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June 15th, 2010, 4:12 PM
~The Nuzlocke Challenge Thread~

Hello and welcome to the Nuzlocke Challenge Thread. Here you can post about your Nuzlocke adventures and experience another new and exciting way to play your Pokemon games. The Nuzlocke Challenge can have many different rule sets to make the challenge harder or easier on oneself, but the main idea of the Nuzlocke challenge is that if your Pokemon faints, they are "dead" and you must release them or just box them away and not use them for the rest of the challenge. Really, you're goal should be to make things as hard as you honestly think you can handle and see how it goes. This thread's main ruleset will be based on my own modified rules but you can change them in any way you'd like in the spirit of the challenge.


If a Pokemon in your party faints, you must release it ASAP. You cannot use Revives.
When you reach a new Route/Cave/Town/Ect. you can only catch the first Pokemon you see in that Area. You are allowed to have Pokemon in your PC box as "backup" for when you need new members to replace fainted ones.
If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see for ANY reason then you've missed out on your chance to get a Pokemon from that area. Because of this rule, you cannot catch any Pokemon on Route 1, ect. if you saw one there.
You may only buy up to 10 Pokeballs from each Pokemart.
You are not allowed to use Legendary Pokemon.
If a town contains Gift Pokemon, you may treat these as your captured Pokemon for said area. For example, the Eevee you obtain from Bill in Goldenrod.
Nickname all of your Pokemon so you have an attachment to them. "Each Pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking." (Not really a required rule, but makes things fun.)
If you black out (all party Pokemon faint) and you have no backups in your PC, it's Game Over.
You are not allowed to use any healing items outside of battle.
You are not allowed to switch out before the trainer sends in his next Pokemon. (Change that setting in the Options Menu)
No trading between games, hacking pokemon, ect. You know, stay in the spirit of the challenge...

~Challengers Post saying which game you're doing the challenge on if you'd like to be on this list.

Soul Silver

Heart Gold

~Other Rules You can add these to make your hell more special. Post if you have a suggestion for this list.

You may only heal at a town's Pokemon Center's once.
You may not buy any pokeballs.
You may not buy any healing items.
You may not use any healing items.

~Sig Add-ons


I will particapate when I finish my current runs.Good Luck :)

June 16th, 2010, 11:18 AM
Ohai, there. I'm currently doing a Nuzlocke Challenge while simultaneously doing a Monotype challenge on my SoulSilver cartridge. As you can imagine, I actually have my own set of rules, they are:

Catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each route/cave/whatever and nothing else. If you fail to catch it, too bad, continue onwards.
If your Pokémon faints, consider it dead and release it.
When all Pokémon have fainted, it's game over.
Name EVERYTHING (i.e. Pokémon and people) in accordance to a theme.*
Healing items of any kind may not be used outside of battle.
You may only use Pokémon with the same type as your starter, so choose wisely!**
There is no such thing as an HM slave. Pokémon who know HMs MUST participate in battle.

I'm going to post regularly at my journal (http://dithyrambos.livejournal.com/?skip=2), and I've also contemplated making a character twitter. ^^;
*Just FYI, I chose the Periodic Table of Elements as my theme.
**I made this a rule purely for purities sake. If anyone else wants to do a Monotype Nuzlocke challenge consider this rule optional. Also, dual-types are allowed.

My Current Stats
Gender: female
Name: Neon (Aoyama)
Starter: female Totodile
Totodile's name: Hydrogen
Rival's name: Silver (See what I did thar?)
Location: Violet City
Pokémon I've caught:

A female Bellsprout named Beryllium.

