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November 13th, 2003, 5:27 PM
5,000 years ago, during the age of the great pharaohs of Egypt, the Earth was in great peril. Dark forces had waged war against the great pharaoh, but him and his men always succeeded in defeating their enemies. What the pharaoh didn’t know was that one of his men had turned on him and was allying himself with the dark forces. These forces had uncovered a stone tablet that depicted an eighth item. This items’ power far exceeded that of all other items, including the Pharaoh’s Puzzle.
What the rebels did not know was that this power was beyond control and would shatter the puzzle across the earth and create chaos in its wake…

Chapter 1
“Here you are pharaoh,” Teana enters. She is a good friend of the pharaoh and is very loyal. The pharaoh was in the great sand dunes, concentrating hard as great stones were formed in min-air then placed on top of an ever increasingly large pyramid.
The pharaoh stopped concentrating and the stones drifted toward the ground. “Oh, Teana.” The pharaoh smiled. “Do you need something?”
“Oh, no pharaoh!” She said, shocked. “I was just in search of you -- You have a visitor.”
“A visitor?”
“Nani (Nah-nee), she comes from a distant land.” Teana said.
“Take me to her.”
“Yes, pharaoh.”
Within the great room of the pharaoh’s palace, Nani stood with great height and with shining black hair with a deep tan. “You wished to see me?”
Nani looked at the pharaoh with great nervousness and fear. She instantly fell to the ground, bowing. “I am sorry to disturb you, pharaoh.” Her accent was that of locals and was shallow.
“Up, up.” The pharaoh said nervously. He was not comfortable with being pharaoh. “Why are you here?”
“I have had visions.” Nani said. Before the pharaoh could answer. “Visions of your destruction.” She began to weep. “There was two of me. One attacked while one cried.”
The pharaoh looked to Teana. “Get Shadi, please, Teana.”
“Yes, pharaoh.”
Shadi arrived as Teana attempted to leave. “My pharaoh, I sensed that you needed me.” Shadi put his arm behind his back and pulled out his Millennium Scales. “Nani, place your hand on the scales.”
Her shaking hand touched the scales. The cups on each side lighted up and a blue skinned elf appeared in one cup with its golden hair waving and a golden crown on its head and its hands praying. In the other was a similar elf but this one had pail skin and black robes. Shadi looked shocked.
“This spirit is conflicted.” Shadi pointed to the elves. “The Mystical Elf and the Dark Elf. This is not good, Pharaoh.” Nani withdrew her hand. “We must enter your mind.” Shadi reattached the Scales to his side then lifted the Key from around his neck the placed it to her forehead. “AHH!” Shadi flew back. The pharaoh and Teana rushed to him, while Nani lay crying.
“Shadi!” The pharaoh looked into Shadi’s smoky eyes, which slowly cleared. “Hang on – Shadi!”
“I have failed you pharaoh.” His eyes closed.
“That’s enough!” The Pharaoh’s Puzzle glowed. A stone from a pillar pulled itself out and the Millennium Necklace flew out and the stone replaced itself. The Necklace attached itself around his neck. “Necklace, show me my destiny!” Both of his items glowed brightly, while the Millennium Symbol shone brightly on his forehead.

November 13th, 2003, 5:59 PM
Hmm... not bad. ^_^ It's very intriguing and I certainly look forward to the next chapters. And could you make them longer? :3

November 14th, 2003, 6:23 PM
Hmm... not bad. ^_^ It's very intriguing and I certainly look forward to the next chapters. And could you make them longer? :3 No Problem....

Chapter 2
Three days later, the pharaoh had imprisoned Nani and Shadi has yet to wake in his room. Isis Ishtar, the former wearer of the necklace has come to assist the pharaoh in its use. She gave this item to the pharaoh in hopes that he would save the world against future evils, such as her brother, Marin. “Relax your mind.”
The pharaoh could not relax; his mind was concentrating on Shadi. “Can we continue this tomorrow?”
“Yes, pharaoh.” She left the toward the pharaohs edge of the chambers, then turned. “Good evening, pharaoh.”
“Good evening, Isis.” The pharaoh lay onto his bed of cloth. Almost instantly he drifted into a deep sleep. He began to toss and turn. His new Millennium Item, his necklace, began to glow.
In his dreams he saw himself in lying on his mat. Then with a blur he saw himself, on the ground, bleeding.
The pharaoh awoke. His stomach was churning he fell off his mat and instantly expelled the contents of his stomach. He was covered in cold sweat. Then he felt his Necklace burning against his throat.
“Pharaoh.” Shadi’s voice said.
“What?” The pharaoh looked up. No one was there. He reached for his Puzzle. He felt something else. He looked to see the Millennium Key. “Shadi…”

