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October 23rd, 2004, 5:57 AM
Basically post things people would never ever say. XD

Toto: I hate Ash
nayana_1120: I don't see
Kyogre-chan: *sees eggs* *gags*

October 23rd, 2004, 5:59 AM
Kyogre-chan: I like Satoshi.

XP Nah just kidding... or am I? o.o
- Kyo

October 23rd, 2004, 6:37 AM
Gardevoir352: I hate Ash!!! or I hate Britney Spears < those are obvious

Silly Sentret
October 23rd, 2004, 8:16 AM
Me: I hate Kohji! (although one time I did say that, but I was super mad at him XD)

October 23rd, 2004, 8:26 AM
me: slipknot are poo and the backstreet boys are the best eva

October 23rd, 2004, 2:08 PM
me: psychics don't pwn! ><
Toto: ewww, ash! x_x Maybe...? oO
bree: I don't like power!

lol, I can't do anyone outside my friends. XD

October 23rd, 2004, 11:55 PM
Gardy: Ash is not hot in that pic

October 24th, 2004, 12:57 AM
darkgamerGS: Happiness forever! (What, you were expecting something else?)

October 24th, 2004, 12:59 AM
hamtaro is for babies :(


Camp Kill Yourself
October 24th, 2004, 4:44 PM

*thinks.* Oh, okay...

Me: Jhonen Vasquez can't draw!

*Apologizes for the thought EVER entering his mind...*

October 24th, 2004, 5:30 PM
Jeremy: I hate ROM hacks. :P I hate Whitney! I hate PC I want to demmodded! Ban me! I hate Nintendo! Go Microsoft! I love Bill Gates! I hate Miyamoto-san! I hate my life! I hate my family! I hate my friends! HATE HATE HATE HATE!

I think I went a little too far sweetie. XD

October 24th, 2004, 5:32 PM
Kevin: Eli, I hate you!
Eliana:(doesnt say anything)
Now thats something you really WILL never hear! HAH! XD

October 24th, 2004, 5:41 PM
PIKA2: I have never been confused in my life

October 24th, 2004, 5:42 PM
Kenshin112112: You are ugly eliana!
Toto: gum under shoe> ash

October 24th, 2004, 5:46 PM
TRIFORCE89: Zelda is evil!

October 24th, 2004, 5:48 PM
100marios: LOL!!! ^_^ O_o =p XD

I've never used any of those here on PC before... until right now, hehe.
Looks kinda funny on me, huh?

October 24th, 2004, 5:48 PM
]Toto: May > Ash
PIKA2: I never said the word sweetie.

October 24th, 2004, 9:20 PM
Kyogre-chan: Kasumi > Haruka

October 25th, 2004, 2:46 AM
DG: I can't take it anymore! I'm done with Flannery! Someone close my club, I'm not gonna be posting there anymore. I'll just go start a club for Roxanne. She is WAY better than Flannery! Anythings better than Flannery including Teletubbies! Roxanne ROCKS!!!!!!

If I ever really do say that, shoot me.

October 25th, 2004, 8:17 AM
This looks fun! ^^

Me: I am sooooo funny!

John Denver
October 25th, 2004, 8:27 AM
Jkaizer: Man that girl is hot
a1337a: Man that guy is hot
Kenshin11212: Man my sister is hot
Zapchu: No ones hot
Eliana: I'm so not hot
Littlefacsistpanties: I wonder what it's like to be hot

BOO ya!

October 25th, 2004, 9:58 AM
Nice ones, Dakota!
me: Butter tastes like burnt rubber.
Goatman56: Shroomish is the worst Pokemon ever!

October 25th, 2004, 11:36 AM
1313666: Buttered toast sucks!
Dakota: *Makes a post and doesn't say "BOO ya!"*
GOD.: Slipknot sucks, I would rather listen to Michael Jackson's music.

