View Full Version : A poem... er, song... I've pondered lately...

November 14th, 2004, 10:19 PM
I've always wondered if this poem is good or not... it's one I just wrote a month ago, and it sounds really good, in my opinion, when sung... But I want to know how it stands as a poem...

You are a figment of my imagination
I cannot see you, so you are not real
You are reality, I am the dream world
Can't connect to you, my mind's in a fog

I am the square root of -49
I confuse those who dwell in the real world
Those who are foreign to the wonders of the magic realm
Those who consider my words heresy

I can't go back to the world where I came from
And therefore must dwell in the magic world now...

I remain in my cocoon of evolution
Completely ignorant of the outside
Where the rain pours and pours past my protective shell
In which strict conflicts are transforming me

Waiting to turn into a butterfly
I lie in meditiation for all of my time...

Now my mind spirit is slipping away
While I am happy for the mind I have now
Not just my mind, but my heart and body
Now is the opportunity to look inside

So I must say goodbye to you, the real world, now
It's just so hopeless, I can't be with you
My ghost weeps for me; for her, I feel sorry
That she still suffers the pain that she's in

I'm empathetic, so I feel so stressed in here
That's why I meditate to clear my mind
Because she's a third ghost, she's not like the others
We embrace each other under the umbrella of love

You are a figment of my imagination
I cannot see you, so you are not there...
If you don't like this one, I'll post another one which I think stands much better as a poem...