

Says me. I saved your life kid, so youre in debt and Im not leaving until you pay it.

What do you say, Gary? Nick asked me waiting for my agreement.

Of course I want Makoto to stay because I have to ask him something.

I think Makotos right. I said. We should find out about those swarms.

What? Gary I thought I trusted you! Nick muttered.

Nick, sorry but this is really important and he needs to stay for a while.

I heard Makoto muttering something about being slaves but then, he said nothing more.


So you guys found the swarms here, right? Makoto said as he examined the dead grass.

Looks like it, Nick muttered.

You know whats weird? They were so many of them last night. Now, theres no trace of them. Not even a single slime! I exclaimed.

Youre right, Gary. Makoto said as he picked up a clump of dead grass. It could be a teleport or something.

A teleport? Nick asked. What are you talking about?

A teleport could have easily transported Grimer at night and make them go at day. Nick replied.

My mind came to the man who attacked me in Saffron City. Hey, didnt that Karen person mentioned someone called Will? I asked.

Makoto nodded. Of course. This must be wills doing!

I seem to be right since nothing but a psychic Pokmon could transport an army of Grimers.

Then it must be Will that made the Grimers strong against psychic attacks Makoto murmured.

Makoto studied the area for a while and rested the whole afternoon. I soon realized that this was my chance to ask more about dad.

Makoto, I said as I glanced over to Nick and Emily. They were just sitting on the ground, silent. II want to know more about my dad.

What you say? He said as he looked at me.

Is my dadwhats my dad like? I asked him.

Green? Well, I dont really know about him. Hes just some regular guy to me. Yeah, yeah. He simply replied.

Makoto, in one of my visions, Sakaki told you about feeling someones emotions.

Oh that Makoto laughed. Thats my only power. Sometimes, I could feel how someone feels. But only when someone has a powerful emotion. Then I could sense it.

I want to ask you something else.

Ask away.

I summed up my courage as I began my question. You gave me back to my mom, right? He nodded. Can youcan you tell me what my mom is feeling right now?

Whats she feeling right now? Makoto said, stunned. Im not sure. She might be needing privacy right now.

Butplease. I just want to know how she feels. I miss her so much and I dont know when Ill be back in Pallet Town. I pleaded.

No way, kid. Look, if you guys want to challenge the gym leader, go ahead. Makoto said to all of us.

Really? Nick exclaimed then ran up to me. This is out chance, Gary!

I thought for a while. Okay


Makoto decided to stay behind while Emily, Nick and me traveled to the gym. We finally reached the gym without ease. However, something stopped us. It was a sign that was posted in the gym door.

Fuchsia City Gym closed for investigation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Investigation? Nick muttered. What investigation?

Its been suspected, young one. Said a voice from behind us. We turned around to see an old woman leaning on her staff. She was wearing shawls to hide her bright, young eyes. Lately, poison Pokmon were attacking the city. Now, the people were suspecting that the leader sent out poison Pokmon to attack the people.

Are you sure about that, maam? I asked.

Not sure. But I can tell you where the leader is. She replied.

Where is the leader? Nick asked from behind me.

Ah, follow me then. She said as she began to walk towards the other direction. The old woman walked slowly which slightly irritated Nick and drove some of my patience away. Then, she stopped in an open field.

I see no gym leader, Nick muttered.

Fool, youre in front of her. The old lady said.

You mean that the old lady is the leader? Nick exclaimed, quite shocked.

Who you callin old? The old lady said as she took off her shawls to reveal a much younger woman with dark hair and sharp eyes. I Janine shall destroy you!

Wait! I yelled. Why did you lead us here? Is the gym really under investigation?

Janine stopped. Yes, She said. I have been suspected of attacking my own townwhich is utterly incomprehensible. Just because my father was once a member of Team Rocket, I was immediately a suspect.

Wait, maybe we can help. I said to her.

She laughed. Im not taking advice from children.

But maybe you can from me, I heard a voice from behind me. It was Makoto.

You again? I had enough seeing you around the city! Janine spat.

Easy, easy. I just want to help. I think I know where these swarms are coming from.

You do? Well, show me! Janine yelled as she stormed in front of Makoto.

Too feisty about it, huh? Just hang on to your robes. I know where it all starts. I could see Makotos trademark smirk even though Janine was just in front of him, blocking his face.


Are you sure they appear here? Janine said in the darkness.

Yep, and I bet theres someone else who goes with them. Makoto replied.

We were in darkness and waiting for the Grimers to appear. Makoto pointed out that the grass in this part is gone and that it wont grow back. He then added that it must be a place where they have appeared and reappeared for several times.

Now, here we are. Waiting for them to appear.

Cant we have a light on? Nick muttered.

Shh! I can hear something.

It was true. I could hear a humming soundthe same sound Ive heard in Sabrinas gym.

What is that sound? I asked Makoto.

What sound?

That sound is a psychic wave emitted by Xatus. He replied. And that means that theyre a bunch of them.

I cant hear any sound. Janine snapped. Are you people trying to con me?

But then, a flash of light changed her mind. The light faded and soon, we could hear hundreds of Grimers surrounding the area.

Thats it, spread and devour the surroundings! I heard Wills voice in the darkness.

I hate psychic Pokmon I heard Makoto mutter as he took out an Ultra Ball.

Nick, Emily and me took out ours and so did Janine.

Now, dont leap out yet unless I say so. Makoto muttered as he stood up and approached Will in silence.

Well, well. If it isnt little Willy? Makoto taunted.

You! Hikari! Will then swore. What are you doing here?

Oh nothing. Why dont you move your Grimers away? Theyre really annoying, you know.

Silence! You have said enough, Hikari! Die! Will sent out two Xatus immediately without warning. I tried to stand up but Makoto must have heard me. Stay down! I heard him yell. Fenrir, ice beam!

He sent out his Kingdra and fired two ice beams simultaneously without any error.

So you have company with you, eh? Will gloated. Attack them, now!

As he said the words, I felt two Grimers holding my hands. The pain of their toxic sludge returned.

Not again, Nick muttered.

I looked at both my friends and I saw that the Grimers already held them. Janine however, avoided the Grimers quickly.

Take down! She commanded. I looked and saw that she released her Ariados and made it attack the Grimers around us.

Attack! No mercy for them! I heard Will yell. Then, I saw Grimers hold Janine by her leg.

This is not going to harm me, She muttered as she commanded her Ariados to use another take down.

Youre mine, youre not harming them! Makoto yelled. Fenrir, ice beam!

While we were busy being covered with Grimers, Makoto started to battle Will. I was interested in taking off the Grimers that I didnt notice that battle.

Abby, psychic! I said as I finally got out Abbys Pokball. However, the attacks didnt seem to affect them. Fire punch! Abbys fist flared up as she punched a Grimer just next to me. The attack was successful.

Janine and me continued to attack the Grimers all at once until Emily and Nick were freed.

Thanks, Nick said as he took out a Pokball. My turn, Crunch! He said as he sent out his Mightyena. His Pokmon attacked dozens of Grimers that surrounded us.

I looked over at Emily and noticed that Grimers behind her were ready to attack her as she was about to take out her Pokball.

Emily, watch out! I yelled as I jumped and pushed out of the way. It was just in time since and I had enough of my strength left to make her land on top of me so that she wont get hurt.

She looked down at me and blushed. Ththanks, She stammered.

We both quickly stood up, aware of the danger around us. No problem, I said as I commanded Abby to perform another fire punch.

The Grimers were getting fewer and fewer by the moment. Soon, Abby had already punched the last Grimer. Then, a scream was heard.

No! This cant be happening! Will screamed as he realized that he was defeated.

Shame on you Willy, Makoto taunted again. Now, where are my manners? I should be doing this! He said as he quickly moved forward and punched Will at the face. Will immediately fainted as the punch connected. Makoto sighed then looked at us and grinned.


Thank you so much, Janine said gratefully as she bowed at Makoto. Without your help, I could have been in a lot of trouble.

It was dawn already and I was feeling tired. We battled all night to fend off a whole army of Grimers that mysteriously disappeared after we defeated them.

My help? Nah, you should be thanking them, Makoto said as he pointed at us.

Janine approached the three of us. Ah, I am in your debt, young ones. If there is one thing that you desire, I would do anything in my power to do them for you. She said.

Well, there is one thing Nick said tiredly. We need a battle for a gym badge and

Before Nick could continue, Janine took out three pink, heart shaped badges. Here you are,

But, arent we supposed to battle you? I asked her.

Saving my reputation was enough for me to give these to the three of you, She smiled then handed each of us a badge.

Emily looked at her first badge. She didnt hesitate when she took it and smiled.

Now, Ill all be seeing you later! Janine said as he picked up the unconscious Will and dragged him to the city.

Wow, Nick gasped. That was easy,

Easy? It took me all night to beat that Makoto muttered as he replaced a swear word that was easily knows to be Will.

Oh well, Nick muttered. I need sleep He then yawned.

I sat down and leaned against a rock that was just right beside me. I didnt notice Emily yawn and lay her head on my shoulder as she slept peacefully.

To be continued

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Chapter 44: Beyond the ocean

The next day, we found ourselves in a beach just south of Fuchsia city. The people in the city offered us a rewardfree access to anywhere in the city but somehow, we refused. Well, Makoto refused actually. He dragged us into refusing.

Well that was easy, Nick said as he looked at his badge, which reflected the suns rays.

Yeah. By the way, maybe I can beat Sabrina now. I said to Nick as I placed my badge along with my other badges in my pocket.

You sure youre strong now? Makoto asked as he lay down on the sand. I thought he slept a while ago but he seems to be awake now.

Hey Makoto, how come you know so much about things about me? I asked him.

The roaring waves and the cold ocean breeze came the reply. He was silent and did nothing but stare at the sky.

I guess youre not telling then, I muttered under my breath.

Nope, He replied quickly as I finished my sentence.

So you know all these things about Gary and you wont tell us, huh? Nick questioned. Well that makes you a stalked then.

What? Im no stalker! Makoto exploded. I just know stuff about him.

Sure, sure.

The day went on slowly. Nothing much was to be done and my thoughts were to return to Saffron city. But then, my thoughts were of returning home. I missed my mom and everything about home. I sighed as I sat up and looked at the vast ocean. I could see islands peeking from the horizon. Clouds above were wispy and soft.

Gary? I heard Emily call from behind me.

I turned around to see her sitting right next to me. Huh? What is it?

Youve met my daddy before, right? She asked me, as her eyes remained transfixed at the ocean. Whats he like?

Well, I began. Hes kind of I thought for a while. Sorry but I dont really know much about Silver.

Oh, thats fine. She sighed as she looked down at the sand.

Im sorry I couldnt tell, I said to her trying my best to make her not feel bad.

Its okay, Gary. She said then paused. I hope youll find your dad soon.

Oh, thanks, I smiled at her. I know that there might be no more chances for dad to return but I always tried to reassure myself that there was still hope. At the thought of my dad, my stomach churned. Will I ever see him?


The rest of the day went on lazily. We regretted that fact that Makoto declined to stay in the city. Now, we were just people who slept at the beach with just fire to keep us warm. The next day we decided to cross the sea. We heard from Janine that the next gym would be at Cinnabar Islandand that meant that we have to cross the sea.

Well, I guess you guys are on your own again! Makoto said as he turned to the opposite direction.

Are you leaving us? I asked Makoto. I didnt bother to protest.

Yep. Got business to do somewhere else. Now, you guys stay out of trouble.

He left immediately without turning back.

Wow, hes actually gone, Nick muttered. Now we can go on without having breaks.

I dont know about that. I said to him. When do we know when a swarm is coming?

Nick was silent. Well, I guess youre right. But He protested but his voice trailed off.

Oh well, cmon. Lets go to Cinnabar!

Surfing seems to be no problem. All of us had surfing Pokmon already. Nick used his Swampert, Riptide. Emily used her Dragonair and I used my Milotic.

We sat at the backs of our Pokmon as we cruised through the waves. It was an exhilarating feeling with the wind and the water splashing in front.

This is awesome! Nick exclaimed as the three of us continued.

I nodded as I looked below at the sea. There were a lot of Pokmon down at the sea. Some Pokmon, Ive never actually seen before myself. Cool, I whispered.

As we continued on to the horizon, the islands came closer and closer to us. Soon, we found ourselves in front of an island that looked quite scary.

Whats this place supposed to be? Nick muttered under his breath.

I shrugged. I havent even heard of the island. Maybe we can explore? I asked.

I dont know, Gary. Nick said. This place is giving me the creeps.

I looked at Emily and a curious look was in her eyes.

Come on, Nick. Itll be fun!

Nick mumbled something like Fine,

Okay then, lets go!

All three of us approached the island. Mysteriously, it was as if the weather became cold as we landed.

Man, its freezing here,

Yeah, must be the wind or something.

Soon, we found ourselves exploring the island. There doesnt seem to be anything interesting there except for a cavern.

You guys thinking what Im thinking? I asked Nick and Emily.

Nick shook his head. No way Im going down there.

Okay. You guys stay here then. Im going down.

Wwait! Never mind! Nick protested as he began to follow me. Emily just followed us without mentioning a word.

The cavern wasnt really dark. It was just dimly lit. The suns rays filtered from the holes above. We found out that cavern was getting smaller and smaller. Soon, we were on our knees. As we went deeper and deeper, the tunnel was getting darker.

Im getting cramped up, Nick muttered as he struggled to find a comfortable position. And isnt this place really, really cold? He was right, I didnt notice that I was shivering myself.

Wait, I heard something. I said. It was true. I heard someone talking somewhere around the walls of the tunnel. I quickly crawled along the tunnel and tried to follow the sounds.

I didnt actually notice that the tunnel soon was getting bigger as we continued on. The place also was getting colder and colder. As soon as we reached the end of the tunnel, the voices were audible. There was a hole on the floor of the tunnel where light was streaming upwards. We all looked down and gasped. It was a room in which the walls were rocks. The floor was rugged and dark.

I do not expect you to fail like what Will has done, Said a familiar hissing voice.

Yes, master. Karen replied.

We could see a figureKaren. In front of her was Pryce. He sat down in his icy throne and he seems to be weak for his hand was holding to something that looked like a cane and was supporting his body with it.

Unfortunately, Master, we are being defeated by the three Karen began but was interrupted.

There is not excuse for those curs! Pryce yelled. His voice rattled through the whole cavern. There is a way to defeat them and yet you people are not able to do so!

But master, it is impossible! Karen protested.

Pryce stood up angrily then approached her quickly and slapped her. The force of his slap knocked her back a few feet. Pryce swore and returned to his icy throne.

There will be no excuses this time. Leave us! Pryce hissed.

Karen, in tears quickly left the room. But then, my mind wandered. What did he mean by Leave us? He was clearly the only one in the room. That was soon to be answered.

To be continued

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Chapter 45: Imprisonment

I gasped as a light green haired man came out of the shadows. He looked eerily familiar. His face was filled with scars and his red eyes gleamed in the dark.

Still not able to defeat the trio, eh? He whispered. His voice echoed in my ears. It was all too true.

Just give us more time, master. Pryce said as the person walked right in front of Pryce. Waitdid Pryce just said the word, master?

I have no tolerance, Pryce. How many years have they prowled this place? It is unreasonable! The figure yelled. His voice echoed through the hole and through the tunnel.

I looked up at Nick and Emily. They were both silent and kept on watching.

Ive spared your life for long enough. If you fail me one more time, Ill be taking what was mine. The man growled.

Yes master, Pryce hissed as he bowed.

I tried to find a comfortable position since my knees were aching. But then, I accidentally hit a rock. I gasped as it came down the hole and into the room. The man turned around and looked at the hole.

Intruders! He yelled. Take them!

All three of us scrambled backwards but we were all too late. An icy tentacle came from the hole and grabbed out feet and dragged us towards it.

Oh crap! Nick yelled as we all crashed down to the floor.

As the dust cleared, I could see everything in the room. Rocks were scattered everywhere around the icy room. I tried to sit up but the pain on my shoulder was too much. Nick groaned in pain beside me and Emily, who was clinging to my sleeve, was also in pain.

Well, well, well Pryce hissed as he towered in front of us. If it isnt Gary and his friends.

The man walked up to us. So this is the boy that has been causing you troubles, is it not? He muttered as he eyed me.

Yes, he is.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed my throat. Then, he lifted me up, making me choke.

Gary! Emily cried but was quickly wrapped by Pryces tentacle. Nick was next when Pryces tentacle wrapped around him too.

You look pretty familiar, Pryce muttered. Ah yes, Silvers child if I am not mistaken. The little boys already a man, eh?

I was still under pain as the man gripped my throat. I struggled as hard as I could but the man overpowered me. I could see the rage in his dark red eyes. I swear I saw them before but I couldnt remember. But then, he released me, letting me fall on the ground, clutching my throat and gasping.

Pitiful, He muttered. This boy posses a threat to us and yet he is powerless under me.

I could feel Pryces icy tentacle wrap around me.

And yet, you could not defeat him? The man continued.

Master, he was aided by them!

It does not matter. As long as they are here, do whatever you want with them.

My mind raced. Who was them? But then, my mind stopped immediately and learned what he meant by the three. Toshin, Sakaki and Makoto. At the moment, I could remember who the man was.

Yyoure Reiji! I stammered, still gasping for breath.

Reiji looked at me with bewilderment. How did you know my name?

II saw you bbefore! I gasped. Youyou killed that girl! Toshin wants you dead!

He recoiled. So you do know about Toshin. Obviously, he granted you some of his powers, did he not?

I didnt do anything but glared at him.

Gary, what are you talking about? Nick asked. Do you know that guy?

A small laugh came from Reiji. It was a low hideous laugh that I remembered vividly in my vision. The low laugh turned into maniacal laughter that echoed through the walls.

He dived and grabbed me by my neck and slammed me to the floor. I could not describe the terror that was inside me.

So you have learned about me? Reiji hissed. I could clearly see the madness in his red eyes. Tell me, boy. Tell me what do you know about me!

I closed my eyes and tried to struggle once more or waited for angry blows towards my face but could not feel them. I could feel his grip loosen as he let go of me.

Ive changed my mind, Reiji said as he rose. Kill them. All of them.

I was still lying on the floor as he announced his verdict. I heard a small squeal from Emily and an angry growl from Nick. I tried to stand up but the tentacles prevented any movement by my body.

Pryce let out a low cold laugh. It will be my pleasure. He said coldly. Then, I could feel myself being dragged. There were people behind us that we didnt notice. The next thing I remembered, we were being taken out of the icy room.

Whahey! Slow down! I heard Nick said as I could feel him struggle next to me. I opened my eyes and looked around. Where are you taking us? Nick yelled.

To a place where it will be your last! A man replied. Minutes of dragging felt like hours and days for me. My heart pounded wildly and cold sweat began drip from my forehead.

Gary, Emily cried. I dont want to die yet,

After hearing those words, the man laughed. Dont worry, youre all going to die a slow, painful death! I caught a glimpse of the man. He seems to be wearing a mask similar to that of Pryce and a black uniform.

