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God Of Water
November 5th, 2004, 9:23 PM
A New Region has been discoved in the south areas of the famous Water Sea.The local leader
has named it Elemental,and he has planned it to be another region like Kanto,Johto,Hoenn etc

One year later..........
Elemental now has about 8 small towns,and the leader is getting to busy to continue
construction so he has picked about seven people who will become mayor of each town.
Each town as a small police station,a small fire department,a small hospital,a small pokemon
center,a few small shops,about 20 houses and about a population of 80 people.
Your mission is to turn Elemental`s towns into citys and build more villages.
There is Grass Town,Water Town,Fire Town,Eletric Town,Rock Town,Flying Town,Fightning Town and Psychc Town
Note:I can add more towns if you want a new town like Dark Town,Steel Town etc.Just PM me.
Now your one of the people chosen to be mayor of a town.You must make farms,create or buy
eletricty,add a aiport(only one town can have a airport),add a seaport(only one town can
have a sea port),build more houses and shops,add more eletricity lines and water pipes etc
Heres the form
Age:(Between 20 to 30)
Town in charge of:

I take Water Town and Ill add the rest of my info later.

Electric Hero
November 5th, 2004, 9:34 PM
sounds cool

Name: Max Hunter
Age: 21
Town in charge of: Electric Town
Personailty: brave, friendly, happy
Looks: black hair with anime hairstyle , blue eyes, and black clothes including gloves

espeon and umbreon
November 5th, 2004, 9:46 PM
Name: Summer ( Sum for short)
Age: 20
Town in chrage of: Psychic town
Personality: carefree and kind. She's smart and always have an load of ideas.
Looks: coming back to it.

God Of Water
November 6th, 2004, 3:10 PM
Great we only need a few more people
Town in charge of:Water
Personailty:Intellegent and always full of ideas,kind to others.
Looks:Blonde hair,blue eyes,red t shirt,green pants and a blue cap.

November 20th, 2004, 2:15 PM
Name: Thunder
Town in charge of: Flying Town
Personality: nice,listens well,cares about people,curious,and intelligent
Looks: Blonde hair,blue T-shirt and a red vest over it;blue jeans,one brown eye,the other blue.
Is this good?

November 20th, 2004, 4:54 PM
((Can I like, be an evil dictator of a town? :D ))
Name: Ferrera (Fur-reh-ruh)
Town in charge of: Fire Town
Personality: Heartless and pitiless, you just wait, she'll make an army out of a town in two days flat. And the fact that her Pokemon are smart, and vicious powerhouses will help her steamroll anyone who tries to interfere with her...
Looks: Tall, with long back hair, one green eye, one blood red eye. Black cloak...
Pokemon helper people thingus...: Houndoom, Entai, Haunter, Pidgeotto, Aggron SIXTH POKEMON IN SIGGY
(( That's if I can be the evil dictator.))