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August 9th, 2010, 8:56 AM
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The World[/css-div][/css-div]
[css-div="min-width: auto; width: 640px; min-height: 500px; height: auto; margin: auto; background: #111111 url('http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/080/2/3/unova_pokedex_by_omniferious-d3c6bcj.png') no-repeat top center; font-family: Helvetica, Arial; font-size: 14px; color: #ffffff; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.15); border-radius: 4px; -webkit-box-shadow: 0 6px 12px rgba(0,0,0,0.175); box-shadow: 0 6px 12px rgba(0,0,0,0.175); background-clip: padding-box;"] [css-div="margin-top: 40px; margin-left: 60px; height: 460px; width: 550px; overflow: hidden; text-shadow: 1px 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,1); line-height: 14.5px;"]Introduction
Welcome to The Solo Pokemon Challenge, in this challenge you will be required to play through any of the main series games using only ONE Pokemon. Of your choice of course.

There are two categories for the Solo Challenge: Single and Ultimate.
A Single challenge is where you complete ONE of of the many main series Pokemon games with your Pokemon of choice. This will grant you a spot in the "Single Champions" section. Hacks are allowed and will be added to the "Hacks" category of the Single Champions list.
An Ultimate challenge is where you complete a game from EVERY region with your Pokemon of choice. For Example: Primeape on Red - Silver - Emerald - Diamond - Black - X. Completing this will grant you a spot in the "Ultimate Champions" section. (Since it has been over a year since the release of Pokemon X and Y, from now on all Ultimate Challenges must include either of these two games to be eligible for "Champion Status").

1. You must beat the game with only one Pokemon.
2. HM Slaves are allowed but cannot be used in battle. If your chosen Pokemon faints and you have to send out your HM Slave you may use revives.
3. Using a third party program to change your starter to the Pokemon you wish to solo is allowed, this allows you to use your Pokemon from start to finish.
4. For Pokemon that evolve via stone or item, you may hack in the item after obtaining the fourth badge if the item isn't obtainable before then. For Pokemon that evolve via trade, you may change their evolution method to evolve them via level up. The level you chose to evolve them is up to you, but stay within reason.
5. Playing a Pokemon hack is allowed, however complete hacks will only count as single challenges, whereas remakes/demakes/complete pokedex/difficulty hacks, like Liquid Crystal or Blaze Black, can count towards an ultimate challenge.[/css-div] [css-div="background-color: #222222; width: 610px !important; border-top: 3px solid #111; width: 610px; padding: 15px; border-bottom-left-radius: 4px; border-bottom-right-radius: 4px;"]
Generation 4 Ultimate
With the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire challengers now have the opportunity to complete an Ultimate Challenge using Generation 4 Pokemon. Now if you're using a Pokemon from Generation 4 (D/P/Pt) you are exempt from playing the Kanto games (R/B/Y/FR/LG) since Pokemon from Generation 4 are unobtainable in those games. (If you wish to hack a fourth generation Pokemon into a Kanto game you are welcome to do so, but doing so will not effect your Ultimate Challenge and it will be counted as a separate Single Challenge under the "Hacks" category.)

Unfortunately, until either Generation 7 or a Generation 6 remake of the Kanto, Johto, or Sinnoh games is released, Pokemon from Generations 5 and 6 are unable to participate in Ultimate Challenges. The reason for this is Generation 5 Pokemon are currently only obtainable in 3 regions, (Hoenn, Unova, and Kalos) and Generation 6 Pokemon are currently only obtainable in 2 regions, (Hoenn and Kalos) which is not enough games for an Ultimate Challenge.
End Points
R/B/Y/FR/LG = Defeat Elite Four and Champion.
G/S/C/HG/SS = Defeat Elite Four, Lance and collect all 8 Kanto Badges.
R/S/E/OR/AS = Defeat Elite Four and Steven in R/S/OR/AS. Defeat Elite Four and Wallace in E.
D/P/Pt = Defeat Elite Four and Cynthia.
B/W/B2/W2 = Defeat Elite Four, N and Ghetsis in B/W. Defeat Elite Four and Iris in B2/W2.
X/Y = Defeat Elite Four, Diantha and AZ.
Colosseum = Defeat Cipher Head Evice.
XD: Gale of Darkness = Defeat Master Greevil.
End Points (Optional)
R/B/Y/FR/LG = Rematch the Elite Four and Champion.
G/S/C/HG/SS = Defeat Red on Mt.Silver.
R/S/E/OR/AS = Rematch the Elite Four and Steven in R/S. Defeat Steven in Meteor Falls in E. Complete the Delta Episode in OR/AS.
D/P/Pt = Defeat Rival at Fight Arena in D/P. Defeat Rival at Survival Area in Pt.
B/W/B2/W2 = Rematch the Elite Four and Alder in B/W. Rematch the Elite Four and Iris B2/W2.
X/Y = Rematch the Elite Four and Diantha.
Colosseum/XD: Gale of Darkness = Capture and purify all Shadow Pokemon.
Sign-Up Form
Partner Pokemon:
Challenge: (Single or Ultimate)

Single Challengers:R/B/Y/G:JOBO
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/016.png (3/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/078.png (4/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/034.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/144.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/145.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/146.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/149.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/150.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/151.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/020.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/022.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/024.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/026.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/028.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/030.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/003.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/006.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/009.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/149.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/151.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/136.png (1/8)G/S/C:DyingWillFlareon
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/154.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/248.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/168.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/226.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/059.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/124.png (0/16)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/125.png (0/16)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/243.png (0/16)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/244.png (0/16)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/245.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/206.png (0/16)R/S/E:H.A.N.
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/264.png (8/8)

Proud To Be A Brony
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/264.png (4/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/260.png (3/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/257.png (2/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/262.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/252.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/356.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/385.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/128.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/003.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/257.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/260.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/306.png (0/8)

Mr. Avocado
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/354.png (0/8)FR/LG:CharmedGardy
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/009.png (4/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/107.png (3/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/147.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/251.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/086.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/149.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/140.png (0/8)D/P/PtGiovanniViridian
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/400.png (2/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/440.png (1/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/458.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/181.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/462.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/003.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/330.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/389.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/392.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/395.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/392.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/448.png (0/8)HG/SS:Andrew
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/025.png (11/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/229.png (8/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/065.png (4/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/037.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/157.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/003.png (0/16)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/141.png (0/16)B/W/B2/W2:Blastin'Tyruntz
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/154.png (3/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/472.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/505.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/009.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/500.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/542.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/003.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/330.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/497.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/500.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/503.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/648.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/587.png (0/8)X/Y:asphodel
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/405.png (8/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/448.png (1/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/700.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/709.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/448.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/154.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/157.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/160.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/652.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/655.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/658.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/180.png (0/8)OR/AS:Volga
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/350.png (3/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/357.png (2/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/235.png (1/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/382.png (0/8)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/383.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/262.png (0/8)

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/152.png (0/8)Sun/Moon:Volga
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/752.png (0/8)Hacks:HeroesAndCons
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/467.png (1/8)
(Red++ Hard Version)Colosseum:Enigma
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/257.pngXD Gale of Darkness:Enigma

http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/275.pngUltimate Challengers:
Generation 6 Championship | Sun (0/8)

Generation 6 Championship | Sun (0/8)

Generation 6 Championship | Sun (0/8)

Generation 6 Championship | Sun (0/8)

Generation 6 Championship | Sun (0/8)

Generation 6 Championship | Sun (0/8)

Generation 6 Championship | Sun (0/8)

Soul Silver | Alpha Sapphire | Diamond | Black 2 (0/8) | Y

Fire Red | Heart Gold | Emerald | Platinum | Black 2 | X (0/8)

Fire Red | Heart Gold | Ruby | Pearl | Black | Y (0/8)

Red | Silver | Emerald | Diamond | White | Y (0/8)

Red | Gold | Ruby | Platinum | Black | Kalos (0/8)

FireRed | Silver | Emerald | Platinum | White 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Red | Gold | Ruby | Pearl (8/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Blue | Crystal | Emerald | Platinum (0/8) | White 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Fire Red | Crystal | Sapphire | Pearl (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Yellow | Crystal | Emerald | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | X (0/8)

Blue | Gold | Emerald | Diamond (0/8) | White (0/8) | X (0/8)

Fire Red | Heart Gold | Alpha Sapphire (0/8) | Platinum (5/8) | White 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Leaf Green | Gold | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | White (0/8) | X (0/8)

Strelok Legendhttp://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/155.png
Fire Red | Johto (0/16) | Emerald | Sinnoh (0/8) | Unova (0/8) | Kalos (0/8)

Yellow | Soul Silver | Alpha Sapphire (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Red | Crystal | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Leaf Green | Crystal | Sapphire (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Heart Gold (0/8) | Alpha Sapphire (0/8) | Platinum | White 2 (5/8) | Y (0/8)

HeartGold (0/16) | Omega Ruby (3/8) | Platinum (0/8) | White 2 | Y (0/8)

LeafGreen | SoulSilver (3/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Sinnoh (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

FireRed | HeartGold (3/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Pearl (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Soul Silver(0/16) (0/8) | Alpha Sapphire (0/8) | Platinum | Black (0/8) | X (0/8) | Sun (0/8)

Fire Red | Soul Silver (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Leaf Green | Silver (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Pearl (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

FireRed | HeartGold (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black (0/8) | Y (0/8)

LeafGreen (0/8) | Crystal | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Fire Red (5/8) | Heart Gold (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Fire Red (5/8) | Gold (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | White (0/8) | X (0/8)

Soul Silver (4/16) | Omega Ruby (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

La Espadahttp://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/215.png
Leaf Green (3/8) | Silver (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Soul Silver (2/16) | Alpha Sapphire (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | White (0/8) | X (0/8)

Fire Red (2/8) | Crystal (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Platinum Red (0/8) | Blaze Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Leaf Green (1/8) | Silver (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Fire Red (1/8) | Heart Gold (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Batmans Twin Brother, Botmonhttp://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/019.png
Red (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Omega Ruby (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8) | Moon (0/8)

Blue (0/8) | Gold (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | White 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Fire Red (0/8) | Crystal (0/16) | Alpha Sapphire (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Fire Red (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Sapphire (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Yellow (0/8) | Crystal (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | X (0/8)

Leaf Green (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Fire Red (0/8) | Storm Silver (0/8) | Ruby (2/8) | Pearl (0/8) | Volt White 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Fire Red (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Pearl (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Firered (0/8) | Crystal (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Alex Taylorhttp://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/260.png
Leaf Green (0/8) | Crystal (0/16) | Omega Ruby (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | X (0/8)

Fire Red (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | White (0/8) | X (0/8)

Lord Cloudhttp://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/068.png
Fire Red (0/8) | Heart Gold (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | X (0/8)

Leaf Green (0/8) | Heart Gold (0/16) | Sapphire (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | White (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Red (0/8) | Silver (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Fire Red (0/8) | Heart Gold (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Fire Red Omega (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Pearl (0/8) | Blaze Black (0/8) | Y (0/8)

Fire Red (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black (0/8) | Y (0/8)

FireRed (0/8) | SoulSilver (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

FireRed (0/8) | Silver (0/16) | Sapphire (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Kanto (0/8) | Johto (0/16) | Hoenn (0/8) | Sinnoh (0/8) | Unova (0/8) | Kalos (0/8)

FireRed (0/8) | Crystal (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

LeafGreen (0/8) | Crystal (0/16) | Emerald (0/8) | Platinum (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | Y (0/8)

FireRed (0/8) | Gold (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | White (0/8) | X (0/8)

FireRed (0/8) | HeartGold (0/16) | Sapphire (1/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black (0/8) | Y (0/8)

FireRed (0/8) | HeartGold (0/16) | Ruby (0/8) | Diamond (0/8) | Black (0/8)

Chaos Forkhttp://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/icon/184.png
FireRed (0/8) | Soul Silver (0/16) | Omega Ruby (0/8) | Pearl (0/8) | Black 2 (0/8) | X (0/8)

Single Champions:R/B/Y/G:Myrrhman













Pokemon Game Fan


















Lost Lore



4"4Hy (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/4%224Hy)/Q (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Q%E2%97%A3)


Mr. Whiscash









The Sceptile King







The Opera Ghost





Echoing Song

Pokemon Game Fan








Porygon Z


The Sceptile King


















Bart Crab


















Dark Deo




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R/S/E:Kingdom of Tea
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August 10th, 2010, 9:09 PM
I hope that the Ultimate Solo Challenge will still stand here.

Johto Log 6

I covered quite a bit of ground today. Two whole Gym Badges in one day. Quite the accomplishment in my book.

From Ecruteak City, I headed east, only to find a Hiker who kindly gave me HM 04 after bumping into me as an apology. Nice guy. Johto is full of nice people, really. Except for that Danny. Anyhow, there was nothing else there other than a lake and a cave. I didn't feel like going through the cave, so I turned around and headed west instead.

As I was heading that way, some guy noticed I was in possession of a PokéDex and introduced himself as Baoba. He said he used to run the Safari Zone in Kanto, but shut it down to move to Cianwood City to build a more modern one. He asked to trade phone numbers, and I didn't see why not, seeing as the Safari Zone in Kanto was a cool way to pass the time.

The trail took a turn towards the south, and I saw signs of a city up ahead soon after. Moments later, I stepped under a string of flags and found myself in Olivine City.

I was walking around and taking in the sights when I passed by the Gym. As I'm walking by, Danny exits the Gym in a huff. He's always in a huff, it seems. He noticed me and came up to me. He said he didn't want to battle right now, he was too pissed. According to him, the Gym Leader was off at the Lighthouse taking care of a sick Pokémon. He started ranting about how if a Pokémon can't battle, it's worthless. Then he shoved me out of the way and stormed off to the north.

I explored the city, secretly worrying about that sick Pokémon myself. One person gave me a new fishing rod, and another wanted to trade a Voltorb to get a Krabby. But after looking around, I finally caved in and headed to the Lighthouse. I wanted to know what was wrong with that poor Pokémon. Call me weak if you want, but I hate that Danny kid, and if he doesn't care for something, I wanted to care for it to spite him.

I entered the Lighthouse and tried to head right up to the top, but the door into the light room up there was locked. So I had to head back down and take the stairs.

I fought my way past all the trainers until I could go no further upwards. I didn't know where else I could go, until I spotted a rather large window that I could jump out of. I did so, and luckily Psycho was able to safely carry me down.

Outside, I was on the roof of the base building. I walked around the lighthouse pillar and found an entrance. Back inside, I continued my way up to the top, where the Gym Leader, Jasmine, and a sick Ampharos were waiting. She spoke of a pharmacy in Cianwood City, and then unlocked the gate for me. I took that as a silent request from her to get the medicine.

I left the Lighthouse and made the decision to go to Cianwood. I caught a Krabby with that Good Rod and taught it Surf, then headed south towards Cianwood.

The water route was long, but not painfully so. There were a good number of trainers and many annoying wild Pokémon. There were also these large islands being blocked off by huge whirlpools. The whirlpools almost looked artificial, as if someone or something was creating them.

I ignored them for now and headed a little further west, landing in Cianwood. It was a small town on the sea, with fairly few large buildings. There was also a Gym, which I knew I had to hit now, because it was very unlikely that I'd be back.

But first, I found the pharmacy. I told the guy about the Lighthouse Pokémon, and he seemed to know exactly what to give me. I obtained what he called the SecretPotion, a very potent medicine only to be used in emergencies.

I walked around town a bit more and I stumbled upon a guy who mentioned a guy with red hair and piercing eyes who took his Pokémon. Danny, for sure. He was worried about him coming back, so he asked me to keep his last Pokémon safe. I agreed, mostly out of hatred at Danny.

I decided my next move would be to hit the Gym for that fifth badge. I entered to find that the Gym Leader was standing under a huge waterfall and wasn't paying any attention to me at all. I had to shut the water off if I wanted a battle.

Everyone in the Gym used Fighting type Pokémon, so you can guess how it went against the trainers there. When I finally got the waterfall to shut off, I stepped back up to the Gym Leader.

He was all upset that I ruined his training, and told me that I should fear his strength from his extensive training. Then I reminded him that that had nothing to do with Pokémon battles. That shut him up. Then we battled.

The Leader's name was apparently Chuck. Chuck used Fighting types. Psycho is a Psychic type. If you can't tell the outcome, then may Arceus have mercy on your soul. His Primeape fell to Psychic, as did his Poliwrath.

After the slaughter battle, Chuck admitted that I was pretty good. Then he handed me the Storm Badge and TM 01 for Focus Punch.


I left the Gym and this lady comes up to me and hands me HM 02. I thanked her, then healed up quickly.

I walked north a bit, not really doing anything, when I see Suicune. It was just sitting there, looking at me. When I got close to it, it suddenly jumps up, runs around me, and then stops right in front of me. Then it dashed away across the sea.

Suddenly Eusine showed up. He talked a bunch of gibberish about how amazing Suicune is and then challenges me to a battle to earn its respect.

His first Pokémon was a Drowzee, who I took out with a Shadow Ball. Next came an Electrode, who fell after a Psychic. Finally, his last Pokémon was a Haunter, who went down with a Psychic as well.

After I won, he complimented me on how strong I was and left. I decided it was time I got back to the Lighthouse and get that medicine to Jasmine.

Upon returning to Olivine City, I promptly headed to the Lighthouse and took the elevator to the top. I handed the Secret Potion to Jasmine, who proceeded to administer it to the Ampharos. Suddenly, it started to look a lot less pale, and it stood up on its own. Finally, it cheered a little bit and started flashing, lighting up the whole room.

Jasmine was so relieved. She thanked me quickly, then left to return to her Gym. I followed her there, ready for the next Gym battle, even though it hadn't even been two hours after the previous one.

However, right as I left the Lighthouse, Baoba calls me to tell me that the Safari Zone has opened. I'll have to check that out some other time, because right now is Gym time!

At the Gym, I walked up to where the first trainer was, only to find that instead of battling me, he thanked me for helping Jasmine. The same thing with the other trainer. So I got a first class ticket straight to Jasmine. She thanked me for my help again, but then her personality shifted instantly to a more focused and tougher one. She told me about the Steel type, which I already knew about, and then the battle ensued.

Her first two Pokémon were both Magnemites. I hate Magnemites now. None of Psycho's attacks were even normally effective against them, and Thunderbolt did much more damage than I would have liked it to. But Psycho managed to get past them. Her last Pokémon, Steelix, was a tough cookie, with tons of defense. OH, and did I mention that Jasmine used about 5 Hyper Potions? WELL SHE DID. But eventually the huge behemoth fell, earning me the victory.

And right after I beat the Steelix, Psycho started to evolve. Right then and there, he went from Metang to Metagross. He was thrilled to be back to his normal, and I was so glad to have my good buddy back to his former glory. And Jasmine was fascinated by it; I guess she had never seen a Metagross before.

After the evolution was over, Jasmine handed me the Mineral Badge and TM 23, Iron Tail.


I left the Gym, hearing praise from the trainers there. They told me I should aim higher because of my potential. One suggested Mahogany Town. I think I'll hit there next. But since today was a long day, both Psycho and I really wanted to rest. Until tomorrow.


August 10th, 2010, 9:39 PM
i love doing solo runs. they get you a chance to know the pokemon you play. also, remember i have done silver with Igglybuff. Even though i didnt post it.
Im doing terribly with my ditto run. Ive already gone broke from buying so much potions, and my chikorita is already lv 15 from having to switch in so much.

August 10th, 2010, 11:10 PM
Well since everything was moved here I might as well post my Ultimate Solo run with Ludiocolo.

Pokemon Being Used: Ludicolo
Games: LG, SS, E, Pt

Current Status:

Ludicolo Lv71 @ Nothing
Moveset: Fake Out, Surf, Ice Beam, Absorb

Location: Sevii Islands: One Island

Kanto Update #2:

We last left off with me just arriving in Celedon with my level 48 Ludicolo about to head into the Game Corner Hideout. Well, that's just what happened. Most of the areas was easy; some trainers poison hacked me, but it wasn't too bad. Only problem lied with Ludicolo. Since Ludicolo has limited a moveset in the 3rd gen (Other than Tms which I don't have) I ran out of pp much too frequently. Besides that I swept through the Hideout, making sure I had taken out every trainer for the extra exp. Soon enough I reached Giovanni, who honestly was a cake walk. After Celedon was liberated I moved onto the Celedon Gym.

Usually in my normal playthroughs, this gym proves most troubling due to the mass amounts of status effecting moves (Thank god it's not Red/Blue all over again with that Weepingbell, Wrap/ Para hax strategy). With Ice Beam I had no worries and the Gym was actually easy. Now it was time to take on Koga.

After a long process of battling trainers and restocking pp at the Pokemon Center I finally reached Fuchsia City, ready to face Koga. But first things first was to obtain surf and the golden teeth at the Safari Zone, not too much trouble there. Once that was taken care of I challenged the Gym, used up all of my antidotes (I must mention that these NPCs get way too lucky when it comes to Poison hax), and reached Koga. At level 54 or so now my Ludicolo had a fairly easy time, although it almost fainted from toxic which only fueled my aggravation. I got the Soul Badge and it was now my task to clear the Sliph Co. Building.

Once reaching the Sliph building once again I scoured all the floors, making sure to get all the exp I could even getting to the 60s. Twenty run-of-the-mill lackeys later I finally gotten to Giovanni… again. Easily swept him again with Surf and I was soon on my merrily way.

Here’s where I’ll set things to rapid fire.
- After beating Giovanni, I took on the Fighting Dojo and received Hitmonlee (Strength/ Rock Smash slave)
- Beat Sabrina and received the Marsh Badge.
- Grinded my Ludicolo to the high 60s before moving on to ‘Cinnabon’.
- Grabbed the Secret Key from the Pokemon Mansion.
- Got my Ludicolo to level 70 and beat Blaine.

Now that I beat Blaine and all, Bill offered to take me to the Sevii Islands and I expect to reach at least level 80 or so by the Elite Four.

August 11th, 2010, 5:57 AM
Well, I finished my Diamond Solo Run with Golduck yesterday so I should probably post this here. Daisy the Golduck was at level 78 with the moves Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic, and Brick Break. Also, I finished the game in 17:35 hours, if it matters and I just transferred Daisy over to HeartGold for a nice, long retirement. All in all, this challenge was really fun but kinda challenging. Also, it's my first completed challenge too so it's kinda special for me. =]

August 11th, 2010, 10:49 AM
I was wondering why the other thread got locked..I completed my challenge on Crystal using Ursaring.

Update #7 - Done partially from memory and scribbled notes while travelling on a train.
- Beat Lt. Surge. BADGE 9
- Beat Sabrina. BADGE 10
- Beat Misty. BADGE 11
- Beat Erika. BADGE 12
- Beat Janine. BADGE 13
- Caught Snorlax with Master Ball.
- Beat Brock. BADGE 14
- Beat ??? for the final time.
- Beat Blaine. BADGE 15
- Replaced Lick with Firepunch.
- Beat Blue. BADGE 16

Update #8

vs Pikachu - Used Slash. Two took it down.
vs Espeon - Used Slash again. Three took it down.
vs Snorlax - Got a Critical Hit Slash and took it down using two of them.
vs Venusaur - Two Firepunches fainted it.
vs Charizard - Had to use a Max Revive and sacrifice a HM Slave, but fainted it with around 5/6 Slashes
vs Blastoise - Another lucky Critical Hit Slash, fainted in one.

Challenge Complete!

Final Pokemon Movesets

Jaz/Ursaring Level 82 @ Leftovers
- Firepunch
- Icepunch
- Slash
- Faint Attack

HMSLAVEI/Totodile @ Amulet Coin
- Surf
- Headbutt
- Cut
- Whirlpool

HMSLAVEII/Psyduck @ Cleanse Tag
- Strength
- Waterfall
- Rock Smash
- Flash

HMSLAVEIII/Spearow @ Nothing
- Fly

I'll be doing another Solo Challenge on Crystal sometime later this month, probably with Phanpy/Donphan, since I've never used either in a regular game before, my go-to ground type is Graveller, even though Graveller is Rock/Ground, most of it's moves end up Ground types for me.

August 11th, 2010, 11:33 AM
Well, since I was planing to do the Ultimate Solo Challenge, I'll just post everything here. I'm doing them in this order:

Sandshrew/Sandslash Update 1
I started my Pokemon Blue with naming my rival What? and myself BlueSB. I then chose squirtle as a starter and named it SURF. I then used a gameshark to let me encounter a sandshrew in the wild after I returned Oak's Parcel. I caught one, and then put SURF in the PC. I then trained Sandshrew (Edward) up to level 13, and then went though Viridian Forest.

After losing to Brock, I trained Edward up to level 18 before I could beat him. I then went to Mt. Moon and beat some of the trainers there. I had to go back to the Pokemon Center, though, because I ran out of PP. I then got out of Mt. Moon, and trained until I was level 27 (Edward evolved at this point). I also caught another sandshrew and also named it Edward for fun.

I ended up beating Misty with only 1 HP left. That was a close one... I then beat What? easily and made my way through nugget bridge. I talked to Bill, got dig and taught it to Edward, and then went to the S.S. Annie. After beating some of the trainers, and What? once again, I got cut from the Captain. I then taught cut to HM Slave Edward.

I then beat Lt. Surge at lv. 33, I think... Afterward, I went through Rock Tunnel without flash. I ended up getting a bit lost, but I found my way though.

After beating all of the trainers in the Pokemon Tower, I made my way to Celadon. I then beat Erika. She was easy, since at this point, I was in my 40's. After this, I demolished everyone in the TR hideout. I then beat Giovanni and went back to the Pokemon Tower. I beat the Marowack and the TR grunts, and got my Pokeflute. I then walked the long way to Fuchsia city since I forgot to grab that bike.

I then beat all of the trainers, and beat Koga. After this, I picked up Surf and Strength, and went to Sliph Co. I got lost a bit inside, but after finally finding my way, I beat What? again and also Giovanni. I then beat both the Sabrina and the Fighting Dojo.

At this point, I found an amazingly wonderful spearow, and I just had to catch it in my Master Ball. I then got Fly and went to Pallet Town. I then surfed to Cinnabar and went through the Mansion. I got the Key and

After getting the key, I went to the gym. I beat all of the trainers there and got my badge. I then flew to Viridian to beat Giovanni once again. After beating him once again, I went to beat the other person who doesn't accept a loss. What? was as easy as always, and I made my way through Victory Road pretty quickly.

At this point, I bought tons of items to make sure I would survive this. I had to revive myself a few times, but I made it through and became the Kanto champ.
http://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv161/BlueShellBeast/SandslashSoloBlueWin.png http://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv161/BlueShellBeast/BlueSBWinBlue.png
Yes I do, Oak. I still have three regions left!

Final Team

Edward (Sandslash)
Lv. 80
-Fury Swipes

Edward (HM Slave Sandshrew)

FLY (HM Slave Spearow)

SURF (Squirtle HM Slave)

August 11th, 2010, 12:36 PM
Pokemon Being Used: Ludicolo
Games: LG, SS, E, Pt

Current Status:

Ludicolo Lv79 @ Nothing
Moveset: Fake Out, Surf, Ice Beam, Absorb

Paras (HM Slave)
Moveset: Cut, Rock Smash

Hitmonlee (HM Slave)
Moveset: Strength

Sperow (HM Slave)
Moveset: Fly
Location: Viridan City Gym

Kanto Update #3:

Well I made some decent progress after the last update. Since the Sevii Islands aren't to long I'll bullet point the events.

- After arriving on One Island I explored around Mt. Ember to get more exp and items. Once reaching the summit I defeated Moltres for even more exp getting Ludicolo to about level 75.
- Then I sailed onto Two Island to activate the whole biker event and headed to Three Island.
- I received a Nugget from the Tunnel man.
- From there I defeated the biker group and anwards I went to the Berry Forest.
- I saved the little girl and I was finally allowed to leave the islands.
- I defeated Giovanni and received the Earth Badge.

Now I'm going to head to the Indigo Plateau and finish the Kanto leg of the challenge.
Next is going to be Emerald since I'm having a hard time finding a SS/Pt rom.



Current Status:

Ludicolo Lv91 @ Lum Berry
Moveset: Surf, Waterfall, Giga Drain, Ice Beam

Paras (HM Slave)
Moveset: Cut, Rock Smash

Hitmonlee (HM Slave)
Moveset: Strength

Sperow (HM Slave)
Moveset: Fly

Location: Pallet Town (Finished Game)

Kanto Update #4:

Well wasn't I thrown a curveball. When I got through the Victory Road I expected to immediately fight the Elite Four. That wasn't the case; apparently when I had to activate the National Dex to even allow Lombre and Lotad to evolve the game automatically unlocked the Sevii Islands (4-7) and I had to go through all of the events there. That's why Ludicolo is leveled up alot (also used the 6 Rare Candies in my bag).

Once finished with all of that I decided to take on the now high 70 leveled Elite. Lorelei was easy for the most part since Giga Drain helped a lot. Although she did spam Full Restores... Next was Bruno who went down easily due to his 2 ground types. Then there was THE WORST BATTLE EVER! Man I just hate Agatha now after the trouble I had with her. With her using Sludge Bomb 95% of the time, I burned through my Full Restores, thank god she used double team so I could get a hit in. Lance was easy because of ice beam and I got extremely lucky. After that battle I saved and turned off the rom, once I got back on the game reset to normal and my rivals pokemon was back to their pre-Sevii levels. So it was my part to finish the game. (Updated the attachments)

Onto Hoenn!

August 11th, 2010, 5:57 PM
My Ultimate Solo is abandoned now, as I ran into unfixable errors when attempting to catch a Pigdey for my LeafGreen HM slave. Never posted any updates anyway...

August 11th, 2010, 6:17 PM
Johto Log 7

Talk about a weird day... It started normal with me going to earn my next badge, and ended with me back in Goldenrod, trying to figure out how to break up Team Rocket again.

But I should start from the beginning. I flew back to Ecruteak City this morning to start for Mahogany Town. The route was short and involved surfing over those small lakes. However, there was a strip of land in the middle, and when I landed on it, I heard a strange yet familiar cry. I saw a small path blocked by some bushes, which Krabby cut aside.

Behind that was a clearing, and in that clearing was Suicune. It dashed up to me, then swiftly fled east. Right after, Eusine showed up. The poor guy always seems to miss Suicune by just seconds. He babbled more about Suicune's grace and stuff, then swore to never stop following it until he found out what it wanted. Secretly, I figured it wanted him to stop following it.

I reached Mahogany Town shortly after. It was another one of Johto's quaint villages. It reminded me a bit of New Bark Town, except with more rugged terrain surrounding it.

I tried to enter the Gym, but some fat guy stopped me and made idle chat about a mysterious figure going to and from the Lake of Rage. This brought up my own suspicions, and I was off to this Lake of Rage place.

I was heading up the trail and I saw a gate house. I figured that if this lake was such a tourist attraction, there would be a toll for passage. I snuck around through some dense forest instead.

The path was kind of confusing since I left the main trail, so I ended up in a separate area of the lake. It seemed that the lake had gotten too high and had flooded the area. I was able to surf my way around through a maze of trees sticking out of the water.

I landed on the opposite side of the lake, near a lone house. The guy inside stopped meditating to give me TM 10, then he went right back to meditation. What a hermit. A hard core hermit, but still a hermit.

I got back to the main part of the lake to find a large red Gyarados rampaging around. Yeah, that's right. Red. I was confused, but if anything, I knew this was rare. I had to catch it.

After a short battle and a few Ultra Balls, the Gyarados was mine. Sweetness, if I do say so myself.

After I caught it, I found a Red Scale of its floating around in the water. I picked it up, examined it, and threw it into my bag. It might fetch a high price later.

I headed back to the shore, when suddenly I saw the mystery guy that the fat dude in front of the Gym was talking about. He was reading the sign while his Dragonite stood next to him, obviously curious as to what his trainer was doing.

Turns out it was Lance, from the Pokémon League. He was here investigating the strange goings on and the odd Gyarados rampage. He asked me to help him investigate what was going on around here. I wondered that myself, so I agreed.

He told me that the Magikarp were being forced into evolution by some strange radio signal from Mahogany. Then he mentioned the souvenir shop. He told me he'd be waiting for me in Mahogany, then flew off on his Dragonite.

I followed him back, but I wanted to hit the Gym first. Unfortunately, the fat guy was still in the way, so I entered the souvenir shop. By the way, the sign was the only thing I needed to see to understand why it was suspicious. Never advertise that your shop is not suspicious.

Inside, I see Lance's Dragonite blast some guy aside, then Lance revealed a secret staircase. That's totally not suspicious at all. No way.

Down the stairs was a huge basement complex, and there were these strange Persian statues everywhere. However, the eyes were glowing red. Still not suspicious at all. I stepped in front of the statues, and suddenly I was attacked by two Rocket grunts. I beat them easily, and they told me that the statues had cameras in them. They also mentioned a switch to shut them off.

I found the switch easily. It was behind a scientist, and it was a digital switch on the computer. After I shut that off, no more Rocket grunts attacked me. And thankfully, there were no more stupid spinning tiles of doom! I can't say how thankful I was to find out that there weren't any.

I went down the next set of stairs to find Lance waiting for me. He gave Psycho some special medicine that got him back to perfect health. Then he continued on, as did I. There was a door that had a sign on it that said "Radio Transmitter", but it was locked. A Rocket grunt I battled a little bit after the door said it required some passwords.

Lance found out that to open that door, we'd need to get some executive named Petrel. But his chamber was locked and also needed passwords, so we split up to figure out what they were. I battled a bunch of people, until I finally found one lady who told me that one password was SlowpokeTail. Of course.

The other guy I found told me the second password after I beat him senseless. It was RaticateTail. What is Team Rocket's sudden obsession with tails?

I maneuvered through the hideout until I finally found where Petrel's room was. However, as I approached the door, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around just in time to see Danny come around the corner. He said he wasn't surprised to see me here. Then he asked who the guy in the cape was, and said that he was beaten easily by the guy. He was all upset about it, and I could see his inner emo loser coming out. Then he shoved me back and left. I swear, one of these days I'm gonna lose control and order Psycho to smash him out of existence.

I got back up and brushed myself off. I suppressed my anger and turned around to go confront the Rocket executive. However, when I opened the door, I saw Giovanni. Except it wasn't Giovanni. It was Petrel dressed up like Giovanni. Clever bastard. He told me the password, but then reminded me that only his voice could open the door.

The battle with him was swift and easy. A Zubat, a Koffing, and a Raticate all fell to Metal Claw. Too easy.

Petrel was still smug, even after he lost. He knew that, without him, I couldn't get into the transmitter room. Then he fled. However, a Murkrow that was in the room ran up to me and said, in an exact mimic of Petrel's voice, 'Hail Giovanni'. Then it took off as well. I gave chase, thinking that I could use that Murkrow to get into the radio transmitter.

It almost seemed like the Murkrow was waiting for me, because I would see it every so often, and when I got close, it shouted the password and ran off, towards the transmitter room. When I finally got to the locked door, the Murkrow was already there, and right as I arrived, it shouted out the password. There was a long pause, and I almost thought it wouldn't work. Then the lock clicked open and the door slid away.

I started to walk into the room, when suddenly a lady with bright red hair and another faceless grunt stopped me. She called herself Ariana, and was about to challenge me to a two on one battle. Suddenly, Lance showed up and offered to battle with me.

The battle was easy. The grunt's Pokémon were nothing special, and Ariana's Pokémon were just as easy, only a few levels higher.

Ariana was upset that she lost, but then she mentioned that the test was still a success, and that they were on to the main part of the plan. That didn't sound good at all. Lance apologized for not helping out more, he saw how I was doing and hung back. He examined the transmitter, and saw no off switch. The only way to shut it off was to take out the power source, I.E. the Electrodes. We split the job; I took the left while he took the right.

There was no trouble in beating the Electrodes, they all fell like a poorly built house of cards. After taking all mine out, I walked back to the front of the machine to see how Lance was doing. He had just finished as well. He told me that the signal had been shut off, so everything was all good. Then he gave me HM 05, saying he had no use for it himself. It was Whirlpool, according to him, and since I didn't have that HM, I thanked him. Then he took off.

I left that crazy place as well, glad to be back outside. I noticed that the fat guy was no longer in front of the Gym, so I went right on in.

The Gym was frigid. Psycho didn't feel a thing, but I sure did. The floors were even frozen over. I was able to slip and slide my way across the floors, using ice blocks and walls to stop myself. As I went on, the puzzles got harder, but I kept going until I was finally in front of Pryce, the Gym Leader.

Battling Pryce was a little tougher than I thought. His Seel withstood a Shadow Ball, so I predicted that Pryce's next move would be to use a Hyper Potion, and it was. Psycho countered with a Psychic, and Seel easily fell to that. His next Pokémon, a Piloswine, wasn't messing around either. It somehow withstood a Psychic, and hit Psycho with a super effective Mud Bomb. However, it didn't see the Hammer Arm that Psycho followed up with. Lastly was his Dewgong, who was able to dodge the first Hammer Arm, but couldn't duck the second. It was down for the count after that.

Pryce complimented me on my skill, just like Lance did, and handed me the Glacier Badge and TM 07, Hail.


Right as I left the Gym (I'm starting to see a recurring pattern here), Prof. Elm called me. He asked how I was, then told me that the radio stations were talking about Team Rocket. I flipped on the radio, and sure enough, that's what was happening. I flew off to Goldenrod immediately.

So here I am. Now all I have to do is figure out how the heck to get into the radio tower, now that Team Rocket has it blocked off.


August 12th, 2010, 8:52 AM

Sandshrew/Sandslash Update 2
Current Region: Johto

I started off my game by naming myself the usual BlueSB. I then picked up Totodile and named him SURF. I then trained him up to level 9, and then went to Mr. Pokemon. I then beat my rival, Who?, and then went back to Professor Elm. At this point, I used a cheat to catch Sandshrew in the wild. I named him Edward, and trained him up to level 11.

After this, I headed up to Violet City, beating every trainer in the way. I then went to the Bellsprout tower, and got Flash (even if I won't even use it...). I then went back down to beat Falkner.

I then made my way past Union Cave, and beat TR in the Slowpoke Well. After this, I tried to take on Bugsy, but I kept on loosing to him. After training for a bit, I was able to scratch out a victory. Who? however was going to be a different story. After trying to beat his Gastly only using Poison Sting, I gave up and just trained Edward a few more levels up. I then taught him Furry Cutter, and I managed to win.

I then got Cut, and taught it to SURF. I then beat all of the trainers first surrounding Goldenrod, and then Whitney. After this, I got the Squirtbottle and beat Sudowoodo. Next, I beat Who? in the Burnt Tower, and then tried to beat Morty, only to lose to Curse.

I then trained myself up to level 50, ran into Entei, and was able to beat him at that level. After that, I beat the Kimono Girls and got surf.

Next, I went to the Lighthouse to talk to Jasmine. Afterward, I surfed down towards Cinawood. After losing to Eusine, I got the medicine and went back to the Lighthouse. After that, I beat Jasmine, and got Strength. I taught it to Sandslash, and went back to beat Chuck.

I then went to Mahogany and beat the Red Gyarados. After this, I talked to Lance, and went into TR's base. After taking out all of the TR Grunts, Lance healed me, and I got the two passwords. I then beat the executive, and shut down their base.

Next, I beat Pryce's gym and went back to Goldenrod to beat TR once again. I finished off everyone in the radio tower, and proceeded to beat Who? only using Fury Cutter. I then got the Card and saved the radio tower.

Afterward, I caught a Marril, idiotically naming it Whirlpool even though it only learned Waterfall. I then went through Ice Cave, and arrived at Blackthorn City. I beat Clair, and then went to the Dragon's Den. I then walked back to Professor Elm. While walking to there, I ran into my friend Entei again. I then went to Victory Road, and beat Who? once again by only using Fury Cutter.

I then beat the E4 without fainting once. There were some hard parts, but I pulled though.

Current Team

http://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv161/BlueShellBeast/CrystalEdwardStats1.png http://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv161/BlueShellBeast/CrystalEdwardStats2.png

Surf (Totodile HM Slave)

Whirpool (Marill HM Slave)

Next Up: Johto's Kanto

August 12th, 2010, 9:05 AM
Might want to change your post a bit. In the Ultimate solo challenge, im using a Metang not a metagross.

August 12th, 2010, 12:33 PM
Duly noted. Also, Yaaaaaay! I'm all caught up. Let the games begin!

August 12th, 2010, 4:51 PM
Hooray for combo thread! Should make this a lot less chaotic. (Or maybe just more chaotic...) Anyway:

Jirachi Update:
Upon arriving in Lavender Town after running a VERY annoying gauntlet of trainers (seriously, I must have replenished PP at the center at least a dozen times), I made it to Lavender Town, where a radio tower has replaced a sacred Pokemon gravesite. Ah well, that's progress for you...I healed my Pokemon and went north again, entering Rock Tunnel with a large number of Super Repels in hand. Not wanting to deal with more HM slaves, I made it through without Flash after a LOT of dead ends, emerging onto the other side, where thankfully there was a Pokemon Center. I healed and headed immediately for Cerulean, where I healed again before returning to Route 10 and the Power Planet. There, I resolved to help find a thief who had recently broken in and stolen an item. I Flew to Cerulean again and decided that perhaps it might be best if I challenged the Gym first, only to find...TEAM ROCKET!?!?!? How did they ret--oh, wait, never mind, it's just one Engrish-speaking member. I chased him down, stopped him from butting in between a couple enjoying a nice romantic bridge date, and defeated him, grabbing the part and returning it to the Power Plant. With the power back on, I Flew to Lavender and picked up the expansion card, then went back to Cerulean again and headed to the cape, fighting a bunch of trainers along the way and interrupting Misty's date with...umm, someone who isn't Ash I guess. So much for Pokeshipping. :P

After chasing her back to the Gym, it was time for a battle. Most of her Pokemon went down to one Psychic apiece, but her Starmie with its resistance actually survived two of them. Jirachi only took a couple hits that didn't really do much, but eventually I had earned my next Kanto badge!

Since the power was back on, and East Kanto had been cleared, there wasn't really much else to do except head to Western Kanto. I woke up Snorlax and managed to capture it, which was lucky as I would later really need it for something. With Repels, Diglett's Cave is laughably easy, as is Viridian Forest. Upon emerging, it was time to take on...

Well, what can I say about Brock? He may have good physical defense on all of his Pokemon, but when faced with a Special Attacker...well, at least one of his Pokemon survi--oh, never mind, they all went down in one hit.

Next up was Mt. Moon. The trainers on Route 3 gave me some trouble with PP rationing and I ended up skipping a bunch to go to the mountain's Pokemon Center and healing, then returning for more EXP. I then entered the mountain and came face-to-face with Pingas...again. His Sneasel wasn't half as annoying as last time, thanks to Doom Desire/Wish/Cosmic Power combo, and the rest of his Pokemon went down to Psychic, with the exception of Magneton, who also took a Doom Desire combo to the face. After he had been defeated, I climbed to the mountain's top, where the shop was closed, and Flew back to Pewter. From here, I took Viridian Forest south to Viridian City; with Repels, the forest was easy, as every Bug Catcher just went down to a few Psychics. Not much to do in Viridian, as the Gym is apparently closed, so I just healed once and went directly to Pallet Town to visit Oak. From there, I turned on the repels and Surfed down to Cinnabar, and from there straight to Seafoam without bothering with Gary/Blue. A few Trainers and healing moments later, it was time for...

Well, he gave me a lot tougher of a challenge than I expected, mainly due to Jirachi's weakness to Fire. Blaine actually kept managing to survive my Psychics and hit me with Flamethrower, which did A LOT of damage--I actually had to use two Hyper Potions in this battle! Despite that, though, Psychic eventually won out, and the Volcanobadge was mine. Next, I surfed to Fuschia to get rid of the boulders, heal, and then Fly back to Cinnabar, where Blue promised me a challenge in Viridian.

A quick Fly later, it was time to challenge the eighth and final Gym! Man, I hate this puzzle. Ah well. Once I'd finally made it to Blue, he went down pretty easily, with the exception of Exeggutor, who had to take a Doom Desire/Wish/Cosmic Power combo to knock out. With Earthbadge in hand, Oak called me and requested my presence, and so I walked to Pallet Town to the south.

Remember that Snorlax? It turns out that it's the only Pokemon I own that is able to learn Rock Climb, which is needed to make it to Red. So I got him out as an HM Slave and taught it Rock Slide before heading to Mt. Silver, ready to face Red! After two wild encounters in the grass outside the mountain, Jirachi also hit Level 100...perfect timing, too. I Flew to a store and bought a few Max Repels, then Flew back and scaled the mountain, finding at its summit...

Level 100 Jirachi VS Red's team. This actually went better than expected. I got lucky with a Critical Hit on Pikachu, KO'ing it in one hit! Next up was Charizard, which actually managed to get off a Flamethrower and make me use a Max Potion...GRR. It also took three Psychics to knock out, which was also annoying. After that, Venusaur fainted after a single Psychic, and Blastoise took two Psychics, plus a hit from the Hail, to destroy. Lapras was surprisingly easy, but Snorlax gave me some trouble and made me use another potion. With Snorlax down...CHALLENGE CLEAR!

Nature: Lax
Ability: Serene Grace
Level: 100
HP: 351
ATK: 243
DEF: 272
SP. ATK: 245
SP. DEF: 210
SPD: 250
Moves: Wish, Psychic, Cosmic Power, Doom Desire

:t254: Sceptile0111 :t254:

August 12th, 2010, 5:54 PM
Okay, so I started my own ultimate solo challenge this afternoon: Red version, with Snorlax.

I managed to accomplish a so-so amount for Day One:

Name: MATT

--Got PC potion

--Chose Squirtle

--Beat Gary

--Delivered Parcel

--Used encounter code for Snorlax Lv. 2

--Grinding in Viridian Forest (Rest ROCKS!)

--Beat Gary on Route 22

--More grinding against metapods...

--Beat Brock

--Breezed through Mt. Moon

--Immediately dominated Misty's gym

--Snorlax has INSANE Attk and Def, beating Gary without even healing

--Solved Bill's dillemma

--Sailed through the S.S Anne (ha-ha), getting HM 1

--Battled through Route 11

--Taught cut to newly caught Oddish (Route 6)

--Went back to Lt. Surge's demise (3 OHKO's)

--Found my way through the Dark Cave

--Healed and got to Celadon City

--Beat Erika and her gym

--Helped out the Saffron guards, then went to the Rocket Hideout back at Celadon

--Beat Giovanni. Obtained the Silph Scope.


So here's my party as it now stands:


So, Day Two went sorta like this:

--Taught Pudge TM 29, Psychic from the man in Saffron

--Body Slammed Gary to death in Pokemon Tower

--Sent Cubone's mother to the afterlife

--Got Mr. Fugi's Pokeflute

--Beat my fellow brethren, Snorlax. (route 12)

--Psychic-ed my way thought Koga's gym

--Snorlax learned Hyper Beam (C. Falcon says, "YESZ!")

--Got HM 03 & Gold Teeth in Safari Zone

--Gave Gold Teeth to the Warden. Got HM 04.

