View Full Version : The OFFICIAL Star Wars Club

November 20th, 2004, 12:29 PM
Okay people, I searched for Star Wars clubs and there are two long dead ones and I know it's against the rules to revive a dead club so here's my Star Wars club! This is of course open to all fans of Star Wars but please follow these rules:

1. Only join if you are going to be active here

2. No Trekkies bashing Star Wars please!

3. No Star Wars fans bashing Star Trek either

4. No spamming please, any posts under 24 letters is considered SPAM.

5. Please have fun and contribute to this club as much as you can to keep it going.

First of all I'll just need you to fill in this form:

Jedi or not:
Lightsaber Colour:
Force Side eg, Dark or Light:
Lightsaber type eg, single, two or a dual (Darth Maul) one:
Any other information:

Here is my form

Name: Tam Yadd
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Naboo Humanoid
Jedi or not: Jedi
Lightsaber Colour: Blue
Force Side: Light
Lightsaber type: Two that can merge into a dual one
Hobbies: Practicing lightsaber and flight skills, repairing droids and keeping order to chaos
Other information: A man in his late 20s who was brought up by a rich family, although his family disallowed it, he left home at the age of 9 on board a refugee ship to Coruscant to seek Master Yoda. On Coruscant he was trained as a powerful Jedi. He created a new technology to fuse and unfuse two lightsabers to merge as one. His fave mode of transport is his modified Jedi Starfighter and his Protocol Droid is R5-P19. He has shoulder lenght brown hair and blue eyes. He is a tall and well built man.

There we go, I'm gonna start work on a banner soon so hopefully that'll be up. Any help would be greatly appreciated and the next person to join (hopefully and trustworthy person) can become the co-founder!