The next morning the Pharaoh went to see his prisoner. “Nani!” The pharaoh called. She was sleeping on the soil scrunched into a ball. She awoke when he called. The pharaoh had his Puzzle, Necklace, and the Key attached to his belt. “What did you do to Shadi?”
“Shadi,” She said. “That man?” She touched her eye, about to weep. “I – I don’t know. He touched his thing to my head then he was on the ground.”
“Liar.” The pharaoh growled. “You must tell me, NOW!” The walls shook with his violent roar.
Nani shielded her head and began screaming. “PLEASE, DON’T KILL ME!”
“TELL ME!” It began to shake more violently.
“Pharaoh…” A scratchy voice growled. “She doesn’t know anything.”
The shaking stopped. “Who’s there?”
A golden ring appeared in the shadows with a golden triangle in the center and five elongated golden triangles hanging off the bottom. “Your loyal servant Akura, my pharaoh.”
“Ah, Akura.” The pharaoh smiled. “It has been too long.” The pharaoh extended his arm. Akura, the holder of the Millennium Ring, attempted to steal all of the Millennium Items, but his dark half was expelled to the Shadow Realm. After which, the remaining Akura went on a journey, to discover himself.
“It has, my pharaoh.” Akura walked into the light. His long white hair was tied back and was longer than when last they met. And his robes were old and tattered.
“You do?” The pharaoh said. “Why?”
“My Ring, it senses all Millennium Powers,” Akura looked to Nani. “I sense terrible powers being emitted from this soul. And she is not aware of them.”
“What do you propose that we do?”
“We must test her, my pharaoh.” Akura smiled. Before the pharaoh could respond Akura said, “I sense her spirit is conflicted between the Dark Elf and the Mystical Elf, so we must have her touch the Ancient Tablets.” The Ancient Tablets are what forges the monsters into a tangible form.
“Pharaoh.” The voice of Jono called. Then he appeared from around the corner, he was breathing rather heavily. He was a good friend of the pharaoh, even before he became the pharaoh, he is tall, blonde, and is one of the few (without Millennium Powers) who can summon beasts from the Ancient Tablets.
“Jono?” The pharaoh said, with concern, “What is a matter?”
“The sky pharaoh,” He gasped. “It grows dark, Rah is angry, once more. Rah sends his jolts of light.”
The pharaoh, Akura, Jono, Nani, and a guard holding Nani exited the prison. Jono was right Rah’s jolts of light haven’t been angered since Marin forged an Ancient Tablet depicting Rah was used against Jono. Rah nearly killed both Jono and Odeon, but they both survived after the tablet was destroyed.
They hurried from the prison to the Shadow Chamber. The Shadow Chamber was buried deep in the desert sands where all Ancient Tablets are forged. They traveled into the farthest room and then Nani was untied forced to the front. She faced a large blank tablet. “Place your hands on the tablet.” The pharaoh commanded.
Her hands trembled once more as they rose to the tablet. She placed her hands upon it. A brilliant blue light filled the hall.

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November 16th, 2003, 11:54 AM
I'm almost done with chapter 3. I'll post it later.


November 16th, 2003, 2:22 PM
the story is not going to be good without SETO KAIBA and his egyptian god card OBELISK THE TORMENTOR hope you put both of them in the story otherwise you did really good

November 16th, 2003, 4:07 PM
the story is not going to be good without SETO KAIBA and his egyptian god card OBELISK THE TORMENTOR hope you put both of them in the story otherwise you did really good
There is no "Seto Kaiba" in this story, but there is "High Priest Seto"

