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March 31st, 2010, 11:15 AM
Hey Everyone!
I'm new on here, and so I've decided to open my own trade thread.
I'm bringing to The PokeCommunity Forums lots of fresh new pokes, many useful items, and some cool giveaways for you all to indulge in :D
Unfortunately I have to ask you all to read the rules listed below, then we can get straight onto the fun stuff!
Thanks Guys!

Rules ~

1.. No arguing or flaming guys - this is supposed to be fun, remember :)

2.. I do not accept hacks. I understand that it is not always possible to know if a pokemon you are trading is a hack, therefore I merely ask for your honesty - if you are not sure of a poke's legitimacy, tell me :) I guarantee I will do the same for you!

3.. Unless stated otherwise, I do not generally accept pokesavs. The same rules apply as for hacks.

4.. I do clone, and so it is possible sometimes that a pokemon I am trading you may be a clone. However, I try to ensure that pokemon are not mass redistributed, and if you ask me if the pokemon you are being traded is cloned, I will answer you with complete honesty.

5.. If I list a pokemon as NR (Non - redistributable), I mean it! If I find out that anyone has not respected this request, I will ban that person from the thread and make sure that everyone else knows of their dishonesty. Likewise, I completely respect any of your NR respects and you have my word to keep your pokes safe and sound :)

6.. You may PM me with requests if I am offline, but otherwise please keep requests in the thread.

Whew! Now that that's done, we can get down to real business



I currently offer two services:

* BREEDING - I am embarking on several new breeding projects on SoulSilver, and I will be accepting your own projects shortly. PM me for this service please :)

*RARECANDYING - I can rare candy your EV'd pokes to level 100 quickly, saving you a lot of unecassary time and battles!

Specific Rules ~

1.. I may ask to keep a copy of the poke you wish me to clone, but of course will only keep this for my own personal use unless you inform me that I can do otherwise. Other than this I will not ask for any repayment for this service, and I will do max 6 pokes, cloned once, per day per person.

2.. Breeding projects are likely to take a little time to complete, depending on what you require. Please give me a week at least to complete.

3.. I will rare candy 6 pokes per person per day.


*Mystery Eggs*
I often have excess eggs that I do not have chance to hatch following breeding projects. These eggs are randomly placed into a PC box, ready to be collected by you! You get the excitement of hatching the mystery egg for free, and the pokemon you receive will likely be a pokemon with good IVs and/or egg moves!

Mystery Eggs Currently Available: 4

Just post the following to receive an egg:
'Mystery Egg'
'Your FriendCode'

*Adoption Centre*
Here is where I list any pokemon I have hanging around in my boxes, un-used and in need of good homes :) Pleeeease take them off my hands!!

At the moment I have... (all level 1 unless specified)

*An excess of Treeckos, Mudkips and scythers, varying natures and genders, all NNable.
Just ask!
*Eevee's - Jolly, Lax, Relaxed
*Feebas - Quiet, Bold, Lonely, Brave, Quirky, Serious
*Magbys - Mild, Hardy
*Phiones - Adamant, Bold
*Elekid - Lax
*Salamence - Serious, level 55
*Snorlax - Careful (lv 23), Naive (lv 30)

Also I have many other random pokemon lying around, if you need a certain one for a dex entry just ask!

Now the really good stuff ...

3.Ev Trained

~ If you require IV's ask, I can give you a rough idea but for accurate numbers I will PM you later ...

> Gallade lv 23 (T) Adamant

> Snover lv 34 (UT) Calm

> Togepi lv 18 (UT) Brave

April 2nd, 2010, 7:35 AM
Your adoption centre - are they all pretty much giveaways?

If so, I'm interested in a Mudkip (♀ if possible), Treecko (♂ if possible), Feebas (♀ if possible) and maaaaayyybe the Salamence - CMT (click the Mudkippy in my sig) for some useless guys to pick from, and PM me a reply :D

April 2nd, 2010, 8:12 AM
If you really are giving away pokemon, i'll happily take them off your hands.

April 2nd, 2010, 10:03 AM
I would like a mystery egg. :)
My friend code is 2321-8625-6597

April 2nd, 2010, 10:17 AM
Hello ^_^ Can I adopt a Lax Eevee?

April 2nd, 2010, 10:21 AM
I'd like to get in on the Salamance Serious LV.55 but i guess that depands on what Kon~'s mabey ends up to be.

April 2nd, 2010, 1:18 PM
rarecandying... thats a pretty good service i might use when i try my hand at eving in the next couple of days...

but onto what i came here for <_< ill try a mystery egg :]

fc is the hg one in my sig.