October 25th, 2004, 11:47 AM
darkgamerGS: whinona > flannery
1313666: marmalade > butter
totodile: steven > ash
dakota: shizel my nizel > boo ya

October 25th, 2004, 12:09 PM
guys, this is weird XD, your saying what you'd never ever say O_o;, but your sayin it just there! XD:

me: I hate PC
Kenshin11212: I hate Eliana
Star:Blink182 are just the worst ever
Andy(short person XD):Jolty, you are the next praetor (XD, i wish he said that and meanin' it XD, but id be mad XD

John Denver
October 25th, 2004, 5:27 PM
KennyC: So, exactly how many mana do I need to tap to play Shock?

(I think only he will get it)

BOO ya!

October 25th, 2004, 5:31 PM
Tommy: "I hate girls"
Jolteon!!!: "Casty, a normal person like me"
Estrella Oscura: "...again..." (Only she would get it >>)
100marios: "haha..."
JKPichu: "Girly things are for idiots!"
Jedi_Amara: "JKPichu isnt my Greggyboo!"
Forets Grovyle: "Eww! u s0x!"

October 26th, 2004, 6:56 PM
i hate Pikachu
i hate the kaizer
i hate jirachi Wishmaker

October 28th, 2004, 2:50 AM
kimi-kaizer - life rules :)

October 28th, 2004, 4:44 AM
That talking yellow spiky dog has a good point.
Me: That talking yellow spiky dog has a good point.

October 28th, 2004, 5:13 AM
PIKA2: Man, that girl is hot!
PIKA2: Man, that boy is hot!

October 28th, 2004, 8:17 AM
Me: I think I'm sober!!! (for Kiri's Nightclub)
Me: Eevee is a stupid brown squirrily-thing. *sniff*
Alana: Chikoritas are stupid!
Pochi (from Goatman56's comic): Cookies are for babies!

October 28th, 2004, 2:32 PM
me: rock music sucks
me: I love school!

October 28th, 2004, 3:34 PM
That last one should go for everyone. Am I right?

Me: I don't like to drink alchoholic beverages.
Me: The people in GOD.'s sig don't scare me.

October 28th, 2004, 3:42 PM
Me: "I hate Eliana!"
Me: "Beastie Boys suck!"
Me: "Eminem is gay!"
Me: "Animes are for losers!"
Me: "Eliana is uber ugly!"
Me: "Eliana is stupid!"
Me: "PC is for little babies who like Pokemon, which is also for babies!" XD
Me: "DBZ is stupid!"
Me: "Rurouni Kenshin is the worst anime EVER!"

Eliana: "I love you, Kenny!" XD

October 28th, 2004, 4:06 PM
PIKA2: I hate Tupac
PIKA2: I hate Jadakiss
PIKA2: I hate Video Games
PIKA2: I hate you!

October 29th, 2004, 12:52 AM
Pokemon Veteran: *sees May* The Horror *jumps out the window to his death*

The Vince Knight
October 29th, 2004, 1:20 AM
Totodile: I HATE ASH!
Me: I hate dragons!
Satoshi-Kun: I hate Ash as well!
Oni Flygon: I hate Fire emblem.
Digisprit Virus: I hate Fire emblem too.
PIKA2: I hate saying the word "Sweeties".
PIKA2: I hate using pink for posts.
100marios: I hate saying "hehe..."
Arcanine: I hate Soph...
a1331a: I hate Abby.
Kairi: I hate a1331a.


October 29th, 2004, 1:28 PM
i hate greg (although what on time i did and we were enemies XD)

Kenny: I hate KH and grand theft auto XP

Mayu Shinjo
October 29th, 2004, 1:31 PM
Me: I hate cute things

October 29th, 2004, 1:31 PM
me: bah, christmas is boooring
dragon master: bah, jarachi is just another forgotten pokemon

October 29th, 2004, 6:09 PM
me: I hate Simple Plan
I hate the internet
I hate Kenny
I hate the digimon Kaizer
I hate digimon

October 29th, 2004, 6:31 PM
me: I hate toto!
me: I hate Grand Theft Auto
me: I hate video games

October 29th, 2004, 8:34 PM
Me: "</3 Haruka."
PIKA2: *posts something without "sweetie" in it*

October 30th, 2004, 11:23 AM
bree: I don't like power!
>=O*Shakes fist at Nayana*How dare you!XD
I love power and that's why I am an smod on your forums!=P
Well,two can play at this game!>=D
nayana_1120:I HATE PSYCHICS!!!
Beat that,nayana_1120!>=P

October 30th, 2004, 11:35 AM
PIKA2: I hate boys!
PIKA2: I hate girls!
PIKA2: I've decided not to say sweetie anymore!