Chapter 3
With the blink of an eye the light died away, revealing a furious-looking elf. But it only lasted a moment then a crack formed down the center of the tablet. “What?” All, except Nani, said. The tablet split in two. The two slid away from each other then with another blue flash there were 2 complete tablets; they depicted the Dark and Mystical Elves.
“This – cannot – be!” The pharaoh gasped. After saying this the walls shook and the lit torches were extinguished. “We must get out of here!” In the dark the pharaoh closed his eyes and concentrated. His Items all began to glow. They used this light to escape as the ceiling attempted to collapse around them.
Outside was beginning to flood and winds were vicious. The jolts of light were striking at fleeing people.
The jolts stopped momentarily, then a large jolt soared toward Nani. “No!” The guard shoved Nani and took the full attack. The guard wasn’t dead, he was just hurt badly, “I’m sorry, my pharaoh.”
“NO!” The pharaoh roared. The winds then died down, the jolts stopped, and the clouds receded.

One week later, the pharaoh was working on his Necklace’s power. His mind kept leading him back to his dream of death. This morning he awoke with a bloody nose.
After breakfast the pharaoh continued work on his pyramid, just to draw his concentration from other events. Though this pyramid was originally intended for the pharaoh’s predecessor, Nefertiti it was he tribute to the gods, she had disappeared though. Most did not dare to speak her name, for many loathed her.
The pharaoh sensed an Item approaching. The Rod. “So there you are, pharaoh.” It was the High Priest Seto. Him and the pharaoh were longtime nemeses. They were still rivals. “Foolish pharaoh,” He laughed. The pharaoh turned to see the high priest in his purple turbine and robes; he was followed by some of his guards, who were under his control, by using his Rod. “Nefertiti is long gone and yet you still finish her pyramid, very foolish.”
“Leave Seto,” The pharaoh growled. “Before I make you.”
The high priest laughed. *“Before you make me,” He mocked. “You could try – But I wouldn’t want to humiliate you before you minions.” He paused. “By the way I met your prisoner, she was quite entertaining.”
“What do you mean?”
“I heard of what had happened to Shadi, but I didn’t believe it.” The high priest grinned. “But her story confirmed it all. Even the part about the Dark and Mystical Elves.”
“WHAT?” The pharaoh though, “HE HAS TO BE BLUFFING – I ERASED THAT FROM HER MIND!” The pharaoh felt sweat rolling down his cheek.
“You look surprised pharaoh,” The high priest knew his story was true by the look on the pharaoh’s face. The high priest pulled his Rod out from behind his back. “My Rod has powers, too.” The pharaoh glared at him with hatred. The high priest smiled. “Would you like me to demonstrate?”
“Shut your mouth!”
The high priest turned his back on the pharaoh and said, “Come, my slaves…”
The pharaoh stared at the back of the three of them as they disappeared into the distance. “Pharaoh!” Shadi’s voice called. There was nothing there, again. The pharaoh looked to the heavens, clouds were forming.

That night, Isis was again attempting to teach him to use is Necklace. He was advancing, gradually. He could now see events moments in advance, “Pharaoh!” Teana entered. Moments later it happened.
“Yes, Teana?” He said just before she said anything.
“Your meal is ready, pharaoh.” She replied.
“Thank you,” He said. “I will be out soon.”

During his Jono appeared in the dining hall. He was bleeding. “Jono!” He said, standing up. Jono collapsed. When the pharaoh helped him he saw that he had been beaten, badly. “Are you alright, my friend?”
“Pharaoh, its Nani –” He then cried out in pain.
“It’s alright. Teana,” the pharaoh called. “Take care of Jono!” The pharaoh rushed out. The Rah was sounding with great intensity in the sky.
The pharaoh used all his strength to run to the prison. It was destroyed. It was on fire, but the water from the sky had stopped it.
The pharaoh collapsed, “Seto!” Jolts of light began striking the ground. “You will pay for this!” The three Items he was carrying all glowed intensely.

Hope you like this one

November 21st, 2003, 4:59 PM
I'll post the next chapter tonight, c ya.


