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October 11th, 2010, 8:03 AM
Before reading:READ ALL OF IT. Also, moderators, I'm not sure if this goes here, but I'm putting it here because Pokemon Black&White ROMs are the main ROMs searched for.
I'm starting a fight against ROMs! Why? Well, let me list a few reasons why ROMs are bad...

ROMs Don't Feed Developers
Developers spend a lot of their time making these games for a living. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty obvious why you would even want to download ROMs in the first place. Well, developers make these games to make money, not as in, "I'm greedy!:badsmile:" but as in, "I need to eat!:disappoin" Let me explain: When you download a ROM, the developer just didn't get paid.

ROMs Kill The Gaming Business
Since the developers didn't get paid, they won't have money for more staff, better programs (for making the games), and advertising. Meaning that they won't have enough money to make more games. So, there won't be a sequel to the ROM you just downloaded. Besides, it literally kills. When developers can't make more games they can't make more money, when they can't make more money they go hungry and die- and all you have to show for it is a stupid 2 Mega-byte file.

ROMs Make You Look Bad
You have the console, but the game's on your computer. Pretty stupid, right? Also, you won't be able to interact with other players if you have a ROM instead of a game, and I'm pretty sure your friends (unless they also have ROMs,) will look down upon you. You don't think so? Tell them you have ROMs and explain to them what they are. Did you tell them? If yes, then did they approve of it? Okay then.

Why risk having the feds on your tail when you could help feed developers, keep the gaming business alive, and look good? Though, I don't need much help with that last one.:cool: Come on, why risk getting sued for a 2 Mega-byte file?

You Can Help Defeat ROMs!
How? Well, I'm planning to make a group or website dedicated to taking down ROMs. If you're interested comment below or whatever it's called. Anyways, just report sites or specific pages that give out ROMs(any ROMs, not just Pokemon related ones). Report to me,Hiroshi Sotomura, or straight up Nintendo. Also, for all the people who actually do use ROMs to see if a game is suitable for their purchase- I'm trying to make "demo ROMs". They're like free trials, you know, play up until so and so, this much time only yada yada. Don't look forward to it though.

What About ROM Hacks?
Two things: I picked the color green because it was between red (bad) and blue (good). I picked the one in between because this is a question. Well, ROM hacks are acceptable. Why? Because, as long as their not being sold, there is no (as much as I know) copyright infringement. Besides, their edited, so it's not really Nintendo's work. And yes, you do need ROMs to play ROM hacks, and I am trying to find a way. So far, the only way I can see is if ROM hackers switch to actual game development. There should be a section on that on the Pokecommunity's home page.

Peace, TAMazing, otherwise known as thegamemaker

October 11th, 2010, 8:07 AM
Well, thanks for your reasoning, but I feel further discussion will just lead to flaming, so you could probably discuss why you as an individual won't be using a ROM here in our weekly poll, which discusses whether you're playing the ROM, or a legal copy, or waiting (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=234174). And yes I read, haha.