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May 21st, 2010, 6:50 AM
Partner Pokemon!
the gist is that you cannot just collect pokemon and stuff your team. You have a deep connection to a max of 4 pokemon through the entire game, and you don't play favorites

1) you can only carry 2 of your main pokemon a time

2) your second pokemon should only go out for double battles, and you can only switch him into first position in pokecenters.

3) you can carry only one HM slave with you at any time, and have a max of 2 in total. choose wisely (they are like your stage crew).

4) only for the elite 4 can you carry all your main pokemon, but no hm slaves (no sacrifice healing, sorry). Also, you must choose one pokemon to fight each elite4 member by himself. If he faints, you may switch to another, but no reviving. If 2 faint in the elite 4 you must restart.

5) never sacrifice your hm slaves!!! they are part of the team, remember?

6) no favorites= all pokemon must be caught with the same ball. since your starter is in a pokeball, same for everyone else.

-no exp shares! the pokemon in front is the only one to fight unless you switch at a pokemon center.
-no trading. ever. if you need a alakazam, you are allowed to hack this: make it evolve 14-20 levels After it's second evolution (depending on how slow it gains exp/how high a level it is at second evolution already). If your trade evolution is the only evolution, like clamperl, make it lvl 30-45

optionall extras:
-you can use a random pokemon generator to find a non legendary non uber to be your starter. a small challenge. only other hack allowable. if youcome up with a evolved pokemon, use it's starting form.

if there are any ideas, please share.
if anyone knows how to properly make a banner, please pm me.