View Full Version : Nintendo Brawl #1!

November 20th, 2004, 6:24 PM
so in this game, it's just a giant fight where you fight your opponent. You get to be any character from Nintendo, and here's the rules.
RULE 1: Follow all PC rules
RULE 2: Each battle can only have 10 people fighting
RULE 3: A team can only have upt to 5 members
RULE 4: No insulting, flaming, or bashing
RULE 5: Have fun and keep it clean
Signup Sheet:

Character from Nintendo (or SEGA): (or based on a character)
(I didn't put appearance or gender cause you're being an already made character from Nintendo)

Here's my Signup sheet:
Name: Beacon
Age: 12
Character from Nintendo or SEGA: Knuckles
Personality: Unforgiving, but nice Echidna. Likes to get involved in things that he shouldn't get involved in.
Okay, so anyway, when the next person joins, we'll start. You can join at any time.