June 16th, 2010, 12:05 PM
OkIm fine with that.as long as you follow the rules.I'll update the OP Shortly

And right now Im starting Soul Silver for Nuzlocke-ing so I'll update later (at latest tommorow)

So have fun Nuzlocke-ing :)

Edit: I got alot of stuff done.I picked Chikorita because it's my favorite Starter of all time.Named him Naro.Did stuff untilI got my pokeballs.Caught a Spearow on route 46.Named her Raven.I also caught a Zubat in Darkcave and named him Batman for obvious reasons.In the sprout tower i caught a Gastly and named him Gas II after my Gengar in Platinum Nuzlocke.Beat Falkner but the price was Ravens death.Same with Bugzy exept with Gas II I also caught a Geodude in Union Cave and name him Boulder II after my deceased Geodude in Platinum.I'm about to challenge Whitney

Lvl 22 Bayleaf (Naro) @Miracle Seed (Magical Leaf,Cut,Reflect,Poison Powder)
Lvl 17 Zubat (Batman) @ Sooth Bell (Wing Attack,Supersonic,Astonish,Bite)
Lvl 20 Geodude (Boulder II) (Headbutt,Magnitude,Rock Throw,Rock Polish)

June 20th, 2010, 2:52 PM
I also go by the rule that if the first pokemon I see is one I've already caught, it doesn't count. :) BTW, I'm doing this on HeartGold.

I started this challenge a week or so ago, but I've recorded all my progress up to today.

My Challenge So Far

The First Update

-Got Cyndaquil from Elm. It is a Mild Natured male which I nicknamed 'Cyn'.
-Beat Rival
-Attempted to catch a pokemon on Route 46, found a Lv3 female Rattata and accidentally killed her.
-Went to Route 31 and the first pokemon I saw was a female Lv3 Bellsprout. Caught her, nicknamed her "Belle" and found that she has a Gentle nature.
-Entered Dark Cave and caught a Lv2 Male Zubat with a Careful nature. Named him "Dart"
-Dart nearly died vs Bug Catcher Wade. I accidentally pressed the A button, causing it to say "Dart has no moves left!" It had 3 HP left and Caterpie was confused with barely any HP left and managed to knock itself out before Dart could do a suicide attack.
-Went to Route 32 and looked around. I found nothing but Bellsprout but since I'm using the optional rule of only catching the first pokemon I see and haven't caught yet, I keep looking. I finally find a Lv4 female Rattata with a Calm nature. I nicknamed her "Cheska".
-Entered Sprout Tower at night. Found a Lv4 female Mild natured Gastly, which I caught and named "Pan".
-Cyn evolved after beating the Elder.
-Beat Falkner with only Cheska since she was powerful enough on her own.
-Got Egg and hatched it in Cherrygrove. Named the Serious natured Male Togepi "Benedict".

Current Team:

"Benedict" Lv6 Male Togepi
"Pan" Lv11 Female Gastly
"Belle" Lv11 Female Bellsprout
"Dart" Lv11 Male Zubat
"Cheska" Lv12 Female Rattata
"Cyn" Lv14 Male Quilava

The Second Update

I lost Dart and Benedict on Route 32. :(

I went on to Union Cave and the first non-duplicate pokemon I found was a Sandshrew. I wound up catching the level 6 Male Sandshrew, nicknaming him "Sandster". What's awesome is that he's a Naughty Sandshrew. XD I went back to Route 33 and looked around for a pokemon, finding a Lv6 Male Hoppip. Sadly, I forgot to nickname him. He's got a quirky nature, so I guess it's to be expected.

I then went through Slowpoke Well once I was through then went to beat Bugsy. Somehow, Sandster was able to withstand Bugsy's Scyther very well due to his defense and the fact I used the Rock Tomb TM on him. Once the Scyther was gone, he was easy. I also wound up pwning my rival too.

So Far Today

I traveled into Ilex Forest, went through the Farfetch'd thing. I managed to catch a Female Metapod which I nicknamed "Felicia" after the caterpie that a character in a Pokemon Manga I read named "Felix". I got to the headbutt guy and went back to Azalea since I hadn't caught any pokemon there. I started headbutting trees since Cheska had headbutt now and I wound up finding a Male Lv6 Heracross first!

Now to find a spot for my two other Pokemon...

