View Full Version : The Linkin Park/Simple Plan Club

November 9th, 2004, 5:07 PM
This is a club for any and all fans of Linkin Park, Simple Plan, and as soon as we get more memers, other bands like Breaking Benjamin, etc.....

November 9th, 2004, 7:12 PM
I'll join. I like those kinds of bands.

November 9th, 2004, 7:15 PM
o_O What a weird combination of bands to choose, one pop-punk and one nu-metal... uh, I'll join I guess, but don't expect to see me here very often... because GC pwnz j00~. Join my Good Charlotte club, it's buried a few pages into the MCG forum.

November 9th, 2004, 9:26 PM
Well thanks to both of you to joining. Actually though, you can discuss any band you want here. You just have to follow the basic rules of any other club....XD

November 9th, 2004, 9:27 PM
Well, if you discuss GC here you're dead XD. That goes in MY club :P

November 9th, 2004, 9:58 PM
Ok, sorry. I was just saying that if we grow in members, the club would expand to more bands and maybe even reach GC, but don't worry......I know better now. :D

November 11th, 2004, 4:55 PM
XD You betcha XD. *is super-possessive of GC... and Joel XD*

November 11th, 2004, 6:14 PM
I LOVE simple plan!! Can I join? My fav song is Welcome to my life. I wish theyd play it more on the radio, but they hardly ever do, and I'm dyin to hear it!!

November 11th, 2004, 6:52 PM
I like it too. You should ring up and request it. *points to Song of the Week*

Please join my GC club to stop it dying... it's buried a few pages into MCG...

November 3rd, 2005, 4:43 AM
uhh... are you guys still acepting members? can i join i like simple plan and linkin park. this club is just for me lol.

mewtwo in armour
November 3rd, 2005, 4:47 AM
i like lp so ill join put im not too sure on sp they remined me of mcfly no offence to any one its just my oppinion

December 15th, 2005, 7:01 AM
hey so can i start he first topic?

what kind of bands did something different for the music world?

well i know simpe pln held up a charity for those few teens who have problems in their life like a divorced family,disease,loneliness, etc....so what other bands did something new?

oh and my recommended song is untitled by simple plan

or petrified by fort minor

December 15th, 2005, 7:48 AM
I love LINKIN PARK! so I'll join too. Please!

December 15th, 2005, 9:23 AM
Yo I'll join, I gotta, I got some awesome songs of LP in my sig. SP is okay, but LP so PWNS!!!!!!