Finally, he stopped. I could feel the man raise us up and throw us into a room. As soon as we hit the wall, we were released from the icy tentacles that held us. Then, I could feel my Pokballs being taken away. I looked over and Nick and Emilys Pokballs were being taken away, too.

Hey! Nick yelled as he stood up quickly despite the pain. He began to run but a steel door slammed in front of him. He slammed his fist on the door. Get us out of here!

The room was nothing more than a jail cell. A single light lit the whole room. Nothing else was in there. Emptiness. Only the three of us were inside the rugged walls of the chamber, awaiting our death.

I just sat there on the ground, all hope lost. Emily was just beside me, crying. Nick was still pounding on the door even though his hands were already bruised.

Its no use I muttered as I looked at the ground. Im sorry I dragged you guys into this

Nick remained silent as he leaned on the door. Only Emilys sobbing was heard in the room.

Reijis eyes loomed in my mind. The mad, red eyes glared back at me as I tried to take them out of my mind. I slammed my fist on the ground feeling everything waste away at the moment. No one could describe our despair. We were just kidswhat could a bunch of kids do?

I remembered my mom. She would be worried right now. I wondered what would she think if I just disappeared along with dadI felt sorry for her as a tear ran down my eye. All my thoughts about seeing dad again dwindled as every second passed.

Soon, I found myself asleep. I couldnt remember what time it was or know if it was either day or night. It was a dreamless sleep. Soon, I was awakened by a voice.

Master I blinked and sat up clutching my arm, which was still hurt. Master, Repeated the voice again.

Abby? Abby is that you? I thought. A wave of desperation came into my mind.

Yes it is, master, Abby replied. I am glad you are well.

Abby? You can still talk to me? How? I asked her. I couldnt control myself. This could be out only hope of escaping.

I am a psychic Pokmon, am I not Abby whispered. Her voicethe voice of a whispering child made hope return immediately.

Do you know where am I? I asked.

Not at the moment, master, She replied. But I have summoned help from mistress Sakaki,

Sakaki? Good, I was overjoyed as I leapt up amidst my sleeping friends.

She is now on her way. Please have patience. Abby said, feeling my joy. Now, I must go.

I didnt hear her afterwards but I knew Sakaki was coming.

To be continued

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Chapter 46: Pious Guardian

Wake up, you! I felt myself being shook. I opened my eyes and noticed Karen kicking me. I noticed that my hands were tied up. I looked around and saw that Nick and Emily were both standing. Their hands were bound, too.

Good, now stand! I felt my shirt being dragged upwards. I stood up as Karen held my shirt.

Now, the master must have found you useless or something but he wants you killed. Karen muttered as she led us out of the room.

Dry tears marked Emilys face. A grim expression was in Nicks face rather than his cheerful one. Isnt Sakaki supposed to arrive right now? I asked myself. Karens hand pushed me as she led us upstairs. I didnt know how long weve been going up but as soon as we reached the top, I knew we were really high.

We looked down and noticed that we were up above on top on one of the islands cliffs. The sea below roared as the waves hit the rocks below.

Areare you going to drop us? I stammered.

Karen laughed. No, kid. Thats a quick death. The master wants a slow painful one.

I noticed that Emily was really worried this time. Nick didnt seem to bother he just glared at Karen.

Heres a taste, Karen said as she kicked me in the stomach. I could feel blood come out of my mouth as I gasped for air.

Gary! Emily cried.

Youre going to be next, little girl if you dont shut up! Karen snapped as I felt her hand grab my neck. I could feel her hand grip my neck tighter. Her nails dug into my skin.

A little boy like you shouldnt be prowling around grown-ups work. She said as she continued to choke me. A sharp slap followed.

I was waiting for Sakaki and yet there was no trace of her.

This should have been a mans workbut Im the only woman manly enough to do this, Karen muttered as she continued to slap me more. Then, I felt her grip release my neck. I fell down to the ground gasping for air. Warm blood was leaking out from my mouth. Whos next? Karen yelled. Oh, how about you, little girl?

She noticed Emily, who was cringing in fear. I tried to open my eyes but the pain kept them closed.

Silver eyes, red hair, Karen muttered. My, my. Master was right. You are Silvers daughter. It would be a pleasure to kill you right now but master wants to do that personally.

Emily whimpered in fear as Karen gripped her neck. Before she could raise her hand to slap her, I was already standing.

Dontdont you dare hurt her I muttered as I struggled to stand.

Karen laughed. What can you do to prevent me? She snorted. Then I heard a sharp slap. Emilys cries echoed in my mind as she was slapped continuously.

Stop! I yelled as I tried to approach them. Karen dropped the sobbing Emily immediately. I staggered to them, trying to maintain my balance.

Pitiful, Karen whispered as she grabbed my hair. Its useless to resist now.

She tugged my hair painfully. I tried to scream but I couldnt.

I dont know why the master wanted you to stay alive for one moment and wants you dead the next. But Ill just follow orders She said as her grip tightened.

Enough, Karen. Youve done enough already. My heart leapt when I heard the familiar voice.

I squinted to see Sakaki standing in between Emily and Nick. Karen turned around and was immediately horrified.

No! How did you find us? She shrieked at Sakaki.

Sakaki simply smiled. She didnt look angry or agitated. This was the first time I realized that Sakaki actually looked pretty youngmore like a teenager.

Answer me! Karen released me as she ran towards Sakaki. She took out her Ultra Ball and quickly summoned her Houndoom. Take that, psychic princess! Karen mocked.

Sakaki smiled happily again. Its true I do bring a lot of psychic Pokmon with me She said keeping her smile. But my team isnt all psychic. She took out a Pokball and summoned her Pokmon. It was a blue Pokmon that stood in all fours. Its tail looked like a fishs tail and it looked as if it had gills. It was a Vaporeon.

It didnt seem to faze Karen that much. Houndoom, fire blast!

Mirror coat, Sakaki countered.

I could see a powerful wheel of fire come out of Houndoom. Then, as the attack hit Vaporeon, the attack reflected immediately and came back towards Karen. Karen shrieked as she and her Houndoom were caught in the inferno.

Meanwhile, I dragged myself until I reach Emily and Nick. You guys okay? I said.

Nick nodded. Emily instinctively clung to me.

You three! Sakaki yelled as she threw knife and landed on the ground, which was right next to us. Get yourselves free and find your Pokmon. Ill meet all of you later.

Sakaki continued to battle Karen relentlessly as I cut off the ropes that tied me. Then, I set Emily free and next was Nick. We both ran out to the door without turning back.

Where are our Pokmon? Nick yelled as we ran through the stonewalled corridor.

No clue, I gasped as we suddenly reached where the corridor splits in three. Where do we go? I muttered.

Maybe we should split up?

I dont know. Its too risky I looked over to Emily and she nodded. Okay, well split up then. Well go back here when we find something.

Nick took the left path, Emily took the middle and I took the right one. I ran as fast as I could in the corridor. Doors lined the walls and lamps on the roof lit the corridor. My lungs ached and my legs burned as I continued on. Soon, I was just walking. I was fully exhausted and I couldnt run anymore.

When I reached the end of the corridor, I was standing in front of a huge steel door.

This might be the place where they keep out Pokmon, I thought to myself. I gathered all of my courage and opened the door with ease. It was lighter than it looked. Then, I steeped inside the dim lit room.

To be continued

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Chapter 47: Slave

As I stepped inside, I realized that I stumbled upon the wrong room. This was the same room where Pryce caught us in the first place. The icy throne stood where it was before. But the roof was now repaired. That wasnt the only changeno one was inside the room. Or so I thought. As I examined the room, I heard a scream. It was Emily! I turned around frantically but before I could leave, the steel doors slammed right into my face.

Hey! I yelled as my hands touched the cold steel door. I was trapped. I pounded on the door and did my best to try to open it. This is weird, I thought to myself as I looked around the room. The room was dim-lit and shadows from the corners made me a bit afraid. This isnt the best place to get stuck. Pryce would both come here and find me

I backed away from the door in fear that it will open, showing me Pryce or any of his subordinates. As I backed away, I hit something soft. I realized that I backed too far away and I was engulfed in the shadows. I jumped back as my heart pounded in terror. What was the thing that I bumped?

I gathered all of my courage and stretched my arm into the shadow. Then, my hand felt something. It was something warm. Be hand traveled upward and realized that it was a body. I tried to touch the face but it seems to be covered by somethingby a mask!

I recoiled immediately when I heard the figure moan. Then, the clanging of chains followed.

Ah, so youve found one of my slaves? Hissed a voice. I turned around to see Pryce. His evil eyes glared at me as the cloak that covered his whole body waved.

Sslave? I stammered.

Yes. A pitiful fool who tried to cross the line on me. I offered him my highest ranks but declined. I tried to kill him but he was very persistent. So, I had no choice but to turn him into a slave. He said monotonously.

My knees were shaking and I could feel my heart on my neck, pounding wildly.

It was clever of you Gary, to stumble on my own room. I always wanted to kill you personally. Now that she is running amok in my own lair, there is no other choice but to finish the deed. Pryce then let out a shivering laughter.

My only wish was to have my Pokmon at this time. I know even though Pryce was powerful by human means, he was weak against strong Pokmon.

Enough talk, meet my slave! Pryce shrieked. At once, the room grew brighter. I covered my eyes from the bright lights from the above. I turned around to see Pryces slave. A man bound in chains up against the wall. His clothes were torn and worn out, his face, covered by a mask. His skin was pale and sickly. I couldnt imagine how long this man was bound to the wall for how long. His whole head was covered by the masks power. He was under his control.

Pryce moved towards him and with a touch, the shackles loosened. I backed away but my back touched the cold, steel door. The man advanced forward. Lights from his gaping eyes were transfixed to mine. He staggered towards me as I cringed in fear. When he reached me, he grabbed me by my neck.

Before, when Marina was under Pryces control, her strength was inhuman. This time, the grown mans strength was out of this world. I could immediately feel every last breath escaping me as he gripped my neck. Every time I gasped for air, his grip tightened and tightened. I was getting light headed and was ready to collapse at the moment.

Before I could faint, I was released from his grasp. But then, a kick came directly into my gut. At that moment, I fell to the floor, gasping for air. I could feel his foot on top of my head, ready to crush me at any moment.

Pryce laughed. Where was the brave Gary I knew before? You are thoroughly powerless without Silver, you know that? He hissed. My face was pressed against the cold, rocky floor. My face started to ache. The only warm thinking that dripped from my face was the blood that was coming out from my nose and mouth.

I could feel my own world collapsing in front of me. I was powerless and I knew it. But then, moms face flashed into my mind. Im not going to die yet. Even though I knew it was fruitless, I summoned my last strength and held the mans foot and started to push it.

Im notgoing to die yet! I yelled as the man continued to put more weight on me. I pushed harder. My arms strained under the pressure.

Let his suffer more! Pryce shrieked. I could feel the foot releasing my face. But then, I felt a kick to my side. I screamed as the kick connected. At that moment, I could here someone from behind the doors.

Psychic! The doors were pried open with a loud screeching sound. After thatI fainted.



Where am I? I whispered to myself. I found myself floating in darkness. I couldnt feel my body nor move. Am Iam I dead? I thought. My lips didnt move yet I can hear my words clearly.


Whos that? Why is she calling me? Is this where people go when they die? Questions poured down on me. Each question yields another one. I tried to sit up but my body wouldnt move. I couldnt feel the dry blood on my face nor the pain I had just a while ago.

Gary! The voice called again. The voice was so familiar and yet I couldnt remember whose voice it is. The voice echoed in my head.

My eyes closed slowly as I heard the voice growing louder and louder. Finally, the words were audible.

Gary, wake up! Wake up!

The pain on my side returned. I could feel someone trying to wake me up. I could see an outline of a girl in front of me.

Sakaki! I called. At that moment, I could feel my hand move. My eyes opened slowly to see Sakaki, with a concerned look.

Gary! She cried as she hugged me. Youre alive! Youre alive!

My eyes focused around me. I remembered where I was. I was in Pryces lairin the throne room. But something was wrong. Pryce wasnt there nor the man.

Wherewheres Pryce? I murmured.

Gary, hes gone. He fled. I was just in time. Sakaki said, finally releasing me.

Themanwhere is he?

Hes gone, too. Sakaki said solemnly. Can you stand? We need to get out of here quick!

I nodded. Then, she lifted me with my arm on her shoulder. I struggled to walk as we walked along the silent corridor. Weird. Arent they supposed to hunt us down?

I found your Pokmon, Sakaki said as she showed me all six of them in their Pokballs. Now, lets find your friends.

I nodded as we reached the fork where all three of us split up.

Theythey went there I said pointing weakly at the two ways.

Already went on the right. Thats the place where your Pokmon are. That leaves the one in the middle.

My thoughts went immediately to Emily. She screamed before Pryce attacked me. I was too weak to tell Sakaki so I just let her help me walk on the center path.

To be continued...

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Chapter 48: Anger

As we staggered on the middle corridor, I wondered why my bones werent broken. Sure I could feel pain but every joint in my body seems to be welljust tired.

Wondering why your bones arent broken, huh? Sakaki blurted out.

I nodded.

Just tried my best to heal you with my Pokmon. She smiled. But I think youre still tired.

Thanks, I said weakly.

We continued on through the corridor. It felt like forever, as we walked on blindly through the dim lit corridor. I felt my strength returning bit by bit.

Sakaki I said to her.

She stopped. What is it, Gary?

II think I can walk by myself now,

Are you sure? She asked reassuringly.

I nodded. Im sure,

Okay, She let go of my hand the steadied me. Easy now, She said as she helped me balance.

I tried to balance on my feet but instead, I faltered. Sakaki caught me almost immediately.

Are you really sure?

ImIm sure I stammered as I leaned on the wall.

Sakaki had a worried look on her face. Okay, lets get moving!

We continued to move on slowly with my hand supporting itself against the wall.

Sakaki, I suddenly called her.

What is it, Gary?

I uhI want to ask you something.

Ask away! She smiled at me. The dim lights made shadows on her face. She certainly looked a lot like a girl in her mid teens.

Howhow old are you, Toshin and Makoto anyway?

Her smile faded into an alarmed expression. She stopped on her tracks as I waited for her answer. Gary, I cant tell. I dont want to tell. She then moved on as she said the words. I followed her even though I was already slow. They all seem to want to hide something. Why cant they reveal their ages? There doesnt seem to be anything wrong with telling your age to someone. Nevertheless, we continued on.

I was surprised when we reached another steel door. The cold, steel door was bolted and had many huge and heavy locks. Surprisingly, it wasnt locked.

Weird, Sakaki muttered as she examined the door. Her hands ran through the rusted, heavy locks as she examined them. These locks dont seem to be yielding any answers. They dont seem to be forced open, physically or mentally.

Then lets go to the other side! I exclaimed as I moved towards the door.

Wait! Sakaki held a hand in front of me. It could be dangerous you know! You should have your Pokmon out first!

I nodded. Youre right. Im sorry. I apologized to her.

No need for apologies. Young people often make mistakes. Sakaki then took out a Great Ball from her pocket.

I nodded as I took out Abbys Pokball. Sakaki glanced at my hand and smiled.

You evolved Abby. How wonderful! She smiled.

Oh yeah. I still remember that you gave her to me.

She nodded. Well then, shall we go?

We both pushed the door open. The light immediately blinded me as we opened the door. Fresh air poured inside as I sighed. It was the door outside!

Yes! I exclaimed as I felt all of my strength returning as I ran outside to the blue sky. I was free. Nothing can stoop me now. I sighed as I looked around the rugged soil and the trees that were scattered all around. Beyond that point, the ocean was there. The glittering rays of the sun that were reflected from the water made my eyes hurt since I was kept in a dark place for so long.

Sakaki tried to stop me but failed. Wait, Gary. Were not alone.

As I turned around, I heard footsteps from behind me. To my horror, two masked figures stood there. They stood silently. I recognized the two immediatelyNick and Emily.

No! I yelled in anguish. Emily! Nick!

Sakaki let out a frustrated sigh. I knew it, She muttered.

I was paralyzed at the site. The twos transfixed gaze made every muscle in my body stop. Their clothes were messy, an indication that there was a struggle. It must have happened when they resisted. I trembled at the sight.

Gary, snap out of it! Sakaki yelled as she grabbed my arm. I was too stunned to know where we were going. But I soon realized that we circled the building. Theres no other choice now, She muttered. Our last resort

What do you mean?

Before she could answer, she stopped. We were a few inches away from falling to a cliff. Rocks that were pushed by Sakakis forced stop fell down to the roaring waves and the sharp rocks below.

We both turned around to see Nick and Emily following us.

Nick, Emily! Snap out of it! I yelled to them.

Its no use. You cant wake them up by just doing that. Sakaki quickly said.

I looked over at her. She had her eyes closed tightly and she gritted her teeth. I looked back at the two and noticed that Karen had rejoined us. Dry blood marked all over her mouth.

Well, well, well. She calmly said. Two helpless people about to drop to their deaths?

What did you do to my friends? I yelled to her, ignored what she said.

Karen laughed. You have seen this before, am I correct? Karen sneered. One of your friends was controlled once by these pets.


You know them. Youve seen them before. Ive heard Silver himself told you what those are for.

The truth suddenly dawned on me. Those wisps Ive seen before in Mount Moon. Could they be the reason why Marina was being controlled earlier? Are these the same creatures that are controlling that man I saw before and Nick and Emily?

Too shocked to accept the truth, Gary? Karen mocked. Or are you too soft to attack your own friends?

Shut up! I yelled at her. I glared at her and I gritted my teeth. Anger and fury surged through my veins as I gripped my fist until my nails dug into my skin. The only thing I could hear was Karens mocking laugh.

Karen, enough of this. Battle me if youre not a coward! Sakaki suddenly said as she stepped forward.

Karen paused with a shocked impression but that soon faded away and was replaced with a mocking sneer. I wont battle you. She said as she folded her arms. You see I have these two. They would battle you in my position.

Sakaki fell silent. I was furious.

You monster! I yelled at the top of my lungs. Never use my friends ever again!

At that moment, I lunged forward and broke into a run towards Karen. It was a pleasure to remove that smirk from her face. I could imagine myself punching her at that moment but I was stopped. Nick grabbed my left arm and Emily grabbed my right. Then, they pushed me back and made me almost fall if Sakaki wouldnt have caught me.

Is that the best you could do? Karen mocked. You still think theyre your friends? No! The friends you know are gone. In their place, now stand my masters slaves!

Enough! Chas, hold them! I looked behind and saw Sakaki summon a tall, Pokmon with a curved, red spike on its chest. Its eyes of sorrow looked at Emily and Nick. At once, they were paralyzed. Their hands were held up in the air as if invisible chains held them.

I was startled to see this new kind of Pokmon. Its hands fell slowly to its side like floating paper.

Gardevoir These Pokmon are said to feel its trainers feelings. It protects its trainer from harm no matter the cost.

