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October 2nd, 2010, 6:44 PM
Trade Corner Thread Making Guide Written By Syndrome

Hi everyone, this thread is a list of general trading tips that can and will help you to become a better trader, or provide guidance if you are new.

I. Be specific as possible
Although you are not required to list all information about a Pokémon, you will generally experience more trading success when you format your Pokemon as the following:

[Pokémon name or sprite] [OT/ID Number] [Gender]
Ability or Trait:
Individual Values [IV’s]:
Effort Point Values [EV’s]:
Move set:

II. Design your Thread in advance
Upon creating a new Trade Thread, you may reserve extra posts by double posting. You can expand your shop into these posts. If you did not reserve extra posts in the beginning, just ask a Moderator to help you.

III. Presentation
Try to make an appealing Trade Thread. Just a list is unattractive. Try using sprites, which can be found on the internet (e.g. here (http://veekun.com/dex/pokemon)). You may also use banners and the sort. Try not to post too many images or else you may lag fellow traders' internet. Many traders also use CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] to make their threads presentable, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

IV. Organization
I recommend that you organize your trade thread into these categories: Introduction, Rules, Friend Codes, Services, and Pokémon. For every Pokémon, list as least species and level (the additional information helps too). Other popular categories include Pending Trades, Breeding Projects, Black List, White List, and Affiliates. Feel free to add whatever categories you like!

V. Patience
Please do not yell at or troll another trader if he/she is rather slow at responding to your offer or trading over Wi-Fi. Do not pester someone if he/she forgets about your trade. It's just a game.

VI. Check the Pokémon before trading!
When on Wi-Fi, take a moment to check the Pokémon you are about to receive. If the Pokémon is suspicious or illegal, disconnect. Then, contact the trader and possibly a Moderator in order to explain why you are suspicious of the Pokémon's legality. If you are unsure about a Pokémon's legality, ask a Moderator. If the Pokémon is discovered to be hacked, submit its information to a Moderator so it can be blacklisted. Learn from a mistake.

VII. About Cloning
While you are allowed to actually clone, you cannot offer cloning services. Do everything you can to reduce the opportunity to be scammed.

VIII. About EV Training
If you are offering EV services, I suggest you to provide collateral, or a Pokémon of equal value, to your client as you EV his/her Pokémon. Work things out with your client.

IX. About Giveaways
You have to list at least 10 freebies in order to obey the rules. Your giveaway may have a particular theme, but should not exclude many traders. Be generous and creative! Posting games such as "guess my favorite Pokémon" or "guess what number I am thinking of" are not advised as they generate spam. Asking for things such as Youtube subscriptions is not advised. If you already have a shop, either host your giveaway within there or temporarily close shop to post a giveaway thread.

Hints and tips on how to become a respected trader

I. Do not hack. Obvious rule, although it is the easiest to break though. If you suspect that you have hacked Pokémon, please go HERE (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=228250) and let someone check them.

II. Do not troll other members. Be nice and treat others with respect, especially in their shops.

III. Do not to scam or steal other's Pokémon.

IV. Please do not be slow, leave, or never show up on Wi-Fi when trading with others. This will make others reluctant to trade with you.

V. Act like you generally have a brain. Make intelligent posts and ask non obvious/smart questions, only when you need help.

VI. Respect veterans. They have been here much longer than you and typically know more than you.

VII. Use preferably your own unique thread layout out. Do not steal other trader's layouts.

VIII. Do not degrade someone's Pokémon and/or shop. Respect redistribution rights.

IX. Do not carry out a conversation in shops. Do not hijack someone's thread, or negotiate a trade with someone in someone else's shop.

X. Help out new traders and help them assimilate into the Trade Corner society. However, new traders should never beg for freebies. You will gain respect if you breed/catch your own Pokémon and earn what you trade for.

Useful Links

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PikaTimer (http://www.filefront.com/15990279/PikaTimer-2.0.2.jar/)

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Bulbapedia's Event Pokemon Database (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Event_Pok%C3%A9mon)

Common Questions and Answers.

How do I use BB codes, such as twocolumn, and where can I find them?

Well, twocolumns is really simple. You basically use this code, minus the "*": [*twocolumn] blah blah [/twocolumns*].

It should end up looking like this, if done correctly (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=233195#ev)

What is RNG?

RNG is simply abuse of the Random Number Generator, or RNG, in the games. Most traders these days use it to get flawless or semi flawless Pokémon for their shops.

Where should I go for RNG help?

You can contact TwilightBlade, Syndrome, Alternative, or blaQk for RNG help and questions.