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January 29th, 2010, 8:45 AM
Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I am Amorus, poet and student of the literary arts. I hope I can make myself welcome here, but from what I've seen, that should be no problem. I love Pokemon, what else is there to it? I shall describe my life unto you through my favourite medium; poetry.

T'was the eve of the Vernal Equinox, and the land was alive, alive with the sounds of the birds, alive with the sounds of the trees and of the flowers, and the world seemed to be awakening from the slumber of winter. And from the silvery moonlight, a pair of lovers danced into the clearing and they were a sight to behold. The sunlight danced on her skin, and the moonlight on his, they stood in a meadow, alone and happy, and all was well for them. T'was as if fate itself was smiling down upon them.

But, alas, fate is cruel and love is fleeting, and destiny never cares. It tears and rips and savagely crushes hopes and dreams and lives. Many a woeful month went by, but He never saw her again. When the tragic news came at last, his eyes were dark and devoid of light, and the ligt of the moon no longer danced on him. He became a shadow, watching from his window, hoping one day, she would return, return to him. But destiny takes everyone to another place, and no-one can change it, no-one at all..

One day he stood in the meadow where they met, and he picked a tulip; her favourite flower. He dropped it in a nearby river, and went away, with tears in his eyes. The meadow cried for it's lost lovers, and it cried for the boy who's heart was broken. The years went by, and the meadow itself seemed to wither and die. By the coming of winter it was dead and barren, and nothing would grow.

But the hearts of men are folly and lustful, and He soon met another girl. They fell in love, and danced in the moonlight, and went to the dead meadow, barren and parched. They lay in the grass, and stayed for hours, alone and happy, blissful and oblivious. But the meadow had anger, and refused them both, for their love was never the same, never the same as the Girl with the sunlight in her eyes.

T'was dark and stormy, as if the world was angry, and he finally saw the evil of his actions. He shunned her, and went to the meadow, alone and sad. but in the midst of the dead grass, a single tulip had grown. He saw the tulip, and thought of his love, his true love, his only love. He went away, and returned at dawn, and the meadow had returned to life. He smiled and thanked God for this beauty, and stared into the beautiful vista. 'Goodbye, my angel. Goodbye, Melody.' And he left. And never returned.

True story, though the meadow didn't actually cry... I'm entitled to use my artistic licence now and again, right? Anyway... That's all for now, I have to go. Farewell, and I'll see you soon.