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May 2nd, 2010, 6:58 PM
Tell me what nature.
Munchlax Lv1
Charmander Lv1
Elekid Lv1
Magby Lv1
Eevee Lv1
Totodile Lv1
Togepi Lv1
Scyther Lv1
Dratini Lv1
Tyrogue Lv1
Teddiursa Lv1

I have TONS of them, you will get 6-3 for a good pokemon.

I also have:

Scizor Lv19
Feraligatr Lv56
Vaporeon Lv28
Magmortar Lv16
Mewtwo Lv 71

All non-shiny.

Looking For:
Shiny Vaporeon/Eevee
Vaporeon Lv 40+
UT Dragonite
Any Lv100's
TM26 Earthquake
Lots of Rare Candies
Or make me a deal with what you have.