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May 16th, 2010, 5:05 PM
Okay, I start; Yes Yes I know. A few of you guys feel we shouldn't have any more Legendary Pokemon. But c'mon you gotta think. It's a new Gen, New Region, New Pokemon, its inevitable that there will be new Legendary Pokemon.

Which brings me to this:

What do you think they'll be. What I mean is, their legend, their place in the Story, etc. Will the new Pokemon Syndicate be after them or what?


Gen I ( FireRed/Leafgreen): They had no placement in the Story at all. Just Pokemon you happen to find in one area and one chance to catch.

Gen II( Heart Gold/Soul Silver): Was focused around them, in a sense. Besides Team Rocket, legends of Ho-Oh and Suicune revolved around Ethan/Lyra as legends say that when a human is able to be with Pokemon in peace and harmony, Ho-Oh would appear ( If you catch all 3 Legendary Beats, but its the same thing) and Suicune test you several times to see if your chosen of pure of heart .

Gen III( R/S/E): Story was completely based on them. 2 syndicates wanting you capture Groudon or Kyogre in order to either expand the land masses or expand the bodies of water.
Both syndicates thought they were helping the world; by expanding the land mass, Team Magma believe they create more habitats for Pokemon and more living places for humans and Team Aqua believes that they'll increase the aquatic habitats for aquatic Pokemon, little did they know they were throwing the entire balance of nature out of whack. Causing the 2 Pokemon to become enraged and fight each other to the point where the weather itself starts to go haywire, and it takes Rayquaza to qwell the fighting.

Gen IV ( D/P/Pt): Again the Story was completely around them. 3 Pokemon considered to be deities. Dialga, creator and controller of time, Palkia, creator and controller of space, and Giratina the guardian of Reverse World. Plus we have the 3 Lake Guardians: Mesprit: Pokemon Creator of Emotion, Uxie: Pokemon Creator of Knowledge, and Azelf: Pokemon Creator of Will Power. Team Galactic, mainly Cyrus wanted to capture Dialga and Palka by creating a red chain created by the jewels from the head of the 3 Lake Guardians, and us them to create a new world where he is in control and he believes to be a world of peace.

Only in reality, Cyrus was just using all of Team Galactic to accomplish this what he was doing would result in the destruction of the world. Giratina didn't like what was going on because the Reverse World is on the opposite of the Real World and what ever happens in the Real World-happens to the Reverse World and vice-versa. Giratina, being the guardian of the Reverse World was pissed and wasn't gonna let Cyrus do it. SO on Spear Pillar, just when Cyrus was about to rip Dialga and Palkia from their dimensions, Giratina came from his own dimension and dragged Cyrus into the Reverse World. After a few adventuring and battling Cyrus is defeated and disappears and Giratina isn't angry anymore.

SOOO, what I'm wondering, what will the Legendary Pokemon be in Isshu and will the story be around them? Will be considered deities as well? Or what do you think?

May 16th, 2010, 5:07 PM

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