View Full Version : Kaymon's Trade-ons!

June 3rd, 2010, 12:45 AM
My trades are placed here,
The trade of June to July is Ditto - Dratini (Lv. 20-40 (Random Level))
And that dratini is FEMALE so... Yeah you can breed
Or if you want better, Ditto - Piplup/Chimchar (You Choose) They will all be Lv. 1, So remember... Also, i would give you a Turtwig if i could breed my male one and make it a turtwig (Ditto!)
Okay, i will give a random user a Gyarados, Caught at low level! (NOT RED!) For an Eevee And a hint... My Gyarados is holding an Unknown Item (You wont know till i trade with you!)
Ill be back with my FC and name
Name : Kaymon