View Full Version : Anthem's Little Shop of Horrors Anything you need! Banners, Avvies, Siggy's...etc

November 22nd, 2004, 5:03 PM
((If you want a Trainer Card, check my post in that Section of Arts, same with if you want a Sprite))

I'm dishin out....
<:>Pokemon Feature Banners (Features your Fave Pokemon)
<:>Trainer Feature Banners (Features you as a Trainer. As the figure, I can use Dollz or Sprites. If you have another suggestion, just ask!)
<:>Name Feature Banners (Features your name)
<:> Custom Banners (Features anything you want!)
<:>Site Banners (Features your site)

((The explanations are the same as above))
:+:Pokemon Avvies
:+:Trainer Avvies
:+:Name Avvies
:+:Custom Avvies
:+:Site Avvies

((For Siggy's I can do anything you want!))

Burne Starcofski
November 22nd, 2004, 7:22 PM
Ok then, let's see what you can do...
Can I please get a Banner, of a Shiny Rayquaza on a Green & Black Background?