October 30th, 2004, 1:41 PM
Me: Pika2 doesn't scare me!!!
TheSmartOne: 1313666 is very intelligent.
protoman: I'm gonna leave the Nightclub now.

October 30th, 2004, 1:49 PM
1313666: butter? *pukes up*

October 30th, 2004, 3:07 PM
Me: I like beer.
Me: I hate SM321.
Tig: TSO isn't annoying.
1313666: I hate butter.
Me: I hate the internet.
Me: 1313666 is hot.
Me: Babies are the cutest things ever!

October 31st, 2004, 1:42 AM
Everyone (and I mean it): I'm a empty Magikarp and I hate Pokemon. Plus, my mouth is full of anchovies with custard.

October 31st, 2004, 2:03 AM
Everyone (and I mean it): I'm a empty Magikarp and I hate Pokemon. Plus, my mouth is full of anchovies with custard.
Oh my gosh! That was stylish!! LMAO! XD
Here are some of mine then:

Pika2: ok, ok, I'll stopchanging gender and tricking newbies...
1313666: Nightclub!? Is that something you eat?
me: Love Hina is the worst anime ever and it's just SOOO boring
GOD.: My favourite music? Classic of course! Oh, oh, and I love when throse ballerinas spin around! They're so pretty! *plays ballerinas with Barbie dolls*
Eliana: DID YOU JUST SAY I'M HOT???? *kills everyone with the Masamune and then takes off her pictures from the Peek through thread*
Everyone (To Jolty): Eww, Jolteon... you look like a slimey red jelly walking in the loo... You don't look a bit like a eevee or something... We better flush you down or you'll give us germs!!

Ok, I'll stop it XD
Jolty don't be offended by that last one.. it's a joke XD

October 31st, 2004, 9:26 AM
KARR: I'm brave.
Me: I like trees! They rule more than butter!!!

His Infernal Majesty
October 31st, 2004, 9:31 AM
Me:I can't stand coming to PC...why am i here anyway?
Shortestangel:Turtles?Nasty,slow disgusting little things....

October 31st, 2004, 9:54 AM
Me: I got scared of Skitty over the weekend.

October 31st, 2004, 11:59 AM
NiNGi: Ouch!! I just got beaten up by some kid outside here o.o'

John Denver
October 31st, 2004, 1:00 PM
NiNGi: Swords? Pfft...I use guns whenever I can *shoots boy scouts*
Kayleigh: *gets the slightest bit angry*

BOO ya!

October 31st, 2004, 4:04 PM
Dakota: Man, PIKA2 is hot!
PIKA2: I've decided to be normal!

October 31st, 2004, 4:20 PM
Me: "I hate Guns N' Roses"
Me: "Guns N' Roses suck @$$" XD
Me: "I hate PC"
Me: "PC sucks @$$" XD
Me: "I hate Gand Theft Auto"
Me: "Gand Theft Auto sucks @$$" XD
Me: "I love going to church"
Me: "Going to church does not suck @$$" XXXDDD

Wow...I think I'm drunk, even though I didn't drink any alcohol XD

October 31st, 2004, 7:21 PM
NiNGi: Swords? Pfft...I use guns whenever I can *shoots boy scouts*
Kayleigh: *gets the slightest bit angry*

BOO ya!

Imma Boy Scout *Embarassed* (Really... I am....)
Me: Peace And Love! Peace And Love!
Me: I Hate Sugar.
Me: Care Bears Are Sooooo Cute! I Just Love How Cute They Are!

November 1st, 2004, 1:33 AM
Everyone: Okay, so let's get an empty fish and roast it on a dog stomach filled with banniwabbit heads. Now, let's eat some feaces and smear ourselves with urine sauce. Don't we all smell nice? No? So, let's all puke until our livers come out screaming about a washing machine!
1313666: KARR is absolutely the best person on PC!
A lot of people: KARR is stupid and his spinal cord is filled with Teletubbies.
A big lot of people: We don't like KARR. KARR is not our friend.

