View Full Version : Deleting 'vma.exe'

May 23rd, 2010, 2:51 PM
Viruses has invaded websites of the Internet today. There are millions of spyware, making you buy $50.00 products which worsens your computer, and rips you off. If you or a loved one (just kidding) has been diagnosed (again, kidding) from Spyware, or any other malware, here is the answer you need. First of all, start off with your desktop, with nothing open. If you need something opened, (besides IE, Fire Fox, Google Chrome, etc.) open it now. Now, do ALT+CTRL+DEL, and it should open up a task manager. If it doesn't, then right-click your taskbar, and click 'Task Manager.' Now, once you've done, that, go to 'Processes,' and then look for vma.exe. Terminate that, then you are free to open your web browser. It will probably open another spyware window again, just delete vma.exe again. Don't open anything, or the spyware will detect you. Do this for about a week, and it should be gone. If I'm wrong, you probably don't have Norton or McAfee.


May 23rd, 2010, 6:13 PM
Sorry I really don't see a need for this, best to tell someone who actually suffers from this problem in a thread they make.