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Chapter 4
Six days past, the heavy storm never let up. The pharaoh sleeps at this time. His dreams had continued, except for this night, it was Shadi who visited this dream. “My pharaoh,” His blank voice said. “You must go to the Shadow Chamber.”
“The Shadow Chamber?” The pharaoh questioned.
“Now!” He said.
The pharaoh awoke. “SHADI!” Sun was just a rising, the storm had calmed. The pharaoh grabbed his Puzzle and ran down into the Shadow Chamber once more.
The pharaoh couldn’t see anything the torches were dark. The pharaoh raised his hands and the torches re-lit them selves. It was a giant room; pillars surrounded it with several steps on each side with platforms for the “Summoners.” The Summoners chanted the summoning spell to summon monsters from the tablets, during the Shadow Duels. Some of the walls and parts of the ceiling had collapsed onto the dueling grounds. The pharaoh walked through the room; he simply stepped over the rubble.
The pharaoh headed down the tunnel where the Dark and Mystical Elves lie, something was drawing him there. The walls were lined with tablets of monsters, they were there to guard from intruders. When he made it to the elves, then suddenly with a blinding light something called him. The pharaoh spread him arms and the elves slid apart, revealing a tablet. This tablet was not like any the pharaoh had ever seen, it was old and weathered, like it had been around for thousands of years. The edges of the tablet were jagged and there were many figures along the top (but all their heads were missing), there was also a large sphere it was shaped like the Millennium Eye (but it had seems on it like the Puzzle), it was surrounded by the 7 Millennium Items (around the bottom of the Eye-like Item, they were the Ring, Scales, Key, Puzzle, Necklace, Eye, and Rod in order from left to right) on it, and the pharaoh translated the message written on it.
“What?” The markings on it shocked him. “‘Many moons after the pharaoh defeats, what he believes to be the greatest evil one who is close to him will turn and cause his own destruction.’ No!” The pharaoh added while reading the text. “’The keeper of the – will cause this destruction.’” A large piece was missing from the tablet.
“’Leading the rebels into battle with the holder of the Eighth Item.’ Eighth Item?” The pharaoh began to shake. “’The pharaoh’s death will not stop this chaos – the world will fall into permanent darkness.’”
He reached the end with another piece missing. The rest of he tablet has the three figures with the symbols of the seven items around them with another in the center. It was a round Item that looked like the Eye, but there were markings on it. The pharaoh could not decipher them.
“My pharaoh,” a voice said, it was Akura, “I – oh my!” The pharaoh saw him; he was quite shocked by the writing on the tablet. “Does this mean – there is a traitor?”
“I – I don’t know.” The pharaoh said shocked.
“I will search for the for the other Items and try to discover who it is, my pharaoh.” Akura said.
“Pharaoh.” Shadi’s voice said.
“Shadi?” The pharaoh said, but no one was there, once more. The pharaoh stood up, and rushed to Shadi’s room. He looked the same as before, just lying there. Teana was with Jono, in the room across the hall.
“Pharaoh!” Teana saw him.
“Pharaoh.” Jono said, wincing in pain.
“Are you alright?” The pharaoh asked. He hadn’t seen him since the day before.
“I’m fine.” His chest was covered in cuts and bruises. “Thank you, pharaoh.” Teana handed Jono a bowl.
“That’s good,” The pharaoh felt guilty for what he’d done, he still felt responsible for what had happened to him. Not just the fact that he was hurt but the fact that Jono’s friend Triton had gone missing. It wasn’t really his fault, he just felt guilty.
The pharaoh went into the room of Shadi. He saw his Millennium Scales partially uncovered by his robes. He felt a slight heat on his thigh it was the Key. The pharaoh untied it and looked at it in his hand.
The pharaoh turned the Key in his hand and inched it toward his head. The pharaoh then thought, “Concentrate – Concentrate,” The Key touched to his forehead.
It was as if 1,000 jolts of light had passed through the pharaoh’s body. Everything went dark to him. Then he could see the Millennium symbol, hovering before him. “Hello?” He called, his voice echoed.
“Pharaoh –” Shadi’s voice echoed.
“Shadi!” The pharaoh’s Puzzle and Necklace glowed brightly the Key was gone though. Then a pyramid appeared before the pharaoh. The pyramid was nearly transparent, but the pharaoh could see something inside. It was Shadi, but not just Shadi there was sand too it had nearly consumed him.
The pharaoh held his hands on either sides of his puzzle the intensity of its light grew more and more powerful. “NO!” Shadi said. Then the pharaoh thrust his hands forward, the light released it hurled toward the pyramid. It shattered sending the sand in every direction.
Shadi lay upon the floor with the pharaohs standing before Shadi, who was completely wiped out.
“Pharaoh,” Shadi said.
“Yes, Shadi.”
“You should not have come.”
The pharaoh looked puzzled.
“Dark forces grow stronger, pharaoh.”
The pharaoh felt odd.
“They knew that you would attempt to save me–” Shadi broke off.
“They set a trap.”
The pain in the pharaoh grew.
“Your spirit is slowly diminishing now.”
“No.” The pharaoh gasped.
Shadi’s voice grew dark, “You will now go to the Shadow Realm, for good!” That was now Shadi’s voice, but it was familiar.
“Show yourself.” The pharaoh gaped, again.
“Why would I wasn’t to do that?” The voice laughed. “Good bye, pharaoh.”
The pharaoh dropped to his knees. He looked at his hands they were growing crumbly. He was turning into sand.
“Pharaoh!” The real Shadi reappeared. He held the pharaoh in his arms, “I’m sorry pharaoh.”