--Taught HM's 03 & 04 to Squirtle

--Caught a Spearow on Route 16 (nicknamed "Flyer")

--Got HM 02 (delaaayed) and taught it to Flyer

--Entered Silph Co. Got the Card key.

--Zoomed through, defeated Gary and Giovanni, and got the Master Ball

--Tossed the Master Ball (lolz)

--Psyched out Sabrina

--Surfed on to Cinnabar Island, entering the Pokemon Mansion

--Obtained the Secret Key

--Beat Blaine

--Flew to Viridian and entered Giovanni's gym. Kicked major butt.


--Beat Gary on Route 22...again.

--Entered Victory Road

--Defeated Moltres

--Indigo Plateau Reached


Aaaaand my party right before the Elite Four:



The Elite Four:

So, my battle with the Elite Four was managable.

I can't even remember what happened with Lorelei...It was all a jumbled mess of random attacks, figuring out how much damage certain attacks did, etc.

Bruno was really easy. Phychics on the fighting types, Ice Beam on the Onix's. All OHKO's except Machamp who, after being hit with a Phychic, managed to kill himself with submission (having close to no HP beforehand)

Agatha was a bit annoying as always. Her speed got the best of me, putting me asleep for a few turns. But I kept Pudge awake with the Poke Flute. Eventually Pudge annialated her with his awesome mindgames. (SSBM reference. If you don't know it, remember: Google is your friend)

Lance? Easy shmeezy...only his Gyarados and Aerodactyl did any real damage (both emphasized Hyper Beam just a tad). The dragons were done at turn 1. Thank you Ice Beam!

Gary. The nemesis. Pideot? Ice Beamed. Alakazam? He got two criticals with Phychic, almost killing me, but lucky me, after he fainted from Earthquake, Rhydon was polite enough to let me Rest and awaken w/ the Poke Flute. Did I mention he was Ice Beamed as well? Psychic-ed Gyarados to his grave and Arcanine was no match for Pudge's Earthquake. Venusaur got a Solarbeam crit, which nearly took out Pudge, but Rest is AMAZING, so I took him out after that with an Ice Beam.

WHOO!!! ELITE FOUR CONFRONTED AND BEATEN. Here's the Hall of Fame data:



I apologize in advance if you find my list of events to be "laking in entertainment" or "not funny." I plan on doing a metric ass-load of these, so I'm trying to get straight to the point. :/

Time for Gold Version!

Alright, so I started Gold version a little late, so I'm gonna get some in before I call in for the night...

Day One:

--Name: MATT

--"Whoa! 0 min.?"
...Yes, Prof. Oak. Zero minutes.

--Pokegear acquired

--Chose Totodile

--Got Map Card

--Obtained Pokedex

--Removed Rival's feet

--...and named him "Abigail"

--Got Pokeballs and used code to encounter Snorlax

--Breezed through Sprout Tower, getting HM 05

--Blew away Falkner

--Taught Pudge Mud-Slap

--Got the eggerz

--Tackled through Union Cave

--Met Kurt, beat Team Rocket in Slopoke Well

--Pudge rolled over and squashed Bugsy

--Beat Abigail w/ help of Mud-Slap on Gastly

--Led Farfetch'd back, got HM 01

--Taught it to Totodile

Well, I'm getting pretty tired now, so I think I'll call it quits for tonight...or is it "this morning"...?

But anyway, here's mai party-thingy's:


August 12th, 2010, 6:34 PM
I would like to do the ultimate solo challenge with scizor! xD
I will start with emerald followed by leafgreen then silver and finally platinum.

I'm also going to add one additional rule for myself...no revives allowed.

August 12th, 2010, 7:45 PM
Johto Log 8

Team Rocket is broken up. Again. And this time, it's for good.

Here's how it happened. I was looking around Goldenrod, and it was obvious to me that they hadn't just taken over the tower; the whole town was full of Rockets. They had locked the Whitney and the Gym trainers in the Gym, and every other building was being blocked off. I did overhear one grunt talking about a guy going to get some spare uniforms in the underground, however.

From that I hatched a plan. I snuck into the underground and found the guy they were talking about. He somehow mistook me for a new member and gave me a uniform. I got into it and checked myself out. I could barely recognize myself. And neither could Psycho, cause when I came out, he looked like he was about to attack me.

We left the underground, and suddenly all the Rockets were talking to me as if I were a close friend. Most told me that they had the town covered and that I should get to the Radio Tower. Which is just what I did.

There was a guard by the stairs, but he let me through when he saw the uniform. Unfortunately, right as I was about to go up the stairs, Danny showed up. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice me and I tried to sneak up the stairs, but he saw me. He ripped my black coat off and told me that I shouldn't try to look like them. The Rocket guard saw this and attacked me.

Psycho beat his Pokémon down easily, and he ran off to tell his boss that I was coming. There goes my element of surprise. Looks like I'll have to battle my way up.

I told Danny why I was in the Team Rocket uniform, and he scoffed at my idea. Then he told me he had to go so he could beat Lance. It sounded like he was obsessed with it. I watched him leave and headed up the tower on my own.

Battling my way up the tower was a lot easier than I suspected. The grunts were every bit as easy to beat as they were before. The boss, however, locked himself in the top of the tower, but the director had the key on the fifth floor. When I got there, the director was about to broadcast an announcement, but then he noticed me. Turns out, it was Petrel stretching his impersonation muscle again.

The following battle was quick and painless. He had five Koffings, all of which went down after being Metal Clawed in the face. His Weezing felt the wrath of Psycho's Psychic, and that was that.

He scoffed stupidly at me again, then gave me the key to the underground warehouse, which was where they stashed the real director. I didn't know why he would give me the key until he told me that he doubted I could get that far.

I sure proved him wrong. I headed to the underground and found the door to the warehouse. There, I spotted the Kimono girl again. She was impressed that I was taking on Team Rocket, started to mention something, then cut off in mid sent-

Inside the warehouse, I looked around for any signs of the director. However, when I tried to move forward, Danny showed up again. It turns out that he wanted to tail me to find Lance. When Lance didn't show, he decided he'd just battle me instead.

His first Pokémon, a Golbat, fell to Metal Claw. Then his Haunter lost to Psycho's Shadow Ball. Next, his Feraligatr was KOed instantly by Psychic. The Magnemite that followed it up didn't stand a chance against Hammer Arm. Then he let out his Sneasel. Before I could order Psycho to do anything, he butts in and rips off the Joker's famous line "Why so serious?" What a freak. One Hammer Arm later, Sneasel was no more.

Danny looked confused after the loss. He started mumbling about what Lance said to him about trusting and caring about your Pokémon and left, looking unsure of anything. I think Lance's words to him were finally getting through.

After he left, I pressed further into the warehouse. The whole place was a puzzle of doors and locks. I figured it out after a little trial and error, and I moved onward into the tunnels.

I wound my way through the maze-like area and finally found the director. He was horrified to find out that Team Rocket took over the Radio Tower and he gave me the card key to the shutters on the third floor. Then he mentioned something that I hadn't yet thought of. If they control the transmitter, and they have that strange signal, they could control all Pokémon in the Johto region. I could not let that happen.

I quickly rushed back to the tower, ascending the floors up to the third floor. I unlocked the shutter, threw it open, and kept running up the stairs. However, midway up, Proton stopped me and challenged me. He was easy to dispose of, Golbat falling to Metal Claw and Weezing to Psychic.

I was about to reach the elevator up to the top of the tower when Ariana showed up again. She, too, challenged me. And she, too, fell easily. Arbok KOed by Psychic, Murkrow lost after a Metal Claw, and Vileplume, like Arbok, couldn't stay standing after Psycho's Psychic.

She backed away and I was free to head up the elevator. At the top was a large observation deck, and standing there was a quiet man with light blue hair. He called himself Archer and told me that the only reason they took over the tower was to call Giovanni back to them. I was relieved that they hadn't thought of the signal thing, but I couldn't let them bring back Giovanni. Then he said that he wasn't gonna let me get in the way of their plan and a battle ensued.

First, his Houndour was easily tossed aside with a Hammer Arm. Then Archer sent out its evolved form, Houndoom, who also fell to Hammer Arm, though it was able to get a quick Fire Fang in. It didn't do much, but it did manage to burn Psycho. I was able to get a burn heal in on Psycho when Archer's last Pokémon turned out to be a Koffing. The next turn, Psycho used Metal Claw and Archer was defeated.

Archer was astounded, but he realized that there was no way he could continue the plan. So Team Rocket was disbanded again at our hands. Then, he vanished into thin air. Even after three years, that still irks me.

The director came up to meet me and handed me a Silver Wing for getting rid of Team Rocket. He told me that it was found when they were replacing an old tower here with the Radio Tower.

I descended the tower, getting many thanks from the employees, and reached the first floor. When I exited the tower, I was glad to find that everything had returned to normal. I was glad for this, because it meant that I could get back to my journey.

Since it was still pretty early in the day, I decided to shove off for Blackthorn City right away. After I flew back to Mahogany, I headed east again, fighting my way to what was called Ice Path. They sure didn't over exaggerate that. The place was coated in ice, whether in the form of icicles or snow.

It took a bit of puzzle solving and a lot of slipping and falling to make it all the way through. I even found that Kimono Girl again, and helped her out when her sandals had frozen to the ice. But once I came out the other side, I was right in Blackthorn City. However, it was also very late. So I decided that I'd hit up the Gym tomorrow and call it a day for now.


August 13th, 2010, 5:48 AM
annialated her with his awesome mindgames. (SSBM reference. If you don't know it, remember: Google is your friend)
I feel like I know what this is, but I can't find it on google. Help!
I apologize in advance if you find my list of events to be "laking in entertainment" or "not funny." I plan on doing a metric ass-load of these, so I'm trying to get straight to the point. :/

Time for Gold Version!
I understand, it is unfortunate that we are burdened with completing all the solo challenges, but we must carry on XD
I would like to do the ultimate solo challenge with scizor! xD
I will start with emerald followed by leafgreen then silver and finally platinum.

I'm also going to add one additional rule for myself...no revives allowed.
Start with LeafGreen. Please go in order if you can.

August 13th, 2010, 8:49 AM
Start with LeafGreen. Please go in order if you can.

My bad! :embarrass Sure, I wil start with LeafGreen and go in order.

August 13th, 2010, 6:00 PM
Johto Log 9

Picking up from yesterday, I had just gotten to Blackthorn City. Well, first thing in the morning, I hit the Gym. I wasn't gonna waste any more time than I needed to.

The inside of the Gym was like the inside of a volcano. I thought it was just because the trainers liked it hot, but then I spotted the lava. That's right. Lava. The Gym guide told me that it'd be best if I put Psycho in his PokéBall because of the heat and the unstable footing. Gee, that makes me feel safe.

The puzzles in the Gym had to do with moving and rotating large platforms from one point to another. The first few were easy, but the last one took me a while.

The Gym Leader, Clair, seemed rather aloof and snobbish. She mentioned that she could hold her own against the Elite Four, and when that didn't deter me, she seemed to look at me with distaste.

The battle went down a little like this: She sent out a Pokémon, Psycho either OHKOed or THKOed it with Psychic. (For those of you who don't know what those mean, they're One Hit KO and Two Hit KO respectively)

Clair was, naturally, in denial. However, she refused to hand me the badge I had just rightfully won. She told me to go take the Dragon-master Challenge in the Dragon's Den. If I passed it, she'd give me the badge. I wanted to punch her in the face, but I had the feeling I'd never get the badge then.

So I grudgingly went behind the Gym and entered the Dragon's Den. The shrine wasn't hard to get to; I had to surf around to find the right entrance, though. The test turned out to be a few questions, so that was another lucky break. I answered them all truthfully, and they said I passed easily.

Clair suddenly entered, and had this high and mighty attitude. She asked them how badly I failed, and when she found out I passed, she was taken by surprise. She hadn't even passed, and yet I had. The elder who quizzed me told her to stop acting childish and give me the badge. Then he threatened to tell Lance of this, which made her go pale. I guess she knew Lance as well.

She finally gave in and handed me the Rising Badge.


The elder told Clair to go reflect on herself, and she took off. Then he mentioned something about the Whirl Islands and a Pokémon called Lugia. I was only partly interested, and when he finished talking about it, I left.

As I was leaving, Clair stopped me and apologized for her behavior by giving me TM 59, Dragon Pulse. Then she took off again, this time for good.

I exited the Dragon's Den as well, and as soon as I did, Prof. Elm called me. He told me he had something neat to give me, so I should swing by and grab it. So I did. Simple as that.

At the lab, I was met by Lyra and Prof. Elm. Elm said I was doing a great job in the Johto region and he gave me another Master Ball. I admit, it was cool to get another one, but it would do me just as much good as the other one did. Or so I thought at that point. He also told me that the Kimono Girls were waiting for me in Ecruteak. I was shocked. I thought there was only one girl all over the place.

As I approached the Dance Theater, I saw Danny run out, mumbling about losing to five Kimono girls. He looked at me, said something about how tough the Kimono Girls were, then ran off. He looked like he had some conflicting emotions.

In the Dance Theater, the five Kimono Girls were waiting for me. They said something about bringing back Lugia, and they challenged me to five battles in a row. They all had evolutions of Eevee, and they were all simple to beat.

After I beat them all, the main Kimono Girl handed me the Tidal Bell. Then, suddenly, a young girl ran in and told us that she saw a large shadow heading towards the Whirl Islands. I really wasn't interested in any of this stuff, but I grudgingly followed them.

At the Whirl Islands, I wound my way through the floors all the way down to the bottom, where the Kimono Girls waited. They said something about summoning Lugia and a dance, then the Tidal Bell they gave me earlier began glowing and floating. The Kimono Girls quickly spread out on the platform and began dancing.

It was a majestic dance, and as they danced, two large orbs on both sides of the huge waterfall ahead started glowing. Then, out of nowhere, a faint outline appeared in the waterfall. Suddenly it burst out, revealing a huge winged Pokémon. The Kimono Girls confirmed that it was Lugia, and that it was waiting for me. I'm not sure what that meant, but I figured it meant it wanted me to capture it. So I did. Thanks for the Master Ball, Elm.

After I caught it, I up and left. No need to stay any longer than I needed, I had already wasted enough time here.

Back in New Bark Town, I surfed east, finally heading back to Kanto. Great, my favorite region. /sarcasm

Tohjo Falls was easy to get through. Up one waterfall and down the other. Yawn. They made it sound all big and important on the sign, but it really wasn't.

From that point on, I was in Kanto. It wasn't as bad here, but that might just be because I'm only on the outer part of Kanto. The trainers were all annoying, and they weren't that hard to beat at all.

The route dragged on for a long ways. Then it shifted north and became a whole new route. I started to get a little bored of all the walking.

But finally, after crushing the hopes and dreams of many League-bound trainers, I made it to the gatehouse of Victory. Road. Victory Road.

It was dark when that happened, so I decided to call it a night. However, the people at the gate couldn't offer me a place to stay, so I ended up searching the route for a place to sleep. Luckily, I ran across this one woman who was kind enough to open up her house to me. A woman this nice in Kanto. Maybe she thinks she's still living in Johto.

Either way, I'm crashing here for the night. Tomorrow will bring the gauntlet that is Victory Road and the Elite Four. It'll be good to see my old buds again.


August 14th, 2010, 3:40 AM
Sign me up,I'll try too

EDIT:Ok so I'll start playing
-Chosen Squirtle
-Defeated my Rival,Blue
-Grew my Squirtle to lvl 8
-Devilered Parcel,got Pokedex
-Got Squirtle to Lvl 10
-Started the 2nd battle against Blue
He called Pidgey
I called Squirtle
Pidgey used Sand-Attack for 5 times(It was frustating)then Gust
I SOMEHOW managed to beat Pidgey,but his Bulbasaur defeated me :((
Lost the battle
-Grew Squirtle to Lvl 13
-Took on Blue again
Pidgey vs Squirtle
He started using Sand Attack again,and i used Bubble,defeated him with 9 HP remaining
Squirtle vs Bulbasaur
Leech Seed defeated Squirtle,AGAIN
-Took on Blue again for the 3RD time
Pidgey vs Squirtle
At last he didn't use Sand-Attack,defeated him very easy
Bulbasaur vs Squirtle
I defeat him with 3 HP.He used Leech seed and Tackle,i had a hard time defeating him.
-Entered Viridian Forest
-Started training with trainers,while my Squirtle has been poisoned
-Got Squirtle to lvl 15
-Got to Pewter City and Healed Squirtle
-Challenged Pewter Gym
-Defeated First trainer and healed before Brock,while my Squirtle evolved
Red vs Brock
Wartortle vs Geodude
KO with Water Gun,same with Onix
Got my first badge,BOULDERBADGE

2nd Update:

-Trained with trainers at Route 3
-Entered and got through MT.MOON "safe"
-Healed my Pokemon at Cerulean
-Battle vs Blue
Pidgeotto vs Wartortle
He only used gust.3 Water Guns KO'ed him.
Abra vs Wartortle
He only used Teleport.what a SURPRISE.
Rattata vs Wartortle
Hyper Fang wasn't so dangerous.2 Bubble and a KO.
Bulbasaur vs Wartortle
Vine whip did only 12 damage.2 Tackles and KO,again
-Defeated Rival Blue
-Trained with the trainers at NUGGET BRIDGE
-Trained with the trainers at Cerulean Cape
-Helped Bill to become a human again
-Challenged Cerulean Gym with my lvl 26 Wartortle
Red vs Misty
Staryu vs Wartortle
Misty used and X DEFEND on Staryu,but 2 Bite's KO'ed him.
Starmie vs Wartortle
He used 4 Tackles and X DEFEND.Still,4 bite's and KO.
-I won CASCADEBADGE and TM 11,BubbleBeam,which replaced Bubble.
OK,enough,FOR NOW.

August 14th, 2010, 8:12 AM
Johto Log 10

Well, I've done it again. And this time, it was almost as easy.

Victory Road... has definitely changed. A lot. There were a few Strength puzzles, but not very many. And there were no trainers to be found at all. I'm not sure whether it was because of a rule or because of something else. Either way, it was vacant.

Also, there were some holes in the ground that I had to use to get between certain areas and floors. I had a feeling that most people would have had to fall down them. Luckily, Psycho was able to carry me down them. No risk of broken bones here.

Finally, I saw the exit of the cave right ahead of me. I ran towards it, ready to rid myself of this place, when suddenly Danny shows up. Oh joy of joys. He followed me into Kanto. Then he tells me that the reason there weren't any trainers is because he beat them all. I couldn't believe that, but I didn't see any other explanation for the absence of trainers. He followed this statement up by saying the only reason I'm here is because he hasn't gotten to me yet. In other words, he was challenging me.

First his Sneasel was up, and then back down with a Metal Claw. Then was his Feraligatr, who withstood one Psychic, but couldn't handle the follow up Metal Claw. Third out was his Haunter; it promptly fell to a Shadow Ball. Next was his Golbat; the next part is self-explanatory. Lastly came his Magneton. It caused the most trouble because of it's resistance to Psychic and its Thunder Wave. But the second Psychic took it down, bringing Danny down to one Pokémon, Kadabra. It didn't stand a chance against Shadow Ball, and Psycho and I were victorious.

He said a bunch of words that basically amounted to "I'm gonna go train, but I'll be back."

Finally, I was at Indigo Plateau again. It was all so familiar, even after the remodeling they did while I was Champ. The mood was right, and it was time to become the Champion again. Finally my time has arrived.

After a little grinding in Victory Road, Psycho was at level 69 and raring to go. He had learned Zen Headbutt over Psychic, mainly because of the large difference between his Special Attack and Attack stats.

So, onto the battles. The first guy was the only one I didn't know, because he was added after I left. His name was Will, and he claimed to be a master with Psychic types. He obviously hasn't met Psycho and me.

First up was a Xatu. Shadow Ball put the poor thing in its place. The same for the Slowbro and other Xatu that followed it. His Jynx got a taste of Meteor Mash, and then Exeggutor fell to Shadow Ball.

Following Will was Koga, the ninja man himself. He welcomed me back, and then the battle started. First off was an Ariados, which was easily felled by a Zen Headbutt. Next was his Forretress, who had some good Defense to be able to withstand Earthquake once. A Full Restore, an Earthquake and a Shadow Ball later, the Forretress fell. (lol pun) Next was his Crobat; it was no more after Zen Headbutt. His Venomoth and Muk were KOed in the same manner.

Next up after Koga was Bruno, who was a good training buddy of mine when I was Champ. We exchanged greetings, and then got right to battle. He started with a Hitmontop, perfect fodder for Zen Headbutt. He jumped to his Onix, and Psycho mashed meteors upon it. The rest of his team fell easily to Zen Headbutt.

Last in the Elite Four was Karen. She was aloof, even while I was Champ. She preferred to stay out of the public eye and was usually only seen while she battled. She didn't have much to say, so we started the battle almost immediately.

This was a lot simpler that I had expected. Her Umbreon kicked things off, and Psycho hit it with Earthquake, but it managed to survive. I waited for her to use her Full Restore and weakened it with a Shadow Ball. Psycho was poised to hit it with another Earthquake when she suddenly shifted to Houndoom. Luckily, Earthquake was right on time and it wasn't as lucky as Umbreon. She sent out Gengar after that, and it was the easiest to take out; one Shadow Ball and done. Next up was Vileplume, and after Zen Headbutt, it looked a little wilted. She sent out her Murkrow, saving Umbreon for last. Psycho Meteor Mashed it into the ground, and only Umbreon was left. Earthquake was able to make quick work of the already weakened Pokémon.

Finally, I walked into the last room. It used to be my room, but when I moved out, everyone moved up a floor, and they must've taken their decorations with them. My floor looked nothing like it used to. It looked just like Lance's except longer. And speaking of Lance...

He was waiting for me on the pedestal which I used to stand on. He knew why I was here: I wanted it back. And he wasn't gonna let me have that easily. So you know what follows.

He started with Gyarados, and Zen Headbutt made it a breeze to beat it. Then came the Pokémon that had the best chance of beating Psycho: Charizard. Luckily for me, Zen Headbutt was more than enough to take it out. After Charizard came his most powerful Dragonite. Meteor Mash was all Psycho needed to win. Once it was down, Lance pretty much knew he was in trouble. But he didn't give up. Next up was his second Dragonite, and it fell in the same way. His third Dragonite was after that, and, again, Meteor Mash ruled supreme. The last of his Pokémon, Aerodactyl, was a quick thing, and managed to get a Crunch in on Psycho. That was the first damage anyone had done to Psycho the whole time. But one more Meteor Mash put it down for the count.

Lance conceded defeat and was about to register me as the Champion again when a pink-haired girl showed up, followed by Prof. Oak. He yammered on about how amazing it was that I'd beaten the Elite Four of both Kanto and Johto. Then the pink-haired lady, who's name was apparently Mary, was about to do an interview that I really didn't want when Lance butted in and excused us. Thank you Lance.

He led me back into the Record Room, where he re-registered Psycho and me as the League Champions.


I felt glorious. However, Lance mentioned to me that many people in Kanto would not recognize me as the Kanto Champ unless I went back to Kanto and beat all of the Gyms again. So that would be my next step. Time to show Kanto who's boss.


August 14th, 2010, 4:07 PM
Is this the Ultimate Solo Challenge Thread or can I do a SoloRun in just one version here?

August 14th, 2010, 4:44 PM
Is this the Ultimate Solo Challenge Thread or can I do a SoloRun in just one version here?

Yes, the Ultimate Solo Challenge Thread is still here, it's just been combined with the single solo run forums. ;)

And now for the important thing.

Kanto Log V2: Entry 1

I'm back in Kanto, and already I've noticed that the Gyms have gotten tougher. But before I get to that, I'll discuss how I got here.

It turns out that the road to Kanto from Indigo Plateau was still under construction, so I tried to get to Kanto by taking the Magnet Train in Goldenrod. Unfortunately, it hadn't arrived lately, and it was looking like it wouldn't be arriving for a while. And I would've flown there, but the Farfetch'd didn't know how to get there.

Luckily, Elm came to the rescue with a ticket for the cruise ship to Kanto in Olivine City. I flew to Olivine in a snap and boarded the ship. As soon as I did, an old man rushed into me. He gave a quick apology, and then told me about his lost granddaughter.

As it turned out, many of the passengers were trainers, and Psycho and I had a ball beating them. I got to exploring the ship after a while, and on the lower deck, one of the sailors asked me to get his buddy back to work. He had apparently been slacking off.

I found him resting in one of the cabins, and he challenged me to a battle to try and keep me from telling anyone he was asleep. He lost, of course, and he pleaded with me to keep it secret as he ran back to his station. Fat chance.

The sailor below thanked me, and I went a bit further into the boat, finding myself in the engine room. I steered clear of it and made for the ladder up to the captain's room. There I found the captain being irritated by a little girl, presumably the one that the old man was looking for. I approached her, and she asked if I'd play with her. Then she said we'd play hide and seek, and before I could grab her, she took off.

I chased her down to the lower deck, but I lost sight of her. Fortunately, the sailor from before said she ran around the corner up ahead, and I found her quickly. I brought her back to her grandpa, and he thanked me. Not a moment after, the ship had reached Vermillion City.

I exited the ship and was walking along the dock when I saw Suicune again. It quickly dashed off towards the east again right as Eusine showed up. He finally realized that Suicune was always found around water and rushed off.

Vermillion hadn't changed at all; it was still the old port town it was three years ago. They haven't even started construction on the lot that was being cleared.

Unfortunately, the Gym hadn't changed either. The stupid trash can puzzle still stood. Yuck. I finally found both switches and got those electric beams out of the way, and Lt. Surge was right there, ready to battle.

First, I have to give thanks for Earthquake. It made this whole Gym a breeze. However, I couldn't help but notice that Lt. Surge had more Pokémon than last time, and they were all more powerful. But they all fell the same way, one solid Earthquake and they were done.

Lt. Surge conceded defeat once again, and re-awarded me the Thunder Badge.


After I took care of him, I decided that my next stop would be Saffron, and since it was only around noon, I headed out right then. On the way, I noticed the Underground Path was being blocked off. I didn't really care why, though, so I just kept going.

And finally, I was back in Saffron. Tall buildings, concrete, just like Goldenrod. It even had the Magnet Train building. Speaking of which, I decided to drop in to figure out why it wasn't running. Turns out, the power was off, due to something bad happening at the Kanto Power Plant. It was upsetting, but I didn't know how to help, so I had to leave.

I was about to check out the old Fighting Dojo for some training, but it turns out that it had been abandoned, so I went straight to Sabrina's Gym next door.

It, too, had the same puzzle it used to have. Stupid teleporters, so confusing. I did the same thing I did the first time, just taking random teleporters until I got to Sabrina. She was the same as she was three years ago as well, still opposed to battling.

Shadow Ball was the biggest help in this Gym, by far. All three of her Pokémon were weak to it. Espeon, however, did get a chance to bulk itself up with Calm Mind, so it took two Shadow Balls to take it out. The others, including her FEMALE MR. MIME, went down in one hit.

Sabrina was reluctant, but she gave in and re-awarded me the Marsh Badge.


After I beat her, I took the red teleport that they installed recently back to the exit. For nostalgia's sake, I decided I'd stop in at the Silph Co. building and see what they've done with it. Unfortunately, the elevator was out of order due to the electricity problem, so I had to leave.

The day was nearing an end, but it was about five hours until the Gyms closed for the night, so I decided I'd run over to Celadon City, seeing how close to Saffron it is.

In Celadon, nothing much had changed either. I was starting to think that Kanto froze in time while I was away. Since I already knew were everything was, I headed straight for the Gym. No-nonsense me was starting to show itself again.

The old man was still outside, spying on all the women. Disgusting pervert. I entered the Gym, ready to take on the same old thing, but it turns out this Gym HAD changed. There were cut bushes, arches with vines and flowers growing on them, showers of water from hoses, and potted plants everywhere, forming a sort of maze. It wasn't that hard to figure out, but it took me by surprise.

Erika recognized me, and welcomed me back to Kanto. Then she talked a bit about the weather and other things before she realized that I was here for a battle.

BATTLE, START! Her Jumpluff was simple, Meteor Mash and done. Bellossom was the same way; Meteor Mash did everything and more. Victreebel got the rough end of a Zen Headbutt and didn't stand a chance. Finally, her last Pokémon, Tangela, went down from Meteor Mash.

And simple as that, I had re-earned the Rainbow Badge from Erika.


I figured that we had done enough for today, and Psycho couldn't agree more. So he and I spent the rest of the day planning out the rest of our assault on Kanto. Tomorrow we'll hit Fuchsia City quickly, and then we'll run back up to Cerulean and take it down. Maybe we'll hit Lavender, but I doubt it.


Lil naps
August 14th, 2010, 8:00 PM
This is my first challenge,
Game: Ruby(My Favorite)
Pokemon: Ralts
Can i evolve it?

August 14th, 2010, 9:26 PM
This is my first challenge,
Game: Ruby(My Favorite)
Pokemon: Ralts
Can i evolve it?

Yes, evolution is allowed, unless you specifically want to do a no-evolution run with Ralts. However, if you want to evolve it, it's just fine. At least, I'm pretty sure it is. I'm not the official guy here.

I hope it's OK that I'm answering these questions for you, myrrhman. :nervous:

August 14th, 2010, 9:43 PM
Oh yeah sure, go ahead. Means less work for me.

Lil naps
August 14th, 2010, 10:02 PM
Can i use my mudkip to train my ralts 2 levels so it can learn an attacking move?
also myrrhman i am doing a non-evo run with ralts

August 15th, 2010, 5:26 AM
I'll do this, do we only use one pokemon on all regions?
or can we change

August 15th, 2010, 5:28 AM
Can i use my mudkip to train my ralts 2 levels so it can learn an attacking move?
also myrrhman i am doing a non-evo run with ralts
Yes, you are allowed to use an HM Slave to train your Ralts, as well as to handle the Poochyenas at the beginning of the game, since Ralts doesn't have moves that effect them.
I'll do this, do we only use one pokemon on all regions?
or can we change
Nope, you have to use the same one.

Ian Watkins
August 15th, 2010, 6:40 AM
I was doing a solo run with Charizard, and I onpleted Kanto.

Now I'm on Johto, I beat Falkner and Spork the Charmeleon is level 16, Timid nature, with the moves:

Dragon Claw
Aerial Ace

(I got the last three moves because they got bred on when I bred the charizard I used to beat Kanto with a Ditto.)

August 15th, 2010, 7:38 AM
-Trained Wartortle to Lvl 29
-Caught Belsprout(HM slave for Cut)
-Arrived in Vermilion and Challenged Lt.Surge
Red Vs Lt.Surge
not much to say.Ko'ed all of his Pokemon with BubbleBeam,except Raichu,he hit me with ONE ThunderShock.2 BubbleBeam and KO.
Grew Wartortle to Lvl 36.Got Blastoise.
Trying to catch 6 Pokemon to get Flash.

More Coming Soon.And by soon I mean 5-10 mins.

August 15th, 2010, 7:52 AM
After a week of trying to get Soul silver to work i am going to skip it for now and run Emerald with my Aron. So I have already beaten Leaf Green, now im on Emerald <3 I am going to be uploading a hand drawn representation of whats happening in my games so I hope you all look forward to that!

August 15th, 2010, 8:49 AM
Ok i'll update in a different way I don't know why :P
Afer catching 6 Pokemon,put the ones I don't need in PC,then I got Flash.I teached it to my Abra,then I hit Rock Tunnel,I grew my Blastoise to Lvl 43 there,and I got Skull Bash.Ok,after healing my pokemon in Lavender,I challenged Blue in the Pokemon Tower.
Red Vs Blue
Pidgeotto was piece of cake.One Skull Bash,he loweder my Hp from 141 to 135 with Quick Attack.
Wow a Gyarados.Accidentaly used Water Gun,lowered his HP to half.He used Dragon Rage.I used a Body Slam.KO.
Growlithe.Water Gun.KO.
Kadabra.Bubblebeam.Same as above.
Ivysaur.Body Slam.
Done with Blue(for now).
I thought of getting Silph Scope :P so I'm going to hit Celadon.I hit the Game Corner and defeated the Rocket.The rocket hideout was a bit hard,but I got to Giovanni.I would post the battle,but it was BOOORRRIIIINGGG.Got Silph Scope,used Escape Rope to get out of the hideout.Now,time to challenge Erika!
Red Vs Erika
Weepinbell.Strong.SleepPowder and Blastoine got pwned for the first time :(.
2nd time.one Double-Edge(taught over Body Slam)
Same to the Other Pokemon.Back to Lavender and Pokemon Tower.
Defeated trainers there.Whew!My Blastoise got to Lvl 50.

More coming soon AGAIN :D.

August 15th, 2010, 11:00 AM

SO there is the first page ^..^ I hope you all enjoy it isnt great, but i thought it was good enough.

August 15th, 2010, 11:24 AM
You, my dear, are good at drawing.

August 15th, 2010, 3:23 PM

enjoy ^..^ <3 ill be posting another today!

August 15th, 2010, 4:29 PM
I entered Norman's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.43
Water Gun
I went ahead and beat everybody and went on to Norman. I beat his Slaking with 3 Water Guns. I beat his Vigoroth with 2 Water Guns and his last Slaking with 3.
I left Norman's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.44
Water Gun

I entered Winona's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.49
Water Gun
Ice Beam
I beat everybody that I had to and went on to Winona. I beat her Swellow with Ice Beam, and her Pelipper with an Ice Beam and a Water Gun. I beat her Skarmory with an Ice Beam and a Water Gun. I ended up beating her Altaria with an Ice Beam.
I left Winona's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.49
Water Gun
Ice Beam

I entered Liza and Tate's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.52
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
I beat everybody that got in my way and faced Liza and Tate. I beat their Lunatone with two surfs but they used a hyper potion on their Solrock so I used Hyper Beam and Surf to beat Solrock.
I left Liza and Tate's gym with:
I entered Liza and Tate's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.54
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam

I entered Wallace's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.57
Ice Beam
Once again "I beat everybody and went on to Wallace. I beat his Luvdisc with Earthquake. I beat his Wiscash with Blizzard and Ice Beam. His Sealeo was down with two Earthquakes. One Earthquake for his Seaking. His Milotic was down for the count with one Earthquake.
I left Wallace's gym with:
Blastoise Lv.58
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam

I entered the Elite Four with:
Blastoise Lv.60
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam
First up,Sidney. Easy, I beat his Mightyena with Surf. His Cacturn and Shiftry were easy, I just used Ice Beam on them. His Sharpedo took two Earthquakes. And I took out his Absol with Surf.
Second,Phoebe. Kinda easy, I took out her Banette and Dusclops with two Surfs. But her Sableye was harder, it took two Earthquakes. The second Banette took one Surf. Then her last Dusclops took two Surfs.
Next up,Glacia. I lost... Afterwards I stopped and trained for a while.
I re-entered the Elite Four with:
Blastoise Lv.71
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
This time I beat all of Glacia's pokemon with Earthquake.
Last Elite, Drake. I beat all of Drake's pokemon with Ice Beam except for one of his Flygon which I beat with Hydro Pump.
Champion, Steven. I lost to his Cradily...
Second try, Steven. I beat his Skarmory and Cradily with Ice Beam. Then I beat his Claydol with Hydro Pump. I beat his Armoldo with two Earthquakes. But then I lost to his Metagross...
Third try, Steven. I beat his Skarmory with Surf. His Aggron was down after two Ice Beams. But I lost to his Cradily...
Fourth try, Steven. I beat his Skarmory with Hydro Pump and his Aggron with Ice Beam. I beat his Cradily with Struggle and then lost to his Metagross.
Fifth try, Steven. I beat his Skarmory,Cradily, and Aggron with Hydro Pump. Then I beat his Claydol with Ice Beam. Then I beat his Metagross with two Earthquakes. And then I finally beat his Armaldo with Hydro Pump! I beat the Pokemon League! Again!
I beat the game with:
Blastoise Lv.81
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Sp. Attack:182
Sp. Defense:200
Pokemon Sapphire, complete!

August 15th, 2010, 10:15 PM
theking6 congratz but now it's my turn to post!

After I helped Marowak go to the "afterlife" and Mr Fuji gave me his Pokemon Flute I PWNED a Lvl 30 Snorlax with 1 Double-Edge.Trained Blastoise to Lvl 53 with the trainers there and I arrived in Fuchsia City.Now,after healing my pokemon,I challenged Koga the 6th Gym Leader.
Red Vs Koga
Koffing.Toxic.Arrgghh.But I used Hydro Pump!Ko'ed him.
Muk.Double-Edge and KO.
Another Koffing.Double-Edge then used 3 Super Potions on Blastoise.
Weezing.Hydro Pump and Bye.
I got my 5th Badge.Now,i'm going to hit the Safari Zone!

August 15th, 2010, 10:53 PM
Nope, you have to use the same one.
Ok ill do magnamite in the first 3 regions please can i use encounter rate codes to get one though?

Lil naps
August 16th, 2010, 2:32 AM
My First Diary

-Started with Mudkip (HM slave 1)
-Did all the starting stuff
-Caught Ralts
-Trained Ralts
-Went through Petalburg City and Forest
-Did all the Devon stuff
-Bet 1st gym using double team and confusion
-Sailed to Dewford Town
-Bet second Gym
-Went through the cave and talked to Steven
Ready for the 3rd gym and the POKIES

Thats All Folks

August 16th, 2010, 2:46 AM
Ok ill do magnamite in the first 3 regions please can i use encounter rate codes to get one though?
Just hack a Magnemite in.

August 16th, 2010, 11:04 AM
Kanto Log V2: Entry 2

I covered a little less ground today than I would have liked to, but I still made it to Cerulean and re-earned two badges.

I started the day by hitting Cycling Road. I remembered how long the other way to Fuchsia was, and I was not going to take that path. So Cycling Road was the only other option.

The whole thing was a bridge over the bay, so I was a little apprehensive. It didn't help that it was sloped down hill. Who's dumb idea was that? And all the trainers there were meat headed bikers who talked tough but couldn't even compare to Psycho's power.

After a while, I was at the bottom of Cycling Road, and soon after that I was in Fuchsia City. The Safari Zone was obviously one thing that changed about the city, but it turns out that the Zoo there was also closed. But in it's place there was this thing called the Pal Park, whatever that is.

Everything else, including the Gym, was the same. The invisible wall puzzle still existed, and I still hate it. However, all the trainers looked just like Janine, Koga's daughter and the new Gym Leader. It was so confusing, but battling all the non-Janines made for good training.

I found the real Janine rather easily, and she went straight into battle with very little introduction. She really did look like Koga, and she acted like him too. However, she was also as easy to beat as he was. Crobat, Weezing, Venomoth, and both of her Ariados fell to Zen Headbutt.

After I won, she found out that I had beaten her father in the Elite Four, and she accepted defeat graciously by re-awarding me the Soul Badge.


I did a little research around town and found out that the debris from Cinnabar’s eruption had yet to be cleared from the route to the south, as I had expected. The only way to reach Cinnabar and it's makeshift Gym was to go through Pallet Town. So I flew back to Saffron to hit up Cerulean City.

However, I decided that if I didn't go to Lavender Town now, I would never go. So I headed east. I'd only stay for a bit, and then I'd get right back to going to Cerulean.

They made a huge change in Lavender Town. Remember the Pokémon Tower, with all the graves and such? They moved all the graves to a different place and turned it into a Radio Tower. I guess the people lost their respect for the dead when radio came out.

Though it turned out that the Power Plant's problems were keeping the tower from broadcasting. The breakdown there was starting to become a problem to my journey. I decided then that I'd go see what's wrong. I checked the map, and it told me that the Power Plant was north of Lavender, but also on the other side of Rock Tunnel. The only other way to get to it was through Cerulean. So I was off to Cerulean, like I had originally planned.

I arrived in Cerulean with no trouble, and headed towards the Power Plant right after I got there. It didn't take long before I was in the Power Plant. The poor manager was about to burst with rage over a stolen part. I felt sorry for the guy. As I was leaving, the guard got word of a shady character in Cerulean that was loitering in the Gym. He asked me to check it out, and I agreed, in hopes it was the guy who stole that part. I needed to get that stupid Magnet Train running again.

Back in the Cerulean Gym, I saw the shady guy right away. In fact, he bumped right into me. And guess what. He was a Team Rocket grunt. Hell no, not again. He spoke in very broken English, and before I could stop him, he ran out the door. I chased him.

He had run towards the cape, and I spotted him on the bridge. He tried to hide between a couple on the bridge, but it didn't do him any good. He tried to tell me that he'd tell me where the part was if I beat him, but his English was really terrible. But I still understood battle.

I won easily, and he said that the part was hidden in the Gym. When he mentioned Team Rocket coming from Johto to avenge him, I gave him the news that I broke them up. He paused for a moment, and then said he'd go back to his country and make Team Rocket there. It's none of my business as to where he goes, as long as I don't have to deal with him later.

I found the machine part easily and brought it back to the Power Plant. The manager was delighted to have it back, and he got the generator up and running immediately.

I returned to Cerulean for my Gym battle, but Misty still was missing. Someone told me that she liked to hang out up at the cove by Bill's house, so that's where I went. Sure enough, there was Misty and some boy. He must've been shy, because he ran off when he saw me. Misty came up and called me a pest, then remembered who I was. She told me that she'd give me a rematch, but it came with a scornful remark to be more patient next time.

Once more, I came back to Cerulean. This time, the Gym was ready for me. It had a slight remodel, no more platforms over the pool, just the pool itself. Misty was also sitting on a lifeguard's chair. She hopped down, said she had been waiting for me, and then started the battle.

Golduck was first, and Zen Headbutt put it out of commission. Next was Quagsire, and it fell the same way. Lapras followed it, but it was taken care of easily with a Meteor Mash. Lastly, her Starmie didn't stand a chance against Shadow Ball.

Misty acknowledged my improved skills and re-awarded me the Cascade Badge.


After my victory, I remembered about the Radio Tower in Lavender, and I wondered if they had their power back. I took a short flight there to find out, and they had regained power. The director there heard that I was the one who fixed the problem, and he thanked me by giving me the EXPN Card for my radio. He said that I could listen to Kanto Radio with it.

So now I just have to return to Vermillion tomorrow and run through Diglett's Cave to get to Pewter City, where I can get the next badge. But it's late now, so I'm gonna grab a room for now.


Also, while I was playing, I found the most useless Pokémon at the oddest level.
It was trainer owned. My only question is why.

August 16th, 2010, 12:44 PM
Hey wingman11 what emulator are you using for DS?

August 16th, 2010, 11:00 PM
Name: JakeG
Pokemon: Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking
Games: FireRed, SoulSilver, Emerald and Platinum.

August 16th, 2010, 11:03 PM
Ok,Safari Zone was really hard,but somehow I managed to get the Surd and the Gold teeth.I delivered it to the warden and he gave me Strenght(lol I can't pronounce it) and I buyed some Fresh water from Celadon Mart.Then I gave it to the Officer in Saffron.Now I have some problems with team rocket again :/ but me and my Blastoise can take care of them!After some minutes I reached my rival again.
Red Vs Blue
Pidgeot.It was very easy.One Double-Edge and bye.
Gyarados.Wow,it survived a Double-Edge.
Now I have to use Earthquake and Hydro Pump.And I USED a hydro pump which defeated it.
Growlithe.One simple and long word.Earthquake.
Alakazam.Same as above.
Venusaur.Look above.
Great.I have to defeat Giovanni with Strugle.I won't post the battle with him.I had to use Strugle,good that I had 50 Super Potions.
I got the Master ball and I'm ready for Sabrina.
Red Vs Sabrina.Ummm...I used Earthquake on all of her Pokemon.IT was even more boring than the battle with Giovanni.Now I got Fly,and Surfed to Cinnabar from Pallet Town.I entered the mansion and got the Secret Key.I healed my Pokemon and challenged Blaine.Another boring battle.I only used Surf.Now,heading to Viridian for my last Gym Battle.Wow,I hope this is the last time I battle Giovanni.And another Boring battle.OMG.Venusaur defeated Blastoise and I had no other chance to use HM slaves.I defeated a Lvl 53 Pokemon with a Level 13.Venusaur wanted to poison me but it was unaffective againts Bellsprout.Now,a little more time and i'm going for Victory Road!

August 17th, 2010, 8:20 AM
Kanto Log V2: Entry 3

The last of the Gym Leaders fell today. And you'll never guess who replaced Giovanni. But you'll find out soon. Also, Mt. Silver was fun.

So, I started today from Lavender and flew to Vermillion. I was about to hit Diglett's Cave, but I found out that some Snorlax was blocking it. I didn't know how to make it move; my PokéFlute broke a year ago. Then someone told me that there was a radio station that might play the PokéFlute music. Sure enough, there was one, and it woke that Snorlax right up.

After I beat it, it left and I had access to the tunnel. In the tunnel, the Diglett were just as annoying as they used to be. But I made it out quickly, and I was never going back.

I walked a little bit, and soon I was back in Pewter City. Not much had changed, the old Museum was still there, and so was everything else. The Gym had changed, though. It was rockier, and a lot larger. But the basic principle was still there.

Brock hadn't changed at all. He still had that 'it'll be hard to beat me' attitude, and he didn't even recognize me. Then he started the battle. All of his Pokémon were part Rock type, so all of them were weak to Meteor Mash. End of story.

Brock still didn't recognize who I was, so instead of being re-awarded the badge, he though he was giving it to me for the first time. I blame the fact that he never opens his eyes. But no matter, I still got the Boulder Badge back.


Once I re-earned the badge, I left Pewter heading south, towards Viridian City. But I had to navigate through Viridian Forest, which wasn't all that tough. It just took me a bit of time.

On the other side of the forest, it was a short walk to Viridian City. The city itself hadn't changed either, other than a large building in the center of the city. I wasn't curious enough to check it out though; I was more interested in the Gym and its new leader. However, an old man out front told me that he's often away, like he is now. So I just had to skip the Gym and hit Cinnabar Island.

Which meant I'd have to visit Pallet Town sooner than I had hoped. How unfortunate.

In Pallet, I stopped in at my house, said hi to my mom, and did my best to stay unseen by Prof. Oak as I left out the south exit. Luckily, Oak didn't spot me and I left without any notice.

Soon, after a little while of surfing, I started to see the debris from the eruption, and not too much later I arrived at the island. They had rebuilt the PokéCenter, but they still hadn't rebuilt anything else. They must've still been testing for volcanic activity before they start the restoration process.

While I was looking around the island, I spotted the devil. And by the devil, I mean Limey. He gave me an angry glare and said that he'd changed his name now to Blue. So I changed his nickname to Berry. He was steaming. Then he told me that he wanted to battle, but his Pokémon weren't with him, so it'd have to wait. But he did tell me to meet him in Viridian City later for the battle.

I was fine with that because I needed to hit the Cinnabar makeshift Gym in the Seafoam Islands. A short surf east and I was there.

The Gym was in an upper room in the cave, and it was based around beating trainers and finding the right path through the Gym. The pattern was that each trainer took a step back after defeat. Using this pattern I easily found my way to Blaine.

Blaine greeted me and told me how he didn't give up after the eruption and how he had made the Gym in the cave. Then we battled. First off, let me tell you that Earthquake came through yet again and made this whole Gym extremely easy. Blaine's Magcargo, Magmar, and Rapidash all fell to Earthquake.

