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May 21st, 2010, 10:00 AM
Okay, I havent traded anything between this game and others, so i dont have any .

-Please don't spam, i will get to you eventually, one post please
-No noob offers.
-Don't give me cloned, hacked pokemon.
-code with @ iinfront of pokemon name doesnt have a kind name. register as XX I didnt name, was older sisters, when i got it at 1st gym, didnt feel like restarting. Dont be offended by me.
-If there is a nickname to pokemon it will be shown after the real name of pokemon. If i have the abillity to change it for you, it well have a ^ before the nickname
-If I myself or a friend of mine isnt the OT, and im not 100% sure its legit, Then I will tell you the User i got it from. and OT name.

New items are BLUE Items on hold reserve will be GREEN Items awaiting to be traded will be RED (you have 3 days after ordered to create trade unless i'm away for a while)

Codes needed
{if * is infront of pokemon's name} Melly :: 5285-4118-2095
{if @ is infront of pokemon's name} XX ::

Gender (F.[girl] M.[boy] N.[no gender]) Level. Dex Name. Nick Name. Nature. Ability.
STATS. Moves

*[shiny] F. Lv 48. [red] Gyrados. ^Spider-Man. Bashful. Intimidate
HP156/Atk138/Def96/Sp.Atk70/Sp.Def105/Sp104. Ice Fang::Waterfall::Surf::HyperBeam.
No rare candys, no daycare, some protiens and other improving stat effects.
*[UT] F. Lv 20. Sudowoodo. ^Leala. Jolly. Rock Head.
HP64/Atk46/Def56/Sp.Atk16/Sp.Def33/Sp18. Flail::Low Kick::Rock Throw::Mimic
No Stat Effects whatsoever
*[UT] M. Lv 12 Cubone. ^Skeletor. Lax. Lightningrod.
HP34/Atk19/Def33/Sp.Atk15/Sp.Def17/Sp13 Growl::Tail Whip::Bone Club::Headbutt
No Stat effects whatsoever
*M. Lv 45. ABSOL. Gentle. Super Luck
HP126/Atk133/Def63/Sp.Atk84/Sp.Def74/Sp81 Blizzrd::Bite::Dark Pulse::Future Sight
3 rare candys used. No Daycare. Carbos. Protiens, and other improving items used.
*M. Lv 39 Alakazam. ^Asterix. Naughty. Synchronize.
No rare candy, No Daycare, Positive stat items used [carbos, etc]
*M. Lv 16 Togepi ^KiKi Naive. Hustle
Hp42/Atk14/Def26/Sp.Atk21/Sp.Def27/Sp16 Headbutt::Yawn::Extrasensory::Metronome
No rare candy, Daycare, or stat improving items used
*M. Lv 30. Growlithe ^Blazer Rash Intimidate
No Rare candy, or daycare used.Carbos's and other stat improving items have been used.
*F. Lv 25 Poliwhirl. ^Tidbit. Timid. Damp
Hp72/Atk39/Def44/Sp.Atk35/Sp.Def38/Sp64 BubbleBeam::Surf::Hypnosis::Water Gun
No stat effects have been used
*F. Lv 43. Fearow. ^Twittel. Bold. Keen Eye
Hp119/Atk89/Def86/Sp.Atk71/Sp.Def67/Sp112 Fly::Roost::Assurance::Arial Ace
No daycare, no rare candy's Some improving stat items used.
*[UT] N. Lv 25 Staryu ^Starfy, Naughty. Natural Cure
Hp55/Atk33/Def38/Sp.Atk44/Sp.Def30/Sp50 Rapid Spin::Recover::WhirlPool::Swift
No Stat effects whatsoever.

*Everstone :: An item held by a pkemon. The pokemon holding this peculiar stone is prevented from evolving
*Silk Scarf :: An Item to be held by a pokemon. It is a sumptuous scarf that boosts the power of normal-type moves
*Soothe Bell :: An item to be held by a pokemon. It isa bell with a comforting chime that calms the holder and makes it more friendly
*[2] Moon stone :: A peculiar stone that makes a certain species of pokemon evolve. It is as black the night sky
*Choice Scarf :: An Item held by a pokemon. This scarf boosts Speed, but allos the use of only one kind of move.
*Muscle Band :: An item held by a pokemon. IT is a headband that slightly boosts the power of physical moves
*Smoke Ball :: An item to be held by a pokemon. It enables the holder to flee from any wild pokemon without fail.
*Lagging Tail :: An item to be held by a pokemon. It is tremendously heavy and makes the holder move slower than usual
*Mystic Water :: An item to be held by a pokemon. It is a teardrop-shaped gem that ups the power of Wate-type moves.
*Metal Coat :: An item to be held by a pokemon. It is a special metallic film that ups the power of steel-type moves.
*Metal Powder :: An Item to be held by DITTO. extremely fine yet hard, this odd powder boosts the defense stat
*Cleanse Tag :: An item to be held by a pokemon. It helps keep wild pokemon away if the holder is the first one in the party
*Wise Glasses :: An item held by a pokemon. kIt is a thick pair of glasses that slightly boosts the power of special moves
*Grip Claw :: A Pokemon held item that extends the duration of bultiturn attacks like Bind and Wrap
*Dawn Stone :: A peculiar stone that makes a certain species of pokemon evolve. It sparkles like eyes
*Amulet Coin :: An item to be held by a pokemon. It doubles a battle's prize money if the holding pokemon joins in.
*Desnsity Knot :: A long thin bright red string to be held by a pokemon. If the holder becomes infatuated the foe does too.
*BrightPowder :: An Item held by a pokemon. It casts a tricky glare that lowers the opponents accuracy
*Miracle Seed :: An item held by a pokemon. It is a seed imbued with life taht ups the power of Grass-Type moves.

*01 Focus Punch
*03 Water Pulse
*05 Roar
*07 Hail
*11 Sunny Day
*19 Giga Drain
*27 Return
*34 Shock Wave
*35 Flamethrower
*37 Sandstorm
*41 Torment
*45 Attract
*46 Theif
*47 Steel Wing
*48 Skill Swap
*49 Snatch
*50 Overheat
*57 Charge Beam
*59 Dragon Pulse
*60 Drain Punch
*62 Silver Wind
*63 Embargo
*65 Shadow Clas
*66 Payback
*67 Recycle
*69 Rock Polish
*76 Stealth Rock
*77 Psych Up
*84 Poison Jab
*85 Dream Eater
*87 Swagger
*88 Pluck
*91 Flash Cannon
*91 Trick Room

May 21st, 2010, 10:06 AM
hey what do you want for your Growlithe

May 21st, 2010, 11:08 AM
I dont know offer. I know they arent rare or anything, unless you have silver. but i dont know what you've got.