View Full Version : Hola personas, yo soy nuevo

October 28th, 2004, 10:31 AM
Hey every one!...I'm new here!...Thats what the title says.(I'm not really Ashlee Simpson,lol)...I'm sure I'll have alot of fun.

Cheese Pizza
October 28th, 2004, 10:32 AM
Welcome to the forum!

Lil' Schu
October 28th, 2004, 11:02 AM
Like Ash Ketchum said! Hiya! I'm Lil' Schu!

Ninja Retsu
October 28th, 2004, 4:14 PM
Hello. Welcome to PC. My name's Blue Jasmine. Nice to meet you. Have a good time.

October 29th, 2004, 5:24 AM
Hey, welcome to the board. :)

Dark Trainer Piro
October 29th, 2004, 7:51 AM
Bienvenida!!! (Welcome that's what it is) :P
I hope you have lots of fun! ;)

October 29th, 2004, 7:55 AM
hey.........hope u enjoy in pc...........

October 29th, 2004, 8:36 AM
Beunas Dias! Mi llamo Pogiforce-14. Yo Creo (Whatever the word for enjoy is) Pokemon Centre. Como Estas?

Mayu Shinjo
October 29th, 2004, 11:22 AM
Hi there Ashlee_Simpson. Welcome to PC. ^_^