Blaine gave the usual "I've burned out" pun and re-awarded me the Volcano Badge.


I flew off to Viridian City to see if Limey, or I guess he's Berry now, was ready for his beating. Then I noticed that the Gym was open. I put Berry on hold and entered the Gym. It was then that I noticed that the Gym still had those Spinning Moving Tiles from Hell. Damn.

I maneuvered around the Gym, nearly puking twice, until I reached the Gym Leader platform. And who should I find there? Berry. AKA Limey. AKA the jerk-wad who I hate with all my guts. He scoffed at me and said that it's my fault he's only a Gym Leader. The battle inevitably ensued.

His roster had changed from the last time I battled him. He started with an Exeggutor. It fainted after a Shadow Ball, and he followed it with an Arcanine, which got knocked out cold by Earthquake. After that was a Rhydon, who didn't stand a chance against Meteor Mash. Next was Machamp, who fell to Zen Headbutt. Down to only two Pokémon, he sent out a Gyarados. It got KOed by a solid Zen Headbutt. His final Pokémon was a Pidgeot. It tried to put up a fight, but it couldn't take the punishment brought on by Zen Headbutt.

Berry couldn't believe it. He had lost once again to us. But he didn't have any choice, and he was forced to re-award us the Earth Badge.


And with that, I had regained all 8 Kanto Gym Badges. ...now what do I do?

As soon as I left the Gym, Prof. Oak called. He told me he wanted to give me something and that I should drop by his Lab in Pallet. I didn't know where else to go, so I decided to go.

Right when I entered his Lab and approached him, Prof. Oak handed me HM 08. He said that it was Rock Climb, and with it, I could scale rocky cliffs. Then he noticed that I had re-earned all the badges and told me of a place on the Kanto/Johto border called Mt. Silver. He told me that only the strongest trainers are allowed there, and that he would have it arranged so that I could, too. So it was off to Mt. Silver for me.

The road to Mt. Silver was abandoned. There were no trainers at all, only me, myself, and Psycho. It was kinda lonely, but I wasn't gonna turn back because of being alone. I was determined to reach the top of Mt. Silver.

There was one house, but I didn't enter it. If it was all the way out here, the person obviously didn't want company. Instead, I kept going until I reached a Pokémon Center right at the foot of the mountain. It was empty save for the nurse.

I healed up quickly and, despite how late it was, headed into the cave at the base of Mt. Silver. The place was huge, and it even had its own river and waterfalls! I spent hours exploring it, and I'm still unsure if I saw everything.

I finally reached the summit, and boy was it cold. Snow and hail were coming down, and everything was covered in snow. I must say, it was beautiful. And the view was astounding. I could see Indigo Plateau from here! And then I noticed the one other person.

He was standing alone, his back to me, facing outward. He wasn't moving, just standing there, as if frozen. He very well could have been. I approached him, and nothing happened. Then I tapped his shoulder, and he faced me. He was very much alive. He looked about my age. He said nothing, he only stared at me. Finally, after a long time, he gave the universal signal to start a battle.

I found out his name only after the battle began. He was called Red. Maybe a distant cousin of Berry's? But that's off the topic.

The battle was one of the hardest I've ever been in. He had six Pokémon, and they were all over level 70. His first Pokémon was a Pikachu, but it was at level 88! It was a quick little thing, and it got off a Thunderbolt before Psycho KOed it with Earthquake. Then he sent out a Charizard, and Psycho couldn't quite finish it off. It KOed Psycho with a Flare Blitz, but it also took itself out as well. I sent out an HM slave so I could use a Max Revive on Psycho. His next Pokémon was a Blastoise, and when Psycho came back out, he got in a Critical Zen Headbutt.

Following the Blastoise was a Lapras, and Psycho took its HP way down with a Meteor Mash, but not quite all the way. It used Brine and did a decent amount of damage. Red used a Full Restore on the Lapras, and Psycho fired off a quick Shadow Ball and followed up with a Meteor Mash, taking the Lapras all the way down. His fifth Pokémon was a Snorlax, and it was a tank. Psycho brought it down to the edge several times, and Red would keep using Full Restores on it. Finally Psycho KOed it with two Earthquakes. Red was down to his last Pokémon, a Venusaur. Psycho's Zen Headbutt went Critical, and Venusaur was out.

Red said nothing, only gave a look of surprise. Suddenly, he vanished, and I was left alone on the mountain. I used my Escape Rope to leave, and now I'm at the Pokémon Center at the mountain's base. This journal has run its course, now it's time for rest.


By the way, I just thought I'd add this, but this was my first level 100 ever. I feel so proud right now. And I didn't even use any Rare Candies on him.

August 17th, 2010, 7:23 PM

August 17th, 2010, 10:55 PM
Victory Road.The place I hate the MOOOOOSTTTTT.Too much puzzles,Pokemon,and trainers.But I had to go through this bad place to challenge the Elite Four.Through my way,I met Moltres.But I didn't really wanted it,I defeated him with a Surf.(Duh,Blastoise Lvl 71).Whhoooo man,I have go through Victory Road again with Struggle.Whew.At last I got through.Now I have one more challenge left.The Elite Four.

2nd Update

Now that I got through the Victory Road,I'm ready for the Elite Four!!
Vs Lorelei
Dewgong.Used Double-Edge,but no Ko,and Dewgong used rest to regain his health but made itself vurnerable for a good time.Then I used Earthquake and Double-Edge.Ko.
Cloyster.I used Eathquake,but he used Confuse-Ray.Happily,my Blastoise still used Double-Edge,even if he was confused.
Slowbro.Wow,by Blastoise isn't confused anymore,and he used Eathquake.But still now enough.LOL,Lorelei used a Super Potion :O.After i used 2 Double-Edge's,I beat him.
Jinx.i used Double-Edge,which leaved him with a really low HP.Again a Super Potion.Double-Edge and Bye.
Lapras.I used Earthquake,when Lapras used Body Slam.Double-Edge and Bye to Lorelei.
Bruno.Every single Pokemon that he had fainted to one Surf.The easiest E4.
Now,Agatha.Same as above.Whew.Two more.
Vs Lance
Gyarados.2 Double-Edge's.
Dragonair.Same as above.
Dragonair.Critical Hit.One Double-Edge.
Dragonite.Slam Vs Double-Edge.
Whew,the last challenge.Blue.
VS Blue the Kanto League Champion.
Pidgeot.WHHEE!I like Surf.One hit and KO.
Alakazam.Look above.
Gyarados.Pretty hard,I had only Surf and Hydro Pump left.
Whewwwww.I have to beat Venusaur with Hydro Pump.(I didn't forgot Arcanine,one Hydro-Pump)
I defeated the Champion With a Level 77 Blastoise,having the following moves:
Hydro Pump.
And a proof of my victory

August 18th, 2010, 1:33 PM
Ok, Because of the Lack of Internet I have completed 2 Solo Runs wihout signing up, but now i am.
I have all the info so this just makes it official.

Began my Charizard Solo challenge on Blue version
Started with Charmander named Lizardo
Got Oaks Parcel, delivered it, and recieved PokeDex
Caught Pidgey named HM
Got Lizardo to Lv.10 then faced and beat Evil before Indigo Plateau
Evolved Lizardo in Viridian Forest
Beat Brock and obtained the badge
Got out of Mt. Moon and to Cerulean City
Beat Evil just before Nugget Bridge
Got to Bill's House and recieved SS ANNE ticket
Skipped over Misty and went to SS ANNE to train Lizardo
Obtained HM01 Cut, left SS ANNE and got Lizardo one level putting him at 36, a Charizard
Went back to Cerulian and wooped Misty's butt
Caught a Bellsprout named HM, taught him Cut
Went back to Vermillion and beat LT.Surge
Got through Rock Tunnel without flash, putting Lizardo up at Lv. 42
Kicked Team Rocket out of the Game Corner basement
Beat Erika obtaining my 4th badge
Saved Mr.Fuji and got PokeFlute
Lizardo is now Lv.50
Beat Koga, obtaining 5th badge
Got surf and Gold Teeth
Traded Gold Teeth for strength
Caught a Kangeskahn named HM
Taught him Strengh and Surf
Went up bike path for further training
Bought a drink and entered Safron
Beat the Dojo
Obtained Lapras named HM
Kicked Team Rocket out of Safron
Obtained Master Ball
Beat Sabrina getting 6th Badge
Lizardo is now at Lv.65
Went to Cinebar Island
Found secret key in pokemon mansion
Wooped Blaine obtaining 7th Badge
Lizardo is now at Lv.67
Beat Giovani..ALL 8
To the leet 4
Beat Evil
Entered Victory Road
Killed Moltres
Got Through Victory Road
Spent all my money on Items so i technically wont loose it
Went into Leet 4, got to Evil, almost won but in the end lost
Went in again and won easily.
This completes Charizard Solo Challenge for Kanto.

Lizardo Lv.76

Started my Venusaur Solo Challenge on Blue Version
Started with Bulbasaur named him UBERPLANT
Holy Crap! Lost to RED in Oaks office thingy
Got and delivered Oaks Parcel
Obtained PokeDex
Caught a Pidgey
Beat RED at Indigo Plateau
There goes Viridian Forest
There goes Brock
Here comes Ivysaur
Mt.Moon,Misty,Nugget Bridge,Got a Bellsprout, Bill, wow really fast
Got cut, taught to Bellsprout entered Surges gym
Found both switches underneath the same garbage bin
Beat Surge. 3 down
Got through Rock Tunnel w/o Flash
Got to Celedon and kicked Team Rocket out of the Game Corner Basement
Beat Erika, obtained 4th badge
Saved Mr. Fuji obtained PokeFlute
Killed both Snorlax
Beat Koga in Fucia
Got surf and strength
Caugt a Kangeskahn with 1 safari ball
Caught a Nidoran for healing purposes later on in the game
Obtained Lapras also for healing purposes
Kicked Team Rocket out of Safron
Obtained Master Ball
Beat Sabrina that makes 6
Surfed down to Cinebar Island
Found seccret key to the gym
Blazed through Blaines gym, almost done
Flew to Viridian City to fight Giovani, again
Beat Giovani, all eight, to the leet 4
Beat RED outside Indigo Plateau again
Got to Victory Road
Found my way out
Bought a metric crap ton of items
Now the leet 4
1st time a loss at Agatha
2nd time VICTORY!!!


Now I will ask nicely.
Myrrhman, could you add me to the completed list under Kanto with Charizard and Venusaur.
That'd be great.
THX :)

August 18th, 2010, 1:54 PM
Does anybody have a good DS emulator?

August 18th, 2010, 7:07 PM
This post contains both my singing up for and ending with Blastiose in Kanto.
So, I am doing a Blastiose solo run in Kanto, Version: Blue

Started my Blastoise Solo Challenge for Kanto, Blue Version
Obtained Pokedex
Caught Pidgey
Evoled Blastor
Beat Brock
Beat Misty
Got Cut
Caught Sandshrew
Beat Lt.Surge
Caught Zubat
Beat Team Rocket
Beat Erika
Saved Mr. Fiji
Beat Koga
Got Surf and Strength
Caught Kangeskahn
Beat Team Rocket again
Got MasterBall
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Beat the leet 4 on my first time through
This ends my Solo run through Kanto with Blastiose

Blastor Lv.75

August 18th, 2010, 10:44 PM
Does anybody have a good DS emulator?
You mean on PC?Because I know only no$GBA but for me it's very complicated.

August 19th, 2010, 3:42 AM
Ok so this sounds like something I can do (usually solo run with my starter) I think I might try doing it with Metagross is Pearl. Just a question if I decide that I wont to try the ultimate challenge solo challenge will my solo run I'm going to do be counted towards the ultimate solo run? Anyway I'll get started :)

Uhhhh can't find my old pearl so I'll use diamond for the run.

August 19th, 2010, 5:15 AM
Ok so this sounds like something I can do (usually solo run with my starter) I think I might try doing it with Metagross is Pearl. Just a question if I decide that I wont to try the ultimate challenge solo challenge will my solo run I'm going to do be counted towards the ultimate solo run? Anyway I'll get started :)

Uhhhh can't find my old pearl so I'll use diamond for the run.
If you only want to do it on Diamond, and not the others, I'll sign you up there.

Does anybody have a good DS emulator?
I know of No$GBA and DeSmuMe (don't know which letters are capital) but I can't get either one to work on my computer.

August 19th, 2010, 12:25 PM
Ya I know I tried it and it wouldnt work on my computer.

August 19th, 2010, 12:32 PM
Two updates for today.

Hoenn Log 1

Yes, you read the title right, I'm leaving my post as Champion again to check out another region. This time, it's the island region of Hoenn. I heard of it from some guy named Steven in the Silph Co. lobby. We met, and he noticed that I had a Metagross, one of his favorite Pokémon. We became friends, and he told me that he came from Hoenn and that it was a really cool place. So here I am.

After the boat ride over, Psycho ended up going through the same procedure that he went through in Johto. Now he's a level 5 Beldum again. But that won't stay that way for long.

I had arrived in Littleroot Town, and was exploring north past Odale Town when I ran into this girl named May. She was doing something on a clip-board when she noticed me. She saw that I was a trainer and we had a battle.

She had a Torchic. I had never seen this Pokémon before, but I could tell it was Fire type. Luckily, it knew no Fire type moves, and Psycho took it down with Take Down.

When I won, she wanted to introduce me to her dad back in Littleroot, mainly because he is a professor. I didn't really want to, but she dragged me there anyway.

Her dad was Prof. Birch, and he was kinda tubby. But that's beside the point. He commended me for beating May and told me that there was a Gym in Rustboro City that I could challenge. So that's where my next stop would be.

I headed back to Odale Town, and then west. The route was short and sweet, and soon enough I was in a city by the name of Petalburg. And it had a Gym. I thought that I might see what's going on in there before I continued on the way to Rustboro.

In the Gym, I met the Leader right away. He introduced himself as Norman, but he said he wasn't taking challengers right now. Then, out of the blue, a timid boy named Wally came in. He talked about getting a Pokémon to accompany him while he was away. Norman was supposed to help him with that, but he didn't have the time to right now, so he asked me.

I didn't want to get in a beef with a Gym Leader, so I grudgingly agreed. Norman gave Wally the PokéBalls and Pokémon he needed to catch his own, and I led him to the grass. He caught his Pokémon, a Ralts, and we were done.

Norman thanked me, and told me of Rustboro City as well. So I was on my way yet again.

I headed west again, but was stopped by some guy with huge sunglasses. He assumed I was a trainer, then brushed me aside because I only had one Pokémon. I was a little offended, but I didn't care that much.

Continuing onward, the path ran right by a beach before turning north into a forest named Petalburg Woods. I walked around a bit until I came across a guy who was looking for Shroomish. Suddenly, a guy dressed in a blue pirate looking outfit appeared and yelled at the guy to hand over some papers. The guy jumped behind me and told me to help him. The guy in blue mentioned Team Aqua and attacked. He had a Poochyena, which was easy to beat. He took off after mentioning being after something in Rustboro.

The guy, apparently a Devon employee, whatever that meant, thanked me with a Great Ball. Then he pondered what the Aqua dude meant, then once he figured it out, he ran off, screaming about a crisis. Weirdo.

I found my way to the exit of the woods and was in Rustboro City not too long afterwards. Walking around showed the city to be of a decent size, but nowhere near as big as Saffron or Goldenrod. There were a few tall buildings, but nothing much.

The Gym was located in a rather easy to find place, but I noticed that it was a Rock type Gym. Psycho hadn't evolved yet, and he still only knew Take Down as a Beldum. So I decided that I'd go grind a bit until he evolved. We left the city at the northeast exit and started training. After hours of work, Psycho finally evolved into a Metang and learned Confusion and Metal Claw for the third time.

We returned to Rustboro and took on the Gym. It was straight-forward, and it took only seconds for me to reach Roxanne, the Gym Leader. She was very formal, and didn't challenge me, but asked me to battle. I accepted, and the battle began.

Metal Claw. That's all you need to know about this fight.

After our victory, Roxanne awarded us the Stone Badge and TM 39.


When I left the building, I was about to hit the PokéCenter to heal when I saw that Aqua dude from before run away from this tall building near the Gym. The same Devon guy from before was chasing him, shouting at him to not take the goods. I followed to see what the heck was going on.

The guy was standing on the outskirts of the city, huffing and puffing his head off. He saw me and asked me to get the Devon Goods back from that guy.

I ran after the Aqua dude and found out that he'd gone into some unfinished tunnel. He had also stolen some old guy's Pokémon as a hostage. I entered the tunnel and found him in a dead end.

The guy was upset about the whole thing, and he tried to take his frustration out on me. He had the same Pokémon as before, just a little tougher. But still no match for Psycho.

He grumbled stuff about how easy this whole thing was supposed to be, then handed me the goods and ran off. The old man from before came into the cave and was glad that his Peeko, a Wingull, was just fine. He introduced himself as Mr. Briney. He said if I needed anything, I could drop by his cottage near Petalburg Woods. I remembered seeing that cottage, and it had a dock and a boat by it. Then he and his Wingull left.

I brought the Goods back to the Devon guy and he thanked me with another Great Ball. He brought me into the Devon Corp.'s top floor to speak with the President there. Turns out he wanted me to deliver those goods to a Shipyard in Slateport City. I had no clue where that was, but I agreed. I'd probably find myself there anyway. The President also asked me to deliver a letter to Steven in Dewford. Since I knew him, I agreed.

Then the President thanked me by giving me a PokéNav. He said it was a great tool for traveling trainers, and it reminded me a lot of the PokéGear from Johto. He told me it had a map of Hoenn, so that was pretty useful. He also mentioned Team Aqua and another team, Team Magma, which were causing trouble all over the Hoenn region.

I was a little worried about that, but I didn't put too much thought into it for now.

I looked at the map and saw that Dewford Town was overseas, on a smaller island to the southern end of Hoenn. I'd have to get a boat there, for I had left my surfing Pokémon in Johto.

Then I remembered Mr. Briney and his boat. I figured I'd ask him for a ride, and that's where I headed to. As I was leaving Rustboro, I noticed May standing there. I approached her, we struck up a small conversation, and she and I registered each other in our PokéNav. Then we had a quick battle, which I won, and she told me that Mr. Briney was once a revered sailor. That strengthened my hopes of getting a ride with him.

By the time I said bye to May, it was late, so I grabbed a room at the PokéCenter to wait for tomorrow to come.


Hoenn Log 2

OK, these long journals are killing me, so I'm just gonna start bulleting everything. Much simpler for me that way.

So, events of today:

-Caught a Nincada for a Cut slave; nicknamed it Tyranitar for no real reason other than for laughs
-Went to Mr. Briney's house and got a ride to Dewford
-Found out Steven was in Granite Cave
-Figured out that I'd need the Gym badge to use Flash here
-Entered the Gym to find pitch darkness
-Stubbed my to millions of times trying to find the Leader
-Finally found him and battled him
-Easy fight, Confusion and Metal Claw did everything they needed to do and more
-Earned the Knuckle Badge
-Re-entered Granite Cave
-Navigated the darkness with the help of Tyranitar's Flash
-Found Steven, delivered letter, and registered him in my PokéNav
-Exited Granite Cave
-Sailed to Slateport beach and, shortly after, Slateport City
-Saw a bunch of Team Aqua dudes at a Museum
-Found the Shipyard
-Found out Capt. Stern is the one waiting for the goods
-Also found out he wasn't there
-Checked out the museum and found it full of Team Aqua goons
-Found Capt. Stern on floor 2
-Protected him from Aqua goons
-Met their leader, Archie
-Delivered parts to Capt. Stern
-Ran into that Scott person again and registered him in my PokéNav, though a little unsure of him
-Also ran into Birch and registered him
-ALSO ran into May and had a battle
-Wingull lost to Metal Claw, Combusken lost to Confusion, Lombre lost to Take Down
-Got Itemfinder from May
-Arrived in Mauville City
-Got Bike from store
-Found Wally in front of Gym
-Battled him, destroyed his Ralts with Metal Claw
-Entered Gym
-Navigated electric gates with ease
-Got to Gym Leader, Wattson, and battled
-Voltorb Self-Destructed, doing almost no damage to Psycho, Electrike fell after two Confusions, Magneton was a ***** and took a billion Take Downs to kill, and Manectric took a few Confusions to defeat
-Got the Dynamo Badge from Wattson
-Caught a Marill for Rock Smash slave; nicknamed it Ivysaur
-Visited Wally
-Finished the Verdanturf Tunnel with Rock Smash
-Relaxed in the PokéCenter

That's it for today. And I'm telling you, it was soooooo much easier writing like this. I'm just gonna do this all the time now. And if you got a problem with that, too bad. :P


August 19th, 2010, 12:35 PM
might as well delete my Metang run, i dont have the motivation anymore... *stares at wingman* >_>

If i have to do another run, it will definitely be zigzagoon. So ill start an ultimate solo run with Zigzagoon on Shiny Gold. is that okay?

August 19th, 2010, 3:25 PM
Hmm i suppose I could make it an ultimate solo.

Lil naps
August 19th, 2010, 3:45 PM
Does anybody have a good DS emulator?
I use iDeaS. Only for Windows and Linux

2nd Diary:
-Went to Slateport
-Battle May
-Battle the rest of the trainers avalible
-Bet Watson with Physcic
-Went to Fallarbor Town
-Went to Meteor Falls
-Went to Mt.Chimney and bet Maxie
-Went to Fire Gym
-Bet it with Physcic
-Went To my father and bet him with hypnosis and psychic
-Surfed to Route 119 and caught Tropius (hm slave)
-Got Devon Scope off Steven
-Bet flying badge with shock wave, hypnosis and dream eater
ArrTee Jr/Ralts lvl 50
Shock Wave
Dream Eater

August 19th, 2010, 5:01 PM
oh god no not another one (stargate1995)
yeah, Metang run's going down.
also, im going to start on Sapphire this time. (Zigzagoon)

August 19th, 2010, 5:59 PM
Got 2 More! :)


Started My Alakazam SoloRun in Kanto, Blue Version
Started with Squirtle
Caught Abra using wild pokemon cheat
Switch trained Abra
Gave up on switch training and went to Struggle
Gave up on Struggle and want to switch training
Traded him with myself to get an Alakazam
Time to move on
Caught Pidgey
Beat Brock
Got SSANNE ticket
Beat Misty
Got Cut
Caught Sandshrew
Beat Lt.Surge
Found my way through Rock Tunnel
Beat Team Rocket
Beat Erika
Saved Mr.Fuji
Beat Koga
Got surf and strength
Caught Bellsprout
Got Lapras
Beat Team Rocket
Obtained Masterball
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Kay
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Beat Leet4 first time through
This Concludes my Solo Challenge with Alakazam in Kanto


Started my Hypno Solo Run for Kanto, Blue Version
Started with Squirtle
Delivered Oaks Parcel
Cheated to get my Drowzee, Name: Hypnotic
Got him to learn Confusion
Beat Brock
Got SSANNE Ticket
Beat Misty
Caught Bellsprout and Pidgey
Got Cut
Beat Lt.Surge
Obtained Silph Scope
Beat Erika
Obtained PokeFlute
Beat Koga
Obtained Strength and Surf
Got Lapras
Obtained Master Ball
Beat Sabrina
Obtained Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got to Leet4
Beat the Leet4 first time through
This ends my Solo Challenge for Hypno in Kanto

Hypnotic Lv.72

August 19th, 2010, 7:09 PM
started with Zigzagoon on Sapphire, im not planning to evolve. Named self Z and Zigzagoon Z as well. So starts the adventure of Z the zigzagoon, also, its just a sapphire solo run for now. No ultimates, they grow old quickly.

August 19th, 2010, 7:30 PM
started with Zigzagoon on Sapphire, im not planning to evolve. Named self Z and Zigzagoon Z as well. So starts the adventure of Z the zigzagoon, also, its just a sapphire solo run for now. No ultimates, they grow old quickly.
Understandable, I'll switch you over.

August 19th, 2010, 8:07 PM
Hey I was a part of The Ultimate Solo challenge I finished Kanto in Fire red and had moved on to Johto but my named wasn't on the list under Kanto and I still have my game going in Soul Silver so can I still participate? I was playing with Duskull.

August 20th, 2010, 2:17 AM
Ok so I'm gonna do the ultimate solo run (now....) which means I'll have to come back to diamond last correct or am I able to do it in any order (Was hoping to go Diamond, SS, Ruby/emerald then LG?

Anyway I'm still gonna use Metagross for the challenge

August 20th, 2010, 5:06 AM
Ok so I'm gonna do the ultimate solo run (now....) which means I'll have to come back to diamond last correct or am I able to do it in any order (Was hoping to go Diamond, SS, Ruby/emerald then LG?

Anyway I'm still gonna use Metagross for the challenge
I would prefer if you did it LG, E, SS, D, because it makes it easier for me to update it, but if you absolutely have to do it that order, I guess I can pretend you're going in order.

August 20th, 2010, 8:16 AM
I'll do all regions with Magmar =D

August 20th, 2010, 5:00 PM
Hoenn Journal 3

OK, I know I missed my journal yesterday, but that's because I was so tired after everything that happened. I'll do my best to remember everything that I did.

-Left Mauville to the north
-Crushed the Winstrate family
-Hurt my eyes in a desert sandstorm and had to turn back
-Found a cable car being blocked off by people in red hoodies
-Detoured through Fiery Path (Why is it spelled that way?)
-Walked through mounds of ash
-Caught a Skarmory for Fly later; nicknamed it Glalie
-Arrived in Fallarbor Town
-Saw some chick named Lanette on the computer
-Found out she helped create the PC system
-Also found out that Team Magma was here
-Visited Lanette at her house
-Entered Meteor Falls
-Found Team Magma and watched them steal a meteorite and get chased off by Team Aqua
-Exited Meteor Falls towards Rustboro City
-Traveled through the Verdanturf Tunnel, then headed to Mauville and back to the cable lift from before
-Took the cable car to the top of Mt. Chimney
-Found Team Aqua and Team Magma fighting all over the place
-Aqua Leader Archie tells me to beat the Magma Leader
-Find Magma Leader Maxie doing something with a strange machine and a meteorite
-Listen as he babbles his whole plan to himself
-Interrupt him for a battle
-BATTLE: Not too challenging, Mightyena fell to Metal Claw, Camerupt fell to Psychic and Pursuit, and Zubat was defeated by Confusion
-Both Aqua and Magma goons and leaders vanished
-Snagged the meteorite
-Went down Jagged Pass
-Made it to Lavaridge
-Entered the Gym
-Made it to Flannery
-Got mixed up by her wishy-washy intro
-BATTLE: Psychic this, Psychic that, Psychic everything
-Slugma and Numel were OHKOs, Camerupt and Torkoal were THKOs, though Torkoal nearly took Psycho out
-Received the Heat Badge
-Ran into May on the way out
-Got the Go-Goggles from her
-May informed me that Petalburg's Gym was ready for new challengers
-Rested for the night

See? There's a lot there. And here are today’s events:

-Explored the desert
-Returned to Petalburg
-Entered the Gym
-Beat every room, even though I had no need to
-Got to Norman's room
-BATTLE: Metal Claw was the MVP this time
-Landed a Critical on Spinda, Vigoroth fainted after two hits and an attack raise, Slaking went down with a Metal Claw, two Pursuits, and a Metal Claw, in that order, and Linoone fell after a single Metal Claw
-Got the Balance Badge
-Was interrupted by Wally's dad, who thanked me for helping Wally
-Did some training; Psycho evolved into a Metagross
-Was forced into another double battle and Ivysaur (Marill) leveled up on accident and evolved
-Its nickname will still be Ivysaur, however
-Explored the Abandoned Ship
-Found it to be not so abandoned
-Went to Mauville and talked to Wattson
-Went to the New Mauville generator and shut it down
-Received TM 24 from Wattson for shutting off the generator
-Did more training

And that's all. I would've headed for the next town or city, but I heard it was a long trip away, and the day was almost over. So that's all for now, until later.


Lil naps
August 20th, 2010, 5:35 PM
3rd and Final Diary

- Went to Lilycove
- Bet May with hypnosis and dream eater
- Went to Mt. Pyre and got red orb
- Went to Slateport Docks
- Went to Magma Base
- Got Masterball
- Bet the noob at the docks
- Surfed to Psychic Badge
- Used Tropius and my Partner
- Hypnotised both pokemon then Dream Ate them
- Went to the Underwater cave.
- Found and Bet Maxie
- Went to Sootopolis City
- Went to Cave of Origin
- Caught Groudon with Master Ball
- Went to Water Badge
- Bet it with Shock Wave and Hypnotise
- Surfed to Evergrande City
- Went through Victory Road
- Challange Elite Four
- Bet Sidney using Hypnosis then Shock wave their bottoms
- Bet Pheobe using Hypnosis then Dream Eater
- Bet Glacia the same way
- Bet Drake by Hypnosis then Dream Eater or Shock Wave
- Bet Steven by
Skarmory - Hypnotise then Shockwave
Cradlily - Hypnotise then Dream Eater
Claydol - Hypnotise then Dream Eater
Armaldo- Hypnotise then Physcic (ran out of PP in dream eater and PP restoring items)
Aggron - Hypnotise then Physcic
Metagross - Hypnotise then Physcic
Final Team:
Ralts Lvl 65
Shock Wave
Dream Eater

Zigzagoon Lvl 7

Mudkip Lvl 10
Rock Smash

Tropius Lvl 28

Thats my First Challange Finished

August 20th, 2010, 7:47 PM
I would prefer if you did it LG, E, SS, D, because it makes it easier for me to update it, but if you absolutely have to do it that order, I guess I can pretend you're going in order.

Well I'm nearly finished with Diamond so I'll just get that done and then do it in order (sorry for the inconvenience)

Anyway heres log 1 for Sinnoh:

-Started game
-Choose starter
-Obtained Beldum egg
-Kept Piplup for HM slave
-Continued to Jubilife
-Beat Rival
-Went to oreburg
-Got owned by roark( Takedown did nothing on him)
-Power leveled
-Beat roark (was very close at the end)
-Cuaght Geodude for HM slave
-Went to floaroma
-Evolved Beldum into metang
-Cleared team galactic out of wind works

And log 2:

-Went to Eterna city
-Beat Gardenia with a metal claw, confusion combo
-Cleared the town of team Galactic
-Got to heartstone and beat my Rival
-Got to Vielstone
-Beat meylen with physic
-Went to Pastoria
-Beat Wake with Physic
-Went to Celestic town
-Stopped team galactic there
-Evovled metang into metagross
-Beat fantina with pursuit and physic
-went to Canalave
-Beat Rival

Add the next one when I get the chance to write it up

August 20th, 2010, 9:30 PM
Idear. Do the Diamond one, but don't update it here until you finish the other three.

August 21st, 2010, 12:54 AM
Feel like doing a particularily hard challenge, so I'll do an ultimate Pikachu run :o

August 21st, 2010, 1:40 AM
Its going 2 be my 1st challenge Hope it goes well :)
Pokemon : I m going 2 do my solo run with Chimchar in Platinum

August 21st, 2010, 1:42 AM
My 1st challenge yipee

Character Name : Sakshi
Pokemon : Chimchar -> Monferno -> Infernape
Game : Platinum

Hope it goes well :)

August 21st, 2010, 6:06 AM

Is this a multi or something?

August 21st, 2010, 6:13 AM
I would like to sign up.. but i dont know how because I am new to the Pokecommunity Forums. Oh and if this is where i sign up then i would like to Use Beldum (but if i cant evolve it then i use Absol

Ok these r the games that I am able to play for the challenge


August 21st, 2010, 6:16 AM
Oh, welcome to the community. Basically, just post here what Pokemon you are going to use and what game you are doing it on (or if you're going to do an ultimate). Then post progress every once in a while. Again, welcome to the community.

August 21st, 2010, 7:50 AM
actually we are brother & sisters and has started our challenges together but on other computer so we playing and challenging separately

August 21st, 2010, 9:43 AM
Part of me really wants to do another ultimate run. As much as the last one pained me at points. Trying to figure out what would be a tough one to run through with though. Hmmmm....

Put me down for an ultimate run with Houndour/Houndoom going LG/S/R/Diamond thanks.

May God have mercy on me lol

August 21st, 2010, 1:04 PM
Wow, you've got some perseverance, Koldsned. Way to go, and good luck on run number 2!

Anyway, before I do my update, I'd like to post a disclaimer. I am sorry to dragon0fangz that I chose the same Pokémon line as you, but it was not because I was copying you. I didn't even know that anyone was doing a Metang run when I started. I chose Beldum - Metagross because I felt it would be a challenging run, and because I've never used a Metagross on any of my teams before. Please do not be upset with me, I did not intend to copy you.

Now for the update:

Hoenn Log 4

More bullets with more stuff from yesterday and today are ahead. I think I'm just gonna keep writing in this journal every other day.

-Left from Mauville
-Crossed a river and headed north
-Ran into Steven and talked about raising Pokémon
-Caught a Manectric for Flash and Strength slave; nicknamed it Caterpie
-Wound up the loooooong path to find Team Aqua grunts and a building
-Entered the building, which was a weather institute, and saw that it was swarmed with Aquas
-Beat them all and rescued the scientists
-Met up with May again and had a quick battle
-BATTLE: Pelipper down after Psychic, same for Combusken and Lombre
-After May left, the Scott dude showed up again and talked about me beating May
-Finally entered Fortree City
-Tried to go to the Gym, but something invisible was in the way
-Headed out to the east for training
-Ran into Steven again
-Steven showed me the Devon Scope and revealed an invisible obstacle to be a Kecleon
-Borrowed the Devon Scope and scared off the Kecleon in front of the Gym
-Entered the Gym
-Rotated my way through all the puzzles
-Got dizzy once or twice
-Reached Winona and started the battle
-BATTLE: Swablu and Tropius fell with one hit from Metal Claw, Altaria from two, Skarmory required two Psychics, and Pelipper only needed one
-Received the Feather Badge
-Left the Gym and got a call from Scott

And today:
-Left Fortree towards the east and followed the trail as it turned south
-Realized how much I hate the moves Detect, Protect, and Fake Out
-Also discovered how much I despise double battles
-Followed the path as it turned back to east, then saw a bunch of Team Aqua goons heading for a place they called Mt. Pyre
-Tailed them to said place
-Followed them up the mountain to the peak
-Saw Archie snag the Red Orb and found out that Maxie had already gotten the Blue Orb
-Found a Magma Emblem that Team Magma accidentally left behind
-Continued on to Lillycove City
-Ran into May yet again standing in front of the Department Store
-She told me there was great shopping there and asked for another battle
-BATTLE: Tropius fell to Metal Claw, and Combusken, Ludicolo, and Pelipper fell to Psychic
-May said she'd be going home to Littleroot and she'd be trying to complete her PokéDex
-Noticed Aqua goons all around
-Found their secret hideout
-Couldn't get past the guards, though they told me about their hideout at Mt. Chimney
-Flew to Mt. Chimney
-Found Magma Hideout with the Magma Emblem
-Traveled deeper and deeper into the Hideout and learned about their plans
-Tried to stop Maxie from waking Groudon, but was too late
-Groudon disappeared, and Maxie battled me
-BATTLE: Mightyena fell to Metal Claw easily, Camerupt fainted after Psychic, and so did his Crobat
-Maxie ran away and I couldn't follow him well enough and lost him
-Headed back to the Aqua Hideout and found out that Archie had gone to Slateport for something
-Flew to Slateport and witnessed Archie steal Capt. Stern's submarine
-Returned to the Aqua Hideout
-Entered and rediscovered my hatred of teleporters
-Found the stolen sub, but was too late to stop it

I would've liked to get to Mossdeep City and battle the Gym Leader, but I when I got caught up in this Magma/Aqua mess, it took too much time. I'll hit Mossdeep tomorrow.


And once again, I'm very sorry, dragon0fangz. I didn't mean to offend you or discourage you.

August 21st, 2010, 2:54 PM
Wow, you've got some perseverance, Koldsned. Way to go, and good luck on run number 2!

Perseverance, insanity and time on my hands. This is the pokemon I wanted to run with originally because I never really used it in my games. It's just I had no idea programs like A-Starter existed until I had done the first game.

Anywho, thanks and good luck on your run as well!

August 21st, 2010, 3:46 PM
I'm basically doing all the ultimate solos, but I'm doing them by generation, not pokemon. I'm doing all single runs on RBY first, then on GSC, then RSE, then DPPt, then FRLG, and finally HGSS to wrap it up. I just think it's easier to organize that way, and easier in general.

August 21st, 2010, 5:15 PM
I apologize in advance if you find my list of events to be "laking in entertainment" or "not funny." I plan on doing a metric ass-load of these, so I'm trying to get straight to the point. :/
And they r all the same text...Hackritus is right in getting strait to the point when you plan on doing, and are doing, a metris ass-load of these.

3 MOAR!!

Started my Dragonite Solo Challenge, Blue Version
Started with Squirtle
Cheated Dratini into my game named him Champion
Caught Pidgey
Trained Champion to Lv.15
Beat Brock
Beat Misty
Got SSANNE Ticket
Caught Bellsprout
Got Cut
Beat Lt.Surge
Got Silph Scope
Beat Erika
Saved Mr.Fuji
Beat Koga
Got Surf and Strength
Got Lapras
Got Masterball
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Beat Leet4 first time through
This marks the end of my Solo Challange with Dragonite in Kanto.

Champion Lv.69

Started my Gengar Solo Challenge, Blue Version
Started with Squirtle
Delivered Oaks Parcel
Cheated my Gastly into the game Name:Invisilike
Caught Pidgey
Trained Invisilike to Lv.15
Beat Brock
Caught Bellsprout
Got SSANNE Ticket
Beat Misty
Traded Ivisilike with myself to get Gengar
HOLY CRAP THE GAME WENT FROM BLACK AND WHITE TO COLOR!!!! INSANITY...hey i should rename Invisilike Insanity...imma do it
Got Cut
Beat Lt.Surge
Renamed Invisilike to Insanity
Got Silph Scope
Beat Erika
Saved Mr.Fuji
Beat Koga
Got Surf and Strength
Got Lapras
Got Masterball
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Beat Leet4 first time through
This marks the end of my Solo Challange with Gengar in Kanto.

Insanity Lv.71

Started my Cloyster Solo Challenge, Blue Version
Started with Squirtle
Delivered Oaks Parcel
Cheated my Shellder into the game Name:Clampy
Caught Pidgey
Trained Clampy to Lv.15
Beat Brock
Caught Bellsprout
Got SSANNE Ticket
Beat Misty
Got Cut
Beat Lt.Surge
Got Silph Scope
Beat Erika
Saved Mr.Fuji
Beat Koga
Got Surf and Strength
Got Lapras
Got Masterball
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Beat Leet4 First time through
This marks the end of my Solo Challange with Cloyster in Kanto.

Clampy Lv.68

August 21st, 2010, 8:00 PM
Hey! Am i registered or not?

I m new to this so dont know how it works?

Ok if Im registered then heres my update

1st Gym
-Started the solo run with Chimchar
-Defeated my rival easily
-Caught Bidoof as a HM slave
-Got to Jubilife City
-Trained Chimchar to level 10
-Again defeated my rival
-Chimchar evolved into Monferno
-Got to Oreburgh City
-Challenged the Oreburgh Gym with level 20 Monferno
-Defeated Roark Very easily by using Mach Punch.
-Got my 1st Badge

2nd Gym
-Went to Jubilife City
-Fought the Galactic Grunts
-Reached Floarama Town
-Cleared Team Galaxy
-Got to Eterna Forest
-Met Cheryl
-Passed through the Eterna Forest
-Got to Eterna City
-Challenged the Eterna Gym
-Defeated Gardenia with level 30 Monferno
-Got my 2nd Badge

August 21st, 2010, 9:06 PM

Machamp: (did him in record time of "19hrs"...emulated of course)
Started my Machamp Solo Challenge, Blue Version
Started with Squirtle
Delivered Oaks Parcel
Cheated my Machop into the game Name:Etrnl Pain
Caught Pidgey
Trained Etrnl Pain to Lv.20
Beat Brock
Caught Bellsprout
Got SSANNE Ticket
Beat Misty
Got Cut
Beat Lt.Surge
Got Silph Scope
Beat Erika
Saved Mr.Fuji
Beat Koga
Got Surf and Strength
Got Lapras
Got Masterball
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Beat Leet4 First time through
This marks the end of my Solo Challange with Machamp in Kanto.

Etrnl Pain Lv.72

Ok. QUESTION!: When I do finally get around to doing Sinnoh and HG/SS I'm gonna need to know how to trade on NDS ROMS using NO$GBA. OR another Emulator that would work. <--- If this option is taken I'll need a tut on how to move save files and all that shnaz.
ALRIGHTY! Thx for any info on this.

August 21st, 2010, 11:13 PM
Anywho, thanks and good luck on your run as well!

Thanks! I'm hoping I can join you up there on that champion list shortly!

And now, onto the update.

Hoenn Log 5

Lotsa stuff happened today and yesterday. And the way it happened made the days seem to run together into one.

First, here are yesterday’s events:

-Left Lillycove and surfed all the way to Mossdeep
-Roamed around Mossdeep a bit
-Decided to hit the route to the north for some training
-Explored Shoal Cave
-Returned to Mossdeep
-Entered the Gym
-Found teleporters, spinning tiles, and double battles
-Concluded that this is my least favorite Gym ever
-Found out that there were two Leaders and my distaste for this Gym grew
-Talked to the twisted twins (try saying that five times fast) and began the battle
-BATTLE: Double battles suck, luckily the HM slaves seemed to draw away the twins' fire
-Shadow Balled Claydol and Xatu, Metal Clawed Solrock and Lunatone
-Received the Mind Badge
-Took the quick teleport out of there
-Saw a bunch of Magma goons heading to the Space Center, led by Maxie
-Went to the Space Center and beat the goons, learning that they were going to steal the rocket fuel from an intent to steal notice

Just throwing this in here, but who the hell leaves an 'intent to steal' notice? *facepalm*

-Was ambushed by three goons on the second floor, but beat them all off
-Found Steven, Maxie, and his right hand man talking about why Magma needs rocket fuel, and it turns out they wanted to blow up Mt. Chimney
-Jumped into a double battle with Steven against Maxie and Tabitha
-BATTLE: I still hate double battles, but Steven wasn't too bad; his Metang's Light Screen and Reflect were very useful
-Tabitha's Camerupt fell to Psychic from Psycho, as did his Golbat; both Mightyena fainted after a solid Metal Claw to each from Psycho; Maxie's Camerupt fell exactly how Tabitha's did; and finally Maxie's Crobat fainted after a Psychic from Steven's Metang
-Maxie suddenly started questioning their goals and Team Aqua's goals and left
-Steven thanked me for my help and gave me HM 08, Dive
-Taught Dive to Ivysaur
-Remembered Team Aqua and the submarine, as well as Capt. Stern's discovery of the underwater cavern on Route 128
-Headed that way immediately
-Traveled down to Route 128 and dove underwater to find a cave entrance
-Saw the stolen sub and surfaced into a cave
-Noticed that the cavern was crawling with Aqua goons
-Fought my way to the deepest area of the cave, where I found a statue in a large pool of water
-Archie arrived and told me that it was the Pokémon Kyogre, then battled me to force me to leave
-BATTLE: Archie wasn't that hard at all; Mightyena fell to Metal Claw, Crobat fainted after Psychic, and Sharpedo couldn't stand up to Meteor Mash
-Archie shrugged off the loss and brought out the Red Orb, which suddenly began glowing, awakening Kyogre
-Kyogre vanished and Archie received a message from the surface that the rains they planned Kyogre to unleash were far worse than imagined
-Archie and I were rushed to the surface by Maxie, who showed up out of nowhere
-Outside, the rain was hard and driving; then, out of nowhere, it would get extremely bright and sunny, even though my watch said it was near 10:00 PM
-Archie and Maxie were horrified by what they did and they ran off to try and stop it
-Steven flew in and told me that the huge rain cloud was centered over Sootopolis City and flew off to check it out
-Surfed to Sootopolis and found the underwater entrance
-Surfaced and found Kyogre and Groudon fighting in the bay
-Saw Maxie and Archie trying to calm the two with the orbs
-Met up with Steven who brought me to the Cave of Origin to meet someone named Wallace
-Wallace told me about Rayquaza and that it might be able to stop Kyogre and Groudon
-Remembered that May was near Pacifidlog Town and saw a huge flying Pokémon
-Left Sootopolis and traveled to Pacifidlog as quickly as I could
-Found Sky Pillar and met up with Wallace, who unlocked the door to the tower
-Climbed the tower and found Rayquaza resting at the top
-As I approached it, it awoke and flew off
-Flew back to Sootopolis to see what was happening
-Watched as Rayquaza appeared and calmed the two Pokémon
-All three suddenly disappeared, and the weather returned to normal
-Noticed that the time was way past midnight
-Archie and Maxie had disappeared, but I figured that seeing the whole battle made them realize that what they were doing was wrong and that neither team would continue to exist
-Talked to Steven, who figured Maxie and Archie went to return the orbs
-Talked to Wallace and was thanked for saving the region with HM 07
-Decided to rest for now, seeing how late it was

And now, today's events:

-Woke up around noon, which is unusually late for me
-Entered the Gym
-Carefully walked over the thin ice, solving each puzzle with ease
-Made it to the Gym Leader, Juan, and challenged him to a battle
-BATTLE: Luvdisc, Whiscash, and Sealo fainted from Psychic, Crawdaunt took a Meteor Mash to KO, and Kingdra took a Psychic before it fainted
-Received the Rain Badge
-Flew to Mt. Pyre to see if Maxie and Archie had returned the orbs
-Approached the top to see Maxie and Archie walking away
-Talked to the pair at the peak to find that Maxie and Archie came on their own and returned the orbs
-Flew to Sootopolis once more
-Trained for the rest of the day

Yeah, not much happened today, mainly because of how late I woke up. But I did stay up late last night to stop Kyogre and Groudon, so I didn't want to get up too early. Anyways, that's all for now.


August 22nd, 2010, 1:39 AM
Because the way I usually train my pokémons in previous games, I would like to do this challange.

Pokémon Game: Yellow
Pokémon: Pikachu.

...Though I do have a question.

If I were to do the challange with just Pikachu, am I suppose to do it with only Pikachu throughout every challange I play if I'm playing a different pokemon game?

August 22nd, 2010, 2:13 AM
I shall be doing a solo run of Ruby, the Pokémon shall be Houndoom (Once it evolves :) ), expect updates soon :) .