November 27th, 2003, 1:26 PM
Chapter 5
Pharaoh! Jono was holding his head. Did you feel that, Teana?
Yeah, somethings wrong. Teana said. Lets go! She grabbed Jonos arm and wrapped it around her neck and stood him up. They hobbled into the next room. Pharaoh! Teana saw the pharaoh collapsed upon the body of Shadi. Somethings wrong with them. She pointed to Shadis eyes they were closed tightly.
Teana, growled Akura from behind them. Teana turned, with Jono, to see Akura with Triton. This tall brown haired man was scarred on his chest and arms with his head shaved. He was unconscious and hung limp from Akuras side. Hes been hurt. Akura grunted as he sat him down beside the bed of Shadi. I found him outside in the sand.
Triton! Jono touched him with his free arm. Friend, are you alright?
Triton groaned and his eyes opened. What what happened?
Triton, its okay now. Jono comforted him.
What happened to you?
Not important.
Triton turned his head, looking around. He saw the pharaohs pant leg. Ah! Pharaoh!


Shadi held the pharaoh as his body slowly degraded into sand. Im so, so sorry, pharaoh.
No-o-o-o. The pharaohs mouth was beginning its final decent into the Shadow Realm. < Its -- okay, -- Shadi! > The pharaoh attempted to communicate with Shadi using his Items. But it was growing more and more difficult. Shadi saw the pharaohs lower half it was completely transformed into sand.
Pharaoh Shadi said. The pharaoh was becoming more and more consumed by sand. It slowly traveled up his chest and his face began to dissolve. As his feeble form diminished his eyes slowly filled with tears.
Then an echoed voice said, Pharaoh! It was a positive voice. Were here for you! The pharaoh then was consumed by light, light from an unknown source. The slow decomposition stopped. Another voice then sounded, Come on, Pharaoh! The pharaohs body remained constant, still.
You can do it! said a third.
Then a forth said, We are here for you! The light then grew stronger and a hand of light appeared above the pharaoh. The sand began to stir. An arm then emerged, but it did not have the strength to reach the other hand.
The decomposition of the pharaoh began to reverse another arm then emerged. Then a leg, then two, then the form that was the pharaoh was now in the vague shape of the pharaoh. Shadi remained, shocked.
The left arm of the pharaoh lifted up to the large hand of light. But the pharaohs hand was stopped by the darkness that separated them stopped him. The pharaohs body of sand then began to dissolve again, especially around his arms. Were here for you! The voices said together.
Then with a sign of great intensity the pharaoh pushed his hand up into the hand of light. With a sudden jolt of energy passing through him he awoke with Teana, Jono, Akura, and Triton standing above him.
Are you alright? Teana released Jono, and embraced the Pharaoh.
Im The pharaoh said. Shadi groaned. Shadi?
Pharaoh Shadi whispered. Im sorry.
Its not your fault. The pharaoh said. The pharaoh laid the Key upon the chest of Shadi and said. This is yours.


