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Sir Sterling
January 16th, 2010, 10:52 PM
has just flown in!

Hello there. Sir Sterling's joined PC. My usual name on the Internet is RFZT, but as I was browsing around for a Pokemon site the name Sir Sterling popped up for some reason. You can call me Sir Sterling, Sterling, or Charley.

I've always been a big fan of Pokemon--definitely the first two generations more, as I gain both nostalgia and more appeal in the original 250. Honestly, I find the newer generations to be...well, kind of ridiculous. I don't mean to bash on people who are fans, but I simply don't find it interesting. I feel as though a lot of the newer Pokemon are unoriginal and lose the luster that many others have retained since their creation. The show is not something I'm big on anymore, either. I will happily watch the older episodes, but the new stuff sounds repetitive, and from what I've seen it's aimed at younger kids. The older seasons seemed to have something in it that appealed to older kids as well.

Albeit my negative rambling, I definitely love Pokemon. Despite the fact that I basically downplayed the recent generations, there are still some wicked awesome new Pokemon. Honchkrow strikes out to me right away. Honchkrow is Dark and Flying--my two favorite types. It's also a bird, and I love birds. It has a somewhat small, but good range of level-up techniques, and it is literally the only recent Pokemon evolved from a previous generation that I like. Some of the others I just don't get--Ambipom and Tangrowth are two in particular. But I'm sure you're done with my negative side.

I have four Pokemon games--Crystal, Ruby, Diamond and Stadium. Sadly, Crystal and Ruby have become corrupt and whenever I turn on the games, they automatically reset! Here are/were my parties:

Crystal: Feraligatr, Pidgeot, Noctowl, Growlithe, Suicune, Raikou
Ruby: Swampert, Swellow, Mightyena, Hariyama, Lairon, Gardevoir
Diamond: Prinplup, Luxray, Staravia, Ponyta, Graveler, Machoke
Stadium: Charmeleon, Nidoqueen, Golduck, Gengar, Dragonair, Parasect

Crystal was by far my weakest. Granted, I loved the entire party, but FOUR were at least part water and therefore got automatically wiped by electric types. Given the chance, I would probably have just dropped the two legendaries and replaced them with others. Ruby had one of my most favorite parties ever--it was fairly well-balanced and they just made a great team. I do like my Diamond party a lot, although it took me a while to finally set my party! I kept switching Stunky and Chansey and Haunter, and eventually landed with Graveler. I'm going to trade for Ralts with my friend, though; as well as trade Ponyta for Houndour.

EDIT: I remembered the missing Pokemon from my Ruby team. It's Gardevoir. As Ralts it's pretty irritating, what with only knowing Growl, but if you use your other Pokemon to back it up so it gains experience points, you soon have an incredibly formidable party member. One of my favorite Psychic types! I would definitely rather have Gardevoir than Groudon and even Pelipper. =D

I do not have a specific favorite Pokemon, but there are plenty that I love. Usually I stick with an avatar on a website, but since I like so many Pokemon, I'll be changing my avatar here fairly often, I think.
And one of the coolest things I've ever done in Pokemon is catch a Groudon with a level 15 Swablu. :p

Outside of Pokemon, I'm big on literature. I read and write constantly. Chances are I won't be writing any Pokemon fanfictions, although there are a couple of comic book ideas bouncing around in my head. Granted, I have a tendency to abandon comics, so it's probably better off if I do not begin one in the first place!

If the length of this post or my mannerism of speaking intimidates you, I don't intend for it to be that way. In the past I have apparently intimidated people for having a "classy" way of speaking. I really do consider myself a nice person. When I end up being new to a person or place, I often act 'proper' just in case the person or place is uncomfortable with me starting out as someone who's outgoing and silly. So really, please don't think I'm a mean person.

By the way, if you mistook me for a guy, I won't be offended at all. I actually find that funny. :p

January 17th, 2010, 1:41 AM
Now that is an introduction. :D

Please don't apologize for using proper English; you're by no means putting me off, at very least. Using proper English pretty much holds the opposite effect, actually. When you type in a way that's presentable around here, you tend to make more friends and have a better time - in my experience, that is. Sill, don't be afraid to be outgoing, if that's who you are. XD

Oh, and no arguments about the latter generations from this fan. Although they do have some good attributes, the newer generations do seem to lack that same originality and spark that I feel for the older generations. But, perhaps we're too cynical. Perhaps the newer generations just lack that nostalgic feeling?

Welcome to the boards, Charley. Gotta admit you did have me thinkin' you were a guy, but the name you gave kinda persuaded that opinion. XD; Either way, I guess I should have taken a little peak at your usertitle information. -shrug-

See you around, m'kay?

January 17th, 2010, 3:29 AM
By the way, if you mistook me for a guy, I won't be offended at all. I actually find that funny. :p

... You're a girl?!?!?! (Misleading username much?)

Anyway, hi, Sterling! You can call me Tobi!