August 22nd, 2010, 2:21 AM
Ok so I beat Kanto it was much easier then I though it would be, practically had my finger glued to the fast ford button. Anyway the only problem I had was with Evolving the beldum, seen as I suck at entering cheats and couldn't get the national dex I had to use A-map to get the evolution when it was meant to happen, e.g. when beldum got to lvl 20 I placed Metangs in the route I was in (lvl 20 ones) and cuaght one same for Metagross
(Wall of text spoiler)
-Started the game
-Choose starter (Beldum)
-Beat rival
-Delivered package to oak
-Caught pidgey for HM slave
-Beat brock(with takedown obviously)
-Entered Mt Moon
-Caught Geodude for HM slave
-Beldum evolved into Metang
-Entered Cerulean
-Beat Rival
-Beat Misty with Confusion
-Boarded S.S. Anne
-Bet Rival
-left S.S. Anne
-Cuaght Meowth for HM salve
-Beat LT. Surge
-Entered rock tunnel( god I hate flash tunnels)
-Entered Lavender town
Log 2
-Went to Celadon
-Destroyed Erika with psychic
-Got HM fly
-Went through Team Rockets game corner base
-Got a bike
-Entered Pokemon tower
-Evolved metang into Metagross
-Helped Mr Fugi
-Entered silph co.
-Beat Rival
-Got given a lapras and named not wanted, then realized that it can be used to surf XD
-Beat Giovanni
-Beat sabrina with Pursuit
-Made it to fuchsia town
-KO'ED Koga with Psychic
Log 3
-Went to cannibar
-Did stupid burnt mansion
-Beat Blaine
-Went with bill to one island
-Stopped bikers on three island
-Beat up a Hypno for a little girl -.-
-Went to vermillion
-KO'ed Giovanni with meteor mash and psychic
-Beat rival
-Got through victory road
-Beat lorelie with meteor mash
-Beat bruno with psychic and meteor mash
-Beat Agatha with psychic
-Beat lance with meteor mash
-Beat rival using combination
-Got my name down in the hall of fame
-Challenge complete

And my team by the end(nicknames a stupid they where meant to be):
Metagross, LVL74
Hm slave:Meowth(Scratchey. ,I like it more then geodude) LVL 10
Hm slave 2:Lapras( Not wanted, damn give away)
Hm slave 3: Pidgey(Pidgey...., I couldn't think of anything)
In my box:
My first Beldum
My metang
A hitmonchan named hitter....
A nidoran(female) an paras I accidentally caught in safari zone
HM slave: Geodude named Rocky....

Now for some pics(not in any order BTW)
http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-LeafGreenGBA.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-LeafGreenGBA2.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-LeafGreenGBA4.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-LeafGreenGBA2-1.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-LeafGreenGBA-1.png

anyway Next is SS for my "Second" ;) region

August 22nd, 2010, 2:58 AM
Arghhh I'm rubbish at hacking Gen 3, can someone please help me get a Houndour at the start of Ruby? I've found about 3 different codes online and none of them work? :'( I'm getting so frustrated here, it's scary.

Once I've got it I can get going on my run :) .

August 22nd, 2010, 3:22 AM
Arghhh I'm rubbish at hacking Gen 3, can someone please help me get a Houndour at the start of Ruby? I've found about 3 different codes online and none of them work? :'( I'm getting so frustrated here, it's scary.

Once I've got it I can get going on my run :) .

try downloading A-starter and change the starter to houndour(if you wont it easy change mudkip if you wont it hard change torchic)

August 22nd, 2010, 4:44 AM
1st Gym

-I have Chimchar
-Defeated my rival (Bhavit) with scratch
-Caught Bidoof to make it HM slave
-Got to Jubilife City
-Chimchar is now level 10
-Defeated my rival again
-Chimchar evolved into Monferno
-Got to Oreburgh City
-Challenged the Oreburgh Gym with level 20 Monferno
-Defeated Roark
-Got my 1st Badge

2nd Gym

-Went to Jubilife City
-Fought the Galactic Grunts
-Reached Floarama Town
-Won from Team Galaxy
-Got to Eterna Forest
-Met Cheryl
-Got to Eterna City
-Challenged the Eterna Gym
-Defeated Gardenia with level 30 Monferno
-Got my 2nd Badge

August 22nd, 2010, 5:40 AM
Ok so I began my journey again this time with my Houndour, Cerberus. Now, anyone who was around when I did my first run will know, I did a video containing major fights like Gyms and Rival battles. This time I'm going to do only Gym and tougher Rival battles, speed them up and try and contain it to one or two videos a game and release it when I've finished. This is so I don't destroy my Youtube channel lol.

Anyway, I started out, got my Houndour and thrashed my rival both times, but then realised that I'm weak to the first two gyms. Brock was tough but I managed to get lucky, snagging a burn and a crit with ember. After he fell, through Mt Moon I went, took out my rival but realised Cerberus won't evolve without the National Dex so I decided to break here and hunt out a code so I can evolve him.

Cerberus Lv 25 (Flash Fire, Brave Nature)
- Ember
- Bite
- Howl
- Smog

http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/8660/pokemonleafgreengba.th.png (http://img844.imageshack.us/i/pokemonleafgreengba.png/)

August 22nd, 2010, 7:43 AM
3rd Gym

-Went to Galactic Headquarters
-Defeated everybody in there bcuz I don’t like evil.
-Received an egg (Excited whats Gonna hatch although I cant use that :D )
-Got my Bicycle and went to cycling road
-Fought with everybody there
-Whats that the eggs hatching ……….. Wow a togepi (so cute)
-While going to Hearthome City my Monferno evolved into Infernape
-Took part in contest just for fun and won that too (I have a habit of winning ;) )
-Challenged Hearthome Gym’s Gym leader Fantina w/ Infernape lvl 38 and won super easily
-And that my Third badge

Current team

Infernape Level 39

-Close Combat
-Mach Punch
-Flame Wheel

Bidoof Level 3

-Rock Smash

Togepi Level 1


August 22nd, 2010, 7:59 AM
I'm starting a Platinum Solo run with Flareon.

Entry 1:
Started from Twinleaf. Chose Turtwig. Named it Kyle. Defeated Barry. Turtwig grew to lv. 6. Went to Sandgem. Met Rowan. Went to Pokémon Center. Traded Kyle for lv. 4 Flareon named Randy.

August 22nd, 2010, 8:31 AM
Houndoom run of Ruby has began! :D

Just beaten the second Gym, annoyingly Doom is weak to the first 2 Gyms so I had to make use of a flashy Egg Move I put on for the Rock Gym and amazingly Ember Burned both of Brawly's Pokémon on the firs hit, greatly crippling them :) .

Here's the Team:

Mehh I dunno how you insert and image on this forum :P .

'Darkfire' :cool:
Luckily, I got Flash Fire AND a Timid Nature :D No hacking involved in that, just good fortune :) .

~ Ember
~ Leer
~ Counter
~ Reversal

The last 2 moves are Egg Moves, I saw that they were allowed and thought that I might as well put them on as I feel they will be useful - Counter owned the Rock Gym already :D .

Zigzagoon, Seedot and Taillow are (or will be) HM slaves :) .

August 22nd, 2010, 10:24 AM
Hey, I think I'll try Nidoran♀ > Nidoqueen on yellow please. :)
I've got a feeling this is going to be tough.. ach well.

Okay I just went ahead and started this because I'm bored :)
~Did the starting stuff, named myself Yellow & my rival Blue, how original.
~Ran out into the grass, but got stopped by prof oak who then caught a random pikachu.
~Went back to the lab.. blah blah.. got pikachu, didnt bother renaming it.
~Did the parcel thing and got the map from Blue's sister.
~Went up to Route 22 & caught a Nidoran♀ and named her Gaia (after the greek godess off the earth).
~Trained Gaia up to level 10 before heading off into the viridian forest.

Gaia / Nidoran♀
Level 10

August 22nd, 2010, 12:22 PM
Wow, this hasn't taken long... only about 4 hours after beginning my adventure, I'm stood outside the Pokémon League ready to begin my challenge :bandit: . Here's the main man:

Flash Fire
~ Flamethrower
~ Crunch
~ Counter
~ Reversal

I've barely even used the 2 special Egg Moves, I have the TM's for Solarbeam and Sunny Day just in case I want to replace them :P . Don't think I'll do any training before the League, I'll just recklessly get stuck in :P .

Other team members are Tropius and Psyduck, as they cover all 8 HM's in the game :D .

I haven't recorded any Gym Leader Battles as to be honest, Houndoom generally OHKO'd everything in sight (Apart from in the first 2 Gyms which involved a bit of strategy and luck, respectively). Basically, the Leader Battles weren't interesting really :P . I'll record my assult on the Elite Four though :) . Think I'll beat them up tomorrow, I'm done for today :P .

Legendary Squirtle
August 22nd, 2010, 2:09 PM
Name: Kendrix


Well a lot happed since I last updated this log, you see between earning three badges and stopping, or at least stalling, Team Magma’s idiotic plan, I had little time to just sit down and write this.

Staring from where I left off, upon arriving in Slateport city, I was notified that there was a small competition going on. All I had to do was beat a bunch of trainers (which I did rather easily) and I would be awarded a prize. It turns out that the prize was about a dozen Soda Pops, which should come in handy later. After that I headed through town in order to deliver my final package to the engineer of a submarine. As I wondered the streets I heard rumors that a lot of Team Aqua Grunts were causing trouble in a nearby museum. I decided to check it out after I was done with my little side quest.

Eventually (after walking around for what felt like an hour) I found the engineer that I was looking for. He was in a ship yard and was looking over some plans to build a submarine it was obvious, from the way he talked, that he had had no idea about anything having to do with ships or subs. When I presented the parts to him, he admitted that he had no clue what he was looking at and told me to find Captain Stern who apparently left earlier to go to the museum.

I find the Museum in no time and upon entering and paying $ 50, I’m immediately confronted by the same Team Aqua member that I beat twice before. Rather than fighting he just gives me a useless TM and says that he is going to quit Team Aqua once and for all. After he runs out, I hear a conversion between two his former comrades basically saying that the reason that it took a long while to enter the Museum because they couldn’t pay the entrance fee (It’s rather sad, since the fee in question is just $50).

I then went upstairs and found the Captain by a model version of the sub he wanted to build, but before I could say anything two grunts followed me into the room and demanded that I give them the ship parts, when I declined they tried to take it by force. The two grunts tried to give themselves an advantage by forcing Almia to battle three pokemon in quick succession, unfortunately for them she was more than strong enough to handle anything they could throw at her.

Just after I finished mopping the floor with the Team Aqua grunts, their leader came up the stairs. I thought that he would battle me (which would be bad seeing that I would most likely have to give up my façade as a new trainer, which might tip of the leader of Team Magma) but it turns out that he just wanted to talk. He basically tried to convince me that his goal of increasing the amount of water in the world was a good thing and that Team Magma was the evil one. I tired to tell him how stupid that sounded, but he basically waved me off and left after threatening me (basically saying don’t get in our way or you’ll be sorry).I then gave My Stern the parts and left the town the very next day.

A few interesting things happed on the way to Mauville City, first I beat this challenge, that took place in the ‘Trick house’ and earned a Rare Candy for my troubles, also I beat May for the third time (I didn’t have to even command Almia to do much, since her attacks are so strong). As a reward May gave me an item finder (which is basically useless to me) and told me that the next time we battle she would win.

I got into Mauville City I had a long talk with Almia about our current situation. Basically she argued that we were holding back a bit too much and that if we held back against the wrong opponent we could be in serious trouble. I agreed and in the end decided that I would have to start using some of Almia’s older moves starting with, the incredibly useful, Psychic. After that was done I headed to battle the gym leader.

Vs Wattson:

His first pokemon went down with no problem thanks to 2 hits from Almia’s Psybeam. An Electrike was sent out to replace it, but as soon as he stepped on the field he was Ohkoed by a critical hit Psybeam. Wattson’s third pokemon, Magneton, was by far the one I had the most problems with due to its typing. It managed to Paralyze Almia but eventual it fell to her most recently remembered move, Psychic. I got lucky when Wattson revealed his last pokemon (Manectric) as he was knocked out by a critical hit Psychic (ouch).

After earning my third badge I headed to the Poke Center to find out where to go and also if Steven (my contact) had found out the location of the two teams in this region (especially Team Magma since I still had do idea what they were up to). Steven basically told me that according to his sources, Team Magma wants to expand the continents that make up this region. He went on to say that this is the reason why Team Aqua and Magma has always been against each other. Steven then indicated that according to his information Team Magma was about to pull off something big at the peak of Mt Chimney. That was all I needed to know, so after thanking him I went to bed knowing that I had to do whatever I could to stop what Team Magma was doing.

To be totally honest I still can’t believe that the events that happened the next day were real. As soon as I woke up and got ready I headed to the top of Mt Chimney via the Cable Cart. Upon my arrival I’m challenged by a bunch of Team Magma Grunts who tried in vain to keep me from reaching Maxie (their leader). I dealt with them easily and made my way to Maxie, who took immediate note of my arrival. He pressed a button on the machine beside him, which cause it to spring to life. He then stupidly tells me his plan, which is using the power of a meteorite to cause erupt the volcano. He tries to justify this by saying that almost every living think needs land and what he is doing will benefit everybody. He then tried to stall me by forcing me into a Pokemon Battle, but thanks to Almia Astonish and Psychic he stood no chance. I then ordered Almia to restrain the Magma Boss with her Psychic attack, while I remove the meteorite from the machine rendering it harmless.

The general plan was to have Almia keep a Psychic hold on Maxie until the cops arrived, but we were forced to abandon it earlier, as more reinforcements came and Golbats filed the air around me. Knowing that there was only one way out of there, I had Almia release the hold on Maxie and launch a Confuse Ray strong enough to hit every pokemon around us. Then while everyone was distracted I made a break for it, towards Lavaridge Town

Since there was nothing much to doo, I deiced to Challenge the gym there after a couple days of rest and relaxation.

Vs Flannery:

To be honest I really don’t want to spend my time going in to the details of this battle because I’m running out of time and I have to get moving very soon. Let’s just say that his battle was easier than my last one. None of her fire type pokemon caused that much trouble (except the one that used Sunny Day) because of Almia’s Psychic attack. Her last pokemon, a Torkoal, managed to survive Almia’s attack and retaliate with Overheat. You should have seen the look on her face when it hit vs. the look on it when the smoke cleared and revealed that Almia lived through a Sunny Day powered Overheat and looked like she was bored. Eventually that Torkoal fell and I earned my 4th badge. What Flannery said after the battle had my heart racing for what felt like hours, she said that she recognized my fighting style from somewhere. For a minute or two I held my breath basically hoping that she didn’t figure out who I really was. After a moment of silence she told me, with confidence that I battled like Norman, the new leader of the Petalburg Gym. I made sure that the relief in my voice wasn’t too apparent as I thanked her for the battle and headed out the door.

Nothing much happened after I beat Flannery, I rested at the nearby Poke Center and, while I was planning my route to the next town, I overheard a nearby trainer saying that the gym in petal burg city is now open again. After deliberating with Almia for a while, we decided just head back there for my next match instead of just putting it off till later. It took us three says to eventually get back to Petalburg, but that was mostly because I wanted to check out a desert on the way back. After resting for a night, just to make sure that we weren’t pushing ourselves too much, I entered the gym to get my 5th badge of this region

. Vs Norman:

As soon as I enter I see a familiar face staring at me, my dad. I find this very strange because as far as I knew he still had a year on his contract to a company in the Sinnoh Region. We talked for a bit and he promised to explain everything after a battle, but only if I won (I guess it was just a way to encourage me not to hold back). I accepted his challenge and the battle for my 5th badge began.

Dad’s first two pokemon fainted in one hit thanks to Almia’s Psychic. His next pokemon, a Slaking, caused me slight trouble though. I started the battle with a Confuse Ray, hoping to stop him from attacking me, but that plan failed as the beast used Faint Attack. I then had Almia follow up with a Psychic, which hit the giant ape. To my surprise the Slaking didn’t bother to move, so I had Almia use another Psychic on him. It looked like dad’s pokemon was a bit angry at the second attack as it got up and ran towards Almia. She effortlessly dodged the giant ape, causing it to crash into a wall. Knowing that it was on the verge of collapsing, I had Almia finish it off with a Psychic attack. Dad’s last pokemon was a Linoone needless to say that it didn’t last too long.

With the battle over dad gave me my fifth badge and the TM for Façade, he then asked me to follow him. Eventually we ended up in a living room area in the back of the gym, and after offering me a drink, started his explanation.


Almia (Misdreavus) F lvl 48

=>Confuse Ray

August 22nd, 2010, 3:10 PM
Hoenn Log 6

This, by the way, is my final log for Hoenn. Meaning I've done it again; I've taken down the Elite Four and Champion of yet another region.

So, events!

-Traveled to Ever Grande City
-Climbed the giant waterfall
-Healed in the PokéCenter, where I met Scott again
-Entered Victory Road
-Wally ran into me and challenged me to a battle
-BATTLE: Altaria and Delcatty fell to Meteor Mash, Magneton fell to Earthquake, Roselia fainted after Psychic, and Gardevoir was KOed by Shadow Ball
-Continued deeper into Victory Road
-Met the fifth Winstrate family member and kicked his butt home
-Exited Victory Road without much trouble
-Entered the Elite Four building
-Started the challenge against the first member
-SIDNEY: Dark types, and despite their resistance to Psychic, they aren't very strong against Steel
-Mightyena, Shiftry, Cacturne, Crawdaunt, and Absol were all on the receiving end of a Meteor Mash
-Continued up to the next room
-Pretty much everything fainted after one good Shadow Ball
-Climbed up the next set of stairs
-GLACIA: Ice types are simple. Ice-Water types, not so much
-Sealo got a Psychic to the face, Walrein was hit with a Meteor Mash dead on, as were both Glalies and the final Sealo
-Fixed the hail damage on Psycho and headed up to the final Elite Four room before the Champion
-DRAKE: I hate Dragon types, mainly because almost all of them can use Fire type moves
-Shelgon spammed Protect for two turns before it failed and Psycho KOed it with Psychic, Flygon somehow survived a Psychic for long enough to pull off an Earthquake, but it couldn't withstand the second Psychic, Salamence felt the fury of Meteor Mash and fainted, Kingdra took a few Psychics to KO, due to Drake using a Full Restore, and Altaria had nothing to say after a Meteor Mash knocked its block off
-Healed up quickly and proceeded to the final room; also, talk about one LOOOOONG staircase
-CHAMPION BATTLE: WALLACE: Yeah, Wallace, the guy who helped me save all of Hoenn, turned out to be the Champ
-Wailord: A huge HP monster, took a Psychic, a Full Restore from Wallace, then a Psychic and a Shadow Ball to beat
-Whiscash: Was a pain, due to its high Sp. Defense and Earthquake; took two Psychics to beat
-Gyarados: One of the easier ones, only needing a Meteor Mash and a Shadow Ball to KO
-Tentacruel: C'mon, you should know how this one fainted
-Ludicolo: Somehow, it fell after only one not-very-effective Meteor Mash
-Milotic: Wallace's last Pokémon, and arguably his toughest; annoyingly enough, after Psycho's first Psychic, it got a Critical Surf in, forcing me to heal Psycho; but after that, a Shadow Ball put it in its place
-I am now the new Champion of the Hoenn region!

Funnily enough, May burst in right after with advice on beating the Champion. It was kinda comedic the way it happened. Then Birch showed up and congratulated me, even though I barely knew him.

Wallace took me back into the secret room and registered me and Psycho as the new Champs of Hoenn, and from then on, it was official. Psycho and I are the most awesomest team that ever existed.

Now, I relax. At least, until I hear of another region that wants a piece of me.


August 22nd, 2010, 4:35 PM
Flareon Solo Run
Entry 2:
Headed back to Twinleaf and talked to everyone. Headed to Sandgem, getting Randy up to level 7. Talked to everyone in Sandgem. Went to Jubilife. Hit the level 10 mark. Met Looker. Got Vs. Recorder. Got Pokétch. Talked to everyone. Met Barry, gave him Town Maps. He gave me one. Beat trainers in the school. Went west, got Old Rod. Went north, beat 3 trainers. Went east, ran into Barry. Beat him after a few SR's. Randy stopped listening.

Beat all trainers on the way to Oreburg and received Rock Smash. Talked to everyone in Oreburg. Went to the mine and found Roark. Beat trainers in mine. Beat trainers in gym. Leveled up to 22, then beat Roark.

Gardenia should be much easier.

August 22nd, 2010, 10:52 PM
Ok just though it might be important to mention that I'm gonna be playing SS and emerald at the same time(I'll only give logs for SS though), cuase I keep getting annoyed at my SS for freezing constantly..... But wanted to be able to keep doing the challenge.

August 23rd, 2010, 2:11 AM
My 3rd Gym

-Beated everyone at Galactic Headquarters.
-Cynthia gave me an egg.
-Got my Bicycle as a gift bcoz i saved him. And few now game can run fast.
-Trained my Monferno to lvl 35.
-Wow togepi hatched from the egg. Togepi is one of my favorite pokemon.
-Went to route or cycling road and won from everyone.
-My Monferno evolved into Infernape when I was going to hearthome city.
-I have reached Hearthome city.
-One person showed me beauty contest and I thought i should take part and I took part in beauty contest because infernape was having 2 beauty attacks and yippee i won.
-My Infernape was lvl 38 when I Challenged Gym leader Fantina of Hearthome and won
-My Infernape is now lvl 39.
-This was how i got my Third badge.

Current team

Infernape Level 39

-Close Combat
-Mach Punch
-Flame Wheel

Bidoof Level 10(because of double fights)

-Rock Smash

Togepi Level 1


August 23rd, 2010, 2:23 AM
It's all over! Just defeated Steven in my Houndoom-only run of Ruby :D . Here's the final team:

Level 70
Flash Fire

HP: 217
ATK: 139
DEF: 106
SATK: 173
SDEF: 121
SPD: 176

~ Flamethrower
~ Crunch
~ Counter
~ Reversal

It's interesting to note that he never actually fainted during this entire run :) . I used Counter twice in the entire game hehe; against Roxanne's Nosepass and against Steven's Aggron to win me the League :P . Never really used Reversal to good effect at all. The League was pretty easy, only Walrein, Armaldo and Aggron could actually do more than/about half damage to me. All the League Battles were recorded, look out for the links later :) .

Other team members: Tropius (Flash, Fly, Cut, Strength) and Psyduck (Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive). None of them ever landed an attack, so the challenge was a success :D .

August 23rd, 2010, 6:47 AM
~ Went through the Viridian forest & beat all the bug catchers.
~ Got to Pewter city, healed up and headed for the gym.
~ Beat the gym trainer with the Sandshew & Diglett (he was pants)
~ Faced Brock and won quite easily.
~ Gaia evolved into Nidorina :D
~ Beat all the trainers up to and in mount moon.
~ Found 2 moon stones (one of which will be useful later..)
~ Took the Helix fossil (And put in the computer later)
~ Beat Jessie & James easily
~ Got to Cerulean City, healed up and saved..

Update edit:
~Did the Nugget bridge business & battled the remaining trainers up to Bill's house
~Spoke to Bill & got the S.S Ticket
~Beat the gym trainers
~Beat Misty, which was fairly easy.
~Got Dig from the rocket grunt
~Battled the people on my way to Vermillion city
~Went on the St. Anne and beat all the trainers
~RUBBED the old captains back for him and for payment, I got HM01, cut.
~Taught Cut to Charmander & used it to get into the gym.
~Beat the gym trainers & defeated Surge and got myself the Thunderbadge.
~Next, heading for Diglett's cave to get flash...

-Double kick

August 24th, 2010, 1:17 PM
Sinnoh Log 1

Once more, I'm on another journey into another region. This time, I'm headed to Sinnoh, where Bertha retired to after she left the Elite Four in Kanto. Maybe I'll run into her and her sister that she moved in with. Or maybe not. Most likely not.

Anyways, Sinnoh was actually north of both Kanto and Johto, so after a boat ride back to Johto, a train transported us up there to the nearest town: Twinleaf. Psycho had to, once again, go through the awful de-leveling process, and I was back at the beginning once more.

On the train, I met up with a boy named Barry, and the first thought I had was Berry back in Kanto. But Barry seemed nice, and extremely energetic. He was coming here with his Chimchar, a Pokémon I'd never seen before, to take on the Pokémon League as well.

Now, the rest of today went something like this:

-Arrived in Twinleaf Town
-Passed through there quickly
-Met a man of ample age (I.E. He was a geezer) who introduced himself as Prof. Rowan and his assistant, Dawn
-Told us to meet him at his lab so he could give us the low down on Sinnoh
-Followed him to Sandgem Town
-Entered his lab and he told us of the nearest Gym in Oreburg
-Left Sandgem towards Jubilife City to get to Oreburg
-Did a lot of grinding with Psycho and got him to level 14 before I arrived in Jubilife
-Ran into Dawn again
-Found a map of Sinnoh in a trainer school
-Went through some promotion thing and got a Pokémon Watch thing called a Pokétch
-Ran into Barry on the way to Oreburg and had a quick battle
-BATTLE: Psycho mowed over both his Starly and Chimchar without any problems
-Continued on to Oreburg, getting Psycho to level 18 on the way
-Arrived in Oreburg and found Barry, who told me that the Leader was in the mines
-Caught a Geodude in there and nicknamed it Salamence cause I can
-Met the Gym Leader, Roark, in the mines and he agreed to battle me at his Gym in a little bit
-Left to go do some more training and got Psycho to level 20 and he evolved back into a Metang, then got him to level 22
-Went back to the Gym
-Met up with Roark and began the battle
-BATTLE: Come on, folks, it's a Rock type Gym vs. Psycho's Metal Claw, you shouldn't need to ask how it went down
-Earned the Coal Badge
-Left the Gym, checked the map, and set out for Eterna City
-Found out I'd have to take the long way around, so I returned to Jubilife City for the night

Tomorrow, I'll return to the two days per each log, so I'll update the log the day after tomorrow. Until then, see ya later.


Sir Spamalot
August 25th, 2010, 7:08 AM
could I sign up with Totodile-> feraligatr?

Totodile(evolving to Feraligatr)
nickname: Croc


August 25th, 2010, 7:39 PM
Yo Myrrhman I got 2 more for ya XD

Started my Butterfree Solo Challenge, Yellow Version
Started with Pikachu...duh
Delivered Oaks Parcel
Cheated my Caterpie into the game Name: Suparfree
Caught Pidgey
Trained Suparfree to Lv.15
Beat Brock
Caught Bellsprout
Got SSANNE Ticket
Beat Misty
Got Cut
Beat Lt.Surge
Got Silph Scope
Beat Erika
Saved Mr.Fuji
Beat Koga
Got Surf and Strength
Got Lapras
Got Masterball
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Suparfree gained about 25 lvs against the leet4 b4 i won
Beat Leet4 who knows how many times i went through
This marks the end of my Solo Challange with Butterfree in Kanto.

Suparfree Lv.100

Started my Golduck Solo Challenge, Blue Version
Started with Squirtle
Delivered Oaks Parcel
Cheated my Psyduck into the game Name:Bobtheduck
Caught Pidgey
Trained Bobtheduck to Lv.28
Beat Brock
Caught Bellsprout
Got SSANNE Ticket
Beat Misty
Got Cut
Beat Lt.Surge
Got Silph Scope
Beat Erika
Saved Mr.Fuji
Beat Koga
Got Surf and Strength
Got Lapras
Got Masterball
Beat Sabrina
Got Secret Key
Beat Blaine
Beat Giovani
Beat Sibon
Got through Victory Road
Beat Leet4 first time through
This marks the end of my Solo Challange with Golduck in Kanto.

Bobtheduck Lv.73

August 26th, 2010, 1:39 AM
Beated 2 more gyms

4th Gym

-Met my rival and defeated him.
-Went in the Lost tower and Defeated everybody there
-Reached Solaceon Town
-Went to see Solaceon ruins
-Found Defog
-Reached Veilstone city in just a fraction of second (just joking :P )
-Met Dawn there and took on the Gym
-Crasher Wake came out of the gym and told me the gym wasn’t easy.
-But The gym was no problem as Maylenes Pokemon fell in just 1 flame wheel till now no real challenge :D

5th Gym

-Outside the Gym I again met Dawn And helped her recover her pokedex
-Obtained HM 02 Fly (Now my journey will be easier)
-Continued my travels
-Reached Valor Lakefront
-Defeated a couple
-Quickly Reached Pastoria City
-I went to the gym in a rush
-As I was about to enter the door My rival stopped me and challenged me to a battle
-Again defeated him (When will he understand I’m better than him)
-Went inside the gym
-Defeated all the trainers here but not too easily
-Healed Infernape before Challenging Crasher Wake
-Challenged Crasher Wake w/ Level 48 Infernape
-His Gyrados Defeated me and the match was over L
-But me and Infernape didn’t lose heart and trained a bit
-We again challenged Wake. This time with more determination and tactics and more level (Level 52 J)
- Infernape used flame wheel v/s Gyrados and luckily a burn. It soon followed many flame wheels and Crasher Wake switched to Quagsire
-He was no pain as he fell to one close combat
-He again took out Gyrados and I switched to Bibarel to Heal Infernape
-Bibarel was dead after one attack and I again took out Infernape. He killed Gyrados with Close Combat
-Wake sent Floatzel .Floatzel took 2 Close Combats to be killed. And I got my 5th badge :D

August 26th, 2010, 7:28 AM
Update (4th gym)

~Caught a couple of pokemon to make it up to 10
~Went through diglett's cave & got flash by one of prof oaks aids
~Spoke to the Rapidash loving man and obtained the bike voucher
~Went to Cerulean and got the bike, which I wont use often anyway.. but still a bike is a bike.
~Battled all the trainers up to and inside the rock tunnel.
~Finally reached lavendar town, healed up and battled Blue in the ghost tower.
~Headed west and battled the trainers on the way to Celadon
~Got to Celadon, healed up and headed for the gym only to spot a creepy old perv peering into the windows of the gym!
~Battled all the gym trainers (except for one because of her overuse of wrap..)
~Faced Erika & bit all her pokemon to death (or faint w/e) and got myself the Rainbow badge.
-Double kick

Update (5th gym)

~Went to the girls 'secret house' and got fly (Taught it to a random pidgey)
~Bought water for the guards (yep too stingey for the dearer drinks)
~Went into the games corner and found the secret switch
~Battled all the rocket grunts
~Beat Giovanni and found the Silph Scope just left behind.. what are the chances!
~Went back to Lavender town to go up the ghost building thing
~Battled all the creepy hags inside it
~Beat Team rocket and got the poke flute
~Flew back to Celadon and used the flute to wake up the snorlax to shift it out the way (and for exp. of course)
~Battled some bikers on cycling road
~Evolved Gaia into Nidoqueen when she reached level 50 :) (wow is she brutal looking from behind)
~Beat the remaining cyclists & finally reached Fuschia city
~Went to the safari zone to get surf, and took two tries because I forgot which way to look :(
~Battled all the gym trainers.. I just realised that there are much more Physcic types in the gym than poison.. weird seeing as it's a poison gym.
~Faced Koga and wow, his pokemon were higher than I thought, but I still beat him and won the Soulbadge.
-Double kick

Update (6th gym)

~Flew back to Saffron
~Battled all the rockets in Silph co.
~Fought Blue and won quite easily
~Battled against Giovanni again, who was absolutely pants btw.. beat all his pokemon in one shot.
~Headed to the fighting dojo and beat all the kung-fu freaks.
~Beat the Kung-fu master and picked Hitmonlee (which will never see the light of day again muahaha)
~Battled all the gym trainers
~Beat Sabrina, on my second try though, but oh well :)

-Double kick

August 26th, 2010, 2:08 PM
Sinnoh Log 2

Two days, two badges, and one more criminal team to deal with.

-Started to head north from Jubilife
-Found Dawn and Prof. Rowan dealing with some guys in weird outfits
-Stopped them from pushing around the Prof.
-Heard them declare that they were Team Galactic as they ran off
-Continued towards the north through Ravaged Path, which isn't very 'ravaged' at all; it's more like a deliberately made tunnel
-Passed through Floaroma Town
-Some little girl told me of trouble at the Valley Windworks and mentioned guys in weird outfits
-Went there and found a Galactic goon guarding the entrance
-Beat him down, but he locked himself in the building
-Found his 'cohort' in the Floaroma Meadow and snagged his key, and barged in the windworks building
-Smacked some heads together and found the guy in charge, Commander Mars, who spoke of creating a new universe (nut job)
-Psycho bashed his Pokémon into a pulp and he ran off
-Continued north to the Eterna Forest
-Met a lady named Cheryl who asked to tag along with me
-Led her through the forest with ease
-Arrived in Eterna City
-Met a lady named Cynthia who was studying Pokémon mythology in the region
-Saw the Team Galactic building and planned to enter it and see what they were doing after I beat the Gym
-Entered the Gym and talked to Gardenia, who explained the puzzle to me
-Battled all the trainers, then battled her
-BATTLE: Not too tough, and Confusion helped some
-Cherubi fainted to Metal Claw, as did Turtwig, and Roserade took a couple Confusions to beat
-Got the Forest Badge
-Caught a Budew for Cut; nicknamed it Staryu cause I felt like it
-Entered the Galactic Building
-Had a little too much fun in destroying all the goons
-Met and beat the crud out of Commander Jupiter
-Saved some stolen Pokémon and got a bicycle for it
-Hit up Cycling Road and headed back to Oreburg
-Ran into Dawn again on the way and got a Dowsing Machine and a Vs. Seeker
-Went through Mt. Coronet and met some creepy looking guy named Cyrus who spoke nonsense about the world
-Exited Mt. Coronet and got to Hearthome City
-Had a Buneary run into me and some woman thanked me for stopping it
-Tried to hit the Gym, but the Leader was absent
-Found some weird lady with odd hair outside a big building
-Figured out that she was the leader, but I needed four badges to challenge her
-Rested there for the night

Now, today:

-Left Hearthome to head for Veilstone City through Solaceon Town
-Ran into Barry on the way out and he promptly challenged me
-BATTLE: Starly fell to Metal Claw, all others fainted after a Confusion
-Headed out towards Solaceon
-Discovered a tower on the way that was like the Pokémon Tower that used to be in Lavender
-Arrived in Solaceon Town
-Explored Solaceon Ruins
-Traveled north, spotted a group of retarded Psyducks moaning like imbeciles
-Ignored them and continued to Veilstone
-Arrived in Veilstone
-Saw the giant Team Galactic building and was very suspicious
-Pushed it out if my mind and hit the Gym (not literally, that would hurt)
-Ran into Dawn, who was trying and failing to justify her recent shopping spree
-Entered the Gym, destroyed the 'Karate Quads', and solved the puzzle
-Got to the Leader, Maylene, and challenged her
-BATTLE: Psychic vs. Fighting, yet another duh battle
-Only problem I had was Lucario, but it fell with a few Psychics
-Earned the Cobble Badge
-Left the Gym to find Dawn, who was trying to find me
-Helped her retrieve her PokéDex from a couple of Galactic goons
-Caught a Bibarel for pretty much every HM in existence, nicknamed it Derp
-Caught a Staravia as well; nicknamed it FlyingDerp
-Went and re-nicknamed Salamence (Geodude) to StoneDerp

Why'd I do that? Cause I felt like it, so back off. :P

-Traveled further south past Lake Valor and its Resort Area
-Spent some time on the beach
-Did a bit of training
-Arrived in Pastoria City as the sun set

I called it a day at that point, so that's all I've got for now.


August 26th, 2010, 7:17 PM
Okay, I finally got my emulator up and working, so sign me up for playing Sapphire with Taillow.

August 27th, 2010, 2:53 AM
Might aswell post my first johto log while I'm bothered

-Started game
-choose totodile
-got egg from mr pokemon
-beat rival
-Cuaght hoothoot for Hm slave
-went to violet town
-beat sprout tower
-beat falkner with takedown -.-
-saved slowpokes at slowpoke well
-togepi hatched into HM slave
-entered azalea
-evolved beldum into metang
-beat rival
-beat bugsy with confusion
-went to goldenrod
-got a bike and cleared put subway
-beat whitney with confusion
-got watering can
-beat sodowoodo
-went to ecruteak
-beat rival
-beat morty with confusion
-went to olivine
-climbed lighthouse

Theres more but I can't be bothered to get it up right now :3

Sir Spamalot
August 27th, 2010, 9:58 AM

woke up, and went running downstairs, only to be greeted by my mum. Apparently she had some buttons for me :D I took the buttons, and went out the front door, only to be taken off my feet by this little blue ball thing. turns out it was Lyra's Maril. Anyway, it turns out that lazy town professor, Prof. Elm, wanted me for something. I thought i'd go for a quick swim before i left though. Bad idea. I got attacked by a little totodile. It was like one of those little horny dogs. Y'know, the ones that hump you leg? Anyway, it was very friendly! I picked it up, and thought i'd try and keep it, and went running off towards Mr Pokemon's house.

August 27th, 2010, 8:11 PM
Sinnoh Log 3

Three Gyms yesterday and a fourth one today! It's a new record. Here's how I got them that fast:

-Woke up in Pastoria and went straight to the Gym
-Kicked the living pee-wad out of all the trainers and pretty much flew through the maze
-Got to the Leader, Crasher Wake
-BATTLE: Gyarados fell after two Psychics, Quagsire after one, and Floatzel after two
-Received the Fen Badge
-Left the Gym and saw some Galactic goon talking to himself
-Chased him to Lake Valor
-Barry ran into me halfway and challenged me
-BATTLE: Psycho beat his Pokémon down easily; some of his Pokémon weren't even evolved yet
-Kept chasing the goon and beat his butt when I caught him
-Somehow he slipped away
-Ran into Cynthia again who asked me to deliver something for her in Celestic Town
-Flew back to Solaceon and traveled to Celestic
-On the way, Psycho evolved into a Metagross again
-Arrived in Celestic
-Found another Galactic goon and beat him down
-Delivered the thing to an old woman
-Learned a bit about the myths of Sinnoh
-Ran into Cyrus again who spoke more mumbo-jumbo about a new world
-Flew back to Hearthome City to take on the Leader there
-Entered the Gym
-Easily got to the Leader, Fantina (simple math is SIMPLE) and challenged her
-BATTLE: First off, Fantina is one egg short of a dozen, if you ask me
-Drifblim was easy, Pursuit took it down, but Aftermath sucks; Mismagius went the same way, and Gengar fainted after Psychic
-Got the Relic Badge
-Left the Gym and ran into Cynthia again (is she stalking me?)
-Tipped me off to Canalave's Gym and Library
-Flew to Jubilife and headed west from there
-Arrived in Canalave City quickly
-Crossed the bridge and was confronted by Barry again, showing off his new badge, then urging me to battle
-BATTLE: At least his Starly finally evolved, but it fell the same as it used to; Monferno fainted quickly after Psychic, as did Heracross, Buizel, and Roselia
-Visited Iron Island and did some exploring and training
-Met some guy named Riley, teamed up with him, and beat down some Galactic space nerds
-Got an egg from Riley
-Returned to Canalave and entered the Gym
-Navigated the elevators to the Leader, Byron
-Challenged him
-BATTLE: Bronzors are horrible, horrible things and I hate them; I beat his with a little difficulty and two Metal Claws; Steelix and Bastiodon fell much easier though, with a swift Hammer Arm
-Earned the Mine Badge
-Left the Gym, hit the PokéCenter, and promptly fell asleep


-Woke up and went outside
-Was brought to the Library by Barry
-Met up with Prof. Rowan and Dawn
-Rowan asked a few favors of the three of us, and I was supposed to visit Lake Valor
-There was a sudden quake that lasted a few seconds, and when we went outside, some sailor ran up and told us that there was a huge explosion at Lake Valor
-Flew there immediately
-Saw a huge crater where the lake should've been
-Also saw Galactic goons everywhere
-Blasted by them and found another Commander, Commander Saturn, in a cave
-BATTLE: Easy win; it doesn't really even need description
-Heard him mention Lake Verity and flew off there
-Found Dawn and Rowan trying to hold off Mars
-Took on Mars
-BATTLE: Yet another overly easy battle that doesn't need explanation
-Mars babbled on about three legends and something stupid, then he vanished
-Rowan, Dawn and I discussed the events, and I took off for Snowpoint City and Lake Acuity to check on Barry
-Flew to Celestic Town and headed into Mt. Coronet
-Explored northward, eventually reaching the northern exit to a snowy field
-Realized how much I hate snow and blizzards
-Had almost no visual, but I somehow got to the Lakefront
-Galactic goons were blocking it off so the Leader wouldn't get in
-Arrived in Snowpoint City
-Entered the Gym and slid around until I figured out how to get to the Leader, Candice
-Challenged her
-BATTLE: Lotsa Ice types = Lotsa Metal Claw
-Metal Claw for everything other than Abomasnow, who got a Meteor Mash instead
-Received the Icicle Badge
-Told Candice about the Galactic goons and she went to see what was up
-She kept them busy while I went to the lake itself
-Saw Barry lose to Jupiter
-Jupiter left before I could stop her
-Talked to Barry, who was really upset over the whole thing

After that, I flew to Veilstone City for the night. Tomorrow, I'm gonna see what exactly is going on in the Galactic HQ building.


August 27th, 2010, 9:29 PM
Well it's done the challenge is complete :D. Just finished Johto (I've already done sinnoh and hoenn). So heres the rest of the Johto logs and all the hoenn and sinnoh logs. That means this is gonna be a loooooong post(thank god for spoilers). BTW Hoenn( Emerald) was played on an emulator but diamond and SS where not.


Log 2
-Went to Cianwood
-Beat Eisune
-Beat chuck with psychic
-Returned to Olivine
-Beat Jasmine with psychic
-Went to safari zone
-Travelled to Cianwood
-Calmed red gyrados
-Entered team rockets secret base
-Defeated team rocket
-Fought with blair(think thats his name) and beat him with psychic
-Metang evolved to Metagross
-Went to the radio station to stop team rocket
-Beat Petrol
-Beat Rival
-Saved the director
-Beat the rest of the admins
-Defeated Team rocket and saved the tower
Log 3
-Caught Machop to replace togepi(he doesn't learn strength)
-Went to Ice cave
-Arrived at Blackthorn
-Beat claire
-Beat Kimono Gils
-Beat Lugia
-Went to Victory road
-Beat Rival
-Entered elite four
-Beat Will with pursuit
-Beat Koga with psychic
-Beat Bruno with psychic
-Beat ...forgot name... With meteor mash
-Beat lance with psychic/meteor combo
-Finished elite four
-Arrived in Kanto
-Beat Lt. Surge with zen headbut
-Beat Sabrina with shadow ball
-Beat Erika with zen/meteor combo
-Went to power plant
-Saved power plant
-Got radio card
-Got Misty to enter the gym
-Beat her with zen/meteor combo
-Went to Pewter city
-Beat Brock with meteor mash
-Beat Janine with zen headbut
-went to cinnabar island
-arrivecd at seafoam islands
-beat Blaine with zen headbut
-beat blue with meteor mash
Log 5
-Challenged red
-Pikachu fell to shadow ball
-Charizard wasn't a fan of zen headbut
-Blastoise didn't like it either
-Lapas wasn't a huge fan of meteor mash
-Snorlax..... Took a hammer arm then meteor mash
-Venosuar the easiest took a zen headbut
-Challenge complete!
http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/th_Untitled1.png (http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/?action=view&current=Untitled1.png) http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/th_Untitled2.png (http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/?action=view&current=Untitled2.png) http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/th_Untitled3.png (http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/?action=view&current=Untitled3.png)


-Started game
-Beldum starter
-Beat May
-Cuaght Marill(HM salve)
-Caught wingull(HM slave)
-Went to Rustboro
-Beat Roxanne with takedown
-Went to Dewford
-Meet steven
-Evolved into metang
-Beat Brawly with confusion
-Went to slateport
-Beat team aqua goons
-Beat May
-Got to mauville
-Beat wattson
-Arrived at farlarbour
-Meet Team magma in The cave place(Forgot name)
-Beat Team magma at the volcano
-Went to lavaridge town
-Beat Flannery with psychic
-Went to my Fathers gym
-Beat Him with psychic
Log 2
-Entered the weather institute
-Beat up team aqua and saved the institute
-Beat May
-Got Devon Scope
-Entered Gym
-Evolved Metang into Metagross
-Beat Winona with psychic and Metal claw
-Arrived at Lilycove
-Beat may
-Got he magma emblem from Mt. Pyre
-Went to team magmas hideout
-Beat up maxie, but was to late (The beginning of the end :O)
-Atempted to stop Team Aqua from stealing the submarine
-Went to team aquas secret base
-Beat team aqua
-Arrived at mossdeep
Log 3
-Beat Tate and Lize
-Went and beat up team magma in the space station
-Went to the underwater cavern
-Defeated team aqua and showed them the errors of there ways(A little late isn't it...)
-Went to sootopolis and meet up with wallace
-Went to sky Pillar
-Meet up with rayquaza to sav the world
-Rayquaza growls and the world is saved how dramatic -.-
-Beat Juan
-Cuaght Tentacool for Waterfall slave
-Entered the victory road
-Beat Wally
-Exited Victory road
Log 4
-Beat Sydney Meteor mash
-Beat second person(keep forgetting her name) psychic
-Beat Glacia with meteor mash
-Beat Drake with meteor mash and psychic
-Beat Champion Wallace
-Challenge complete!

Final Metagross level 66
http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/PokemonEmerald.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/PokemonEmerald1.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/PokemonEmerald3.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/PokemonEmerald4.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/PokemonEmerald5.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/PokemonEmerald7.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/PokemonEmerald8.png


Started game
-Choose starter
-Went to sandgem town
-Obtained Beldum egg
-Kept Piplup for HM slave
-Power levelled
-Continued to jubilife
-Beat rival
-Went to oreburg
-Unlocked the gym
-Got owned by Roark XD
-Power levelled to level 18
-Beat roark over a long battle of take down -.-
-Caught Geodude for HM slave
-Went to floaroma
-Evolved Beldum into metang
-Defeated team Galactic in the wind works
Log 2
-made my way to Eterna city
-Beat with a metal claw, confusion combo Gardenia
-cleared the town of team Galactic
-Got to hearthome and beat my Rival
-Got to Vielstone
-Beat maelys
-Go to other place.....
-Beat wake
-Beat Rival
-Went to old people town
-Beat galactic grunt
-Beat fantina
-Went to canalave town
-Beat Rival
Log 3
-Beat Biron with Hammer arm
-Fought with team Galactic at the first two lakes
-Treked to Snow point
-Beat Candice with Hammer arm
-Defeated Galactic at the final lake
-Went to Galactic Hideout
-Beat Cyrus and freed the Lake Poke's
-Went up spear pillar
-Beat Team Galactic and KO'ed Dialga with Hammer arm
-Went to Sunshore
-Beat Volknore
-Got to Victory road
Log 4
-Got to Elite four
-Beat Rival
-Beat Aaron with psychic
-Beat Bartha This one was annoying >.>
-Beat Flint So was this one used earthquake
-Healed and restored PP
-Beat Lucien with meteor mash
-Healed etc
-Beat Cynthia much easier then I though she would be
-Got my name down in the Hall of fame
http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/th_Untitled1-1.png (http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/?action=view&current=Untitled1-1.png) http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/th_Untitled.png (http://s720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/?action=view&current=Untitled.png)

Ahhh so it's over, I've traveled all the regions with my trusty team of metagross's man am I proud of them. They where able to prevail through hard times (all of the first gyms except Johto, damn rock types) and win it all. Now I think I might retire to some old cottage at the edge of a lake or something......Wait what am I saying I'll probably be out there again soon :D.