Gardevoir I whispered.

A psychic Pokmon. How predictable from someone like you, Sakaki Heishiro. Karen taunted.

Im no ordinary psychic trainer. I though I said that before. Sakaki remarked as she poised herself for battle.

Karens sneer still remained. Very well, if you say so! She took out her Ultra Ball and summoned her Houndoom.

I was about to take out my Pokball but Sakaki stopped me.

No, Gary. This battle is mine. Please do not interfere. She said kindly as she smiled at me.

But, but I tried to hesitate but she held me back.

Im sorry Garybut I cant place your life on the line. Please understand. She said sweetly.

I dont understand. What do you mean? I was interrupted before I could even finish my sentence.

Enough of this rubbish! Battle you old husk!

Karen responded immediately to the last two words. I cannot be tolerated by you! I already had enough!

Thats what Im talking about. Karen said slyly. But first, She then held her hand and snapped her fingers. At once, Nick and Emily were free. But first, Ill have to let them take care of your friend, Heishiro.

No, She yelled as she stopped the two from approaching. You wont lay a finger on him. She then stood in front of me.

Get out of the way, old hag! Karen snapped as Nick, Emily and her approached us, with her Houndoom by her side.

What did she just call Sakaki? Old hag?

To be continued

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Chapter 49: Anguish

I was confused. Why did Karen call Sakaki an old hag?

Thats enough! Sakaki yelled. Psychic, Chas!

Her Gardevoir floated in front of her then fired a powerful, invisible psychic blast. It knocked back Nick and Emily but it didnt knock back Karen and her Houndoom.

Youre outclassed! Karen smirked. Crunch!

Double team!

Karens Houndoom launched itself towards Chas but missed when Chas multiplied into a dozen.

Stop stalling time, Heishiro. Youre just making death more painful.

Sakaki set me aside. Stay there! She then ran quickly towards Karen, her Gardevoir, which had returned to its normal number, floated next to her.

Folly, I heard Karen mutter. I guess some dont get wise when they grow old. Her Houndoom leapt in front of Karen instinctively to protect her. Sakaki stopped on her tracks.

Chas, thunderbolt! Sakakis Gardevoir placed its hands together and formed a blue ball of electricity. It then quickly launched it towards Houndoom.

Impressive but useless! Karen shrieked. I looked to see Emily jump on the way of the thunderbolt.

No! I yelled.

Call it off, Chas! The thunderbolt disappeared at once even before it could touch Emily. However, Houndoom jumped from behind and used take down on Chas.

The attack connected and Chas was sent a few feet away. Karens Houndoom landed safely to the ground and returned to Karen. Emily was still standing in front of Karen.

Coward! Sakaki yelled. Youre using them as a shield, I see! Youll pay for that!

Sakaki please dont hurt them! I pleaded.

Sakaki looked back at me with a distressed look. Its okay Gary, I wont.

Karen laughed. Thats why some humans are better of dead! Theyre too soft to attack another human. Youre one of them, Heishiro!

That statement angered Sakaki. Idiot! Do not think that I never took a human life in my whole life! She screamed. Your taunts have hit me in parts where Ive tried to throw awaymy past! Now youve driven me too far! Sakaki returned her Gardevoir and raised her right hand in level to her shoulder. Her dark cape flowed with the wind revealing a tattered and torn shirt. Her longs pants were baggy and looked too big for her. Her boots looked as if they were made for men, not for a girl like Sakaki.

My thoughts returned to the stance. Ive seen it before. I saw it in one of my visions. It was the stance that opens an Unown gate.

Yes, thats what Im talking about! Karen laughed maniacally. Yes, Sakaki! Take me down with your dark vortex. Remember all the lives you took. Make me one of them!

Sakaki stopped. A small sob came from her throat. She fell down to her knees, crying.

SSakaki! I yelled. Before I could step further, she stopped me.

Sstay back, GGary She sobbed. Her hands covered her face. I could see tears coming down to the ground. Pleaseddont go any closer

Whats wrong, Sakaki?

She didnt answer. Karens laughter was the answer. Before I could react, I noticed that Nick had already grabbed me. Nick! There was no response from behind the mask. His iron grip forced me next to Karen. I could see Sakaki, sobbing and crying.

Whats wrong, Heishiro? Did I make you remember something? She retorted as she approach her. Karens Houndoom was at her side. Why didnt you just finish me off at the site, huh? Talk to me! She grabbed Sakakis long dark hair and then slapped her face.

Sakaki! I struggled but now my two friends were holding me back.

Yes, yes. Reiji told me everythingabout everything! Karen whispered to Sakakis ear. Sakaki was still sobbing.

Please stop Sakaki sobbed. I didnt know what happened to her. She was strong when she battling Karen, but now, she seems to be weakened.

Everything, Sakaki. About that certain boywas it someone you know so dearly? Was it someone whom you loved? Karen kicked Sakaki to the side.

Sakaki moaned in pain as she tried not to fall to the cliff. I continued to struggle but to no avail.

You were forced werent you? You loved him so much. It was for his own good that you must kill him yourself, correct? She continued to mock Sakaki.

No, no, no! Sakaki repeated. Please, no! She covered her ears as tears flowed down her eyes.

You are so weak, you are easily manipulated if I let your thoughts wander for a while. Karen whispered to her ear. She grabbed Sakakis chin and held her face next to hers. Tell the boy. Tell the boy everything now before you die. Then, you can explain everything to him when you two will meet again.

Sakaki continued to sob but didnt say a word. Karen raised her hand for another slap but stopped when a voice behind me was heard.

Unhand her, It was a womans voicefamiliar and clear. Behind me, I could feel Emily and Nick being yanked out of me.

I turned around to see six peopleall with familiar faces. Sabrina, Surge, Erika, Marina and Michelle.

Guys! I exclaimed as Michelle and Marina ran next to me.

Gary, you okay? Marina questioned.

We came here as fast as we could! Michelle added.

Howhow did you guys find us?

I could hear a laugh behind me. It was Sakakis laugh. Karen let go of her and was horror stricken to see all of my allies in front of her.

So, Sabrina, Erika, Surge. Youve received my message? Sakaki said as she wiped her tears with her cloak.

Sure thing. Surge replied. Came here fast as I could.

I heard yours clearly. And since this has something to do with Pryce, I had to come here. Sabrina added.

Since Gary and his friends are in trouble, Erika began. I have no other choices but to come here.

Yeah, we really had a hard time finding you Gary! Marina said.

Hey, wheres Nick?

I turned around and saw that Nick and Emily were still being possessed. They quickly lunged towards Michelle, Marina and me.

Blast! Surge yelled. I thought I knocked those two out!

Houndoom, Fire Blast! Karen yelled.

There were two things to worry about: my two friends who were possessed and granted inhuman powers and the huge wheel of flame heading towards us.

Fortunately, Sakaki was quick enough to summon Chas and create a light screen in front of us. Quickly! She yelled. Attack now!

Gotcha! Surge said as he leapt out from the fire and sent out his Raichu. Thunderbolt!

You guys take her down. Well go with our friends! I said to Sabrina and Erika.

How nice, comrades until the end? Sabrina remarked as she ran next to Surge, ready to battle. Erika followed her and soon, they started to attack Karen directly.

Nick! Its me, Michelle! She said as she tried to grab his brother. Nick didnt reply but threw back Michelle.

Emily, snap out of it! Marina yelled. Emily threw her back, too.

Guys, its no use. This happened to you before to Marina. I just dont remember how can we break this spell I said as all of us struggled to keep them down. Every time we managed to grab them, they kept throwing us back.

Meanwhile, the heated battle between the three gym leaders and Karen was about to reach its end.

No! Impossible! You were stalling all the time, Heishiro! Karen said in disgust.

Yeah, in that way, Sakaki said as she approached Karen, now vulnerable. But the tears were real. I did love someone but I was forced to kill him. Sakaki smiled. Thats when I vowed never to kill someone again. She then turned around. But I think Im going to break that just this once

What happened to Karen, I never knew. I just heard this account from Erika. While we were so busy fighting off Nick and Emily, I didnt notice that Sakaki was gone.

To be continued...

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Chapter 50: Friends

Snap out of it! Marina yelled louder. We were still outside, trying to release Nick and Emily from their possession.

Nick! Emily!

It was no use. We could not handle both of them.

Ill hold em fer ya! Surge said as he held both of them with one hand each. But their strength was far more powerful. They both threw Surge out of the way.

Surge! Sabrina called. Alakazam, psychic! Chas psychic attack might have affected them a while ago but Sabrinas Alakazam didnt. No, impossible!

Sabrina, it is best to help Surge, now. Erika suggested.

Yeah, we can handle these two! I yelled while struggling to knock down Nick.

Fine, be careful. Sabrina said as she and Erika tried to find Surge, who had fallen nearby.

I think thats an awful decision. Michelle said as she noticed that we were now overpowered.

Now, we were cornered. After a few minutes of struggling, Nick and Emily stepped closer and closer while the three of us backed away, getting closer and closer to the edge of the cliff.

Then, out of desperation, something popped in my mind.

Marina! Do you remember when this happened to you? I asked in desperation.

Uh-huh She stammered.

Did you remember something that made the spell go away? I said as I accidentally kicked a rock and it fell to the ocean below.

Kkinda. Im not surebutI was just happy

We all reached the edge. There was no more ground to walk back.

Hhappy? That was helpful! Michelle cried sarcastically.

My mind finally reached for an answerbut I didnt know if it would happen. I looked at Marina and Marina looked back at me. She seems to have the same plan as I have.


The words echoed in my head as Marina stepped forward.

Hey! What do you think youre doing? Michelle yelled. Do you want to get killed? Either waywe are She muttered.


The words continued to echo. I didnt expect something big from an eight year old like Marina. She was actually more mature than I thoughtin fact, havent I said that before?

Happy in what way? The word continued to echo in my mind. The moment Marina closed her eyes, I felt the world was about to devour itself. It felt as if time stopped itself. I knew that we were more than just a group of kids that wanted to be the greatest or to accomplish an ambition. At that moment, when Marina leaned forward and her lips touched Nicks mask, I knew we were no ordinary kids.

What the Oh, and I guess Michelle like to use profanity, too

I blinked. The mask disappeared. Nick was himself againthe blond haired boy that he was. Onlyhis eyes were closed. Marina quickly parted to what was now Nicks lip. It was just a simple kissa simple childs kiss. That is what I know now what it was. Nothing dirty nor passionate about itjust a nave kiss from a little girl. Nick quickly fell silently to the ground. Marina gasped.

But now, we have to deal with Emily. My thought of kissing her was out of my mind. She stopped now right in front of me. Perfect.

Gary, just make her think of something else! Just distract her emotions! Marina

Was kissing my brotherdistracting emotions? Michelle muttered.

Michelle, this is serious. Gary is the only one who can help now since I know hes close to Emily.

She was right. I am close to Emilymore than just a friend. But at that moment, I know her as a friend. That was when I was a nave boy. Marina knew what Emilys feelings were towards mebut I never knew.

Emily I stammered. Please listen to me. Dont you remember me? Its Gary! I tried my best to conjure up a smile in front of her. Emily, remember what you wished for before you ran away? You wanted your dad to come back, right?

Gary! What are you doing? Marina yelled.

We already found your dad, right? Remember? Your dadSilver! I pleaded. Didnt he promise you that hed come back? Didnt he promise you that youll be a happy family with your mom?

I flinched when I noticed her fist balling.

Emily I whispered. Dont you remember?

She held her fist in the air, ready to strike.



I could feel her fist moving towards me but I immediately caught it. There was something wrong. Her hit was weak and her fist was not tight.

Gary She sobbed. GaryIm sorry

She threw her arms around me at the moment. She was sobbing uncontrollably. I looked at Marina and a smile was in her face.

Im sorry. Emily repeated. I dont want that to happen again

Its okay, I told her as I placed my arms around her, in return. Its okay, Emily.

Her cries soon faded as she slept.

Blast! What kind of day is this? Yelled a voice from nearby. It was Surge. He was shoving off bushes that were entangled with his camouflage jacket.

The whole thing is deserted. Not a soul inside. Sabrina said in a monotonous tone.

That is not good. If they fled and tried to control more peoples minds through the mainland, that would be disastrous. Erika added.

Then we will need helpahI see that our friends are finished. Sabrina looked at me and smiled.

I didnt know what she was smiling about but then I noticed that Emily was still hugging me while she was sleeping. Whaoh! I exclaimed. Wellumyeahwe did it

Oho! So young little Gary found a girlfriend already! Surge kidded as he stomped next to me.

Umno sirwere just friends and

Thats what your father used to tell us. Just a friend, just a friend. Then, the next day, theyre kissing. Said another female voice. I recognized it quickly. Oh, was I late? Blue said as she landed modestly on the ground. She returned her Jigglypuff and approached us.


To be continued...

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Chapter 51: Naive

Hi, Gary, She said as she picked up Emily from my hands. Thanks for taking care of Emily.

Blue? What are you doing here? I stammered.

Ah, shes getting heavier, Blue smiled as she carried the sleeping Emily. Oh, I got Sakakis message. Came herebut I guess its over? She looked over at Surge, Sabrina and at Erika.

Hey, does she know Emily? Michelle muttered to Marina.

Beats me, Marina replied. Nick was still lying on her lap.

So, she is your daughter, Sabrina muttered when Blue finally revealed her connection to Emily. And Silver is the father, I presume?

Blue nodded. Now, this is the place where Pryce hid all these years, huh?

Yes, we have just investigated inside but found no one. Erika replied.

No way. Do you mean everyones gone? They couldnt have all left! I exclaimed to my surprise.

Unbelievable but true. Erika continued. Not a soul is inside.

I remained silent as I stood up. Wheres Sakaki?

Shes left already. She needs time to think. Sabrina said when no one replied. Karen forced her to relive her memories.

I nodded and my sights turned back to my friends.

Thanks again, guys. I said.

No prob! Now we just need to wake up Nick and Emily. Marina smiled.

Well, I guess it is time to leave, Sabrina said. Is everyone ready?

Erika and Surge both nodded.

Wait, Sabrina! I yelled.

Before they could teleport, she stopped. What is it?

Ill be coming back to Saffron city. Get ready!

She smiled. As you wish. I now realized your full potential. With a blink of an eye, they disappeared.

I turned around to see Marina and Michelle still there. Arent you guys supposed to go with Erika? I asked.

Nah, we decided to travel with you guys again. Marina said as she shook Nick.

Yeah. Wake up, Nick! Michelle said loudly.

Gary, Blue called. I turned around and she was still holding Emily. Could I talk to you for a moment? Privately.

Uh, okay. I replied quickly. Guys, Ill be back. Just wake up Nick for me!

They replied as I followed Blue. She led me farther from the others, where I could not hear them and they couldnt hear us.

Gary, Blue said as she sat down on a boulder nearby. She laid Emily beside her. I want to thank you for taking care of Emily.

Oh, your welcome! I replied enthusiastically. Its no problem really.

Gary, did she see her father?

Yeah, we met Silver when we were somewhere near Fuchsia. I replied.

Good Blue looked down. I havent seen Silver in a long, long time. I didnt know that you knew about my relationship to Emily until now.

But how?

I overheard you, Gary. When you were talking to her when those things possessed her. You told her that Silver would come back, right?

I nodded. Blue had a serious look in her face. She sighed as she stroked Emilys hair.

I didnt want her to run away in the first place. Butif that is what it takes for her to be a strong willed girl, I let her. Blue then stood up. Gary, dont tell her that I came here. I wanted her to travel with you for a while. Then, when this is all over, Im going to see her again.

Ookay, I stammered.

Please take care of her, Blue said as she hugged me. Youre so much like your father but the way you talkyour much alike your mother.

She then departed without saying another word. I looked down at Emily. She was still sleeping soundly. I nudged her and tried to wake her up.

Emily, I called. Emily,

Finally, her eyelids opened, revealing her silver pupils. Gary, She whispered. Gary

Hey, its okay now. I said. Everythings fine.

She tried to stand up but felt weak. So I helped her up by holding her arm.

Where is everyone? She asked timidly.

Oh, theyre just over there. I smiled. I tried not to mention to her that Blue was just here.

She smiled. Garythank you

Oh, yeah. Youre welcome!

When you were talking to me, I couldnt control myself. Butyou made me think about mommy and daddy. Thenyou made me think aboutabout Her voice trailed off as she gripped my hand.

About what?
She looked away and flushed red. Nonothing She stammered.

Are you sure? You can always tell me your problems. I said as I placed my other hand over her cold hand. She seems to be cold despite her thick clothes.

Nothing. Im just cold.

You sure? She was right. Her hands were icy cold.

This feelingIve felt it before in my bad dreams. She shivered. I dont want to be cold She began to cry.

Hey, whats wrong? I said as I tried to comfort her.

I dont want to be cold, Gary. She sobbed softly.

My mind raced for something to do. I had no choice but to place my arms around her. She wasnt kidding about being cold. Her clothes even feel cold.

Gary? She whispered.

Remember you told me that I made you feel warm? I smiled. Maybe that will work.

She wiped her tears and rested her head on my chest. Gary She repeated.

Nave. That is best to describe me. When I was young, the only thing that I felt was a sense of friendship. I didnt know that Emily felt something different. It was more than friendship.

Are you okay, now? I asked her when I felt her hand. It was warm and soft.

She looked at me and blushed. Yeahbut


ButGarydo you She stammered. Do you She tried to make out the words but she couldnt. Her face was so red.

No, Im not cold. I smiled. How could Ive been so nave?

Emily looked down and pushed my arms off. Im okay now, She said as she stood up.

I stood up, too and smiled. Emily seems to be trying to keep her tears from falling.


Im okay, She replied as she dusted her clothes. Dont worry about me.

Oh, okay. Why dont we go back to the others now?

She nodded and followed me until we reached the others.

Gary! Michelle and Marina chorused.

Hey, wheres? They stopped when I motioned my hand slipping through my throat.

She isnt supposed to know! I said through my lips.

Oh! Wherewheres Nick? Marina suddenly said.

WhaIm here! Nick suddenly blurted out at the back. He was awake now. Gary, Gary! Is this a dream? Did Marina really kiss me? He said frantically as he held my shoulders and shook me. Tell me, tell me, Gary!

I didnt know if he was happy or shocked. Either way, I looked at Marina and she was blushing. Tell him, Gary. She smiled. I looked over to Michelle and her hands were folded and she was looking to another direction.

Yyeahshe did I stammered. He stopped immediately.

Oh manhow do I put thisumMarina Nick stammered disorderly as he turned to Marina.

Its okay Nick. Its fine! You dont have to give back anything. Really! Marina said, not expecting something more from Nick.

I looked back at Emily and she seems to be solemn.

Wait, whats wrong with Emilys eyes? Michelle asked.

Emily gasped.

Ohher eyes are like that before. I said abruptly trying to defend her.

Wow, they look pretty weird. Marina said as she closely examined Emily.

Emily backed away, clutching my sleeve.

