View Full Version : Terrible, Terrible ripoff of P2k

November 14th, 2003, 7:39 AM
Chosen one? There is no chosen one. This is just a terrible, terible rip-off of the movie, which means the trainers
all team up. because you know on the inside that power of one thing is a load of [email protected]

You can only have one Pokemon. No legendaries. It can be shiny however. To indicate this, put a star(*) by thier name.
As mentioned above, the trainers and pokemon will team up and get the three orb thingys.

I changed the whole crazy evil collecter guy into Team Rocket. Why? Well, just tell me who your perfer: A crazy card
collector named Larry, or a bunch of evil guys of various names? I thought so.




Name: Ali
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Blue
Attire: Blue Jeans, Dark blue shirt.
Pokemon: Umbreon*(Gender: Female, Name: Luna)


Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice and Lightning
Less these titans wreak distruction
upon the world in which they clash
Though the water's great guardian shall raise to quell the fighting

Alone it's song will fail
Thus the world will turn to ash
Unto thine hands, bring together all three
The treasures combined tame the beast of the sea
From the three of islands, ancient spheres shall you take
For between life and death, for the difference you lay
Unto the shrine, to right what is wrong
And the world will be healed by the Guardian's song

I decided to cut to the chase and get to the part where Team rocket catches the birds.