My Pokemon
Pan the Gastly
Female Lv13
Mild Nature
Mean Look

Hoppip the unnicknamed Hoppip (sorry)
Male Lv13
Quirky Nature
Bullet Seed

Cheska the Rattata
Female Lv13
Calm Nature
Quick Attack
Focus Energy

Belle the Bellsprout
Female Lv15
Gentle Nature
Vine Whip
Sleep Powder

Cyn the Quilava
Male Lv15
Mild Nature
Quick Attack

Sandster the Sandshrew
Male Lv16
Naughty Nature
Rapid Spin
Rock Tomb

Hercules the Heracross
Male Lv5
Docile Nature
Horn Attack

Felicia the Metapod
Female Lv6
Naive Nature

June 21st, 2010, 5:06 AM
I'll add you to the OP Gregora.And about the Un-Named Hoppip just name it when you get to Goldenrod.

For my Progress

Im Fighting Pyrce at the moment (im going by the order Chuck,Pyrce,Jasmine) because Jasmine is more of a threat.


Lvl 28 Bayleaf (Naro) Cut,Magical Leaf,Reflect,Poison Powder
Lvl 28 Graveler (Boulder II) Headbutt,Magnitude,Rollout,Rock Blast
Lvl 26 Xatu (Hiero II) Confuse Ray,Shadow Ball,Me First,Fly
Lvl 27 Raticate (Scavenger) Quick Attack,,Hyper Fang,Crunch,Dig
Lvl 30 Red Gyrados (Koi II) Bite,Leer,Dragon Rage,Twister
Lvl 26 Koffing (Ny) Fire Blast,Sludge,Assurance,Thunder

Fun Fact: Koffing's Prototype name before the English release was Ny because of New Yorks Pollution.

Kid Ghandi
June 23rd, 2010, 6:01 AM
I'd like to join this challenge.
I just rebooted my Soul Silver cartridge, and am ready to go.

-Started up game cartridge (last night)
-Named character "Elmo" (female)
-Chose cyndaquil as starter and named him Jerome
-Lucky enough to pass route 29 untouched
-Arrived at Cherrygrove City
-Goes to route 30
-Received Apricorn case (then saw rattata... meaning I can't catch anything there anymore...)
-Power trains at route 30
-Talks to Mr. Pokemon
-Defeats rival
-Trotted back to Newbark town untouched
-Named rival "Jorge"
-Unsure whether the rattata in the capture tutorial counts, catching "Hoothoot" just in case, naming it "Kojo"
-Went to bed

Kojo (Hoothoot) Level 4 (caught level 3) knows tackle, growl, and foresight
Jerome (Cyndaquil) Level 8 knows tackle, leer, and smokescreen

June 27th, 2010, 8:17 AM
The last time I worked on this challenge was two days ago and I have got to do an update.

Sandster the Sandshrew recently died. He valiantly fought against an Officer's Growlithe outside of Goldenrod City and almost defeated the Growlithe. The Growlithe did to critical hits which the second one took him down from 100% health to 0%. Cyn was able to avenge his death, killing the Growlithe.

However, I had gotten the Taunt TM and had taught it to Pan. It wound up being useful beyond measure since the first pokemon I saw was a female Abra, which I caught. I'll put up her information shortly since my roommate is borrowing my DSi XL. I have a DS fat but I don't like it because I've gotten spoiled (the XL is bigger, has more light settings and doesn't have dead pixels) by my XL.

July 3rd, 2010, 7:36 PM
I started in HG.

Character's name: Keaton
Rival: Nico

http://media.pldh.net/pokecons_action/152.gif Chico Lv. 9

http://media.pldh.net/pokecons_action/074.gifTrust Lv. 3

July 24th, 2010, 3:34 PM
~Other Rules You can add these to make your hell more special. Post if you have a suggestion for this list.

You may only heal at a town's Pokemon Center's once.
You may not buy any pokeballs.
You may not buy any healing items.
You may not use any healing items.

I have a suggestion for an extra rule.
-You may not run from wild Pokemon. You must battle them.