View Full Version : With a Half-Hearted Hello

May 7th, 2010, 7:05 PM
Hi :) I'm just an average bubbly teenager seeking friends and an internet realtionship a place to express my young adolescent mind! :) I luv pkomen and i'm kewl, so u kind of have to be my frined. <3333

Oh! And you can call me Hikadalika Yashamuka for short! <3333333333

No, no, that was a joke, I really hope people know that (not trying to offend anyone either...) I'm not a very funny person on that note.

Anywho I don't usually go on the internet unless it has something to do with gaming, but given I'm a Pokemon fan (And have been since 1999) and since Summer Vacation is coming up meaning no more school until Fall (hooray.) I have begun to grow increasingly bored I decided to join this site...Not that I'm saying this is a last resort anything.

So yeah, as said above I don't usually go on the internet unless it's game-related (well, school-related to), so I don't have a high concept of the 'Internet Social Life' and while I don't write excessively, my grammar and vocabulary is decent and I know the basics of Roleplaying and whatnot given all the essays I have to write in school, and no, I'm not in college or anything in case anyone's starting to think "This person seems old..." but whatever, as it stands everything I know is from the GameInformer or a text book...

But I digress, it's late, I'm not really tired, but my HeartGold awaits me so I figured I should just post something before I retire to my DS.

So, all in all, hello everyone.