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November 15th, 2004, 8:17 PM
okay this is an RP that takes place a long time after soras adventure, and the keyblades have been scattered across the universe and the worlds have collided. but a year ago, kingdom hearts was yet again opened and too many heartless have been released , now a number of chosen ones have been selected by the keyblade... and one of those chosen ones is you!

or...will you fight for the heartless with the Evil kingdom keyblades...in order to prevent the chosen ones from sealing the Keyholes!

Side: (Heartless or chosen one)
Keyblade:(you can make up your own, don't make to too powerful, and give a description or a pic)
Looks: (what your wearing, what color hair etc..)

heres mine:

Name: Kiru
Gender: Male
Side: Heartless
Keyblade:Serpents flame(long black keyblade with a black rose attched)
Personaility: Serious and sometimes has some humor, but will fight for what he beleives in.
Looks:long black hood robe, with long black hair, also has glasses.

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November 15th, 2004, 8:22 PM
Name: Shauni
Gender: Female
Side: Heartless.
Keyblade: The Masamune. AKA sephirophs blade, or rahter one that has the powers of the dark keyblade.
Personaility: Dark, cold, impossible to get to. Some say she acts just like her older brother.
Looks: She is tall, with silvery white hair, a white sweater, black slacks, and a gold necklace with a diamond hanging from it. over it, she wears a greatcoat, with her blade's sheath on her back. her eyes are an amber color, enough to send chills down anyone's back.
Other: She is Sephiroth's younger sister, that was hidden until Sephiroth joined the Heartless himself. Sephiroth trained Shauni, and she knows everything he does and then some.

November 16th, 2004, 4:00 AM
Side:(Check The Name You Should Know)
Keyblade:Karelis(A Firey and Light Powers Sword)
Personality:Doesnt Want Anything Happening With His Friends or Family
Looks:The Cute guy in Attachment
Other:If You Played kingdom Hearts You Should Know