Guys, guys. Shes really sensitive about it. Just think its normal. I said as I looked at Emily. She had a worried look on her face. By the way, Nick. Did you have your Pokmon back?

Nick nodded. When I found the exit, I came back where Emily was going. Then we found our Pokmonbut then wellI couldnt remember much,

I nodded.

Hey Gary, are you going to Cinnabar? Marina asked.

Yeah, are you guys going there, too?

Marina and Michelle nodded.

This is great. That means you guys can travel with us again! Nick cheered.

Marina smiled as she stood with Nick. Michelle, who was next to Nick, threw an evil look at Marina but Marina just smiled as if taunting Michelle when she held Nicks hand.

Okay, to Cinnabar then! I exclaimed.

To be continued

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Chapter 52: Reunited Friends

After a few hours of surfing, all of us reached Cinnabar Island. There wasnt anything interesting during the journey to Cinnabar Island. All I knew was that Michelle improved rapidly. She proved this when he showed me that she already has six badges. Marina also has six badges. She told me that Kanto gym leaders seem easier than Johto leaders.

As soon as we reached Cinnabar Island, we were quite amazed by the sitehuge beaches and enormous buildings. The whole island was composed of an enormous city. We landed on one of the beautiful beaches. The warm sun beat down on the back of our necks as we went through the sand of the beach. I looked back and saw the enormous ocean. The vast blue sea stretched out to the horizon.

I was quite a sight myself. My clothes were torn, dirty and bloody. I realized that when people were staring at us.

Oh man, I need to change, I muttered to myself. Marina seems to have overheard.

Hey, dont worry about that Gary! Ill buy you some new clothes! She exclaimed.

Buy mewaitI dont know about that. Isnt it kind of embarrassing? I mean I hesitated as Marina grabbed my shirt and tugged me near a clothes store.

Oh, dont fuss, Gary! I wont charge you or something like that. Marina laughed as we quickly went inside the store. The store was full of new clothes. Shirts, jeans, you name it! I was quite a sight inside the store, since I look haggard and drawn.

Well be waiting outside! Nick called from outside as I entered.

Marina, are you sure about this? I meando you have money to do all of this? I asked her as she dragged me to the nearest clothes.

Sure Im sure! Now, try this on! She said as she handed me a black shirt and a pair of jeans. You can keep those boots if you want, She said pointing at my muddy boots.

After a few minutes, I came out of the fitting room, with new clothes.

Perfect! Marina exclaimed as she sent me back to put on my old clothes.

Put them on? But

Just trust me, Gary! All of us need baths, you know! She replied while winking.


I didnt know that Marina actually visited Cinnabar Island before. She knows the place by heart! She led the whole group to a bathhouse that was just a few blocks away from the clothes store. I was holding my new clothes in one hand as we walked inside. I looked around and saw numerous trainers. I felt a bit weird since the trainers werent just kidsthey were teenagers and adults.

Are you sure about this? Nick muttered to Marine. Sure Im sure! My mom and dad always come here with me!

Nick gulped as a group of teenage trainers passed us. Michelle was very curious as she looked around. Emily was behind me in her usual timid self.

Aye, kids, you in line? Asked a man from behind us.

We turned around to see an adult with a velvet shirt and dark blue jeans. His hair was mostly black but white hair seems to make him look old.

Um, no. Sorry. Marina said as she pushed us aside.

Well thank you, The man replied kindly. Welcome to the bathhouse, may I be in service?

Oh, I think I know you! Marina exclaimed. Youre the manager!

Why, if Im not mistaken, arent you little Marina? The manager smiled at us. Why, I thought youre not with your parents.

Oh, Im with friends. We just arrived here a few minutes ago. Marina replied. Excuse me, but did you just say that my parents are here?

Well, they certainly are. They just left a few minutes ago. They must be somewhere around the island. He replied.

Wow, she sure knows a lot of people around here I heard Nick mutter to Michelle.

Marinas expression was bright all of the sudden. All right! Thats great! Marina exclaimed.

Yes, yesmay I help your friends now? The manager smiled.

Oh yeah. Can you show them the baths, please? I need to find my parents. Marina replied.

Very well. If you please follow me. He said as he directed us to follow him. Marina told us to enjoy as she went outside.

I see that you are all Marinas friends, am I correct? The manager asked.

Yeah, I replied immediately. We were led to a corridor that were filled with sliding doors. Beautiful patterns filled the sliding doors.

Now, Began the manager. You may dress over here, He pointed to a door to the right. When you are dressed for bathing, you may enter the pools on the door to the left, inside.

Thanks, Nick said as the manager left. As soon as the manager was out of sight, something popped in Nicks mind. Waitwere dressing without privacy? He exclaimed when we entered the room.

Inside, there were cubbyholes. This must be the place where we keep out clothes. On the other side, there were a dozen white towels that hung on a metal railing.

Looks like it, I muttered.

Michelle sighed as she quickly selected a white towel. Its simple, Nick. You dont have to worry about everything.

That was weirdwheres my old twin sister? Nick teased.

Michelle smiled. I thought you wanted me like this before, She said as she took off her red jacket. Then, She wrapped the towel around her chest while she was still wearing her clothes.

Oh yeah, right! He replied as he quickly took one towel and took off his red jacket. He then wrapped it around his waist.

I looked at Emily and she looked at me curiously. Come on, I said. We dont want to be last, do we? I smiled.

She nodded and smiled. Her eyes twinkled as she did.


Havent had a bath in weeks! Nick muttered as he relaxed in the steaming pool.

Just had one at Erikas place, Michelle replied.

Youre lucky. We had to fight off dark and poison Pokmon swarms.

Oh yeah, Gary told me.

Then we were imprisoned inside that islandthen I was possessed then Nick continued on to talk to Michelle about the events since she left.

I was sitting on the opposite end, listening to them talk. Emily was just to my left, only a few feet away. She was looking down, playing with the water with her hands. Her red hair was soaking wet and her eyes were transfixed down.

Having fun? I said as I went near her.

She nodded. She was still looking down at the water.

Emily, in the island, did I say something that hurt you? I asked.

She looked up at me quickly. No, Gary. Why did you think so?

Because you werent talking to me as much as you have before. I replied. Its likeyoure becoming more silent.

She sighed. I didnt notice. She muttered. Her silver eyes reflected on the surface of the water.

By the way, how did you get your Dragonair? I asked her.

She remained silent and didnt reply.

I wont tell anyone, I promise.

She looked at me straight in the eye. Promise?

Yeah, I promise!

She sighed. Ikindafound it. She said timidly. While it was still a Dratini, I went inside the Safari Zonethat place in Fuchsia cityandI found it there. She looked down again.

You stole it, didnt you?

Ssorta She replied in a guilty tone.

Dont worry! Your secret is safe! I smiled as I nudged her.

She didnt reply and continued to look down at the water and at her own reflection.

Something botherin you? I asked her. You know, you can always tell me.

She shook her head. No came her reply. Her voice trailed immediately when I noticed that Michelle was playing with Nickmore like drowning him.

Hey! Stopit! Nick yelled as he struggled to come out to the surface.

Thats what you get, Nick! Michelle yelled as she continued to plunge Nicks head down at the water, then raise it up again, then plunge it back on the water. It looked pretty painful for Nick since Michelle was holding Nick by his hair.

For the first time, I heard Emily giggle. I looked at her and she was laughing at the two.

Wonder what theyre fighting over, huh? I asked.

She nodded at me and continued to giggle.

We alwaysack! Took bathsglubtogether, remember? Nick protested as Michelle continued to torture him.


Wow, I didnt know they clean your clothes, Nick said as he noticed his clothes were just cleaned.

Now I feel fresh! Michelle exclaimed as she put on her jacketnow without stains.

I put on my new clothes. I made sure that I still had my fathers pendant with me and my picture of my parents. Next, I placed my Pokballs in my pocket. Then, I placed my badges in my other pocket.

Emily studied me as I slipped my badges in my pocket.

You sure have a lot of badges. She said. I only have one

I then remembered that her only badge was the Soul badge that Janine gave to her.

I nodded. Maybe you can collect badges, too. If you want. I suggested.

She nodded.

As we exited the room, Marina quickly greeted us. Had fun? She asked.

Whoa, since when were you waiting for us? Nick asked.

Oh, not too long ago. Hurry up guys, I want you guys to meet my parents and my little bro!

Little bro? You have a brother? Nick said in a state of shock.

Of course I do!

To be continued...

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It does occur to me: If they get kicked, punched and dragged, won't their clothes be worn out? XD

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Chapter 53: Families

I didnt know you had a brother! I exclaimed as we walked down the halls of the bathhouse.

Oh yeah, I didnt tell you guys. Hes just a year old. Marina replied. She walked cheerfully, avoiding some trainers that are virtually taller than she is.

This is weird. Next time, you should tell us who your family is! Nick muttered as we followed Marina.

Oh, my dad the Elite Four leader. Didnt I tell you that?

What? Youyou mean the Elite Four of Johto and Kanto? Michelle stammered.

No way!

Marina giggled as we finally left the bathhouse. Dont worry about the expenses. I already paid for that.

Man, is she rich or something? Nick whispered to Michelle.

I just smiled. Im really excited in meeting Gold and Crystal since they were friends of my parents. Im sure that Gold might recognize me immediately since I looked like my father very much. All of my parents friends recognized me so far. And so did some gym leaders. Not to mention my enemies as well.

We all walked down the street avoiding crowds and crowds of trainers. It was really crowded and I didnt really noticed why.

I cant believe it! Its Gold of the Elite Four! Said one trainer dreamily.

Hurry! Make him sign my face or something! I heard one trainer from my back.

Marina led us through the whole crowd, pushing and clawing our way through.

Hey! Cant you kids wait in line? Shouted a man next to me.

Yeah, hes not going anywhere!

Back off! Emily yelled as we continued our way through.

Emily was holding my hand. She gripped it hard trying not to be lost. Before, my old shirt had long sleeves. Now that I changed my clothes, Emily seems to like holding my hand instead of tugging my sleeve.

Marina? Finally you made it! Said a mans voice.

Dad! Mom! I brought my friends here. Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Marina said as she stopped in front of a dark haired man.

Its okay, Marinawe kind of made a crowd, didnt we? Said a blue haired woman that looked a lot like Marina. She was holding a baby in one hand and dragging her husband by the other. The dark haired baby was crying while crowds pushed to get a good view of Gold.

The crowd was tugging her husband, a dark haired man. He seems to be Marinas fatherthe leader of the Elite FourGold. Hey, hey! Need space yknow! He yelled as he tried to regain his balance.

Come on, Mom! Dad! Marina said as she tugged her mothers hand. You guys make a path for us!

Us? Nick muttered.

Come on! Start pushing these people! Michelle cried.


All of us started to push the crowd at the same time. The persistent crowd, however, pushed back.

Argh! Thats it! Ursula, hydro pump! Michelle yelled sending out her Blastoise.

Her Blastoise fired a huge blast of water using the cannons on its back. It did knock out part of the crowd. Soon, the entire crowd fled.

Phew, that should do it. Michelle sighed as she returned Ursula and sat down.

I heard Gold sigh. Sorry honey, He said to his wife. Shouldve listened to you and followed Marina.

Its okaywellnow that we were rescued by Marinas friends. Her baby was now asleep. She turned her attention to us. These are your friends, right, Marina? Her eyes twinkled as she approached us.

Yeah, Mom! That one is Gary, She said pointing at me. That two over there are Nick and Michelle and next to Gary is Emily!

I seemy name is Crystal, Marinas mother. Nice to meet all of you. She smiled.

And Ive told you guys that Gold is my dad, right? Marina added.

Yeah. Im her dad! Gold exclaimed all of the sudden as he approached us. A wave of shock hit him all of the sudden. Green! What are youohyoure notGreensorry He said, embarrassed. Sorrymistaken for an old friend.

I noticed that he referred to me. Crystal eyed me suspiciously.

If Im not mistaken, arent you Green and Yellows son? She asked all of the sudden.

I nodded. Yeah. I smiled. I was already accustomed to the fact that my parents old friends already recognize me by how I look.

Wow, you look so much like your father! She said as she leaned closer. Your eyes, haireverything!

Ththanks? I muttered, not knowing what to reply.

However, Crystal then noticed something other than me. She noticed Emily. Her eyes looked next to me and were transfixed to Emily. I could feel Emilys grip tighten.

Silver eyesred haircould you bebut

Whats the matter, Crys? Gold asked.

Golddid Silverdid he have a daughter? I heard Crys whisper. She had a distressed look in her face.

Nohavent heard of Silver for a long time Gold replied. Crystal then pointed to Emily. Gold flinched the moment he laid his eyes on Emily. Holy crap He muttered as he leaned closer to Emily. I dont believe it.

Emily looked frightened since these strangers were staring at her.

Mom? Dad? Something wrong? Marina asked as she noticed that they were amazed.

She looks exactly like himonlyshes a girl and her eyes look a lot different. Gold added.

Dodo you know her parents, too? I asked Gold.

Well yeah. Silvers my rival a long time ago. This is just amazing Gold continued to stare at Emily. Emily on the other hand, didnt like the fact that people were staring her down.

Please dont look at me! Emily cried as she buried her face on my shirt.

WhoaEmily? I asked as she started to cry.

Might look like Silver but she sure doesnt act like him. Gold said as he stood up straight again.

Gold, I think she doesnt want people to stare at her. Crystal said sternly.

I was wondering why Michelle and Nick were silent but when I looked at them, they were shocked to the fact that the Elite Four leader was standing in front of them.

UhMister Gold, sir Michelle stammered.

Gold looked at her.

Come on, tell him. Nick whispered to Michelle. He was directly behind her.

Shut up! Why dont you tell him? Michelle snapped. Mister Golduhmmy and brother and I come from Hoenn andcancan we ask you your autograph?

Hey, you guys never asked me my autograph! Marina muttered who was next to her mother.

It was quite a sight. Nick and Michelle were too nervous to talk so Gold simply smiled and signed a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Nick and Michelle.

Awesome! Nick exploded as they fought over the piece of paper.

Mom, can I hold Kenta? Marina asked as she tugged her mothers dress.

All right, but take care of him. Crystal replied while giving her baby to Marina.

Thanks mom! Marina exclaimed as she went over to Nick and Michelle. Hey guys! Wanna meet my brother?

Ah, sorry about all the trouble, Crystal sighed as she looked at Marina, showing off her brother to Nick and Michelle. Gold was by her side, laughing. Gary, its nice to meet you.

Uh, same here. I replied as I took her hand and shook it.

So, Gary. Whats your friends name? Crystal asked.

I was thinking she was referring to Emily. Oh, her names Emily. I said quickly.

Emily, is it? Its nice to meet you, Emily. Crystal smiled at her.

Emily looked at her timidly and smiled shyly.

May I ask who is your mother, Emily? Crystal asked as she kneeled down in front of us.

Emily looked at her and tried not to speak. I wanted to tell Crystal that her mother is Blue but that would only hint Emily that I somehow met Blue and she might not have wanted that.

BBlue She stammered. Mommys name is Blue

Blue, huh? Gold said maliciously. He was now standing next to Crystal. Knew those two would go together

Gold! Grow up, will you?

Uh, sorry!

So Blue is your mother, right? Crystal asked Emily again.

Emily nodded.

How old are you, Emily? Gold asked all of the sudden.

Emily recoiled when Gold suddenly appeared.

Oh sorrydid I scare you?

Emily shook her head. Im nine She replied timidly.

Nine, huh? And if Im not mistaken, youre Eleven, right, Gary? He asked me.

I nodded.

Gold laughed. The old tradition, eh? So hows Yellow doing?

Uh, shes fine, I replied. I looked at Emily and she seems to be building up confidence. Since she let go of my hand.

Gold smiled. Well, look at the time. Its going dark soon so we better find a place to stay, shall we? He said as he looked over at Crystal.

Crystal smiled and nodded.

Mom, Dad, can my friends stay with us for a while here? Marina asked as she approached us. She was still holding her sleeping brother with both hands. Nick and Emily followed her.

Sure, Marina. Crystal replied. Theyre welcome to stay anytime.

A wave of relief flooded through me. Finallyno more sleeping on wet grass

To be continued

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This was definately a good chapter!
Gold and Crystal are my favorites :cool:
So the baby's name is Kenta eh? hehe
Just like the Raikou Special :D
Can't wait to see them again in the next chapter^^

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Chapter 54: Thinking of home

I told you shes rich, Nick whispered to Michelle as we arrived to the hotel where her parents stayed.

It must be the most luxurious hotel Ive seen in Cinnabar Island. The tall building towered above us as Nick and me stared at it with our jaws dropped. Its as if the silvery building was touching the azure sky as the windows reflected the suns rays.

I hope all of you guys will enjoy your stay, Crystal smiled. She was holding the sleeping Kenta with both her arms as she and Gold went inside.

Come on, guys! Marina said as she followed her parents.

She invited us, so we go in! Michelle muttered as she tugged Nicks arm and struggled to go in.

I followed them with Emily on my back. It was the most luxurious hotel Ive ever seen. The entrance led to a huge hall where well-dressed adults sat in elegant chairs that were against the walls of the huge hall. Curtains lined the windows that were in the wall.

Come on guys, Marina yelled from the other side.

We walked on the soft carpeting as we followed Marina. I was pretty much embarrassed since we were a bunch of scruffy dressed kids in a hall full of well-groomed adults. Eyes stared at us as we crossed the hall. Finally, as we reached where Marina was, she led us to a corridor. The corridor was decorated with flowers on the beige wall and a red carpet that lead to an elevator.

Emily seems to know what an elevator is for as she her gripped my hand tighter. I then remembered that she was afraid of heights. I looked down at her and terror was in her eyes.

Hey, whats the hold up, you two? Marina asked when she noticed that we were the only ones who werent inside the elevator.

Oh, Emilys afraid of heights. I said as I encouraged Emily to get in the elevator.

Thats a problem, Marina said. Come on, Emily. Theres nothing to be afraid of,

Emily shook her head as she shut her eyes tightly and hid behind me.

Come on, Emily, I said as I turned around. Itll just be quick and you wont feel anything.

Emily looked up at me. Terror was still present in her eyes. Ookay She stammered.

Awesome! Now lets go in!

Emily slowly paced her way to the elevator and stepped inside. She was trembling as she quickly darted to me. She shut her eyes as she quickly held to my arm. The shiny metal doors closed quickly and I could see all of our reflections. The elevator rose immediately with a metal humming sound. Emily gripped my hand as we continued to rise. Then, the elevator came to a sudden halt. We were already at the fifty-second floor when it stopped.

The metal doors slid open and we all stepped out immediately. We were facing to what looks like a waiting room. The windows were huge since they occupied the whole wall. It was a beautiful view of the sparkling azure ocean with the white fluffy clouds floating to the horizon. Red chairs with cushions lined the waiting hall, matching the carpet color and a clear glass table was in the center. A bouquet of flowers was in a vase on top of the glass table. The circular room had corridors on both sides. They must lead to the hotel rooms.

