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June 15th, 2010, 11:30 PM
…This tutorial is about hacking New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Before I start this tutorial, there are things you will need if you try it. Here is the list:

- Wiiscrubber
- SZS Modifier
- Picture editing program (Paint, GIMP, photoshop…)
- Hex Workshop
- A brain
- Reggie! Level Editor
- Dolphin 2.0 or higher

Anything else… Nope!
Let’s get started! (I’m going to divide this tutorial in sections, each one about a different part of hacking)
Oh, and before you start… BACK UP YOUR ISO!!!!

PART 1 – Texture Hacking

I don’t even need to go into how easy this is.
1. Open your ISO with Wiiscrubber.
2. Open ‘partition 1’.
3. Find a 3d model in ‘Worldmap’ or ‘Objects’ (I used ‘Kinopio’, which is toad in Japanese)
4. Open SZS Modifier and leave Wiiscrubber open.
5. Click ‘Open’ and set it to ‘all files’.
6. Open your .arc file. (Kinopio for me)
7. Now there should be a folder thing with a + next to it. Open it.
8. Now there should be a folder called textures. Open it.
9. Click a texture and find your one.
10. A preview will appear. Double click the preview.
11. A window will appear. Go: File>Export
12. Save your file and edit it in a photo editing program.
13. Go back to SZS Modifier and go to: File>Import
14. Select your file, open it and click the save in the corner.
15. It will change.
16. Save your .arc by going File>Save and…
17. Go back to Wiiscrubber, select the .arc file that you were just editing as it is in Wiiscrubber and right click it. Click replace and select your .arc file.
18. Test it in Dolphin.
Wow, that was chaotic!
Now what…

PART 2 – Level Editing

Too simple to explain…
1. Open Wiiscrubber.
2. Right Click ‘partition 1’
3. Extract the partition into a blank folder.
4. Find the ‘stage’ folder and move it into your Reggie! folder.
5. Delete the rest of your ‘partition 1’.
6. Open Reggie!.
7. It will ask you to select the game’s stage folder. Select the folder you moved.
8. Now click OK.
9. It should give you level 1. If not, go: ‘File>Open level by name’ and select World 1 and go 1-1. Done.
10. Edit the level how you want. (Left click to select a tile in the palette and right click to place. Right click and drag to make it as big as you want)
11. Save when your done.
12. Go back to Wiiscrubber and go to the stage folder. Find ‘01-01’ and replace it with yours.
13. Test in Dolphin.

Easy, right?

Now for message editing.

PART 3 – Text Editing

1. Open the ISO in Wiiscrubber.
2. Go to ‘US’.
3. Go to ‘Message’.
4. Extract ‘Message.arc’.
5. Open it in SZS Modifier.
6. Edit. (When you edit text, click set text to change it)
7. Save.
8. Re-insert in Wiiscrubber.
9. Test it out.

Well that’s all I know about it, so PM me if you discover a new way to hack NSMBW or how to edit things like the title screen logo.

It's OK, I worked it out. Music hacking tutorial can wait, as I can't explain it well.

PART 5 - Title Screen Editing
1. Open Wiiscrubber
2. Go to: US>Layout>openingtitle>openingtitle.arc
3. Extract the .arc
4. Open it in SZS Mod
5. Find the logo and use the texture hacking method to export and edit.
6. Make the background colour of your logo transparent before re-importing
7. Re-import the .arc in Wiiscrubber
8. Test.


June 25th, 2011, 7:36 AM
Does your wii have to be chipped to run the custom levels?

June 25th, 2011, 7:43 AM
u should really change the font colour coz i merely can read what ur writtenet there.
beside i think its a kinda good idea of this tut:).

June 30th, 2011, 10:07 PM
Does your wii have to be chipped to run the custom levels?

It doesn't have to be chipped, but you can also softmod it using Brawl.

And yes, you should change the font color. It's very difficult to read.

July 17th, 2011, 1:18 AM
Change the colour lol!
Other than that very detailed guide! Thank you! ;)

July 26th, 2011, 11:30 AM
You cane easily use reggie dumper