November 1st, 2004, 5:23 AM
Me: I hate KARR.
KARR: I hate Kiri, TSO, Hoshi & PIKA2.
SM321: I hate TSO.
Me: I like butter & fried eggs.

November 1st, 2004, 5:41 AM
DG: Who is Flannery?

November 1st, 2004, 5:56 AM
Toto: Ash? Isn't that the stuff that comes out of a volcano?
DG: Flannery? Is that a fancy way to say flan?
Crush on May: May? You mean the month?

November 1st, 2004, 6:17 AM
Zelda sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

November 1st, 2004, 12:04 PM
Everyone: I'm a poo-poo head and I eat Christmas cards!

November 1st, 2004, 3:58 PM
I really do eat Christmas cards. Reindeer taste soooooo good!

Me: I like butter & fried eggs.

November 1st, 2004, 4:51 PM
1313666: I hate butter!

Me: I'm scared of the dark... mummy could you help me reach the toilet?

DarkgamerGS: Flannery is the person I hate most in the world and shes the ugliest o.o'

An ordinary pikachu: hey dudes! why the hell do I always have to say pika in the show?

November 1st, 2004, 5:18 PM
NiNGi: I almost died at the hands of my own weapons.
Me: My avatar is awful!
Me: I'm not drunk, ossifer.

November 2nd, 2004, 9:21 AM
1313666: So, when the thermocondenser reanalyzes the collected data, we shall now how much the oscillator dereametizes when the autohybrid mode. Oh, yeah, I won the burping prize in Wisconsin! Yay! Cheese breath!
Everyone: We are dopes with armpits full of floppy disks and we are television-stomached. Teletubbies say bye-bye! No, wait, cut!

November 2nd, 2004, 7:07 PM
Kayleigh: *gets the slightest bit angry*Lol, I have been angry at a few people before, believe it or not. XD But, I guess it's never been too bad. Anyway...

Me: EEEW! Izzat an ORCA? O_o EEEWIE!!!!!
100marios: Heehee...
Sayuri no Hoshi: Oh, Ricky Ullman? That guy? He's ugly!
Snowangel [random numbers]: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!1111111ONE1!!!1!!
Kairi: *stares at a GameBoy Advance* What is this? What do those buttons do?
Dakota: Andy, you're such a sweet widdle guy! *hugs him*
Teara: S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S!

I'd add a ton of other ones, but I just went blank with ideas, lol. ^_^; I'll come up with more later--This is fun!

November 2nd, 2004, 7:25 PM
It's true! Here's a IM convo.
Pikchu 64: Hey sweetie!
Keiri 23: Oh no! It's Jeremy! *Beats with stick.*
Pikchu 64: What I do?
Keiri 23: You're making me angry! *Karate chops neck.*
Pikchu 64: *Dies.*
XD J/K *Runs from Kayleigh.*

Anyway back on topic.

Me: *Holds a Game Boy Advance SP.* What is this strange object? *Throws it away.*
a1337a: Jeremy is NOT a crossdresser!
Dakota: Hey sweetie!
toto: LIEK OMG PIKA2 IZ A BOY??!?!?!?!?!
Me: What's a Pokmon?

Okie, I'm running low on ideas. XD

November 3rd, 2004, 7:11 AM
PIKA2: Erm.. me? I'm a toilet. Do not flush! No-o-o-o-oh!
Everyone: Let's alll flush voodoo dolls down PIKA2! Yeah! And let's eat crocodiles until we throw up!

November 3rd, 2004, 8:47 AM
wah...i always thought PIKA2 was a girl, OMFG......

me: durst rules and i would not wanna kill him
KARR: me? rocket 1,000,000!

Sayuri no Hoshi
November 3rd, 2004, 2:50 PM
Sayuri no Hoshi: Oh, Ricky Ullman? That guy? He's ugly!
That right there was so harsh, I wanted to puke, lol. Seriously. O_o; I'll never picture myself saying that in my life, heh. Good job. XD Never ph33r mah sexay Rickay! >[email protected] ... *ahem* Yeah, lol.

