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Hiroshi Sotomura
June 16th, 2010, 12:40 AM

There's a dedicated section to the wireless features in the official Japanese website, but what's got my curiosity is the specific features they've implemented! take note in the screenshot above (which, take note, has a battery meter which I assume will show up only on the DSi), and maybe the C-Gear too.


IR support will be here - infrared, I'll assume. What could this be for? Why is it in the C-Gear, and why is it in the status bar for the battles? Or will it sync with a PokéWalker, too?

The games have traditionally used "wireless" to describe local communication and "Wi-Fi" for online communication. As you can see, we've got options for that on the C-Gear too (and as indicators the battle screen). Of the wireless features, it seems that you'll be able to see people in your immediate vicinity. Is this the end of the Union Room? :D

One thing's certain: that C-Gear's one mysterious device.

We know the GTS is now part of the Pokémon Center, and that we can also initiate random battles there. And, there's apparently an online upload system for save files, and that can be discussed in its own thread (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=222405).

Who else is liking what they see? What do you want to see the C-Gear support?

June 16th, 2010, 7:36 AM
I'm liking what I'm seeing here. I mean, this C-gear and overhaul is a nice breath of fresh air. This all sounds like a whole new level of fun.

I'm not sure what I'd like to see with the C-Gear, but I'm open to anything really. The changes alone sound exciting.

June 16th, 2010, 8:02 AM
My first thought was it meant being able to do a live battle from anywhere in the game, but then I noticed it seemed to be the in-battle menu you were talking about mainly. Then I thought if this:

6:26: Yeah, I took the DS barkmode and made it more popular. We built it right into the hardware this time. With the original game it was a little inconvenient: you couldn't play any other game while it was in Bark Mode. So with 3DS, we created a system, any game that you own will use the mode regardless of the game that's running. All games use it invisibly. My ambition: take your 3DS's with you and spread the wealth and use the feature.
My guess is that this is a 3DS exclusive feature, if such a thing arises: the lights in the battle menu could go on when the appropriate connectivity feature is available for the game (or even any game the player owns). I later notice you said the exact same thing. >:|
It seems you can be connected to the internet constantly as well. Perhaps this is a similar feature, or perhaps it is for instant updates. Back during the Winter Olympics, Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics could connect the internet to download the weather information in Vancouver, and the player would then play in those conditions. The same thing (or something similar) could happen for weather effects here. But then that could be done on a daily basis because weather updates aren't that frequent.
So perhaps it's for an online chat system? I don't know the context of these images, but maybe the bottom right one appears to be showing a friends list, if not everyone nearby.

This is all very far-fetched speculation, of course. There's not nearly enough information at the moment.

June 16th, 2010, 8:06 AM
The c-gear will be new. So ofcourse, i will be expecting a few things i dislike. (it usually happens with most new things) and after if they remake, the c-gear may be improved.

I am also open up for anything. :DD