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May 19th, 2010, 5:33 AM
We are looking for other people that feel they have been SCAMMED by the "Australian" company called Boonex also known as Andrew Boon (who in fact is a scammer from Kyrgyzstan whos name is Andrey Sivtsov, but he had to change his name due to problems with Interpol). We are filing a Multi Plantiff lawsuit against them for running what we believe to be the largest SCAM in U.S. and Australian history. We are wanting to file this this month and there will be NO charge for the Attorney. You can call me direct if you have any information. If you can, try to get a refund, but it can be already too late.

Boonex is a Kirgyz scam that pretend to be in Australia. Try googling "boonex scam" first.The problem as I see it is that Dolphin scam is just a bad piece of software. These guys can everything - create excitement and hype around mediocre products, make promises, look like they listen to people but they just can’t write good software.
When you look at the code and database structure, it’s like 30 people wrote it simultaneously without thinking/discussing/projecting. You can start developing for Dolphin within 5 minutes (because there’s no structure at all) - but you can’t get this damn thing finally working. By fixing bugs you can easily break other features. Things are being like that with all their releases in spite of them saying “this time it’s different and we fixed all bugs we could find” every time.
Their community revolves around freelancers seeking to make a quick buck out of clueless people. Bon, you call that community? Ecosystem? Boonex is a scam. Try googling boonex scam

May 19th, 2010, 5:57 AM
Have you considered google searching or asking for help. Boonex isn't a scam and if it was, boonex wouldn't be around any more.

got this from google.

And you did get it from http://www.boonex.com didn't you?

Annnnnnnd, I'm guessing this is just a one time thing from you, so I'm just going to go ahead and close this.