100marios: What is this..."Lord of the Rings" you speak of?
100marios: *insert any swear word here*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kayleigh: I loathe animals!
Kairi: ...and the last rule: No stalking is allowed at PC.

November 3rd, 2004, 7:50 PM
PIKA2: [Insert bad curse/bad word here]
PIKA2: Who is Pika2?

Sweeties, I'm getting cheap! XD

November 4th, 2004, 12:01 AM
Myself: I think butter is cool. Margarine sucks.

(No, margarine rules. My stomach can't take butter :()

Myself: Pikachu is the foulest thing.

Myself: I think Tracey and Misty are the worst ship in the world.

Myself: I think Delta Goodrem is stupid and Mark Philloupoussis should have been encouraged to cheat on her with Paris Hilton, who is so cool.

(Wrong, wrong, wrong. I hate Paris Hiltion and Philloupoussis.)

Ninetales_001: Water types are cooler than fire types.

Ninetales_001 (sorry for public humiliatiopn ;) XD): ~Moonlight_Shadow~ is my babysitter. (I said it for him XD)

Serebii: Pokecommunity is just the best, I am so stupid because Serebii.net is just so uncool.

Serebii: Star Trek and sci-fi sucks. (If he said that in front of my teacher... why, terrible things would happen to Joe.)

Sayuri no Hoshi: Princess Jasmine is stupid. The Genie sucks. (She'd better not! I spent a whole term practising as the Genie in a musical!) Disney is so stupid. (I know those songs.) - note: those after that dash or in the brackets are my notes

November 4th, 2004, 9:09 AM
Everyone: Kfchasdbhfbjsgyfysdgfjhsdgfsdhgchjdvcgsjdvcdh-pooopooohpeeehpeehtoiletmadnessvomiteverywheretoiletoverflowohno!
Dark Pikachu: Where am I and why am I eating my leg? Mmm, tastes good with soap.

espeon and umbreon
November 6th, 2004, 12:17 AM
Me: Huh? Espeon? What is it.
Me: Pokemon is the worst!

November 6th, 2004, 11:22 AM
Me: Alana doesn't deserve a nice hit with a baseball bat! Honest! (THAT'S a lie)

November 6th, 2004, 1:00 PM
1313666: I'm a bunny! I'm a dust bunny! I'm a snot dust bunny! I'm a snot dust bunny with excesive nose hair!
Everyone: It's the PASTA WITH MUSHROOM SAUCE! Run for your lives!

November 6th, 2004, 1:38 PM
ME: I hate TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 6th, 2004, 2:10 PM
ReploidZero798: I have an identity crisis. I think I'm a knife... or was it a cow? Whatever. Polly want cracker!
Everyone: Look! It's the overflowing toilet. It smells like great great grandpa when I dug him up.

I think it would be good to take the above poster.

November 6th, 2004, 2:53 PM
Very Very Odd Thread Here?

espeon and umbreon
November 6th, 2004, 3:41 PM
131366: I like cheese better than butter
everyone: I never heard of pokemon before...

November 6th, 2004, 3:47 PM
Smithy.boy: This thread is so normal.

November 7th, 2004, 1:27 AM
Dark Pikachu: Ninetales_001? Who's that? Ah, well, no, I won't pair with that thing.
Everyone: Pigface! I'm a pigface!

November 7th, 2004, 1:57 AM
KARR: Ahhhh.. who's Karr? And what's Team Rocket? And what am I doing in this high-tech plane?
Myself: I hate everyone who's in my friend list, I'd like to change it to enemies:

(only joking)
Myself: All my friends suck
Everyone: I'm an immature brat and I want someone to feed me lotsa rat poison and snail shells in a smoothie.

November 7th, 2004, 2:11 AM
me: i hate big butts and i can not lie

November 7th, 2004, 2:17 AM
Me: I hate pink colour and what are shippings????

espeon and umbreon
November 7th, 2004, 2:17 AM
GOD: GOD? Are you talking about religious god?
Dark Pikachu: I hate Pikachu! Die you evil one!
Everyone: I hate my username!