The next morning, the pharaoh had not yet awoken, though the sun was nearly to the top of the sky. He was living awful dreams, dreams of his death his Necklace was glowing vividly.
In his dream he saw himself, from the third person, standing before thousands of shadowy people. There was one though, just before him, it just had its hand pointing at the pharaoh. But there was something in the palm of the hand it was the Millennium Symbol. The shadowy figure glided across the ground toward him, but the pharaoh could not move, the symbol had paralyzed him
The pharaohs eyes opened, sun was glaring into his eyes. He buried his face within his hands. Oh pharaoh, your up! Teana came in followed by Jono and Triton. Jono and Triton could both walk under their own strength, but still look hurt. We wanted to speak about last night She broke off. What happened, Yami?
I I found something something that foresaw my death.
Death? The three of them said.
I can show it to you, its down in the Shadow Chamber. The pharaoh said.
He led them down into the Shadow Chamber, on the way the pharaoh asked Triton what had happened to him, he didnt remember.
As they headed down the final hall, the pharaoh sensed danger. Whats a matter, pharaoh?
Some A blinding light appeared, it then vanished, revealing the Blue Eyed Dragon of Destruction, High Priest Seto was the was the only one able to summon this beast. The dragon roared at them. The pharaoh held his arms out. I command you to stand down, Dragon!
Why would my great beast do that? Seto emerged from behind his dragon, his Rod in hand.
We do not have time for this, Seto!
I think you do! Seto grinned. I hear, you suspect me of stealing your prisoner.
I do.
Whys that? Seto glared. Because I saw her before she vanished?
Remember this, pharaoh, He approached the pharaoh. We may not be friends, but no one will destroy you, except maybe me! The pharaoh removed his Rod from his waistband. Concentrate your power, my beast. The dragon obeyed and locked itself within its tablet. Seto slammed his shoulder against the pharaoh as he left. Your men will never find me. So dont even look.
Dirt bag, Jono groaned as Seto left.
The pharaoh brushed off what Seto had said and led his friends to the tablet. The three of them all appeared shocked when they viewed the tablet.
This cant be. Triton said.
No way. Jono said.
Teana said nothing, she just cried on the pharaohs shoulder.
It it cannot be true, The pharaoh said calmly. I have my friends to give me strength. He then looked to Teana. You are my friend too, Teana, I will need your help.
She looked into his eyes, I will help you, my friend.
Were here for you buddy. Triton placed his hand on the Pharaohs shoulder.
Were all here, for you. Jono smiled.
Thank you. The pharaoh said. But this fight has just begun.

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I like it! Post more! We should turn this into a rp!

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I think punkie90 means chain story... But carry on. Out of so much Yu-Gi-OH fics about a 4th God Card and stuff(by my friends) I finally found a 8th millenium item one... yippee!

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don't leave PFrog!!!!!!!!!!!!!it's just getn' good!!!!!!!


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I'll keep posting... Don't worry... But my whole story is on my olf PC... I'll be able to post the rest in a few days...


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Chapter 6
With sight of Seto's Dragon, once more, his dreams that night reminded him of how he became pharaoh. A hot day was preparing to be born, as the sun lifted up, up above the horizon. The pharaoh's father had died, killed by his own man; he was killed for his attempts to eliminate all gods except for one. Obviously he failed. Since the pharaoh was just a boy, he needed to be tested. The pharaoh was unpopular with all; he just never could fit in.
"No, please, NO!" The young pharaoh cried as two tall figures were throwing a piece of the Puzzle between each other. These two figures were Jono and Triton. They were on the bank of the Great River.
Jono laughed. "Why, Yami?" He threw it back to Triton.
"Yeah, why?" Triton laughed, throwing it back to Jono.
"Triton, watch this!" Jono threw the piece into the Great River.
"What are you doing?" Roared a guard of the palace. Jono and Triton fled. "Are you alright, young one?" The young pharaoh bolted toward the Great River, which was unusually low for the season. "Wait, where are you going?"
The young pharaoh did not reply. He just felt drawn to the piece. He leapt into the water; the strong current seemed not to faze him. He took in a great breath and dove below the surface of the water.
There were many stones with bugs and fish around the rocks. The piece was pulling him toward it, though he could not see it. For nearly 5 minutes he searched beneath the raging waters.
Then he saw it. The Millennium Symbol, the piece that was thrown into the water. He extended his arm toward the symbol, but something was wrong, something had wrapped around his leg. It was a root, the pharaoh attempted to shake it free, he couldn't. He reached to pull it off, it broke with little effort, but now he had realized that he had drifted down stream.
He then gave a few swift kicks with his legs. He then was within inches of it. The symbol glowed intensely. He picked the item up, off the bottom, and then swam to the surface. He then swam to the edge of the water and met several guards, two of which who were holding Triton and Jono. "What were you thinking?" One of the guards questioned.
"I -" Yami began. He then held his hand out with the piece in his hand.
"How did you survive?" The same guard asked. "The current should have taken you out to sea!" He took a deep breath. "Not to mention the many poisonous creatures in there! You never even came up for air! You can't even swim!"
"It - it called me!" The young Yami was feeling great shame at the moment.
"It called you!" He mocked. "You shouldn't even bother with that Puzzle. Many, including your father, worked with that puzzle, no one has been able to assemble it." The guard took another breath. "Besides the Great Puzzle is only meant for the chosen one, you are no chosen one!"
"Oh..." The pharaoh collapsed. Blood was running down his purple ankle.

