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Sunrise's Dragon
November 9th, 2004, 7:52 AM
Huh. It was very deep night when this popped onto my mind. O_o;;

Somewhere in dark forests of Africa...

Dr. Tower sneezed his nose. He did got cold ar last night, when the other professor, Dr.Scheeny, wanted sleep in the cave.
"I don't even get, why you - achoo!- wanted us here?" Dr. Tower asked quietly. Dr. Scheeny smiled strangely.
"Not long way anymore", she whispered. Dr. Tower looked unsecure.
"You didn't ask to my question", he sayed. Dr. Scheeny was still quiet.
They walked, and different kind of exotic pokemons screamed loudly. The ground was wet, and Dr. Towers shoes was really wet. He cursed quietly, but still followed Scheeny.

She putted a amulet to her neck.

"I found it", Scheeny whispered.
"At last", Tower mombled. He looked around, but didn't see anything else expect one empty field and wild jungle.
"What you're looking for?" He asked. He tried look everywhere, but the terrain was till plain and ordinary.
"Can't you see?" Scheeny screamed. " I must show you. Gengar, go and show it!"
Scheeny throwed a pokeball, and Gengar dropped out.
"Show to that fossil, what I found!" Scheeny sayed to Gengar.
Fossil? I? Tower didn't know , what was badder. Was it that, when Scheeny called him a fossil, or that she sayed only she found it.
Gengar danced weirdly, and Tower taked breath. He saw one, large old temple.

"Come with me! Come! We must go inside!" Sayed Scheeny. She walked front of the temple, and then stepped inside.
"I don't think it's really good idea", Tower thinked but he was quiet. He followed Scheeny, who was watching the drawings on the walls.
"This is unbelievable..." She sayed quietly. Walls was like a sand, but the pictures was black as a night.
"I haven't ever seen pokemons like these..." Tower mumbled. They followed pictures, and, at last...

"Oh my god."
They saw one, little room. In middle of room, there was a little vase with sand, and other with a clear blue water.
"Don't go closer", Tower sayed. He watched Scheeny, who was walking to the vases.
"No! Don't touch them! They might be dangerous!" Tower shouted. Sheeny turned and watched Tower to the eyes. Her eyes was full of madness.
"Arnold, you stupid old worm! Don't you understand? These vases can be the most expensive thing in the world! These hieroglyphs... These are only a history! You can't do anything for it! It's gone! But money... I take just these, and..."

She taked vases to her hands. In a second, she screamed loudly. Pictures in the walls started dancing, they moved on the walls... They mumbled something to the Scheeny.

"NO! I don't give this back! Get away from me!" She shouted loudly. Tower only stared , he was frozen by scare.

Scheeny mixed sand and the water. A bright darkness taked all over the room.

We we're just the guardians... Pictures whispered.

Unhumainly scream traveled across the air.

In the same time, seven 13-yeared humans woke up in really long away from Africa.

Something dangerous is free. They must save others.


Now, anyone interested? I writed again pretty long text, but hope it doesn't matter. ^^ Just answer to these questions:

Pokmon: (Can be four, not legendaries, not fully-evolved, not same than the others have)
Choose you color: (Anyone can't have same as you have) Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Black, White

Mine. ^^

Name: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Personality: Hot temper, smart and creative, weird
Looks: Has long, light-striped hair, usually weard white or blue. Bluegrey eyes.
Pokmon: Dratini, Charmeleon, Pidgey, Lapras
Choose you color:White

say also, what do you like the start... ^^