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November 12th, 2003, 12:10 PM
I will post my story, next time, but I just wanted to know if there was a Yu-Gi-Oh FanFic Board?


November 13th, 2003, 11:18 AM
There isn't one, but for non-pokemon related fan-fics, it would go in other fan-fiction, in the off topic forums.

November 13th, 2003, 11:24 AM
I will move this topic there. *move*
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November 13th, 2003, 5:25 PM
Chapter 1
I'm Nick. I live in the world of Pokemon. Well I have for about a year now. I'm from New York. (The Pokemon world lies in what normal people call the Bramuta Triangle)
My parents were trainers here. That's about all I know.
I also know that Pokemon are fasinating. Their type, their abilities, and especially their individual personalalities. I live in the small town of Border in Kanto, Border its across the water from the Bike Path.
I'm walking through the hills, I just reached the top of the hill and there it was Pallet Beach. I pulled a picture out of my Pocket. It was aereal photo of Pallet. It was tiny, compared to what it is now. It stretched all the way to the beach and all as I looked north toward Virridian City. They had nearly met. I walked into town. After I ate at a resturant I got dirrections for Professor Oak's Lab. Oak was going to take me to Pirus (Another continent).
I found the lab. It was an older style building, but it was kept in good shape.



To Be Continued

November 13th, 2003, 10:37 PM
Now this belongs in Pokemon fan-fiction, which one is it XD?

Your story has an interesting start to it, but it seems more like a prelude then a chapter. I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

November 14th, 2003, 5:51 PM
yes! true very interesting story! when will the next chapter be?

November 15th, 2003, 12:18 PM
I'll post it soon, beleive me it gets very interesting, but I'm a little wrapped up in my Yu-Gi-Oh FanFic right now.


oni flygon
November 15th, 2003, 8:08 PM
Enter the Critic

Oh so you mean the BERMUDA Triangle. Well, to start out first, please make your chapters longer. People will soon loose interest if you keep making small ones. Second of all, you can at least be much creative. Third, try watching your grammar and try to be at least a bit descriptive. Like What does the trainer look like or what's his age etc etc. Well, I wish you can accept constructive cricism. ^_^;;

November 16th, 2003, 11:02 AM
Chapter 1(continued)

I could hear heavy steps approaching the door. With a hard pull the door swung open. There was a very elderly man standing there with a saggy face, with a large bald spot on the top of his white haired head, a wooden cane, and an old and stained white over coat. “Oo err you?” He leaned with all his weight on his thin cane. He placed his shaking left hand in his pocket; he pulled out a pair of drenchers. He placed them into his mouth. He then said with great frustration, as his voice was shaking like his hand, “Who are you?”
“Nick, sir,” I said nervously. “Nick Orlando, I just turned 10, sir.”
“Oh, oh -” He looked to be thinking hard. “Ah – yes. You m-mother called.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I’m to take you to – to –”
“Angellin, sir.” I attempted to help, he was very unhappy by that. “Sorry, sir.”
“Well come on now,” The anger in his voice cleared it up, partially, “I called a c-cab!”
Professor Oak was only about 5’6” when he is hunched over. But he still towers over me. I am considered short, even for a former 4th grader, at about 3’8” and 75 lbs. I get that from my mother’s side of the family. I do looked just like my dad in the face, though. I got his large nose and sharp chin. And I defiantly got his hair; no matter what I do it seems to stand straight up right in the front.
His cane tapped hard as they walked down the wooden steps. As we made it to the end of the stairs a car (I guess) appeared. It was about 7 feet from front to back with two large tires on the front and back, and an unmistakable taxicab yellow. The two doors, one on each side, opened, the revealed two seats and a front window. As Oak approached, the seat on his side lifted up and moved on a metal bar, out the car and waited for Oak to sit, when he did his legs were lifted up and placed Oak back in the taxi. It did the same for me on the other side. There was no driver. We were the only ones in the car. The doors closed and hologram appeared before Oak. It as the face of a woman, “Where to, sir?”
“P-Port of P-Pallet,” Oak said.
“Yes, sir.” The voice said. Her face disappeared and the car began moving. We went quite efficiently, we stopped at every light, we made it (10 miles) in 15 minutes, which was good for all the twists and turns, and I was very impressed.
Oak paid, with a touch of his thumb and the words. “P-price due – plus th-three for t-tip.” The doors opened and Oak led me past several large cruise liners. We then made it to a Guppy, compared to these Whale-sized ships, a short man with a mustache looked to be waiting for us. He was just as old as Oak and looked to be happy to see Oak. “Briney!” Oak smiled widely.
“Oak!” The old man said.
“Pella?” Said a small deep voice from inside the ship. From around the corner appeared a large yellow beak. I peaked around the corner, it was a Pokemon, and it was white and blue with a small body compared to its large beak. “Pella!” The bird tried to use its wings to push it forward to attack me.
“No, Peeko!” Briney said. “Oak, you’re late.”
Oak shrugged.
“I think we should go, now.” Briney said. Oak and I walked across the wooden deck on Briney’s boat, and sat down in the two seats. “Here we go!” The motor revved up and we shot across the water. I was glued to the back of my seat. Peeko was quite relaxed though; it just stared at me snapping it jaws at me.
After nearly twenty minutes of this, including corners, Briney let off the gas and made a hard left. We spun around and we slowed and stopped right up against the dock. “When should I pick you up?”
“Oh – oh – um – not for a long while – I’ll call you.” Oak shook Briney’s hand, as did I (with Peeko snapping at me), we left.