We all gasped in amazement as the elevator doors closed behind us. Well, except Marina. Shes used to going to places like these.

Wow! If this is whats outside, I cant wait what inside the rooms! Nick gasped.

Nope, you havent seem the whats inside yet, Marina laughed as she led us to the left corridor.

We walked silently past wooden hotel doors through the well-lit corridor. Finally, we reached our room. Marina took out a card from her pocket and slipped it through the latch. With a beep, the door automatically opened.

This is where you guys will stay. If you guys want snack or something, use the phone over there. Some guy will take your order even in the middle of the night. Marina instructed. And if somethings troubling you guys, my parents and me are just across this room. She then pointed to the door from across us.

We stepped inside the room and we immediately gasped with excitement. As we entered the square shaped room, there was one huge bed that was lined against the right wall. A television was in front of it and a lamp was just right beside it. On the other side of the bed, an end table stood with the phone. There were two doors on the left wall. They must lead to the bathroom or the closet. The north wall, the wall that we were facing was a huge window that occupied half of the wall. It was facing twinkling, sapphire colored ocean.

We were all speechless.

Remember, if you guys are in trouble, dont bother to ask, okay? Marina said happily. Here are your keys! She threw Nick and me a card each with a thick black line going along the card lengthwise. See you guys later! She then closed the door.

Michelle squealed as she quickly dropped her pack and leapt on the bed. She bounced happily as she laughed.

Awesome! Nick yelled as he jumped to the bed with her. Both of them laughed as they played around with the pillows.

Wow, I said as I approached the window and looked at the beautiful ocean.

Hey, Gary, watch out! Michelle yelled. I turned around to see a pillow being thrown at me.

Hey! I yelled as the pillow hit me. I took the soft pillow and smashed it back at Michelle. I laughed as Michelle smacked her pillow at me. Both siblings were hitting me. Hey, no fair!

But then, I noticed that Emily was sitting on the floor, looking at us and smiling weakly.

Hey Emily, why dont you join us? Nick asked her.

She smiled but just shook her head.

Cmon, its fun! Michelle added as she threw a pillow at her.

Emily studied the pillow curiously and picked it up with a wide smile. She then charged at us and started smashing the pillow at us while laughing.

Okay, okay, you won! Nick laughed as he finally gave up when he fell down on the floor.

Im not giving up! Michelle yelled as she attacked Emily.

Emily giggled as she evaded Michelles hit and smacked her out of the bed.

Nice one! I said as I charged at her but was quickly eliminated.

Yay! Emily cheered as she jumped up and down the bed.

Didnt know she was good at this Nick muttered.

I was happy myself since this was the first time I saw Emily enjoying herself. She continued to laugh as she jumped down and repeatedly hit us again and again. We all laughed as we continued to hit each other with pillows.


It was somewhere in the middle of the night when I was gazing out in the window. Over the horizon, I could see a beam of light shine through and then disappear. Then it reappeared then it disappeared once more. I looked to my friends. They were asleep. All of them shared the bed but I volunteered not to join them this night. The lights were out as I sat next to the window. My friends and me were wearing pajamas that were in the closet. They were pretty comfortable since they were soft and loose.

I gazed outside at the dark navy blue sky, painted with stars that twinkled softly. There was no moon this night and the city only had a few lights on. I looked at the silent, peaceful sea. Somewhere in the horizon, lies Pallet town. I had the same desire to come back since I missed mom She would be worrying where I was right now. Once I get to Pallet town, Im going to meet her as soon as possiblethen maybe I can introduce my friends. And Im going to tell her what really happened to dad. I sighed as I tried to think of a way to bring dad backbut how? The three mysterious people loomed in my mind. If only I could force out an answer once more from all of themI had a strong feeling that my next encounter with them would finally yield some answers.

You thinking of something? I heard a whisper next to me. I jumped forward, shocked then turned around as I tried to calm my heart, which was beating uncontrollably. Emily looked at me with her twinkling Silver eyes. They shined as the light passed through the room and then disappear.

Emily, I thought you were sleeping I gasped. You scared me there

Sorry She apologized to me.

Cant sleep?

She shook her head. Sometimes when I think too much I cant sleep, She muttered as she played with her red hair.

Me tooI was just thinking about home just now. I said as I sat next to her, still gazing at the sea.

Is your home on the other side? She asked me as she tried to look at the window but trembled and just sat back down.

Yeah, I replied. Hey, you werent afraid when youre having fun. I told her when I remembered her fear of heights.

I guess She then returned her interest of curling her hair with her finger.

Well, why dont you have fun always?

She nodded as she smiled at me. Maybe thats why Im scared most of the time

I nodded back. So next time, you should always be positive and talk to people, okay?

Okay, Gary. She smiled at me.

A long pause followed. If we reach Pallet town, I cant wait to introduce you guys to my mom I told her, breaking the silence. I didnt notice that she was already asleep. She was sleeping on the floor soundly using her arm as a pillow.

I smiled. Good night, I took my pillow and placed it under her head and used my sheets to cover her. She grabbed my hand as I placed the blanket over her.

Daddy She whispered in her sleep. Then, she released my hand.

To be continued...

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Pillow fights are always fun
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Chapter 55: Bitter struggle

Youre going to challenge the gym leader here, huh? Nick asked me as we returned to our room, full from our breakfast. Michelle and Emily were forced by Marina to follow her around. I have no clue where.

Yep, I nodded. But I dont the know what kind of Pokmon the leader uses here. I muttered.

Ask Marina or her parents. They might know. Nick suggested as he sat down on the bed.

I thought for a while. Good idea! I quickly dashed out of the room but then returned inside. Do you know where they are? I asked while scratching my head.

Nick laughed. Knew youd come back. I saw them at the breakfast hall a few minutes ago. They might be there.

Thanks! I quickly dashed out along the corridor and into the elevator.


I burst in the breakfast hall in order to find Marinas parents. Unfortunately, they werent there.

I sighed as I walked out of the building, the challenge still fresh in my mind. But thenI could just challenge the leader without knowing the specialty. My team can beat any type. I tried to encourage myself as I walked down the street.

Maybe I should tell the guys that Im going out on a challenge first, I thought to myself as I looked down, my hands on my pockets. Nah, the challenge is going to be quick.

I was so content with the challenge, I forgot all about the dangers that were loose and were after me.


I reached the gym in a few minutes after asking people around me where it was. The gym was in a peculiar location. It was in an isolated part of the island where no buildings stoodjust pure wilderness.

I walked along the rocky path as I headed nearer and nearer the ocean. The gym stood in front of the ocean facing west. There was another building that looked as if it was part of the gym. The gym walls were colored white and it looked shabby. Dirt and footprints soiled the white walls and faded the paint. Cracks filled the walls as if the gym withstood a massive earthquake.

I was in front of the gym as I gazed at the dusty windows. I wasnt sure if this really is the current gym. I grabbed the rusted handle and twisted it open. As I pushed the door, it emitted a creaking sound.

Hello? My voice echoed into the deep, dark corridors. I gulped as I walked in. Everyones been telling me that this was the gym but it looked deserted. I walked slowly down the dark, dusty corridor and shuddered as I felt cold air rush through me.

Anybody here? I called. No reply. I soon found myself in the middle of a dark room. The dusty windows filtered down light as dust floated around. I felt my nose itchy and then sneezed. I covered my nose and then heard a man somewhere

Helpme I heard a man moan.

Whoa I muttered as I tried to follow the voice. Hello?

Pleasehelp I heard a groan of anguish outside the room.

Where are you? I yelled.

Overhere Said the man. His voice was a bit loud as I stormed out of the room. His voice was raspy and hoarse.

I wandered around the dirty corridors listening for the mans voice. I heard his voice once more not far away. I darted to my left and called out to the man once more. Where are you?

A groan replaced his voice. This time, I heard it from behind me. I turned around and found a door, which was half open. The room inside doesnt seem to have windows since it was dark inside.

I pushed the door open and groped for the switch. There was no switch to the light.

Are you here, mister? I asked out in the dark.

Yes Came a reply. I followed the sound, wandering through the darkness.

Are you hurt? I asked in the darkness. I plunged my hands to where I was thinking he was. I immediately felt clothes. Come on, I coughed. It was dusty inside the room. I pulled him and he seems to be either stuck or heavy.

I felt him push himself a bit and soon, I was helping him walk out of the room. As I laid him against the wall of the bright room, I noticed that he looked like a scientist. He was a healthy middle-aged man and had scruffy white hair with thick-framed glasses. His smooth face was lined with dry blood. His lab coat had specks of blood and his shirt inside was torn. His pants were dusty and he was gasping for air.

Thank you He gasped. I was trapped there two days ago.

Why were you trapped? I asked him noticing his bloody feet.

Im sorry but I cannot tell He muttered as he wiped his glasses. Please help me out of this place,

Wait, who are you? Wheres the gym leader?

Why, Im the gym leader! He exclaimed. Now help me get out of this place,

I helped him walk along the corridor and soon, we were out of the gym.

Ah, fresh air, He muttered as he sniffed the ocean air.

Misteruh I began.

Foster. And just call me Foster without the mister part. He wheezed.

Why were you trapped in there?

I tell you, kid. I cant tell everything! He argued. Besides, I need medical attention,

Hold on, Ill call for help then.

No, no! Bring me with you, kid. I need to get to the city as soon as possible.

I nodded as I helped him walk again. Before, when I came from the city and to the gym, it just took me about a few minutes. But now, it took me a lot minutes as we walked through the rugged road. When we reached the city, my friends were already out on the streets. Nick, Michelle, Marina and Emily quickly rushed towards me.

Gary! Michelle yelled as they all ran up to me. I was still supporting the man.

Whoa, whos the guy? Nick muttered when he noticed that I was helping a stranger walk.

Hes the gym leader and I found himkinda I groaned since I was having a hard time supporting the man. He quite heavy and Im only an eleven year old kid.

The gym leader? What happened to him? Marina asked.

Come on kid, to the hospital or something Foster muttered as he nudged my side.

Wait, already! My friends are talking to me, cant you see?

I dont care. Havent drank or ate you know.

I then noticed that Emily was tugging my sleeve. I looked at her and smiled. Just wait for a while, Emily. I said to her kindly.

Wait a sec Foster muttered. He looked as if he was in a state of shock.

What now? I asked him. Im going to the hospital already.

No, not that. Your name is Gary, am I correct? And her name is Emily I could feel the horror burst in his eyes.


Never mind, Ill explain everything when we reach the hospital, He said all of the sudden in a serious tone.


Foster told us to wait for him when we reached the hospital. So, here we are now, sitting on the hospital bench while doing nothing except watch people pass by. We were in the main lobby of the hospital. I stared at the white ceiling and counted as many dots there were in there.

Marina left a few minutes ago to talk to her parents about the current situation. Nick, Michelle and Emily on the other hand, stayed with me.

Weve waited ever since it was noon. Now, it was starting to get dark outside.

What does that guy want, anyway? Nick muttered when my count reached to seven hundred.

I dunnohe said that I should stay and all. When he heard my name, he started to freak out all of the sudden. I shrugged as I continued to count the dots on the ceiling.

Im hungry Michelle muttered. We havent ate anything since morning. And where is she all this time? She demanded.

Nick shrugged. I was thinking a bitabout heryou know

Shut up, Nick Michelle replied angrily. You know shes always talking about you way back in Celadon?

I smiled as the two began another verbal war. Michelle seems to be jealous of NickI guess On the other hand, Emily yawned and then rubbed her eyes.

Sleepy? I asked turning my attention to her.

She shook her head. Just bored, She replied shyly as she stretched her arms.

Michelle was next to me as she began to become violent.

Michelle, why dont you behave? Nick pleaded.

She tried to fight back but then paused and just folded her arms. She glanced at me guiltily and just looked down. I was wondering what was wrong with her back then


When night came, the hospital was still busy. Nurses, doctors, and patients passed us by as eight oclock drew near. By this time, Nick was still awake, Michelle was half asleep, and Emily was looking at the ceiling with me, trying to find out what was amusing with counting dots in the ceiling. By then, Marina returned with a smile.

What took you so long? Michelle muttered at her even though she was half asleep.

Sorry guys, I tried to find my parents. And when I found them, they wanted me to baby-sit my brother. She replied as she sat down next to Nick. So hows mister Foster?

Dunno, Nick shrugged. We havent heard anything from him yet.

Just then, the hospital doors were open and Foster came out with a wheel chair. He had a stern look in his face. His hair was now properly combed as he was assisted with one of the nurses. The nurse pushed him in front of us. Our attention turned to him.

Well thats that He muttered. Sorry to keep you kids waiting but I had to have an x-ray and some other things

Why did you want us to stay in the first place? Nick demanded.

Oh, cant you give me time? He muttered as he sent away the nurse. Now He began as he scratched his head. To begin with, my father created a man made Pokmon. This Pokmon was the strongest of all.

No way! You mean your father is Blaine? Marina suddenly exclaimed as she leapt out of her seat.

Foster looked surprised. Welltechnically. He muttered and then continued on with his story. Now, as you see, my father was able to harness the power of this monstrosity even though it risked his life. His arm was injected with the genes of this Pokmon, thus, he is able to locate it,

I nodded as I listened intently.

But then, after a few years of handling this Pokmon, he released it. Soon, he died, taking away the secrets of locating this beast. He took a deep breath afterwards.

So what does this have to do with us staying? I asked him persistently. I was leaning forward in order to listen to him since his voice became silent as he went on.

The problem istwo days agoa mana weird looking man went inside my laboratory and demanded me the location of my fathers creation. He was the strangest looking man Ive ever laid my eyes on. He had emerald green hair and ruby red eyes. He shuddered as he paused.

I looked over at Nick and he had a grave expression. This man that Foster describedcould he be Reiji?

Foster, is the mans nameReiji? I asked him with my voice lowered.

Fosters expression changed from terror to shock. How did you know?

Never mind about thatkeep going with the story. Nick interrupted me from talking.

Very well. So this man demanded me the location of fathers creation but I had no knowledge of its whereabouts. But then, this other person came in. I swear, the moment he came in, my whole room just went cold!

Pryce immediately entered my mind. Hes going after Mewtwo this time and Im sure of it!

Then, this wisp of air came from out of nowhere and attacked me. I just fainted. When I regained consciousness, I was bleeding and Im hurt. But those two were still in my lab. I overheard them talking about you kidsthats when I knew that you kids are in trouble.

But why?

Theyre plotting to kill you all with Mewtwo. Theyre not stopping and they will continue to find it!

To be continued

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Hehe! Marina was talking about Nick all the time in Celadon! Poor Michelle is jealous of Nick^^
Cant wait for more ;)

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Anyways, enjoy this next chapter! Lots of intrigue! :P

Chapter 56: Torn in between friendship and love

I couldnt believe my ears. They were planning to take over the strongest Pokmon ever and use it against us. Even though I havent heard much of this Mewtwo, Marina explained to us on our way back to the hotel.

Its a genetically engineered Pokmon made just for destruction! Marina exclaimed as we walked down the darkened street. Only street lamps lit the way as we walked.

Hold on a second. If theyre looking for it, what are the chances of finding one Pokmon in this whole region? I said as rubbed my hands together. It was cold that morning. Especially since now I have to look behind my back once in a while.

I dont knowbut I have this weird feeling that theyll reach it Marina muttered. Nick and Michelle were silent and were trailing behind us. Emily was walking beside me listening intently.

Maybe we cantbut someone can I thought to myself, hoping desperately for Toshin, Sakaki or Makoto.

Maybe we can tell your parents, Marina! Nick exclaimed from behind us.

Yeah, Im sure they can do something about it Michelles voice trailed off as we entered the hotel.


Gold and Crystal were both dumbstruck.

Mom, dad, please believe me! Marina pleaded.

We were inside Marinas parents room. The room was just like ours only, there were suitcases and baggage with clothes everywhere and crib was near the window where baby Kenta slept.

I just explained to them my whole storyabout Pryce, his minions, and everything. Their faces showed terror as I went on.

It cant be, Gold muttered softly as he looked down and placed his hand over his forehead. Theythey said they defeated him years ago!

But he said he wasnt sure. He said that he might come back, remember? Crystal reassured Gold as she placed her arm around him in a comforting way.

Excuse mebut whos he? I asked them.

Crystal looked at me sternly and sighed. GaryIm not sure if youve met him before buthave you met a man called Toshin?

Yeah, I have! I exclaimed as I stood up. I didnt notice that my voice was louder. I met him before! I was so loud that I woke up baby Kenta. Gold looked up at me with a serious expression.

Gary, calm down! Nick said as he held me down. Michelle, Marina and Emily were shocked by my outburst.

Ssorry I stammered as I sat back down.

Crystal smiled. Its okaywe usually have our random outbursts. She stood up and went to Kentas crib. She cradled the crying baby and sang sweetly as we were all silent. I remembered my mother singing me to sleep. The memory of her stroking my hair as she sang was still vivid in my mind. As baby Kenta stopped crying and slept, Crystal placed him back on his crib.

Im sorry about that, I said again.

Crystal simply sighed again. Gary, its all fine. She looked at Gold sternly and Gold looked back at her. She then drew her attention to me. So, you knew about Toshin?

I nodded, trying to control myself this time. NowPryce is going to try to find Mewtwo and use it against us I said slowly.

Gold and Crystal paused. Mewtwo, huh? Gold muttered.

I know its kinda hard to believe, but you have to believe us, dad! Marina pleaded.

Dont worry, Marina. I believe you guys. This has happened before and its happening again. Gold replied smiling at us. For nowits best that all of you should stay low.

Crystal nodded. If we can contact Toshin, maybe he can help She said to us.

I know! Ill try to contact him! I exclaimed again, standing up.

Gary! Michelle and Nick both said at the same time pulling me down this time.

Gold and Crystal looked at me as if I was a deranged kid.

But how can you contact him? Crystal asked me.

I can! His sister gave me this Pokmon that I can talk to and I know she can contact him! I said as I took out Abbys Pokball.

Incredible! Marina exclaimed examining Abbys Pokball. A Kadabra?

I nodded and sent out Abby. She looked around curiously around the room and then to me.

Just give me time. I know I will find him! I said to them and then closed me eyes.

Abby I thought. Abby, can you hear me?

I can, young master, She replied. The familiar young girls voice lingered in my mind. I know of the events and I shall now contact Toshin as you wish.

I opened my eyes and I could see Abbys eyes gleaming. She doing it now, I whispered.

I didnt know you could talk to your Pokmon! Nick muttered.

So thats why you win so much battles! Michelle added as she quickly sat next to me.

Amazing! Ive never seen a trainer understand its Pokmon beforeexcept for Yellow Crystal gasped as she examined Abby.

Wow, thats cool! Gold added as he, too examined Abby.

Then, Abbys eyes stopped glowing.

It is done. He is now aware of the events and he said that he will meet you in Pallet town. Abby said to me all of the sudden.

Thank you, Abby. Thank you! I thought as I returned it.


