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November 3rd, 2010, 3:51 PM
Welcome to Danmaku Paradise

The introduction

This is a fan club dedicated to the amazing game series known as Touhou(東方) These games are curtain fire bullet-hell games, the game is covered with projectiles known as 'danmaku' and your goal is to dodge all of these bullets while shooting down the enemy and collecting points along the way. The game is a bit underrated due to the fact that people are too scared to play it after watching a video of someone 1ccing the game on Lunatic, or clearing the Extra Stage, etc. But I recommend to a lot of people to play this game due to the beautiful danmaku patterns, amazing soundtracks and vivid characters.

Touhou really is a one-of-a-kind game that has inspired a few other bullet-hell games(like Seihou). Touhou also has thousands, maybe even millions, of music remixed by many different groups like Demetori, IOSYS, Iemitsu, REDALiCE and many, many more. Touhou music is just possibly the best thing about the game. And here's a shocker...Touhou is made by one man and one man only...ZUN. Yep, he composes all of the music, makes the programming, draws the characters, all of it. Everyone here, whether you're new to Touhou or are an old time fan, should join in and become part of a great video game series.

☢CAUTION!!☢ Utsuho's watching!! ☢CAUTION!!☢

-Remeber to follow the general PC rules!
-Please be nice to other members, or else you will get kicked.
-Help is always welcomed! Asking for help on how to 1cc a game or dodge a certain pattern is more than welcomed, I'm sure that there will be a few other people with the same trouble, so let's answer each others questions.
-Remember that hotlinking isn't allowed, so please upload your images to Imageshack, Tinypic, Photobucket, etc. before posting them here. And remember to keep the images no higher than PG-13-esque.


-The Touhou gallery
A small(for now) section where everyone can post their favourite Touhou images

-The Weekly Touhou Poll

Just to keep the club more alive, I've decided to add some Touhou-related polls that can be discussed among members

-Prismriver's Jamming Ensemble
Here, you can post links to your favourite, and rare, Touhou arranges for everyone to listen to and add to their collection if they haven't heard it already.

-Monthly Challenges!

Each month, there will be a set of challenges for a specific Touhou game that you can take on. A fun way to earn recognition and have a bit more fun while playing.

*Note, I know it looks pretty plain right now, but once I add some CSS and a few images, it'll look great.