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October 29th, 2004, 7:22 PM
pokemon:ONLY ONE THAT DOESINT EVOLVE NO LEGENDS!or1st/3rd/2nd stages
hometown:darit town, isabrail city, reyite canyon, lanix villige, or one of yours
wepon:(bow,dagger sword ect, normal wepons no legendairy crap and stuff)
sheild:optional, describe it, no legendairy crap and stuff 1 gem needed
abilitys:you only get one ability,gem cuter,holy blesser,hunter,cook,carpenter.
skills: its diffrent:you get 5 points, max a skill can reach is 10, you must use all five now and you can use no more then 2 points on each skill, skills:defence

pokemon:domino the absol,tice the absol,pyra the absol
hometown:lanix villige
wepon:dark short sword
sheild: sapphire sheild
gem: sapphire
ability: gem cuter
skills:defence 1/10strenth 0/10speed 2/10inteligence 2/10will 0/10
gems:dark & sapphire

you get 2 gems when you start, we'l need at least 1 cook, hunter and holy blesser, shadow pokemon taint your last pokemon pokemon who dont evolve have some sort of imunity toward its main effects, however if exposed to the shadow for to long it becomes a shadow pokemon and kills its trainer, your pokemon has 10 hits before it becomes a shadow pokemon, shadow pokemon only attack with the move "taint" if its used on your pokemon 10 times it becomes a shadow pokemon, holy blessers can bless water and return a pokemon's taint meter to 0,each person starts with 500gp, a common item sells for about 30gp, and a rare for up to 10,000gp, pokemon can be sold and the maximum number of pokemon you can have is 3., you cant have your wepon until a gem cuter makes it,

i'll post the story next, make your person

October 29th, 2004, 7:41 PM
one day i was walking around lanix,me domino tice and pyra we wandered outside of thevillige into the tall grass..but there wernt any pokemon strangly so we searched and searched to no avail, so when we went back to lanix, before we could get there..a few dragon pokemon, looking a blackish color landed and began spiting flames throughout the villige, i ran up to the villige to help, but to my horror i saw trainers pokemon turn on them imidiatly killing them, i saw the pokemart on fire so i ran in and grabed a red pokeball, a green one, and a blue one, i put tice in the blue one, pyra in the red and domino in teh green, i grabed a few potions and elixers and ran out of the building, i ran away from the villige being chased by dark pokemon, but i wouldint lose domino tice or pyra, so i ran until they quit, and made it here to a old burnt out shack, but then you steped in, looking a bit clawed up.