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November 27th, 2004, 10:58 PM
First off, I apologze to the people in RPs that I just left. I did want to tell you all, but I thought I'd just get all floopy and stuff...
Anyways, I am back, and with a new RP!
Centuries have gone by since Alchemy's release by Isaac and Co.
Civilazations thrived, Adepts were born, and clans started once more.
People went back to easier ways of living, free of worries about money, jobs, or anything other than safety. Everything was calm and quiet until the discovery of newer elements.
People had always known about Light and Dark from their usage in blacksmithing, but they never suspected another elemental energy existed, yet alone two!
When the people learned of this, elders were sent to master it, and spread it across the world.
Dark and Light were assosiated with Saturn and Pluto, the most desolate planets. As clans rose, wars began, and the quiet tranquility was shattered.
Everything depended on money once more, and soon, everyone was in war. There was no apparent cause, other than just plain war for control.

With this new threat, several young adepts rose to try and stop it all. You play as one of these adepts.
Please no offtopicness and let's try keeping the OOC's to a minimal.
Only one Adept for each new class.
NO poor typing as I will ask anyone who does so to leave.

The Form:
Weapons:*two max.*
Side:*pro war or anti war*
Small writing sample:

All of this si required, specially the writing sample.

Mine is as follows:
Age: N/A
Affinity: Dark-Saturn
Weapons:Masamune/Perseus Bow
Description: Sephiroth appearance
Personality:Sephiroth personality
Side:pro war

November 28th, 2004, 5:17 AM
all be more than happy to join ^_^
The Form:
Name: Violet
Age: 13
Affinity: light-pluto (do we only pick dark or light?)
Weapons:magical bow and arrow, and bombs
Description: has short black hair that goes to her shoulders, she has light purple eyes, wears a black dress and plain black shoes.
Personality: kind, very creative, and always in deep thought
Side: Anti war
OOC: so i guess we start when we get more ppl

November 28th, 2004, 9:57 AM
Nice, a new GS RP.

Name: Gen
Affinity: Dark-Pluto
Weapons:Lightning Blade/ Battle Axe
Description:A very good swordsman for someone his age, and he uses his abilities to all its potential to always triumph in battle
Personality:A usually quiet person who doesn't really talk much. But on the battlefield he could fight with ruthless aggression, due to his troubled past.
Side:pro war

November 28th, 2004, 11:49 AM
Name: Pericles Solarei
Age: 19
Affinity: Earth-Jupiter
Weapons: Legends of Gaia (twin scimitars, enchanted)
Description: Tall and lean. Strong, but doesn't show a whole lot of muscle mass. Deep emerald eyes and black hair. Wears practical fighting clothes (loose white shirt, gathered at waist and wrists, normal pantss) and good, durable boots. Over the shirt, theres a coat of scale-mail. Keeps a choker set with a single emerald around his throat. Over all this, he wears a forst-green cloak fastened with a wolf head brooch.
Personality: Solitary for sure, but kind. He just prefers to be alone and off in the mountaains and forests. Loyal to one thing and one thing alone: The preservation of nature. watches over a section of mountain and forest near Vale with his Dijinn companion, Ash.
Side: Anti-war, and willing to die for it.
Small writing sample: (Not an RP segment, just the opening to an essay I wrote for class) Ignorance is bliss. We've all heard that adage at one time or another. Is it true? Most definately. I long for the days when I didn't know about sexuality, about war, or rape, or murder. The more you learn, the more the world seems like an awful place to be. We all cope with that loss of ignorance and innocence in different ways; I myself have fallen into the trap of cynicism and bitterness. But even that's not enough, sometimes. Late at night, when I'm down in the basement, I wish I could just fall away from the world, leave it and dance aamongst the stars. But I can't do that, can I now? even with all these problems, even though I miss the simple times, I wouldn't trade my knowledge for happiness. Why? Because idiots can't fix things. The generations before us screwed the planet up, we must put it aright.

November 28th, 2004, 6:22 PM
I'm starting to think the onlyperson who read the full post was TAD, but okay. Only one more light adept to even the odds out, and then at least one more of each kind if possible. If not, then just one more adept then we start.