Many weeks later, the pharaoh was sick from the poisonous effect of the root that wrapped around his leg. For days he had been working on the Puzzle, his spirit was undamaged by that guard. Pieces would come together, then something would happen. Either he realized a mistake or it would slip and fall to the ground and fall apart. It tended to fall to the ground near meal times when a servant came and would knock it off.
He became frustrated after a few days, and would order the servant out. After another week he was finally able to leave the palace.
When he first did he saw Jono and Triton, three other guys surrounded them. They all stood at the base of a long column of stairs. They were fighting. As they exchanged their attacks one of the guys attempted to strike Jono, from behind, but Yami couldn't allow that to happen.
"NO!" He yelled as he leapt from the stairs onto the attacker. Yami tackled the guy, but another guy threw him off.
"Hey!" A guard appeared from atop the stairs.
"Let's get out of here!" One of them said.
Jono and Triton were laying on the ground with blood streaming down their faces. "Are - are you alright?" Yami asked.
"Fine." Jono said. "Thanks."
"Yeah, thanks." Triton said.
"I wanted to help." Yami smiled.
"I'm sorry, Yami." Jono grabbed Yami's shoulder.
The guard came down the stairs, "It is time, Yami."
"What?" The three said together.
"You are to be tested," The guard said. "Tested, on the right to be pharaoh."
The guard had led down the path of stairs, down, down into the Shadow Chamber. They passed the Sacred Dueling Grounds, and then they met the keeper of the Millennium Rod, a tall man whose face was covered in darkness.
"Come, Yami!" He said. He led Yami, without the guard, past the rows of Ancient Tablets with monsters depicted upon them. At the end of these was a blank tablet. "Now, boy, place your hands upon the tablet."
Yami scared, touched the tablet, the reaction was instantaneous, and something in his soul felt a connection between himself with this tablet. Lights of deep purple emerged from this tablet for just a singular moment. Then when the lights stopped there were deep carvings upon this tablet, it depicted a dark man with in intricate robes and an unusual staff.
"The Magician of Darkness!" The Rod keeper said, shocked. He then dropped to his knees, bowing. "My pharaoh!"
"What?" Yami said. He turned to the tall tablet and felt its deep grooves and edges. He then whispered. "The Magician of Darkness." The tablet then relit and the magician appeared before Yami. He reached his hand out, he felt the magician, and he was real. "Your real?" The magician nodded, nodded with a bit of a smile on its face. "How can this be?"
"You are the chosen one, my pharaoh." A voice said. It was a tall dark skinned man with hallowed eyes and full-body robes and a turban on his heads. "You are meant to save this world from many evils, I must ask you to remain strong."
"Who are you?"
"I am Shadi, the Keeper of the Millennium Items." Shadi said. "I am here to guild you in your quest, goodbye, my pharaoh, and good luck." Shadi dropped to one knee then sank into the floor.
"Good bye." Yami whispered.
That evening Yami completed the Puzzle, that's when he met the power within the Puzzle.
Time then sped up and he was then reliving the Shadow Duel between Seto, before he became a High Priest, and Isis, with her Millennium Necklace. Two of her beasts were on the field, she then concentrated and summoned a third, but its color was off, dark and sick looking. Chanters on either side of the Sacred Dueling Grounds, they chanted, "Ancient forces at this twilight hour, hear our calls and grant us power."
"My Necklace predicts, that he will sacrifice my beasts to summon the Tormented Soul of Obelisk," Isis said. "But my beasts will take Obelisk down."
"I sacrifice the spirits of my failed beasts to steal the steal the spirits of your beasts." Seto said. When he said this two tablets shattered on his side of the field. "I do this to summon the Tormented Soul of Obelisk! Now Isis, do you regret giving this tablet to me?"
