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July 12th, 2010, 5:26 PM
I didn't know where else to put this, anything related to the Seiyuu for this anime would seem to go here, so.. xD;

There are a loooot of rumors going around that Pikachu's voice actress Ikue Ootani passed away earlier today. A lot of you guys around this section are huge fans of this series, so am I the only one of whose heard of this, and it's false? The date of death started showing up on Wiki pages, and other sites, but I'm still skeptical.

Has this been totally confirmed anywhere, and I'm missing it?

Wikipedia says : Ikue Ōtani (大谷 育江, Ōtani Ikue?) (August 18, 1965 - July 12, 2010)

I think it would be huge news on a number of sites, if it were true though.
Kinda freakin' out. D;

July 12th, 2010, 5:36 PM
OK, right now it's just Wikipedia. There are 3 possible outcomes:

Troll with a club

Because the Japanese don't cover up anything. (Or so I hear, anyways) Absolutely no site that I know of has this confirmed.

Edit: Taken care of~

July 12th, 2010, 5:40 PM
It was on her IMDB profile earlier too, so I started like mad searchin' Google.

People on myspace were flippin' out before.. idk.

It's not like random deaths don't happen, but Ikue? What are the chances. D;

July 12th, 2010, 5:44 PM
It's really not that likely. The internet is just that.

Another possibility is that the company is trying to cover a suicide. And for Pikachu they simply reuse voice clips. Anyone with some professional audio software could probably prove or disprove that for any incoming episodes.

July 12th, 2010, 5:47 PM
Even if it's attempted to be covered up, I figure word'll get out eventually if it IS true.

I dunno, I hope it's just some troll.

If it is one, enough people are freaking out, I guess they've succeeded.

I'm just glad no one's replied to this yet with "Yeeep, it's true. D8".

July 13th, 2010, 2:21 PM
Right, I'm going to close his now since nothing seems to be supporting this as fact.