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March 15th, 2010, 10:17 AM
My Name Is Ian.I LOVE Pokemon!
I am starting a trade thread so I can trade my less used Pokemon to good homes and maybe add some "Oomph" to my team in return.
I will trade just about anything I have for Just about anything... I Have one small, teensy-tiny, itsy-bitsy request... demand... Thing: For the sake of all that is holy and good in this world... No Bidoofs, and no Bibarels. I apologize if that's what you have to trade, but I just cant seem to wrap my heart around a beaver. Dunno why.
I have a decent amount of Pokemon to trade, But few (If any) Multiples. I do, however, have a ditto, which stays almost continually in the Day-Care. If you want to trade, just send me a PM, and I will be glad to help you out!
The Pokemon:
I will attempt to make a coherent list. They are listed by their first type.
Level 24 Wooper Male, Level 23 Quagsire Female, Level21 Marill Female, Level 24 Psyduck Male, Level 31 Gastrodon Female, Level 39 Shellos Male, Level 41 Wingull Female, Level 41 Floatzel Male, Level 19 Qwilfish Male
Level 3 Starly Female x2, Level 8 Zubat Male, Level 19 Buneary Female, Level 40 Clefairy Male, Level 20 Happiny Female, Level 17 Aipom Female, Level 18 Porygon2
Level 10 Geodude Male, Level 24 Sudowoodo Male, Level 29 Golem Male
Level 17 Kricketune Male, Level 23 Wormadam Female
Level 22 Budew Female, Level 32 Snover Male, Level 49 Roserade Male, Level 28 Roselia Female, Level 34 Cherubi Female, Level 32 Carnivine Male
Level 22 Alakazam Female
Level 16 Ponyta Male, Level 39 Flareon Male
Level 25 Gengar Male
Level 13 Meditite Female
What I need:
I am in search of pretty much anything you can think of, but I have a few favorites. I can arrange to trade more than one Pokemon if needed to get some of these:

First and Foremost I NEED an Arceus. Its not just a want anymore, sadly.
Shinies! I recently discovered that I lost my Fire Red, and along with it, a Shiny Fearow, To the evil dust bunnies that live in my closet. It was the first shiny I ever caught, and It set me off with shiny fever. Of course, I havent caught any other shinies since, sooooooo....
Legendary Doggies. I want em baaaad
Deoxys. 'Nuff Said.
Evolution Items, Stones or otherwise. I would just LOVE to get my Electabuzz ( Ma team Leader lol) evolved.
Pretty Much Any other legendaries you can think of
Finally, Ralts. You can never get enough of em *wink*

Thank You!
I know that reading this thread took slightly less time than it took me to write it! I appreciate your time, and even if you don't want to trade, I'm Almost ALWAYS free to talk. Thanks again!

March 15th, 2010, 11:12 AM
hey i have TONS of ralts :D ud be doing me a favour taking them, seriously..>.<
u can have some doggies and shiny/magikarp/mew/kingdra/rayquaza, too..
pm me :L