View Full Version : Forum Rules *IMPORTANT*

Phantom Angel
November 20th, 2003, 6:33 AM
Okay, it's me...old boring mod named Phantom.
Rules...as it said, rules owns everyone. ;P

1) All topic must not contain a spam.(obviously)

2) If your post was really short(guess the word), try to add a dot or anything that you can think off.>_>

3) No copy other people idea and say it was your idea, I don't like copy-cat, I prefer copy-kitty.(just a joke)

4) You can have members battle topic as well as members didn't flame other people or I'll close it. 'o'

5) No godmodding in battle topic. You can't do that anyway. lol

6) All birthday party topic come here. Nuff said. o.O

7) If you have a problem, PM, MSN, AIM me.>_<

8) Have fun.^_^

If you have read all of above then, what are you waiting for?!? get move and have some fun! :P

EDITED Note:*This Forums does not add to post count*