View Full Version : Pokemon RP with a "Pendragon" Twist.

November 17th, 2004, 4:42 PM
If you have read the story Pendragon before, you can get an Idea what this will be about.

10 of us will be "travalers", people who travle through different "Territories" to save them from Chaos, at the "Turning Point," normally created by a charecter in the book by a Guy named Saint Dane. We will be on the look for him (no one will Play him). But heres the Pokemon side to it: We each have a Ditto, trained to act as travalers. From terrirtory to Territory, they change randomly to A pokemon that matches the areas discription, almost like the Quigs. (Like Cloral and Underwater place, the Ditto would beome lets say, a Gorebyss) So thats the whole Idea. Just in your Post Include your name age and personallity. Oh and gender, too.

Our Starting Territory is on by the name of "Jungerus." A territory that is completly a jungle. Time Irrelativity: 1 Jungerus Day = 3 Second Earth (Our Territory) Days.

Name: Matt
Personality: Smart and Agile. Loves Sarcasm. Kind at some poins. Has a big sense of humor, but knows when to be serious
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Note: Use good grammer, and no arguing (unless in charicter.), and of course no Power Playing.

Post: BOO if you have read this and you are joining.