Abby said that Toshin knows everything now. She said that I should meet Toshin in Pallet town. I replied. I have to go there now

Wait, isnt it too dangerous? Crystal asked me. Im worried about you Gary. Youre the only one your mother has left. If she loses you

I know what Im doing. Ive risked my life a lot of times and now, I have to talk to him quick! I said as I began to move out of the room.

I looked back at my friends and they looked shocked. Sorry guysbut I have to go to Pallet town now. Then, I looked at Crystal. She was smiling.

You have a brave heart, Gary. I just hope you will make it there safely,


I was back in our hotel room. I was standing in front of the glass window gazing at the lighthouse. I looked over at the dark horizon. Now, my fate is to be determined. There is no turning back now. The sea was calm as the waves slowly moved. The stars twinkled up above. The moon was just a single silver crescent in the sky.

My friends were sleeping. They have no intention of following me to Pallet town except for Emily. I think she believes that she will see her father again through me. Thats why she wanted to follow me. Shes sleeping now for sure. However, I didnt expect someone else to be awake.

GGary I heard a familiar whisper behind me.

I turned around to see Michelle in her pajamas. Her bright blue eyes were bright as the faint moonlight shined through the room.

Huh? I thought youre sleeping I whispered.

Im sorry if I disturbed you or somethingbut I have something to say to you She whispered guiltily then approached me.

What is it?

GGaryI wanted to tell you this a long time agobut I cantI dont want tobecause Im afraid She whispered softly.

What? What do you want to tell me? I asked her impatiently.

Gary, I cant tell it. Its so obvious that Emily likes you so much! She always holds your hand and youre the only one who can make her talk! She said, her voice getting louder. I was thinking that Emily might wake up Nick or Emily.

What? I looked at her with a puzzled look. I dont understand

Gary, do you love her? She said, forcing out an answer from me. She had a look of desperation in her face as she leaned forward at me. Do you love Emily?

NoI meanshes a friend and

Shes a friend, huh? She kissed you once before. I knew it from Nick! She gasped as tears began to drop stream down slowly from her eyes. You two arent just friends!

Were just friends, okay? I dont love her or anything! I argued back. Why are you telling me this anyway?

Garydont you get it? I love you too! She sobbed. Emilyshe loves you I know it in my gutbut II loveyou too!

I was shocked when she said those words. I was just paralyzed at the spot.

Didnt you notice? When I hugged you in Viridian forest? Why I changed so much? Why I wanted to become stronger? I just wanted you to know that Ive changed so that you can love me back! Tears flowed from her blue eyes. Then she threw her arms around me.

II dont understandif you do like mewhy didnt you say so a long time ago? I stammered as I felt her embrace.

Because I was scaredI was scared that you wouldnt love me back She sobbed. But nowEmily loves youI know that! She cried then released me from her embrace. She always held your hand. Shes always so close to you. Youre the only one who can talk to her. When you cant sleep and you sit up, awake, I was worried about you. But then Emily would be awake and you always talk to her!

But, Michelle I began but I trailed off. Look, please stop crying. I just dont know what to sayI mean were friends and all I said as I wiped her tears with the long sleeve of my pajama. Shes just a friend to me!

Michelle looked at me sternly as she held my hand. She looked at me straight in the eye. Garydo you love Emily or me? She cried tearfully.

To be continued

Jikan Yokoku: Chapter 57: Ripped apart

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Awesome chapter!
Cute when Crystal sang Kenta to sleep :classic:
That was a shock! Gary and...............Michelle? Oo Wow

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Chapter 57: Ripped apart

My head throbbed as I searched for a good answer. Either way, I wasnt sure if I could make a good decision or not. I looked down at her tearful eyesshe just couldnt wait for the answer.

Answer me, Gary! She whispered with a trembling voice. Please, answer me

I remained silent and looked out at the window. It was still night. The dark navy blue sky was full of stars that night. Then I looked back at her.

Neither I replied then smiled. Youre guys are my friends. Even if you love me, I cant love you back. Its because youre my friend. I then took a deep breath then exhaled. Even if Emily loves me, I cant love her, too. Its becauseshes my friend

Michelle wiped her tear. II guess your right She stammered and then sighed. She walked back to the bed and sat down on the floor with her back against the bed.

When I was lying on the floor with my pillow and blanket, half asleep, I heard Michelle crying. Perhaps it was a bad decision to tell her thatbut then againI had no choice


The next day, when I woke up, I was alone in the room. I yawned as I stretched my arms then rubbed my eyes. I scanned the room. The bed was still untidy. I took my pillow and blanket and placed it on top of the bed. But then, I noticed a letter on the floor, conveniently placed near the door where I would notice it when I would go out of the room. I picked up the enveloped letter and opened it. I felt something in the envelope. I looked inside and noticed a bright orange piece of metal shaped like a flame.

Maybe the letter would answer some questions I thought as I began deciphering the message. Since the letter was handwritten by a man with scrawny handwriting. After a few minutes, I managed to understand it:

Dear Gary,

I have been told that you were the son of Green, the famous former gym leader of Viridian city. It is an honor to meet his son since I havent met him in person in my life. I also have heard that he disappeared years ago without a trace. I am sorry for this incident since I cannot yield any clues.

The reason I wrote this letter is to give you this badge. Your father once saved the world from a great calamity. That is what my father has told me before. It is a great honor to be saved by the same mans son. Thank you!

Yours truly,
Foster (Cinnabar Island Gym Leader)

PS: Dont worry about the free badge. I hope it might help you in your training. You might have already heard that these badges can unlock you Pokmons greatest potential.

I folded the message as I stuffed it back on the envelope and looked at the badge. It was another easy win to get another badgebut Im thinking the last two gym leaders wont be as easy

I readied myself as I went to the bathroom to get dressed.


I found myself in the breakfast hall immediately. The breakfast hall was more like a huge all you can eat restaurant rather than a simple one. Tables lined across the hall and counters were filled with delicious foodeggs, sausages, fruits, cereals, and more! I tried to look around for my friends but couldnt find them.

That morning, I had no appetite to eat. The incident last night was still vivid in my mind. My stomach twisted as I remembered that Pryce was still after me. I didnt hear Nicks voice from behind as I pondered.

Gary! Gary, over here! Nick yelled.

When I finally noticed that he was there, I quickly turned around to meet his smiling face.

Good morning! He greeted.

Morning, I muttered as I picked up a bowl of cereal and a small carton of milk.

Huh? Something bothering you? He asked me as he led me to the table where the rest of my friends were sitting.

Emily was happy eating some of her food while Michelle looked depressed as she played with hers. Marina was sitting across the table with her parents, talking happily and dodging Kentas food, which he threw with his spoon.

Nah, I replied as I quickly put on a wide smile. Im just nervous going back home.

Oh, yeah! Nick exclaimed as we both sat down. Yeah, everyone gets nervous! But then he noticed his sister. Michelle, why are you so sad all of the sudden?

Michelle shrugged then shook her head. She was still looking down at her food. I remembered how sad she was last night but I tried to take that off my mind as I opened my milk carton and poured milk all over my cereal bowl. The cereal was more like flakes of corn or somethingI didnt get a taste of it much since I was preoccupied inside.

Are you sure you guys dont want to follow me to Pallet town? I asked Nick who was finished with his breakfast.

He nodded reassuringly. Yeah. Besides, Ive got to catch up with some badges. He then nudged me. By the way, what was in that letter you got?

Oh that? I muttered as I fumbled through my pockets searching for the envelope. Here, read it!

Nick read it quickly and was amazed. You got the badge?

Yep, I took out my badge, boasting it to Nick.

Whoaman, Gary, youre so lucky! Nick gasped as he examined the badge.

Yeahlucky Michelle muttered.

Nick ignored his sister while he was still glorifying my badge. You got two more to go, huh?

I nodded. Once I go home, Im going back to Saffron and then Im going to Viridian!


As we left the breakfast hall, I noticed that Emily was clinging to me again. When Nick and Michelle decided to head on their way back to the room, this was my time to talk to Emily.


She looked at me curiously. Yeah?

Cancan I talk to you about something? We were sitting together on one of the chairs in the main lobby of the hotel. However, there were fewer people around this time. I saw Marina and her family walk by happily as they went off back to their room.

Whats it about? Emily asked sweetly as she smiled.

EmilywellIve been wondering lately. Dont get mad at me butdo youwelllikeI meanllove me? I stammered as I tried to put some sense in my words. My voice trembled as I did so.

Emily blushed as she stared back at my nervous eyes. She looked nervous as she tried to find an answer. Gary, I do She whispered, as she blushed then smiled innocently.

I smiled back but then I was serious once more. Emilythis is kinda hard to say butI cant love you back

She gasped as her eyes widened. But Gary She cried in desperation. II love youdoesnt that mean anything to you?

It does butEmilywere friends. I cantI cant love you back.

But why? I could see tears forming behind her eyes. I thoughtI thought you cared for meand, and

Thats because were friends, Emily! I said raising my voice. I wasnt myself for a while. I wasnt myself last night. I was more than my usual self.

Gary Emily sobbed. Butbut She stood up and ran out the doors, crying uncontrollably.

Emily! I yelled as I ran after her. Emily, wait!

I ran as fast as I could but couldnt find her when I reached the streets. People bumped into me, as I looked left to right. Where could she have been?

Emily! I yelled, calling out her name. Emily, Emily, EMILY!


I couldnt find her. She just disappearedgoneI searched everywhere for her. I searched every alley, corner, beachI asked people but to no avail. I just gave up. She could have been gone somewhere now

I didnt want to go back to that hotel room and face my friendsface Michelle againI gazed at the ocean as the midday sun, burned my skin. My palms were sweaty as I tried to make a decisionto go beyond and leave everyone without telling or to stay and tell them why Emily left. It was afternoon when I stopped trying to find her.

The wind blew through my hair as I closed my eyes and exhaled. Why did this happen? Why? It is true thoughI dont love Emily or Michelle. To me, they were just friends. To them, I was someone more than a friendI was being forced in betweennow, theres no turning back.

I summoned out Gabby and rode on her back. Straight ahead, Gabby! To Pallet town!

We were all friends. Friends that could understand each othersupporting each otherdefending each otherknowing one another. As I glanced back at Cinnabar Island, which was just a dot over at the horizon, I wanted to fall down on the waterEmily lingered in my mind. Her sweet smile and her curious stareI couldnt stop myself from thinking to what a fool I was

I rubbed a tear that was coming out of my eye harshly. But my memories with Emily were so vivid. Those nights were she wanted to be with her fatherI was the only substitute in her life. Whenever she held my hand, I guess I was more than a friend to her. Those thoughts of her were things I cant take off

I now looked what was in front of me. Pallet town. The houses of the quiet, peaceful town were now visible as Gabby swam across the sapphire blue sea with great speed. Toshin would be there waiting for meso is my mother

To be continued

Jikan yokoku: Chapter 58: Lament of the broken heart

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Poor Emily and Gary. Having to decide now.
I think it was best to leave them for a while. Let things cool down.
Cant wait to read more :cool:

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Chapter 58: Lament of the broken heart


Man, I cant wait when I introduce you guys to my mom!


Do you love me?


Im just your friend! I cant love you back!

EMILY! I yelled as I woke up from my dream. Words echoed in my mind as I found myself in Pallet towns beach. I gasped as I tried to breathe. I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead.

When I reached Pallet town, it was already night. I wanted to see my mother immediately but I was too tired. Thats why I just slept on the soft sands of the beach. I shook my head, sending off sand everywhere. Everything was darkexcept for a small fire

Bad dream? Toshin asked. His back was turned on me and he was facing the fire.

ToToshin? I rubbed my eyes to be sure. It was him. Ohyeahsorta

Wheres Silvers daughter. Didnt you promise Blue and Silver that youll take care of her? He asked me as he turned his head to look at me with one eye.

Oh, Emily? I sighed as I gazed at the fire. Its kinda hard to explain. Wellshe ran away, I guess

Ran away? Toshin repeated as he faced me.

I remained silent thinking about her and what would happen. She might be stuck somewhere or maybe lost

The sea breeze blew against my hair as I looked down at Toshins shadow, imitating the way the flames jump in the air then vanish. The waves roared again and again along with the wind.

I see Toshin muttered as he looked at the fire again. His long black hair swayed with the wind. I know of the events. So far, they havent tracked Mewtwo down, yet.

My heart leapt. There could be time. But then, something occurred in my mind. I remembered that Reiji was herethe one who killed Toshins family and his lover.

Toshindo you know thatthe man who youre hunting downReijiis here? I asked him.

I know that, He replied immediately after my question. Thats why Im here. He then looked up at the sky. Its best you sleep now. Ill tell you the rest of my plans tomorrow.

I closed my eyes, even though I was still sitting up. I wasnt feeling any sleepy. I just wanted to see my mother.


So what are your plans? I asked Toshin the next day. I heard my stomach growl as I asked him.

He threw me a bowl in reply. I caught the bowl but it slipped and landed on the sand of the beach. I picked it up and dusted it.

My plans is to take down Reiji immediately. Hes the one controlling Pryce. Toshin said as he threw me a wooden spoon. This time, I caught it with my left hand.

The rice boiled in a small pot on top of the fire. Toshin waited for it to be cooked.

But how can you get to Reiji when Pryce and all his people are there for him? I asked as I sat down next to him, staring at the boiling rice.

Simple, really. When you kids were at that island where they were hiding, he killed all of his subordinates except Karen. Then, he fled with Reiji to Cinnabar.

Killed? All of them? I asked in disbelief.

Toshin nodded. Dont worry. I wont be handling him alone. I have the others backing me up.

But how can you get Pryce out of the way?

He is already out of the way. I heard Mewtwo was last sighted somewhere north of Saffron city. I asked Sakaki to contact the gym leaders in the surrounding area to tell the citizens that its out there loose. That would be my bait. Toshin smirked as he used his spoon to scoop out steaming rice from the small, metal pot. You see Reiji is always too lazy to do his dirty work. Instead, he uses his subordinate cronies to do his dirty work.

But how can you track down Reiji when Pryce is away? I said as he handed me the bowl of rice, some of it half burnt.

Hes always around these days. Without anyone to protect him, hed follow Pryce for sure.

I ate my breakfast as I listened to Toshins plans. I nodded as I did.

By the way, were leaving in a few hours. If you dont do what you want to do now, now is your chance.

Huh? What do you? But then it dawned in me. Ohthanks I smiled.


I sighed as I stopped in front of my home. It was the same two-story house that Ive seen for years of my life. The window on the second floor was open and the curtain was flowing out with the wind. The same wooden rocking chair was still there, however, it wasnt rocking anymore. I walked up the steps and twisted the knob of the screen door.

Mom? I called. The wooden door was open. I pushed it and it emitted a creaking sound.

Inside, nothing much changed. It was the same carpet, same table, same sofa, same fireplace, same chairs, and the same vase full of yellow roses from her garden sat on the wooden table. I looked around the roomthere was no sign of my mom. The same smell of my home wafted around me. It was the same and familiar smell that I have yearned to be once more in my journeys.

I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. The kitchen was cleanas if it was newly cleaned. I looked at the tiled counter and the newly washed dishes were lying on the rack. The sweet smell of roses from the garden wafted the kitchen. The curtains from the window flowed with the blowing wind outside where I can see the garden. The wooden table and chairs where I used to eat happily with my mother was unchanged.

As I paused and closed my eyes, I heard the soft humming of my mother. She was humming sweetly, a soft tune that Ive heard so many times in my life. I followed the soft hum as I walked across the tiled floor and to the backdoor. I pushed open the screen door and stepped outside. Outside is where my mothers garden layher garden full of yellow rosesone of her stories, she used to tell me, my father gave her a single yellow rose when they were young. Now, her garden is full of them

There she was, trimming her roses with her straw hat to shield her head from the suns heat. Her yellow hair flowed down her back as she hummed cheerfully. She sniffed a rose then added it to the bundle that she was holding in one hand. Tall, green bushes filled with yellow roses in the garden surrounded us.

Mom, I whispered then she stopped humming.

As I said the word, she quickly turned around. Her face displayed the joy inside her. She dropped her roses and her garden scissors and quickly ran to me. As she ran, her straw hat fell from her head.

Gary! She cried as she threw her arms around me.

Mom, I miss you so much I said as I hugged her back tightly.

Gary, Gary, Gary! She cried as she continued to hug me. Welcome home,

She kissed my forehead as we both separated. She hugged me again, while she ruffled my hair. Its really youI cant believe its you, Gary

Mom, I missed you so much I said again as I hugged her. She was beginning to cry and I noticed that. Finally, as she let go of me, she smiled as she wiped her tears.

I missed you, too She replied happily as she held my hand. Your clotheswhat happened, Gary?

I kinda got in a bit of trouble I said as I scratched my head while smiling.

Gary, dont be reckless! She said turning serious all of the sudden. I dont want you getting in trouble or getting hurt somewhere else!

She was still the same mother I hadshe cared for me and she was always worried about me.

Garyyoure the only one I have in this world. If I lose youI cant bear the thought of you gone. Youre the only memory I have left of your father. Youre the one thing that your father left me She trailed of as she began to cry again.

Mom, its okay, I said, as I wanted to tell her that dad is still alive. DadI know hes alive. I just know he is!

She looked up at me and smiled. GaryI wish he was. I just wish he was here right now She whispered to me as she held my arm.

Mom, believe me! I know hes out there somewhere! Something weird happened a few days after I started training. Its just weird mom! One time, I healed this Pidgey, then I can see these visions and I trailed off then paused. I breathed, as I wanted to say more. Then I saw how dadhow dad fought for you and me

Youyou healed a Pokmon? She gasped. Hhow?

Its something weird, mom. Its like my hands were glowing and suddenly, I healed it! I said as I felt my mother hold me tightly.

Butthat couldnt be possible She was serious once more. Garydo you realize what that means?

Yeah! This guy, Toshin told me everything about it. Something forest spirits and stuff. I looked at my mom and she was shocked.

Toshin? Youyou met him? What does he want from you?

I just met him a few times and thats it. And then, I met your old friends! I met all of them! I said happily.

She finally smiled. As long as youre safe, Im happy.

Mom, Im just sure dad is alive. Im just sure of it! Everyone thinks so! Silver, Red, Toshin, Makoto I trailed of and remembered my friends.

Makotoyouve met him too?

I nodded in reply to her question. MomIve seen you in one of my visionshe saved you before, didnt he?

She smiled again and nodded. He saved me many times in my life. Ive never expressed my gratitude to him, thoughGaryare you leaving again?

I nodded again, avoiding her teary eyes. MomI have to goI dont know when Ill be back. I said.

I could feel her hug me again. Youre so much like your fatherI just wish hes here. Hell be proud of you

To be continued

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His mom was so happy!
Gary must stop this menace and get back his dad.
I hope things go good
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Chapter 59: Emptiness

As I walked away from my home, I couldnt stop the tears running down my cheeks. I didnt want leave my mom. I didnt know when Id be backbut soonmaybeI didnt look back at my home. The familiar air that was around me in there was gone. Something familiar for years was gone in a few minutes as I found myself back in the beach.