Hopefully you like it

November 16th, 2003, 8:06 PM
It was a really good chapter, but it would be good to space it out just a bit, but still, its really good.

November 20th, 2003, 9:48 PM
Thanks LThunder, I'll post my next chapter soon. I'm workin' on my Yu-Gi-Oh Fic a lot now.


November 23rd, 2003, 11:17 AM
Chapter 2
Oak and I walked through the streets of a small town, Fresco Town. It was beautiful there, the town had trees down the edges of every street and oddly enough the leaves were changing into autumn-colors. The reds and oranges reminded him of home. And all the buildings were mainly red stones or dark woods and all had green vines consuming parts of the buildings. There was only one thing that confused him, they were in a tropical environment, but it felt like home, in America.
We stopped at a “Chansey Diner,” which I thought was some sort of pun, but Oak told me it was run by a group of Pokemon, Chansey.
It was like a hospital in there, very clean and sterol. These giant pink Pokemon ran like Penguins from table to table, but never spilt any food.
After our meals, Burger for me and Soup for Oak, I don’t know how he got any it soup in his mouth with his hands shaking so hard. My Burger had an unusual taste to it; it was sweeter and tenderer than any I’d ever had. My menu said it came from Miltank Ranch in Johto and had a 5 Star Ranking.
After our meals we left and had another cab waiting for us. This cab looked like the other one, except its body was more rounded and had brighter colors, it mush have been a newer model. When we were in the cab, Oak said. “Pokemon Researcher Bill’s Laboratory, please.” I was really impressed with this new place.
The cab took us through the hills on this island, it was more and more beautiful as we left town. We followed the long curving roads, and then we turned down a dirt road up to a fence of black iron and more red stones.
The window on Oak’s side went down and Oak said. “Professor Samuel Oak here to see Pokemon Researcher Bill.” The gate opened in and we drove in.
Our path led up into large bunches of trees. We drove down the path through the trees and up to a home in the trees. The home was the most boring I’d seen. It was the opposite of it surroundings, it was smoothed walls with a nice white color on it. We both entered this boring home.
Inside there were many, many men in white lab coats walking from wall to wall frantically. It was quite loud in there; no one was saying anything but the hard wood floors were making loud knocks every time someone looks a step.
As I walked in I could see that the walls in this, square, room were covered in black computers of all different sizes.
I followed Oak straight ahead through a door. Behind that door was a man in a lab coat with long and wild gray-green hair. I could barely see anything in this room, because clouds were forming overhead. He had to have heard us enter but he didn’t respond. All the walls in this were all glass and wrapped smoothly around the room.
“Welcome, Professor Oak.” Said a British-accented. The man turned around, he had a wild mustache and thick glasses. “Welcome …”
“Nick, sir.”
“N- Nick is he-err to get his fur-set P-Poh-key-mon.”
“Ah yes,” Bill said. “Well fallow me, then.” Bill led us to another room. This room was very eerie feeling in there. When Bill turned the lights on there were computers in this everywhere room. They were different from the other ones. These were white had notes on them. Bill then spoke. “Martin, send them in, please.”
“Yes, sir.” Said a voice.
An oak had wandered across the room, to a giant computer with a great hallow spot in the center and was covered by glass.
“We will begin shortly.” Bill said.
The door opened and four kids came in, three guys and a girl. “We’re here!” The girl said. The three guys looked like triplets and the girl was taller and looked mad. The triplets were short, but still taller than me and had dark hair and glasses. The girl was tall and had black hair. I think they were all related.
“Welcome, future trainers.” Bill said. He pointed to a table behind him. “You will each select a random Pokemon from here, momentarily.” Bill touched a keypad and three red and white balls came out of three holes. “Who wants to go first?”
“I do.” One of the boys said. He grabbed one of the balls. “I choose you!” A Pokemon came out. It was a small round Pokemon that was yellow.
“Ah, a Blamble, it is a good Psychic Pokemon.”
The other two guys went, one was a Dark type and was Keytee a cat-looking thing; the other guy got a Skairee a Ghost-type and its purple body just hovered around. When the girl, Jayne, came up she got a Normal/Electric Type, Lekterk. She called it Laky.
I then chose one. It was a thin Tyrogue with tough muscles. It was a fighter, I was happy.
“That Tyrogue looks odd.” Bill said. “Its arms are unusually large.”
“I still get to keep him, right?”
“Yes, Nick.” Bill said. “Alright all of you need to decide which of the Beginners Leagues you want to join.”
“We want to join the Triples League.”
“Alright, then.” Bill picked up three red rectangles. “Here are your P4s. They have maps programmed into them already, good luck.” They left.
“My bros.” Jayne said.
Rain was now pounding the building.
“So -” Bill began, as there was a bright flash behind him. “WHAT?”
The computer, where Oak was working, glowed vividly. There was loud slamming against the glass from the inside. The banging from the glass grew harder and harder until CRASH, the glass shattered and smoke filled the room.
“Go Taillow!” A voice said. “Gust Attack!”

Hope you like it