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June 22nd, 2010, 8:51 AM
seeing as my last thread was a failure imma try again

HG FC: GOLD 4813 0946 9599
Pearl FC: 4984 8935 1336

Pokes in Pearl:
Rayquaza (Jap) Brave Nature Lv 100
Chrizard (shiny) Carful Nature Lv 58 (not trading)
Venusaur Naive Nature Lv. 42
Gyaraos (bounce) Lonely Nature Lv 21
Kingdra Relaxed Nature lv 100
Luxray Mild Nature Lv 100
Latios (Jap) Mild Nature LV. 56
Latias Bold Nature Lv. 35
Mew lv 50 (not trading)
Macargo Gentle Nature Lv. 100
Weavile Bashful Nature Lv. 100
Magnezone Impish Nature Lv. 65
Typhlosion Quirky Nature LV 53
Bonsly Jolly Nature Lv. 1
Combustkin Hasty Nature Lv. 16
Magmortar Gentle Nture Lv. 37
Totodile (shiny) Sassy Nature Lv 1 (not trading)
Mareep (shiny) Naughty Nature Lv 1 (not trading)
Tyranitar Gente Nature Lv. 100
Dewgong Lax Nature Lv 63
Roserade Hardy Nature Lv 62
Eevee (shiny) Lv 1 (not trading)
Epoleon Quirky Nature Lv. 100
Gabite (french) Naive Nature Lv 46
Zapdos Modest Nature Lv 50
Cresselia Gentle Nature Lv 51
Kyogre Relaxed Nature Lv. 100
Gyrados (shiny) Hasty Nature Lv 73
Groudon (Jap) Bold Nature Lv 73
Grotle Bold Nature Lv 21
Charizard Adament Nature Lv 100
Cyndaquil Sassy Nature Lv. 1

Heart Gold Pokes
Combuken Careful Nature Lv. 30
Gyarados (shiny) Lax Nature Lv 30
Hitmonlee Lonley Nature Lv31
Espeon Gentle Nature Lv. 31
Skarmory Naive Nature Lv 27
Feraligator Bold Nature Lv. 32 (on GTS)
Celebi sassy nature Lv 70

please use the right FC and if you need stats or attacks of the pokemon pleas ask and ill tell you

Interested in:
Goons Scizor
Crown Beasts and other events

I also have a Lucky Egg for trade with my pokes just offer well i believe they are well liked

Compleed Trades: My Rotom and Mudkip for Wolfx975's Shiny Gyrados and Bounce Gyrados

June 22nd, 2010, 9:14 AM
Can you trade me mudkip and rotom?

June 22nd, 2010, 9:15 AM
yea sure how bout bolth of them for the Shiny Gyrados (73)

also use he Pearl FC

June 22nd, 2010, 9:34 AM
Can you trade me your Mew?

June 22nd, 2010, 9:35 AM
umm no im gnna keep the mew