"As I foresaw." Isis said, to herself, then aloud. "No, Seto I do not!"
"Tormented Soul of Obelisk!" Seto pointed at Isis as he said. But then Marin's Millennium Rod was glowing intensely.
(The pharaoh was seeing this next part for the first time) Seto was on his knees in the desert and he was touching a tablet, it was glowed a vivid blue-white light. Then a dragon appeared upon his tablet. "The Blue Eyed Dragon of Destruction." Seto groaned.
Then with a flash he was back within Sacred Dueling Grounds. "My dragon." Seto was in a daze. Then he knew that he had to summon his beast. "My loyal servant, arise once more and offer your self with Obelisk to summon my Blue Eyed Dragon of Destruction!"
"WHAT?" Isis was shocked; her Necklace had never failed her.
The semi-transparent Obelisk and Raider exploded and a new tablet appeared from nowhere, was the one of the Blue Eyed Dragon.
"Blue Eyed Dragon of Destruction! Attack, Isis!" Seto ordered. The dragon launched a vivid stream of light at her it instantly consumed her.
Isis had collapsed when the dragon's attack had ended.
"Isis!" The pharaoh went to help her.
"My pharaoh, my Necklace has failed me." Isis said.
"It's okay, we can still stop your brother."
Isis raised her hands and unhooked her Necklace. "My brother's darkness will continue to grow, use this to stop him."
"I can't."
"You must, it no longer tells me the future."
Events then began to speed by as Isis's voice faded away, out of control until it stopped with Seto facing Marin. They were within the Sacred Dueling Grounds preparing for a Shadow Duel, but Marin was screaming.
Marin was on his knees squeezing his head and groaning. "No! NO!" Marin's Rod was calling out to Seto. Seto and Marin were in disbelief at this occurrence.
Marin squeezed his head and screamed out again, and dropped his Rod. But the Rod did not fall it simply hovered before Seto. His hand shook as it reached out for the Rod, then when he touched it golden light flooded the room.
With Seto's laughter rang the events sped by once more, but this time they were deep within the Shadow Chamber, far, far beyond the Walls of the Guardians they were hidden. The pharaoh was with Isis and Seto where Isis had discovered something. To the far left it depicted the Pharaoh verses Maximus (The wearer of the Millennium Eye), then it showed the Pharaoh verses Seto, then there was a large portion missing (which was the same shape as the tablet that the Pharaoh found behind the Dark and Mystical Elves, but the heads were still not revealed).
Isis spoke; pointing at the duel depicting the Pharaoh verses Seto, there were three blank rectangles on this tablet. "The two of you control the three Tablets of the Gods, Slifer the Dragon of Shadow, Rah's Servant Dragon, Tormented Soul of Obelisk."
"What?" Seto gasped.
"If you do not seal their powers their powers will be unleashed and cause great destruction to the Earth for 5000 years." Isis said in a flat voice.
"Never!" Seto said, who controlled Obelisk.
"Seto, we must." The pharaoh, who controlled Slifer and Rah said.
"Why?" Seto said. "So the pharaoh can unlock them and destroy me?"
"No," Isis said. "The Puzzle is not meant to release this power, it is the Eye who is. And as we all know Maximus has gone into exile after his Eye was returned."
The pharaoh then ignored Seto's rants about this news, and held his hands around his Puzzle. He was summoning his God Tablets. A golden vortex appeared, it split in two then flew into two of the vacant rectangles. Their symbols were then etched into the tablet.
"Fine!" Seto snapped. He then summoned a black vortex and filled the rectangle and Obelisk was locked within the tablet.


The pharaoh awoke, his body felt weak, like when he first discovered his destiny. "These Forbidden Memories." He whispered to himself. "Will they haunt me forever?"