November 7th, 2004, 6:48 AM
Espeon and umbreon: Marmalade Boy? Has that got something to do with the blue jam I found inside the packet of toilet paper?
Everyone: Pass me some used toilet paper, please. I love licking it. It tastes so good... like the lice I ate.

November 7th, 2004, 9:52 AM
Me: What's this thing you call 'butter'?

espeon and umbreon
November 7th, 2004, 12:59 PM
KARR: Team Rocket? If you mean by rocket then go to the space station.

November 7th, 2004, 1:24 PM
Espeon and umbreon: KARR is the worst person in the universe. He is horribly ugly and he wears glow-in-the-dark boxers.
Everyone: Gleepglorpfeeblefeblegemhemjem!

November 7th, 2004, 2:52 PM
I bet that KARR does wear glow-in-the-dark boxers!

KARR: I'll admit it: I'm a green blob that was born to eat people!

espeon and umbreon
November 8th, 2004, 12:22 AM
1313666: I hate Eevee! Why am I using in RPG anyway?
everyone: what is 1 + 1?

November 8th, 2004, 11:39 AM
1313666: I am handsome, smart, intelligent and non-alcoholic.
Espeon and umbreon: Howdeedoo! Letseatpoo!
Everyone: Howareyee? Aildrinkpee!
1313666: Howareyou, mymia? Aryuapileofdiarrohoea?
Espeon and umbreon: YourenotLuckyLuke! Imighthavetopuke!
:p :P

espeon and umbreon
November 8th, 2004, 12:10 PM
KARR: I don't know what you are talking about.

November 8th, 2004, 1:26 PM
00 00;;

Good one there.

Espeon and umbreon: Dark Gligar? Wait... that has something to do with a glitch doesn't it?
Everyone: Aimaratandwillspityouflat. Peepooandvomitscaremenot, Ipukealot.

November 8th, 2004, 7:57 PM
Here's some! :D :D

Eric Cartman: I really like Kyle and respect him a lot.
DarkgamerGS: I love Cissy! I love her way more than Flannery!
Sonic: I am so slow. I'm the slowest thing there is.
Darlene McBride (watch MADTV): I respect people of all races and religions.
Jay (as in Jay and Silent Bob): What in the world is going on over there? (You'll understand what I mean when you take that phrase and put it into his words.)

In other words, Jay would really say "What the f*** is that s***?!"

November 8th, 2004, 9:42 PM
Sunflorazumarill: OMG! Brock and Erika... What was I thinking? They're the stupidest Gym Leaders in the WORLD and I'm PAIRING THEM?!

136666: It's official - butter is terrible for you. Thus, I am never going to eat butter again.

ReploidZero798: Tacos are so disgusting. Rabies is - *puke* - awful! I hate them both.

Myself: Pikachu. Sucks. I. Hate. It. *kills Pikachu*

November 9th, 2004, 12:46 PM
Dark Pikachu: Masquerain? That's the evolution of Surskit, isn't it?
1313666: How butter is made? Well, it's made out of many things. Mainly human excretions. Why it's yellow? Well, urine is rather yellow, don't you think?
Everyone: Ym a smolsmolsmol prsn in a bgbgbg wrld...

November 9th, 2004, 2:41 PM
I have some more:

Mario: Sonic the Hedgehog is my idol. He surpasses me in every way.
Knuckles: Forget the Chaos Emeralds! I don't like them at all!
Kyle: I think Eric Cartman is the sweetest boy I ever knew.
Dave Chapelle: I have some nice, family-oriented entertainment to show you.
Vicky (from Fairly Oddparents): Timmy Turner, you're a good kid, and I'm taking you our for ice cream.

November 10th, 2004, 7:34 AM
Sunflorazumarril: Erikandbrock? Is that some kind of rock?
Everyone: I'm a twerp! And I ate my shoes!

espeon and umbreon
November 10th, 2004, 12:42 PM
KARR: I don't know what my sig says...