August 28th, 2010, 4:56 AM
Hey myrrhman, could you change my Pokémon to Slowbro? I decided to switch since I lost the copy of the ROM where I hacked in Dratini early in the game. >_>
Oh and add me on Emerald too with the same Pokémon, Slowbro. And Diamond, why not? XD

August 28th, 2010, 1:23 PM
Congrats to you, Stargate1995, though I can't help feel like your Pokémon choice is extremely similar to mine... not to mention that you came around after I had posted one of my journals... :paranoid: I'm a little paranoid about that, and I can't help but think you copied me, but no harm done.


Sinnoh Log 4

Another two day update. And what a two days it's been.


-Woke up in Veilstone City and went to the Galactic building
-Talked to some goon out front who dropped a storage key
-Entered the Galactic warehouse
-Navigated through the tunnels and entered the main building
-Found a bunch of warp panels (what is it with evil teams and warp panels?)
-Found the Galactic Key that unlocks the doors in the main lobby
-Exited through the warehouse and re-entered in the front door
-Climbed up to the top floor and found Cyrus (I suspected he was associated with Galactic)
-Listened to his speech, and then challenged him when he was done
-BATTLE: Murkrow and Sneasel fell easily to Meteor Mash, and Golbat fainted after a Zen Headbutt
-He spoke more words that I didn't really pay attention to and told me he was off to Mt. Coronet
-Took a warp to some lab and battled Saturn
-BATTLE: Kadabra and Bronzor fainted after Shadow Ball, and Toxicroak fell to Zen Headbutt
-Set three strange Pokémon free
-Left the place and flew towards Mt. Coronet
-Explored the area and found a hole blown in the wall, leading to another small tunnel
-Followed the tunnel and started to see Galactic goons
-Started climbing the mountain
-Wound my way up the mountain side and through the tunnels, beating down all Galactic goons I saw
-Reached the summit in time to see Cyrus awaken a huge Pokémon he called Palkia
-Cyrus shouted out his whole plan to destroy this universe and create a new one
-Barry showed up and helped me defeat Mars and Jupiter
-After the fight, Barry healed Psycho and left
-Suddenly Palkia started to rend the space below itself
-Then the three Pokémon from before showed up and stopped it
-Cyrus, in a rage, blamed me and attacked
-BATTLE: His newly evolved Honchkrow and Weavile fell to Meteor Mash, while his new Gyarados fainted after Zen Headbutt, as did his Crobat
-Cyrus and his Commanders vanished after the fight
-Dawn and Rowan came up to me and told me the only way to stop Palkia was to capture it
-Remember the Master Ball I got back in Saffron? I put it to good use.
-We left the place using an Escape Rope, and I flew to Pastoria to head to Sunyshore City
-Traveled through the Resort and continued east until I reached the gatehouse to Sunyshore
-Was met by some red-headed fro dude named Flint who claimed to be part of the Elite Four and that the Gym Leader here needed a good challenge and that I could give it to him
-Decided I'd give him that battle tomorrow

And today:

-Woke up and headed out to find the Gym Leader
-Found the Leader, Volkner, in the Lighthouse (Sunyshore kinda reminds me of Olivine; all it needs now is a port)
-Went to the Gym
-Flint was there and he told me that Volkner was waiting for me
-Entered the Gym and had a bit too much fun on the spinning gears and met a hard core Pikachu role-player
-Reached Volkner and challenged him
-BATTLE: Too easy; Earthquake laid waste to all of Volkner's Pokémon except the random Octillery, which fell to Zen Headbutt
-Received the Beacon Badge
-Left the Gym and ran into Jasmine who was on vacation here
-She had noticed the resemblance to Olivine as well
-Left north, surfing towards the Pokémon League's island
-Arrived there at about noon
-Rode up the waterfall and rested in the PokéCenter outside Victory Road for about two hours (so I fell asleep, it's not my fault I was tired!)
-Entered Victory Road
-My strategy for getting through it: wander around aimlessly until I find the exit
-It worked, but it took a little longer than I would have liked and I got out at about 6
-Climbed up the giant waterfall and entered the Pokémon League building
-They had closed for the night, unfortunately, so I rested here

And that's it until tomorrow, when I take on the last remaining Elite Four.

(I might or might not have used all of the Rare Candies I found after I got to the Pokémon League... Hehe...)

And since I'm so close anyway, here's the last journal.

Sinnoh Log 5

I'll bet you wanna know whether or not I beat the Elite Four. Read on and find out.

-Woke up and started the challenge as soon as I could
-Barry stopped me and challenged me to a quick battle to see who should challenge the Elite Four first
-BATTLE: Zen Headbutt took care of Staraptor, Infernape, Heracross, Floatzel, and Roserade; Meteor Mash took out his Snorlax
-He admitted defeat and left me to take on the Elite Four
-First room: Aaron and his Bugs
-BATTLE: Zen Headbutt took down Dustox and Heracross; Shadow Ball took out Beautifly; Meteor Mash took care of Vespiquen; Earthquake took out Drapion
-Next room: Bertha and her Ground types
-First off, what? Bertha and Agatha look so much alike... maybe Bertha is Agatha's sister that she mentioned moving in with... I'll have to ask later
-BATTLE: Quagsire and Whiscash fell to Zen Headbutt; Hippowdon fainted after a Zen Headbutt and a Shadow Ball; Golem and Sudowoodo fainted after Meteor Mash
-Third room: Flint and his random team with some Fire types
-BATTLE: Rapidash got an Earthquake and Infernape got a Zen Headbutt; Steelix fainted after an Earthquake just like Rapidash; Drifblim fell to a Shadow Ball, and Lopunny couldn't stand the Zen Headbutt
-Fourth room: Lucian and his Psychic types
-BATTLE: Shadow Ball was very useful here, though Psycho's lower Sp. Attack was a bit of a drawback; Shadow Ball still took out his Mr. Mime, Medicham, and Alakazam; his Bronzong fell to two Meteor Mashes and his Girafarig fainted after an Earthquake
-Restored all of Psycho's PP and HP, then went on to the Champion
-Champion's room: Cynthia, what a shocker
-BATTLE: Not as hard as I thought, but still tough
-Spiritomb: Easy win, Meteor Mash and done
-Gastrodon: Somehow, Psycho's first Zen Headbutt missed and it got off an Earthquake, but it didn't do much and fell to the next Zen Headbutt
-Garchomp: Pretty tough and quick; it hit Psycho with Brick Break and Psycho's Meteor Mash took it down to the yellow; it missed and Psycho took it out with Zen Headbutt
-Lucario: Earthquake, next Pokémon
-Milotic: A lot easier than I thought; it only took one Zen Headbutt
-Roserade: Duh, Zen Headbutt
-Cynthia was defeated and I was made the new Champion
-Took the lift to the Hall of Fame where Psycho and I were registered


That's it! All four regions that I know of have been annihilated by Psycho and me.


That's all four regions beaten! Now I can relax and not do any challenges for a while... or not. ;)

August 28th, 2010, 2:29 PM
I would like to do this challenge using Pokemon Crystal. I will be using Steelix.

Edit: I just started it.
1. Chose Totodile as my starter.
2. Cheated for Steelix.
3. Arrived at Mr. Pokemon's house.
4. Beat my Rival.
5. Talked to Elm.
6. Arrived in Violet City.
7. Got Flash at Sprout Tower.
8. Beat Falkner.
9. Arrived in Azalea Town.
10. Beat Team Rocket at Slowpoke Well.
11. Beat Bugsy.
12. Beat Rival for the second time.
13. Got through Ilex Forest.
14. Arrived in Goldenrod City.
15. Beat Whitney.
16. Talked to Flower Lady.
17. Arrived in Ecruteak City.
18. Met Eusine.
19. Beat Rival for the third time.
20. Beat the Kimono Girls.
21. Beat Morty.
22. Arrived in Olivine City.
23. Offered to help Jasmine.
24. Arrived in Cianwood City.
25. Got the Secret Potion.
26. Beat Chuck.
27. Arrived back in Olivine City.
28. Helped Jasmine.
29. Beat Jasmine.
30. Arrived in Mahogany Town.

August 28th, 2010, 3:52 PM
Congrats to you, Stargate1995, though I can't help feel like your Pokémon choice is extremely similar to mine... not to mention that you came around after I had posted one of my journals... :paranoid: I'm a little paranoid about that, and I can't help but think you copied me, but no harm done.

sorry to make you feel that way, I was choosing between Metagross and salamence and choose metagross (I wouldn't have if I had remembered Beldum only learned take down ), anyway you did him better then I did. Yours was always a higher level...

Anyway I think I might do this again(not now! after awhile) with a Nidoking, becuase I like the way they look, never had one on my team and always wanted one.

Lil naps
August 28th, 2010, 4:15 PM
Hey im gonna attempt to do a Ultimate Solo Challange with Dragonite. Ill start with SoulSilver also im using emu for all.

Myrrhman I was looking through the list of champions and you said i had beaten a hoenn game with Metagross but i did it with Ralts

August 28th, 2010, 8:11 PM
Okay, as an update, I just beat Roxanne. It was pretty hard, but Double Team saved my ass. Taillow evolved into Swellow, and is Level 22. I'm in Rustboro, and haven't done the Peeko part yet.

Swellow Lvl. 22
Wing Attack
Double Team
Quick Attack

August 28th, 2010, 8:20 PM
sorry to make you feel that way, I was choosing between Metagross and salamence and choose metagross (I wouldn't have if I had remembered Beldum only learned take down ), anyway you did him better then I did. Yours was always a higher level...

Anyway I think I might do this again(not now! after awhile) with a Nidoking, becuase I like the way they look, never had one on my team and always wanted one.

...whoa. That's freaky. I was just about to do another run with a Nidoking as well... are you a mind reader? Are you spying on me? :paranoid:

August 28th, 2010, 9:01 PM
Okay, as my second update, I beat Brawly, and got the letter to Steven. I'm now in Slateport, and I just got the Devon Goods to the guy. Swellow is Level 23.

August 28th, 2010, 10:24 PM
Started a Charizard ultimate run :P
Currently on Crystal, emulating all of regions.

August 28th, 2010, 11:24 PM
Actually I'm going for a ultimate solo run using Slowbro. This is fun! :D

Update #1 - Kanto
Where Charizard gets owned.

Current Team
Chapter 1 - The Adventure Starts
August 27, 2010

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for. I'm finally able to get my first Pokémon ever. I hope there are good choices, I'm aiming to be the best Pokémon trainer, ever!


I awoke early in the morning. The sun was shining, as if its yelling "HEY GET UP! TIME TO GET YOUR POKéMON!". I went downstairs, where my mother is waiting for me. She readied a few waffles, my favorite breakfast.

After chomping down, I readied the things I need for my adventure. I kissed my mom goodbye, knowing that it'll be a while since I'm going to see her again.

I tried to run outside, only to be stopped by Professor Oak. I almost forgot that I don't have a Pokémon yet. So he led me to his lab, where Gary is waiting. Gary has been a rival of mine and he's also the grandson of Prof. Oak, so I'm not surprised he's here. Prof. Oak showed me 3 choices of Pokémon: A Slowpoke, a Squirtle, and a Charmander. When I saw Slowpoke, I was inlove with him! I chose him and gave him the name "Sephiroth". He seemed to like it as he cuddled my feet. Gary has chosen Charmander, so I think I'm done here. I waved goodbye to Prof. Oak but when I was about to leave, Gary challenged me to a battle. I won, mainly because of my type advantage. So I went out of Prof. Oak's lab and stared the sky. I whispered "I can do this!".

And so, from now on I'll list my achievements and still post my diary.

- I've started crawling in Route One. Its the first time I've been here, ever.
- While I'm at it, I also power-leveled Sephiroth. I think he's now Lv. 7 and learned a new move: Growl.
- After all that horrible happenings in Route One, I finally arrived at Viridian City.
- I quickly ran to the Pokemon Center, to heal my Sephiroth who got worned out because of all that battles.
- I decided to head to the Pokemon Mart, to buy some Antidotes for my near journey in the Viridian Forest.
- Alas, once I got there the clerk didn't sell me anything. The clerk gave me useless crap. >_>
- I gave the useless crap to Prof. Oak and for some reason he likes it! :O
- Gary came and talked about stuff.
- Prof. Oak gave both of us a Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs.
- Gary blabbed about crap again and walked out.
- Power Leveled Sephiroth again. He reached Lv. 10 in no time!
- I tried to go to the Pokemon League gate, in hoping that I could persuade the guards there to give me their Pokémon. fufufu
- Alas, Gary came and challenged me.
- He now has a Lv. 9 Pidgey, but is useless to Sephiroth. He got owned again.
- So I healed my Pokemon and traversed the Viridian Forest.
- I barely managed, but I arrived at Pewter City!
- Sephiroth reached Lv. 15 during our travel in the forest, yay!
- Sephiroth completely raped Brock's gym.
- *insert cool music here* Zeffy got the BoulderBadge!
- So in tl;dr of the next happenings: I healed, headed to Cerulean, arrived at Mt. Moon, caught a Clefairy, got out of Mt. Moon, and finally reached Cerulean City!
- Decided to camp out and save.

August 29th, 2010, 12:50 AM
...whoa. That's freaky. I was just about to do another run with a Nidoking as well... are you a mind reader? Are you spying on me? :paranoid:

wow that is weird.... You can do Nidoking though I suppose I'll have to choose something different so as to not seem like a stalker..... Maybe a Kabutops?

August 29th, 2010, 5:57 AM
Congratulations to both our new Solo Masters!!!

Anyway I think I might do this again(not now! after awhile) with a Nidoking, becuase I like the way they look, never had one on my team and always wanted one.You've never had... a Nidoking??? But, but... Nidoking!

Myrrhman I was looking through the list of champions and you said i had beaten a hoenn game with Metagross but i did it with Ralts
My mistake, it's fixed now.

August 29th, 2010, 9:25 AM
Congratulations to both our new Solo Masters!!!

You've never had... a Nidoking??? But, but... Nidoking!.

Thank you very much! :D And I've never had a Nidoking either. That's why I wanted to use it.

wow that is weird.... You can do Nidoking though I suppose I'll have to choose something different so as to not seem like a stalker..... Maybe a Kabutops?

Wow, Kabutops would have been my next choice too. I guess we both share the same taste in good Pokémon. ;) And you can do Nidoking as well, I don't mind now that I know you weren't trying to copy me.

August 29th, 2010, 11:02 AM
Final Update:

-Flew to Pallet town & surfed south.
-Battled all the swimmers
-Finally got to Cinnabar and went to the mansion
-Found the key and battled the people in there
-Went to the gym and answered all the questions aswell as battling the trainers for exp :)
-Faced Blaine and won really easily, beating all his pokemon with surf.
-Flew back to Viridian city
-Battled the gym trainers (Can I just say, I love how fast the spinning pressure pads are in this game)
-Beat Giovanni yet again, this time was easiest in some weird way, now only the elite four to go :)
-Walked up to Victory Road & beat Blue along the way
-okay, so I forgot to get Strength and had to fly back and get it
-Went all the way back to Victory road and entered
-Battled all the trainers and got a bit lost.. grr I hate caves -.- but i finally got out.
-Bought all the correct items & healed up
-Entered the Indigo Plateau
-Lorelei was really easy, she didn't even hit me once.
-Bruno was easy too, with only his machamp hitting me.. poor show.
-Agatha was fairly easy with Earthquake
-Lance was a lot easier than expected.
-Blue was pimps too. :D
-Prof Oak took me into the hall of fame and registered me as the champ, well me and Gaia.

-Ice beam

Finishing stats:
Attack - 188
Defense - 192
Speed - 162
Special - 175

Challenge Completed!

Oh yeah, I forgot to say myrrhman that I had completed that Ampharos solo run too, you've still got me in challengers :P But no biggy.

But yeah, that's me completed this one too, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.. ach well, it was good fun :)

Sir Spamalot
August 29th, 2010, 1:46 PM
I'm gonna do a solo run with riolu on all generations i think :D What you think?

August 29th, 2010, 2:01 PM
You've never had... a Nidoking??? But, but... Nidoking!

I think I've Had a Nidoking before just kinda forgot about it though over the years, then while doing this run I versed a couple(Kanto, Johto) and remembered how awesome they look.

Wow, Kabutops would have been my next choice too. I guess we both share the same taste in good Pokémon. ;) And you can do Nidoking as well, I don't mind now that I know you weren't trying to copy me.
I dunno the idea of doing a Kabuto run is rubbing off on me I might decide in awhile, or I could do both :o...

Hmmm I wonder if you like dunsparce....

August 29th, 2010, 3:20 PM
Yeah, I'm doing it again. Another Ultimate Solo Challenge, this time with Nidoran♂ through Nidoking. Why? Because I can, and because I'm bored as... well, hell. This time, though, I'm gonna ditch the day-by-day logs. They took too much time. But I am going to do something completely different. I'm gonna tell the major points from the view of the Pokémon itself. So this whole story will be from the perspective of the Nidoran♂! And since this update is unusually long because it's setting everything up, I'll put it in spoilers.

Also, to stargate1995, I don't really like Dunsparce. And I probably won't ever like them until they get an evolution. (Which I think is duly deserved.)

Day 1

Well, it finally happened. My parents always told me it might, but I never believed them. But here I am, the Pokémon of a Pokémon trainer. He caught me early this morning, while I was still too tired to think clearly. Curse my inability to focus in the morning.

I was a Nidoran♂, just sitting on a ledge somewhere when he came along with a Squirtle and captured me. Luckily, he let me out of that accursed ball right after. I guessed he didn't like keeping Pokémon in those things. But then he put the Squirtle in its ball. I guess I get the special treatment.

He smiled at me and seemed awful nice, and he spoke not as a master, but as a friend would. He gave me a nickname, Titan, as he remarked at my unusually large size. I was a tall Nidoran♂, and my parents had always bragged about it.

Then came all of the battles. This is what my mum had warned me about humans. "They'll take you away and make you attack other Pokémon until either of you drops from exhaustion," she would always say. "And when you fail, they'll be angry at you and hurt you for not winning!" But if all of them were like that, this one was different.

I was a horrible battler in the beginning, and I fainted often. Wingman, as I found out his name to be, didn't ever scold me. Words of encouragement were all that he ever gave me after a loss.

Because of this, I credit him to my eventual increase in skill. I soon figured out that I could use my horn to attack enemies, and that was much more effective than ramming them. Soon, I gained more and more power.

Once, when we were in the middle of such a training session, as Wingman called them, another human came up with to us and started talking trash to Wingman. Strangely, I began to get angered at the other kid, who Wingman called Jack. I don't know why; he wasn't insulting me. He kept saying that he was better than us because he had more Pokémon. Wingman kept his head, however, and calmly suggested a battle to prove who was really the best. Kenny accepted.

The battle between us was short, but tougher than any battle I'd ever been in up 'til now. His Pokémon, a Pidgey and a Bulbasaur, were stronger than any other Pokémon I'd battled. But my Horn Attack, as Wing called it, stayed true and beat both of them.

Jack was fuming, and he ran off in a huff. I smirked, and Wing smiled at me, giving me congratulations of a job well done. Jack had mentioned something called Gyms and the Elite Four, and Wing suggested we try for that. He even mentioned doing it with only me, to prove to Jack that you didn't need a bunch of Pokémon to be a good trainer. If it meant I could prove that snotty jerk wrong and make him miserable, I wanted to be a part of that.

The rest of the day went something like this:

-Wing and I went north into some forest he called the Viridian Forest
-We trained a bit and I learned that I could secrete poison from my horn and jab opponents with that (Wing called it Poison Sting)
-I beat the living snot out of the trainers' Pokémon
-BIGGEST THING OF THE DAY: After one particular battle, I felt very energized and powerful. Suddenly, the power washed over every inch of my body, and I started to glow white. The power changed me; I became taller, more muscular. My horn became longer, my ears larger, and my teeth sharper. After the glowing faded, I looked at my new self; I had evolved into a Nidorino. What would have taken me years to do on my own, I had accomplished in a day with Wingman.
-Wingman was about as excited over it as I was
-We left Viridian Forest and arrived in some city called Pewter City
By the way, I'd never been in a city before, so entering Pewter City was like entering a completely different world. Huge structures, smooth ground, and the organized gardens were foreign to me. I would have been lost if it weren't for Wingman leading me around.
-Wing got me all healed up
-We entered the Gym and took on the Leader, Brock
BATTLE: What a plain field Brock had. Just a dirt plain with a couple of rocks everywhere. But it suited his Rock Pokémon well. And his Rock Pokémon were tough bastards. Horn Attack did WAY less damage to them than it ever did. His Geodude took about four hits to defeat. My whole strategy was attack, then jump away and hide behind a rock. Then came his Onix. I hid behind a rock to rethink my strategy. I decided I'd try to jump on its head and hit it there while dodging his tail. It worked well; every time it tried to hit me with its tail, I dodged it and it hit itself.
-Finally, we won and Wingman got the Boulder Badge.
-It was getting late, but Wingman wanted to go a little farther
-We traveled to a place called Mt. Moon, and for some reason, I felt an odd connection to the place
-Wing decided we should camp out here for the night

Wing told me to help him collect wood, for what reason I had no clue. When we had a large pile, he cleared an area of ground and put rocks in a circle around it. Then he place wood in the circle until it stood in the shape of a cone.

I was clueless as to what it was for until Wing brought out a Pikachu he caught earlier for "a later purpose" as he had told me. He had the mouse creature Thundershock the wood, and it was set on fire. Then he recalled the Pikachu into its ball and sat next to the fire, beckoning me near.

He called the creation a campfire, and said it helped keep him warm at night and gave him something to see by while he set up his camp.

About an hour passed as he wrote in a journal and put down a mat to sleep on. He even had a spare one that he let me use. I laid myself down on it and found it to be much more comfortable than a rock ledge or pile of grass.

Eventually, he fell asleep. I watched him, unable to find sleep myself, and thought about today. I also thought about what would happen later on. I fell asleep with these thoughts still in my head.

Lvl. 23
`Attack - 47
`Defense - 39
`Speed - 42
`Special - 41
`Horn Attack
`Poison Sting

August 29th, 2010, 5:20 PM
These are all so great guys!

August 29th, 2010, 5:28 PM
Day 2

Day two with this new life and it's starting to rub off on me. I'm actually enjoying being stronger than other Pokémon. Plus, it's way too much fun to watch that Jack kid keep trying to beat us.

I woke up this morning and forgot that I was a trainer's Pokémon for a moment, so you can imagine waking up to see a human packing up his stuff was a shock. After that, however, I quickly remembered yesterday. I was still a bit sore from that battle with Brock's Onix. It may have not gotten many hits in, but the ones that it got HURT.

Wingman told me that today he planned to reach Cerulean City, and he showed me on a map where we were compared to where the city was. We'd have to go through a cave in Mt. Moon.

The cave was cool, and I hadn't ever seen one of those either. Something about this certain cave, however, took away that whole uncertainty I got when I was in Pewter and had no idea what was going on. I had no idea what, but I just went with it.

Wingman found a peculiar rock along the way. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, and it seemed to emanate power to me. But when I tried to touch it, Wingman pulled it away and told me that it was for later on. Then he put it in his backpack. I couldn't get the darn thing out of my mind, however.

Further on in the cave we ran into some people who told Wingman to hand me over. He refused, and they unleashed their Pokémon on him. I protected him, and the strange people, who called themselves 'Team Rocket' ran off. I knew they were bad people right away.

We exited the cave finally and hopped down a few ledges and were in Cerulean City. I was still unused to the city atmosphere, and the tall structures intimidated me once again. Wingman reassured me, but I was still wary.

Just as Pewter City had a Gym, so did Cerulean. We entered it and found Misty, the Gym Leader. Her Gym had a huge pit full of water in it, with small platforms floating on it. I had never seen this much water before. I had never been in water before. I was scared out of my mind.

I crept onto the closest platform as Misty sent out her first Pokémon, Staryu. It was a close combat sort of Pokémon, so it came right to me, and I didn't have to leave my platform at all. I beat it fairly easily with Horn Attack.

Then came her Starmie. It didn't like to get close at all unless it attacked. It stayed underwater most of the time, coming up only to attack. I was able to react and get in a hit, but I couldn't dodge its hits. After a bit of back and forth, and a lot of paranoid waiting on my part, it fell and I was the winner.

Wingman was awarded the Cascade Badge, and I was awarded a really good lunch at a nice restaurant that served trainers and their Pokémon. I had never tasted better food until that moment. I just want to know where they found that food in the wild so I can go grab it whenever I want.

On the way out of the restaurant, we ran into Jack. He was still sore about earlier and he challenged us to another battle. We accepted, and the fight was held right there.

He had two new Pokémon, and one of his old ones had evolved as well. His Pidgeotto didn't last long at all; it charged at me for a Tackle and practically ran into my Horn Attack. Next up was an Abra, who didn't do anything other than teleport around. It was a pain to chase down, but a Horn Attack finally smacked it in the head and knocked it out. A Rattata followed it; I had dealt with these before, so this one wasn't too hard to beat at all. Last was his Bulbasaur, and it was just as easy as Pidgeotto to beat.

Jack tried to play off the loss, but I could see that he was fuming. He mentioned some guy up north who had some rare Pokémon and stormed off.

TL;DR of what happened next:
-Went north
-Destroyed Nugget Bridge and the Rocket at the end of it
-Found the guy's house
-Found the guy in a Clefairy's body
-Helped him get back to normal
-Got an SS Ticket for a cruise ship in Vermillion
-Traveled south through a tunnel under a city
-Arrived in Vermillion (and I thought Cerulean and Pewter were big)
-Saw the ocean; was immediately petrified by it
-Was dragged onto a wooden structure over the water and into the cruise ship
-Battled a bunch of people on board
-Ran into Jack again
-Beat the pulp out of his Pokémon again
-I started realizing how much stronger I've gotten since Wingman caught me
-Found the captain of the ship
-Wingman actually rubbed the poor seasick guy's back
-Got HM 01, Cut, for it
-Used Cut to get to the Gym
-Challenged the Leader, Lt. Surge

He used Electric types, and they were easy to beat. I just have to say, I've become very proficient at jabbing my horn into opponents, and even more proficient at hitting their weak spots. Plus, I'm pretty quick on my feet, so when there isn't water involved, I can attack in the blink of an eye. That, I also credit to Wingman's training.

After our easy victory, Wingman got the Thunder Badge and a TM 24. After we left the Gym, Wingman had something to give me. Suddenly, the TM he got in the Gym was pressed up against my forehead and I felt a presence in my brain. It was like a sudden shock hit me and suddenly I knew how to do something I didn't before. The TM lost its color after it was over, and I fell on my butt, dazed.

Wingman helped me back up and I shook myself out. He explained to me that the TM had taught me how to use Thunderbolt. Then he had me try it out on a rock nearby. I searched my mind, trying to figure out what the TM actually taught me, and when I found the new information, I used it.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightening shot from my horn and slammed into the ground near the rock. I had used Thunderbolt. F***ing A.

That night, we camped out again in the grassy plain east of Vermillion. I didn't want to sleep just yet; I was too excited about learning Thunderbolt. But eventually, I started to get drowsy. The fire had been built, and the mats were set out. It was only after I started to slip into sleep that I remembered that strange stone. I vowed to wake up early tomorrow and check it out before Wingman woke up.

Lvl. 37
`Attack - 76
`Defense - 64
`Speed - 69
`Special - 66
`Horn Attack
`Poison Sting

August 29th, 2010, 5:28 PM
I'm gonna do a solo run with riolu on all generations i think :D What you think?

Riolu didn't exist until DPP. So good luck with that.
@Wingman11- Nice idea about doing it from the pokemon's view. When I start one of these I'll do that, if you don't mind.

August 29th, 2010, 7:41 PM
@Weavile05 Thanks! I thought I'd be a fresh way to look at things. And you most certainly may use that idea, I haven't copyrighted it. ;)

Also, if these need to stay in spoilers, someone tell me and I'll put them in spoilers from then on.

Day 3

I got up much earlier than I did yesterday, and it was before Wingman was awake. I flipped his bag open and rooted through it. As I was moving things aside, the stone from yesterday came tumbling out. I backed up and looked at it. It was a black rock, very reflective of the light, and very jagged on the edges.

The rock captured all my attention and I couldn't pull myself away from it, even as Wingman began to wake up. He started to say something to me, and then noticed that I was getting closer and closer to the stone. He tried to yank it away from me, but my horn touched it before he could.

Suddenly, a familiar feeling of overflowing power ran through me. It felt just like the feeling I had when I evolved in Viridian Forest. Then I realized that I was evolving again. My body went through drastic changes. My whole body doubled in size, and my horn grew twice as long. I felt myself pull upward into a two-legged stance. A huge tail sprouted from my rear, and my limbs became thicker and more armored, as well as more powerful.

I was shocked. I didn't even know I had an evolution past Nidorino. Nobody back where I used to live was anything else higher than that. I studied my new body with great interest. I flexed my arms and my new fingers, took a few tentative steps around, swung my tail about a bit, and threw a few practice punches. Then I noticed Wingman looking at me with an upset expression.

Instantly my heart sank. I knew I had done something wrong, and Wingman scolded me slightly for it. He told me that the stone, which was now gone, was a Moon Stone, and he planned to use it later to evolve me into what he called a Nidoking.

Then he sighed and said it didn't really matter, because he was going to do it today anyway. I still felt bad about the whole thing.

Wingman and I packed up the equipment (I could actually help him now, and that lifted his mood a bit) and we left for Lavender Town. With the roads to Saffron closed down, he told me, we'd have to detour through Lavender to get to Celadon. Unfortunately, there was a huge Snorlax in the way, and it wouldn't budge.

I cast my vote towards just attacking it now and moving on, but Wingman didn't want to disturb it until he really needed to. And since there was one more way to get to Lavender...

Of course, before we left, Wingman got a video call from some old guy and was told about some other guy waiting for him by Pewter City. Then he introduced me to the guy, who was called Professor Oak. He seemed impressed that Wingman had caught such a large Nidoking, and Wingman told him that he had caught me as a Nidoran♂ and that I was unusually large back then, too.

TL;DR Time!
-We had to go through Diglett's Cave to get there
-Exited on Route 2
-Found the guy Oak was talking about
-Got HM 05, Flash
-Returned to Vermillion
-Ran back to Cerulean and headed east
-Beat all the poor trainers there
-Got to the entrance of Rock Tunnel
-Was healed by the conveniently place PokéCenter there
-Entered Rock Tunnel
-HOLY MOTHER OF MEW it is dark in there
-Thankfully, that Pikachu that starts our fires for us could learn Flash, and that lit a good area around us up
-Wandered around aimlessly, not sure of where to go
-Finally made it to the exit
-Reached Lavender Town
-Promptly left Lavender, as it was only a stop over
-Headed west towards Celadon City
-Went under Saffron again in a tunnel
-Arrived in Celadon

I swear, these cities are getting bigger and bigger. And Celadon was the biggest yet. The buildings towered way above me, even now that I was about the same height as Wingman. I wonder if he felt as intimidated as I did...

Anyways, he and I both noticed the presence of those Team Rocket people from Mt. Moon. Wingman was upset by this, and he told me that we'd try to figure out why they were here after we beat the Gym.

At the Gym, we met some old man who was peering into the window and drooling. I looked at what he was looking at and saw all the girls in the Gym. What a pervert. As we passed him, I couldn't help but whack him in the back of the head with my tail. He fell to the ground, but he was still breathing so I didn't really care.

In the Gym, Erika was teaching a flower arrangement class to a couple of young ladies. She saw us walk in and agreed to put her class on hold for a battle.

The battle field was little more than a field of grass and a few bushes. Her Pokémon were all of the Grass type, so the field did make sense, but I was kind of hoping for a fake forest. Anyway, back to the battle.

Both Victreebel and Vileplume were part Poison type, so Poison Sting didn't do as much to them. I was forced to ram them with a regular Horn Attack. Her Victreebel forced me to fall asleep with a Sleep Powder, however, so half of that battle I have no idea what happened. I just know after I woke up, I was a little bit in pain. Tangela was her only other Pokémon, and a few Poison Stings put it in its place.

For our victory, Wingman received the Rainbow Badge, a TM, and the admiration of a lot of pretty girls. I got pretty much nothing, but I was OK with a good battle and some more skill. Although I did get some attention from the girls as they pointed out how cool I was. I couldn't help but feel pretty proud about that.

Moar TL;DR!
-Found a Rocket grunt going into a building, looking a bit sneaky
-Listened in as best as we could
-Heard that Team Rocket was associated with the Game Corner
-Entered the Game Corner and saw a Rocket there guarding a poster (screwball)
-Beat him and pushed him aside
-Searched the poster and found a button
-Pushed it and revealed a secret set of stairs
-Climbed down it and found a secret hideout
-Found some spinning tiles that forced us to move in certain directions
-Got really dizzy riding around on those
-Found a key to the elevator
-Took the elevator down to the boss
-He said we'd pay for meddling
-I easily beat the crap out of all his Pokémon
-He vanished and left behind some strange lens thing
-Wingman grabbed it and we left

Wingman decided that, since it was so late, we would stay the night at the hotel in the city. It was a strange change from the norm of sleeping on mats under an open sky. We couldn't even make a fire. Wingman and I each had a bed, but neither of us could get to sleep on them. Compared to the mats, the beds were just too much.

So we ended up rolling out the mats and putting a lamp without the shade on the ground by us. It seemed as close to a camp as we could get. He seemed to have forgotten the whole incident this morning and was his normal self again.

That made me realize something. I remember how some trainers interacted with their Pokémon, and they always treated them like equals in most areas, but the trainer always had ultimate power over the Pokémon. But that's not how Wing was. He always treated me like a total equal, and at times like an old friend...

I fell asleep wondering about why he did that.

Lvl. 50
`Attack - 127
`Defense - 111
`Speed - 116
`Special - 113
`Horn Attack
`Poison Sting

August 29th, 2010, 7:49 PM
I'll do this with Gastly in the mean time until I get a working DS emulator.

I'll do this with Gastly in the mean time until I get a DS emulator.
I entered Brock's gym with:
Gastly (Casper) Lv.14
I beat Liam's Geodude with Curse and Lick, and his Sandshrew the same way. Then I had to go back and heal Casper.
Now on to Brock. I beat his Geodude with 4 Hypnosis and a lot of licking, haha.:P Then I lost to his Onix...
Brock, second try. Beat his Geodude the same way, and his Onix with two Night Shades (Casper became Lv.16 during the battle) and lick.
I left Brock's gym with:
Gastly (Casper) Lv.16 :t092:
Night Shade

I entered Misty's gym with:
Haunter (Casper) Lv.25
Night Shade
Shadow Punch
I beat the first two people easy then went on to Misty. I beat her Staryu with Thief and her Starmie with 2 Shadow Punches.
I left Misty's gym with:
Haunter (Casper) Lv.26 :t093:
Night Shade
Shadow Punch

August 29th, 2010, 10:35 PM
Man wingman you got right into this one, and what does that mean, I wont to do it again XD right now and not later like planned.. So I guess I'll sign up for another run(Ultimate solo of course) with *Drum roll* Kabutops! This time I wont be so fast though as I'm doing another challenge atm.

Gonna be going for aurora beam as an egg move to make those pesky grass types easier early one.

August 30th, 2010, 12:02 AM
Ehh defeated Misty and Lt. Surge. Had troubles with Lt. Surge, though. D:
Update #2 - Kanto
Raichu got owned by Slowpoke


The Adventure!
August 30, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today was a tough day.I defeated Gary, once again. He pities me 'cause I won. I went through the Nugget Bridge and defeated 5 trainers along the way. At the end some guy gave me a Nugget and invited me to join Team Rocket. I wanted to say 'Yes' but he didn't gave me the chance to talk. So he challenged me and he lost, poor him. I arrived at Bill's house where I helped him become him again, then he gave a SS Ticket. I took on Misty and won somehow. I went to Vermillion and through the SS Anne. I met Gary there and he battled me, and of course he lost. I talked to the captain. At that time he was seasick so I patted his back. He gave me the HM01 in return. After that I challenged the local GYM. I know I was at a disadvantage but I won! I took a picture, too. I'll attach it here. It was fun, and its getting late. See you tomorrow!

[???=Here's the picture I'm talking about.]
[/???][???=Here's the picture I'm talking about.]http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/8078/pokemonfirered01.png[/???]

August 30th, 2010, 12:51 AM
Johto update


Lv. 20

Totodile: Surf, Strength, (Cut?), Whirlpool

Just beat massacred Faulkner and I'm just about to go save some Slowpoke and murder beat some bugs.




Final team (that went FAST, whew):
Lv. 89
- Flamethrower
- Dragon Rage
- Fly
- Earthquake

After HOURS of playing, I need a break. On to Emerald anyway.

Sir Spamalot
August 30th, 2010, 4:46 AM
ooh. Shiny Charazard ultimate run! That's gotta be what I'm gonna do I think...

August 30th, 2010, 12:50 PM
Okay, I'm ready for another solorun ;) I'll be using Spheal → Walrein on Sapphire.. (Just found out the hard way that you can't trade eggs onto Emerald.. not amused.)

August 30th, 2010, 1:46 PM
Okay so here's log one for my Kabuto run

-Started Game
-Choose Starter(edited so it's Kabuto)
-Beat Rival
-Delivered a package to prof Oak
-Travelled through Viridian forest
-Beat Brock with aurora beam(Man that was so much easier then Beldum and Takedown)
-Caught Pidgey for HM slave
-Entered Mt. Moon
-Caught Paras HM slave
-Caught Geodude for HM slave
-Beat some Rocket Goons
-Exited Mt. Moon
-Beat Rival
-Passed nugget bridge
-unspliced Bill from the clefairy
-Beat Misty with Absorb and Mud shot
-Boarded the S.S. Anne
-Beat Rival
-KO'ED LT. Surge with mud shot
-Entered and navigated rock tunnel( Still hate it as much as last time)
-Kabuto evolved into Kabutops!

Going good so far, thanks to aurora beam I had no troubles against Brock and without it I would have had to scratch him to death(Making for a harder battle then my beldum battles against these gyms)

Next update should be soon.

August 30th, 2010, 6:29 PM
I'm gonna try to beat wingman with this to, Nidoran♀. This is gonna get confusing, three ultamite solo runs..Hmmmm...

Nidorina Solo Run:
I entered Brock's gym with:
Nidorina Lv.18
Poison Sting
I beat the first guy easy then went on to Brock. I beat his Geodude with a bunch of Scratching, then I almost lost to his Onix but used a potion and still lost:P...
Brock, second try. I beat Geodude the same way, but I used a potion during the battle with it. Then I hardly lost to his Onix...
This time I stopped and trained.
Brock, third try. I beat his Geodude the same way as the first time, and finally beat his Onix with Scratch.
I finally left Brock's gym with:
Nidorina Lv.21
Poison Sting

August 30th, 2010, 7:44 PM
Hey, king guy man dude! You stole my idea and changed the gender, you sly dog you! ;P

Also, I think I need to go a bit faster, everyone else is going waaaaaaay quicker than I am. Meaning you'll be seeing shorter logs. Hopefully.

Day 4

I woke up later than Wingman again today. I don't know how he does it, but he must have some sort of drive that makes him get up so early. Me? I'm as lazy as a Slowpoke. I might as well have been one.

Wingman forced me to move when he started tugging on my sleeping mat. I simply rolled off of it. Unfortunately, I rolled right into the lamp and shattered it. The splinters of wood and glass did wake me up, though.

Immediately, Wingman started to panic and worry about breaking it. He said that if they found out that he broke it, he'd have to pay for it. So I brushed the pieces under the bed. He was about to scold me, but he stopped short. "We'll just pretend like it didn't happen. We'll be gone long before they find out," he said.

So that was it. He and I moved all the bits of glass and wood under the bed and hightailed it out of the city. We headed west first, got HM 02 from some nice lady, found that another large Pokémon blocked the way, and headed back towards Saffron, sneaking through the city.

Our plan was to see if the gates to Saffron were still closed, and if so, we'd go back to Lavender and head to Fuchsia City in the south. The gates were still shut, so it was back to Lavender for us.

TL;DR Mode, Activate.
-Returned to Lavender
-Stopped by the Pokémon Tower out of respect for the dead
-Ran into Jack again and murdered his Pokémon; luckily we were in the Pokémon Tower already so he just laid them down there (JK I'm not a killer... until you piss me off)
-Heard of some strange happenings
-Dispelled a spirit and ousted Team Rocket
-Went south towards Vermillion and the huge sleeping Pokémon
-Decided that I'd have to beat it out of the way while it was asleep
-Easily took care of it (it was a Snorlax, by the way)
-Traveled down a long trail
-Eventually arrived in Fuchsia City
-Explored the zoo
-Entered the Safari Zone out of curiosity
-Found a group of Nidorino and Nidoran♂
-Got HM 03, Surf
-Also found a pair of gold teeth that someone told us belonged to the warden of the park (why they were out there, I'll never know)
-Returned the teeth to the Warden
-Got HM 04, Strength

After that, Wingman and I were relaxing in the zoo area. There were bunches of Pokémon there that neither of us had ever seen before. We had just finished off lunch and I was about to doze off when Wingman pulls out something and tells me to get up. So I sat up, and my head ran right into the thing in his hand. It happened to be another TM.

After the familiar shock and daze I experienced, Wingman explained that move to be Rock Throw, which he said would give us the upper edge against later opponents. He discarded the now blank TM and whipped out another one. I groaned, but I noticed something different about this one; it had a strange black marking on it. He pushed that against my forehead and suddenly I get images of summoning a huge wave of water as well as swimming in the ocean.

Hell no. He did not just teach me Surf. Me: the Nidoking who had never been in water once before in his life; the scaredy-Meowth who can't even get near a small pool of water. And he expects me to carry him safely across an ocean? Not unless hell suddenly freezes over.

Then he dragged me to the Gym to get another badge. I was still thinking about swimming and the ocean until I accidentally smacked into the door. I refocused myself right away, but the Surfing thing still tugged at the back of my mind.

We reached the Gym Leader, who was so into his training that he was dressed just like a ninja and who even spoke with the mismatched mouth movements. I swear, it was both impressive and creepy.

Koga, as his name was, accepted our challenge and the field was revealed: a wooden floor. That was it. And I thought some of the other battle fields were sparse.

Anyway, his first Pokémon was a Koffing, and it was simple to hit; it couldn't even try to dodge the shower of rocks I seemed to pull out of nowhere and throw at it. The Muk that followed it, however, was different. It was a little tougher to hit, so I ended up soaking it with Surf (where the hell did I get the water from?) and shocked it with a Thunderbolt. His second Koffing fell just like the first, and finally his Weezing didn't stand a chance against my trusty horn. Though it's beginning to dull, I can feel it. I'll have to fix that later today.

Wingman got his badge and I got some more training, so it was all in all a good day so far.

The rest of the day went something like this:
-Sharpened my horn while Wingman studied the map
-Was yanked into my PokéBall unwillingly

Lemme tell you, it's cramped in there. It's like being stuffed into a hollow stump and having a boulder placed on top of it. I swear, my horn was jabbing me in the tail somewhere. If any human ever hears this, please do us Pokémon all a favor and try to get PokéBalls that can accommodate us.

-Was released back in Vermillion City
-Wingman explained that he used that Farfetch'd he got in a trade earlier to fly us back here
-I stretched out and we were off to see if the Saffron gates were open yet
-Wingman somehow persuaded an extremely thirsty guard to let us through when he gave him some soda pop he got back in Celadon
-Entered Saffron

HOLY HELL AND A HAND BAG. That place intimidated the crap out of me. And I know it was getting to Wingman; I could see him looking around nervously as well. Of course, that might have been because of the Team Rocket grunts walking around everywhere.

Since it was late by now, Wingman suggested that we find a hotel to stay at tonight, only to find that Team Rocket had them all blocked off and shut down. So we ended up camping just outside the city limits. And since I now know Thunderbolt, that little yellow rat that used to light our fires was released. A few days ago, I would have envied him.

Instead, I felt sorry for him.

Lvl. 62
`Attack - 161
`Defense - 140
`Speed - 148
`Special - 143
`Horn Attack
`Rock Slide

August 30th, 2010, 7:47 PM
K myrrhman ive got two more. Wigglytuff and Aerodactyl

August 30th, 2010, 9:04 PM
Ok so here's log 2
Log 2
-Arrived in Lavender town
-Moved onto Celadon City
-Got some tea
-Cut through Erika's pokemon with slash and mud shot
-Entered Team Rockets secret game corner base
-Beat Giovanni
-Entered Pokemon tower
-Saved Mr Fugi
-Entered Silph Co.
-Beat Rival
-Received Lapras for HM slave when I get surf and Waterfall
-Beat Giovanni
-Beat Sabrina with combo
-Received Fly
-Received a bike
-Arrived at Fuchsia
-Got Surf

Man Kabutops is really good, he KO's nearly everything and is quite fast(not that it matters when I'm 20 or so levels higher). This run is taking no time thanks to him being so strong :).

August 31st, 2010, 2:06 AM
-Did all the starter stuff.. yawn.
-Picked Treeko so May would have Torchic
-Battled May and won
-Traded the egg
-It hatched and I called the Spheal Chubb :)
-Grinded up to level 10 before battling any trainers
-Battled all the trainers up to Petaburgh
-Wally caught his Ralts
-Beat everyone up to Rustboro city
-Battled the gym trainers
-Battled against whats-her-face the gym leader (Crap with names..) & beat her, so I got the stone badge :D

-Water gun
-Powder snow
-Ice ball

August 31st, 2010, 1:24 PM
I don't know where this idea came from, I just thought I'd be a unique way to add some discord. No life, no matter how different from the old life one had before, can be all perfect. I might have gotten too descriptive, though... I think I gave him too much emotion in too short of a time period.

Day 5

Morning activities, morning activities, and back to what really matters.

Entering back into Saffron, we gathered a little intel from the plain idiotic Team Rocket grunts everywhere. They said something about the Silph Co building and such. We went to check out what kind of guards were keeping it blocked off. Turns out the guy was asleep. Very skilled.

Since this is a long story that involved a lot of the same things...

TL;DR Time:
-Entered the tallest building I'd ever seen
-Climbed up the first set of stairs
-Beat all the Rocket grunts
-Lather, Rinse, Repeat
-Stumbled around on the teleporters
-Found some sort of key
-Ran into Jack (it figures that he's here)
-Royally whooped his assets
-Reached the Team Rocket leader, whose name we didn't catch last time
-Introduced himself as Giovanni
-He basically told us to butt out or else enter a world of pain
-Then he gave us no chance to leave and attacked right away

It should've been an easy battle. But his first Pokémon was one I recognized. Not just in appearance; though it was a Nidorino. It was the exact Nidorino that was a part of the group I used to live with. The Nidorino who used to play fight with me. The Nidorino who bailed me out of trouble. The Nidorino who comforted me when my mother died...

I tried to speak reason to him, but something had changed in his heart and mind. He spoke hardly a word other than "Come on, attack me!" or "Fight back!" He would keep attacking at me, doing some minor damage, but I refused to hurt him. Wingman was shouting at me; Giovanni was watching the whole event with a knowing smirk.

