View Full Version : Looking for ANY Shiny Smeargle. i have offers.

July 27th, 2010, 10:03 PM
Seriously, any level 1 UT, LEGIT, shiny smeargle. i really would love one :)
i don't care about the nature or IVs

i have the following for offer:
random eggs(probably togepis or slowpokes. lol)
an IV bred level 1 Togepi
*EV trained Togekiss(choice scarf set)
Lots of legend pokemon.
*10ANNIV Celebi
TRU Manaphy(has contest stats and ribbons i earned it)
*Shiny Jigglypuff(really don't wanna give this up but if i have to... :( )
*Nasty Plot Event Celebi
*Any of the Crown beasts.

so can anyone help a guy out?