Personally, I like the more recent generations. They give me more things to do, like Emerald's Battle Frontier, which, I believe, is more challenging than the more recent Battle Frontier of the 4th Gen. Back when I was playing Gold, all I did was go around battling the same weak trainers over and over again...

Your username reminds me of Gardevoir's Japanese name, Sirknight. Cool, ain't it?

What else about me? Hm... Oh, my favorite Pokemon are Blastoise and Kingdra. I also have a Salon Maiden Anabel obsession.

Hm... I'll see you around sometime. If I'm not here, then I'll most likely be somewhere else.

January 17th, 2010, 7:40 AM
well that was a huge intro

you're a guy?? (the username, totally mistook me :D)

anywais, welcome to PC (wais?)

well hi Charley, im Travis.

have a great time here


Ps: oo a writer,
*i write to, but never finish..

January 17th, 2010, 2:29 PM
Hello Sir Sterling, great intro, hope you enjoy it here with us!!

January 18th, 2010, 2:15 AM
o.o What a long introduction. :O (great! :D)

Welcome to PC. :)

January 18th, 2010, 6:37 AM
Such an awesome introduction deserves a likewise welcome. :D

Hi Sir Sterling, safe to say I haven't seen such a well-put and wonderful introduction thread like this in a long time, maybe even since I was a moderator of NU/W. (then again, it's been a while since I stalked every thread in this forum like my life depended on it...)

I'm a pretty big fan of generation two as well, and agree that the last generation or two has indeed lost the "luster." (Though I did like Gen III, a lot, thanks to all the water and Salamence. <3)

I'm assuming you'll be getting HeartGold or SoulSilver when they come out thanks to your Crystal dying? (just like, well, the rest of us) Oh, and as for Groudon, how in the world did you manage that with a Swablu? o__o; (Just your average master ball or some raw genius gameplan?)

By the way, I don't think many of us would find your lengthy class intimidating or mean. We've got quite a bit of tl;dr people out there *cough* so a good portion of PC is used to that sort of thing. d(' 'd)

And gee, you're actually female? Caught me as well. (Though sometimes it seems like an advantage when you can fool others with ease online) Well, if you run into any problems, misunderstandings, want to chat, blah blah blah, you're free to fly me a visitor message. :D I hope you stay active though, it's awesome to have new members as good as you. o/ Welcome aboard.

January 18th, 2010, 7:45 AM
Welcome. wow a long intro unlike mine lol.

Sir Sterling
January 18th, 2010, 11:28 AM
Thanks you for all the kind welcomes!

I'm glad you aren't put off by my "lengthy class." Sometimes I do intimidate people with it and that's not what I want. You all seem pretty friendly here at PC and it's nice to find a nice place.

As for catching Groudon with a level 15 Swablu...Beachy, it was more of a 'raw genius gameplan,' as you put it that way. Although I didn't catch Groudon COMPLETELY with Swablu. But I wouldn't have managed to catch Groudon without it.

What I did was sacrifice Mightyena and Swellow to lower Groudon's accuracy. :p After they both got taken down, I took my chances and threw out Swablu. Groudon tried to one-hit KO it, but since it had been blinded by Sand Attack, it missed! Swablu used sing and put Groudon to sleep. Then, I switched to Swampert and lowered Groudon's HP enough to catch it with an Ultra Ball.

Stat-reducing moves are some of my favorites. I especially like the ones that lower accuracy and defense. Side-effects work wonders too, when on the opponent. Infatuated is probably my least favorite side effect ever. It's always used on my Pokemon, and it never ever fights back. :|

Serene Grace
January 18th, 2010, 12:03 PM
I like your intro, you seem like a pretty cool girl. Like you, I don't get some of the new additions to the Pokemon games - Ambipom certainly being on that list. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your Ruby and Crystal, the same happened to my Silver version.

Anyway, with your awesome knowledge and thoughts about Pokemon, I hope to see you over the Pokemon General forum. I'm the mod there and I would love to see you make some cool threads for us to discuss and speculate about. (To others reading this, I am not plugging my forum :P)

I hope you have a great time here in this awesome forum, I can't wait to see you around.

January 18th, 2010, 12:29 PM
Oh yes, your intro.'s definitely one of the best I've seen here.

You seem like a pretty awesome gal, too. Catching a Groudon with a level 15 Swablu? Sweet. Too bad about your Ruby and Crystal, though. Same thing happened with my Gold and Crystal (and I was getting really close to completing the whole Pokedex in Gold too, minus Celebi >.>). And I also like the first two gens. better and the older anime (for me, it died when May came into the picture, though Sinnoh May's pretty wicked (and at least tops Dawn), IMHO). Though I still gotta love the newest Eeveelutions ('cause I'm a fan of Ice and Grass types, ya know?)

Anyways, welcome to the community, great to have ya here :3

Sir Sterling
January 23rd, 2010, 9:48 PM
Again, I appreciate the welcomes.

I've meandered around the site for a little while now and I already feel at home. The people here really are nice.