Youre back, Toshin muttered. He was there to meet me. His dark eyes gazed at me and noticed my tears. That happens,

I wiped my tears with my hands and didnt answer him. He snorted when I was finally in front of him.

Gary, are you ready? He asked me as he took out an Ultra Ball.

I nodded as I took out Blazes Pokball. I looked down at the red and white ball. Ive gone a long way now. I couldnt possibly fail this time.

Good, He muttered as he summoned out his Pidgeot. Its time to go.


I scanned the area just north of Saffron city. There was nothing but fields, trees, riversnothing more. I looked at Toshin and he pointed downwards. I nodded and we both zoomed down. My hair was getting messier as we finally came to a stop and then landed softly on the ground.

Trees scattered through the whole field. I noticed the swaying green grass as I returned Blaze. Then as Toshin returned his Pidgeot, I noticed two dark figures next to him.

Brother, Sakaki whispered as she went next to him. She was about to throw her arms around him but stopped on her tracks.

Makoto smirked as Toshin looked at them. Any signs?

Makoto shook his head in disapproval. Nope, couldnt find anything.

I walked towards them and looked at their dark cloaks. I didnt mention a word but I was quickly noticed.

Ah, Garys here, huh? Makoto exclaimed. Wheres Emily? Isnt she supposed to be with you?

Ran away, Toshin answered his question then simply sighed as he turned his attention to the ground.

Ran away? Gary, Silver said that you should take care of her!

Im sorry I muttered. Its just thatwellshe was kinda confused and all I trailed off and fell silent.

Toshin then glanced to Sakaki. She seems to get his message quickly. Then, she looked at Makoto and Makoto seems to have a confused look in the face.

Alright, Ill do it, then! Makoto blurted out all of the sudden. Ill find her!


We just had a conversationwellIm going to find her for you. Makoto muttered as he turned around and then started to walk towards Saffron city.

Hell be back, Sakaki said before I can ask her a question. He just needs to find her.

I looked at Sakaki and noticed that under her cloak, she was wearing a shirt with the left sleeve torn away. I looked at her arm and noticed four tattoos lined up vertically. They were strange black tattoos shaped in a square and a mysterious symbol in the center. They all looked identical.

I knew Sakaki noticed me staring at her arm since she quickly covered her arm with her cloak. I looked away immediately and tried to avoid her eye.

Ill be back, too I heard Toshin mutter as he quickly summoned out his Pidgeot and flew off without warning.

Soon, Sakaki and I were the only ones standing.

Youyou noticed them, have you? Sakaki whispered as the wind blew softly.

I looked at her and she was staring at the sky. She had her elbow tucked under her arm.

Yyeahwhat are they?

Youre too young to learn their purpose, Garybut someone gave them to me when I was young She whispered softly as she continued to look at the sky.

I looked at the sky, too, looking for anything interesting there. Sakakididdid you really kill people before?

I looked at her and she gasped.

I meanKaren said so when we were back in that island. I stammered.

Sakaki paused for a while. When I thought she wasnt going to answer, she immediately talked.

Yes I have She whispered. I only took three souls in my life. The first one I ever took was by force. She then took off her cloak and let it fall on the ground. I looked at her arm and the four tattoos were still there. The first time I took a life, it was unfair since I had no choice. I took the life of the boy who gave me these tattoos.

But why?

I had to. If I didnt, he wouldve killed my life. Either way, I knew I wouldnt be the same girl as I used to be. She held her hand, covering her tattoos and then sighed and looked at the ground. There was something else, Gary,

I remained silent as she sat down on the ground. She held her knees as she let out a small sob.

I loved that boyI loved him with my whole heart

But why did you kill him? I said as I kneeled down. If you loved him, why did you kill him?

Because I had to! She sobbed as her grip became tighter. I loved him so muchhe wanted to diehe had no choice but to die. Either way, lover would kill the loved one.

Thats not supposed to happen! I yelled all of the sudden.

Gary, I had no choice She cried as she wiped her tears with her shirt. These tattoos serve as a reminder every time I look at them. Every time I look at them, I remembered how he lovingly placed them on my arm

I didnt say another word after that. But then, she was the one to say it first:

Gary, I know it in you. Dont waste your time trying to ignore that fact that two girls love you. There would be a day where youd have to take a life changing decision like what I hadlike what Toshin hadlike what Makoto had

Huh? Buthow did you

When you released Emily from her possession, I was still there and I was watching you. You made her think of her fatherbut then you also made her think about you. She then smiled and then patted my head. She stood up and sighed. Michelle on the other hand, was jealous of her brother and jealous of you, too.

I was shocked as she continued. But then I remembered that she was a psychic.

Am I right, Gary? Isnt that the reason why she ran away? You couldnt accept her or love her back. I know you both are youngbut when a girl tell you that she loves you, its best not to deny that.

I nodded slowly as she smiled. II guessbut

If you love one of them, love them secretly and dont tell anyone. Not from either. I promise I wont look in your mind. She was still smiling as she said the words.

Before I could tell her that I dont love either of them, Toshin returned.

Called Silver, He muttered as he noticed Sakaki who wasnt wearing her cloak. He picked up her cloak and gave it to his sister. He told me to go here without him. Hes going on his way,

Sakaki nodded as she accepted her cloak and wore it.

You better remember his promise, He was whispering and to her and yet I could understand him.

Sakaki nodded and then finally hugged her older brother. I will She released him quickly as I stood up.


He looked at me with attentiveness.

I have been wonderinghow old are you guys? I asked him. You people are always hiding your ages. Toshin let out a low laugh.

I looked at Sakaki and she had an alarmed look at her face. Brotherwe cant tell him now

Sakaki, he has the right to know. All these days youve been hiding it away from him, eh?

Finally, I could at least know how old these people are. Toshin kneeled down to match my height.

Gary, there are some things that should be left kept secret. Our lives for example, Toshin began. When you learn how to open an Unown gate; when you fully master everything that is needed to know, something weird happens. He paused then massaged his temples. He exhaled as he prepared to say something important.

I listened carefully to what he said. He was looking down at the ground, avoiding my eye.

I mastered how to open an Unown gate first. Then, Sakaki followed. Finally, Makoto. But before that, we never knew everything. We were just ordinary people helping our grandfather teach a bunch of kids learn. But that one fateful daywhen you saw that visionwhen Miharu diedI was different. He sighed as he sat down.

I forced myself to study everything. When I saw a glimpse of that Unown gate, I knew I could master it. When I began to master itI was aware of the consequences. I knew that nothing is free in this world. But before I could, Reiji already didhe already harnessed the power He tried to continue but I immediately interrupted him.

What are the consequences?

Toshin sighed. The consequencesof being able to leap through different dimensions and time frames of the worldits an eternal curseimmortality and control over his or her own age

WHAT? I stood up immediately. Whats that supposed to mean? I didnt believe him at first. I didnt want to. It was all too good to be true.

Unowns control the whole world and time frame. Unownsthose Pokmon that control this dimensionand othersthey altered our view on the world. We were subjected to their mystic powers when we tried to leap from dimension to dimensionwe all gained immortality and control over our ages. We still felt pain no matter what.

He paused. He must have been waiting a question from me. However, I didnt have anything to ask.

When you saw Makoto save your mother, he could never die. He has to feel those pains over and over again. Not until your mother healed him. My sistershe felt the pain of the loss of a loved one. However, she learned opening gates after his death. I myselfthe struggle between two different names; I was either Hiroki or Toshin. He then stood up. I hope that answers your question

I was shocked after he was finished. It did answer everythingeverything that Ive questioned to myself. They couldnt possibly be immortals. All of them couldnt be

You guys couldnt be! Its impossible!

To be continued...

Jikan Yokoku: The Shocking Truth

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Chapter 60: The shocking truth

Believe me, Gary. I didnt want it that way but I had no choice! Toshin argued back at me.

You cant be! Then prove it! I yelled at him. Theres no such thing!

Gary, please believe my brother Sakaki pleaded. I didnt want to be like this, toobutI had no choice! We never had a choice!

What choice? I told you to give me some proof! I yelled again.

Gary, I cant give you any proof. Toshin said as he held my shoulder while he was looking at me straight in the eye. Youve trusted me for longjust believe me

I gripped my fist as I tried not to stare Toshin in the eye.

The proof is right in front of you. We are the proof. Have you ever wondered why Makoto never aged ever since he met your mother? Have you ever thought why me and my sister never aged ten years ago?

He was right. I looked at him in the eye and he finally smiled. Only this time, it was a different smile that Ive never seen from him. Perhaps this is what he meant to he Hiroki Heishiro His eyes werent sharp or dull but were bright and twinkling.

Okay, I muttered. I do believe you I looked at Sakaki and she was smiling. I tried to force myself to smile. I was a bit uncomfortable since I was with old peopleand I dont even know how old they are

By the way, you got some explaining to do to Silver. Toshin smiled as he stood up.


I was watching the sky turn orange that day. I basically did nothing but sit down and look up at the sky. Clouds floated by in shades of gold and orange. I yawned and stretched my arms. So far, there wasnt anything interesting this day. Toshin mentioned that Mewtwo is around here but there seems to be no sign of it.

I was still concerned about Emilys safety. She could be anywhere by now or she could be captured by Pryce and can get possessed again. I tucked my knees near my chest and held them tightly as I kept myself warm. The sky was now a shady color of bluish-gray and the wind was blowing stronger and colder.

I looked over at Sakaki and she was making a fire with the bundle of gathered firewood on a patch of dirt. Toshin and Makoto were still away and there is no sign of Silver yet. I watched Sakaki struggle to make a fire. Finally, after much effort, she created one. The only thing I can see that is part of the sun was just its rays that were stretching behind the gray shadow that was the hill.

Sakaki stood up and looked at the fire, which was burning brightly. She looked at me and smiled. Looks like were going to eat rice again She smiled as she approached me.

I smiled weakly. Do you guys eat rice all the time?

Technically Sakaki paused as she placed a small metal pot full of rice over the fire. Yes

I groaned as I looked down at the ground. Patches of dirt scattered through the whole plains. I looked up and noticed that stars dotted the dark blue sky. Toshin, Silver or Makoto werent there that night. I decided that they must be busy.


The next day, was just as boring as last night. Rice was my prediction of breakfastand I was right. I muttered as I stuffed rice in my mouth. Sakaki was eating her bowl of rice peacefully and didnt say a word. That morning was a cold, damp morning. Dew formed on the trees green leaves. The dead, brown leaves that littered the field were wet and soggy as I stood up and walked around, crushing them under my foot.

Dont want breakfast? It is the most important meal of the day, you know. Sakaki said as she continued to eat her rice with her makeshift wooden spoon. She then began to talk about metabolism and how breakfast can speed up metabolism. I didnt listen to her as I circled around the blackened campfire.

Metabolism is like a fire. If you put too much firewood in there Sakaki continued to explain as she ate.

I looked down at the burnt wood. The ashes were damp with dew. I sniffed the fresh morning breeze as I sat down again to where I was before.

Finally, if you keep your metabolism fast, you wont be fat. Sakaki concluded her explanation that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. She paused when she noticed that I had a worried look in my face. Theres something bothering you. She said suddenly. Her voice was serious this time.

Sorta, I muttered. Worried about my mom. Im worried if I can find my dad I looked down at the ground solemnly and began kicking the pebbles around me.

Dont worry. Im sure youll find him, She smiled as she placed her bowl down on the ground.

I didnt reply to what she said. I just looked at the damp and cold ground, digging my boots on the hardened soil. I guess I suddenly muttered after a few seconds of silence.

As we waited for noon to come, something unexpected happened. I was sitting under the shade of the tree that noon and noticed that Sakaki was talking to Toshin. I stood up quickly as I dusted off my shirt.

What? Did you find where Mewtwo is? I asked desperately as I approached them.

Toshin nodded. Hes out in the open somewhere. Worst of all, Im thinking Pryce and Reiji found it out, too. Makoto hasnt arrived yetthis is bad He muttered.

Then what are we supposed to do? I asked in desperation. He looked me straight in the eye.

Our only hope is that Silver will get here soon. Other than that, were going to need reinforcements from the gym leaders around here.

You dont need to wait for me, A familiar voice behind me said.

I turned around and Silver was standing there, with his cloak on. His silver eyes were the first ones I recognized from him. He looked a bit paler than the last time I saw him.

Silver, Toshin smiled. Glad you made it here.

Silver smirked. I guess I wasnt here that fast. He looked at me. I was having an inner conflict within myself. How should I apologize to him? How could I explain why Emily left?

Dont worry about Emily, Gary. He suddenly said. I looked up and he was approaching us. Im sure shell be back soon. You dont need to explain anything to me. I smiled weakly as he stopped in front of Toshin. The gym leader would have no problem tackling down Mewtwo. Im sure Sakaki could help them. When Pryce takes on the bait, we take on Reiji.

Toshin nodded. That was what I planned Toshin muttered as he scratched his head. Sakaki, contact all the surrounding gym leaders now. Celadon, Saffron, Cerulean, and Vermillion.

She nodded as she closed her eyes and began. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes. Ive contacted all of them. Now, its best we find Mewtwo.


Toshin led us through the hill, across the fields, and into a place where the meadow stops and uprooted trees began to appear. I looked around the place and it looked pretty creepy. Every tree was uprooted everywhere all around the field. The ground was rocky and hard. I then noticed tall, dark, rocky hills in front of us.

Mewtwos on the other side, Toshin muttered. Be sure to approach with caution and dont let out all of your Pokmon. Well be waiting here for the gym leaders. He then took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. If Pryce finds it before Makoto or the gym leaders arrive, were going to be a bit desperate.

We climbed the hills slowly and silently. My hands were getting tired as I clambered up the hills. They didnt show any signs of tiring at all. They continued to scale the hills. As we reached the top, we looked down. This was the first time I saw Mewtwo. The tall, monstrous, purple Pokmon was standing silently down below. It had its back turned to us. I could see a single cord connecting from its back to its head. Its huge tail rested on the ground. It stood tall overlooking the other side.

Good, now we have to wait, Toshin muttered as he walked back a few feet.

I sat down, looking at Mewtwo. It was still meditating motionlessly. I had an interest in observing it. Even though it didnt move for the next few hours, it still fascinated me to watch it.

Seems fascinating, huh? Sakaki whispered as she sat next to me.

I nodded as I kept my eyes at Mewtwo. It was still standing there, motionless. This is the first time Ive ever seen it. Ive heard so many stories of it I whispered back.

Silver was next to her, sitting quietly and not mentioning a word. His eyes were closed. He must be thinking of something else. Toshin looked around him and surveyed the area from next to us.

After a few minutes, I could feel the warm air change. It was more of a cold air that surrounded us.

Hes here Silver muttered as he opened his eyes and looked down. Where are the gym leaders?

I looked down and noticed that Pryce the same masked man Ive seen from before confronted Mewtwo. His torn and tattered black clothes waved wildly as he approached Mewtwo. He let out a thin, dark hand as it came closer to Mewtwo. Mewtwo moved back as it floated and suddenly formed a giant shining spoon out of thin air.

We gotta find a way to find Reiji before Pryce controls it! Toshin said as he stood up. Sakaki, can you sense him?

Sakaki shook her head. No, I cant. Mewtwos psychic signals are too powerful. She muttered as she stood up and looked down.

What do we do now? I asked, as I desperately wanted Mewtwo to win.

Pryce sent out one of his wisps towards Mewtwo. It quickly destroyed it with a single swing with its spoon and charged at Pryce with its spoon. Pryce evaded the spoon and continued to send more wisps. I heard footsteps from behind us. I quickly turned around expecting Reiji but it was someone else.

Sorry were late! Red said as he climbed up the hill.

Slow down will ya, Red! Surge yelled from behind him. Im getting old for this!

I looked down but then realized that Sabrina just appeared behind me. Tell me werent not late She muttered.

I turned around and Erika was with her. She mustve teleported with Sabrina.

No youre not Toshin replied as he looked around.

Awesome! I exclaimed. But before I could feel my joy, a huge tornado appeared next to us.

Oh no! Mewtwo sensed us! Red yelled, as the tornado grew stronger and stronger.

I looked down and noticed Pryce shielding himself from Mewtwos attack.

This psywave will grow stronger unless we all disperse, Sabrina muttered.

All of you! You take on Pryce. Well take on Reiji! Silver yelled. Sakaki will help!

They all nodded as they all confronted the tornado. They rushed down with Sakaki towards Pryce. A shriek was heard. It mustve been Pryce. I looked at Toshin and Silver. They had concerned looks in their faces.

Well, well, well A cruel, cold voice said behind us. We turned around and Reijis scarlet eyes glared at us. If it isnt Heishiroisnt this a great reunion?

Toshin swore as I saw him took out an Ultra Ball. However, I saw Silver hold his arm. If you take that out, Mewtwo will make its psywave stronger. He muttered. Toshin nodded as he placed it back in his pocket.

So, why dont you all accompany me down where its more comfortable? Reiji smiled as he slid down the opposite direction downwards. We followed him slowly until we reached the ground. I heard yells and commands from the other side. The huge tornado was still there.

So, you have tracked me down, eh? Reiji calmly said as he stroked his green hair. Youve grown clever these days, Heishiro.

Get out of this world, Reiji! Youve already caused enough troubles! I looked at Toshin and his eyes glared at him. Ive seen this face before. It was the same face Ive seen in my vision when Reiji killed Toshins lover.

Well, I would do if I have accomplished what I came here for, Reiji looked at Toshin with pure delight. He motioned us forward in a way of taunting us. You know my goal. Now come and get me!

To be continued...

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Fluff.I filler chapter.Other that finding out their secret,It realy was fluff.But this last chapter on the other hand was pretty good!It looks like we're getting closer to the last chapter.

July 9th, 2004, 9:30 PM
Wonderful chapter! Full of malice..........
It's getting darker now. The big fight!
Cant wait for more Oni :classic:

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Here's the next chapter!

Chapter 61: Daughter

Toshin didnt respond to the taunt but simply smirked. He took out his Ultra Ball and readied himself.

Reiji scowled. Was that it? Arent you going to get me? He yelled at him, as he glared at us.

Im not wasting my energy and time with you, Reiji. If you want to settle this in a battle, then let it be. Toshin responded loudly and clearly. Ive known you for cowardice acts before!

Reiji smiled. Correct, His smile grew wider. That is why she is here.

I noticed something move from behind him. It was a small girl with red hair.

Emily! I yelled. But something was wrong with her.

She looked at us dazedly with her red eyes; scarlet eyes that were like Reijis.

No, Emily! Silver yelled as he moved closer.

Toshin sighed as he gripped his fist. Coward! He shouted to Reiji. Why did you take possession of her, too?

Oh, I didnt found her. It was Makotos fault he found her. Reiji smirked as I noticed Makotos limp body being dragged by Emily.

Possessed? Do you mean? I looked at Toshin. He had an angry look in his face and nodded.