November 10th, 2004, 1:21 PM
Me: I'm a retard. LOL. XD

November 10th, 2004, 2:01 PM
xCloudx: Get paired? What for. It's stupid.
Everyone: Honestly, why wear clothes?

November 10th, 2004, 3:53 PM
darkgamerGS: I like myself! I am so d*mn cool! No one else can be my friend! =P
xCloudx: I gotta work!
Sunflorazumarill: Erika? You mean that girl from Medabots?

November 11th, 2004, 12:29 AM
darkgamerGS: Flannery is fat.
Everyone: I don't get it. What's underwear?

November 11th, 2004, 1:08 AM
Cosmo from Fairy odd parents (w00t love them): Um, who's Wanda? I hate my wife, I'd rather get with those model fairies at my house in Fairyland.
Jorgon strangle or whatever his name is from FOP (I never can remember that guy's name): Weakness is cool, I must be so kind and gentle to all these little fairies.
Spongebob Squarepants: The world sucks! Let's go and murder something, Patrick. *kills jellyfish*
Spongebob: I hate jellyfishing.
Patrick: (some long and insanely hard sum and gets it correct)
Mrs. Puff: Wow, Spongebob, you're such a great boater, here's your boating license!

November 11th, 2004, 3:56 AM
1. Dark_Pikachu's birthday is very sad.
2. U know u r better than me

espeon and umbreon
November 11th, 2004, 4:14 AM
Homer Spimpson: I hate beers and Tv!
Bart Simpsons: Skate boarding is so 5 years old!
Lisa Simpson: I'm not smart.
Marge Simpson: I'll do your chores Homey!
Maggie Simpson: I can talk.

November 11th, 2004, 4:27 AM
Well, kinda similar to a scene in the Fairly Oddparents movie but... oh well.
Jorgen von Strangle: *Scrambles the bridge and destroys the fairies*
Fairy: You know, you didn't have to scramble the bridge, it's not really delicious.
Fairy: And you know, you didn't have to destroy the fairies, we usually destroy ourselves.

November 11th, 2004, 7:41 AM
darkgamerGS: Lady of the Shadows... who might that be?
Everyone: Hiya-pizza-hut! Let's make Coke go splut!

November 11th, 2004, 8:05 AM
Me: "'Sane'? That's me!"

November 11th, 2004, 8:53 AM
Here's some more:

Brock: I love men! I want to marry a guy!
Scrooge McDuck: I'm giving away all of my money! All 3 cubic acres of it!
Ms. Swan (from MAD TV): (describes a man in full detail instead of saying "He look like a man.")
Chef: Go away kids! I'm not helping you out any more or singing any more songs!
Timmy (from South Park): I can say more than my name!

espeon and umbreon
November 11th, 2004, 12:30 PM
Violet from series of unfortunate events: What is mechanics?

November 11th, 2004, 12:34 PM
Forgive my morbid sense of reality that will now throw a palling dark atmosphere upon this specific subject. (Loving big underused words)

Something you will never here is anyone after an arguement saying "I'm sorry. You were so right, and I was so wrong. Please accept my apologies."
because frankly most people are too proud to admit when they're wrong and even when they do it bears words that connotate a will to continue pursuing the arguement. (More big words.)

November 11th, 2004, 1:09 PM
me: weebl and bob are poop

November 11th, 2004, 1:29 PM
Okay, who's the lame brain who gave me bad rep saying " You suck, and you're wrong as well!" For this topic?! Can't a guy express his opinion with out hecklers being stupid?!

November 12th, 2004, 7:47 AM
Okay, who's the lame brain who gave me bad rep saying " You suck, and you're wrong as well!" For this topic?! Can't a guy express his opinion with out hecklers being stupid?!

me: i said that and i hate you

(remember this is things that you will never say, and i didn't give you that rep)

November 12th, 2004, 4:05 PM
Well, kinda similar to a scene in the Fairly Oddparents movie but... oh well.
Jorgen von Strangle: *Scrambles the bridge and destroys the fairies*
Fairy: You know, you didn't have to scramble the bridge, it's not really delicious.
Fairy: And you know, you didn't have to destroy the fairies, we usually destroy ourselves.
uh, Jorgen likes destroying fairies. So that's kinda... yeah.