With every hit he got in, a felt myself closer to tears. Not from the pain; I have had enough experience with physical pain to be able to handle it. The tears were forming from seeing my best friend like this. He kept stabbing and scratching, and, slowly but surely, the tears began to drip down in zigzagging lines.

I was finally forced to beat him down, but I felt horrible about it. The tears were uncontrollable by then; I barely remember what it looked like. He charged at me once more, and I vaguely remember swinging my arm into his face with full force. I heard a horrible crunching sound, and my heart fell to the basement of the building. I closed my eyes and looked away, and Wingman saw the tears pouring down for the first time during that whole event.

The rest of the battle was normal - though he did have a Nidoqueen, it didn't affect me because I didn't recognize it - but my mind wasn't in it. Wingman told me what to do, though his voice sounded softer, as if he was in a different room. The tears eventually stopped, but the pain didn't follow suit. I was still thinking about that one Nidorino who used to be so familiar and was now so different...

The rest of the day was kind of a haze for me. I couldn't get him off my mind. I was still able to fight, I know that much; I took down the Gym Leader in Saffron later that same day. But I wasn't paying attention to how it happened - I just know that it did.

That night, Wingman and I were supposed to fly back to his hometown to visit his mom and head off to Cinnabar Island. He started walking out of the city towards the south, and I would've noticed that he wasn't preparing to fly if I wasn't so depressed. I just trudged behind him, my head down and my tail dragging behind me.

He stopped abruptly. I about ran into him, but he said my name, causing me to focus and stop myself. "Titan..." He paused. "There's something wrong, isn't there."

I stood there, keeping my eyes focused on the dirt.

Without warning, he spun around to face me and said, "I know there's something up with you; you've been like this ever since we beat Giovanni." I turned away from him so that he couldn't see my eyes. But he just got in front of me again and demanded me to look at him.

Again, I turned away.

He sighed audibly, as if he'd given up. "Titan, I saw you crying after you knocked out Giovanni's Nidorino."

I cringed. That phrase, 'Giovanni's Nidorino', was like feeling a spike being driven through my heart. I couldn't stop myself; I broke down then and there. I fell to the ground, sobbing like a sissy, and Wingman saw the whole thing. I felt so ashamed of myself; any self respect I had was gone at that instant, and I was sure I had lost all of Wingman's respect as well.

I can't remember anything else from that point, only that I fell asleep with tears still in my eyes.

Lvl. 68
`Attack - 179
`Defense - 157
`Speed - 164
`Special - 160
`Horn Attack
`Rock Slide

Eternal Nightmare
August 31st, 2010, 3:10 PM
Alright I'm so joining this.

I'm going to be playing on FireRed with Jynx. Yes I will be hacking for a Smoochum because you can't obtain one so yesh.

August 31st, 2010, 7:33 PM
Day 6

I woke up slowly this morning. I couldn't recall anything of last night other than breaking down into tears at the phrase 'Giovanni's Nidorino'. Then I remembered what happened yesterday, and the depression hit me again like a fifty ton weight.

I shifted a bit and felt something against my back. Looking up and over my shoulder, I saw him. Wingman was asleep, lying against me, his hand on my shoulder. There was no fire, his mat was still rolled up; he had fallen asleep trying to comfort me.

He stirred as I shifted around a little more. Slowly, he woke up and opened his eyes. I didn't look away from him this time. He looked around a bit and his eyes finally rested on mine. I expected a look of sorrow; instead, he looked concerned about me. Only a few others had ever been concerned about me: my mom, and Doku, the Nidorino.

That shook me a bit. Wingman cared that much about me to forgo sleep in order to comfort me. And all I was doing was giving him reason to worry about me. But I couldn't just get over Doku and how he had changed so drastically right away. It would take time, but I told myself that I'd do it for Wingman; if Doku had forgotten about me and become the horrible thing that he was, I had to learn to accept it.

Stretching myself out, I sat up slowly, causing Wingman to get up as well. I looked at him and gave a solemn nod, trying to tell him that I was feeling better. He smiled weakly and patted my shoulder. Then he fell back suddenly.

Shocked, I got up and checked on him, only to find that he was asleep. I decided that he needed sleep and let him lie.

While I waited for him to wake up, I studied his map and saw that Cinnabar Island was quite a distance from Pallet Town; I'd have to carry him safely that far. In the water. The thing that I'm terrified of. But I knew I had to do it, so I sucked it up and decided that I'd learn to swim.

There was a shallow pond nearby, so I did my best to carry Wingman closer to it without waking him. The next few hours went something like this:

I approached the water.

I started to doubt myself and returned.

I regained confidence and went back to the shore.

I lost confidence and came back.

That went on for about an hour until, finally, I, very slowly and cautiously, slid into the water. When it didn't kill me, I went a bit further. A few moments later, I was waist deep in the water.

Don't get me wrong, I was scared sh**less. But I kept reminding myself of what Wingman did for me and didn't give up. At first, I splashed around, completely clueless about what to do. Then I saw a Squirtle pass by, and I copied his motions. Soon enough, I was actually making my way around the pond's edge.

Wingman woke up at this point and saw me swimming around. He shouted out my name, and I turned to him and beamed.

Of course, when I turned, I lost my balance and I slipped under the water. I was so disoriented that I couldn't tell up from down. The water may have been shallow, but it was deepest here; the distance between the bed and the surface was more than my height.

Suddenly, an arm reached out and hoisted me in some direction that I later figured out was up. I broke the surface and breathed a sweet breath of safety. I floated there and looked around to find Wingman, still in all of his clothes, floating next to me. He smiled, and I returned the gesture.

Back on shore, Wingman changed himself and we left for Pallet Town.

Day 7

We had arrived in Pallet the afternoon before and spent a day there and left the next morning for Cinnabar Island. I was nervous at first, but after Wingman's encouragement, I jumped into the water. He climbed on my back and I started swimming.

We actually made it all the way to Cinnabar with no problems. Wingman was so proud of me, and my cheeks flushed red. Secretly, I was thrilled for myself.

Wingman told me he had a special treat for me because of how well I did. I became overly excited, expecting some awesome snack or a day off; he pulled out a TM and pressed it right to my head without me even noticing him.

And just like that, I learned Earthquake, the best Ground type move ever. Sweet.

TL;DR Happy Fun Tiems!
-Entered the Gym
-Wingman answered a bunch of random quiz questions that he had to get all right in order to face the Leader
-Wingman aced the quiz and Blaine accepted our challenge
-What a beastin' Gym stadium, an island of rock on a lake of magma
-Thank Mew for learning Earthquake when I did
-None of Blaine's Pokémon could avoid it, and every time I used it, nobody could one hit
-Wingman earned the Volcano Badge
-Healed up (though I didn't need it, I didn't take any hits during the battle)
-Flew to Viridian City for the night
-Camped out on the route where Wingman first found me

Being back to my old home brought on such a wave of nostalgia. I remembered the group of Nidoran♂ and Nidoran♀ and Nidorino and Nidorina that I used to live with, and I remembered the good times I had here.

Unfortunately, that brought back the thought of Doku... I told myself that I wouldn't think of him as the Pokémon of a horrible person; the memories of him were a much better thing to remember. Those times were too good to ruin.

I fell asleep remembering those times with Doku. I started to miss him more and more.

That night, I dreamt of the times we used to share.

Lvl. 75
`Attack - 199
`Defense - 174
`Speed - 183
`Special - 179
`Rock Slide

September 1st, 2010, 1:11 PM
Day 8

What a doozie of a day. We woke up - both Wingman and I - exceptionally early. It was about 7:30 in the morning, and we usually don't get up until 9:00. But an early start meant a more productive day.

We re-entered Viridian City and waited for the Gym to open, and Wingman started chatting with the other trainers in line behind us. I got together with their Pokémon and we talked about our journeys. Some of them were from way out of the region, places that I hadn't ever heard of. I felt like a local hick; in retrospect, I realize that I was a local hick, in a sense.

Finally, the Gym was opened, and the two people in front of us - apparently this was a very well known Gym, for both its mysterious Leader and his rumored level of extreme skill - took their turns in the Gym. Neither came out victorious.

That got me a little apprehensive, but Wingman reassured me and we entered when it came our turn.

The whole Gym was one room, dimly lit by a few hanging light bulbs. There was one elevated platform for Wingman to stand on and I took my place on the field. The Leader was shrouded in shadows and had his back to us.

He spoke. "Ah, I should have known I'd see you two again." His voice sent chills down my spine. I recognized it; even before he turned around and showed his face.

The Gym Leader was Giovanni.

That meant I'd have to see Doku again...

Luckily, Doku wasn't his first Pokémon. He was his last. He was just the same as he was last time. He didn't recognize me, he didn't say anything; he only attacked. And I still couldn't get through to him. I started to feel the tears building up...

I couldn't hurt him again. He was always there for me whenever I needed him. He's the one other Pokémon that ever cared for me. He and I are best friends...

No. He and I WERE best friends. But he's not him anymore. That Pokémon isn't Doku anymore. He may still have the name and the face, but the soul and mind inside is not Doku's.

I grew angry. Angry at Doku for letting himself become this, at Giovanni for turning him into it, and at myself for not being there to stop it. I roared out in rage and let myself loose. I pummeled Doku with the strongest Earthquake I could muster. He was out right there.

But I couldn't stop myself; the rage was too much. I looked at Giovanni, and he must have known he went too far because his silent look of defeat changed instantly to fear. I roared once more, giving in to the hatred, and charged straight for Giovanni's platform. I crashed into it, sending Giovanni flying back and reducing the platform to rubble.

I roared again, agony mixing with pain, and stared at Giovanni. He looked up and flushed white. The only thought running through my head was 'Giovanni did this.' I ran at him and lifted him up into the air by the collar of his shirt. His back was up against the wall; no amount of his flailing would make me drop him, as he soon realized.

Right as I pulled back my arm to smash Giovanni's head all over the wall, I heard Wingman shouting out my name. His voice echoed all over the room and caught my attention. Keeping Giovanni pinned against the wall, I looked back at Wingman. He was running at me at full speed. I dismissed him; my mind was too focused on Giovanni.

Returning my gaze to the man in my grasp, I pulled back my arm even further, preparing to give him all the justice he deserved. Suddenly, right as I started to swing, Wingman reached me and grabbed my arm shouting, "Titan, stop it! It's not worth it, let him go!" He was certainly not strong enough to keep me from hitting Giovanni, but my arm stopped none-the-less. Hearing the concern in his voice caused me to regain my senses.

I looked at Giovanni again, who was staring at me fearfully. I knew he was ruined; he was ruined from the moment I picked him up. In the corner of my eye, Wingman nodded, and I looked away from both of them. Depositing Giovanni roughly on the floor, I walked away slowly. Wingman followed shortly after, and we left the Gym.

As I walked through the crowd of curious people, they stepped aside. I could tell that they were brought here after hearing my roars, as they all looked at me timidly. Wingman was a few steps behind me, telling everyone that the Gym was closed for now. He protected Giovanni's identity; I would've exposed it in a heartbeat.

I walked out to my old home and sat on the log that Doku and I used to play on. Wingman joined me. He didn't keep his distance, instead choosing to sit right next to me. We sat in silence for a few moments, and then he spoke.

"That Nidoking... you knew him, didn't you." I nodded.

Wingman nodded as well, leaving it at that. No more words were spoken; that was all that needed to be said.

I don't know how many hours passed before Wingman said anything else. When he finally spoke again, he asked me, "Are you gonna be OK, Titan?" I didn't answer.

He suddenly stood up, and I looked up at him. "I understand if you want to be alone for a while. I know what you're going through. I don't tell anyone this, but you deserve to know." He turned away slightly. "I... I lost my dad when I was 7. He just up and left without any notice. But I survived." He walked away, never looking back at me.

I sat there on that log, thinking for a few more hours. Coming to a decision, I stood up and went to find Wingman. It wasn't that hard; luckily, he was still nearby, gathering firewood. He heard me approach and looked up. I smiled weakly, and he did too. He returned to the firewood, and I joined him.

Lvl. 76
`Attack - 202
`Defense - 176
`Speed - 185
`Special - 181
`Rock Slide

Day 9

Might as well have been National Participate-in-Lots-of-Tough-Battles Day.

After I regained my senses yesterday and rejoined Wingman, we set up the rest of camp and stared up at the stars. He pointed out shapes that they made and I did some more thinking. We fell asleep like this.

The next morning started at its usual time with its usual routine. We were heading to Indigo Plateau after a long couple of days.

On the way to the gatehouse, that jerk Jack stopped us again and challenged us to another rematch. Because he didn't learn his lesson the first four times.

All of his Pokémon were the same as last time, and they were just as easy to beat. I think he actually got easier to beat. Or maybe I just got a lot stronger.

Anyways, even after the loss he still thought he had what it takes to beat the Elite Four. I scoffed silently, and Wingman just nodded. As he walked away, Wingman said, "Poor, poor fool." I chuckled.

We reached the gate quickly enough and passed through without a problem. On the other side was Victory Road, which was less of a road and more of a puzzle-filled maze.

After pushing around boulders and easily beating some trainers, Wingman and I exited Victory Road about an hour and a half after we entered it. The sun was high in the sky, and it was hot. The kind of burn an omelet on the sidewalk hot.

Luckily, we were heading inside. Indigo Plateau was right in front of us, and nothing was gonna stop us now.

In the building, a few trainers were sitting with their Pokémon, giving pep talks and relaxing before the final battles. But I didn't want to wait any longer; I was ready now, and Wingman could tell. We went straight to the registration counter and Wingman talked to the lady there. She was obviously uninterested, tired of the monotony of work. She surveyed us with her flat eyes and, when she had seen all she needed, dismissed our arrival with a pop of her gum.

Looking up and sighing, she asked, "Name please."




"Number of Pokémon?"


A pause, followed by laughter. "Only one? This shouldn't take long." She turned to the group of trainers waiting and shouted out, "Hey, this kid's only got one Pokémon, do you guys mind if he cuts in front of you?"

All the trainers burst out in laughter and unanimously agreed. I felt my face burning and was about to roar, but Wingman put his hand on my shoulder. "Don't let 'em get to you. We'll prove 'em wrong later," he said. I calmed down, but I was still a little bothered by their reactions. As we were leaving the room, I hit a sprinkler with a mini-Thunderbolt, causing all the sprinklers to activate and drench the trainers and Pokémon.

I chuckled. Wingman smirked knowingly.

A pier on a little pool of water was the setting in the first room. Ice chunks floated here and there, and the temperature was pretty low. Here there was a woman, around her thirties I guessed, who called herself Lorelei and claimed to use Ice types. All but one of her Pokémon were part Water type, and one wasn't even part Ice type. Thunderbolt worked wonders during the whole battle, and Rock Slide took care of the final Pokémon, Jynx.

The next room was scattered with rocks and boulders of all sizes. An overly toned man waited there for us. He introduced himself as Bruno and gave some motivational speech that I didn't pay attention to. I was just eager for battle. He used the Fighting type, with two random Onix thrown in there. It was too easy, Surf on everything. Seriously, though, I still have to wonder where the hell I'm getting the water from.

Room number three was set up like a giant graveyard, with tombstones everywhere and a fog clouding the air. The person here was an old woman, and in the setting, I mistook her for a ghost. Ironically, she used Ghost type Pokémon, with a few Poison types mixed in. Thunderbolt didn't let me down, and this fight passed by smoothly.

The final room was simple; only a hall with a couple of dragon statues lining the sides. The Champion stood at the end of the hall, adorned in a black cape. He called himself Lance and talked about the legendary might of Dragon types. I suddenly understood the dragon statues everywhere; the poor guy had a dragon obsession. He even used Dragon types and dragon-like Pokémon. A Gyarados (down after Thunderbolt), two Dragonairs (both taken down by Earthquake), an Aerodactyl (Surf doused it easily), and a Dragonite (a Rock Slide right to the face put it down and out).

Lance was about to tell us that we were awesome and that we were the new League Champs, but then he mentioned that one more trainer waited who had beaten the Elite Four only minutes ago. I thought 'Oh great, more battling' until he told us his name: Jack. I laughed loudly. We beat him so easily before, what would make now any different?

Nothing, in fact, made this fight any different. The room was unadorned, and Jack stood in its center. He spoke useless junk about how he 'scoured the region' collecting the most powerful Pokémon. I guess he missed me.

I swear, this fight went easier than any of the previous ones. The only Pokémon that gave me any trouble was his Alakazam and Psychic, but I took the hit in stride, not faltering for one moment.

Jack started to whine and cry about losing when some old dude showed up. I recognized him to be that one guy Wingman got a video call from that one day. He scolded Jack and congratulated us. We were led back into a separate room and photographed for posterity.

And that was it! Wingman had reached his ultimate goal, and I had become stronger beyond words. I wonder what those jerks back in the main room will think of us now.

But for now, it's time we relaxed and unwound... or is it?

Lvl. 86
`Attack - 230
`Defense - 201
`Speed - 212
`Special - 207
`Rock Slide

Also: I just feel like sharing this. Does anyone remember the old Golbat sprite? I do.


No joke. It has a serious baby addiction.

September 2nd, 2010, 2:38 AM
Ok so I finished Kanto a couple days ago( I'm just past Whitney in SS) so heres the logs and some images(they where meant to be of Kabuto/Kabutops every 10 levels but I forgot so some are a little after every ten)

Log 2
-Arrived in Lavender town
-Moved onto Celadon City
-Got some tea
-Cut through Erika's pokemon with slash and mud shot
-Entered Team Rockets secret game corner base
-Beat Giovanni
-Entered Pokemon tower
-Saved Mr Fugi
-Entered Silph Co.
-Beat Rival
-Received Lapras for HM slave when I get surf and Waterfall
-Beat Giovanni
-Beat Sabrina with combo
-Received Fly
-Received a bike
-Arrived at Fuchsia
-Got Surf
Log 3
-Beat Koga with mud shot and slash
-Travelled to Cinnabar
-Entered burnt mansion
-Beat Blaine with Surf
-Arrived at one island
-Beat up some Bikers on three island
-Saved the little girl(lorrelie if that spelt right)
-Returned to Kanto
-Beat Giovanni with Mud shot and Surf
-Beat Rival
-Fought my way through Victory road
-Beat Lorelie with slash
-Beat Bruno with surf
-Beat Agatha with ice beam/ surf
-Beat Lance with ice beam
-Challenged Rival
-Ice beam>Pidgeot doesn't he get that
-Rhydon doesn't like getting wet(surf)
-Executor took ice beam(then he healed X3) and then t\2 slashes
-Alakazam took a nice slash
-Gyarados took a large number of slashes
-A Kabutops with surf against a Charizard.....
-Rival Defeated
-Got name down in Hall of Fame
-Region complete

http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU1.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU2.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU3.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU4.png
http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU5.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU6.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU7.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU8.png http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww205/stargate1995/Pokemon-FireRedVersionU9.png

BTW as seen in these screen shots my name ingame is Aneken(and always has been) I know it's a stupid name but it was the first name I used and have stuck with it.

September 2nd, 2010, 4:50 AM
Congratulations to both of you for finishing the first leg.

Wingman- Your stories are awesome. I wish I could write like you.
stargate- I completely understand using that name. At least it isn't stupid, like mine. A long time ago, I just wanted to play the beginning of blue version. So, I went through the beginning, pressing A as fast as I could. Well lucky me, I ended up naming myself A. And then I ended up catching all 150 Pokemon on that game, and A stuck from then on.

September 2nd, 2010, 4:52 AM
Can't be bothered to post update #3, I will later but that's gonna be different. Anyways I got passed Rock Tunnel and I'm at Lavander Town right now.

Ohh, this town reminds me of creepypastas. >_>

Anyways, here's what Sephiroth is now.
Sephiroth/Slowbro @nothing
Lv. 42
- Headbutt
- Confusion
- Water Pulse
- Amnesia

Yes, in-game I bother to use stat-boosting moves because I can. :P

Eternal Nightmare
September 2nd, 2010, 9:51 AM
I just noticed on the first page I was listed under champions with Jynx...yeah thought id throw that out there xP. Anyway, my update will be soon. Me and Muchu the Smoochum have had an extremely rough start D:

September 2nd, 2010, 1:05 PM
@myrrhman: Thank you very much! I have been practicing my writing with this story, in a sort of preparation for a novel idea I have.

Day 12

I'm small again...

Just thought I'd get that out before I start. And if it made no sense, it shouldn't.

Explanation starts now: Wingman and I were the champs for a few days when Lance mentioned a place called Johto to us. Neither of us had ever heard of such a place. He said there was a whole magnet train system between the two, and one end was in Saffron. We had no idea where anything was in Saffron, so it made sense why we missed it.

He told us that there was an easy way to get there that was just south of here. And he mentioned more Gyms and the chance to be the first champ of both regions. That piqued both of our interests.

So off we went. The Kanto Elite Four was temporary closed for our absence and we left on the next boat to Johto. We landed in New Bark Town, which was very similar to Pallet.

But before we could go anywhere, some official men stopped us and told us that Wingman would have to leave me here or make me go through some extensive process that would "strip me of my power and return me to the way he found me". It sounded painful, but I didn't want to be without Wingman.

He looked conflicted, but I knew what I wanted to do. When he was trying to balance the options, I placed my paw on his shoulder and nodded at him when he looked. He nodded in return, and I went with the men.

They led me to some chamber and hooked me into a machine. Suddenly, a jolt ran through my body - not unlike the feeling I got when Wingman used a TM on me - and after a few seconds, it was all over. I opened my eyes and saw that I was a tiny Nidoran♂ all over again. I couldn't even remember Horn Attack...

But not all was lost, for Wingman helped me train some more after the process. It took just as long as it did before, even with the battle experiences I had. I kept going, though, and eventually I started to improve.

Going off the map that Wingman got in New Bark Town, we headed to Violet City, the nearest place with a Gym. On the way there, we got stopped by who I will henceforth refer to as the red-headed stepchild. He was the worst kind of person, even worse than Jack. And he had definite problems when it came to how he treated his Pokémon. And the way he treated it after we won was even worse than that. It was like a red-headed stepchild abusing its red-headed stepchild. Paradox? Maybe.

He said his name was Greg, and told us to remember it because he said he'd one day be the best trainer ever. Not while Wingman and I are still alive.

TL;DR - The new black!
-Arrived in Cherrygrove
-Left Cherrygrove (there was absolutely nothing to do there)
-Traveled north
-Beat some trainers
-Arrived in Violet City
-Heard about a place called the Sprout Tower that I had to go to before I could enter the Gym
-Went there and found a LOAD BEARING pillar that was SWAYING (how the hell does that work?)
-Climbed to the top
-Found the red-headed stepchild at the top
-Battled the elder
-Got his approval
-Entered the Gym
-Met up with Falkner, the Gym Leader
-Battled his relatively easy to beat birds
-Won handily!
-Evolution took place! WOOHOO! I'm not as small as I was! Though I still am smaller than I used to be...
-Wingman received the Zephyr Badge

And after that, we left Violet City. We were supposed to go to Goldenrod to the west, but some strange dancing tree was blocking the way. Already some of the things Johto has are freaking me out. Swaying pillars, dancing trees... what's next? People cutting off the tails of Slowpokes for food?

Anyway, we set up camp for the night somewhere south of Violet City. It was getting late, and we had a big trip ahead of us tomorrow.

Lvl. 17
`Attack - 34
`Defense - 31
`Sp. Attack - 30
`Sp. Defense - 30
`Speed - 32
`Horn Attack
`Double Kick

September 2nd, 2010, 10:06 PM
Congratulations to both of you for finishing the first leg.

Wingman- Your stories are awesome. I wish I could write like you.
stargate- I completely understand using that name. At least it isn't stupid, like mine. A long time ago, I just wanted to play the beginning of blue version. So, I went through the beginning, pressing A as fast as I could. Well lucky me, I ended up naming myself A. And then I ended up catching all 150 Pokemon on that game, and A stuck from then on.

Teehee Aneken comes from something similar to that, When I got my game I had just watched star wars and went to play the game, not being to inventive I went with "Aneken"(Aneken skywalker didn't fit and I'm glad it didn't) thus I was born...

Anyway I'm currently in Olivine, didn't get much done yesterday cause of Mortys annoying Gengar which was able to very nearly KO my Kabuto with shadow ball, it took bout 10 times to beat him XD. Anyway I'll post up a log when I get the chance.

September 3rd, 2010, 3:28 AM
Day 13

I woke up early today. I'm not sure why, but it just happened. Maybe I was meant to see it, maybe not, but right as I opened my eyes, I saw a huge rainbow stretching across the sky. I took it as a sign of a great day ahead.

Looking around, I saw Wingman was still asleep. I decided I'd play the smallest of pranks on him. He was lying on his back, sprawled out like a tree's branches. Slowly and making as little noise, I crept back so as to get a good running start. Then I launched myself forward and, when I was close enough, up into the air. I landed square on Wingman's body.

"OOF!" he exhaled as he sat up suddenly. I tumbled into his lap, and he looked around for the perpetrator of his peaceful sleep. When he looked down, I smiled as cheesily as possible, and he sighed and shook his head. "What am I going to do with you?" he asked no one in particular, chuckling. I just kept smiling.

I think this next part calls for TL;DR.
-Traveled a long ways south
-Reached a conveniently placed PokéCenter
-Found a guy selling, of all things, SLOWPOKE TAILS. What the hell.
-Entered Union Cave
-Stumbled around a bit
-Exited the other side
-Shortly after that, we entered Azalea Town
-Found a guy in a dark suit guarding a well (why? I had no clue at the time. Also; his uniform was oddly familiar...)
-Found more people like that in Azalea Town and realized that it was Team Rocket

I don't know about you, but I thought that they would have disbanded after I nearly beat the pulp out of Giovanni... ugh. Even thinking about him made my guts twist.

A little later, we met a guy named Kurt who told us that Team Rocket was cutting the tails off of Slowpokes in the well and selling them to make money. Now we knew why that Team Rocket guy was standing in front of it.

Kurt, Wingman and I ran to the well and Kurt knocked the guy down it. Unfortunately, Kurt fell down the well as well. (Hehe, pun.) Wingman and I quickly and cautiously climbed down to see if he was OK. Unfortunately, he had thrown out his back. Wingman called for help and had him hoisted out while we went in to face Team Rocket.

They were all grunts, so they were easy to beat. Even the leader of the mission was simple to beat. After I kicked all their butts, they took off like sissy girls running from a bumblebee.

With Team Rocket gone, we checked on Kurt, who was recovering well. His chiropractor was a miracle worker, according to him, and he'd be able to do everything he used to in no time. With that done, the Gym was our last destination.

The Gym was as simple as an indoor forest. Bushes and plants were scattered here and there, and a huge tree was in the center. The Leader, Bugsy, welcomed us. He didn't seem much older than Wingman. The two of them chatted a bit, and then the obvious questioned was answered. Bugsy agreed to the challenge and the battle began.

This fight was easy for about half of it; two of his Pokémon were cocoons. Then he brought out his Scyther. It was a little harder from that point on. It was a quick thing, and it kept flitting around, evading my attacks. Eventually, though, I concentrated hard enough and figured out its pattern. I hit it square in the chest a few seconds later.

Now Wingman had two badges, and I was getting better and better again. I had already evolved once; all that was left was to find a Moon Stone. And I was really eager for that.

As we started to leave town towards Goldenrod, we were stopped by Greg. He was as much of a jerk as before, and he demanded a battle. He never gave us a chance to refuse; his first Pokémon was already out and it launched itself at Wingman. I jumped in front of him to intercept it, but it was a Gastly and it phased right through me and bit Wingman on the shoulder.

I heard him shout out in pain, and I must've gone berserk, because after that, I have no memory of what happened. I faintly remember a battle, but nothing else. After I regained my senses, Greg was gone, and Wingman was holding his shoulder. I could see the blood soaking through the shirt. The pained look on his face was almost too much to bear. He managed to mumble, "Get help," through clenched teeth, and I was off like a dart. I found the nearest person and dragged her to where Wingman was. He was keeping himself sitting upright, still gripping the bite wound.

The girl and I were able to carry him to the hospital and get some professional help. They wrapped his shoulder up in a large bandage and ran some tests when they found out that a Gastly had bit him. Unfortunately, he had been poisoned by the Gastly's bite and had to have a special treatment to get the poison out.

Everything did go according to plan, but he would have to wear a bandage for a few more days until the wound healed. He would need someone to help him with that, and when she asked if he knew anyone who would like to, the girl who helped me volunteered.

She wasn't even in the room until now. She walked up to the nurse. When she asked how she was related to Wingman, she replied that she was his cousin. I didn't know whether to believe it or not; the chances of me finding Wingman's cousin were so slim, but she was saying it as if she really was his cousin.

So the nurse gave her a sheet to fill out and left the room. I looked up at her as she sat down, and when the nurse was out of earshot, she whispered to me, "I'm not really his cousin, sorry to confuse you." I nodded and she began filling out the form. She pulled out Wingman's wallet for some of his information, but she made up everything else.

The nurse came in later and collected the paperwork, Wingman woke up, and the three of us were released from the hospital. Wingman was able to walk, but his whole right arm was numb from the detoxification process, and it wouldn't start to function properly again for another week.

When the girl kept following us, Wingman questioned her. She told him that he'd need someone to help him with the bandages, and she volunteered. Wingman looked at me for confirmation, and I nodded.

"OK, I understand why," Wingman said, "but tell me. Who the heck are you?"

"I'm Caroline. Nice to meet you."

Lvl. 24
`Attack - 47
`Defense - 44
`Sp. Attack - 41
`Sp. Defense - 41
`Speed - 45
`Horn Attack
`Double Kick
`Poison Sting


I'm a little short on time right now, but I wanted to get this down before I forget. I will continue the story, but I want to post a place holder for now: I have gotten to Olivine City, cleared the Lighthouse, and will soon be heading towards Cianwood. The respective parts of the story will be coming soon, but it will take a few days. Approximately three. I'm goin' camping!

September 3rd, 2010, 6:37 PM
ah what the heck, I'll go ahead and sign up for an Ultimate Dratini Solo. I'll start on Red.

September 3rd, 2010, 6:56 PM
I will resume my Zigzagoon challenge, and TRY (emphasis) to make it a story.

Z chapter 1.
I've always known since I was in our pack, that I was the strongest. Sure, people may look down on me, but Im stronger than they think. I am not just a Zigzagoon, I am Z. I will conquer.

Today some pathetic loser (was his name Wally?) asked me to show him how to catch a pokemon. really? a 5 year old knows how to catch a pokemon. So I threw a pokeball at him, told him to throw it at that Ralts. Whoop de doo. he did it. When i was done with this massive waste of time, I went to the Petalburg woods, where I got ambushed by some guy asking me where the Shroomish are. Maybe if you looked over there... Oh. A Team Aqua grunt. And of course the guy cowered behind me. Oh how I would love to just walk away. But I like fighting. So yes I killed his Poochyena at lv 9, while i was at lv 9. in one hit. ehh.

So I arrived in Rustboro. there isnt anything here, except for a gym. I hear gyms can make me tougher, but I just dont like rock types. I wish I had some better moves. I guess I could use Sand-Attack spam, then Tail Whip spam. Ill try it. Got flattened as expected. I whipped geodude with my tail, but geodude constantly and I DO MEAN CONSTANTLY used Defense curl. So much for Tail Whip spam. Sand-Attack works, but Every one of my hits do like 1 damage. After a massive concussion and a Pokemon center visit, I decided it was time for training.
(how do you like my story?)

September 4th, 2010, 8:18 AM
I totally forgot I was in the middle of a 3rd Gen Solo run with Mankey.
Ugh, I restarted my Emerald game and beat it with Primeape ending up at level 89 post-E4.
I then fought the E4 over and over until leve 100.
I don't want that to be added to the champions though, because I cannot provide proof.

I will however be starting a Mankey solo run on Crystal, and since I've already finished a solo run with Mankey on RBY, can I switch it to an ultimate solo run challenge?

Either way:
Game - Crystal
Name - institutions / Andrew
Pokemon - Snargles (Mankey/Primeape)

September 4th, 2010, 4:44 PM
Never mind about the Ultimate Dratini Solo. I just can't seem to beat Brock...
I'll do a lapras Ultimite solo instead!

September 5th, 2010, 1:42 PM
Just gonna restate that i got butterfree and golduck done

and thers 2 moar! Snorlax and Kabutops

September 5th, 2010, 2:16 PM
ill try with blazeken in ruby. Started with torchic

well, first update
-Got torchic
-Named it Blazer
- Beat Brendan (started as a girl for fun)
-Went to Petalburg
-Watched wally catch a pokemon
-Went into woods
-Beat the Magma Grunt
-Went to Rustboro
-Torchic Evolved
-Beat Roxanne By Double Kicking like crazy

mondays suck
September 6th, 2010, 9:19 AM
I feel like trying out an Ultimate Jumpluff Solo challenge.
FR->Crystal->Emerald->Diamond it is.

...mind if I somehow cheat myself around the phase before Tackle? Like starting at the level where Hoppip learns Tackle instead of level 5? Because I'm not a fan of Struggle grinding.Disregard that, I'm starting with 'pluff. Because National Dex. And because Jumpluff starts with Tackle, no such action is needed. So all I did was some Pokedex shenanigans and making myself the whole HM thing somewhat easier.

Alright, update. With screenshots because everone totally cares.

Why does the main character always have to wear a hat...
...but the rival (except for May/Brendan who don't count here anyways) doesn't?
I always wanted a Bulbasaur, they're so easy to raise. At least if you call Jumpluff Bulbasaur.
unfair advantages:)
Weedles in Viridian Forest gave me some problems, but weirdly after I bought these Antidotes, I didn't get poisoned once anymore.
Poison Powder+spam random stuff, with the occassional Synthesis here and there=easy win.
ZOMBIE JUMPLUFF (I actually edited Jumpluff's Pokedex entry into some zombie stuff that was intended to be funny but wasn't, but it never showed up. Damned National Dex requirement...) at this point. I accidentally didn't get Sleep Powder, but Poison is a better option anyways - for now. Later, I'm probably going to regret this.

September 6th, 2010, 1:52 PM
Hoping I wouldn't have to post most of my logs in one post but here it is, a long list of my Johto travelling up till Erika(who if you read this you will notice I now hate, much like rock,roark and roxanne from my beldum run)....

-Started game
-Choose totodile for HM slave
-Got egg from Mr Pokemon
-Beat Rival
-Captured a Pidgey (HM save)
-Traded in Kabuto egg and hatched the egg(has bubble beam and aurura beam for egg moves)
-Went to violet city
-Climbed sprout tower
-Beat Falkner with Aurora beam
-Saved slowpokes in the well
-Beat Bugsy with aurora beam
-Beat Rival
-Helped the farfetched guy
-Went to Goldenrod
-Got a bike(not that I'll use it)
-Beat Whitney with bubble beam
-Beat Sudowoodo
-Arrived at Ecruteak
-Beat Rocket Goon
-Beat Rival
-Beat Morty with surf(That Gengar was really annoying)
-Travelled to Olivine
Log 2
-Climbed the Lighthouse
-Swam to Cianwood
-Beat Chuck with surf then slash
-Beat Jasmine with mud shot and surf
-Travelled to Mahogany town
-Beat red Gyarados
-Beat the ice gym(forgot guys name)
-Travelled to Goldenrod
-Infiltrated tower
-Went to underground and beat Rival
-Saved Director
-Defeated Team Rocket ad saved the tower
-Caught Machop for strength and replaced togepi
-Travelled to Blackthorn
-Beat Claire with aurora beam and slash
-Beat Kimono Girls
-Beat Lugia
-Travelled to Victory road
-Beat Rival
Log 3
-Challenged Elite four
-Beat Will with aurora beam and slash
-Beat Koga with all my moves
-Beat Bruno with surf
-Beat Karen(that's her name right I always forget)bb
-Beat Lance with surf and aurora beam
-Elite four complete
-Travelled to Kanto
-Beat Lt. Surge with stab surf and mud shot
-Travelled to Saffron but decided to go to Celadon(I though I might be able to get ice beam or rock slide tm from the store....Turned out I couldn't -.-)
-Fought Erika, strangely this battle took 20mins I beat her first 3 pokes with ease but her bellosom was only taking 1/3 damage from aurora beam and was able to KO me in 1 hit with giga drain, so I kept stalling(using revives) until she ran out of pp on it then she started using solarbeam so I did the same thing with a couple hits in(she would just use a max potion though -.- which she used 2 of) then after I though it was finally finished she started using synthesis..... This battle really made my day, not.

Should be finished soon, but seen as I find SS a little bit boring(hence why I did it last, last time) it might not be as fast as I'd hope to finish it.

September 6th, 2010, 3:39 PM
Huge post is huge, therefore it belongs in spoilers.

Day 14

So that's how Caroline came to join us. She didn't really change much with our daily routines; after a while, she didn't seem like a follower and actually became a part of the group. It came to be that we weren't complete without the girl with the sparkling green eyes and the ponytail. She kept the two of us on track, and provided that bit of comic relief every now and then. Plus, it was a lot less lonely for Wingman and me. Before, there was no conversation going on while we traveled, but with Caroline here, there was always something being discussed.

Today, the two were having an in depth discussion about berries and whether they should or shouldn't be used in food for humans. I was content to just walk alongside them and enjoy the scenery. We were walking through the forest - Ilex Forest, to be exact - and the shadows kept everything in a sort of eerie darkness. They nearly blotted out the sun, and it was almost as if night had fallen here and here alone. The air was still; not uncomfortably so, but enough to create a stillness that calmed one down, no matter what plagued their thoughts.

"I'm telling you, pop a few good Pecha Berries into the icing of a cake and it's about fifty times better," spoke Caroline.

Wingman's reply was, "I dunno, wouldn't the poison-fighting juices have an adverse effect on the human body?"

The conversation went on like this for a while. It wasn't ever an argument; the atmosphere in the forest prevented that. And to me, it was comforting noise. Knowing that Wingman had someone to converse with let my own mind wander. I started thinking about my old home; I wondered how my brothers and sisters were doing.

The forest started to thin after a while and turned into a lovely shore. The stillness and shade disappeared, but it wasn't all at once; it had a sort of gradual fade to it that seemed natural and untouched. By now, the conversation had shifted to something else entirely; what it was, I couldn't tell you.

Along the way, we ran into a few trainers who were good conversation material for the two humans and good experience for me. As we progressed, the number of trainers began to increase, a sure sign of an approaching city. According to Wingman's map, that city was Goldenrod, the largest hub of commerce in Johto. Caroline was already getting giddy, and I was pumping myself up. Big cities usually equate to a Gym.

We started seeing houses and paved streets before anything else. Slowly, they dissolved into taller and taller buildings until, finally, we had reached the main part of Goldenrod. It was staggering, almost like Saffron and Celadon in Kanto. Skyscrapers towered above us, and people rushed around us. Caroline, caught up in the rush, ran off to find the famed Goldenrod Department Store and left us dazed and confused in a city of strangers.

After asking five different people for directions to the Gym, all of whom had no clue that Goldenrod had a Gym, Wingman and I got reliable directions from a young man with a Growlithe. As we headed that way, he told us to be prepared; Whitney, the Leader, was pretty tough.

The Gym was pretty plain; mainly, it was a room filled with potted plants and flowers decorating the walls and a battle field in the middle of it. Whitney was standing there, playing with a Clefairy. When she noticed us, she greeted us with a smile and a lot of pep. She was about Wingman's age, maybe a year older. Wingman and Whitney chatted a bit, and a battle was eventually declared.

Her first Pokémon was the very Clefairy that she was playing with moments ago. It wasn't very much of a challenge; it wasn't very good at dodging and my horn isn't very good at missing. Whitney started to pout and called me a meanie before sending out her second and final Pokémon, a Miltank. That thing was what one might easily call a tank, and not only because of its name. The thing had a huge amount of stamina; it just wouldn't go down. I had to ram it five or six times before it started to show signs of tiring. Around this time, Caroline had arrived, and she was sitting on the provided bleachers.

Of course, the Miltank didn't just sit there while I attacked it; it did this strange move where it would curl up into a ball and roll right at me like a boulder. I jumped out of the way most of the time, but it was a pro at cornering and smacking into me when I least expected it. Eventually, it stopped, and I would get a hit or two in while it was dizzy from all the rolling around.

After a long battle, the Miltank finally fell and Wingman and I were the victors. Unfortunately, this upset Whitney greatly, and she began to cry and bawl. Wingman and I had no idea what to do, but Caroline sure did. She walked up to Whitney and comforted her like a pro. In no time, Whitney was back to her peppy self and handed Wingman the Plain Badge he deserved.

With nothing else to do in Goldenrod - Caroline didn't buy much, only a few trinkets and some useful travel things for us, such as a tent, which Wingman had forgotten in Kanto. And it was just in time too; the sky was darkening, and a storm seemed inevitable tonight.

The three of us were able to make it back to that weird dancing tree that kept us from going straight to Goldenrod earlier. We showed Caroline this and she laughed. Pulling out her water bottle, she told me to get ready for a battle and dumped some water on the tree.

Suddenly, it sprang to life and attacked. It was a Pokémon; a Sudowoodo to be exact. It sprang at us and I defended. The thing was rock-hard, and my horn had not felt such pain since I faced Brock in Pewter. I defaulted to tackling and ramming until it finally ran off. Right then, the sky began to spit droplets of water down on us. Wingman and Caroline rushed to set up the tent and I did my best to stay out of the way. Halfway through the setup process, it started sprinkling, and Caroline and Wingman picked up the pace. Soon the tent was up and we crowded our stuff in with us as the rain began pouring down.

We spent the night joking around and telling stories over a flashlight fire.

Day 15

The next morning was clean and crisp. The leaves dripped water down to the undergrowth, and the soil hungrily ate it up. Sun streamed through the trees and cast strange patterns of light and shade into the moist ground. Somewhere, a Pidgey twittered cheerily.

Waking up felt clumsy, and the tent made it clumsier. As the three of us stumbled around, the tent shook and sent water droplets everywhere. When, finally, all of us were out, Wingman and Caroline shook out the tent and hung it to dry in the sun. A short hour later, all of us were fully awake and alert, and breakfast was devoured. Soon after, the tent was folded up and we were on our way again.

The air today was hot and humid, the way it always is after a heavy summer storm. It stuck to my skin and to Wingman's and Caroline's clothes. The ground had turned into a sort of muck, and it grabbed at our ankles and tried to pull us under. A patch of dry ground was like stumbling on a fully prepared cake, perfectly decorated and ready to serve. Slowly the trees began to thin again, and such patches of unsaturated dirt became more and more rare. Luckily, it also meant that a town was near, and Wingman's map once again served us well, telling us that it was Ecruteak City. Folklore and legend were its main attractions.

Sure enough, upon reaching the town, we were greeted with authentic Japanese lanterns and Pagoda-styled houses and buildings. No doubt why it was one of Johto's greatest tourist spots. And the biggest attraction seemed to be a dance studio, smack dab in the middle of the city. Wingman and I wanted to skip it and find the Gym, but Caroline wanted to check it out. Somehow, her word turned into law and Wingman was forced to resign his resolve to always go straight to the Gym in any city or town we find.

In the theatre, a woman dressed in a flowing floral robe greeted us and led us to our seats. We had fairly good seats, and I even got one. Talk about Pokémon friendly. The show started after a few minutes of impatient waiting. The lights dimmed and the curtains lifted. Five girls in kimonos, each a different color and each holding a different color fan, started dancing across the stage with such grace and poise that even Wingman started to enjoy the dance. As the dance progressed, five Pokémon - an Espeon, an Umbreon, a Flareon, a Jolteon, and a Vaporeon - joined up with the dancers, pairing by color. They followed each step with similar agility and grace. I couldn't tell whether or not a story was being told, but the dance ended with a great finale that seemed to mimic a battle.

After the performance, there was an announcement that the Kimono Girls were open for questions and battle challenges. Wingman and I suddenly looked at each other and automatically knew what the other was thinking. Caroline must've understood it too, because she told us to go ahead.

Wingman and I raced down to the stage, where the Kimono Girls talked with other audience members. We waited eagerly for our turn to talk to them, and when it came, Wingman did his best to hold a conversation with the five ladies. They were fairly nice, and I took the opportunity to talk to their Pokémon. They were brothers and sisters, and they were all close to each other. They were very proper, and I felt a little out of place talking to them. But Wingman finally popped the question about battle challenges, and the girls accepted. The five Pokémon and I exchanged a few more words, and we took our places on the field. First up was the Espeon, and I was glad she was the first; if not, her Psychic powers would have torn through me with little trouble. With me still at full energy, however, I had no problem taking her down. Umbreon and his trainer followed, and he gave me a little trouble with his nasty habit of vanishing in the shadows. I got the hang of his attack pattern quickly though, and he was out.

The next three were much easier due to my previous experience battling them in Kanto. The Kimono Girls were very impressed with my power and Wingman's skill as a trainer. They told us we could be just the match Morty was looking for. As we walked away, Wingman asked if they knew anyplace we could find a Moon Stone. They told us to check out the Burned Tower, so that was our next destination.

The Burned Tower was not really a tower, but it sure was burned. A nearby sign told us that a bolt of lightening had caught it on fire and that three Pokémon of great power had perished in the fire, and a fourth Pokémon had resurrected them. Caroline was interested in the myth, and Wingman wanted to get in to find a Moon Stone. I felt a bad presence in there, but I went in anyways.

Of course, I was right about the presence. In the tower, Greg was rooting around in the ashes. He noticed us, and Wingman noticed him. I started glaring at him as he approached us. He spat out an explanation for him being here before noticing Wingman's bandages on his neck and shoulder. He called Wingman a wimp for not being able to stand a Gastly's bite. Wingman's left hand clenched tight, his right one still numb and useless, and I started to growl at him. Greg looked down at me and laughed at me. "What a pathetic Pokémon you had to choose. He can't even control himself when he knows someone is better than him."

Wingman snapped and demanded a battle, but Greg just pushed us aside and left. I was boiling over with frustration, and I wanted so badly to bite onto his shoulder and see how he liked it. But I held myself back; nothing good ever came from taking an eye for an eye. Caroline asked us what was up with him, and Wingman explained that Greg had commanded his Gastly to attack him. Caroline was upset that Wingman didn't try to grab him and take him in to the police, but Wingman told her that he wanted to take care of Greg personally.

Returning to our original plan, we started to look for a Moon Stone. Sure enough, I found one. I started feeling that familiar sense of power that came from the stone and followed it back to a pile of rubble. I sorted through it and tossed a few burnt logs out of the way. Then I found it. The shiny black stone glistened in even the dim light here. I called out to Wingman and Caroline, and they rushed over. Wingman assured me that it was, indeed, a Moon Stone. I waited for him to pick it up, but when he didn't, I looked up at him. "What're you waiting for, Titan? Touch it!" he said. I smiled and touched my horn to it. That familiar sensation flowed through me once more and I stood my full size once more.

One HM and one TM later, Wingman, Caroline, and I stood in the Gym, registering to battle Morty. The whole Gym was dark, and only a few candles lit up the field, which was over a seemingly bottomless pit. The field itself was made of glass, or something similar to it, for it was clear, almost to the point where you couldn't tell it was there if not for the outline of the field painted in white on it.