She is. But this oneits permanent. If unless Reiji dies or he might loose connection to the possessedthat is the only way to free her; even though theyre possessedthey gain no powers from him. Toshin muttered loudly.

Well said, Heishiro. Do you still remember when I demonstrated this for the very first time? Yes. That was years and years ago and yet it still remains vivid in my mind. Reiji let out a maniacal laugh.

Behind us, the tornado was still raging. The gym leaders continued to fight Pryce as they yelled out commands and attacks.

What did you do to her? Silver shrieked. Monster! Release her now!

Well, she is your daughter now that I understand your outragebut Im afraid I cannot let her go. As Heishiro just explained, the only time I could release her is by death of by disconnection. In other wordsdeath by me or death by her.

No! Silver yelled as he ran towards Reiji but was stopped when Emily came in front of him. Her glaring scarlet eyes stopped Silver in his tracks.

It dawned in me at that momentthe reason for the death of Sakakis lover. Reiji must have controlled him and Sakaki had no choice but to kill him.

Afraid to strike? Reiji taunted Silver. Let me have the first strike then,

Emily stepped forward one space and punched Silver directly into the face. Silver recoiled as he staggered back, clutching his jaw. His horror displayed in his eyes.

Reiji! Toshin yelled. Enough of this! Fight me alone!

Reiji scowled at Toshin. How could you let me stop all of this fun? He chuckled. Attack them! He yelled pointing a finger at us. Emily advanced towards us slowly. Her red eyes fixated to ours. Her shoes made scraping sounds as she walked on.

Emily, listen to me! Silver said desperately as he confronted her. Dont you remember me?

Emily sent out a punch but Silver immediately dodged it. She threw another punch but Silver quickly caught it.

Emily! Silver pleaded. This is your father!

Emily growled as she released herself from Silvers grasp. She growled at us as she continued to move on.

Remember Heishiro that I can read the possessed mind? Want me to narrate this little girls sweet tale? Reiji said with his voice, half singing.

Keep your mouth shut! Toshin yelled. He found this opportunity as he stormed forward, leapt above Emily and quickly grabbed Reijis clothes. Keep your mouth shut, Reiji! Let her go of her possession.

Reiji smiled. Oh she valued her father so much. She wanted him and her mother to go to Reiji was punched by Toshin. Emily stopped on her tracks as Toshin landed another punch on Reijis face. Yeshe loves his father and his mother Another punch connected. Reiji continued on. She loves this boyyesloves him so dearly and so

Enough! Toshin yelled as he threw another punch at him. This time, Reiji caught the punch.

Inane He muttered as he rose up to meet Toshins height.

Emily then continued to walk toward me. She ignored Silver who was trying to stop her and now, shes heading towards me. Her eyes glared at me, as I stood there, paralyzed.

InaneHeishiroyou are inane Reiji muttered as he spat blood from his mouth.

Toshin swore as he threw another punch but was again, caught by Reiji.

Why do you help these people? If you didnt want me to hurt the little girl, then why did you help them? Reiji sneered at Toshin who was glaring back at him.

Emily! Silver called again as he raced towards her. Emily! He grabbed her shoulder but Emily shoved his hand away and faced him. She threw a punch, which Silver easily evaded.

Stop it, Emily! I yelled as I grabbed her arm. Stop it!

She quickly escaped from my grasp and looked at me. I noticed something with her eyes. They were tearful yet the signs of possession still remained in them.

Youyou never loved me She muttered in a monotonous tone. It wasnt the voice of the Emily I knew. Younever loved me back

Emily! I yelled. Its not true! We were just friends!

I grabbed her arm, which was about to punch me and Silver held her other arm.

Hold her! Silver yelled. I nodded in response.

I looked at Toshin and Reijithey were still in midst of the struggle. Toshin moved his feet forward, causing them to move back apart a few feet away. Toshin took out his Ultra Ball and quickly threw it.

Hyper beam! He yelled as a tall, green and monstrous looking Pokmon came out of its Pokball. Its rocky body was lined with horns and its spiked tail slammed the ground. It opened it mouth and sent out a huge beam towards Reiji.

I saw Reiji took a full blow of the hyper beam. I could see his body being engulfed in yellow light as he let out a blood-curdling scream. I shuddered as he did. Toshin stood next to his Pokmon, still unsatisfied since he was still in battle position. As the smoke cleared, Reijis horrible bloody body stood. His clothes were torn, tattered, and full of blood. Blood leaked from his mouth as he tried to speak.

In midst of the destruction and the loud noises, Makoto was still unconscious on the ground.

So its true Silver muttered as he handled the struggling Emily.

Reiji leaned down as he spat out blood from his mouth.

It is truehe really isimmortal, too Silver said in horror. Now I realizedif we couldnt kill Reijithe only way left to do is to kill Emily in order to get her out of her possession

Imimpressive! Reiji spat as blood gushed out from his body. You got me there with your old Tyranitar.

Its time for you to go now, Toshin muttered as he returned his Tyranitar and walked towards Reiji. Before he could reach Reiji, something or someone knocked him off his feet. Toshin swore as he stood up and looked around to whoever hit him. What was that? He yelled as he looked around.

Reiji laughed. Something about Pryces possessed minions is that they gain extra power when they get possessed, Reiji said as he wiped blood from his face. His scalded body shined with blood.

Silver and I looked around while still holding Emily. Where did it come from? Then, we noticed someone. I realize who it was the moment I laid my eyes on that someone. It was the man from the island. His whole head was still covered by a mask as he stood next to Reiji. He was gasping and wheezing as the gaping eyes glowed behind that mask.

I though you killed all of your men! Toshin yelled as he straightened himself.

Oh thats true. But this man seems to be quite special to Pryce. Reiji smirked. He said that hes the most strongest of his minions. I didnt doubt it at all since he knocked you down.

Toshin scowled. Behind us, the battle raged on. I was soon lost in thought. Will all of this end soon? Will we win or will we loose? I didnt notice the possessed Emily took advantage of my thoughts, as she broke free of my grasp. She took a knife hidden in her clothes and quickly stabbed Silver to the heart.

Yes! Reiji yelled.

Toshin turned around but was then punched by the possessed man behind the head. Both wrestled to the ground, as I looked in horror. Emily stabbed her father directly to the heart. Silvers eyes widened as Emily thrust deeper.

Reiji laughed. Release her! He boomed.

I looked at Emily and I noticed her eyes returning to normal once more. Her glare disappeared as she noticed what she was doing.

Daddyno! She yelled as she looked at her bloody hands. The knife was still thrust on Silvers chest. What did I do? She yelled hysterically as Silver fell to the ground.

Silver! I yelled. I immediately rushed to his side. Emily was looking in horror as Silver gasped for breath.

Behind us, Reiji laughed maniacally as Toshin and the possessed man wrestled to the ground. Obviously, the possessed man was having an advantage.

Emily Silver whispered as he coughed.

Daddy, what did I do? She asked in desperation. What did I do?

EmilyIm gladyoure here Silver whispered. Im sorry I have to break our promise.

No! Well all be happy together with mommy! Dont die, daddy! Emily yelled but then she noticed me. Gary! You can heal him, right? You can heal daddy! I could see tears running down her face as she clenched her bloodstained hands. Please heal daddy She pleaded.

Garyso you cando what your mother does. If you faildont blame yourself Silver smiled as he held Emilys hands.

I wont fail! I yelled as I grasped the knifes handle. I quickly took it out as Silver groaned in pain. I held out my hand directly on top of Silver. I ignored the yells on the other side. I ignored Reijis laughter. I just closed my eyes as I tried to find it in me. Im sure I could heal Silverlike what my mother did to Makoto. I tried to feel the warmth in my hands.

Daddy! Emily yelled at Silver.

No! Its not over yet! Its not over yet! I thought to myself as I felt the warmth in my hands. I opened my eyes to see a yellow light forming around my hands and cleared Silvers wound. I looked at his wound and it slowly closed up as if it was in reverse. Even though blood was still present everywhere, the wound was now gone.

Silver sat up slowly as he touched his chest. He looked at Emily as she quickly threw her arms around him.

Daddy, Im sorry She sobbed as she hugged Silver tightly.

Its okay now, its okay. Silver comforted her.

In midst of this, I didnt notice that we were still fighting. I realized this when Toshin was throws next to us. He was still conscious but barely. He was bleeding pretty badly.

Toshin, I said as I helped him up.

Oh, how cute. Did little Gary heal up Silver? Reiji mocked. In front of him, the possessed man was wheezing and gasping. It looks like Im going to have to give all of you a quick death!

The possessed man moved closer to us. But then, before he could take another step, a blast of water knocked away. I hate it when people knock me out We turned around and noticed that Makoto was awake now. His Kingdra just sent out a hydro pump.

Makoto! Toshin said as he wiped blood off his mouth.

Sorry I overslept. Makoto muttered. Every fine here? He asked us.

I nodded and looked at Silver who was standing up and Emily was clinging to him.

Makoto Hikari finally woke up, eh? Reiji laughed. Thisll be very interesting. Very, very interesting.

To be continued

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Chapter 62: Chasing madness

I looked around. The possessed man was standing up now. He groaned in pain as he clutched his stomach. It was bleeding from the powerful blast.

Shouldnt have done that I heard Makoto talk to himself.

It looks like I am a bit overpowered, eh? Makoto threw us a sneer. He stretched his arms to the sky, as he looked up. Ill have to finish off all of you now,

I looked up at the sky. The blue cloudless sky turned to a dark shade of violet. The winds grew stronger and stronger by the moment.

Everyone, grab into something! Toshin yelled to everyone amidst the chaos. Dead leaves began to fly around the ground as they all headed towards the sky. Black clouds began to form and created a swirl in the sky. The winds were now raging. The tornado that was just the other side of the hills was gone.

Fool! There is no escape from this gate! Reiji yelled as he lowered his arms. Behind him, a purple vortex tore out from the air. I could see purple plasma beyond the tear.

What is this? I yelled as the winds howled and rocks were being dragged to Reiji and his vortex.

Youve seen it before! Makoto yelled as he grabbed my hand. Its an Unown gate!

Only, this one will suck anything it wants, Toshin added as he, Silver and Emily tried to move back. We all struggled to run away from the vortex but it kept dragging our feet towards it.

Reiji laughed. Pryces slave was next to him. They didnt seem to be affected with the suction of the vortex. Its best to surrender now! Reiji boomed to make his voice louder than the winds. Pryce used to think that you were useful to him, Gary. But now, he found a new tool. Hes found you obsolete!

What are you talking about? I yelled back.

Its too bad you wont be seeing it! Now, its time you all fall down!

Emily screamed as she and Silver were dragged by the wind towards the vortex.

No! I screamed as I headed towards them.

Gary, no! Toshin yelled to me as he attempted to grab me but missed my hand. I quickly grabbed Silvers hand and continued to fight the winds. Rocks were starting to fly everywhere and towards the vortex.

I continued to walk slowly as I dragged Silver and Emily. They tried to walk but the wind interrupted their steps.

Its foolish to resist! How inane! Reiji screamed.

Makoto, who was holding to Toshin, and was holding to a nearby boulder, held out his hand for me. Grab my hand, Gary! He yelled to make his words audible.

The wind howled and roared as leaves and dust flew around me. Dust flew into my eyes and I was blinded. I blinked trying to see Makotos hand. My hand tried to grab Makotos but I couldnt feel it. Finally, Makoto managed to grab my hand instead.

Hold on, everyone! Whatever happens, dont let go! Toshin yelled in midst of the noise.

I could hear screams on the other side. What could be happening there? Nevertheless, the howling winds were the ones that I heard more of.

As I squinted, I noticed Toshins hand was bleeding as he held on to the rough surface of the boulder. If hed let go, were doomed. He yelled in pain as he tried to hold Makoto and the rock at the same time. There wasnt enough time to summon out Pokmon. The moment we take them out, we could get sucked into the vortex.

With the winds, I could hear Reijis laughter roaring in the air. My palms were getting sweaty as I held onto Makotos hand.

Hang in there, I somehow heard Makotos words despite the loud winds. Dont give up, kid!

My muscles were strained and my arms were numb as I kept on holding onto Makoto and holding Silver at the same time. I felt my grip slowly slip from Makotos grasp. My palms were already damp and sweaty. I couldnt hold on any longer.

Dont give up, Gary! Silver yelled as I somehow felt his grip tighten.

My hands were numb and I couldnt feel them. The only thing I felt were Makotos hand, slipping slowly from my grasp, and Silvers hand, which was clenched tightly to my numb hand. As I slipped slowly, I began to feel dizzy.

Gary! Toshin yelled. Dont give up!

I felt my hand slip more from Makotos grasp. He called my name another time but I didnt respond. He held my fingers tightly but I was slipping away faster and faster. I was now having a splitting headache. I couldnt restrain myself as I yelled out loud. As I yelled, my fingers couldnt feel Makotos hand anymore. My fingers totally slipped away from his grasp.

Gary! Makoto yelled.

Emily screamed as I felt Silver, Emily and me being dragged in the air towards the vortex. Reijis screaming laughter filled the air as we were thrown about around the air.

I shut my eyes as I awaited my fate. My fate was actually more bizarre than I thought. I heard a loud explosion and we slammed down to the ground, hard. The winds stopped howling and everything wasnt rampaging. I looked around and noticed that Reiji was standing in front of me with shock and rage in his eyes. I was lying down on the ground as I looked at Reijis muddy boots. Beside him was the possessed man, standing there motionless. Leaves were strewn everywhere and rocks the size of my fist were thrown about. I was a few feet away from getting sucked into the vortex but it stopped.

Gary, you alright? A familiar voice asked me from the distance. I looked over at the top of the hill. It was Marina. I noticed her immediately since she was standing with Nick, Michelle and Gold. A Meganium, Blaziken, Swampert, and a Typlosion were standing in front of them.

How nostalgic, Reiji muttered. If it isnt Garys friends. Torn apart by your naivety, Gary.

Whawhat happened? I muttered as I looked around. Silver was holding Emily as he tried to stand up, supporting her.

You kids help him. Im helping Red and the others over here, Gold commanded them as he went down to the other side his Typlosion followed him as it ran down on all fours.

Were coming down, Gary! Nick yelled as they all skid down the hill with their Pokmon in front of them.

Toshin was standing up when they reached the ground. Makoto was on his knees, gasping for air. Toshin wiped his bloody hands with his cloak as he stumbled, limping.

Who the heck are you? Nick said all of the sudden, noticing Toshin.

Never mind about me, kid. I have a grudge to settle here. He muttered out loud as he walked towards Reiji. His long, dark cloak flowed behind him as he approached him.

I stood up, trying to retain my balance since my body was still numb and my feet were shaking.

You alright, Gary? Nick asked as he, Michelle, and Marina headed towards me. He helped me up and supported me by placing my hand around his shoulders.

Toshin was now in front of Reiji. I could see his long hair behind his back flowing softly with the wind. Reiji threw back a scowl at Toshin. He was now totally outnumbered and I bet he was out of ideas.

Its come to do this now, Reiji, Toshin muttered as he faced Reiji.

Reiji sneered as his eyes glowered at Toshin. Youve forgotten him, He said as he nudged his arm towards Pryces slave. He was still standing there motionless.

I havent, Toshin replied as he gripped his fist. As he said the words, he smiled.

A shriek filled the air. It was so loud that I had to cover my ears. The glass-shattering scream filled the air. Immediately, I felt the air turn cold. I looked around and noticed something rushing down the hill. It looked like torn garments running down the hill with a shriek like laughter. It zoomed past us and headed straight towards Reiji and Toshin. When it passed them, the slave was gone. What I knew to be Pryce has now fled. It disappeared across the horizon. Cheers filled the air from the other side.

Reiji looked at Toshin with sheer horror. He tried to run away but couldnt. He was paralyzed in fear and in desperation.

Pryce failed. Mewtwo fled. Anything more to say? Toshin smiled at him while he was still glaring.

Reiji scowled and moved back a few feet. Enough! That coward will pay! He roared as the winds started to blow once more. Behind him, the dark vortex was torn open once more.

Now! Toshin yelled all of the sudden. I didnt notice Makoto rush towards him. Sakaki was with him, all of the sudden. They rushed towards Toshins side. Dont attack! Toshin yelled when he noticed us readying our Pokmon.

Reiji let out a scream as the dark vortex expanded twice its size.

Hold on to something! Toshin yelled even though he didnt have anytime left to look behind at us. All of us rushed towards the hill and held tightly to the rocks. The wind was now increasing in power. It howled stronger and stronger as time passed. The suction of the vortex began.

I looked up at Toshin, Makoto, and Sakaki and they were still confronting Reiji. I called out their names in fear that they will get sucked up in the vortex. The winds were so strong that I didnt even hear myself calling their names. I looked around to find a way to help but there was nothing.

Nick was still holding tightly to me as rocks began to fly around towards the dark vortex. As the dark tunnel expanded, I noticed dark weird shaped Pokmon flying around the place. They were flying around the four.

I glanced at them and noticed they were in a position that I saw in my vision. I was thinking that they were trying to control the gate, too as they have done before. The winds raged on and howled. I looked at my friends and they had their eyes shut as they clung to the boulders.

My heart stopped when I heard a sudden explosion. It let out a loud sound that almost deafened my ears. It was then followed by a shock wave that blew across the fields. I held tightly to Nick as the shock wave ran through us. Dust and rocks followed the torrential winds and soon the winds died down, slowly. As the winds calmed down, I opened my eyes and looked towards the fourbut now there were three. Two figures were walking towards us. Toshin was holding his sister on his armsshe apparently fainted. Makoto used Toshins shoulder as a support as they walked slowly towards us.

I glanced around. Silver was holding Emily tightly and was looking at them walking towards us. I didnt notice Marina and Michelle were just beside me. But then a loud chorus of cheers and claps came from above. I looked up and noticed all of our alliesGold, Red, Sabrina, Surge, and Erika.

When Toshin finally reached us, he gave Sakaki to Makoto and laid his cloak on the ground, he then placed her there as she slept.

What happened? I stammered, still shaken by the explosion. I noticed that all of our allies were coming down the hill.

Managed to make it a rebound, Makoto muttered. When he made that gate, we made ours right behind him. Wellyou get the picture,

Toshin sent out a sigh of relief as he sat down on the ground. When our allies reached the bottom, they were all talking loudly. Surge patted Reds back so hard that Red was choking. Sabrina was silent while Erika smiled behind her. Marina hugged her father tightly as she giggled. Gold looked at Silver and was shocked.

Long time no see, Silver, He smiled amidst all of the happiness.

Silver smiled back at him as he still held Emily, who was now sleeping soundly. I see you have a daughter of your own now,

Gold grinned at him. Everyone else was talking happily and I felt Surges massive pat on the back. It did make my cough a bit since he hit my back so hard.

This is not yet over, I heard Toshin mutter. Everyone fell silent immediately. Even though weve sent Reiji into a different dimension, we havent done anything about Pryce yet,

To be continued

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