A Series of Unfortunate Events ones:

Klaus (Violet's little brother in A Series of Unfortunate Events): Let's all play with fire and burn all the books in every single library.
Sunny (Klaus and Violet's little baby sister) (in baby talk): Pull my teeth out so I can't bite anything.
Violet: Sir Isaac Newton was some old codger with no brain in his head.
Count Olaf: You know, I don't care about the Quagmire or the Baudelaire fortunes anymore. Let's go home and go stony broke.
Esme Squalor: Count Olaf is so stupid; I really don't want to be his girlfriend anymore.
Madame Lulu: I like Esme Squalor a lot, Olaf. So wonderful to see you to in love.
Madame Lulu: Never give people what they want, ever.
Esme: Lulu is so in!
Esme: In is now out! Die, fashion, die!
Esme: Fire is so stupid. I'm not into pyromania anymore.

November 12th, 2004, 4:06 PM
aaryn+the rest of the shiny hunters club "shinies aren't really that big of a deal, they're just kinda nice to have and sorta pretty, i wouldn't use one on my team just because it's shiny"

espeon and umbreon
November 12th, 2004, 5:49 PM
Dark Pikachu I never knew that you know series of unfortunate events!

Unfortunate event characters:

Fiona from book 11th: Mushroom! aggh I hate it!
Hook handed man ( also known as Fernald or Fiona's brother) I don't remember getting hooks...
Carmelita: I think my songs are terrible and everyone's better than me.
Sunny: I don't know what cooking means and what is wasabi?
Kit Snicket: Lewis Carrol? I never heard of his poem!
Klaus: I like watching TV!
Monty: Eeeeek snakes!
Josephine: I'm going to cook you a hot soup! ( she's afraid of cooking because she thinks oven or whatever is going to explode)

November 12th, 2004, 11:20 PM
Nice ones, Dakota!
me: Butter tastes like burnt rubber.
Goatman56: Shroomish is the worst Pokemon ever!

What if we invert that and say burnt rubber tastes like butter? A different point of view.

espeon and umbreon
November 13th, 2004, 7:57 PM
Me: I hate books, manga and anime! Kill it! Burn it! Squish it!

November 17th, 2004, 6:32 PM
PV: May is not hot at all!!

November 17th, 2004, 8:32 PM
Michael Jaskson: I hate kids! I say you should share you bed... with other adults!
Kelso: Let's all get drunk and jump off Point Place Cliff! (Not even Kelso is that dumb.)
Stifler (from American Pie): I have decided to be nice from now on and never, ever say even one swear word at all.
Clark Kent (from Smallville): Mom, Dad? I'm going to tell everyone about my powers! I don't care who knows!
Sheriff (see a "Dolemite" sketch on MAD TV): Hey Dolemite! We don't want the pimp cane anymore! You can keep it!

November 17th, 2004, 9:25 PM
Me: I wanna paint my room pink, Ash can rot in hell, Houndoom is not my favorite.
kinda hurt to say that...

Dark Magician
November 17th, 2004, 9:29 PM
Me: Charizard s... s.... sucks

Dane, I can't belive I actully did *hitts head on desk**

November 19th, 2004, 6:04 PM
I hate Simple Plan
Simple Plan Sucks
Simple Plan sings bad

I know i will never say those things ever! XD

November 19th, 2004, 6:29 PM
DarkgamerGS: I LOATHE Flannery! I want her head on a STICK!!
Megaman: (Shoots Dr. Light in the face with his plasma cannon.)
Trina (watch MAD TV): I can become pregnant! I'm going to have a baby!
Tyrone Biggums (Chapelle's Show): I hate crack! I think it's bad and a drug! No more crack, ever!

November 19th, 2004, 6:58 PM
Sunflorazumarill: Erika... must... die...

November 20th, 2004, 6:12 AM
Me: I'm not drunk, ossifer!

espeon and umbreon
November 20th, 2004, 6:33 PM
Homer Simpson: So as I say if you mix the * Blahsayingsmartthingsblah*