Morty himself was something else; he acted as a spiritual entity of sorts, appearing in a cloud of fog and speaking in a strange way that made him seem ancient. "So, young one, a battle with me is what you seek?" he asked Wingman, who nodded.

"Hmm... I see that you only have one Pokémon with you," he said after studying us over. "What makes you any different from the many trainers I turn away empty handed daily?"

"Well, we beat all five of the Kimono Girls in a row and they told us that we might be the challenge you were looking for."

At that, Morty seemed intrigued. "Did they? Well, they've rarely been wrong. We shall battle, young trainer."

With that, the battle began. Morty used Ghost types; previously, that would've been the worst part of the battle, but after evolving, I was able to learn Thunderpunch, since a Thunderbolt TM was nowhere to be found. With that annoyance no longer a problem, the worst part of the battle was my fear of Wingman being accidentally bitten by one of Morty's Pokémon. Wingman did flinch when the first Pokémon out was Gastly, but after I Thunderpunched it into the floor, he seemed to calm down.

The battle went smoothly otherwise, and was a lot less challenging than I expected. I almost found it boring, but the Ghost Pokémon were fairly worthy opponents due to their ability to disappear and reappear somewhere else. His Haunter had the personality of a prankster, and would often reappear under the glass field, making me accidentally punch the glass and hurt my hand.

After the battle was over and Wingman and I had won, Morty handed us the Fog Badge. "I have to ask you a question, young trainer," Morty announced as we started to leave. We stopped and faced him.

"I noticed that you tensed up when I sent out my Gastly; are you afraid of them?"

Wingman shook his head. "No, I'm just a little shaken from this." He showed Morty his bandages and explained the whole incident.

"I see. I will make sure to keep an eye peeled for such a trainer." He started to walk away, then turned around and added, "By the way, have this." He threw a TM to Wingman, who caught it in his good hand. "I think it will serve you well on your journey." With that, he was gone into the dark fog.

Day 16

Last night we stayed in a little inn near the edge of Ecruteak, and Wingman and Caroline plotted out tomorrow's plan of action. Olivine City was a little farther away, but it was the only way to get to Cianwood City, and both cities had Gyms waiting for us. With that planned out, Wingman looked at the TM Morty had given him; it was TM 30, the TM that would teach Shadow Ball. He and I thought about teaching it to me over Rock Slide, and we decided it would help me more, due to the larger number of Psychic type Pokémon that we were seeing.

The next morning arrived bright and sunny. The dew glistened with many different colors, and the mud and puddles from yesterday had all but vanished. Bug Pokémon flitted here and there, visiting flowers and collecting pollen. It was a perfect day, and we planned to travel all the way to Olivine and catch a ferry to Cianwood. When we left, the sun was only starting its ascent into the sky.

The trail we followed meandered through meadows and fields, passing a pasture occasionally. Miltank and Tauros grazed and mooed to each other, alerting the others of better grass or a threat to the herd. There was no conversation today; all three of us were lost in the scenery.

In time, the sun crept up to the top of the sky, and we had arrived in Olivine. All the sights and smells of a port town greeted us; rocky beaches, the sound of boat motors, houses lined up along the shore, and the crisp, salty scent of the ocean air. Today was a great day to be out on the water, for the wind was low and breezy, but not powerfully so, and there was not a sign of any form of bad weather at all.

This was all soured for us, however, as we passed by the Gym. As we approached it, the doors flew open and Greg stepped out of them in a huff. Inevitably, he spotted us and scoffed. "Figures I'd see you losers here," he spat, and I instantly went on defensive mode. He noticed me and chuckled, "I see your puny Pokémon evolved. It's still pathetic. It can't seem to let go of the fact that I'm better than it."

Him calling me an 'it' nearly lit my fuse. I was just about to explode on him when I saw Wingman shake his head ever so slightly. I knew I had to restrain myself, but around Greg, it was nearly impossible.

"Anyway, I don't have time to deal with you wimps," Greg shrugged. "I was going to battle the Gym Leader, but she's out taking care of some sick Pokémon at the Lighthouse. What a waste. If it's sick, why not just replace it?" He shook his head. "Such heartache has no room in the mind of a Gym Leader." Then he shoved us aside and left Olivine the way we came.

Once Greg was out of earshot, Caroline yelled, "I just hate that guy! Who the hell does he think he is, anyway? How can he call a Pokémon replaceable?"

We all agreed to check on that poor Pokémon ourselves and see what we could do to help it. The Lighthouse wasn't too far out of the way, and if the Leader was up there, we were better off going to her instead of going to the Gym and waiting.

The top of the Lighthouse was a circular room, and the glass was extremely thick. Any light coming in was magnified, and I suspected that it worked the same way as any light going out would. In the center of the room, an Ampharos was lying on the bed, moaning and shivering, obviously sick beyond words. A woman was sitting by the bedside, doing everything she could to help the Pokémon feel better. She noticed our arrival and welcomed us.

"I am Jasmine, Gym Leader of this city. If you are a trainer, I'm sorry, but I'm not open for challenges right now. I must make sure Amphy gets well so she can return to powering the Lighthouse."

Instead of leaving, Wingman offered to help her. She seemed a little surprised, and then told us of a pharmacy in Cianwood that might have a cure. We promised that we'd be back as soon as we could.

We caught the next ferry to Cianwood City and it departed shortly. Soon, we were zipping along towards both a medicine for Amphy and a new badge for Wingman. The ship we were on was small, but not uncomfortable. It traveled very fast, much faster than I could have ever swam. I was mostly just glad that I didn't have to swim.

Cianwood City came faster than I expected. In only an hour or two, the ferry had reached the shore and we were standing on the beach. Caroline and Wingman decided that we'd split up; Caroline was to find the pharmacy and get the medicine, and Wingman and I would take on the Gym.

Since Cianwood was more like a large town, the Gym was relatively easy to find. The building was rather small, only about house size. The battle field wasn't even in the Gym; it was out back of it, and we didn't even have to enter the Gym to get to it. Chuck, the Leader, was training with his Pokémon, so we waited for his workout to finish before we came up to him. He was much older than any of the Gym Leaders in Johto so far, but he was the most toned one. He heartily agreed to our battle request, and we took our sides on the beach field.

This battle was one of the easier ones I took part in. Neither of his Pokémon were overly tough, and there were only two of them. His Primeape was too clumsy for its own good, and it mostly charged around wildly after I got it mad. Once it tired itself out, a Horn Attack put it down. His Poliwrath was a little tougher, but more reserved, so I charged it with a Thunderpunch, and it didn't dodge in time.

Chuck was astounded, and he vowed right there to increase his training ten fold. He handed us the Storm Badge and ran off into the Gym, raving about how his new training schedule will be so much more intense. I almost wrote the guy off as a lunatic.

With the badge in hand, we returned to the Cianwood docks, where Caroline was waiting for us. She had already reserved a spot for us on the next ship out, and the medicine she was looking for was in her bag.

As we waited for the ferry to arrive, Wingman told Caroline of the battle we had and Caroline described the pharmacy. She said that the man there was a little loopy, but a genius at mixing chemicals into potions. He had cured a Mantine who had been attacked by three Tentacruel and poisoned nearly to the point of death with only one potion, she told us.

When the ferry finally arrived, the sun was starting to sink below the horizon. We had to convince the captain of the ferry to do one last run to Olivine. He argued that with the Lighthouse Pokémon sick, he wouldn't be able to see the rocks around the port, but our rebuttal was that if he didn't get us back to Olivine, that Lighthouse Pokémon might not make it through to get better. He changed his mind after hearing that.

He gunned that ferry as fast as it would go, reaching Olivine right as the sun started to sink. We hurried off the boat and over to the Lighthouse, where Jasmine and Amphy were waiting. We handed the special medicine to her, and she thanked us immensely. Upon administering it to Amphy, I noticed a sudden change in her. The Ampharos started looking a little less pale almost instantly. Jasmine thanked us again, and told us that she'd stay here with Amphy until tomorrow, to make sure that she was better. We understood and left to find a hotel to stay in for the night. As we left, I swear I heard Amphy mutter, "Thank you, strangers."

Day 17

The next morning, I was the first to wake up. Odd, but something about today felt different. The weather outside was perfect, just like yesterday, and everything was in its place, but there was something odd. I couldn't place it, so I woke up Caroline and Wingman.

Our first order of business was to check the Lighthouse and see how Amphy was doing. When the three of us arrived, Amphy greeted us by tackling me. Of all of us, I don't know why she tackled me when it was Caroline who had the potion, but I didn't really question it. She was blabbering about how much she owed me and how I saved her life. I started getting a little embarrassed, and Wingman and Caroline both laughed at us.

Amphy then showed us the note that was sitting on the table. It was addressed to "Helpful Trainers" and was signed by Jasmine. It said that she was very grateful for our help and that it was because of us that Amphy is cured. The letter stated that when we were ready, she was back in her Gym taking challenges once again.

Wingman was excited, and I started getting myself in the zone. As we started leaving, Amphy ran up and hugged me, thanking me again. I blushed at the embrace, and Wingman snickered. "Looks like someone has a little crush on you, Titan!" I blushed even harder at this, and Amphy giggled and let me go. I pretended that it was awkward then, but now I think I kind of liked it.

At the Gym, Jasmine greeted us and thanked us in person for our generous help. She agreed to a battle and we took our spots on the field. It looked almost exactly like Brock's field, and that worried me. I did not want to face any more Rock types without the help of Earthquake. Fortunately, she sent out a Magnemite, and I was sort of relieved. Shadow Ball helped out tremendously here. The second Magnemite was almost a mirror image of the first, and it fell the exact same way. Then came her Steelix, who was a monster. The steel snake roared at me, and I was actually a little scared. But I forced myself to stand and summoned a giant wave of water from thin air and Surfed right over it.

With that out of the way, Jasmine handed Wingman the Mineral Badge, and we were headed back to Ecruteak and towards Mahogany Town. Luckily for us, Caroline mentioned that she could make the trip easier with the Pidgeot that she kept in storage. It meant that I'd have to go into my PokéBall, but it also meant we could reach Mahogany Town before noon. Wingman agreed, and Caroline withdrew her Pidgeot. I was sucked into my PokéBall, and the next thing I knew, I was in Mahogany Town.

The Gym was closed for the time being, so Wingman, Caroline, and I decided to check out the Lake of Rage, a nearby attraction. It was supposedly a beautiful and peaceful lake, great for fishing and swimming. The path up there was short, and a toll house along the way cut into our funds. But we figured it'd be worth it to see the lake.

However, when we got there, it was all but peaceful. A red Gyarados was rampaging around the lake, knocking down trees and destroying everything in its path. Wingman wanted to do something to stop it, so we all lured it over to us, where I took it on. It may have been angry, but a Thunderpunch to the face put it in its place.

After it left, we surveyed the area. It was a wreck; trees were strewn about like a set of Lincoln Logs, patches of grass were thrown about and holes were left in their place, and some nearby lake houses were damaged greatly. It was a horrible thing to see, and it really ruined the whole visit.

Then, out of nowhere, Lance appeared and addressed the scene. He came up to Wingman and me and said it was no surprise to see us here. He asked about Caroline, and Wingman explained that she was traveling with us because of his injury, which was still healing, but getting closer to being fully healed. Gastly bites are notorious for taking days to fully close.

Lance told us that he had gotten a lead about Team Rocket experimenting with radio waves nearby, trying to force evolution upon Magikarps. The Gyarados we had just stopped was the most recent experiment. He told us to tune in our radio to the wavelength 86.7, and a strange sound started playing. Lance told us that this was the radio wave that they were experimenting on, and he asked for Wingman's help to stop them. He agreed, and we returned to Mahogany.

Lance led us to the supposed entrance to the Team Rocket hideout, and he blasted past the guard there. We easily found the secret switch and revealed a staircase. Team Rocket sure loves their secret staircases. We headed into the thick of it, and went straight to the room where the generator that powered the transmitter sat. We were stopped, however, by a couple of Team Rocket grunts and an Executive. They forced us into a battle, but they were no match for Lance's Dragonite and me.

They abandoned the base, saying that this was only a mere side plot to their real plan. That made me worry, but I had more important matters first. We had to shut of the generator, and when Lance couldn't find a switch, I pushed everyone back and shot a Shadow Ball at it, breaking the huge belt and blowing off a few gears. The motor of the machine kept spinning, but the actual part that needed the motor stopped working. Caroline turned on her radio once again, and the strange noises had stopped.

With the machine out of commission, Lance thanked us for our help. He was impressed with our progress so far, and complimented my strength. He said he'd never seen any Nidoking use a Shadow Ball that powerful. I beamed ear to ear, and Lance turned to Wingman. He handed him an HM and told us it might come in handy.

Wingman and Lance exchanged farewells, and Lance wished us good luck on the rest of our journey, and he was off. We left the secret base as well, but not after I wrecked the motor as well.

Back outside, we returned to the Gym and found it re-opened. Which was lucky for us; neither of us wanted to wait until tomorrow. As we opened the doors, a gust of frigid air rushed out to greet us. Tentatively, we all stepped in and shut the doors behind us. All at once, we started to shiver; it was at least twenty degrees colder in here. The Gym Leader, Pryce, came up to us and greeted us harshly. "You must be here to challenge me," he said. "The challenger platform is over there. Let's get this over with."

Pryce was an older man, in his sixties, presumably, and he had the crotchety old man act down perfectly. Somehow, he wasn't shivering at all in the cold room, even though I could see my own breath. The field was covered in ice, and it almost looked like it really was just solid ice. Icicles hung from the ceiling, and snow drifts were placed here and there. The battle began, and he sent out a few Ice-Water types, a Seel and Dewgong to be exact, and Thunderpunch took care of both of them easily. His third Pokémon wasn't as simple. It was a Piloswine, and it was part Ground type. I figured out that it was indeed weak to Water type moves, and a wave of water knocked it out cold. Get it? It's an Ice type and it got knocked out cold! Pretty punny, right? Hehe... I've got to stop trying to be funny.

After the battle, Pryce seemed to get a little less grumpy, but he didn't open up much. He gave Wingman the Glacier Badge, congratulated us, and told us to leave. He said he was missing his show, and then he left.

"What an odd old man he was," Caroline observed.

We left town to the east as the sun started setting. When there was only a little light left, we set up camp. We didn't even bother with setting up the tent; the sky was clearer than a sheet of new glass. We laid ourselves out under the stars and gazed upwards, Wingman discussing what could be out in space with Caroline as I slowly dozed off.

September 6th, 2010, 4:09 PM
next update
-Got the Devon Goods
-Saved Peeko
-Sailed to Dewford
-Lost to Brawly
-Sailed to slateport
-Beat Mueseum Magma
-Beat Brawly
-Delivered etter to Steven

September 7th, 2010, 12:43 PM
I'll rejoin this... I choose Electabuzz
Going Red - Crystal - Ruby - Diamond

EDIT: Just looked at when Electabuzz learns his first move. LEVEL 34!

Ok... Update 1 already
Chose Squirtle for Surf
Went up to Viridian and got the Parcel
Gave it to Oak and got Pokedex
Bought Poke Balls
Got to level 11 killing Electabuzzes before catching one (damn crits)
Trained Electabuzz
Beat Rival
Went to Pewter City
Beat Brock with Leer and Crits (and Potions)

Electabuzz (Buzz) level 13
Quick Attack

HM Helper (Slave is insulting)
Squirtle level 11

September 7th, 2010, 3:16 PM
Update #2
1. Caught the Red Gyarados.
2. Talked to Lance.
3. Got rid of Team Rocket from Mahogany Town.
4. Beat Pryce.
5. Beat my rival and Team Rocket from Goldenrod City.
6. Arrived in Blackthorn City
7. Beat Clair.
8. Beat the Elite 4.

My Pokemon team as of now.

Steelix- Level 65
Pidgey- Level 15 (HM Slave)
Shuckle- Level 15 (HM Slave)
Gyarados-Level 30 (HM Slave)

Now back to the challenge.
1. Arrived in Vermillion City.
2. Beat Lt. Surge.
3. Arrived in Saffron City.
4. Beat Sabrina.
5. Arrived in Celadon City.
6. Beat Erika.
7. Arrived in Lavender Town.
8. Arrived in Fuschia City.
9. Beat Janine.
10. Went through the Rock Tunnel.
11. Arrived in Cerulean City.
12. Got the Machine Part.
13. Beat Misty.
14. Arrived in Pewter City.
15. Beat Brock
16. Arrived in Viridian City.
17. Arrived in Pallet Town.
18. Arrived on Cinnibar Island.
19. Arrived in the Seafoam Islands.
20. Beat Blaine.
21. Arrived back in Viridian City.
22. Beat Blue.

September 7th, 2010, 5:33 PM
:( My computer didn't save the game :(

Will redo the challenge but with someone else... Howabout Beedrill? I don't really like him but I've also only used him once... Oh well :)

Will start now



Somehow beat Brock... very hard

Beedrill ( Harry) level 13
Poison Sting
Fury Attack
String Shot

September 7th, 2010, 8:27 PM
IMPORTANT: I am going to be doing this in an odd fashion. Since I have gotten behind in my actual logs, for I have currently beaten Gold all the way through the battle with Red, I will be continuing on into Ruby. HOWEVER, each post from now on will be composed of my current status in whichever game I'm on, followed by one or two log entries. This means that THE LOGS IN EACH POST WILL NOT CORRESPOND TO MY CURRENT POSITION IN THE CHALLENGE. If you wish to know my current position, it will be in the space before the logs. Thank you, and have a nice day.

CURRENT POSITION: Beaten Red in Gold Version, will be starting Ruby soon.

Day 18

The day started out normally, with the sun rising and us cursing at it. We rolled up the sleeping mats and stuffed away the pillows into bags overflowing from being packed and unpacked and repacked multiple times. Today, everything felt a little dreamy. I was sort of floating in a haze for most of the morning, my mind not fully awake. Even when Caroline flipped on the radio and we all heard the broadcast of Team Rocket searching for Giovanni, I still stumbled around. Then there was a flash of red light and I was in my PokéBall.

I re-entered the world in Goldenrod, where I saw Team Rocket members blocking off everything: shops, houses, even the Gym. They had overrun the city and the main headquarters was at the Radio Tower. I snapped out of my haze gradually, but when I did, you can bet that I was concerned about Team Rocket's goal; bringing back Giovanni meant that I'd have to face him again, and that meant Doku... I didn't want a repeat of the Viridian City Gym.

But if we stopped Team Rocket before then, we could avoid the whole confrontation entirely. So that was our whole goal. We were supposed to infiltrate the tower and find the head Rocket in Giovanni's absence. Our plan was to sneak in the back where the number of guards was much lower and sneak our way up the service stairs. If needed, we'd battle the grunt here and there to keep them quiet, but we truthfully wanted to be as unnoticeable as possible.

That lasted for about five minutes. We were starting up towards the second floor when a grunt noticed us and sounded the alarm. A wave of grunts chased after us, and I was forced to knock aside the occasional Zubat or Golbat they'd send at us. We kept racing up the stairs until I finally got tired of it and blasted a hole in them with a Shadow Ball. That stopped the grunts short, and we continued up. News would eventually reach the temporary boss, and then we'd be in trouble.

At the top floor of the tower, a man was broadcasting something about supporting Team Rocket's cause. He called himself the director, but I knew something was up with him. I walked up to him and swiftly tore off his overcoat, revealing a Team Rocket uniform. He cursed at us for seeing through him and sent out his Pokémon. They were easy to beat aside; five Koffings and a Weezing a good team does not create.

The man had an iron resolution to stay silent. Then I picked him up and pressed him against the wall. He blabbed that the real director was being held in an underground warehouse (Team Rocket really has an affinity for things underground) and that he had the key to access the room where the boss was. Wingman thanked him and I dropped him, where he crumpled to the floor, scared out of his wits. "I think we might have scarred him for life," Caroline stated, and Wingman and I just shrugged and raced back down the stairs.

We had to divert to the main stairs at the point where I blew the service stairs up, but it wasn't too far from the ground floor. Once back outside, we headed to the underground warehouse, which wasn't too hard to find. A key was needed, and seeing as we didn't have one, I decided that my foot would make a good lock pick. It didn't open the lock, but there wasn't really a need to after I was done with that door.

We charged into the warehouse and found a maze of switches and shutters. Before we could enter the maze, however, someone called out at us. Upon turning around, we saw Greg, standing by the stairs. "Figures I'd find you weaklings here." He walked over to us and acted tough. "Weak people often are drawn to other weak people. And seeing you around Team Rocket confirms that."

He grinned smugly at us, and then continued, "I think I'll let you handle this one; I don't get my hands dirty battling weaklings." Then he strode off, climbing up the stairs and out of sight. He just grinds my gears, any time I see him. The way he talks and regards others just makes me want to shove his fat red head off of a cliff. If there had been a cliff handy, I just might have done it.

After Greg was out of the room, Wingman and I brushed his words out of our minds and continued onward. We explored through the maze of tunnels and hallways, eventually stumbling upon a large room lined wall to wall with labeled boxes. Each label was different; some said 'Stat Boosters', others said 'Potions', and still more said 'TMs'. "It's like a department store storage house," Wingman observed, looking around.

Suddenly, a muffled sound, like screaming, was audible through the whole area. A box, unlabeled and carelessly stacked in the corner, started shaking violently. We ran over to investigate it, finding a middle-aged man tied up and gagged. Wingman removed the gag, and the man breathed a deep sigh of relief. "Thank you so much! I'm the real Director of the Radio Tower, but Team Rocket tied me up and threw me down here this morning. If you would please..."

He motioned to his bindings, and Caroline and Wingman undid them while I supported the Director. "Thank you. Now, Team Rocket has most likely holed themselves up in the east side of the tower, behind the locked door. This key should allow you to enter." The Director handed Wingman a card key, and Wingman slid it in his pocket for safe keeping. "Now please," the Director said, "save the Radio Tower! Who knows what Team Rocket could do with it..."

I suddenly remembered what they were doing to the Magikarp in the Lake of Rage; if they broadcasted that signal over the vast distance the Radio Tower could reach, they could possibly force evolution on all Pokémon in Johto. The chaos emerging from such an event would be devastating.

The three of us rushed back to the Radio Tower and were met with the pumped up security at both entrances. We decided that the back exit would be best for now, so we snuck up to the guards as quietly as possible and I knocked their heads together; not hard enough to kill, but just enough to knock them out. Swiftly, we ascended the steps up to the large gap I had created earlier. I was able to rip off a chunk of the drywall nearby and use it as a bridge across the gap. It supported Caroline and Wingman, but only barely. I heard it creaking dangerously as they crossed, so I knew it couldn't hold me.

Launching myself into the air, I was able to make it most of the way across; however, I still landed on the drywall and it splintered beneath my weight. I started to fall, my feet not quite on the steps yet. Right then, Wingman threw out his right arm - his injured one - and caught me. His face instantly twisted into a grotesque mask of intense pain.

I gripped him tightly; while a one story fall wouldn't kill me, it would seriously damage me. Caroline helped out, but Wingman's arm had already sustained even greater damage from receiving all of my weight. After I was back on solid footing, Wingman held his shoulder in pain; his face was twisted into a dreadful expression of agony. I could tell it kept all of his restraint to keep from shouting out.

Caroline and I helped him to his feet after a while, and we supported him the rest of the way up the stairs. At the top floor, Wingman was able to pull out the card key and hand it to Caroline. She slid it into the slot and the door clicked open. Wingman pushed us back and stood on his own, though he was a bit shaky; the pain had caused his legs to weaken as his mind was overridden with pain signals from his shoulder.

With his good arm, he both supported himself on the door and slammed it open. A man in a special Team Rocket uniform was relaxing in a desk in the room, which was more of an office. He sat up as the door opened, but upon seeing us, he visibly relaxed. "Ah, it would seem that a few kids have broken into my office. I must remind myself to severely scold the guards," he said to himself.

"We may be kids, but there's more to us than meets the eye," Wingman calmly responded.

"Is that so?" questioned the Rocket man, who was clearly the head honcho while Giovanni was absent. Standing up, he continued. "I notice that you've been using that door for support the whole time you've been here. It would seem that you are either injured in your legs or pain elsewhere in your body has rendered them weak. How far off am I?"

"Actually, you're spot on," Wingman replied. "I couldn't stand on my own if I wanted to right now; Gastly bites take a while to heal over, and exerting the affected area can cause overpowering discomfort." He let go of the door and slumped against the frame. Caroline and I rushed to support him again, but he waved us away. "This doesn't mean that you should just disregard me, however. I may be in pain, but my little friend here is not."

I took this a cue to step forward. The Rocket Head smirked at this. "If that's the case, let's see how strong your friend is. In fact, I'll cut you a deal. If you win, Team Rocket will disband for good; but if I win, you have to leave here and never meddle in the affairs of Team Rocket from then on."

"Deal." And the battle began.

It was much simpler than I expected; he had two Fire types and a Golbat, each of which didn't stand a chance against Surf and Thunderpunch respectively. The battle was over shortly, and the Team Rocket Head was in shock. But he held up his end of the deal; he recognized when he was beat and had the honor to be civilized. "A deal is a deal. You won, so from this day forward, Team Rocket will be no more. Now I bid you farewell." He backed up to the window, threw it open, and stepped out onto the ledge. Upon whistling, a Fearow appeared out of nowhere and took him away, out of sight.

After he had left, we returned to the ground floor, where the Director met us and thanked us for saving the tower. We didn't stay for long, however, for Wingman needed medical attention for his arm. At the hospital, they took a quick x-ray of his shoulder and discovered that catching me had not only hindered the healing process of his previous wound, but also displaced his shoulder joint and fractured his arm. He would have to wear a sling to keep his arm in the proper position for healing.

The hospital nurses fit him with a sling and a brace to keep it in the correct place in relation to his body. After it was all fitted on, Wingman's arm stuck out a good six inches from his body. They gave Caroline specific instructions on how to help him get used to the sling and handed her a prescription for pain killers that would help Wingman deal with the pain.

It was recommended that we stay at the hospital for the night, but we looked at the charges that would come with that and decided to find a hotel somewhere. We ended up sleeping just outside the city under the stars. Wingman was having some issues adjusting to his sling, but he started to get used to it. Hopefully it would heal in four days. Until then, he was supposed to wear the sling and avoid physical exertion.

I spent half of that night awake, staring at the sky. I was thinking, so many strange things have happened to me ever since Wingman found me that one day. Evolution, Gym battles, dealing with past memories being skewed horribly, becoming the Champion of Kanto, de-evolving and re-evolving, Greg and his Gastly, the Ampharos with a crush on me, and most recently, the Radio Tower incident. Three weeks ago I would have never dreamed of any of those things happening. And now they lined up in front of me like a parade of demented thoughts and odd moments.

Truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Eternal Nightmare
September 8th, 2010, 4:20 AM
Solo Run Part 1: Lets Go Muchu

Started the game off and named myself EN and my rival Gary and i choose Charmander as my starter and beat Gary with it. Next i travel to Viridian City and obtain the Oaks Parcel so i go and deliver them to the good professor and get my pokeballs. Then i get the town map from Daisy so now i activated the code to get Smoochum. The damn thing didnt want to get into the ball but i finally caught her and named her Muchu(which is actually Smoochums japanese name) at LV 3 and i caught a Pidgey afterwards for Fly later on.

At the pokemon center, i deposit both Charmander and Pidgey into the PC and start to grind Muchu so she can be big and strong. And....we get off to a bad start losing to the first Rattata we encounter Dx. But we are determined so we continue training but...all our efforts were useless Q_Q so i took Charmander out to help Muchu steal EXP. It worked out pretty well and i put Charmander in the PC when I felt Muchu was ready enough before moving onward.

Back in Viridian City, I stock up on Potions and finally set out walking to Viridian Forest where i take out a few Caterpies before running across my first trainer, pretty simple. The second trainer i lost to because of poision and the rematch i won thanks to Potions while still poisioned. But thank god after that battle i came across an antidote so i used it immediately and my last potion and pressed forward. After the third trainer, Muchu is now left with 7 HP but we still march forward and I find a Potion...lucky me. I use it and proceed to defeat the last trainer only to get poisoned on Weedles low HP. So now i head out and to Pewter City where i head straight to the Pokemon Center to heal and afterwards explore the town. Afterwards i train Muchu to LV 14 before facing Brock.

Inside the gym, I lost to Brock twice before finally obtaining the boulder BoulderBadge(only due to my luck of freezing Onix), access to Flash, and TM Rock Tomb...so now i was off for the next destination...this solo thing is going to be tougher than i actually thought. Anyway, before rushing to Route 3 i obtain the Running Shoes(finally) and proceed forward and beat the trainers in route before making my way to the pokemon center on Route 4 to heal, save, and make my way to Mt. Moon.

Inside, I find a useless TM Bullet Seed at the entrance and from there i went to battle trainers within my site, collect items in the area and i also caught me a Paras for HM Flash later on. Continuing, also fight off Team Rocket as i make my way outside and to Cerulean City. Quickly, i rush to the pokemon center to deposit Paras into the box, heal, save, and then explore the town. During this, I run into my rival and ended up losing.

Anywho, in the pokemon center i save yet again and i will see you all at my gym battle with Misty :]


Everything started out so very bad but now the run is going pretty well :3

Solo Partner

Muchu the Smoochum
Lv 23
-Sweet Kiss
-Powder Snow

September 8th, 2010, 5:36 AM
Whew, I've been in the Game Corner for like the whole week! I'm getting those TMs that I want for Slowbro. I've got them, with some luck! :D

Sephiroth @nothing
Male, Lv. 54
Moves: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Flamethrower

Once I get Surf, I'm replacing it for one of the moves. x]
I'll get on a real update on Friday or so. Not that sure, though.

Porygon Z
September 8th, 2010, 6:09 AM
I'm in!
I'll play games in this order: Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Emerald, Platinum,
And I'll do it with my trusty Bagon!

September 9th, 2010, 3:20 PM
Mine won't be in story form like you guys' because mine will look incredibly bad in comparison.

Update 1: Start - Eucretak.
-Edited Mankey in for Cyndaquil.
-Named myself Andrew.
-Grinded to level 10 outside New Bark.
-Went to Mr. Pokemon's house.
-Fought Rival. Easily killed his Totodile.
-Named Rival Virgil. :P
-Gave Oak the egg, and left for Violet City.
-Picked up the town map from the old man in Cherrygrove.
-Went north and fought trainers.
-Healed up in Violet City.
-OWNED Sprout Tour. Luckily nobody had a Gastly.
-Healed up again and headed for the gym.
-Beat the two trainers but had to leave and heal since Flying > Fighting.
-Faced Faulkner. Barely won with 3 hp left.

http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/523/postfalkner1.png http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/2570/postfalkner2.png

-Healed up and headed south.
-Fought every trainer along the way to Union Cave.
-Healed and headed inside.
-Easily beat everyone inside (except the guy with the Slowpoke) D:
-Healed in Azalea.
-Went and saw Kurt, then followed him to Slowpoke Tunnel.
-Killed all the Rockets inside. Yes, killed, as in murdered. That's what they deserve for cutting of the poor Slowpoke's tails. Damn them.
-Healed and entered Azalea Gym.
-Remembered that Fighting isn't good against bug either and facepalmed.
-Slowly beat every trainer, healing between each one. Grrr...bugs.
-Beat Bugsy. Pretty easily, too.
-Recieved HIVEBADGE.

(forgot to screenshot.)

-Healed and fought Virgil outside Ilex Forest.
-Saw his Gastly and super-facepalmed.
-Spammed Scratch and waited to die.
-After blacking out and waking up at the PC, taught Snargles Mud Shot.
-Fought Virgil again, this time easily beating him, with the help of Mud Shot.
-Found the guys lost Farfetch'd in Ilex Forest, and got HM01.
-Togepi hatched from it's egg.
-Caught an Oddish to use Cut.
-Left Ilex Forest, defeated a few trainers, and arrived at Goldenrod.
-Healed and entered Goldenrod Gym.
-With the help of his fighting type move Karate Chop, Snargles OHKO'd every Pokemon in the Gym except Miltank. Miltank took 2 shots.
-Beat Whitney.

http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/9648/postwhitney2.png http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/4906/postwhitney1.png
(screenshotted the wrong two screens. i'll screenshot all 3 stat screens from now on.)

-Left the Gym, healed up, and left North.
-Defeated many trainers and eventually came to a weird moving tree.
-Went all the damn way back to Goldenrod and got the Squirtbottle.
-Squirted water on the moving tree.
-Sudowoodo (the tree) attacked, and Snargles killed it.
-Fought a few more trainers and entered Eucretak.

September 9th, 2010, 3:21 PM
Ok... Update 2

After Brock I went to the cave with a level 15 Beedrill and came out with a level 21 beedrill. I went and challenged Misty but lost cause I was low on health. I healed up and went back to the gym and beat Misty this time. I went up to the bridge and my jerkish rival was there. I beat him and got to Bills. He gave me a ticket for saving him. I went to the boat where the ticket ws for and am currently doing that.

Beedrill is level 29 with moves: Rage, Twineedle, Poison Sting, Fury Attack

September 10th, 2010, 12:44 PM
Huh this looks fun this is my first challenge so no judging! anyways I guess the game I will be doing is Pokemon Fire Red and the Pokemon I will be using is Larvitar! so I guess I start doing this!

Update!!! 9/10/2010 - 5:19

mondays suck
September 10th, 2010, 2:12 PM
Time to update my ZOMBIE JUMPLUFF (yes, caps are totally necessary here, to emphasize the importance of these two words) run, isn't it?

So, I was busy with Mt.Moon for ages because of PP limitations and Jumpluff general moveset direction being not optimal for a Solo run, but at least I got Leech Seed in here.
This was a weird battle. Staryu and Starmie both couldn't hurt me (LS would immediately heal any damage), but they lasted forever because they spammed recover. I'm pretty sure must have been about to run out of Tackle (yeah, I still haven't found anything better) PP when Starmie finally died.
ZOMBIE JUMPLUFF at this point. Well, that's not exactly true, since it's not a zombie yet. But what if it was already a zombie when I received it...?
Anyways, it's time for me to think about a moveset, LS+Poison might be awesome but is not going to work for the Elite 4. First there's Lorelei who will just kill me, then there are tons and tons of Pokemon, so I'll eventually run out of PP and Ethers.

September 10th, 2010, 3:34 PM
Oh fudge! I totally forgot about this Dx

It doesn't say I've posted in here but I remember posting saying I'd do a run through with Bagon, if it's okay. I'd like to change it

HG/SS Challenge : Gible.

And I won't abandon it this time D: I've got a swollen foot so I need to kill time (:<

If it means anything HG is the game im using.

ChaoZZ BuBBleZ
September 10th, 2010, 5:19 PM
I'm going to start the challenge now with Soul Silver!
The Pokemon I will choose is Elekid.

I'll post again later with the first update.

September 10th, 2010, 5:30 PM
So far :

Has just entered the world of HG and is ready to dominate it.

Lv : 5
Jolly nature
Dragon Claw
Aerial Ace
Flamethrower < and other 2 are from Momma Chomp.

September 10th, 2010, 7:28 PM
CURRENT STATUS: In Pokémon Ruby, beaten Roxanne.

Day 19

Wingman already hates the sling. He couldn't do anything to help pack up, and he hated it. I felt guilty for it, seeing as he hurt his arm even more because of me. But he never blamed me, only himself. If I could have, I would have told him not to.

But that couldn't be helped. We spent the morning packing while Wingman did anything he could to help, though it wasn't much. We got all packed up soon enough and flew off, back to Mahogany Town. Continuing where we left of the day before, we headed east again, towards Blackthorn City.

Getting there wasn't easy; an expansive maze of icy tunnels called Ice Path stood in our way. The ground inside the caverns was half covered in ice and getting and keeping footing was near impossible. Slipping and sliding became the easiest mode of getting around, and it started to become rather frustrating. Falling down was common, so we were extra careful to keep Wingman from falling on his arm.

Even then, it was impossible to completely protect him from slipping often, if not as often as we did. But he didn't get hurt any worse than we did.

The cave exited right into the city. It was more of a mountain village, though, with houses and buildings spread further apart and placed wherever flat ground was. The Gym was higher up than any other house, and it stood in front of a lake. The doors led to a long hallway that got increasingly hotter.

Finally, the hallway opened up into a large room with a field in the middle. The field was an isthmus between the two walls of the Gym, but instead of being through water, it was through lava. No wonder it was so hot in here.

Clair, a slightly hot-headed lady, met up with us and introduced herself as the Gym Leader. Wingman talked with her for a bit as they discussed the Gym and the sling he had. After a short period of time, Clair and Wingman got to talking about battling and the match was declared.

Standing with lava on either side of me was highly uncomfortable. But I knew that I might be able to use that to my advantage. Clair used all Dragon type Pokémon, and none of my attacks could do massive damage on them, so I used the one that could do the most damage easily. Shadow Ball was able to beat most of her Pokémon, but it took some time and patience. Those dragons were persistent and nimble.

Eventually, I was able to defeat them all. Clair, of course, was a little bit in disbelief, but she was denying it with her whole will. She refused to give Wingman the badge and grant him access to the Elite Four. "I don't think you're ready yet; you have yet to really prove yourself," she told us. Then she gave Wingman a task. If he could enter the Dragon's Den behind the Gym and successfully retrieve the Dragon Fang, she would award him the badge.

Across the lake behind the Gym was the entrance to the Dragon's Den. The cave was a huge underground lake. A shrine was built on the lake, but the bridge between the entrance and the shrine was destroyed. The lake churned and swirled, almost angry at our arrival. We had no idea where to look, so we decided to look at the shrine first. Unfortunately, the waters made it harder than ever to surf to it. I was thrown back and forth by the waves like a toy boat in a child's bath.

It took some time, but we reached the shrine safely. Soaked and half-drowned, but safe. The Dragon Fang was hanging on a necklace in the shrine. Wingman approached it slowly and, with his good arm, removed it. Almost instantly, the swirl of white-capped water calmed. Gripping the string tightly, Wingman climbed back on me and we easily returned to the entrance, where Clair was waiting.

She was dumbfounded. "Ever since Lance left, no one has been able to defeat me AND reach the Dragon Fang," Clair stated. "Fine, so be it. You have both beaten me and passed the test, so here is the badge you deserve." With that, Clair handed Wingman the Rising Badge. "You may keep the Dragon Fang," Clair added. "You've earned it."

Caroline, Wingman, and I stayed in Blackthorn for a little longer before flying off to the Victory Road gate. When we entered Victory Road this time, we entered through a different entrance into a different cave. This was supposed to lead to the Johto branch of the Elite Four.

The cave was a little easier to navigate than the Kanto part was. There were fewer puzzles and no other trainers. However, just as we were about to exit the caverns, we heard a familiar voice. "So, you weaklings have finally caught up to me."

We turned around to see Greg standing behind us with a smug grin on his face. "About time. You kept me waiting." Greg approached us slowly. "I was about to give up and destroy the Elite Four, but I kept waiting; and sure enough, here you are." He halted. "I see you've got yourself another injury there, huh? That's too bad," Greg said, getting in Wingman's face. "I wonder if it would hurt if I did this."

Suddenly, he grabbed Wingman's sling and shoved it down and out of position. Wingman cringed in pain, but he didn't scream out. I tensed up and started growling, but Wingman looked back as if to tell me no.

"Hmm... I guess I didn't hurt you enough with that," Greg coldly observed. "What if I did this?" He twisted Wingman's arm upward and away. Wingman yelped in pain, and I took a step forward. "No no; this is a human only interaction," Greg said to me as he continued to harm Wingman. Wingman looked up at me, and his eyes were pleading me to stay back; he knew that my involvement could end up disastrous. But I couldn't just stand there doing nothing.

Then there was a crack. Wingman's shouts of pain were cut off, and Greg released him. The arm fell down to his side, bending back awkwardly. "There, that should suffice," Greg stated as he began to walk off. Wingman's eyes were wide as he fell to his side, clutching his arm. I snapped, almost visibly, and roared. Greg turned around and looked at me, and I stared him down.

He started to back up, and I stepped slowly towards him. Then he turned and bolted out right. But I was faster, and I caught up to him in seconds. My hand wrapped around his arm and jerked him to a halt. I whipped his face around and picked him up. The smug grin had been wiped off now; a terrified expression took its place. With one swift motion, I hurled him around and slammed him into a wall, knocking the breath out of him. That was the only thing my mind was telling me to do, but my heart was broken seeing Wingman fall like that. And the man in my hands was responsible.

In a fury, I swung my free arm at his chest, smacking him right in the gut. His eyes flew wide, and he coughed in response. Blood droplets flung out of his mouth and splattered my face. Wiping the blood off, I threw the bastard to the ground. His body hit with a resounding smack. I stared down at him coldly, and he looked back up, absolutely terrified. He was about to crawl away, but I reached down and grabbed his leg. Then I yanked a boulder off of the ground and placed it on his leg. He shouted in pain, but I was deaf to his cries.

I left him trapped like that and turned to Wingman and Caroline. Caroline had gone to Wingman's side and lifted him up, and they had seen the whole event. Wingman stared at me, though it felt more like he stared through me. His mind was miles away. Caroline was looking at me with a mixed look of fear and respect, and she would glance over quickly as the desperate cries of Greg grew louder and more pained.

We carried Wingman out of the cave, past the lonely eyes boring into us. I couldn't care what happened to him from then on. He could starve to death there and I wouldn't give a crap. Besides, he had his Pokémon, though seeing as how he treated them, I doubt they'd do anything for him.

Once Wingman was in the Pokémon League, he was taken to the hospital they had built in there. They X-rayed his arm and fitted him in a cast. Caroline explained that it was broken by a trainer in Victory Road on purpose. She also explained that he was still there, trapped by a boulder. I wasn't upset that she told them; I was more worried that they'd be curious as to what happened to him, and that could mean trouble for me.

But for now, it had started to get late. Wingman was resting on the hospital bed, and Caroline and I fell asleep keeping watch over him.

Day 20

Wingman's arm is broken in two places. Greg is in the hands of the authorities. And I narrowly avoided being put down.

The x-rays weren't revealed to us until today, and they weren't good at all. Wingman had his lower arm twice, one break on the radius and one on the ulna. The worst part is that they weren't clean fractures; splinters of bone were also broken off. He would be forced to wear a cast for the good part of the next two months. He was pretty much devastated, and he started to consider stopping his training. Caroline and I were able to convince him to keep going, but he was still depressed.

Greg was brought in by the police and interrogated. Then Wingman and Caroline were interrogated. The cops came to the conclusion that Greg was responsible for the damages and was taken into custody on the charge of unprovoked attack. However, from the stories, my aggression was put up to question. They thought that my attack was a sign of a dangerous Pokémon and a bad mental problem. Which means I could be either ordered to be released, forcibly taken away, or even euthanized.

Wingman fought for me, though. He put up the case that I was very well behaved and normally non-aggressive. The Gym Leaders, he said, would support that. For the moment, the officials decided to let it go through consideration and that the Leaders would be called up and asked about it.

So for now, my long-term future was hanging in limbo. But for now, I knew what I had in store. Wingman would need to be cared for, and the Elite Four were right there, waiting for us. Wingman felt the same way, but the hospital required that he have a nurse with him at all times.

I don't have much to say on the Elite Four, only that they were almost just as easy as they were before. Only Lance gave me any real trouble, and that was only because of his Pokémon's resistance to most of my attacks. For the most part, though, the Elite Four fell quickly and with few disturbances.

What happened afterward was the much more interesting part. Wingman, Caroline, and I returned to the main lobby with Lance, discussing the events in Victory Road, when the people from the PAMP (People Against Mistreatment of Pokémon) stopped us. They had heard of the event and accused Wingman of mistreating me, saying that it was his mistreatment that caused my inner anger to build up and Greg was a convenient release for it. However, there was a hole in their theory: why would I attack Greg after he hurt Wingman if I was angry at Wingman? Lance pointed this out, and the PAMP people tried to counter it.

Before they could come up with anything, the police returned and told them to back away. They stated that they had talked with all of the Gym Leaders and confirmed that Wingman was treating me properly and that I was acting only to defend Wingman, not because of mental issues or need to release anger. They even mentioned Jasmine and Amphy, who was overly appreciative for helping save Amphy. PAMP was told to disperse and that the police had this under control.

At this point, I'm sighing a huge breath of relief. I knew I had been extremely close to losing either my life how it is now or even my life period. But the Gym Leaders had come through for me and cleared my name. I'd have to thank them somehow. I'd also have to go back and see Amphy again. I kinda wanted to talk to her and figure a few things out. And that doesn't mean I have a crush on her, it just means I wanna set a few things straight.

Wingman knew that he'd have to stay fairly inactive for some time, but he wanted to re-visit Kanto and clear his head of the anger that accumulated because of Greg.

He also decided that a good way to do so was to get in a few good battles, and he decided to go back to the Gyms and connect with Leaders to catch up on things.

The next few days will probably pass fast, and I'll be very busy making sure Wingman is taken care of. I might not be able to make another log for a while, but I'll do so as soon as I can.

September 10th, 2010, 9:36 PM
I've always loved ice types no matter how fragile most of them are. I'm going to use Cloyster and I'll be starting on Pokemon Yellow (sorry Pikachu.) I'll hack in a Shellder who is quite defensive.

Started Pokemon Yellow and got Pikachu and defeated Blue.
Obtained and returned the parcel.
Ran through the grass and found a Shellder!
Caught it and named it Dextrous.
Grinded Dextrous to Lv. 10.
Defeated Blue who knocked out Dextrous and had to use Pikachu to finish him off.
Deposited Pikachu in PC and headed to Viridian Forest.
Defeated Brock with Tackles and apparently Struggles too.
Made it through Mt. Moon and defeated Misty with Supersonic and Tackles.
Defeated Blue and got S.S. Anne Ticket.
Defeated Blue again in the S.S. Anne and got Cut.
Defeated Lt. Surge with speed decreasing Bubblebeams while Raichu growled and was given a speed boost at the wrong time.
Made it through Rock Tunnel and therefore waiting in Lavender.


Dextrous the Shellder Lv. 39


-Aurora Beam


Lv. 10 Charmander-Cut

Next time:

Shellder gets exposed to a Water Stone.
Erika suffers from the wrath of ice.
A damper is put on Team Rocket.
A fight to the top against possessed ladies.

September 11th, 2010, 2:42 AM
Day 1 (Which was yesterday :S)

Gible and Cynthia made their way to Violet city, destroying Bug catcher's will Aerial ace and Flamethrower, whilst the youngsters suffered the wrath of Dragon claw, we made our way up Sprout tower, taking down alot of weeds on the way, we finally arrived before the master.

Gible easily took down 2 of his Pokemon until Hoothoot decided to use Hypnosis and get like 4 Crit hits in a row .-. till then I was screaming GETUP! Gible then answered with a Claw made of dragon power and sent that bird to it's grave, I received flash and saved.

Coming up on day 2

Togepi with hatch and become a slave of flash.
We catch a sandshrew for slaveness
We defeat Falkner and Bugsy
Team rocket fly out of the well.
And everything in between

September 11th, 2010, 11:49 AM
I beat Red on Crystal, with my Level 95 Steelix.

September 11th, 2010, 12:06 PM
New Update Time! By the way I did way more than what was mentioned previously.

