View Full Version : Help to decide the game!

June 23rd, 2010, 3:07 AM
So, this is a thread where you ask what game you should buy if you have some troubles to choose. Here you can also ask something more about that game and wait for someone to reply.

I made this thread because I really have troubles to decide what I really want buy.
I just got my own DS a couple of weeks ago. I'm not buying any game yet but I want to know something. I know already that next game is HG (it's the game I wanted first but DS Lite had Platinum with it, so..).

Now I have Pokémon Ruby, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (I bought these GBA Games from my friend before I even got my DS) and Pokémon Platinum, next game is going to be Pokémon HeartGold. What should I get after that? I have already some ideas:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Time or Darkness: They are only 20e when Sky is at least 40e. I like MD games and I want Wii games also. Just have to wait...


Dragonball Origins: Have seen this game for 15e and have tried DBO2 (downloaded from Wii's Nintendo Channel). I like original Dragonball.


Mario Kart DS: But I already have Wii version... I don't know should I buy it or not. I have tested this and it's good, have missions and everything, but still...


Final Fantasy: Not sure what game but I like FF. I liked FFTA but DS version didn't look so good. I've tested it by myself also, but just the beginning. Does it have good story?


Picross 3D: I tested demo and liked it. I have to buy this also. I just wanna know something more about it. Are there hard puzzles at the end? First ones were easy.

There's everything. This became a long post (maybe longest by me). I hope you can help and I can help you if you have some problems to decide.