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Hiroshi Sotomura
September 9th, 2010, 6:37 AM
Four years have passed and the Diamond & Pearl anime series has come to an end. Sad, spoiler-bringing endings aside, we ought to look back on DP, compare it (now that it's all over) to the previous two series, reflect on what fun times we had in these four long years, or complain about its issues. Because really, it deserves it.

Warning: Spoilers, wall of text, etc.

So to start my post, I figure that I hated how DP started. The animation was bland, there was an absence of humour to begin with, the filler episodes seemed uninspired, and the general plot was al the same with no mention of Team Galaxy. Hikari seemed to be full of promise and eventually, she brought some humour into the series, but to start with, she really didn't seem like anyone special (though I liked her other's background as a Top Coordinator).

The Pokémon in the series deserve some credit, I guess. Pochama was so awesome - I loved his personality, pride and voice, and how he interacted with the other Pokémon. It was spunky. On the other hand, it stole a lot of screen time from the other Pokémon in Hikari's team. The lead up to Goukazaru was awesome, too. I mean, Shinji dumped it, Satoshi trains it, and then it gets its big payback in the end. And it's so badass once it reaches its final evolution.

DP's music has consistently bugged me, but only really during the start of the series. It was pretty much littered with Movie 9 tracks (not all of which are bad, mind you) and a few annoying new themes (such as the suspense theme that played in almost every episode), with the addition of the more dull tracks from previous series. I pretty much loved it when they started mixing the better Kanto tracks (and music from the first series' movies) into the track, because it's like they knew how to build real suspense again. Speaking of music, "Together" was really, really annoying after 100 episodes.

The storyline got better as Team Galaxy's plot became more obvious, in my opinion, but the best moments definitely belong to the various arcs put across the series. Y'know, the Summer School arc, the tag battle tournament, Team Galaxy's arcs… okay, so there weren't really that many, but I hope BW decides to stuff more of them in. (With more episodes to each arc, too!) DP seemed very story driven at certain points, too; the buildup towards Shinji's end, for instance? The Pokémon League handled that aplomb (but it's a shame the rest of said league wasn't so good.)

Does anyone think DP had much better humour than any previous series? Because that's what I remember most about the series, and that's a good thing.

If there was anything I didn't particularly like, it was how the ending to the series, and the league, weren't really slow-paced. I mean, it seems like the Grand Festival got more attention than the Suzuran Conference.

I guess I really did love DP in the end. Farewell, Diamond & Pearl.

September 9th, 2010, 6:08 PM
The Sinnoh League and the Grand Festival were the low points this saga. The Pokémon Contests were boring. May's contests were more exciting by far. The Pokémon Gyms were pretty fun for the most part. The group was pretty weak all together. The rivals made me fall asleep for the most part as well. Team Rocket is annoying as ever.

September 9th, 2010, 6:13 PM
Dawn is ok... Probably nowhere near as good as the last 2 girls imo.

What i dont like about her is her voice and how its sooo annoying, and most of her pokemon get craped on every time. I swear... no happy endings for her pokemon.

Not to mension some of her pokemon are rarely used like buneary and pachirisu. which leads me to the next thing... all of her pokemon are cute... kinda bland personality right there.

Dawn just takes the fun out of contests. may had blaziken (awesomely tough), skitty for a cutie, munchlax for funny =D and beutifly... well you got me there but my pokedex says that it sucks others body fluids 0_o so i percieve it as kinda creepy and beutifull at the same time.


Thats all i have to say about dawn

ash... Dang after they switched the voice actor I've had mixed feelings but exclucively for d/p I think he had some nice variety, I just wish more of them would evolve like buizel or gible (i never watched ALL of them so I'm not sure if they did.

brock- well... More like a chef than a breeder. Hes more of a girl stalker and person who does the things ash and dawns are just too lazy to do. He must be putting ash on a super size me program or something because everytime the sho comes back on iswear their shoving their face with something.

pikachu- I think the greatest improvement for pikachu was the iron tail introduces somewhere in hoenn if I'm correct. It hasnt really been improved much this season but I saw some improoved graphics for the iron tail in a preview.

September 11th, 2010, 11:55 PM
I didn't like DP at the start, but the Contests were awesome; I love Seals! Paul was shallow at the start, but all characters begin like that! Hoenn contests were slightly boring, as there wasn't much show to it.

September 12th, 2010, 8:41 AM
So, is this a complain thread for D/P or can we talk about the show if we like it?
I loved D/P and I felt Dawn was an awesome character, she was my favorite female character to date. I mean, May was ok she's probaly my second favorite female character, Misty well she's my least favorite. I thought a lot of the arcs were pretty cool, such as the shcool arc or the Tag Team arc. Than we the storyline between Chimchar/Paul/Ash I really loved that one. I'll really miss Chimchar cuz he was one of my favorite D/P Pokemon on Ash's team. I admit, the only thing I disliked about Dawn was that she used that bird too much, I disliked the thing as it was what with its ego and all. My favorite on Dawn's team was Buneary, oh how I wish Ash caught it instead oh wells. I liked the animation, thought it was pretty cool and honestly I laughed a few times in this series so I don't know why some of you say it had no humor >> I do agree about Brocko though, which is why I'm glad he's leaving all he did was annoy me this series. I hated whenever he flirted with girls blah and he rarley ever did a thing. Oh yah, my favorite part of the series, Pearlshipping I just loved how close Ash and Dawn were to each other. Whenever they had scenes together I just loved it. Over all, one of my favorite series..

September 12th, 2010, 10:36 AM
^ Because humor is subjective so people don't find the same things funny? Just a wild guess really.