Got to Celadon and bought a Waterstone and gave it to Dextrous as a gift.
Dextrous exposure to it made him evolve into a Cloyster!
Defeated Erika with Ice Beams via TM.
Crashed Team Rocket's Hideout and defeated Giovanni with Ice Beams as well.
Defeated Blue and Team Rocket and the crazed Channelers in the Pokemon Tower.
Got Surf and Strength in Fuchsia.
Defeated Koga with Surfs or Double-Edges I think.
Foiled Team Rocket's plans at Silph Co. and defeated Blue and Giovanni with Ice Beams and Surfs.
Defeated Sabrina with Double Edges and Surfs.

Currently, I'm on Cinnabar Island and already got the Secret Key from the mansion. I'll be fighting Blaine soon which should be easy. Dextrous is overpowered so there's no doubt I won't finish soon.

Pokemon Team:

Dextrous the Cloyster Lv. 68


-Ice Beam

HM Slave: Charmander-Strength, Cut

(Yeah, I did not want to get Fly since the emulator can speed through.)

I will soon be finishing Pokemon Yellow so get ready for another update.

...and here it is. The final update for Pokemon Yellow's, solo run for Cloyster.

Defeated Blaine with Surfs and Clamps.
Defeated Giovanni with Clamps and Surfs.
Defeated Blue with a combination of Dextrous' moves.
Made it through Victory Road with ease.
Stocked up for the toughest battles.
Defeated Lorelei with only Double-Edges. Probably my toughest battle throughout the game since her Pokemon were mostly ice and water.
Defeated Bruno with Surfs. His Machamp survived one but killed himself with recoil from his Submission.
Defeated Agatha with a variety of his moves.
Defeated Lance with Ice Beams.
Defeated Blue with a variety of his movesets. His Jolteon knocked out Dextrous but I had my HM Slave Charmander revive him with a Max Revive and everything after that was a breeze.

I beat Pokemon Yellow! I'm unsure of which game I will be playing but it will surely be easy.

Pokemon Team:

Dextrous the Cloyster Lv. 76


-Ice Beam

HM Slave: Charmander-Strength, Cut

September 11th, 2010, 2:58 PM
Ok, Update?

BEat rival and got Cut. Taught it to Oddish. Beat Lt.Surge... EASY. Got through cave. Beat Erika and Giovanni and saved Fuji. Killed a Snorlax. Beat Rockets again, then Sabrina and Koga. Got Surfand Strength... Beat Articuno. Beat Blaine with Double Team 6 times while Growlithe Agilitys and then Skull Bash. Beat Giovanni. That is all.

Beedrill is level 72 with moves: Skull Bash, Double Team, Twineedle, and Toxic.

EDIT: Just Beat ELite Four with getting hit twice... Beedrill is level 78 with the same moveset

On to Johto!

September 12th, 2010, 12:51 AM
Ok so after stalling the completion of Johto(which I find the most boring one to play) I finished it and have completed hoenn the next day(which btw means today) so heres the last two logs of Johto(Pictures to be added soon) and all the logs for hoenn(Pictures also to be added soon).

Log 4
-Beat Sarina with Slash
-Travelled to power plant
-Turned the power back on
-Travelled to Pewter city
-Beat Brock with surf(Tuaght rock slide to Kabutops)
-Beat Misty with slash
-Travelled to ****sia
-Beat Janine with surf
-Travelled to cinnabar island then to seafoam
-Beat Blaine with surf
-Travelled back to cinabar, talked to blue, then travelled to Vermillion
-Beat Blue with a combo of moves
Log 5
-Climbed Mt. Silver
-Challenged Red, this battle was easy except for Venosuar who was very hard to take down.
-Beat Pickachu with rock slide
-Beat Venosuar with rock climb
-Beat Blastiose with Rock climb
-Beat Lapras with Rock slide
-Beat Charizard with Rock slide
-Beat Snorlax with Rock climb
-Challenge complete

and hoenn (which I must say was rather easy)
-Started game
-Choose tarter(Kabuto)
-Defeated May
-Helped Wally capture his first pokemon
-Captured a marill and a wingull for HM slaves
-Travelled through the forest and saved the devon employer from team aqua
-Entered Rustburo
-Beat Roxanne with aurora beam
-Saved Peeko the wingull
-Travelled to Dewford city
-Delivered the message to steven
-Couldn't beat brawly so travelled to slateport and stoped team aqua
-Beat May on the way to Mauville
-Defeated Wally in mauville
-Travelled to Verdanturf for some extra exp
-Defeated Watson with mud shot
-Returned to Dewford and defeated Brawly with mud shot
-Arrived at farlarbour town
-Meet Team Aqua and Magma at meteor falls
Log 2
-Climbed Mt. Ember
-Kabuto evolved into Kabutops!
-Defeated Maxie
-Beat Flannery with mud shot
-Defeated Norman with Mud shot and Slash
-Saved the weather institute from Team Aqua
-Defeated May (this was an extremely easy fight)
-Arrived at Foretree
-Acquired a Devon Scope
-Marill evolved, hooray(sarcasm)
-Defeated Winona with Rock tomb and Aurora beam
-Arrived at Lilycove
-Beat May
-Defeated Team Aqua at Mt. Pyre
-Entered Team Magmas secret base
-Defeated Maxie
-Entered Team Aquas base
-Defeated Team Aqua
Log 3
-Arrived at Mossdeep
-Beat Tate and Liz with surf
-Saved the space station
-Arrived at the sea floor cavern
-Defeated Archie
-Travelled to Sootopolis
-Awakened Rayquaza
-Beat Juan with Rock tomb
-Entered Victory road
-Beat Wally
-Arrived at the Pokemon league
-Defeated Sydney with slash
-Beat Phoebe with Surf
-Beat Glacidia with rock tomb
-Challenged Wallace
-Beat Wailord with slash
-Gyrados slash again
-Whishcash went to surf
-Ludicolo took a couple slash's
-Tentacruel went to some more slash's
-Milotic was easy thanks to critical hit with slash
-Wallace defeated
-Got my name down in the hall of fame
-Challenge completed

Anyway I should be doing and completing Sinnoh soon.

P.S. I don't know if I will be able to do a solo run with Metagross and Kabutops when Black and White come out, seen as I'm getting them soon but only one copy until the eng versons are out

September 12th, 2010, 1:31 AM
hi sorry i want not active for so long and here my progress actually i am writing it in very less detail because i can't remember how i have done everything

got my 3 gym badge
got my 4 gym badge
got my 5 gym badge
got my 6 gym badge
got my 7 gym badge
won from team galactice and saved the world
got my 8 gym badge

WON from pokemon league and i was surprised to see Cynthia there
thats how i completed my challend and won platinum

September 12th, 2010, 3:37 AM
Sorry to be a pain but I've changed my mind on the spheal solorun.

I think I'll change to a pikachu (possibly Riachu) ultimate solorun ;)
I'll be going Yellow - SoulSilver - Sapphire - Platinum. (Yellow will be the only ROM)

I've already started yellow and named Pikachu Static, will start updating with pictures soon :) (If I figure out how lol..)

Update #1:

-Named myself Yellow & rival Blue
-Did all the start bit & beat Blue
-Trained up to level 10 then beat Blue again.
-Went through the forest and got to Pewter city.
-Defeated Brock


September 12th, 2010, 5:16 AM
Im gonna start another run through with Yellow on an Emulator

and Choose Dratini.

EDIT I'll use Pidgey instead.

Ok... here we go.

-Game started
-Named Myself Joe.
-Rival : Blue
-Obtained Pikachu
-Obtained Oak's parcel.
-Caught a Lv 4 http://i56.tinypic.com/34o4qy1.jpg
-Ditched Chu.
-http://i56.tinypic.com/34o4qy1.jpg Grew to Level 5
-http://i56.tinypic.com/34o4qy1.jpg Learned Sand Attack.
-http://i56.tinypic.com/34o4qy1.jpg Grew to Level 6

That's it for now.

I'll update soon ^.~

Update 2

-Pidgey grew to level 7
-Pidgey Grew to level 8
-Pidgey grew to Level 9
-Challenged gary and lost
-Re-challenged him and won.
-Pidgey grew to level 10
-Pidgey learned Quick Attack.
-Made it through Viridian forest.
-Challenge Jr. trainer in Brocks gym and won.
-Pidgey grew to level 16
-Challenged Brock and won.
-Pidgey grew to level 17
-Beat trainers east of Pewter city
-What this?
-Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto.
-Some grinding got us to Level 21

Next time :
Misty meets her match
Surge get's powered down.
Erika loses her scent.

September 12th, 2010, 6:41 AM
All right, everyone who needs to be updated has been updated.

Also, stargate brings up a good point. For everyone wanting to do Ultimate Solo Runs, Black and White will not be required for quite a while. There will be a section for them, but they won't be required for the Ultimate.

September 12th, 2010, 6:43 AM
Im interested to know if anyone has tried this on any game with a magikarp? Im not sure if it would be possible with hacking moves or evs onto it?

September 12th, 2010, 6:50 AM
Update 3

-Battled through Mt. Moon
-Received a Fossil
-Beat Jessie&James.
-Beat Misty
-Pidgeotto's level 28
-Beat Gary
-Defeated the whole of nugget bridge
-Took down all the trainers on the way to bill's house
-Meet bill
-Pidgeotto;s level is now 33
-Enter Vermilion
-Took a trip on the S.S anne
-Defeated Gary
-Received HM1
-Taught HM1 to charmander.
-Pidgeotto grew to Lv35
-Used a rare candy on Pidgeotto
-Pidgetto evolved into Pidgeot.
-Challened Surge and lost.
-Re-Challenged Surge and won.

I CBA with pictures that time ~~

September 12th, 2010, 6:55 AM
Okay I decided to play on Gold with Cloyster but I don't know when I will start. I'll get to it eventually.

September 12th, 2010, 7:25 AM
Update #1 for Johto

I picked a Chickorita for Cut/Flash. beat rival. Named him Banana. Caught a Weedle and named him Harry. Trained him to level 10. evolved into Beedrill. Beat Sprout Tower. Got to level 14. Beat Falkner. Beat Team Rocket. Beat Bugsy...

Beedrill: Level 22
Fury Attack
Poison Sting

September 12th, 2010, 8:43 AM
Update 4

-Went east of Vermilion
-Caught a Rattata and Pidgey
-Went north of Vermilion caught Abra and Jigglypuff
-Went to the west of cerulean and caught a Mankey.
-Went through Diglett tunnel
-Received Flash.
-Got Squirtle before I went to Rock cave.
-I can't remember the name of Rock cave < Is that is Dx
-Spammed by Pokemon.
-Got beaten by a Gravalar.
-Went back and defeated said Gravelar.
-Came out in Lavender town.
-Defeated Several trainers on the way to Celedon.
-Entered Celedon and Beat Erika
-Pidgeot now Lv39
-Raided the Rocket hide out.
-Pidgeot now Lv42
-Celedon Department store and bough 2x Water, 1x Lemonade, 1x Soda pop
-Gave all 3 drinks to the girl
-Received Tm 13, 48, 49 all of which Pidgeot can't learn.
-Taught Pidgeot Razor Wind over Bide
-Forgot to mention that I picked up Razor Wind TM
-Invaded Pokemon tower defeated a number of crazy ladies & and my Rival.
-Spammed by Gastlys.
-Defeated Jessie and James.
-Received the Pokeflute of Fuji.
-Went back to Vermilion and got the Bike voucher
-Went to cerulean and received said bike.
-Went to Silph co. to stop Team rocket again.
-Saved half way during a battle.
-Pidgeot stats are
Moves :
Wing attack
Quick attack
Razor Wind.

NOTE : My Gible run through is still going.

September 12th, 2010, 9:09 AM
Update #2:

Yep, I'm doing this pretty fast because I'm abusing the spacebar on the emulator :)

-Went through Mt moon
-Beat the nugget bridge people
-Defeated Blue
-Spoke with Bill
-Beat Misty with ease, for obvious reasons :P


September 12th, 2010, 9:28 AM
Im interested to know if anyone has tried this on any game with a magikarp? Im not sure if it would be possible with hacking moves or evs onto it?
It's not possible, because RBY has Agatha, GSC has Morty, RSE has Phoebe, and DPPt has Fantina.

September 12th, 2010, 11:50 AM
Struggle hits ghosts broseph.

September 12th, 2010, 12:11 PM
Ugh, I just beat Lt. Surge and saved. But my cat had walked on the cord and unplugged my computer :(. I had been in the middle of saving, so when i turned the computer back on the game was erased completly. I do not want to restart Johto because it was hard and Beedrill sucked. So... can I just go down as a Pokemon Red solo runner with Beedrill? :)

September 12th, 2010, 2:09 PM
Last Update

-Defeated Team rocket at Silph
-Defeated Sabrina
-Pidgeot is now Lv49
-Defeated Koga
-Pidgeot now Lv53
-Made my way to Cinnabar.
-Smashed my way through the mansion
-Pidgeot Lv58
-Defeated Blaine.
-Pidgeot Lv62
-Defeated Giovanni with much Difficulty .-.
-Defeated Gary with 5 Hyper beams and a Fly.
-Made my way through V Road.
-Defeated Lorelei
-Defeated Bruno
-Defeated Agatha
-Got defeated by Lance
-Once again I beat all 3
-Defeated Lance
-Defeated Rival.
-Became the champion
-Hyper beam
-Wing Attack
-Take Down

So proud ;-; my first challenge.

Tomorrow I shall start on Crystal with a Bulbasaur.

September 12th, 2010, 2:39 PM
Another update, boy I'm on a roll today ;)

-Beat all the people on the SS Anne
-Beat Blue yet again (easily)
-Got cut, taught it to Charmander
-Went to the gym and beat Surge, dun.


Oh and congratulations dragonomega for completing your first challenge :)

September 12th, 2010, 2:43 PM
Oh and congratulations dragonomega for completing your first challenge :)

Thank you... ;)

Now to do more on Gible.

Update 2

Not much
-Defeated Falkner
-Gible is now Lv15 I think >.<
-Defeated all trainers
-Went through Union cave.
-Defeated Hiker Anthony.

Told you.

September 12th, 2010, 4:30 PM
Uhh... Since I'm not doing Beedrill, I'll do an Ultimate Solo run with ................. Omastar! Will start soon

Itz Spadezz
September 13th, 2010, 9:16 AM
Sign Up for Ultimate solo run:

Name: Itz Spadez
Game: Fire red, Soul silver, Emerald, Diamond.
Pokemon used: Spheal

September 13th, 2010, 9:52 AM
Update 3

-Entered Azalea town.
-Spoken to Kurt
-Went into the Slowpoke well
-Attacked Team rocket
-Gible grew to Lv18
-Tackled the Gym
-Gible grew to Lv19
-Gible grew to Lv20
-Challenged Bugsy
-Hooray! Gible advanced to lv21
-Gible ignored orders and used Tackle .-.
-Cynthia beat leader Bugsy
-Gible now obey's
-Beat rival.
-Made my through ilex forest
-Received Cut.
-Battled all trainers south of Goldenrod.
-Gible evolved into Gabite.

Not very detailed Im tired ~~

September 13th, 2010, 11:12 AM
I'll do SS with a Snorlax

September 13th, 2010, 2:22 PM
I've decided to drop the Gible and Bagon run through

Im gonna do an Ultimate solo run

Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered, Leaf green, Diamond, Platinum, Pearl, Soul Silver and Heartgold

All those game with bulbasaur, starting in order.

September 13th, 2010, 2:27 PM
I've decided to drop the Gible and Bagon run through

Im gonna do an Ultimate solo run

Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered, Leaf green, Diamond, Platinum, Pearl, Soul Silver and Heartgold

All those game with bulbasaur, starting in order.

Wait, slow down, you do know you only need to do one game from each region? :o

If you want to do them all then sorry for me saying anything but doing all those games sounds a bit much :P

September 13th, 2010, 2:37 PM
I need to kill time.

I'll may have RBY/GSC/RSE/

Completed by Saturday then hopefully my BW comes <3 I gave up learning Japanese -_-
So I'll just use guides! ^.~

5 Days~

Im have way through red already :O

Just beat Koga.

I was already at Misty when I said I would do this (:<

I play fast.

September 13th, 2010, 5:42 PM
Ok, I realized my action replay broke so i cant do any of these. Sorry :(

Eternal Nightmare
September 14th, 2010, 3:59 AM
Solo Run Part 2: Muchu the Jynx

A quick recap is i travel to met Bill after beating my rival and the various trainers in route. I also do a little training but that went overboard and before I knew it my little Smoochum evolved into a Jynx before facing the gym. I cant say how simple it was, aside from the Misty's Starmie, but i easily earn the CascadeBadge, access to cut, and TM Water Pulse.

Outside, I heal at the Pokemon Center and make and then defeat a Team Rocket Grunt and obtain TM Dig. Now I exit the city and enter Route 5 where i take the Undeground Path to Route 6 and defeat all trainers in the area before finally arriving in Vermillion City.

In the city, I heal at the pokemon center and then explore the town which i manage to obtain the Vs Seeker, Bike Voucher, and Old Rod and I did a little shopping before i headed back to Cerulean City to pick up my bike and back to Vermillion to board the SS. Anne. Onboard, i manage to defeat all trainers and while doing so i run into Gary again but this time he was clearly no match. So continuing on i finally run into the cut master and obtain HM Cut. I rush to the Pokemon Center to heal and grab Charmander and teach him cut giving me entrance to the third gym.

Inside, the trainers were easy but the puzzle took me a while actually n n' but i did manage to solve it and get to Lt. Surge. Anyway, Voltorb went down with one Confusion...and so did Pikachu, but Raichu fell to yellow before being Super Potioned back to full health only to get with a Critical Hit Confusion so yeah...pretty easy. I got my third badge, the Thunderbadge, access to Fly, and TM Shock Wave. Now I save here and will pick off at the next town.


This run is easier than expected :<.

Solo Partner

Muchu the Jynx
Lv 37
-Powder Snow

September 14th, 2010, 12:14 PM
Update #4:

-Went through Rock tunnell
-Got to Lavendar and fought Blue and won easily.
-Went West to Celadon and went to the gym
-Fought gym trainers and beat Erika:


Next, moving onto the rocket hideout..

September 14th, 2010, 12:27 PM
Yeah all those games bore me *Yawn*

Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum and HG

Those are cut down from all the other' one's

September 14th, 2010, 11:27 PM
I would like to do a Dragonair run. I'll be starting with Dratini but not evolving it past Dragonair. I'll be doing this on FireRed (Emulated).

September 16th, 2010, 4:00 PM
I am going to start an ultimate solo run with Rage the Bulbasaur->Ivysaur->Venusaur (hacked in all but fire red) and will go in the order of:
Fire Red -> Silver -> Emerald -> Diamond.

I am going to be doing this along with my Over Used challenge but will try to update regularly.


I have just beaten Koga and Rage is really strong. My HM Slaves keep leveling up thanks to those darn double battles included in the game.


September 17th, 2010, 5:45 AM
I'd like to do an ultimate Yanma run (Is it okay if I evolve it to Yanmega in the 4th gen game(s)?)

I'll start in LeafGreen.

September 17th, 2010, 4:48 PM
Hmmm it seems there's gonna be a problem with soloing in black and white, apparently(this being said on serebii) you aren't able to trade until after you receive the c gear, which is recieved after completing the first gym, this means that you wont be able to trade in eggs or whatever. So someone like me who likes to trade in eggs for these challenges will probably have to emulate the games/cheat whatever.

Anyway I'm nearly finished in sinnoh so expect some logs up soon.

September 17th, 2010, 6:15 PM
-Started with Charmander (Sorry, I don't know of any starter changers) so my rival's starter wasn't weak/super effective against Yanma
-Got Oak's Parcel
-Caught Buggy the Clo-erm, Yanma.
-Dropped Charslave in the PC.
-Grinded in Viridian Forest to Lv 12
-Beat up Gary
-More Grinding!
-Challenged Brock at Lv.17
-Had to use double-team spam due to the insanely bad defensive stats+ 4x Rock weakness, SonicBoom was awesome here.

-Headed to Cerulean City via Mt. Moon
-Brutalised Gary and the Nugget Bridge trainers
-Taught Buggy Secret Power
-Saved Bill from his own stupidity
-Went to the Gym
-Buggy wiped the floor with her team, Secret Power was a OHKO on Staryu and a 2HKO on Starmie

-Headed south to Vermillion City
-Beat everyone on the SS Anne
-HM01 Get!
-Taught Charslave Cut
-Entered the Gym
-The secret switches were in the first 2 cans I checked...still beat all the trainers, 'cause I can.
-Surge was all OHKOs...with paralysis...and Buggy going first despite being paralyzed :D

September 17th, 2010, 6:38 PM
I have completed the kanto part of my Venusaur ultimate solo, and here is my Elite Four log:

Dewgong - OHKO Razor Leaf
Slowbro - OHKO Razor Leaf
Lapras - Return (50%) Razor Leaf (finish)
Jynx - OHKO Return
Cloyster - (2 protects) Razor Leaf (100%)


Onix - OHKO Razor Leaf
Hitmonchan - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Hitmonlee - OHKO Razor Leaf (Crit)
Onix - OHKO Razor Leaf
Machamp - 2HKO Return


Gengar - Long Battle (spammed me)
Golbat - 2HKO Return
Haunter - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Gengar - (Max Ether Razor Leaf) 3HKO Razor Leaf
Arbok - OHKO Earthquake


Gyarados - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Aerodactyl - 2HKO Razor Leaf
Dragonite - 2HKO Return (2nd critted)
Dragonair - OHKO Earthquake (crit)
Dragonair - 2HKO Earthquake


Pidgeot - 2HKO Return
Alakazam - OHKO Earthquake
Charizard - 2HKO Return
Exeggutor - 2HKO Return
Rhydon - OHKO Razor Leaf
Gyarados - 3HKO Return

I did my first region!

Most useful attack - Razor Leaf - You get it early, and it has a very high amount of PP, and with STAB, it's also very powerful. It also gave me tons of criticals for the Elite Four.

Pre E4 Rage:
Post E4 Rage:
Hall of Fame:

The Johto Challenge!

I edited my starter to Bulbasaur, and started, using the speed up function in VBA, I have four badges and just need a surfing pokemon.


I may update later or tomorrow.

September 17th, 2010, 8:36 PM
As promised heres the sinnoh log for Kabuto:.

-Started game
-Choose starter(Turtwig) for HM slave and easier rival
-Caught a starly(HM slave) and a Kricketot(to trade the egg in)
-Transferred and hatched the egg
-Travelled to Jubilife
-Defeated Rival
-Travelled to floaroma
-Saved wind works
-Travelled through eterna forest with cheryl
-Challenged Gardenia again and again and again...... Finally beat her with aurora beam
-Saved the bike guy from Team Galactic
-Travelled to Hearthome
-Beat Rival
-Travelled through solaceon then to Vielstone
-Kabuto evolved into Kabutops
-Beat Maylene with slash and bubble beam
-Helped Dawn get her Pokedex back
-Travelled to Pastoria
-Beat Wake with slash
Log 2
-Beat Rival
-Travelled to The town with the elders(forgot it's name)
-Went back to Hearthome
-Beat Fantina with surf
-Travelled to Canalave
-Beat Rival
-beat Byron with surf
-Went to the lake
-Beat Team Galactic
-Helped Dawn beat Team Galactic agian
-Travelled to Snowpoint
-Beat Candice with slash
-Went to Team Galactic's secret base in Vielstone
-Saved the three lake pokes
-Climbed Mt. Coronet
-Beat up Team Galactic
-Beat Dialga
-Travelled to Sunyshore
Log 3
-Beat Volknore With Slash
-Got to Victory road
-Beat Rival
-Challenged the elite four
-Beat Aron with slash
-Beat Agatha with Waterfall
-Beat Flint with Waterfall
-Beat Lucien with a combination
-Challenged Cynthia
-Beat Spiritomb with waterfall
-Beat Garchomp with waterfall/aurora beam
-Beat Gastrodon with combination
-Beat Milotic with slash
-Beat Lucario with waterfall

Sinnoh, like Johto I find pretty boring(mostly becuase of the lack of a fast ford button lol) so this took a little longer then hoped.

Anyway that means that I'm done with my second Ultimate solo :D. Kabutops is a great Pokemon and I'm proud of my new group of them(there standing right next to my Metagross's who look a little jealous XD).

September 17th, 2010, 8:56 PM
-Headed back to Cerulean City, stocked up on healing items and repels
-Went to Lavender Town via Rock Tunnel, taught Buggy Aerial Ace on the way
-Headed to Celadon City
-Swept through the gym with Aerial Ace
-Taught Buggy Giga Drill..erm, Giga Drain
-Beat up Team Rocket, got the Silph Scope
-Buggy OHKO'd everything in Pokemon Tower. Except Marowak, that was a 2 hit job...
-Saved Mr. Fuji, Poke Flute get!
-Headed south to Fuchsia City, picked up Snorslave on the way
-Gym time!
-Aerial Ace, is there anything it can't solve? Well, not in this gym there wasn't.
*Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot of Koga, same goes for Blaine*
-Picked up HM03, HM04 and TM47, taught the first 2 to Snorslave and Steel Wing to Buggy
-Headed back up Cycling Road,
-Got a cup of tea from an old lady in Celadon Mansion
-Damn guards stole my tea....oh well, time to beat up Team Rocket again
-Gary's Pidgeot actually gave me a bit of trouble this time around, f***ing featherdance, still won in the end
-Beat Giovanni again
-Headed to the gym, avoided all the trainers
-Swept with Aerial Ace
-Rode back to Celadon to get HM02, caught a Doduo to teach it to
-Flew to Pallet Town
-Surfed to Cinnabar Island
-Got the Secret Key from the Mansion
-Gym time...
-This one took a while...a lot of KOs...and a lot of patience. His mons seemed to have a roughly ~90% accuracy with Fire Blast. Buggy's weakest stat is special defense...I was too annoyed to take a screenshot, sorry.
-Flew back to Viridian City
-Gym time!
-Swept with Aerial Ace and Giga Drain
-Headed off to the Pokemon league, was overlevelled enough to OHKO most of Gary's team
-Beat Lorelei by sheer luck, yay crit Giga Drain.
-None of Bruno's fighting types could take an Aerial Ace, his Onixes didn't like Steel Wing
-Agatha's ghosts were no match for Aerial Ace
-Lance's team was a cakewalk, his Dragonite actually KOd itself...with a little help from Screech
-The champion battle was annoying, after several resets I decided to stop playing fair. I set up vs Pidgeot with X Attacks and Guard Specs (F***ing Featherdance!) and swept his entire team, OHKOs all around!

September 18th, 2010, 4:36 AM
Update #5:

-Went down Cycling road, reached Fuschia
-Went East to battle the trainers there and up to Lavander.
-Flew back to Saffron and did the Silpho co. fiasco
-Battled Blue, which was a tricky battle but I still managed it :)
-Fought the karate people in the dojo
-Beat Sabrina fairly easily:
-Flew back to Fuschia and battled Koga and won really easily:


Update #6:

-Beat Blaine:
-Beat Giovanni
-Went through the Victory road & beat the elite four members (which the only hard one was Agatha)
-Defeated Lance
-Beat Blue, which the only problem was sandslash because of his earthquake:
-Got into the hall of fame:

And so the first part of my challenge is over, now to move onto SS with a new Pikachu. Good times.

September 18th, 2010, 4:24 PM
I have done a log for my play through Johto from Morty to starting Kanto:

-I started by heading towards Olivine, catching a Tauros for Strength and Surf, defeating everyone.
-I climbed the lighthouse finding out that I need to go to Cianwood, so I took HM III the Tauros acroos the ocean, catching HM IIII the Tentacruel for Whirlpool and then grabbed the potion for Amphy.
-I destroyed Chuck with OHKO's but forgot to take a picture.
-Flew back on HM II the Pidgey with the new HM I got and climbed back up the lighthouse, then defeated Jasmine (forgot the picture again).
-Went to Mahogany and smashed up the Gyarados and Team Rocket.
-Defeated Pryce with no pic.
-Smashed Team Rocket in Goldenrod, and then went through Ice Cave and beat Clair and remembered the picture
-Went and grabbed my Master Ball and then headed to the league.
-After Victory Road, I destroyed my rival and then took on the league.
-Without any troubles and 3 Max Potion's, I took the title of Champion and headed to Kanto

September 18th, 2010, 4:48 PM
I'm going to do a solo run on Pokemon Red with Meowth, I'll start now.

-Named myself Red and my rival Blue.
-Went to Oak and got a charmander.
-Beat Blue.
-Did Oak's errand.
-Hacked for my Meowth .
-Caught a level 4 meowth and named him Tiger.
-Grinded to level 10.
-Defeated my rival again.
-Passed Viridian Forest to pewter city.
-Tiger learned bite.
-Tryed to take on Brock but failed.


-Grinded Tiger to level 18.
-Defeated Brock.


Well it seems I'm tired and going to bed Tiger agrees too.

September 19th, 2010, 12:22 AM
I have accidentally deleted my last post, so I will post the pictures and post my newest one:

Hoenn Log:
Hoenn Log Part One - Roxanne

-I hacked in Bulbasaur as starter and named it Rage after defeating a Zigzagoon.
-I went to May and defeated her Torchic which was easy with my newly grinded level 8 Rage.
-After speaking to Birch and getting new shoes from my mum, I went and grabbed HM I the Zigzagoon from Route 103 and proceded to Route 102.
-I defeated all of the trainers and the helped Wally the moron catch a pokemon.
-After that I met my stalker aka Scott and on Route 104, I defeated the trainers and caught HM II the Wingull.
-I headed through Petalburg Woods, defeating Bug Catchers, guys who chase Shroomish lovers and more Bug Catchers and found myself back on Route 104!
-I soon realised I was in the north part of the route, and ran up to Rustboro City, taught cut to HM I and took on the gym.
-I obliterated Roxanne by spamming Leech Life and Vine Whip

Hoenn Log Part Two - Brawly

-After leaving the gym, I saw Shroomish lover and his stalker and followed them northeast onto Route 116, where I took out all of the trainers and found an old man by a cave.
-I helped his Wingull because of Wingull love (HM II and PEEKO)and then got given another great ball by Shroomish guy.
-After his boss finally let me go, I headed south and took on May again, where her Wingull went down in a single shot from Razor Leaf, and the Torchic went down quick with Tackle.
-She told me about Briney, and I went to visit him and he took me to Dewford, where I met Steven and gave him a letter and he gave a TM.
-Brawly's gym was easy, and Brawly went down with Leech Seed and Poisonpowder.

Hoenn Log Part Three - Wattson

-I left Dewforn with Briney and took on all the trainers on the beach and obtained 6 Soda Pops.
-I then went to meet Dock and then was given Thief by the Shroomish Lover's Stalker.
-I took on the two Aqua grunts in the Ocean Museum and met Archie and he told me to leave Team Aqau alone, and then left without giving me chance to answer, just like Stern did a second later.
-After I got outside, my stalker Scott came and talked to me and gave me his phone number.
-I headed up to the Trick House, completed the first puzzle and the headed northeast and got in a battle with May.
-I defeated her easily and then went to Mauville and guess who I saw?
-Wally! I obliterated him and all of his friends on the route between Mauville and Verdanturf.
-I took on the gym in Mauville and won the battles easy, with a few cases of paralysis.
-Wattson's first two pokemon died easily, but the last two took a little longer because of paralysis, but I ended up one badge richer.

Hoenn Log Part Four - Flannery

-I headed over to Fallarbor, which didn't take long because of the weak trainers and then headed toward Meteor Falls.
-I got their and met Team Magma for the first time and then saw Archie, who ran off before I could say anything again.
- I then headed down to Rustboro City and visited Devon Corp and then headed through Rusturf Tunnel and back up towards Mt Chimney.
-I took a ride up onto the mountain, to find Team Aqua!
-I went to fight them, but I realised that they weren't the enemy and the jerks in the red clothes were the enemy.
-I took them on and found that they weren't as strong as they looked.
-I got to the boss and listened to him, and then prepared for battle.
-He was easy with Mightyena and Camerupt going down in one hit and Zubat in one hit from Strength.
-I headed down Jagged Pass defeating trainers and the jerk in the Magma suit and then got into Lavaridge.
-I entered the gym and started on the trainers.
-The trainers were easy and it's time to fight Flannery, who I hope wont be too hard.
-Flannery went down pretty quick other than the Torkoal, which paralysed me and used attract on me.

September 19th, 2010, 6:01 AM
Name: Reshiram Man
Pokemon: Charizard( will be picked off from my nuzlocke challenge, right now it is a lvl. 34 Charmeleon.)
Game: FR


September 19th, 2010, 12:07 PM
Update #7:

-Named myself Silver & Rival Ginger
-Did all the start bit...
-Beat Ginger (before getting Pikachu)
-Traded egg over from Diamond and it hatched into Pichu (m) and I named him Static :D
-Did sprout tower
-Beat Faulkner and got the Zephyr badge

Now I'm about to go into the small cave, but there is a guy just before it with a wooper which I can't attack.. great.

-Thunder wave

September 19th, 2010, 7:53 PM
Quick question regarding the Johto leg of my Yanma/Yanmega challenge.
I want to use my copy of Soul Silver (Yanma's movepool was terrible in gen 2) but I don't have any way of trading a Yanma in early, is it okay if I just use my starter for the first two gyms?

EDIT: I just realised I'd have to grind to level 37 in Crystal before I could take on my Rival in Azalea Town (Yay, Gastly) or the Ecruteak Gym which would take way too much of the challenge out of this so, seeing as I'd be unable to get a Yanma before Goldenrod (Also, 1% encounter rate) in SS, I'm just gonna drop out of the ultimate challenge.

September 19th, 2010, 11:28 PM
Venusaur Ultimate Solo Challenge

Hoenn Log:
Hoenn Log Part Five - Norman

-I started my small journey to Petalburg by leaving the gym and running into May who gave me some rediculous looking Goggles, which I threw in my bad, never to take out.
-I jumped down the ledge, running south to Mauville, and then ran west to Verdanturf.
-I dropped in to see, Wally, but there was no Wally to see. I decided that after defeating my Father, I would continue on, but also search for my good friend.
-I headed through Rusturf Tunnel, running to Rustboro, and then south through Route 104 and the Woods, until I saw it, my fathers gym.
-i headed inside, to see his smiling face, but all I saw were two doors, and I then realised it wasn't going to be easy.
-I defeated all of the trainers for the extra experience, healed up, and entered my fathers room, and when he sent a Spinda I though that he was joking.
-I took it out with one Return and he started to laugh, and then came his prized pokemon, Vigoroth.
-Yet again a single Return showed him what's what. Then came his Linoone, and I just thought, 'I don't want HM I to see this', so I tucked his ball tightly under my jacket and prepared for battle.
-Razor Leaf proved that he wasn't too strong, and finally came the dreaded pokemon, which was referred to by trainers and gym leaders alike as 'The beast', but my father just stated with a serious face 'Go! Slaking!'.
-A Razor Leaf barely took off 35% of his HP, and Norman simply said 'Facade', and away went 34 HP of Rage.
-I commanded a Razor Leaf which missed and his Slaking did nothing, so I quickly shouted for another Razor Leaf which left him low on health but his Facade did more damage.
-A final Razor Leaf proved that I had overcome my father and earned my Fifth Gym badge.

Hoenn Log Part Six - Winona

-After defeating my father, I was pulled away by Wally's father, who gave me Surf, which was very kind of him, and I taught it to HM I and I set off to see my Mother.
-She gave me an Amulet Coin as I beat Norman, and I left for Mauville by Surfing across Route 103.
-I then found the Trick Master and completed his puzzle, obtaining a Timer Ball which will be completely useless and did another challenge and got a useless hard stone, and went for my third challenge.
-I got a Smoke Ball and continued up Route 110, as there were no more challenges yet, so I went to head towards Route 118. I surfed across the water, grabbed a Good Rod and battled a Fisherman.
-I met up with Steven again and he said that it would be nice if we saw each other again and I think we will as he is one of my new stalkers ;).
-I headed back to Mauville, as I forgot to heal after the Trick House, and then I set off to visit the Berry Master.
-I stole his berries, and he gave me 2 more and then I said A A to his wife and she gave me a Pecha Berry.
-I headed north on to Route 119 just wondering when the Team of Skroomish Lover stalkers will show up.
-Then at the Weather Institute, guess who showed up? The stupid team of evil stalkers aka Team Aqua, and guess who's there to save the day? Not me. It's RAGE!
-And with a flurry of Razor Leaf's and Return's, the stalkers of evil ran away like little girls.
-In the middle of the battles, HM I evolved because of those darn double battles on this game.
-The Castform that the Scientist gave me ran away because I wouldn't use it and with that, May appeared.
-She didn't stand a chance after 3 OHKO's with Return and then gave me Fly as my stalker showed up and wished me a job well done.
-I taught Fly to HM II and headed into Fortree, and back out to meet up with Steven to get the Devon Scope.
-I entered the gym and destryed trainers left, right and centre, even though I had the type disadvantage.
-I healed up and challenged my most feared gym leader, Winona, the Graceful Master of Flying Pokemon, and beating her was a matter of OHKO's.
-Sawblu and Pelipper went down with one Return each, and Tropius took two strengths as I didn't want her to use any healing items.
-Altaria, the one who I was most scared of only took two Returns and Skarmory took 7 because of healing items and after that I had obtained my sixth gym badge.

September 21st, 2010, 1:04 AM
Update #5:

-Went down Cycling road, reached Fuschia
-Went East to battle the trainers there and up to Lavander.
-Flew back to Saffron and did the Silpho co. fiasco
-Battled Blue, which was a tricky battle but I still managed it :)
-Fought the karate people in the dojo
-Beat Sabrina fairly easily:
-Flew back to Fuschia and battled Koga and won really easily:


Update #6:

-Beat Blaine:
-Beat Giovanni
-Went through the Victory road & beat the elite four members (which the only hard one was Agatha)
-Defeated Lance
-Beat Blue, which the only problem was sandslash because of his earthquake:
-Got into the hall of fame:

And so the first part of my challenge is over, now to move onto SS with a new Pikachu. Good times.

LOL you finished on level 81, which is the level Red's Pikachu has in GSC!

September 21st, 2010, 1:31 AM
Hoenn Log Part Seven - Liza and Tate

-I left the gym and got a phone call from my stalker, Scott, which creeped me out, as I wish he would leave me alone.
-I headed onto Route 120 and with a few battles, I proceeded South.
-Eventually I escaped the rain and realised that I was on Route 121, and headed east for a few more battles.
-While trecking through the Route, I encountered my old Shroomish lover stalking friends and watched them run South, probably in fear of Rage.
-I continued east toward Lilycove, and had a few more battled before I reached the great city.
-I saw May, so I went to speak to her which ended up with her losing a battle and returning to Littleroot.
-After wondering what to do, I remembered Team Aqua and decided to head down towards Mt Pyre.
-I headed up the tower for some battles and then headed outside because I heard some shouting, and there they were, Team Aqua.
-I met Archie and he was saying something about the crazy fire peoples leader getting there first and then ran off (never gives me chance to talk back).
-The old woman gave me a Magma Emblem, so I headed south on to Route 123 to have a few battles before I take on Team Magma again.
-I headed up to Mt Chimney and on my way down Jagged Pass a cave opened up, so I went inside.
-Inside was Team Magma and I charged through to find Maxie to see what he was doing inside a volcano that he has previously tried to erupt.
-I finally found him staring into a lava pit that had a massive beast of a pokemon that looked like a statue and suddenly the room went red and the pokemon disappeared from the mountain and then Maxie challenged me to a battle.
-His team went down to Rage pretty quickly, and he ran off and then I left to go back to Lilycove.
-I headed to Slateport to see the sights, but found Archie stealing Captain Sterns submarine.
-So I healed up and prepared to leave, but the area was sealed off, so I entered a cave and found Team Aqua.
-I found a whole secret base, which I expected to be Team Aquas, so I went to find Archie and destroy him finally.
-I defeated the admin, but I couldn't do anything but stand and watch as Archie escaped in Sterns submarine.
-I surfed over to Mossdeep because Team Aqua had gotten away this time and decided to challenge the gym.
-I challenged Liza and Tate, who were made a laughing stock of because of Razor Leaf destroying their pokemon easily.

EDIT: I will not be able to post any updates due to no internet for the next two weeks, but will continue my challenge.

September 21st, 2010, 5:37 AM
LOL you finished on level 81, which is the level Red's Pikachu has in GSC!

What a coinceedink, I'm just special I guess :)

Anywho, I've attempted numerous times to defeat bugsy, however it always ends in failure because Static just doesn't like to evolve... He either has something against me or he just loves to stay useless as a Pichu. Everytime I battle Bugsy, he uses one u-turn and Static is done for. I'm going to need to grind him to at least level 28 to even stand a chance. Quite the catastrophe.

Alpha King
September 22nd, 2010, 2:28 PM
I am going to use Magmar on Gold version!

September 23rd, 2010, 7:49 AM
I'll do a solo challenge with Carvanha/Sharpedo on Sapphire, my first update will be up soon. :3

I'll hack Carvanha as my starter btw.

Alpha King
September 23rd, 2010, 12:19 PM
First update! Got Magmar, nicknamed Brighter. Beat the Sprout tower guy (might put in video when it's up) Beat Falkner and my video is up on a new youtube channel I made for challenges



September 24th, 2010, 12:36 AM
EDIT: I downloaded a newer version of no$gba and it is running very fast again so ignore my previous question.

September 24th, 2010, 1:22 AM
Update #7:

-Yeah, so I finally beat that spanner Scyther.
-Beat Ginger quite easily
-Got Cut and taught it to Cyndaquil
-Static evolved at last! Happy days!
-Reached goldenrod city, done the little quiz and got Whitney back to the gym.
-Beat Whitney fairly easily with a couple of thunderbolts, dun.
-Got Sudowoodo out the way and killed ko'd him.
-Went to burned tower, beat Ginger and seen Suicuine.
-Beat all the gym trainers and then Morty, who was easier than expected :)

Next onto Olivine city..

-Hidden power

September 25th, 2010, 5:41 PM
Update 2: 4th Badge - Post E4

-Went to Burned Tower and released the three beasts.
-Defeated Morty and his lackeys inside the gym.
http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/9786/morty2.png http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/2743/morty3.png http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/8362/morty4.png
-Got surf from the perv watching the dancers.
-Went to Olivine.
-Found Jasmine in the lighthouse.
-Got a good rod, caught Corsola, and taught it surf.
-Surfed to Cianwood.
-Went in the gym and killed Chuck.
http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/4660/chuck2.png http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/4742/chuck3w.png http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/7112/chuck4.png
-Got fly, but surfed back to Olivine.
-Gave the medicine to Amphy.
-Fought and beat Jasmine.
http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/3464/jasmine2m.png http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/7786/jasmine3.png http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/71/jasmine4.png
-On my way back I decided to look for a flying pokemon so I could fly. Surprisingly I found Entei and caught it with one ultra ball.
-Also caught Pidgeotto.
-Flew back to Euc...something, and went east.
-Got to Mahogany, did the lake of rage and team rocket stuff, blah blah.
Went in the gym and beat Pryce.
http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/3915/pryce2.png http://img806.imageshack.us/img806/4251/pryce3.png http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/8347/pryce4.png
-Did the lame stuff with team rocket in Goldenrod, having to run back and forth between the radio tower and pokecenter because all the damn koffings kept poisoning me.
-Went through ice path.
-Arrived at blackthorn, and beat Claire.
-Did the dragons den part to get the badge.
http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/1808/claire2w.png http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/43/claire3.png http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/8514/claire4.png
-Flew back to New Bark Town and got the Masterball.
-Walked the long route to the elite four.

Elite Four Time!
Sydney - I struggled here. His Xatu's kept killing me. After a few whiteouts I grew wise and taught Snargles Strength. He demolished.
Koga - Strength = win.
Bruno - Karate Chopped to death. Yeah I know, fighting vs fighting. But I was slightly over-leveled.
Least memorable E4 member - Karate Chop ftw. Got rid of Mud-Slap for Thrash. Need a new move to use against ghosts now.
Lance - Cross Chop + Strength.

E4 champ :P
http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/1631/lance3.png http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/7414/lance4.png http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/8030/lance5.png

The adventure isn't over yet.
I still need to go through Kanto and defeat Red.

September 26th, 2010, 11:09 AM
All right guys. Sorry nothing has been updated recently. I had 3 exams and a paper to do recently, as well as plan for my vacation coming in a couple of weeks. But I'm back. Expect an update shortly.

September 27th, 2010, 12:58 PM
I'm going to start up a solo run with Grovyle on Heart Gold. All I've done so far is trade over a Treeko egg though.

September 28th, 2010, 7:14 AM
Update #8 (Not exactly fun to read but still ;)):

-Reached Olivine City & battled people in the lighthouse.
-Surfed down to the Cianwood city & beat the gym leader
-Taught Fly to pidgey
-Beat the Suicune stalker guy.
-Flew back to Olivine and gave the medicine to Amphy
-Battled Jasmine and lost a few times so I decided to leave that gym for the time being
-Went East from Ecruteak City to Mahogany town
-Knocked out the red gyrados & beat all the rockets in the hideout place
-Defeated Pryce fairly easily
-Flew back to Olivine and eventually beat Jasmine (with some lucky critical hits.. :D)
-Went to Goldenrod and did the whole rocket fiasco.
-Flew back to Mahogany and went East again to Blackthorn.
-Made my way through the Ice path
-Reached Blackthorn and defeated Clare quite easily (due to my amazingly lucky hidden power being dragon type, horay!)

Next onto Victory Road & the Pokemon league...

-Hidden power

September 28th, 2010, 9:52 AM
My first official Grovyle update

-After hatching my jolly nature Treeko, I boxed my Cyndaquil and began my adventure
-Trained Treeko to Lv. 7 on Route 29 and then grinded it out to Violet City
-Beat all the trainers in Sprout Tower
-Somehow managed to beat Falkner's Pidgeotto and got the first badge
-Made it to Azalea Town and managed to defeat Team Rocket
-Once again got lucky and defeated Bugsy who had the type advantage over me
-Made it through Ilex Forest and into Goldenrod City
-Battled a few trainers in the underground then defeated Whitney for my 3rd badge
-Arrived on Route 36 and caught the Sudowoodo that was blocking the way
-Decided to call it quits after making it into Ecruteak City

My Grovyle
Quick Attack
Leaf Blade

September 28th, 2010, 12:42 PM
Hi guys! Add my name to the list please : )
I'm doing a Dunsparce solo run on Gold only (non-ultimate challenges go here too, right?).

I'm currently taking down the Kanto gym leaders with Garotte the Dunsparce ^^

Headbutt (Sig move)
Iron Tail

Not a particularly inspired moveset, but it gets the job done.

Taking the E4 required a lot of Full Restores, but at least Garotte can take a hit even if his own atk isn't that great.
Just beat Erika, screenshots attached as proof.
Note the fainted HM slaves, I KO'd the poor guys against wild pokemon before entering the gym.

September 29th, 2010, 10:49 AM
completed crystal with koffing, might have posted itt not sure.