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April 19th, 2010, 1:03 AM
Hey, Guys its leecher.

well basically this Thread is for Trading/Breeding

I will EV train your pokemon but i will not breed for Iv's
I have access to every pokemon in the game because my pokedex is complete. i can help you with this

Also i can cleanse your pokemon of Evs for a price depends how much berrys you need me to use


2# if you have a doubt or a question (that ISN'T about a transaction) please pm me do not spam my thread

3# if i trade you a hack pokemon there will be a full refund as i do not mean to and i am human and do make mistakes (although this has only happend once and we traded back 4nd all went well, in the end i gave him a two more instead of just one)

5# if you have a question ABOUT the transaction please post in the thread

6# Please try your best to trade me legit pokemon i will not get angry about this but i would like you to try.

7# I need you to clone my pokemon and give me the originals. I DON'T CLONE.

8# Read these rules once more and don't forget them.

Event Pokemon:

Lovely Place Pikachu Lvl 99. Nature Hardy (Event moves: Volt tackle, surf) Item: Light ball

TRU shaymin Lvl 50. Nature: Jolly

WISHMKR Jirachi Lvl 5. Nature: Serious (Shiny)

ALAMOS Darkrai Lvl 100.Nature: Modest (Event Move: Roar of time) Evs: 252 SpA 4 Hp-
252 Spe

ELI Shaymin Lvl 100. Nature: Modest (Earth Power)

Movie 08 Regigigas Lvl 100. Nature: Careful

Distant Land Entei Lvl 100. Nature: Modest (Eruption)

Mystic Ticket/Navel rock Ho-oh Lvl 71. Nature: Lax

Lovely Place Electivire Lvl 100. Nature: Adamant (proud of its power) Ev's 252 Atk 4 hp 252 Spe

Lovely Place Magmortar Lvl 50. Nature: modest

GARETT Dewgong Lvl 34. Nature: Bold (nicknamed SEELOR)

Distant Land Lunatone Lvl 31. Nature: Impish (quick to flee) (moves include: psychic, baton pass, rain dance, rock tomb)

REYLEY Mr. Mime Lvl. 64. Nature: Timid (quick to flee)

Distant Land Meditite Lvl 20. Nature: Lax (Dynamic Punch , confusion , shadow ball , detect)

CLIFTON Electrode Lvl 22. Nature: Hasty

Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Lvl 1. Nature: Serious

ELYSSA Farfetch'd Lvl 17. Nature: Adamant (nick named CH'DING)

Shiny Pokemon:

Kanto Fearow Lvl 41. Nature: Sassy

Platinum Scizor Lvl 29. Nature: Jolly (Quick To Flee)

Hoenn Rayquaza Lvl 100. Nature: Serious

Diamond Shuckle Lvl 100. Nature: Impish

Diamond Giratina Lvl 70. Nature: Bold (alert to sounds)

Pearl Slaking Lvl 36. Nature: Jolly

Pearl Delcatty Lvl 40. Nature: Lonely

Diamond Uxie Lvl 60. Nature: Gentle

Pearl Cresselia Lvl 50. Nature: Relaxed

Pearl Palkia Lvl 52. Nature: Lax

Pearl Tyranitar Lvl 55. Nature: Adamant

Hoenn Registeel Lvl 73. Nature: Impish

Kanto Suicune Lvl 50. Nature: Adamant

Kanto Raikou Lvl 50. Nature: Bold

Diamond Cherubi Lvl 8. Nature: Naughty

Hoenn Groudon Lvl 51. Nature: Serious

Diamond Lucario Lvl 100. Nature: Mild (riley egg)

Diamond Burmy Lvl 10. Nature: Naive

Hoenn Kyogre Lvl 70. Nature: Relaxed

Pearl Steelix Lvl 85. Nature: Jolly

Diamond Mesprit Lvl 50. Nature: Sassy

Pearl Empoleon Lvl 36. Nature: Timid (daycare)

Platinum Weavile Lvl 100. Nature: Hardy

Platinum Infernape Lvl 50. Nature: Quiet

Hoenn Shedinja Lvl 72. Nature: Gentle

Platinum Yanmega Lvl 100. Nature: Bold

Hoenn Abra Lvl 7. Nature Naughty

Platinum Probopass Lvl 100. Nature: Adamant


I can get you any legendary you need i dont have to list this....


Abra: Adamant
Abra: Lax

Abra: Modest

Ralts: Modest

Ralts: Hardy

Gardevoir: Relaxed

Espeon: Jolly

Umbreon: Naughty

Abra: Calm

Abra: Rash

Abra: Hasty

April 19th, 2010, 1:07 AM
Can I borrow the Movie Regis?

April 19th, 2010, 1:33 AM
Interested in shiny abra and shiny cherubi, CMT please.

April 19th, 2010, 6:36 PM
yeah you can have the cherubi and abra